November 30, 2006

I'm Ready!

I'm tellin' you, I have an angel on my shoulder - thank goodness.

Everyone was completely freaking out about the upcoming storm. I was just quietly panic, more worried about making it home with the car intact than anything else.

Originally they said it would hit around 3:00 this afternoon. Then they pushed it back. I was paying attention.

It paid off.

Seems most of Chicago left work at 3:00 hoping to beat the storm. I left at 5:00. There was NO TRAFFIC! I made it to Belvidere (about 45 mins from home) in under an hour. Stopped at Walmart to get my storm supplies.

And what do I consider storm supplies? Good you should ask. Now keep in mind, I've weathered (HA) a few hurricanes so I'm kinda sort of a pro. I know what it takes to survive being trapped in your home for a few days.

This is what I bought:

1 frozen large thin crust cheese pizza
18 extra large eggs
1 large yummy flavored creamer for my coffee
1 loaf of bread
2 cans of soup
2 packs of cigarettes.

With the leftovers I still have from Thanksgiving I'm set. Oh, and I wanted to make sure I was covered in case my sweet tooth got out of control so I picked up a cheese cake and a pecan coffee cake. HEY - a girls gotta have all her bases covered.

So I'm set. I'm ready. I have candles galore, although I doubt I'd need them for much more than entertainment factors. I got food. I got snacks. My laptop and some files are here....just in case. At one point I heard that the area between Rockford and DeKalb could see as much as 17" of snow by 10:00am tomorrow. If that happens? Yeah, I'll be a bloggin' fool cause I ain't goin' no where in those conditions.

Oh - and I have the camera. And it's even working! I'll post pictures! How fun will that be?

Anyway - bring it on! I'm as prepared as I'll ever be!!!!!

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Start Prayin'

Well shit.

I don't watch the local news. But I do listen to the radio on the way to work in the morning.

Today they had a little surprise for me. 3"- 12" of snow between noon today and tomorrow morning.

3" - 12".

Of Snow.

In less than 24 hours.

That constitutes a winter storm advisory.

Maggie May isn't fond of those road conditions during the best of times. With less than a month til retirement she's REALLY not happy.

If you're a pray-er start sayin' a few for us now. I'm hopin' for 3". I can deal with 3". Maggie can deal with 3". 12"? Yeah, not so much.

Oh well, I can't complain. It's the last day of November and this is the first we've seen of this kind of weather........

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A Special Day

November 30th has turned out to be a pretty special day.

It's Pink Ninja's 3rd Birthday today and Oddy's 10th wedding anniversary. Pop on over to both places - a couple of beautiful posts and there is nothing like a little love to start your day....

But it's also a pretty special day in Tammi's World. More years ago than I care to admit to, I became the daughter of two of the most special people in the world. And I mean that. No little girl could have asked (or dreamt) of a better home.

Growing up we always made a big deal about our adoption birthdays. Actually more than what we did for our regular day. Mama and Daddy handled everything about our adoptions with class and wisdom. There are no issues in our family about feeling deserted or unwanted. We KNOW we are loved. And we always have.

Last night I called Mama to get the candy recipes I posted below. I can't seem to find them anywhere and, well, it makes her happy when I ask for her help.

As we were finishing up on the phone Mama gets a little weepy. She started talking about what a good daughter I am and that tomorrow (today now) she would say and extra EXTRA thank you prayer for me.

She remembered.

That in itself is the best A-Day birthday present I could ask for. Mama remembered.

So November 30th is a very special day. It's the day I got my family. Thank you Mama.


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A Sweet Post

Army Wife is asking for cookies and bar recipes for Christmas. She had the bright idea of having a cookie/recipe swap.

Well, my family does candies so I thought I would post some of our favorites. Now, remember, if the recipes are not real "specific" they belong to women who grew up making these delectable treats, modifying as possible. So just step out on the wild side, get creative if somethin' sounds unclear (or send me an email) and you'll have some yummy holiday treats!

First we have
White Trash Candy (no comments from the peanut gallery)
2 1/2 Cups of Rice Krispes cereal
2 1/2 Cups of Capt'n Crunch ceral
2 1/2 Cups mini marshmellows
12oz dried roasted peanuts
1 1/2 lbs white chocolate

Mix together the cereal and peanuts. Melt the white chocolate and pour on to cereal mix. Stir until well coated with chocolate. Stir in mini marshmellows. Pour onto waxed paper spread out and let set up. When hard, break into bite size pieces.

Chocolate Charlie

1 large package of chocolate chips (I use semi sweet)
1/2 cup peanut butter
put into microwave safe bowl and melt - mixing every 2 minus until melted and "good and hot".

Mix in 1 cup of peanuts and 1/2 package of mini marshmellows. Pour onto waxed paper, spread out and let set. After it has hardened break apart.

Peppermint Melt Aways

1 bar of white chocolate (melted)
1 large package of peppermint candies, crushed

Mix together and pour onto cookie sheet covered in wax paper. Spread out and let set. When hardened break into bite size pieces.


This you need to start ahead as the candy mixture needs to chill for at least 2 hours.

18oz crunchy peanut butter
2 1/2 Cups Rice Krispies cereal
1 stick of melted butter
1 lb powdered sugar

Mix together and chill (covered) for at least 2 hours. Can sit over night.

After chilled form mixture into quarter size balls.

Seperately melt 1 package semi sweet chocolate chips.

Dip balls into melted chocolate, leaving just a bit of the candy mixture uncovered at the top of the ball (hence the name - Buckeye)

Place on cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Let candies set up.

We made these candies every year for as long as I can remember. Except the last couple of years. The memories I have of the entire family in the kitchen, Christmas music blaring, laughter and stories. Oh, and of course the sneaking a taste. Ahhh good times.

I just love tradition. And I love candy. I adore Christmas so this was the Perfect project!!! Thanks for pullin' it all together AW. What a great idea.

