July 31, 2005

Oh Yeah?!?!

I may not LIVE in Florida anymore but I don't think it's any secret that my heart resides there. So imagine my surprise when I see my beloved BlogFather has posted Fun Facts about Florida. While I was visiting! Without consulting me!!!! Well - let's just look at a couple of these - shall we?!?!? Let's see how he did.

Twice yearly, Florida is victimized by uncontrollable destructive forces which lay waste to the state. These times are known as "hurricane season" and "spring break". - True. But you forgot Bike Week! That makes Spring Break look like a Playschool Party.

The state song of Florida is "Grandpa, Don't Wear That Speedo to the Beach". - So True. So Very True!!

Despite the fact that the temperature never gets below freezing, Florida has a professional ice hockey team, which... nah, no one's gonna believe that one. - I love ya Harvey - but messin' with my Lightening is almost crossin' the line. ;-)

Passing the test for a driver's license in Florida requires that you be able to make a right turn from the left lane across 3 lanes of traffic. Or so I assume from what I saw last time I was there. - I only did that twice while you were in the car - I didn't want you to break my "Oh Shit" handle. Never mind about that toll booth incident. We just won't mention that.

Not bad Harvey. I can tell you did your research - but there's a couple of things you forgot to mention:

1) When driving anywhere in the state add 2 hours to your expected drive time during the months between Sept. & April.

2) Be on the lookout for naked old people. Those suckers are everywhere!!

3) There are two State Bumper Stickers: a) Welcome to Florida. Spend your money and get the hell out. b) When I get old I'm gonna move up north and drive slow. (note: this is true and they have all moved to the N. Illinois area)

Those are the only critical items I saw missing. So I say you did my state proud. Thank you Harvey!! And I hope the rest of you learned something!

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You know he's really drunk when Contagion keeps sayin'....I like you!! I really like you!!

It reminded me of that line from that Bud commercial!!

Shy my ass..................

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Gee Thanks!

I'd like to thank everyone that came over and tried to help me out with my neighbor problem. Unfortunetly - they really liked y'all and want to become a member of the family.

Damn Damn Damn.......thing is in so many ways they'd fit in very well......


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I Like to Watch

Good Morning everyone. Damn, it's a little bright outside don't ya think? ;-)

Actually - I must admit I've been up for a while now....just laughing my ass off as I browse through all of the many comments and posts from last nights BlogCrawl.

I have to say I think it was a huge success. Plenty of drunken funniness abounds.

Personally - I enjoyed the hell out of myself last night. Met up with a few good friends - and just laughed the evening away. THEN to make it even better I get home and it's debauchary EVERYWHERE!!! WooHoo.

But first let me tell you a bit about what y'all missed. And yes - I am telling tales out of school. Hee Hee....

I was very excited to meet ktreva - Contagion's lovely wife. I like her. I like her a LOT. Anathematized, T1G and (of course) Contagion rounded out our little party. By the time I got there they were well into the Crawling part of this event. Oh, yeah - I almost didn't need a lighter for my cigarettes - that's how lit a couple of them were. Damn I love my BlogFamily.

Anyway - I sit down and ordered a beer. I don't even remember how it happened but somehow I ended up chatting with the guy sitting next to me - an interlouper as it were. I guess at some point T1G hollered DON'T DO IT! I didn't hear it but I am assured that he did. Even without that I figured out real quick - not good. Not good at all. I had my tinfoil hat on - that's for sure. Within moments the intruder was asking if I'm dating anyone and well - tryin' to sneak a peak. Yeah - well....that got him soundly ignored. NOT the best way to score points with me. Nope.

Contagion decides he really really needs to talk to Bou. Well you know I have her number so I shared. Holy Shit. I don't know what she was saying but he was funnier than hell. That was still early in the evening. (I really do love drunk dialing. Fun to do and fun to watch.)

About an hour later T1G wanted to call her again but alas I get no signal anywhere in the area - which he eventually believed after walking a block in either direction. Silly Guy - I wouldn't lie to you about something as important as drunk dialing. As he eventually made his way back to the table one of his friends decided to help him with his chair. Hee Hee. You know that saying the bigger they are the harder they fall? Yeah - well. Believe it.

The rest of the evening was more talking - about blogs, bloggers, blogging, life, drinking, you know - the basics. And plenty of laughing. Then we all headed for the hills about midnight or so. I really wish we had had laptops and wireless. I would have LOVED nothing more than to live blog the events. Damn.....

But I see everyone made it home safely. Sissy, Napster and Spurs seem to have outlasted all of us. But I have news for ya sweetie - if I wouldn't have been home alone, and we were in the same time zone, I'd have given you a run for your money. Next time, and there will be a next time - next time you'll see!!

Anyway - today is gonna be wonderful. I'm heading to Harvey and TNT's place for some sun and fun. Cody is going along - he adores them and I can't wait to see him meet Jake, the horse dog, face to face. Hee. That should be interesting.

But back to the BlogCrawl. What a great idea Contagion. You pulled off an international drinking fest. Kinda cool don't cha think! But I think I had the best time.....I got to watch!

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BLOG CRALW!!!!!!!!!!

First off - I am not able to link right now. Sorry folks. Maybe in the mornin' I'll go back and link. But I think most of you know the players anyway.

And I am NOT going to correct my typing so just deal with it. ;-) Said with love of course.

Damn. Damn. I had the privilege of joining T1G, Anathematized, Contagion & his lovely wife - I like her so much! - at the pup in stillman.

Damn - I wish y'all could have seen the look on T1G's face when his chair "moved" (thanks to one of the locals). GOD it was priceless. of course he turned off my camera phone otherwise...yeah buddy. Pay dirt.

What a great tiem. and Y'all have been busy!!

Ok - I gotta pour me a glass of wine and start cruisin this blogsphere......so much trouble to find.

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July 30, 2005

That's Gonna Leave a Mark

OK - learn from me folks. Do NOT do as I've done.

I just had a bit of a shock. I'm in process of moving banking accounts up here, but to be honest it hasn't been a huge priority. I'm bad about stuff like that. Lazy as it were.

I've had a couple of issues, balances not being all that "accurate" with what I show - but as good as I am in business I suck at the business side of life. It's a flaw that I WILL be correcting. Immediately.

Seems my bank account has been hacked. Seriously hacked. I told Teresa I never worried about it - hell I'm a very very small fish. Who'd bother with me.

She pointed out that is exactly what makes me the perfect victim.

Well shit.

It's bad. It's really really bad.

And it won't be an easy fix as the bank is in Florida and I'm, well, not.

So....no more payin' nothin' on the internet. No more bill payin' phone calls. No more no more no more. I know it's not the whole cause, but it's still not the best idea I've ever had so I'm gonna stop NOW. I'll buy me a book of stamps and pay things the old fashioned way. It's back to a bill paying night every week and keeping track of everything.

I hate that. I hate living like that. I hate thinking like that. I hate details. Seriously - I hate the details.

But the details bit me in the ass. So - now they will become my minions. I will manage them until there is no tomorrow.

But damn - this one's gonna leave a mark. That's for sure.

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A Different Kind of Question

This weeks Saturday Question is a bit different. Laughing Wolf has inspired me again!!

This morning he has up a great post about a driver he observed that well...kinda made an ass of themselves. It's a great post so go read it.....I'll wait.

Ok - now - his signoff is a question.

who asks how do you react when you screw up?

So - how do you react? Hmmmm?

Me - I say I'm sorry all the time anyway - but that is the first thing I do. Even if I screw up driving I get that sappy embarrassed look and mouth my apology. In real life....I will point it out to you as soon as I realize what I did. I think it's a defense of sorts. If I tell YOU I'm still ok. Plus I can usually make you laugh when I tell you what I did. (USUALLY) To me that's part of the making it right. Laughter is always a good balm.

Anyway - I just hate people who think they are never in the wrong. It's one of my pet peeves. It's just down right arrogant and rude. Two things that just hit me like nails on a chalk board.

So tell me - how do you react when you screw up.

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Lazy Day

Holy Cow! It's almost 8:00am! And I just now woke up. That is a very good thing. You see - I slept like I haven't slept in ages. Now....a pot of of really good Costa Rican coffee and gee....it's almost like that vacation I want so badly.


And tonite is the Blog Crawl - I'm really looking forward to that.

Did I mention I'm going to look at a house today? No..well it's probably nothing, I think it's going to be way too small for anything permanent and I honestly don't think I'm in a position to buy right now...but you never close a door - you just never know what might be your destiny so I'm going to go look. Can't hurt anything.

Another thing - I'm gearing up to start walking again. Before the move to Orlando I was getting in 8-10 miles every day. I loved it. It was a great way to start my day and I really felt GOOD. As I can't get to the gym right now this is the perfect option. Oh I doubt I'll get back up to 10 miles but if I can do 5 I'll be most pleased with myself. Now I just need to figure out what to do when it's so bitter cold this winter. Yeah, not really seein' this girl out hot footing it in the sub zero temps.

I've been reading up on what to expect after Cody's big CLIP. I don't want to disappoint myself by thinking he'll go from a hyper puppy to sedate angel. Hmmm.....well, at least he'll stop with the humping. I guess that's something anyway. LOL. I think I just really need to study up on the behavior of Shelties. Anyone know a good website - let me know. My google skills are, lacking. Yeah - that's a good way to put it. (I think it's just I don't have the patience for it....I've never been fond of research.)

So....it's just a lazy day here in Tammi's World. Gotta rest up for tonite. ;-)

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July 29, 2005


Thank You Father that it is Friday!! You cannot possibly know how long this week seemed to me. Arrggghhhhhh.

And the bad had nothing to do with turning older. No - it really didn't it. Just life stuff - and that actually sucks worse. Birthdays come and go (hopefully, because the alternative is not an option right now), but life stuff just lingers like the smell of bad cheese.

So I'm hoping this weekend I'll get the chance to leave behind some of that bad life juju and just forget for a while. Kinda like a mini vacation. I think I've earned it....hell - I know I have. If I had the space I'd pull out the stuff I still have packed from my lanai and put a little Florida in my living room. But alas - if I start pulling out boxes and sorting through them there will be no place to walk/stand/sit. So I'll just use my imagination. And that's ok - I've got a pretty vivid one!

Anyway - I'm just ramblin' here. Which if you've ever tried to have a conversation with me you know I tend to do.....so I'll just end it with wishing you all a Very Happy Friday and, do me a favor - do something you really LOVE this weekend. 'mkay.

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So, Whatcha Doin?


You can pretty well guess what I'll be doing on Saturday Nite.

Drinking, friends, food, blogs = Hell Yeah!! I'm all over that!

In case you haven't seen it yet - Contagion decided a month or so ago that a Blog Crawl would be a pretty good idea. He even pulled together rules and everything!! As much as I enjoy a good pub crawl who am I to disagree!! Everyone is invited to have a few adult beverages and (at least) visit the Bad Example and Frizzen Sparks Families (and anyone else that strikes your fancy) to leave a slurry comment or two. I'm really looking forward to the posts - those should be REAL interesting!!

This has become a real EVENT! Pam created the perfect logo (of course). Harvey pulled together a Frizzen Sparks Family blogroll and I've added it to my sidebar. Feel free to scroll through as the mood strikes.