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I saw this over at one of my new favorite blogs - Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper - and just couldn't resist. You tell me - accurate or not?

Your Birthdate: July 28

You have a Type A personality so big it makes other Type A's shrink away in shame.

You never shy away from adversity - and you love to tackle impossible problems.

Failure is not an option for you, and more than a few people are put off by your ego.

You tend to be controlling, and you hate leaving anything up to chance.

Your strength: Your bold approach to life

Your weakness: You don't accept help

Your power color: Bronze

Your power symbol: Pyramid

Your power month: October

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

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November 29, 2006

Easy Off

Things have been a bit crazy at work the last bit. Oh, not being on the road it's not EXHAUSTING, just crazy.

Between end of the year and moving our entire operation, well, there's just a hell of a lot to do.

The moving part is actually great. I'm getting a chance to clear out everything in my space that just doens't matter anymore. Personally speaking, after 3 years I really don't care what was pitched to a customer. Especially if they didn't buy anything. So I'm shredding like a crazy woman. It's a great stress reliever.

Getting my Reps to understand that there just isn't much that can happen next month has become a challenge. I swear to Pete I feel like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons. WaWaWaWaWa. Oh well. I've emailed and called and told them over and over again. If they don't pay attention there is nothing I can do.

End of the year is a whole 'nother story. First we have to set our sales goals, or budgets as it were. A real challenge for me, as it's my first year and I'm not real experienced in this market. And, me being Tammi, I don't just look at top line numbers I inisist on looking at the bottom line. Profitability.

You see, I have this thing about my accounts actually being profitable. Silly, I know, but there you have it. And it's a bigger challenge than you would think.

Seems my accounts on the west coast are all losers. Serious losers. Oh, they are priced to show gross profits, but when you scroll down to that very bottom line, we're losing money. I really have an issue with that.

So, my task is to figure out how to NOT raise prices but still make money. Oh, and I can't cut commissions. Not all that easy.

So I tore everything apart. And realized what the problem was/is. Freight. We are losing our ass shipping product to this customer. And we have for years.

I figured that was pretty obvious, especially if I discovered it that quickly. Guess what? No one realized this was the problem. Something that easy, but that huge and no one saw.

So, I'm putting together a plan to reduce freight costs, reduce our processes costs and I may end up being able to offer the customer a lower price and we'll STILL turn a profit for the first time with these guys.

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty damned good about that. THAT makes for a very good day. Of course it's not like seeing something like THIS on the internet after a hard day, but I'll take it.

But I'm still just so surprised it was that easy.

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She's So Excited

The last couple of times I talked with Mama Vi have been wonderful. She's been funny and there's been no hint of the anger and nastiness we'd been dealing with for the last year or so.

Anyway - we were chatting during my drive home the other day and she asked if I posted about her calling the Gov.

I said of course I did. It was too good to pass up! I then told her about the comments and emails I had gotten and how she's become a favorite here in Tammi's World. (not that she wasn't before, but you know what I mean.)

Then I mentioned I plan on making Love, Mama Vi something I do regularly.

She was tickled pink. Her exactly words?

Well, I'm just going to have to keep you in stories now, aren't I?

Yeah, I'm really not seeing there be a problem with that. Ever.

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Competitive Stress

I saw this article over at MSN and it really rang true for me.

Seems that even your stress level has become something to compete over. You've seen it, you've heard it. No matter how tired you are, how over worked and under appreciated someONE someWHERE works more hours and is noticed even LESS.

They even have a quiz on how you handle stress. I took it half afraid with my history of over working and under playing that I am one of the worst offenders. Here is what it says from my answers:

Thanks for taking our quiz.

You seem to be skilled at communicating your needs and managing your stress most of the time without having to participate in competitive stress-offs. Good going.

* This is not a scientific survey.
Source: and Leslie Reisner, Ph.D.

Whew. Not too bad. And it's true, I do handle stress pretty well. At times. Sorta.

But what really hit home with me was thinking about how stress is an addictive lifestyle. I've posted before about how difficult it was for me to recognize NORMAL after 11 years of hell. You get used to the ups and downs, the excitment as it were. When things mellow out it all seems....wrong.

Well the same thing goes for all types of stress. Think about it. You've worked in a career where you're constantly under the gun, always too much to do, never good enough. Then suddenly you get another job where things are just smooth and the pressure is low. It's kinda boring. It doesn't feel like it challenges you. Well, at least that's how it was for me. I'd like to think I'm not the only one.

Anyway - we all know excess stress isn't good for us. And we can't control all of it all the time. But we can work on better ways to handle it. Remember - most important of all.....Pick your battles. Don't make everything a huge deal. Let some things just slip on by. Save your energy for the issues you care DEEPLY about.

Personally speaking, if I'm going to compete over something it's not if I can have a heart attack first. Ya know what I mean.

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Two for the Price of One

Two of my most MISSING blogdaughters have finally posted. And both in the same evening. Holy Cow!!

Ktreva shares her success with a huge battle. I'm very proud. And, to be honest kind of ashamed of myself. I need to be more like her. Congratulations Ktreva!

Carmen tells us a bit about her first Thanksgiving Dinner. And, once again, leaves us hangin' with the promise of wedding pictures. I got news for you folks - I'll be down there in about a month. There WILL be wedding pictures - one way or another!!

Thanks ladies! It was good to hear from both of you!!

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November 28, 2006

I'm A Safety Girl

That is one of my favorite "catch phrases". Come from the movie Pretty Woman and for some reason I use it, well, too often.

Today I see where TV Land has made a list of the top 100 catchphrases from TV. Kinda fun to read through.

Book 'em, Danno from Hawaii Five-O
Danger Will Robinson - Lost in Space (that I use a lot)
Don't make me angry - The Incredibe Hulk - another one I use, but didn't know where it came from.