So Saturday, actually Sunday should make for some intereting blog reading. And you'll want to pay close attention to comments! hehehe

Hey - what are YOU doin' Saturday night? Wanna play?!?! ;-)

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July 28, 2005

Thank You

First and foremost thank you all for the Birthday Wishes. What a wonderful treat to come home to.

And for those of you that posted messages - thank you so much. I'm over whelmed. Postively.

Actually - believe it or not - I'm speechless. So I'll leave it at Thank You! Thank You all so very much.

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Bou tagged me with the Bedside Meme. So ya wanna know what's on my nightstand, huh.

Nothing too interesting....that's for sure.

I have a large purple glass candle holder, a metal lamp, my alarm clock and the newest Sandra Brown book "White Hot".

That's it. Nada mas. It's what I used to use for my guest room - all my good stuff is still packed up. Just didn't seem worth unpacking.

Damn - that sounds kinda boring. Not a moose head in sight. ;-)

So tell me.....what's on your bedside table?!?! Hmmm......

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Teresa has a post up spotlighting New Jersey Assemblyman John McKeon's attempt to help save me from myself. He wants to ban smoking while driving. Is the man a natural idiot or did it take a while to achieve that level?

You think road rage is bad now - get a bunch of folks on the road that can't have a cigarette and watch the numbers explode. Get over it Dude! Or, go a step further - make those drivers Sales Reps on the road for hours or days and tell them they can't smoke. Yeah right - I'm not doin' it. Stupid Idea just stupid. It won't go anywhere - but it sure is maddening.

THEN I head over to Dash's place and see a post about the Food Nazis and how other people have taken upon themselves to sue companies - like Nabisco, McDonalds and Burger King - on "my" behalf. Because it's not good for us, for our children - just sue.

For cryin' out loud. No....cookies and fast food are not good for us. Anyone that thinks they are is just not thinking. If all you do is feed your child a diet of junk that's YOUR fault - not the company that makes/sells is.


Stop tryin' to save us from ourselves. I don't want the government in my car, at my Doctor, at my table or in my bedroom. Stop it already!!! Don't make me telll you again!

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July 27, 2005

Six Degrees of Separation

You remember that theory, right? Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon?? It was really "big" a few years ago. Well guess what. If someone asks about it you are in the know.

You see you are within those six degrees. Yep. You know me.

Let me explain. When I first got divorced I dated a guy. (heh. imagine that!) Anyway - this guy was an extra in the movie GI Jane. Who starred in that movie? Demi Moore. What other movie did she star in? A Few Good Men. Who else was in that movie? Yep. Kevin Bacon.

So see, it goes Demi Moore to My Friend M to Me to YOU!!

I'm sitting here watching A Few Good Men and remembered a friend of mine pointed that out. I can't take credit. It never dawned on me.

But it's still kinda cool.

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Just blowin' off steam......

My dog has the whinest, high pitched cry ever known to man. I swear to heaven. Then he does this little stutter that sounds like a child when they are snubbin. Damn - it's down right pitiful.

He's in time out right now. Little bastard.

When I got home tonite I was in a pretty darn good mood. First time in a while - woohoo. So I let him out of his pen and take him outside. We throw the soccer ball around for a while and I come inside leaving him to his own resources.

Until he started barking. It's ok to bark at SOMETHING. Just not to bark for barkings sake.

So I brought him inside. We play some more and then I tell him to go lay down. He wants outside. Ok. More barking. In he comes. Then he jumps in my lap and wants my attention. I push him off and he leans up on me and starts snapping.

Oh Hell No. I popped him in the mouth so hard it knocked his bottom teeth into alignment. (kidding, but still I did pop him one). Then I proceeded to lecture him (like he understands a damn thing I say other than SIT). He is now in the pen. Crying.

Sometimes I think kids were so much easier. Even 3 of them at one time.

Damned dog.

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My Idea of Heaven

Last night - before the bottle of wine kicked in - I posted a bit about how I was going about relaxing and enjoying my evening.

Army Wife, Sissy and Bou all "threatened" to be here. Damn - throw in a few of my other favorite women and that would have been one hell of a Girls Night Out! (or in rather - whatever)

My idea of a little slice of heaven. Some of my favorite ladies all sittin' around, spending quality time together. That's a great thought to take me through the day.

Someday Ladies. Someday!

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Note To Self:

3/4 bottle of wine (big bottle!) + very little food = a tad bit of a headache in the morning.

Pickup more Chocolate Milk and PowerAid.

Oh, and coffee is still the elixer of the gods.


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Got Books?

Surely you have some books just sitting there? You know.....something you know you need to get rid of, but just haven't been so inspired.

Well - Army Wife has the perfect solution. Donate them. She gives you all the information you need.....and issues us a challenge.

What a great idea. It's a great enough idea it may actually get me into my storage room sorting through those boxes of mine. I've got about 10 full of books. I just don't know how popular my selection would be. I KNOW they're not appropriate for children. Hehehe. But that's not going to stop me from seeing what I can do.

So get on it folks. Giving is easy. And this is a GREAT cause!

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Take Time To Read

BloodSpite has a wonderful Definition of a Soldier. Take the time to follow the links. There are some of my favorite things he's written in there.

Go ahead. Grab a cup of coffee, a soda or a beer. You'll be glad you did.

Thanks BS - that one goes on the top of my Favorites!

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Where's T-Bone?

The Cheesemistress serves as a muse again! This post spun off a memory that always puts a smile on my face.

Back in my first life I had a granddaughter. Three actually. Oh - I was only 27 but I was still Gamma. The oldest was a beauitful, smart as a whip little angel - Alyssa. What a trip she was.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before we raised beef cattle. Just a small operation - enough for our families and some friends. And we started out small. Real small. We started out with 1. His name was T-Bone.

T-bone quickly became the family pet. Except for me. Having been around farm animals most of my life I knew better. But no one listened to me.

Ex would take Alyssa out and let her play with T-Bone. Ride him like a pony. Every time she came over that was the first thing she had to do. Go out and play with T-Bone.

Well, as was bound to happen the day finally came around that T-Bone went to the butcher. No one told Alyssa - I figured it was his responsibility. Lucikly for us she missed the loading and hauling of off old T-Bone. But she was there when he came home!

I had made, ironically enough, some t-bones on the grill for dinner that night. Made all the appropriate stuff to go with it,a celebration of sorts, but T-Bone was the guest of honor.

Ex had just brought in the steaks and Alyssa came running into the kitchen - Gamma! Gamma! Where's T-Bone? Where is he? I wanna ride!

Ex: Here Alyssa. Try this.

Alyssa: Ohh that's very good steak Papa. But where's T-Bone? I miss him.

Ex: Here, try another piece.

And on it went. I had to leave the room. I didn't know how I would explain to this sweet 4 year old why Gamma was laughing so hard.

He never did tell her what happened to T-Bone. My response was always - "Ask your Papa."

Cruel? Maybe - but damn that was some good meat. Let me tell you!

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July 26, 2005

Another Quiz!

Uh Oh.....this is not as surprising as I had hoped it would be.

Damn - just damn.

I am 47% White Trash.
Not Too White Trashy
The white trash in my blood will not keep me from becoming a doctor or a lawyer, but it will keep me from a good haircut and any sort of fashion sense.
Take the
White Trash Test
@ FualiDotCom

I'm so ashamed. I guess I DO belong in this neighborhood....please - just don't tell anyone!!

hat tip Splatter Zone

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Ahhh Better Now

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table, a glass of wine and a cigarette. Chocolate turtle cake in the oven and a meatloaf ready to bake. I thought I'd roast some new potatoes and sautee some snow peas. Sounds pretty good - doesn't it?!?

Cooking relaxes me. Cooking lowers my blood pressure.

I got some R & B on the music box and I finally took a deep breath. A steady drizzle outside and my favorite candles lit.....because I love the way they smell.

The day is over. The rest of it....is mine. This is the first time I've really REALLY missed the old house. It's a night for a dip in the pool - I love swimmin' in the rain.

Oh well.......I can exhale now. That is all that matters.

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The Secret is Out

The secret to a really great Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich isn't hard to figure out.

Yes - you use sliced ribeye. Grilled in garlic.

Yes - you use strong sweet onions carmelized (again in garlic) sauted with peppers and mushrooms.

But the secret? What makes a good Philly Cheesesteak GREAT? It's the bread. Plain and simple. It's that heavy bread made with bad water. THAT I can't do up here.

But I got a cravin'!!!

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I'm Just Old Fashioned

As I was driving to work yesterday I heard a little blurb on the radio that shocked me. Yes - it actually shocked me.

Ricky Willaims is back with the Miami Dolphins. I honestly just don't believe it.

First I don't believe he came back and more importantly I can't believe they TOOK him back.

Just in case you aren't a football fan, let me fill you in on what happened.

Last year - the night before training camp, and after failing a drug test as it happens - Ricky Williams retired. Quit. Left his team high and dry, no warning. He said he wanted to travel - and I really don't care about the WHY. It was the HOW that got me.

It rocked his team to the core. Not that the Dolphins were true contenders last year, but man - that was kinda like the final nail in the coffin.

So...now Mr. Williams wants to come out and play. He has apologized. And he's actually at training camp. The approriate hands have been shaken, talks have been had. Everyone is just smilin' and happy to have him back.

Me? I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed that winning is more important than TEAM.

I know I know - football is a business and the business is winning. And I also know that a lot worse than forgiving someone that kicked you in the teeth has been done in the name of that all important winning. But still.......

Maybe I'm just a throwback. Maybe there's something wrong with me. But I believe in team. I believe in loyalty. As much as I love to win (and I DO love to win) those things are more important.

Who knows, and many of you are probably thinking who cares.....but I do. I loved to watch Ricky Williams play - I really did. But not so much anymore.

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July 25, 2005

Don't I Feel Silly

Guess what's not too far from me?

Go ahead. Guess.

The Mississippi River. Yeah...it's just down the road.

Where have I been? I had no idea. None. I thought it was hours from here.

In all my travels I've never seen the Mississippi River on purpose.

I think I'm gonna take me a little drive.

Huh. Imagine that. The Mississippi River.

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Holy Shit

This is wonderful. Just flippin' wonderful.

It's my neighbors. Again.

I got home kinda late tonite - had to get my hair done. I'm lettin' the rest of me fall apart - but damnit not my hair.

Anyway. It's been a long day. Not a good day - just long. I am NOT in the mood for any bullshit.

As soon as I get out of the car they meet me at the door. Can we use your computer? NO. That's it. Just No. (ain't ya proud of me!!)

Then I am informed that they have done something to help with the "pest problem". The first thought in my mind is "Oh...they're moving!". No. I couldn't be that lucky.

My guess is they got a cat. Oh joy. Just what I need. Worry about the kids, the dog and the cat.

No. It wasn't a cat.

I see her smirk. I feel a cold clamp in the pit of my stomach. Oh Dear Lord No.

A snake.

Yep. And it's loose in my back yard as I type.

On purpose.

You all remember my reaction to the sucker that decided to take up residence in my garage. Right? Yeah well - let me just say I am not happy. Not happy at all.

Why in the HELL would someone do that?!?! What could they possibly be thinking? Oh, wait....thinking requires a brain and I think that is something they are lacking.

Son of a gun. I HATE SNAKES. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Does anyone...anywhere have a nice house in No. Illinois I can rent for a decent price? Please! Cody and I are good tennents really!

I. Wanna. Move. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I had company yesterday. Teresa braved the traffic and came to the end of the earth to see me. It was very nice.

At one point she was sitting on the couch and I was on the floor and we were talking (and watching a movie - we're good at multi-tasking). I looked up at her and thought - how cool is this. She is HERE!

And I won't have the pleasure for long. In case you didn't know her house is up for sale. Yes, she's leaving me. I'm happy for her - but damn.....she's leaving me.

It's funny......I first noticed Teresa over at Blackfive's. She wrote the best comments. Pretty soon I'd see her other places, then I just flat out started looking for her. I remember when Matt announced that she had finally started her own blog. WooHoo. I KNEW she was gonna be wonderful.

She was one of my first commenters when I started my site. We began reading back and forth and then the emails started. Last year in May I decided that when I came to Chicago in June we HAD to meet up. (I tend to do that - just ask Harvey!) So we swapped phone numbers and started talking. By the time June came around it was like we were old friends. Now - a day doesn't go by that we don't chat at least a couple of minutes. It's one of my favorite parts of the day - well, except that my damn cell phone gets the worst signal ever. Everywhere.

Anyway - here we sat. In my postage stamp home. Watchin' movies and talking. It was a wonderful afternoon. Calm, entertaining and warm. It was an an afternoon with my friend.

Thanks for comin' Teresa. Next drive is on me!!!!!

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Words Just Fail....

Just sitting at the kitchen table, sipping my morning coffee and watching the sky lighten up.

It's amazing - really. Mornings are just flat out amazing. The green is such a deeper green. The sky is that cornflower blue - bright and clear. The white of the clouds are scattered about. The pinks and purples from the sun working it's way up gives off a glow that engulfs everything.

Damn...it's times like this I wish I were a poet. But...since I'm not - I'll just sit here at my kitchen table, sipping my morning coffee and watch the sky lighten up.

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July 24, 2005

Rock and Roll Baby!

You Are a Chick Rocker!
You're living proof that chicks can rock You're inspired by Joan Jett and the Donnas And when you rock, you rock hard (Plus, you get all the cute guy groupies you want!)
What Kind of Rocker Are You?

This is pretty funny to me! You see I was in a band...years and years ago. It was a "new wave" band back in the early 80's. Damn-I wish I had a picture, you wouldn't believe it if I showed you. My "costume" was always black leather. I adore black leather.

Usually - and remember I was in my late teens early 20's - it was a black leather mini skirt. That and my favorite leather jacket. The tops were always bright. Pink, Orange, Green. Bright bright bright. My hair was really long so I wore it on top of my head in a fountain pony tail with a bright pink streak down one side and a coordinating color (with what ever top I was wearing) on the other side. My make up? Pale with grey blush and black eye make-up. My nails? Long and red. High high heel pumps were the shoes of choice - easier to kick off. We rocked. No mamby pamby stuff for us.

And the worst part was there were 2 female singers. Me and Rachel. Rachel was the exact opposite of me. Tiny tiny tiny. Wore a size 0. Short hair pitch black. Wore nothing but white leather and usually pants. When I sang a set she had to dance. When she sang, I danced.

Damn - we had us some fun. The funniest was the time we were the first rock band to perform in a country bar that was trying to convert. In South Dakota. Yeah - we got run out of that town.

Anyway - I just thought this was cute when I saw it over at ALa's place....

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Go To The Source

Well this post at Ogre's got the thoughts a flowin'.

There's a woman in North Carolina that is suing her gay husband's gay partner for alienation of affection. They can still do that in North Carolina.

Orge supports that law. I know a lot of people that like that idea.

Personally I don't. Let me see if I can explain. Work with me here - it's kinda of a twisty path to my point.

I'm not a jealous person at all. Never have been. I believe that promises and vows are exchanged willingly. If someone willingly and openly says "I love you. I'm committed to you." I'm gonna trust them. If I don't then there really isn't a relationship.

I don't sit and fret when they are out and about. I don't go crazy if I see them talkin' to another woman. Hell - I have guy friends and in all the time I was married the thought never ever crossed my mind. Honest. To me - when someone is married they are no longer male/female. They are simply Themselves. That goes for me too.

So in my mind it's about trust. Plain and simple. Well, that and confidence - in yourself, your partner and your relationship.

HOWEVER - if my partner strays (which has happened to me) it's my PARTNER who strayed. They didn't keep their side of the bargin. It's not the other party's fault. My relationship is NOT with this third party. Most times you don't even know them. In my case I did. Hell - I served her dinner in my home. BUT she never made me the promise to love and honor. She never promised to be true to me.

I'm embarrassed to say I've been on the other side of it too. I was the third party. I didn't know the bastard was married and as soon as I found out it was over. BUT.......I wasn't the reason he strayed. If not me, it would have been (and was) another woman. HE BROKE THE TRUST.

So......I don't think the third party - the other woman/man - is responsible. My anger is firmly focused on the partner that screwed up. The person that lied. The one that cheated.

I believe in accountability and taking responsibility for your actions. But that's just my take on it.

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Walk Down Memory Lane - of sorts

I took a little stroll down memory lane last night. I actually watched Saturday Night Fever.

I hate that movie. Really. I hate it. It's dark, the plot sucks, and the acting ain't so good either.

But damn if it isn't a walk down memory lane. Most of my teens were the '70s. Tough times if you're a young girl in a conservative home. Add a control freak mother (I love her, but facts are facts) and you've got instant conflict.

The only thing I liked about the clothes were the fact that thanks to disco the dresses were "twirly". I hated the peasant style. I dispised gouchos. I hated the hair. Holy Cow.....there were some ugly do's back then.

But what I hated the most was the life style. It's funny. The neighbor lady/girl stopped by. (of course she did) She is only 20. She's never even seen the movie. It was at the part of the movie where the guys get to the Disco and are discussing the "rules". Each guy got 10 mins in the back seat of the car if they scored. If they went over they were in trouble. Scoring. Heh. I hate that term.

She asked if that was a pretty good representation. I told her yes. From what I saw, even in my small town - yeah it was.

I was an enigma. It made it things difficult. Oh I loved to dance. Just hated disco. I loved to party. That was not the problem. I just couldn't "hook up". I couldn't. And I didn't understand my friends that could. This is probably TMI but I was the only virgin I knew when I went to college in 1980. Hell - I was the only virgin I knew in High School. No one gave me a rough time about it - but it wouldn't have mattered if they had. On that issue Peer Pressure had no effect.

But damn.......it's always amazing to me when I see something that reminds me of how it used to be. Oh, I'm sure it's still like that to some degree. Hell - men+women(drugs/alcohol)=sex. But I don't see it.

Anyway - it was just weird to watch that movie. I still don't like it. But it was a good reminder that life is soooooo much better now.

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He Changed the World

Gerald E. Thomas was a man of vision. He changed the world. Really.

WHAT?!?! You've never heard of him!?!? He's the guy that created the T.V. Dinner. Oh, the Army and Pan Am Airlines were doing something similar, but Mr. Thomas gave it to the masses.

I was born in '62 - 10 full years after the introduction of the T.V. Dinner. But the closest we came in our house to those "treats" were Pot Pies. Chicken Pot Pies to be exact. Mama worked out of the house most days so she tried to make sure she had a home cooked meal for us in the evening. When she couldn't Daddy cooked.

Until I hit my teens. By that time Mama was working a "regular" job and it was just too difficult to make a full meal every day. So a couple times a week we'd get T.V. Dinners. Of course there was no T.V. watched while eating those. Oh Hell No. Dinner was at the table. With the family. There was conversation. End. Of. Story.

But when I got married those things saved my life. And the funny thing is I fought them tooth and nail. I was only 22 years old. I had lived alone for years, traveled and played. Now all of a sudden I had 3 boys, a husband, a mother-in-law and heaven only knew how many others would show up. I tried to cook every night. But my kids would BEG for T.V. Dinners. For them - with us being so poor - they were a treat. They LOVED the Hungry Man Fried Chicken dinners. For years I was so hurt that my boys wanted that CRAP instead of my home cookin'. But I learned. Oh yes I did. I finally realized it was the basic theory of economics. Supply and Demand. My boys wanted them because they couldn't have them. So I only served them every once in a while.......but it still made my life so much easier.

Anyway - I still don't like frozen dinners. I know they've improved. I know it's easier if you're single. But they are NOT for me.

Mr. Thomas passed away this past week. But his idea sure did change the world, didn't it? Funny thing is - he hated those T.V. Dinners. Never ate them. Heh. Kinda ironic, don't ya think?

Rest in Peac Mr. Thomas.

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July 23, 2005


The neighbors are leaving for the afternoon!!

They thought Teresa was coming to visit and wanted to give me some space. Hello.....I thought living in a seperate unit WAS space, but guess I was mistaken.

Anyway - an entire afternoon of no door knocking. No interruptions. No nothing. Just peace and quiet.

YEAH!!! I'm so excited!!

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Yes, I'm still thinking about football

While checking out my Buc's I see that NFL.com has their Fantasy Football set up and it's FREE!!

I love fantasy football but I just can't spend the money. Free? Free works for me. Oh yes it does.

And this has the live scoring and, well, all sorts of stuff.

Yeah - I don't see me getting much done today...... Now excuse me while I select a league and get everything set up! WooHoo......

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Ok - I haven't made it to the store yet. I got sidetracked.

There was a biography episode on Joe Montana. My hands down all time favorite football player of all time. Ever.

Growing up near South Bend Indiana, of course I am a Notre Dame fan. I have been a HUGE fan of Cool Joe since he first walked on the field. His ND stats? Not the greatest - but damn that boy made a game exciting. I even had the opportunity to sit next to him at a local pub (until I got kicked out for being underage) one day. I was too star struck to speak - but it was Joe. Damn. Did I mention how much I love the way he played the game.

When he was drafted by the 49ers my loyalty went with him. Oh - I was never a 49er fan. I was a #16 fan. Pure and simple. And as he just kept getting better and better I just got prouder and prouder. I didn't miss a game. Except for Super Bowl XVI. I was in Costa Rica working and had to wait for someone to call and tell me who won (like I had any doubts). I had them mail me as many articles as possible. Ahhh....good times.

Anyway - it dawned on me this morning......it's already the end of July. Training camps start soon, then preseason then IT'S TIME!!! Have I mentioned how much I love football.

And I'm a huge fan of Cool Joe. Yeah - I have to agree - the greatest QB ever to play the game.

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I Can See Clearly Now

For the first time since Monday I do not have a headache. To try and tell you the relief I'm feeling would not be possible. I almost feel like a new person.

I get migraines (of a sort) when I'm really tense. Kinda silly for me to be in such a high stress business, isn't it?! Anyway - I had been shot in the head as a kid and, while they got most of the pellet out of the skull there are fragments of bone and pellet in that fluid between the skull and the brain. Blood pressure goes up, Tammi gets a headache.