Anyway - check it out. Then let me know which ones they left off.

My problem is most of my catch phrases come from the movies, not TV. So let's throw those in there for shits and giggles.

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Couple of Questions

How is it possible that I can sit at a computer for an hour last night, another hour this morning and have NOTHING?!?! Add in 3 or 4 hours of driving with nothing to do but think.....and not an inkling of a post in mind. Nothing that is burning to be shared. Nada.

So - it's the holiday season. I didn't do a Saturday Question of the day - let's try a combo on this Tuesday.

2 Questions

What is the BEST gift you've ever gotten for Christmas?

And what is the #1 thing you'd LIKE to get for Christmas this year?

I'll answer when I can actually form a coherent thought.

**Update/Finish 7:30pm: Ok - I'm thinkin' now. I don't know how coherently, but I am thinking.

My favorite gift: Well, hands down the Christmas Daddy's friend gave me his old mandolin blew me out of the water. It's still my most treasured possession. But as far as actual presents go, my favorite are the cowboy boots my sister bought me about 12 years ago. I still have them. The sides blew out last year and I can't wear them, but I won't get rid of them until I find the proper replacements.

As for this year....that's tough. I love surprises. Actually, I love figuring the surprises out, but anyway - I don't usually say what I want, I just enjoy knowing I was thought of. BUT - I do have a passion for jammies, and they've got some killer comfortable ones at the Tall Girl Shop. AND a beautiful plum colored suit. Oh, and a set of pots and pans would be nice..... hehehe. Damn - reading back over that, I look pretty darn carnal. But - I'm all about bein' who I am, so there you have it! The good, the bad and the greedy.

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November 27, 2006

Just Wonderful

As I waited in the dark this morning, listening for the coffee pot to signal it was done I couldn't even REMEMBER work last week. It was more like it was a month ago.

It was a great weekend. On many levels one of the best that I remember. I got so much done.

Maggie May is ready for her retirement. I'll have to do a "spot clean" when I get down there, but she is lookin' very good right now.

I had a wonderful time with Mama Vi. We laughed and talked - it was like old times.

The Belfry is looking pretty damned good, if I must say so myself. Having company pushed me to finally finally finally unpack the last 2 boxes and get the other stuff that I hadn't found homes for in a sensible place. It feels good.

My refridgerator is full. WooHoo!! While I don't usually "do" leftovers, I'll be enjoyin' the hell out of these.

This morning it's back to the grindstone. Part of me is wishing I could just stay here and continue to enjoy the quiet. But I also know things are ramping up and the sooner I jump into the mix the faster time will fly.

You see, I'm heading to visit Army Wife and her family in just under 2 weeks. To say I am looking forward to that is the understatement of the century. And then....and's off to Florida for a couple of weeks. I just can't believe how quickly the time has flown.

But it was a wonderful Holiday weekend, wasn't it?

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November 26, 2006


Huh. I really can cook. I cannot complain about how a single thing turned out.

THAT makes me feel good.

It was a good day. As I said - we missed T1G but he called so that sorta made up for it. AND we got a chance to talk with Sticks. That was VERY cool.

The Contagion family is down for the count
, with Contagion being the nurse. Can't put my finger on why, but that scares the bejebus outta me. But we missed you guys.

Jerry canceled on us. We were looking forward to him joining us, but more than understand. Next time. 'Mkay.

Tried to get a hold of Raging Mom, but the damn cell phone wouldn't let me leave a message!

So it was Harvey, TNT and myself. We ate and chatted and ate and watched football and ate some more. It was a wonderful day.

Damn, almost makes me wish I was gonna be here for Christmas! Ok, not really. But Almost!

**Oh and I want it on the record - no injuries today. None at all. No burns, no cuts, nada. Didn't even need to get the ointment out. :-) I was in the zone......

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Sounds Kinda Familiar

I'm not making light of death. Not at all. But I read THIS over at Florida Cracker's place and realized this could very well have been me. And had to kinda laugh. Sorta.

Y'all have heard I'm not the most graceful. Well, when I moved into the postage stamp house I got myself in a little jam. TNT and Teresa were there to help me unpack and get settled. Once the movers got the truck unloaded I decided I didn't like the way they loaded the storage room. So I went in to "fix" it.

Now, I realize there is no way to paint the picture for you, but I'm gonna try. That room was top to bottom boxes and furniture. Literally. I climb up on stuff and crawled over boxes to get to an empty space that I could move stuff into. Keep in mind - I am NOT a little girl. And there was barely crawling space between the stuff and the ceiling. Well, I got in but couldn't get out. The three of us were laughing so hard.....I was almost afraid I'd have to pee and couldn't get out - which made us laugh even harder.

About that time T1G shows up to make sure we were all still standing to find THAT lovely situation. He asked what was so funny and between gasps of air TnT & Teresa explain that I'm stuck. Trapped. Cornered as it were.

Well, eventually I got out. But I was told to not go playin' in the storage room unless someone was there to dig me out.

And that's not the only time I've done stuff like that. And had to be rescued. It's a problem I have. I get so focused on what I want to do I don't see the whole picture - until it's too late.

Anyway - like I said, I'm not making fun of the situation. It's just a lesson I think I had better learn.....

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A Little Different This Year

Today is MY Thanksgiving. Today is my day to cook and fill my home with people I care about.

Last year was a bit of a challenge. The Postage Stamp house was even smaller than The Belfry is and the weekend before I had my dinner I decided to move boxes, effectivly trapping myself in the house.

This year? This year is different. I spent yesterday cleaning up a bit and prepping. My Pumpkin Pies look fabulous. No bad baking rays at this house! My Peanut Butter Pie looks devine. Relish tray is simple but yummy. Just different kinds of peppers, radishes, carrots and celery. Oh and pickles. Gotta have the pickles. Deviled eggs - done. Stuffing is in the crockpot and smells incredible. The turkey is prepped and ready to go in.

I'm doing my sweet potaotes a little different this year. Gonna roast them in nutmeg, cinnamon and butter. With just a bit of brown sugar at the end. We're going to have rolls instead of homemade bread this year, but that should be fine.

TnT is bringing the green bean cassarole and I'll have corn and mashed potatoes with gravy to close the deal.

Right now, I'm just sitting here sipping coffee and laughing as I remember everything that went wrong last year and how HARD it was to pull everything together. Sometimes it's easy to forget, when you get bogged down in the day to day stuff, that life is better. I have a better home and a better job. Yeah, it's much better.

We'll be missing some folk - Dude, seriously, it isn't the same without you. But it'll still be a wonderful day. How can it not be? Good food, good friends - good times. Just a little different, that's all.

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November 25, 2006


So far today:

2 very clean ceiling fans
1 mopped kitchen floor
1 clean car
2 Pumpkin Pies
1 Peanut Butter Pie
1 Relish Tray
Dozen Deviled Eggs

1 Ouch
2 Damnits

Not bad.

Tomorrow? Now that's the real test......

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November 24, 2006

They Lied!!

Found this over at ALa's place.

Now, before some smart ass makes a comment about me bein' around when that ad came out - I wasn't. BUT - in my twisted mind, back as a teenager, this was EXACTLY what I thought.

See - it's NOT my fault. Who knew there was no truth in advertising?!?!?!?

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You Are Mashed Potatoes

Oridnary, comforting, and more than a little predictable

You're the glue that holds everyone together.

What Part of Thanksgiving Are You?

Well, that explains more than you know!

found via Michele and Ogre

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Love, Mama Vi

Yes, you guessed that right. It's time for another installment of Love, Mama Vi.

Just to bring you up to date - Mama really did send that letter to Coach Weis. She let me know in no uncertain terms that she is still waiting for a response. Only Mama.

Well, it seems that she not only sends letters, she makes phone calls too. (just so you know, I told her I started this new segment on the blog. She is fine with it, so I'm not talkin' behind her back, so to speak.)

Anyway - Mama is a little ticked off at the Gov. of Indiana. Seems she believes to the depth of her soul that he is a con-man. Now - so you understand, in Mama's book bein' a con-man is right up there with the worst of the sins. After all - Thou Shalt Not Lie. And Mama will NOT let you get away with it if she catches you!

So - she calls the Gov. A lot. She's on a first name basis with his secretary. In fact I'd not be surprised to find her on the Christmas Card List.

Anyway, Mama called a couple weeks ago. Seems the Gov. was flappin' his jaws and Mama caught a few inconsistencies. This is the conversation as she recounted it to me (also, I can't remember the girl's name so I'll just call her Asst.)

Mama: Asst.? Are you recording this?
Asst.: No Vi. The recorders not on.
Mama: I sure wish you would. I want to make sure he gets the message exactly the way I say it.
Asst: Don't worry Vi. I'll make sure I get it all down.
Mama: Well you tell That Man that he may con the good people of Indiana, but he's not gonna be able to con God. He'll have to make right for all his lies when he meets his maker.
Asst: (laughing) Well Vi. I'll make sure I tell him exactly what you said.
Mama: Thank You Asst. And you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Asst: (still laughing) You too Vi.

After I stopped laughing I told her she really needs to think about how she phrases things, that could have been twisted around to sound like a threat. And THAT is a phone call I REALLY don't want to get!

Anyway - his next press conference seems the Gov. stressed several times that he was NOT misleading the people.

Mama's convinced he got the message.

He better watch out. She's keeping an eye on him. And I KNOW from years of experience, that's not necessarily a comfortable spot to be in.

Letters, phone calls. Next thing you know Mama's gonna be on a road trip to Washington. God help us all if that happens!!!!

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November 23, 2006

Almost Forgot

Holy Cow - I almost forgot to tell you.

The Macy's Parade? Yeah, Mama Vi was glued. My high school marching band was there. Penn High School - Mishawaka Indiana.

Good Going Gang. It's nice to know they are carryin' on the winning tradition all these years later!!

Go Kingsmen!!!

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I'm sooooo stuffed!

Well Thanksgiving Day is over. And all is well in the home of Mama Vi.

I actually made pretty good time last night - traffic was remarkably light.....considering.

Of course there wasn't much of what a person could describe as sleep. I think I finally drifted off around 4:00am. OUCH. Mama Vi? Worse than me. It was pretty pitiful.

Anyway - dinner was very nice. The kids must have some sort of lojack for food set up somewhere cause the doorbell rang just as I put the final bowl on the table. Just. In. Time.

Dee was working at the firestation so she and her partner did what we refer to as a "snatch and grab" meal. Still it was all pretty nice.

The cool thing was Dee made a big formal dinner at the station too. It even made the local news. 38 lb turkey more pies than you would imagine, ham, sausage, potatoes - the list goes on and on. We come by that honest, you'd understand that if you saw what we had here today.

Anyway - I got to watch my Bucs play. It started out pretty well. How it ended? Yeah, well, let's just say I deserve some sort of medal. I watched my Buc's play like crap with nary a threat of washing my mouth out with soap by Mama Vi. Seriously - if you'd ever watched a football game with me, especially when my Boys are playing, you'd understand what a high level of self control I exhibited.

Anyway - tomorrow morning Mama Vi and I will wrap some presents (did I mention I have my Christmas shopping done?!) and then I head for the house.

But it was a good day. I have a lot to be thankful for.

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November 22, 2006



Head on over and offer good wishes.

Damn, now that's an original proposal!

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It's Time

Well it's travelin' time. For most of America it seems. Me? I decided to head over to Mama Vi's tonite rather than drive the 1 1/2 to work, then back home and then the 4 hours tomorrow morning and back again on Friday. Just seemed kinda counter productive.