So to wake up this morning and be able to actually see out of both eyes was a real blessing. To be able to laugh and not feel like there are hot razors sticking into my head was wonderful.

It's raining right now so I think I'll get dressed and head to the grocery store. Then come home, do a little work I brought home and putter around the house. I've got the urge to bake a black forest cake. That may be on the agenda this weekend.

Anyway - I just needed to say how nice it is not to hurt this morning. It makes it a very good day!

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July 22, 2005

You Can Take the Girl...

....outta the South but you can't take the South outta the girl.

Nope. Not gonna happen.

Y'all know my feelings on shoes.

I. Don't. Like. Them.

So I wear my flip flops. A lot.

Today I had a meeting with the Machine Shop from hell. The folks that have made my life a living nightmare these past 2 weeks. Yesterday we prepped for it.

(begin sidetrack)

It's funny. The meeting to prep was my boss taking the opportunity to "council" me on how to behave in a meeting. :-) Seems he was a little worried that I might lose my temper. I let him talk and nodded. Meanwhile I notice the guys in the office bent over laughing. They could hear what was being said and recognized the humor in it all.

(end sidetrack)

Anyway......as I was getting ready this morning I realized I needed to be a bit moe buttoned down than normal casual Fridays. So....I put on a pair of slacks, a nice button down black shirt and a green and black blazer. Spiffy. Oh, and my black flip flops. My toe nails are a lovely shade of plum and my toe ring is exactly where it belongs. On my toe.

You should have seen the face of our VP when I walked in. He was most impressed. Until he got to the shoes. But.....now a days EVERYONE is wearing flip flops. I wore them when I was out running stores in Florida for cryin' out loud. They are as much shoes as open toed sandles.

So this afternoon when we were all sitting around celebrating how well the meeting went I was asked about my shoes.

My Answer?

You can take the girl outta the South - but you'll never take the South outta THIS girl!!!!

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It's Not Good-bye...

I'll miss you. You've become a part of my everyday life. I've gotten so used to you being close by - my anchor in a storm.

And now we are apart. How, how will I make it without you? I know it's only for a few days, but damn......I just don't know how I'll get through my day knowing that I won't have you there....just in case.

I've reached for you so many times already...but you're not there. It leaves such an empty feeling...a coldness....a panic. I'm alone.

Damn I miss my cell phone!

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July 21, 2005


It's no secret that I love Kool Aid's "There I Was" stories.

This one had me laughing out loud so bad I made the dog bark.

Funny stuff.

Damn Kool Aid!

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Note To Self:

Tammi is a whimp.

Mexican Manicotti with medium salsa WILL cause you great pain - whether or not you have the Pepcid AC.

Read the damn label. Medium - 6 letters Mild - 4 letters.


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July 20, 2005

Funny Email

I just had to post this email I got from a friend today......I'd say Sorry - but it's too damn funny!!! :-)

On the farm lived a chicken and a horse, both of which loved to play together.

One day the two were playing, when the horse fell into a bog and began to sink. Scared for his life, the horse whinnied for the chicken to go get the farmer for help

Off the chicken ran, back to the farm. Arriving at the farm, he searched and searched for the farmer,but to no avail, for he had gone to town with the only tractor.

Running around, the chicken spied the farmer's new Harley. Finding the keys in the ignition, the chicken sped off with a length of rope, hoping he still had time to save his friend's life.

Back at the bog, the horse was surprised, but happy, to see the chicken arrive on the shiny Harley and he managed to get a hold of the loop of rope the chicken tossed to him. After tying the other end to the rear of the farmer's bike, the chicken then moved slowly forward, and, with the aid of the powerful bike, rescued the horse!

Happy and proud, the chicken rode the Harley back to the farmhouse, and the farmer was none the wiser when he returned.

The friendship between the two animals was cemented: Best Buddies, Best Pals.

A few weeks later, the chicken fell into a mud pit, and soon, he too, began to sink and cried out to the horse to save his life! The horse thought a moment, walked over, and straddled the large puddle. Looking underneath, he told the chicken to grab his hangy-down thing and he would then lift him out of the pit. The chicken got a good grip, and the horse pulled him up and out, saving his life!

The moral of the story? (Yep, there's a moral!)

"When you're Hung Like a Horse, You Don't Need a Harley To Pick Up Chicks!"

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Funny Email

Buying a Car

A husband and wife were debating on buying a new car. She wanted a fast sports car. He wanted a pickup. As time passed on, her birthday came up and she thought it a great time to fulfill her wish.

She told her husband, "Look, I want something that can go from 0 to 200. Furthermore, I want it to be able to do it in just a few seconds!"

The husband bought her a bathroom scale.

(The funeral is at 3:00pm Wednesday)

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Classy - Downright Classy

I am a spiritual person. Really I am. My language doesn't reflect it - but that's because I'm too lazy to think of other words to use most times.

Sorry got distracted. Seriously - I was brought up as a Christian and have strong morals and values. I live by the Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I break as few of the 10 Commandments as possible. I know my Bible and, basically, am not ashamed of who I am.

Knowing that - why oh why oh why would you use childrens sidewalk chalk to write "inspriational Christian verses" on my steps. Outside my house. Front and back. A message as I leave my home or go out into my backyard.

This was not by a child - this was done by an adult. Trying to "help". Help me with what I don't know - but what it did do is tick me off.

I'm not a fan of sidewalk chalk. Oh - I had it for kids that came over but I always kept it in the back yard and always cleaned it off. I don't like the clutter or feel of it. It's just me.

So yeah - now I got neighbors leaving me inspiriation sidewalk graffetti. Yeah, that adds class to the bungelow.

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July 19, 2005


I have a screen door.

It doesn't fit my door jam.

It gaps a couple of inches at the bottom.

But it's up.

And it locks.

It has windows and screens in it.

I have a screen door.

and now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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The Art of Passing

I've almost had to relearn how to drive since I've been back up here. And that's saying something, when you consider the fact that I was driving anywhere from 900 - 1400 miles a week in my last job.

But in Florida it's 3 & 4 lane roads. I very seldom had to drive on a small 2 laner. I don't remember the last time I had to PASS someone.

So now I've got 2 lane roads, they say they are State Roads, but I'm not really buying it. There are hills and curves and all manner of obsticles (i.e road construction workers). PLUS deer - don't forget the deer. And traffic. Yep - these are no sleepy little motorways.

The scenerio usually goes like this......

I'm toolin' along either to or from work. In either case I'm in a hurry. I come up behind someone going just under the speed limit. Just enough so that if I want to pass I'll be doing between 65 and 70. Now - please understand I'm not afraid of speed. I actually am a very good driver. BUT I don't need to be pulled over right now. Nope - not on my list of "things to do" right now. Arrggghhhh

And then there is the one that goes like this.......

Driving driving driving....come upon someone going way to slow. But.....those damned hills and curves. Just about the time traffic slacks off so that I can make a run for it....WHAM! No Passing Zone. Well shit.

So....I guess I'm gonna just have to learn to do this driving stuff all over again. I never thought I'd say this out loud - but I really miss the roads in Florida. Not the traffic! Just the roads.

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July 18, 2005

Another Real Live Conversation

Today at work:

To set the stage: I'm working on some project, just barely listening to what's going on around me. Outside Sales Rep. walks over to talk to the 2 guys I work with.

OSR: I've got to work on my stroke before I play with you boys.

Teammate #1: Tammi? Do you have a perverted mind?
Tammi: I prefer to think of it as diverted rather than perverted.

15 mins later:

Tammi (on phone with customer): I feel so used. I give you what you want and now you don't call me?

Customer: I like you so much.

Yeah - I think I'll just mosey on over to the couch and see if I can figure out a way to get my mind out of the gutter!

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Monday Humor

My plan was to post a funny little picture once a week to kind of draw it all out. BUT...it's Monday, I'm running late and figured we could all use a smirk, giggle or outright LOL.

So......thanks to my blogless friend Pat - here are a couple of cute graphics for your Monday Morning.

First: an oldie but Oh So True!!


I don't know about you....but I actually SAID this to Mama Vi once. Yeah, just once.....


And this one...well, if you've been reading here lately you'll know that this might as well have been written for me.


Have a great day!!!

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July 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Sissy!!

It is my Blogniece Sissy's birthday today. I'm sure of that because it was exactly one week ago today that I called and sang happy birthday on her answering machine. Yeah - I was a bit overly excited about that one!!

Anyway - Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love ya!!

sissy bday.gif

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Orgasmic Toilet

I had a little dinner last night. Harvey, TNT & T1G came over for a little food, a little drink and a lot of conversation. It was a very nice evening.

While we were all sitting around I thought I had better warn them about the latest "issue" with my house. I seem to be having plumbing problems.

I noticed it about a week ago. I had used the bathroom and was sitting back at the kitchen table blogging. All of a sudden I hear this, well, the best way to describe it is moaning. Yeah - moaning coming from my walls. WTF?!?! So I walked back to the bathroom and sure enough it was comin' from the toilet. Hmmmm..... I'll have to let the landlord know.

So I realize it's just another little somethin' I've got to get used to....no big deal. Then the other day I had again used the bathroom and went outside to check on Cody. All of a sudden I hear it again. Only this time it's outside the house.

Oh lovely - now every time I flush my toilet the entire neighborhood will know. Great. Yeah, I love that.

The funny thing is that it sounds exactly like moaning. Orgasmic as it were.

I didn't want my friends to wonder what was going on so I thought I had better fill them in. Immediately T1G mentions the story about the guy that was found with his face looking out of the outhouse toilet (sorry I can't remember where I originally saw the link!). I cracked up!

That's all I need......a guy hanging out in my toilet. I've had some shitty dates before, but really......................................

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July 16, 2005

Saturday's Question

Every Saturday I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: What is your favorite Saturday Morning Breakfast?

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table, just sipping on coffee and taking a stroll through the blogsphere. I've got a couple of eggs boiling on the stove, an english muffin in the toaster. Yummy. It's my favorite Saturday morning breakfast. Oh, I love waffles and bacon and, well just about any breakfast food. But on a quiet Saturday morning THIS is what I enjoy.

Part of that is because I gotta cook it. And clean-up is a part of the whole breakfast thing for me. This is pretty easy.

This has been my Saturday morning breakfast of choice for years now. Nothing fancy. Just good.

So tell me....what is your favorite Saturday morning breakfast?!?

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A Year?!?!

Today is ALa's 1 year Blogiversary! CONGRATULATIONS!!

In her comments I mentioned that I just can't imgaine not being able to stop by and "visit" Blonde Sagacity every day. It's always entertaining and enlightening. If you haven't been over there you really need to make a point of it. She's delightfully outspoken and well, just a great read. And the discussions that get going are WONDERFUL!! What a great group of people she has over at her place!

So Congratulations ALa. I'm honored that you count me as a friend and thrilled for the way your site has grown. As for those drinks?!? I'm seeing a trip to Phily in my future. Brace yourself!!

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A Reminder

It was the sweetest thing, really. It's not the first time I've seen something like it, but I still find myself smiling everytime. That warm feeling seeps into my being and I just feel....good.

Last night I was snuggled down on the couch, just kind of relaxing and trying to balance out the hectic day I'd had.

As I glanced out my front door I see an elderly couple on their evening stroll. They were walking past my house, their dog on a leash, holding hands. No talking (that I observed) just obviously enjoying each other's company.

THAT's my goal in life. It's not about money or fame. It's not about anything more than simply love and contentment.

It's simply strolling through life and enjoying the company.

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July 15, 2005


This is the perfect picture to end the week with.


Thank you Leanne.

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Ahhh Friday. It SURE was a day...let me share.

Wake up this morning after very little sleep (why I had that cup of coffee I'll never know). Power was off. Brown out. No Coffee....

Get dressed - thank goodness it's jeans day and off I go.

7:15 customer calls my cell phone. Keep in mind....no coffee yet.

Seems the shipment they recieved on Thursday was missing one very important part. The lines are now down. To the tune of $8,000 a day charged to me.

I will not repeat what I said....but thank goodness my customer is cool as hell.

I immediately start burning up the phone lines. I raised hell for 30 mins.

Got to the office - still yelling. I know I looked like some crazy woman with all the rantin' and ravin' I was doing.

Within an hour I had a plan. Several that I was going to present but only 1 that I was willing to implement.

Presented the options to my boss. His response? "What do you think?"

Tammi: Oh, I'm renting a plane and flying the parts to them. It'll cost $10,000 less the the fines we are incurring. I wasn't asking - I'm telling you what I'm doing.

So....I rented a plane and became Super Tammi for a day. For 50 flippin' pieces.

Then I completely pissed off my subcontractor by explaining that HE was paying for it and if he was late on any other parts HE will be charged the fines....Not Me.

I then reworked my ordering system, entered all new orders, created a schedule for us and the subcontractor and generally managed to piss of oh, everybody.

I did get an email from my boss thanking me for being so assertive. heheh - poor guy. He has no idea.

So...how was your day?

Did I say how happy I am that it's Friday??!?!?!?!?

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Self Discovery

I think it's really important to continue to discover yourself. It helps us to grow and develop into better people.

Anyway - I've had it said a couple of times that I can be a bit of a nag. Moi?!?! Of course I quickly explain I Don't Nag. I am gently pursuasive. That usually gets a chuckle or two.

Then today I realized something. Something disturbing.

I'm not JUST a nag. I'm a professional nag. It's my job. It's my career. It's how I earn my paycheck.

I nag buyers for orders. I nag the estimators to get my bids finished. I nag the plants to make my parts. I nag customers to pay us. I nag subcontractors to take my parts. I nag trucking lines to deliver.

I'm A Professional Nag.

Not only that....I'm damned good at it too!!

Holy Cow!!

Are there support groups for this?

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I am very excited.

My very good friend's son has written a movie. Not only did he write it but he directed it.

It's funny.

It's damned funny.

And it's getting a lot of attention.

The trailer is already showing in some theaters. In case you're like me, and don't get out much - here's a link.

I was telling Pat this afternoon I can't believe it's really happening. Finally. It seems like it's been decades in the making.

So check it out - Waiting. Written and directed (his debute no less) by Rob McKittrick.

Released Sept. 23, 2005

We are so very proud.

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July 14, 2005

Tammi's Wisdom


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All In The Family

Oh yeah - you can tell the Bad Example Family is Family alright. So many things in common.

But this - these posts - they are a step beyond that.

Story #1, shared by GEBIV at There's One, Only! Terrorizing!!

Story #2, shared by T1G - Diverting.

Yeah - we're one wacky family.

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For Every Action, there is a Reaction

I saw this article this morning. 27 killed in car bombing in Baghdad. Mostly CHILDREN. The bastards were handing out candy to lure the kids. THE CHILDREN WERE THE TARGET!!

I'm fed up. I've seen/heard enough. It's not JUST this incident - these bastards need to be stopped. AND I completely agree with Chap on this. Completely, 100%.

"But I want a reckoning. I want people dead. I want the Syrian guy interviewed in the paper who helps anti-Iraq forces across the border dead. I want the people who donated money for their war effort and celebrated the London bombing in a kebab shop in another country in Europe to be dead, and the shop destroyed, and the insurance money stolen to make an offensive sculpture planted on what used to be the celebratorís house."

This latest act was for the shock value. Those monsters were looking for a reaction. Well, I don't think they will get the one they were looking for.

Blackfive tells us about an Anti Terror Rally held about 10 days ago in Qayarrah. The Iraqi people are tired of the terrorists and their manipulative, demented ploys for attention . Sick and tired.

Reaction. Yeah. I've got a few ideas of my own.

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This picture, over at Secular Franciscan, hit my funny bone today.

But it also kinda sums up how I feel most days anyway!

Good One Randy!!

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Fall From Grace

This article broke my heart. University of South Carolina admits to 10 NCAA violations - 5 of them major.

Until recently the head coach at South Carolina was Lou Holtz. He also used to be the head coach at Notre Dame. Being an Irish fan, and because, no matter what you say Holtz did have a winning football team, I liked him. I ignored the rumors that abounded both during and after his reign because I chose to believe that it was just petty jealousy.

Holtz has been the speaker at many business meetings I've attended. The man can talk. Let me tell you. It's not hard to see why he is such an effective coach - the team would follow him anywhere.

But damn. Just damn.

Seems that Holtz ran his football team a little on the shady side. He had complete control but little "knowledge". "Do what you gotta do, I just don't need to know the details". Many companies run like that and as Bernard Ebbers - former CEO of WorldCom - just found out (being sentenced to 25 years in jail), that excuse just don't cut it anymore. The old saying The Buck Stops Here is in full force.

And it's time. It's time that those folks at the top of the ladder realize that they are paid the big money for several reasons - but most importantly accountability. It's like good investing. Your best payoffs come with the biggest risks. If it's your program, you are responsible for EVERYTHING!!

To me it just make sense. If I am the "team leader". I delegate but I also monitor. If someone screws up, however they screw up, it's MY ASS. I better correct the situation or take the consequences. Plain and simple.

Well - Holtz screwed up. And if you believe The State, it's because he's a con man and a criminal. Maybe it's me and the whole loyalty thing, but I can't believe he's a criminal. But this should fall on his lap. The blackeye on USC is his fault, his responsibility.

Damn - this makes me sad. I wanted to think he was a great man. A great leader. But I can't. Not anymore.

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July 13, 2005

Like a Bad Penny

I don't know, maybe it's the anticipation of watching that jerk hang himself at work, but I'm having a pretty good week!

I've got some issues. (work issues damnit) We're seriously behind on deliveries and my one customer is especially angry. They have the power to take over our plant until we produce their parts and I'm working very hard to avoid that. I'd be up shit creek for sure if that happens.

Another customer has got everyone shaking in their shoes. They are real professionals and demand the same from their vendors. Things are kinda screwed up with their deliveries and they are just a bit upset. I inherited the account because 1) no one else wanted it 2) I was hired to handle the icky ones 3) I'm the low man on the todem pole.

So - first thing I do is build a spreadsheet. 6 tabs with every bit of information I could find. Forecasts, orders, outsourcing, deliveries - you name it, I included it. Once I got a feel for the situation I met with my cohort in crime at the plant and we started formulating a plan.

Then I picked up the phone and introduced myself to the customer. Imagine their surprise. They didn't know about the changes.

To say I got a cool reaction is putting it mildly. OK - not the first time, won't be the last.

So I asked question, made note of concerns and then let them know what I was going to do.

Silence. Through that silence I could hear them thinking "yeah, right....we'll believe it when we see it."

HA! Joke was on them. By noon today I had the buyer calling me to tell me jokes. Not 24 hours after the introduction.

At 4:30 an email was sent from their VP of purchasing telling our VP - we LOVE Tammi! When is she coming to the plant? Do Not Lose Her!!

Hehehe. I think I'm back!

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Just a phone call

I had the best surprise when I got home. No...not a packet of money. No.....not the deed to a new house. BETTER!

I had a message on the machine from one of my very good friends in Florida that I hadn't spoken to in ages.....


M is a hoot. Damn, that girl can make me laugh. We met when I was doing my final contract work at Tropicana. She's this beautiful young woman that just seems so very sweet. NOT. She is just full of it. Absolutely. Oh - and you don't even want to THINK about tickin' her off. I LOVE THAT!!

Her husband is such a trooper. Took me out on the boat with them one time. Holy Cow. That was a day to remember. Drinkin' and eatin' and floatin' and boatin'. Damn good time. And all of it to the the soundtrack of laughter.

While we were laughing our way through a conversation tonite I asked just what cosmic force allowed us to meet up? Something had to be out of alignment somewhere!!

Anyway - for 20 mins it was as if we were sitting together at the local bar, sippin' drinks and shootin' darts. Fun times.

Oh, and in case you're wondering...it's her fault I have a puppy. She made me do it!!

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Random Stuff

After posting about the car breaking down I should probably mention they fixed it. YEAH! It was a broken ground wire and the most expensive part was the tow and the diagnostics. They also fixed the oil leak. Funny....2 months ago they wanted $500 to fix the oil leak. The oil plug was stripped and they said the only fix was to replace the entire oil pan. In order to do that they had to either pull the engine and lift if from the top or drop the axle and either way....mucho dinero. Now - 2 months (and several quarts of oil) later they can simply install a temporary oil plug. Hmmm....oh well - doesn't matter. It doesn't leak anymore and that's all I care about.

I've got to drive to NW Iowa next week. They wanted to me to go yesterday but I managed to point out what a REALLY bad idea that was - thank goodness they fell for that! Iowa? Iowa?!?! Funny - not on my list of places to go. Oh, well.....it's always an adventure.

Cody is up to 26 pounds now. You should have seen my reaction when the Vet told him he won't get bigger than 50 pounds. Damn - I hope it's just that he has a good sense of humor cause I never planned on 50 pounds!!! And we scheduled his surgery. Hehehehe. August 5th. I. Can't. Wait.

I'm having company for dinner Saturday. Harvey and TNT will be the special guests at Tammi's World for my infamous Pork Roast Dinner. AND - as a special treat I'm making Bou's really really yummy apple pie. She made it at the Bad Example Family (and Friends) Reunion and I've been craving it ever since. I'm so looking forward to a day at home - puttering and getting ready for company. Well, not really company - hell - they're FAMILY.

I'm still adjusting to the whole idea of nights and weekends are MINE. I still feel kinda guilty when I'm just hangin' around. But somehow - I think I'll get over that eventually. ;-)

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Happy Happy Birthday!!

Today is Army Wife's Birthday!


Stop on over and wish her a GREAT one!

Happy Birthday Darlin'!! Take some time today for YOU. And give those sweet, beautiful babies of yours a few good snuggles. Babies make birthdays better.

Have a wonderful day!

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July 12, 2005

ANOTHER One?!?!?

I am horrible. Last month Army Wife tagged me with the book meme. I started it but never really got it "post ready". So now - Sean at Doc in the Box has hit me with it also. Guess I better just get 'er done.

But it's not an easy one for me. Nope not at all.