This is the first FAMILY Thanksgiving we've had in over 8 years. Most Thanksgivings we have our family reunion so we're at some church with enough food to feed a small town. Aunts and Uncles. Cousins and kids. I mean when you start out with 12 brothers and sisters, add in their spouses, their kids then their kids - well, it's a heck of a lot of people.

But this year it's just Us Girls. Mama, Dawn and myself. Oh, Dee's kids will be there but still - it's the Core.

We'll keep it simple. And I'm glad. Mama's excited because she gets to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade. I'll get to spend quality time with the nieces and nephew. We'll play some games (I'm the family champ with Dutch Blitz) and hopefully laughter will abound.

No one's gonna "dress" for dinner. Just comfy clothes, and that's nice. No worries that someone won't like something we're serving. We all like the same stuff so that makes it easy.

My one hope, do I dare say dream, is that the traffic won't be tooo bad tonite driving over. Last time I headed to Indiana it took me 4 hours just to get through Chicago. Some how I don't think I'll see anything better tonite.

Anyway - I wish you safe travels if you're on the road today. If you're stayin' home than I hope every dish turns out perfectly. May your turkey be moist and you're pies perfect. And most of all, may your holiday be exactly what you need.

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Caller ID - Use It

I had a phone call last night that kinda pissed me off. I debated on whether to share it or not, cause it's something I normally wouldn't blog about, but then I thought - if it happened to me, it could happen to anyone. Plus - like I said, it really pissed me off.

I'm made no secret that the last year and half have been tough. Hell - since the '04 hurricane season money hasn't flowed like it used to. So...I got a bit of debt.

I'm trying to pay it off. I have a saying, the only way to eat a bear is a bite at a time, and that's what I'm doing. One bill at a time, one debt paid before moving on to the next.

Anyway, I screwed up last night and answered a call. It was a bill collector. Damn Seems there is a bill out there from when I was in college. WTF??? I thought those had all been paid. Holy crap. And thanks to fees, fines and interest it ain't tiny. I was having a difficult time grasping that I actually owed this money.

Now, understand something. I was never rude to this person. Never cursed AT him, never raised my voice. Just asked questions.

He was the most gloom and doom person ever in life. At one point he actually said to me "If Bush weren't President you wouldn't have to worry about paying this back."

Yes, you read that right. He actually said it.

At that point I told him I wanted to do a little research before I made any arrangments for payments. I didn't want to set myself up where I can't do what I promise to.

He got even gloomier and doomier. He offered to help set up a budget. I told him that I was not going to repeat myself. I will call HIM on Monday and tell HIM what I can pay. When he got nasty and said they were "gonna get me" I stopped him by asking what they would have done if I hadn't answered the phone? Huh. They'd have to wait. Well, now they have the satisfaction of knowing I know and they will still have to wait. Just not as long.

Meanwhile I have to go dig through the storage facility to find my box of old old old files, cause somethin' just doesn't feel right about this......

Always at the holidays. I swear to pete......

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Sharin' A Recipe

Jerry shares a family recipe with us, just in time for Thanksgiving. Man, that bird turned out beautiful.

Go check it out.

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November 21, 2006

In His Words

Jack Army has a great post reacting to the whole "Bring 'Em Home Now" bruhaha that's goin' around.

Seriously - go over and read what a warrior, away from his family and home, has to say about all this.

Amazing. Our military men and women are simply amazing.

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Guess What! Go ahead, Guess.

AW has spawned.
Beyond the collective. Yep, that's right, there's yet another member of the Bad Example Family. Thanks to my offspring.

It is with great pleasure I point you in the direction of The Life of the Wife. KD is a military spouse who is tryin' her hand at blogging.

Head on over. Welcome her to the blogosphere and Thank Her. Thank her for her service to our country and have her pass along those wishes to her hubby - he's over in the sandbox right now.

I never thought I'd be this happy to be a "grandma"!!

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Huh. Wonder What's Up With That

I just noticed something. I've asked "questions" four days in a row. That's very unusual for me.

You see - I'm not a questioner. I figure you want me to know somethin', you'll tell me. I'm not overly curious about other peoples thoughts and feelings. I care, and I'll listen if you want to talk, but I'm just not comfortable askin'. Like I said, you want me to know. You'll say something.

But all of a sudden I'm just filled with questions. Things I wanna know. Viewpoints I'm interested in.

I don't know what the reasoning is behind this change, but I'm not real comfortable with it. Nope. Not at all. Hell, if I'm not careful people might actually think I care about more than just myself! Can't let that happen now!!!

So tell me, what do you think?

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Not My Most Diplomatic

Not every day is a good day. I know, I know - kinda surprising, isn't it? Not!

Yesterday I felt more like a preschool teacher than a manager. Only it was all over the phone and via email.

Some times I just don't get people.

You know, I'm not really all that young. And I'm absolutely not all that inexperienced. (Hey! I'm talkin' about work here!!) Anyway - we all know I'm the manager of about 11 reps. Now, there are a few things I should say before I really begin my bitchin'.

1) Most of my reports are men.
2) Most of my reports THINK I'm younger than their kids.
3) Most of my reports have been doing the same thing in the same industry for a very VERY long time.


Whew. I feel better now. Let me digress and explain this melt down.

I started this job in June. I spent the summer and early fall learning our company, our product and our systems. I then began working closer with each of the reps to understand their customers, their territories and their personalities. THEN, in October I put together a program. Procedures as it were. And no - before you ask, no where in my outline did it say "This is what I'm gonna need for you to do....". I really worked hard at pulling something together that compensates for things the company does not do well WHILE it works within the confines of what the reps need.

Anyway, I passed out the program and we discussed it. I needed them to know it wasn't about wanting things My Way. It was about the best way to get what they need, in a good time frame, correctly. I explained the reasoning behind it and got everyone's buy-in.