You see, I love to read. Love Love Love. I've read everything I could get my hands on for as long as I can remember. In the 5th grade I read the Scarlet Letter and did a report for school. They accused me of stealing the report - didn't believe I had read the book let alone written about it. The biggest insult was in the 7th grade when I did an essay on Crime and Punishment. That almost got me expelled. I love Shakespeare and had a hard bound edition of his complete collection - someone stole it a while ago and I haven't been able to replace it. But...I'm done reading the classics. Now - I read for pleasure. I read to escape. Yes folks - I usually read trash. Pure and simple trash......so my list of favorites - hot. steamy. complete escapisim.

So....here we go....

1) The total number of books I own.

I have close to 1500 paperbacks. Hard bound, probably only 20 or so. I take my books with me everywhere and it's just easier if they are paperback.

2) The last book I bought.

Believe it or not - a non-trashy one. I was in the mood for some intrigue, some suspense and T1G recommended John Sanford's Prey series. I got Rules of Prey and Shadow Prey. OUTSTANDING. I can't wait to get the rest of them.

3) The last book I read.

Just finished The Black Echo by Michael Connelly. This one messed with my head big time. Excellent but damn....

4) Five books that mean a lot to me.

I wouldn't say they mean a lot to me....they are just some of my favorite reads.

1) My Bible - hey folks - still waters run deep ya know.

2) Paradise - Elizabeth Lowell - hot, hot, hot. Oh, and steamy too.

3) Perfect - Elizabeth Lowell (the sequel to Paradise)

4) A Woman Without Lies - Elizabeth Lowell - this book breaks my heart everytime I read it. Something about the way EL writes just gets to me.

5)My Country Cooking cookbook. Don't laugh! It's a book. And I'd seriously hurt anyone that tried to come between me and it. In fact - that's the main reason I'm trying to sort out that storage room. I Miss My CookBook!!

5) Tag Five People with this Meme.

Nope. Not gonna do it. You want to take a stab at this - go for it. It's fun. But I think everyone I know has done it.

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July 11, 2005

I LOVE When That Happens

I had a friend tell me a story tonite that had me laughing so hard I lost my breath!

Damn....I love when that happens.

And I sure did need that today!

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MEN - pay heed. This COULD make your life a bit easier.

When doing business with women - don't under estimate them. Just because they laugh, joke and keep things light does NOT mean they are stupid. If you lie, cheat or steal they WILL bust your balls. I can promise you that. Especially if you decide that THEY will be the ones thrown under the bus.

Nothing makes me madder than when someone has the audacity to cause someone to doubt my integrity or to bring about a smudge on my reputation. If I do it myself - shame on me. You do it...well, you better just buy yourself some protection cause I'm aiming to take you out. And in the most painful manner possible.

I had someone think today, because I'm the new girl and I don't know the "layout" that, when they got busted doin' dirty business, they could just blame it on me. Ha. I laugh at their stupidity. They, on the other hand, are having a difficult time even grimacing at this point.

Just keep all this in mind. NEVER, EVER just assume that because someone is pleasant that they are a push over. You know what happens when you ass.u.me.

I lost my temper today. And I mean full blown redheaded Italian temper. It wasn't pretty. But the long term is even worse. I'm not one that enjoys losing her temper. I hate it. And I loathe the person who is capable of making me lose control like that. Usually you tick me off, we make it right - it's over. Done. But when it's like this.......then I'm very nasty. (and no Harvey, not in a "good" way) I've already set the stage. Tomorrow will be the first act and I'm thinking the ending should be just in time for Friday. I may have a good weekend!

That was a very stupid thing to do.....very stupid indeed.

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Wonder why that is...

Hmmm...I just noticed something.

When I'm all svelte and trim I like to wear my clothes fitted. It makes me feel sexy.

When I am carrying a few extra pounds, fitted clothes make me feel fat and bloated.

That's just stupid. Just goes to show it's all a state of mind.

Still.......it's just stupid.

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The Mind Plays Tricks

I am so relieved. I have heard from almost everyone down in Florida - well, my friends and their loved ones any way. You didn't think EVERYONE in Florida called me, did ya? Anyway - they are alright. I have a better feeling of what happened where so I know I can relax. Thank goodness. Bou, as usual, has done a great job keeping everyone up on what was happening in Pensicola. I'm just so glad to hear her family is ok.

I waited to leave Mama's yesterday because they didn't have my car done. When Maggie was ready, I wasn't. Damned D was making landfall and you couldn't pry me away from the TV for anything. It's kind of funny - when they show you what's going on it's no where near what it's like when you're there. And they say the stupidest things. I caught myself a couple of times cursing at the TV and that's a big NO No at Mom's. No cursing. But I got so frustrated.

And you know something else? I felt guilty. I flet guilty because it was a beautiful day here and the worse thing I had to deal with was a car repair bill and Chicago traffic.

Oh, please don't think I WANTED to be there. No thank you - three and a half was more than enough last year. But I felt so helpless, so uninformed. I don't know what I thought I could do if I was there - but I knew it was more than I was doing up here.

Funny how that is isn't it? I don't understand how the mind works sometimes. Hell - half the time I'm just happy when mine works at all. But this is the first time I've ever experienced something like that.

I give thanks that everyone in my life, and those important to my friends are safe. I'm glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been or even what was expected. But I wish I were there to help with the clean up.

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Losing Battle

I'm still getting anywhere from 200 - 500 spam comments a day and averaging around 400 spam trackbacks at the same time.

I'm actually going through and closing every post - but at over 1,100 it takes time to delete the crap and then close the trackbacks and the comments.

My host will not support the newer version of MT so...it is what it is. So now instead of spending my time reading and writing I'm deleting and closing.

Excuse me now....I've got some housecleaning to do.

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July 10, 2005

Update and Donate

I spoke to my cousin in St. Pete. Seems a school over by her daughter's house lost their roof yesterday in the Big Ts. While they are in a good spot, there is plenty of flooding in the beach areas.

It's surreal to me that I can find where I used to live and it's just Big Ts and more Big Ts. I'm torn - I'm happy I don't have to deal with it, but the frustration of not knowing what's going on and not being THERE with them is so strong.

From what I understand what saved the majority of Florida is the fact that a cold front did NOT drop down and push Dennis to the east. It's horrible news for the Panhandle. Horrible.

To say that it's bad is such an understatement. And there are many that will lose everything. We need to get the aid lined up now. Last year they did a great job with that - every where I went Red Cross.....water, food, clothes. That's what people will need. Well, that and hope.

So - here's a link to the Red Cross. They are in the best position to get aid to those that need it. And, like I said - they do a great job.

Come on everyone - give. Please.

My plan is to contine finding ways that people can help. It's all I can do from here - it's really all any of us can do.

It's only July. I'd like to think this is the only hurricane we are going to see this year - but even I can't be that optimistic. So we need to make sure that there is as much relief available for the victims.

That - and we need to pray.

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July 09, 2005

How'd they know?!?!

You Are Chocolate Ice Cream
You have a flair for the dramatic and love to party. Your personality is super strong and unique. Many people crave you constantly - while you turn a few off. You are most compatible with coffee ice cream.
What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?

Stolen from Sissy!!

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Aw Shucks!

I haven't really mentioned the whole MSNBC thing for one main reason. I'm actually kind of embarrassed.

Oh, I think it's really cool - but I haven't had a decent post up in months. To say my content is lacking is a real understatement. The post that drew their attention was just me, being frustrated that so many of my loved ones are in harms way and I'm here, unable to do anything but pray.

But I do want to thank Ian at The Political Teen for the link and all of my friends that emailed me as shocked as I am. If you missed it Ian's post with a link to the video is here.

Damn, guess I better work on the content. Obviously you never know who's gonna drop by!

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Well, that didn't work

So I'm in Indiana, it's my weekend at Mama Vi's. It's also my class reunion. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I didn't really want to go - but being the good friend that I am....I drove 4 hours, got here, took a shower, changed and jumped in the car. I get about 3 blocks from Mom's and....nothing. I mean NOTHING. The flippin' car just shut off. Stopped. Nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

I called my sister to see if she and her boyfriend would come and see if they could tell what it was. The battery was fine - everything else was dead. Then - of course I called Teresa. Why? Because I could.

Anyway - we couldn't find anything blaringly suspect so I ended up calling a tow truck and having Maggie May towed into PepBoys. DAMN IT! NOT what I need right now.

But I will say this much - the guys here at this PepBoys in Mishawaka ROCK!! They had a tow truck here in no time. They stayed late to try and figure out what's wrong...because they understand that I'm from out of town and need to be on the road as early as possible tomorrow.

It looks like I just knocked a wire loose and if that's the case it's all fine. If not..well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

The good news is I didn't have to go to the reunion. AND I get pizza. AND I get to spend the evening with Mom watching the weather channel. Yeah, it's a bonding experience for us...what can I tell you.

So - here's to hoping that it's all just a minor inconvenience and that tomorrow morning I'll be on the road with Cody, singing away to my favorite CDs, like nothing every happened.

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Shhhhh it's a surprise!

I'm up to no good. Nope - none at all....

Today is a special day. Today is my friend, and BlogBro's birthday. I thought we ought to do something nice. So.......


Head on over to That 1 Guy's place and leave a Happy Birthday message. He'll be out and about today so I thought it would be kind of cool to come home to a bunch of well wishes and ribbing!!

In all seriousness - Happy Birthday T1G!! It may be your birthday but we get to celebrate too! We get to celebrate YOU!! Here's to one hell of a great year!

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Saturday Question of the Day

Every Saturday I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: With everything going on right now....many of us are just looking for a little comfort. A little peace. Some warmth to make all the bad just disappear for a while. What do you do, where do you go (either physically or mentally) for that comfort?

I run to my loved ones. Pure and simple. If I can't be with them in person I'm on the phone. If that's not possible I run the memories, the good times, through my mind like a home movie. I make my favorite comfort food, I listen to my favorite music - but mostly I just make contact.

I NEED people. When I'm scared or hurt I need to reach out and KNOW that there is someone out there just cares.

I realize this is not the "peppiest" question, not really the feel good post I like for this....but it's where my mind is now.....so tell me - How do YOU find comfort??

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But I Don't Wanna Go!!

Getting ready to head to Mama's this weekend. Yep - it's my Indiana weekend. Hopefully the traffic won't be so bad this time.

And the highlight of the weekend? The Social Event? My 25 year class reunion. I so DON'T want to go.

But I made a promise. I said I would go for the first 25 years - honestly I didn't expect to still be living at this point, so it seemed like a pretty safe bet.

I'm not fond of these people. High School wasn't such a good time for me. But I'm going. I promised my best friend. Thank goodness it's causual this year. Jeans even. At least I'll be comfortable. And I'm taking the camera. Oh yes I am. Believe me folks - I get any good "stuff" and I'm posting. If nothing else there should be some good stories.

But damn....I don't wanna go!!!!!!!!!!

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Hurricane Dennis is now a Category 2 hurricane. Not as terrifying as a Cat 4 but he's still got time to grow.

I see where they are starting the evacuation. St. Pete - my cousin and her family are staying put. They are a few miles off of the Gulf Coast so they are in pretty good shape. They will hunker down and probably play games all weekend. I'm just hoping their new roof holds for them.

Bou, hubby and those delightful boys should be in Atlanta by now. They left last night but hit some pretty heavy traffic - as was expected. Keep checking over there as she will have updates from her parents that live in Pensicola. My prayers are for all those that in live the panhandle area. TGOO & MOM?!? I'm thinkin' of you.

Yesterday I made it known that I would be monitoring Foxnews and Weather.com during work. A big no-no where I am. I explained the fact that this was too important NOT to keep up on what is going on.

I figured after last year more people would be aware/undestanding of a hurricane and that it involves. I guess living in my little world down there I didn't realize how difficult it is to imagine.

It's days of build up. Tension beyond belief. You know it's out there. You know you need to prepare. It's soooo much work - boarding up windows, pulling in lawn furniture and grills. You don't want anything that could come flying throught the window, or wall! Making sure you have plenty of water, food, batteries. It's watching the weather constantly.

Then the skies start to darken and you know it's time. You still have no way of knowing FOR SURE what will happen, but you know it's gonna be a rough ride. The winds pick up - you have to watch out for the BIG T's. It's all so loud. The rain, oh the rain. It just pours. Not a nice lazy rain, an angry deluge that pounds at everything.

And it just keeps going. The wind continues to build and it feels like it will never stop. I can tell you it's better, in my mind, when it hits during the day. I felt much better when I could see what was going on. Either way - it's no picnic - but for me daytime is easier.

But the worst part? The hardest part? The after. The after SUCKS. No gas. Destruction every where. No power in many areas. No water. No money. Without power no ATMS or credit card machines. NO MONEY! Streets closed. Fresh food hard to find. No way to make the long term repairs. Oh, you have the blue tarps for roofs and stuff for quick fixes - but I have news for you folks. There are still people waiting to get their roofs fixed from CHARLIE! That was a year ago next month.

So, when you read about the hurricanes, see the panic - keep in mind......it's more than just a little wind and rain. It's more than just being stuck inside for a weekend. It's the most terrifying thing I've ever been through. And say a little prayer.

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July 07, 2005

Too Much....

It's no wonder I can't sleep. That Damned Dennis is screwin' with the people I love!

Bou is in Pensacola with her family - doesn't look good from what she's saying.

LeeAnn on the Gulf Coast, along with many, many people I care very much about.

My 2 cousins that are more like sisters are both there.

VW is on the SE coast of Florida.

Pam is down in South Florida.

SarahK and Frank J. are on the east coast of the state.

On my side bar is a list of some of my favorite Florida Bloggers. Stop by - leave a comment. Let them know that we're thinking of them.

Damned hurricanes anyway.


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Just Thinking

Having trouble sleeping tonite. I was sitting here deleting spam and I thought..."hmmm - wonder what I was thinking/doing 6 months ago?"

So I go back to my archives and had to giggle when I saw this post. 6 months ago I was meeting Harvey and TNT face to face for the first time. 6 months ago we were days away from the Bad Example Family Reunion.

Wow - how things have changed. Harvey and TNT, along with many other bloggers become regular REAL LIVE elements of my life. The rest of the changes don't really matter when you think of it that way. It's just gotten better and better. I see many on my blogroll on a regular basis. I've seen friendship become such an important part of my day to day existance that I can not imagine not talking to them daily - let alone reading their blogs. The blogs are nice - but the conversations? THOSE I treasure.

Anyway - I just thought it was ironic! Hey Harvey - it's the 6th month anniversary of our first hug! Whoda thunk?!?!?

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THIS is what I mean..

I found this link over at Smash's. I always follow his links - they're never a disappointment. Tonite was no exception.

For me - this nails it:

"So we carry on. We square our shoulders, raise our heads and carry on. We defy the terrorists not because it makes us safe today, but because it makes our children safe tomorrow, and their children the day after that, and their children, and theirs, and all the generations to come who will live in the light of freedom and prosperity because we made it so."

Take a moment and read the whole thing. It's what I've been wanting to put into words...but couldn't.

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An Oasis

Last night was the calm before the storm. It was a wonderful evening with wonderful people - bloggers all.

There was the grand-poopa Harvey and his lovely spouse TNT, Matt (that Paratrooper of Love), Grau, Little Joe, Anathematized, Contagion, Teresa and That 1 Guy. Some of my favorite people.

Mexican food, one of the best margaritas I've ever had, one of the worst margaritas I've ever had and some GREAT stories.

I laughed. I smiled. I listened.

It was a great evening.

I can't wait to do it again.

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Thanks to Phin for putting this fabulous gif.


Take it. Put it on your site. Show your support. I've put one on my sidebar.

Thanks Phin! Great Job.

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I awoke this morning to an email from Sally - London under attack. Sally, Alex and their sweet darlin' are alright - but still.....damned close to home!

Bombs ripped through London this morning during rush hour. They bombed buses and the underground train network.

They bombed civilians. They targeted civilians. Sound familiar?

Son of a Bitch.

Here is a link to a reporters log - with an inside view of what is going on.

As always the Command Post is covering this very well.

I'm just sick.

And pissed.

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July 05, 2005


Like so many others I've seen lately I got SLAMMED today by those damn spammers.

So many comments and track backs it crashed my email!

I've literally sat here for 5 hours deleting and those sons of bitches are still getting me.

I have GOT to figure out how to install the MT Blacklist on this site. It didn't make the transfer and now I can't remember how I did it.

Anyway - I'm done. I can't sit here one more minute. So...what's my point? No posting. Nope. None - well other than this drivel.

Hopefully I'll get some sleep and inspiration will strike tomorrow.

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Sick, Demented SOB

This Story (link fixed - thanks Congation) is exactly why I believe that all rapists and child molesters should never see the light of day.

There is no such thing as rehab. There is no understanding of the "whys". There is no fixing them.

They are sick. They are hell bent on causing pain - and they have no heart. No soul.

If I had my way - I'd say put them down, like a rabid dog. But...unfortunetly you have those that believe they deserve "another chance". Another. Chance.

This makes me sick.

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Prayers Please

One of the sweetest ladies I've had the pleasure of knowing is asking for prayers.

Pam over at Pamibe has a serious case of poisin Ivy and it's not responding to medication. She's heading back to the ER today. Not something to mess around with. Not at all.

So say some prayers and send good thoughts her way.

ALSO - my very good friend Laughing Wolf had a surprise visitor yesterday that earned him a trip to the ER. A brown recluse. Spider. Bit him. DAMN!!!!

He did all the right things and seems to be doing alright - but still......not something to mess around with either.

So keep both Pam and Laughing Wolf in your thoughts and prayers today.

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July 04, 2005

Tagged? AGAIN!?!?!?

Holy Cow! I'm behind on my memes! (damn, that didn't sound right, did it?) Anyway - I have a couple to get out so we'll do one today, and one tomorrow! That sounds fair doesn't it?!?! Oh, never mind -

In an effort to get even - BloodSpite tagged me with this one......Dude - this was tougher than I thought! All sorts of questions...but at least I know the answers to them.

What I was doing ten years ago:
Living on a farm in Northern Indiana planning my "great escape" (iow - my divorce). Working as a sales rep calling on auto assembly plants and wondering why life sucked so very much.

5 years ago:
I was in my very happy place. Living in Bradenton Flordia - I had just bought my own home. Loved my job working at Tropicana, traveling, spending time with friends, preparing for a trip to Europe. Damn....now I'm depressed.

1 year ago:
I was living in Orlando and working for an un-named mattress company. Driving way too much and wondering why my life sucked so much...hey - I'm seeing a pattern here. Get me away from the water and my life takes a nose dive....hmmmm

I puttered around my little home and played with my puppy. Cooked a bit and had Joe over for dinner - it was a nice day!

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Cheese
2. Chocolate
3. Anything with peanut butter
4. French Fries - although I haven't had one in ages......
5. Cherry Cobbler - Grandma's version......so very good.......

5 songs I know all the words to:
1. Amazing Grace
2. I Cross My Heart - just sang that at a wedding last fall
3. Angry American - I LOVE THAT SONG
4. Te Deum (it's Latin, and a long story)
5. Can't help lovin' that man...one of the funnest songs to sing!!

5 Things I would do with $100 million:
1. Pay off my mothers house and set her up for life
2. Move back to Bradenton Florida and buy a house on the Gulf
3. Get a brand new car...not sure what kind just something fast and topless
4. Make sure my friends had everything they need
5. Set up a half way house for victims of domestic abuse

5 locations I would like to runaway to:
1. THE Highlands
2.Bradenton Flordia
3. Anywhere in the mountains
4.Sarasota Flordia
5. Ireland

5 bad habits I have:
1. Smoking
2. I cuss like a sailor
3. Shopping
4. Tequila
5. Too damned optimistic sometimes

5 things I like doing
1. Spending time with good people
2. Boating
3. Reading
4. Singing
5. Talking - I figure I better say it before someone else did ;-)

5 things I would never wear:
1. Levi's - they look like shit on me
2. T-back bathing suit - I actually think it's illegal for me at this point
3. Anything "crafty" - really not me
4. High top tennis shoes - they bug my ankles
5. Big chunky plastic jewlery

5 TV shows I like:
1. All the CSI's including NCSI - man I miss local TV stations!
3. The military channel
4.The history channel
5.Cold Case Files

5 Biggest joys of the moment:
1. My friends
2. Shhh - don't tell anyone but I got some new candles
3. My window air conditioners
4. My puppy isn't mad at me anymore
5. I have 7 months left in this place - WooHoo

5 Favorite toys:
1. My keyboard
2. My kitchen gadgets - some where in the storage room! :-(
3. The computer my friends built ;-)
4. damn........I'm gonna have to work on this one!!!
5. This is pitiful!

5 Next victims:
I have no idea at this point...but I'll mull it over and let you know! ;-)

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The View From My Front Porch

Here are the fireworks in a small town in Northern Illinois - as viewed from my front porch. Not a bad view - not bad at all.. I just wish I was better with a camera!

Wish you could have been here...............

070405 1.jpg

070405 2.jpg

070405 3.jpg

070405 4.jpg

070405 5.jpg

070405 6.jpg

Now head on over to Mudville and see what everyone else is doing to celebrate!

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A New Perspective

I'm a girl. Hopefully that's been obvious to this point.

I shop. Well, at least I do when I can.

But I've never thought about clothes shopping for/with a girl from a guys point of view.

Make that guy a combat pilot and have HIM buy the shoes and well.....

Damn...funny stuff.

So head on over to Al's place - that guy has a way with a story!

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The Heartland

It's one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

I had to run to the gas station this morning. Early. Around 7:30am. All along one of the main roads in town are chairs lining the street. Houses decked out in red, white and blue. All in preparation for the parade and all day celebration for America's Birthday.

I've never seen anything like it. I grew up in the midwest, but our town never put on a shindig like this.

I saw a little boy helping an older man, who looked to be his grandpa, put out chairs. A little girl was standing in her front yard waving a small American Flag. Damn....I got choked up.

This is very, very cool. I think it's going to be a pretty good day!

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Happy July 4th!!!


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I Am Evil

I had a really nice evening last night. I can't even tell you - so I won't. But I did.