So I thought.

They didn't listen to a damned thing I said. Period. Yesterday was the day it all came back to bite.....ME in the ass. Oh yeah. Lost orders, short shipments, fines, last minute quote requests - you name it, I dealt with it.

The only satisfaction I had was in getting the chance to say - "Now if you would have done it according to the program this wouldn't have happened now, would it?" Oh, and then "NOW do you understand why I gave the lead times I did?" I could go on and on and on. And I did. I had to. Hell, I sounded like my mother, for cryin' out loud....

So I had to put together an email. It was not my nicest email. I don't even think I bothered with the standard Hi. Or Dear. Or Good Afternoon. I went directly into - you guessed it - "THIS is what I'm gonna need for you to do..."

And how did I end this masterpiece of "I told you so - ness"? Simple and to the point. Three little words. "Are We Clear?"

I tell you - it felt like I was herding cats. Yeah, this week I'm thankful for a short flippin' week!!!!

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I Love My BlogFaddah!!

I'm tellin' you - my BlogDaddy sure does know me!!

I got this email last night:

From: Harvey

Just what you need in the morning :-)

I gotta get me some of that!!!!

***UPDATE: Link may be banned in work places. It has a bad word in it. Sorry!! Thanks for the heads up QW~

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November 20, 2006


You're completely alone in the house. Eating a bowl of cereal.

You've got milk left after you finished the crunchy goodness.

Do you drink from the bowl?

Me? Oh HELL yeah. Are you nuts? I've lived alone for 11 years now. No sense puttin' on airs for me!

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Ok - it's confession time. Or Let Me Update You, if you prefer to be a bit more diplomatic.

I've metioned to y'all on a few occassion some things - projects as it were - that I have going on. Thought this might be a good time to update on you how those are going.

1) Locating my birth mother. That is still going. I can't push as hard as I'd like right now, mainly because it's the holidays and that just seems like a wrong time. Plus, I just can't spend that money right now. But after the first of the year, we should know more.

2) Smoking. I do. Still. The medication the doctor put me on just flat out kicked my ass. AND cost over $100 a month, even with insurance. I can't deal with withdrawls, feel like crap AND have no money so I stopped taking it. I'm still not smoking as much as I was, and I pay attention. But - I'm smokin' (and I don't mean that in a WoW Lookie There kinda way....)

So those are the big things. Neither one is really moving along. Huh. Nothing has changed. Status Quo.

Now see, some would read this and think - whata loser. Can't even finish a couple of projects. I look at this and see - huh. Probably gonna wanna work on that.

See - it's all just a matter of perspective. I'll get it done. Sometime. Soon. Eventually. Really.

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I Don't Get It.

I know a lot of people like that show "The Amazing Race". I don't usually watch it, but made last night an exception. Actually I was waiting for Cold Case Files and it was the only thing on.

Anyway - last nights show was THE example as to why I don't get into this show.

There were these two brothers - poor guys. They were kinda directionally challeneged. Not to mention they had the worst luck I've seen.

Just while I was watching, they got lost - a couple of times - and pulled over by the police. Bottom line? They're off the show.

I mean for cryin' out loud. Why would you kick someone off a show just cause they got a little turned around? And went down a street that was closed off? And didn't speak the language?

Doesn't that happen to everyone???

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Silver Lining Girl?

Harvey has always teased me about my love of silver linings. Guess that's why this came as no surprise.

You Are 92% Thankful
You're an incredibly thankful person, and everyone around you feels very appreciated.
You inspire people to be more optimistic, forgiving, and grateful.
How Thankful Are You?

Found over at Jay and Deb's place.

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November 19, 2006

Wasting Time 101

Oh yeah. It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in THE valley. Every blind is up, to capture the sunshine while I can. Coffee of the day is Pumpkin Spice with some vanilla creamer. My favorite for fall.

In the mood for Eric Clapton this morning. I really enjoy his music.

I just spent an hour cleaning out my blog email. Holy Crap, it was outta control. Right now comments are not being emailed (don't know WHAT'S up with that) but man, did I let that go. Bad Tammi.

Not gonna do any "real" cooking today. Not in the mood. Plus, I'll make up for it next weekend, so I better save my strength. LOL

Actually I don't have a damned thing planned for today, and that feels kinda nice. I need a day of nothing. A day of wasting time. Hell - I think everyone should make some time for nothing. It makes it so much easier to get through the rush.

So it got me to thinking. How do YOU like to "waste time"? Me? Reading, napping, I don't consider blogging a waste of time so that's out. But I have come to really treasure that time when there is...........nada.

And I've discovered I have a gift. Really. I can find more ways to do nothing than I would have ever dreamed. But I'm always open to suggestions - so tell do you waste time?

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Changed My Mind

Well, the contest is a no go. I probably should have called it something else, but I wanted to trick you.

Yeah, I, Tammi, was gonna trick you. I wanted you to send in your favorite bloggers that talk about bein' a Mom with humor. To celebrate family. To give us all a chuckle. You see - sometimes life gets......difficult. And I know I always get a smile or a laugh from reading some of you when you post about the things your kids say or do.

THEN, I was going to put up a post linking to all of the favored posts. Over a weekend. A weekend of laughing and celebrating family.

But I shouldn't have called it a contest.

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November 18, 2006

HELP! I'm Stuck!!!

Stuck in the 80's!

I was running some errands this afternoon, after a wonderful breakfast at the corner diner, just enjoying the late fall afternoon.

Driving back to THE valley, I called AW. She was telling me that she and her DH spent a lot of time this morning discussing my Saturday Question. EXCELLENT! That's the whole idea. To give us something else to think about, other than everyday stuff.