Just before I hunkered down for the night I went out to get Cody and tuck him in. It was a beautiful night - cool and clear. He had been penned up most of the day, stuck in the house with Da Mama so I decided to let him stay out. He actually loves that because he doesn't have to wait for me to let him outside in the morning.

And I slept good. I slept like I haven't slept in ages. I slept so good I didn't hear the mini storm roll through.

When I went out to check on him there was mud everywhere. The neighbors boxes had been knocked down and crap was just strewn around the yard. I couldn't see Cody. Shit. Then - I realized why I couldn't see him. He was standing right in front of the tree. He blended with the tree. It would be the numerous layers of mud. He ran towards me. There was no wagging of the tail. There was no little kisses. This was one pissed of dog.

I rinsed him down. He's all snuggled down in his pen. But he's still pretty pissed off. I'm going to have to do some serious sucking up over this.

Damn - I am evil.

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July 03, 2005

A Holiday Reminder

Last year the Mudville Gazette sponsered a 4th of July party...the only cost of admission was to submit pictures from your holiday weekend and send him the link.

It was a huge success. So huge he's doing it again this year.

So...take pictures and post 'em. If you don't have a blog email them to me and I'll post them for you. We'll link back to Mudville and share the fun.

I'm going to sit on my front porch tomorrow and take pictures of the fireworks. Should be a pretty good show!!!

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Ain't He Adorable

Every once in a while - he's just sooooo damned cute!

I bought him this bed when we moved up here. We've been using it to hold his toys. He decided this morning he wanted to claim it back.

I think I'm gonna need to get a bigger bed.....

Just Chillin.jpg

*click on image for a larger view

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You Just Never Know

There was a little incident yesterday. Oh, nothing dangerous or earth shattering. Just one of those life lessons that sneak up on you every now and again.

My neighbor's sister and her family came to visit. She has 2 small boys. I always bring Cody in, so that they can play and I don't have to worry. He is still a puppy and just loves kids - but he jumps. I'm working on that, but it is what it is right now.

So....as is the way with dogs, he had to "relieve" himself. So I put him on the leash and took him out. The kids came right over and wanted to play. Cody adores Indy and immediately started brushing against her and giving her little kisses. Well, she toppled over and Cody thought she was playing. No big deal - they do that all the time. I just picked him up and said NO. Well the other little boy wanted Cody to do that to him and I said NO. (I seem to say that a lot anymore.) Anyway - I explained that I was putting Cody on the chain in the corner and that I wanted them to leave him alone. They had the rest of the really big yard and to play there. No problem - Indy takes off and next thing I know they are out in the back playing frisbee.

I came in and started puttering. Next thing I hear a child screaming. I run out and there was the little boy sitting on the ground. Over by Cody. Cody's little tail was waggin' and he was standing back. But I knew what happened. The little boy wanted to play, Cody jumped and scared him.

So I brought Cody in. The neighbor's sister came out and ripped me a new one. Leaving my dog unsupervised with children. Excuse me...he was chained. Yes, I should have known better than to think the kids would actually leave him alone, but he did need to "relieve" himself. My Bad.

Then she started calling me white trash. White Trash. Before I could react she pointed out that I am a middle aged, single woman living in a small piece of shit duplex. Obviously I had no skills, no talents, no drive.

I stood there with my jaw on the ground. Who the HELL does she think she is? She doesn't know me. She doesn't know I'm up here, supporting 2 households, paying off a $5,000 moving bill. Starting over - again. She doesn't know shit about me.

Then it dawned on me. She's judging this book by the cover. How could she know. I wasn't about to tell her - none of her damned business. She gathered her intel and made her analysis. It's wrong, but it is what it is.

Then I took that a step further. How often do we ALL do that? Honestly....it's just so easy to make a judgement based on what we observe in a glimpse. No facts, just appearance.

I hate it when people do that to me. I hate it when I do it to others. But it's human nature. It seems we have this need to understand....to categorize people. Without knowing anything. Just what they allow us to see.

It's wrong. It's hurtful.

So....I just told her she was entitled to her opinon. I apologized for Cody. Then I came in and just chilled. The neighbor apologized - but she didn't need to. It wasn't her. She can't control what others think or say.

But I'll tell you one thing. I'm gonna think twice before I categorize someone based on their home or their appearance. You never know. You just never know.

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Good-Bye Luther

I love music. AND I'm a die hard romantic. So, you shouldn't be surprised to know that a good ballad will get me every time. If you're one of those blessed enough to be a great balladeer, well - it's a given that I'm a big fan.

I have always enjoyed the old school R&B. Marvin Gaye - melts me. Al Green - oh yeah. But my favorite has always been the smooth and romantic Luther Vandross. If I hear one of his songs it stops me. I have to listen. And it never fails to move me.

We lost Luther on Friday. He never really recovered from the stroke two years ago. The world has lost one of the last true romantics.

Funny thing is, one of my favorite songs of his wasn't really a LOVE song. It was that beautiful ballad - Dance with My Father Again. I'll never forget the first time I heard that song. I was on my way to an important job interview just south of Daytona. I was stuck on I4. It was August 7th - the anniversary of when my father died. That song came on and I just lost it. It was like the song was written for me. I still mist up everytime I hear it. Do me a favor - follow that link and just read the lyrics.

In my opinion, Luther Vandross was one of the all time greats. This world is a better place because he shared his gift. Thank you Luther - God Speed.

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July 02, 2005

There must be something wrong with me...

Blogdaughter Machelle left a comment the other day about Cody biting me.

Got to get that little guy neutered, they are suppose to settle down somewhat after getting that testosterone out of their system. The sooner the better cause every month there is more and more testosterone in their system.

Posted by Machelle at July 1, 2005 07:47 AM

Honest to goodness, that day can't come soon enough.

I'm constantly checking to see if he's ready for the big cut. The other day I caught myself saying, after a particularly energetic tear through the house...."Do you have balls yet? Do you? Let me see, damnit - cause I wanna cut those suckers off! I've had it!!!"

Aren't you glad this house isn't wired for recording?

Yeah - I need a life........

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The Party's Over

Blog Bro Jeff, at Oh-Dark-Thirty is home from BCT and has officially ended the comment party. Oh well, all good things must come to an end.

But on a serious note - I'm very proud of him (even though I really don't have that right!). I read this part of his post and caught myself getting misty.

"Since Iíve donned the black beret and become a US Soldier, Iíve just been awed by the amount of gratitude this country really has for our men and women in uniform. Whether itís something little like mailing a newspaper clipping or sending an e-mail, or something big, like volunteering at the USO, or buying a serviceman a beer, itís amazing to me how much people are willing to do for the people that defend their freedoms. Itís awesome, in the truest sense of the word."

He's one hell of a guy. Jeff - Thank YOU!!!

Go welcome him back - and take a moment to say thank you!

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Saturday Question of the Day

Every Saturday I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: What is your favorite "chilling" outfit? You know, what to wear when you just wanna be comfy.

I've got a couple - you all know about my obsession with bathing suits and big denim shirts (what I'm wearing right now actually). But I also gravitate to a oversized pair of "Bucaneer's" pajama bottoms and an Xlarge t-shirt. I love that "sloppy" feel of oversized clothes, not to mention the serious comfy factor. I'm all about just being comfortable - especially at home. And it makes me happy. I caught myself giggling this morning when I got dressed. I had a plan - just sit outside in the sun for a while, not giving a whit what anyone thinks. Just being comfortable.

So tell me - what is your idea of comfy clothes??

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The Art of Conversation

I talk about you guys a lot at work. Blogging helps to make me a better conversationalist. People think I'm this social butterfly with all the people I "know". Hell, if I had to depend on myself to come up with something to talk about, I'd be hurtin' for certain.

Anyway - yesterday, for some reason cheese whiz was the topic of conversation. Having read Koolaid's latest addition to his There I Was stories I was primed to add some humor.

What?! You haven't seen these! Holy Cow folks - you're missing some GREAT stories. Get on over and read it. Then heed the lesson well - warnings come for a reason.

Thank Koolaid - I got a great laugh out of that one - giving you full credit of course. :-)

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Funny Stuff

I love engineers. Honestly - I understand them. And yes, they are different than other people. They think different, respond to situations differently - they are just "Special". Yeah - that's a good way to put it.

My best working experiences were always those that I spent the majority of my time dealing with the engineers in a company. When I started in the steel business I worked in Technology. 20 engineers total. 10 Japanese. Man - I loved to screw with their minds. They didn't know WHAT to think of me! Ahhh....good times.

A few years ago I was dating an engineer. (I'm not allowed to do that again, BTW). He didn't understand what I meant when I said engineers were a breed apart. He didn't see it. So I took great pleasure every day in sending him a new Engineer Joke. He might not have laughed but I thought they were funny as hell.

Well - Dash has some great Understanding Engineers jokes up that you should take the time to read. Hey - it's Saturday - sit back and enjoy.

Thanks for the laughs Dash!!

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I was talking with Teresa last night....so tired I could barely think let alone be some what intelligent. Anyway - I kept saying how much I was looking forward to this morning. To my morning coffee.

Yeah - I just wanted to go to sleep so I could wake up this morning. I could wake up whenever I wanted to. I knew it would be early, but still - it would be when I wanted. Then I could sit here, reading and listening to music, the sun shining through the window sipping some of the best coffee I've ever had.

I love coffee. Since I've moved up here I drink it even more than I used to. But the coffee I love best is my Saturday Morning pot. I bought some kick ass beans (Costa Rican blend) and they make the best coffee I have ever had.

It's been so long since I've been able to just relax and enjoy the morning. I had forgotten how quiet it can be. How clear everything looks.

And this big ole cup off steaming coffee is the icing on the cake. Hot, smooth, rich, strong. I wish I could offer each and every one of you a cup. It's just that good.

So here I am, perched on my kitchen chair, cruising through the old blog roll. A pot of really really good coffee just finished and I have nothing I HAVE to do today. Damn....it just don't get much better than this.

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July 01, 2005

Damn you Phin!!

I saw this quiz over at Phin's. I haven't had much of a chance to really cruise my favorite spots so I'd missed seein' anyone elses.

Well, I just had to try it. Yes, you know I did.

Histrionic:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --

Way more than I wanted to know....so tell me - how crazy are YOU?????

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At work today....

Real life conversation:

B Ė Iím not afraid of you Ė youíre wearing a Tropicana shirt.

Tammi Ė How do you know it wasnít the HOTEL Tropicana and Iím preparing to blugend you with my feather?


T Ė well shitÖÖ.

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It's Our Birthday Weekend

It's the Holiday Weekend! WooHoo!!!!

Oh, I've gotta work today, but I know many of you don't. Just know - I'm so damned jealous. ;-)

It won't be a bad day at all. Month end is over for me so I don't have to push so hard, AND it's Friday. I get to go play in the plant this afternoon. I may even get to leave a little early!

I have to admit this is one of my favorite holidays. I love birthday's anyway - well, as long as they aren't mine - and this weekend is just one huge birthday party.

Take time for friends and family, fireworks and parades. It's our Birthday for cryin' out loud.

So let's get this party started!!

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