Anyway, she and that adorable son of her's were out for a walk and we were just chatting....when all of a sudden I burst out with THIS song. Where that came from I have no idea. But - it's another great song from the 80's. Damn, the hits just keep comin'....

Now excuse me - I need to go tease my hair and dig out my leg warmers. Meanwhile, enjoy a little Freddie Mercury Live!!! (well, sorta live, on video at least.......)

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Saturday Question

On Saturdays I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: One of the local radio stations is having a "Mad for the 80's" weekend. All 80's music all weekend.

Ahh the 80's. College, travelin' and singin' with a band, parties, big hair, short SHORT skirts, black leather, shots and kegs, punk parties - life was different then.....

So - here's the question - What is one of your favorite 80's song? Mine? ACDC of course - You Shook Me All Night Long. (Tammi Trivia - When I was modeling I actually tried to be in a couple of their videos. Never made the cut, but holy crap! What does that say about MY priorities back then....)


Now - what about you? What was one of YOUR favorite 80's song?

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A Weird Little Dream

I had a dream last night.

I came home from work and pulled into the driveway. The garage door went up and I parked in the garage, got my stuff together and went into the house.

Once inside, I turned the kitchen light on and went into the office. Put down my laptop and briefcase and then hung my coat in the closet.

I turned on the digital music channel I get from my DirecTV and went to pour myself a glass of wine.

Started a nice little fire in the fireplace, just to get the chill out of the air and then made a stirfry for dinner.

After eating at my kitchen table I went and started a load of laundry, just to keep things caught up. Took the clean stuff up to the bedroom and put it away in the bedroom closet.

Then I settled down on my couch with my wine, a favorite throw and a book to start my weekend.

Sounds kinda boring for a dream doesn't it? Well - not if you remember I live in an attic. No driveway, no garage, no office, no coat closet, no DirecTV, no fireplace, no laundry,no bedroom closet, not MY kitchen table and the couch is still in storage.

Being the holiday freak that I am, I'm really chaffin' a bit right now. The last time I really really got to put on the ritz for the holidays was December '04 living in Orlando. (and as the post states, it was beautiful, just not practical).

And before you say a word - I know it's only temporary. I know I know I know. BUT - folks, you never ever really appreciate what you have until you don't have it anymore. I miss a big house - decorated nicely. Filled with people. I miss that. Period. I'll get there again. I know it. But right now right here, I miss it. And that's ok. I'm not depressed, I'm not forlorned, I just miss a big house. Obviously - if I dreamt about it. I just thought it was weird that I actuall DREAMT about it so vividly.

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New Addition

Blackfive introduces us to a new blog.

They Have Names.

Honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

They are on my blogroll. How 'bout yours?

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November 17, 2006

One Word? Happy

I'm a pretty emotional gal. There is no way to deny it. If I'm angry, I'm pissed. If I'm happy, I'm singin'/laughin'/dancin' happy.

And while it's hard has hell to piss me off - really it is - it's not tough at all to make me happy.

Thank you - I'm happy.
Tammi, wanna go to lunch? - I'm happy.
Stop by for a visit - I'm happy.
Call me - I'm thrilled.

Yesterday I was a happy dancin' fool. And I'm thinkin' that description (fool) is pretty much how my co-workers would describe it too!

I've been waiting for a new packaging idea to get finalized. I've got a huge chain (6,000 stores) that wants to put it at the check out counter. In my business you HAVE to strike while the iron is hot, and waiting around for a redesign was cooling things off a bit too much to my way of thinking. Yesterday? I got the word it's done. It'll be sent out to that large customer as well as 6 other accounts that have been calling ME for info. You gotta love it when the customers call you! Happy Dancin' in Tammi's World.

We are moving our offices next month to a beautiful brand new building. Seriously - it is beyond anything I've ever even seen. We're all very excited. But - moving = packing. And while the movers will take care of the big stuff, we gotta do our files and such. I inherited 3 sets of files from 3 different sales managers. It's a hodge podge of crap, that's for sure. Files from 10 years ago, for cryin' out loud. Plus, with all the travelin' I've been doin' my stuff looks like hell. But try and find time to purge and pack while putting out fires and closing deals. Well - I did. I got 2 hours at the end of my day to just purge purge purge purge purge. WooHoo. Add a twirly thingy to the Happy Dance.

I got a couple of phone calls that just put a smile on my face. Now let's throw in a high step or two to the dance.

What it all boils down to? I'm just happy. Happy that work is kickin' ass and takin' names. Happy that next week is a four day weekend. Happy that I make MY LAST CAR PAYMENT ON MAGGIE MAY TODAY!!! Happy that I'll be in Florida in a month. Happy Happy Happy Happy.

I think I'll call for a pizza again at lunch today - might as well keep the ball rollin'.......

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A Contest

I'll admit it. I watch Nick @ Nite. It's what I fall asleep to.

Last night I was drifting off when they started talking about a contest they run "Funniest Mom in America". It got me to thinking.....

We have a lot of Mom's in the Blogosphere. Why not run a "Funniest Mom in the Blogosphere" contest. I think it would be a lot of fun. What do you think?

I'm pulling the plan together in my mind, but I've got a few ideas. I do know the final voting will be via polling. That keeps peoples feelings from being hurt.

What I think we'll do is have y'all nominate folks - either via comments or email and we'll post the list. I'll put links up to all the blogs nominated and you'll have a week to read. THEN we'll vote.

I don't know for sure what the "prize package" will consist of but it'll be somethin' cool.

So - step one. What do you think? If I get enough positive responses we'll move on to step two.

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You Gotta See This!

Seriously - you have got to see this.

It's hysterical.

Y'all know how I love our Military - and I love 'em all equally. But funny is funny and this....this is funny.

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He's Back!

Thank Goodness.

Harvey is back and back with a vengence.

I see him everywhere - those great posts that always keep me checkin' back at his site, I see his comments just about every where I go.

It's nice. I've missed him.

Welcome Back Harvey! Now keep your ass at that keyboard. 'Mkay?!?!?!

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November 16, 2006

And it was on CNN???

When I got home last night I checked a few blogs before shutting down for the evening.

Sarah, over at Trying to Grok, put up a reminder to watch Exposed: The Extremist Agenda on, of all things, CNN.

So I did. And then I watched it again two hours later.

That is a show every person needs to watch. NOT just Americans, but EVERYONE.

My hope is that since it WAS shown on CNN maybe some of the mamby pamby liberals will realize this is more than just a SITUATION. THIS is a WAR and the extremists are intent on taking it all. And the kicker is they are sayin' it all themselves. It's not anyone putting words in their mouths or interpreting their actions - it's them talking. It's their children.

They want us dead. They want our society in ruins. It's time that people realize that.

It's an incredible show. I hope they continue to play it. Over and over.

But CNN? Whoda thunk?

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No disrespect intended... let me put that out there right away.

BUT, when I saw this headline today - Pope presides at Vatican Summit on Celibacy, the first thing I thought of was that they needed to show this video that Harvey told us about the other day. *NSFW or around kids - but OMG!!!!! **

Seriously - I have a rule. Don't just TALK about a problem. Come to the table with suggestions. Otherwise it's just a waste of time.

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It's easy...

Yesteray I was just flat out hungry. Woke up hungry, and by lunch time I thought I was gonna pass out if I didn't get something to eat, and quick.

But, yes there was a catch, I wanted a hot lunch. Yogart wasn't going to be enough. I wanted a hot lunch. And it needed to include melted cheese.

I don't know 'bout y'all but I'm in Chicago, wanting a hot lunch that includes melted cheese - the first thing that popped into my mind was....Pizza.

So - I ordered a large thin crust cheese pizza to share with the girls in the office that wanted some.

Finally - after what seemed like forEVER the buzzer at the front door rang. I was in a meeting in my office, heard the buzzer and FLEW out the door. I think I scared the guy from purchasing. Oh well, I did offer him some pizza.

The gentleman delivery the pizza was a "playa" - that is for sure. This guy had been doin' something that requires public interaction for a very long time. Know how I know? It was easy. It was evident in the first line out of his mouth.

"My God, you're beautiful".

Hot pizza and a compliment like that? Yeah - that guy got a $10 tip. On a $12 pizza.

THAT'S a charming liar.

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A Way With Words

Florida Cracker is a site I check a couple times every day.

Yesterday she had me laughing out loud with this post about the new Dem leadership and how poor John John is out in the cold.

Damn - if you aren't checking over there regularly you sure oughta be. She sure does have a way of expressing herself!

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November 15, 2006

If Only

Tink made a joke in the comments to this post from earlier this week that just made me giggle.

Me? In Politics?!?!?!

Folks, the skeletons in my closet are already havin' a tough time stayin' in. I have not lived a "clean and beautiful" life - that is for damned sure.

But the funny thing is, since I participated in my first election, all those years ago, I've always WANTED to be in politics. Seriously.

But as time marched on, and my life unfolded I knew it was just not something meant to be.

All that being said - think about it for just a moment. Say I ran for Congress? There's debate. First thing I'd let slip would be "this is what I'm gonna need for you to do...." After that it'd probably be a matter of dodging all the f bombs I tend to let fly all too often.

Ahhhh to dream. It's funny, but what if......

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Quirky? Me?

Saw this one over at Leslie's place. I just couldn't resist. But I gotta tell you - it came out a little lower than I expected.....

Your Quirk Factor: 55%
You're a pretty quirky person, but you're just normal enough to hide it.
Congratulations - you've fooled other people into thinking you're just like them!
How Quirky Are You?

So? Come on now - I showed you mine, you show me yours!

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What? What day is it????

Now I know I've truly lost it. (But at least I know I'm not the only one!)

Monday morning I was chatting with Oddy during the drive to work. She mentioned that Thanksgiving is next week.

I told her it couldn't be. It's 2 weeks yet.

No. It's next week. Holy Shit!! Thank goodness I've got:

a) a small place - easier to clean.
b) my Christmas shopping done.

You see, going to Florida I won't be home at Christmas. So I need to have my family's presents all bought and ready to leave at Mama Vi's on Thanksgiving.

Plus - I'm cooking the Sunday afterwards. It's something I love to do, and while we'll be a bit cramped I prefer to think of it as just being "close friends".

We're getting a turkey at work so I'll roast that up. Make a batch of stuffing, cause ya gotta have that. Mashed potatoes and gravy, of course, and broccoli casserole. I thought I'd roast seasoned sweet potatoes instead of candying them this year - just for something different. Fresh french bread and a veggie should be a good, well rounded dinner. Top it off with a couple pies and some snicky snacks and WooHoo! Tammi's Thanksgiving.

I'm very excited. This is a tradition that I love more than I can say.

But next week? Holy Crap. I've gotta get busy!!!

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School Days

Once upon a time, long long ago in a small town in Northern Indiana lived a girl. She was a shy girl. She liked classical music. She read anything she could get her hands on. She didn't play house or dolls. She played business woman.

School work was the one thing she REALLY enjoyed. She loved going to school. She had a small group of friends and the teachers always loved her. Plus she just flat out loved to learn.

Until 6th grade. That year everything changed. That was the year she found out about "mean people".

The school she was attending had an "experimental" class. It was the beginning of what is now known as the "gifted" program. She was one of those selected to be in that class. The teacher's name was Mrs. Murphy. Fairly young and inexperienced this was a great opportunity for Mrs. Murphy to make a difference. And she sure did make the most of the opportunity.

Beginning with the first day, she targeted our young heroine (for want of a better word). Picking apart everything she did, in front of the class. Assigning extra homework. Making her stay late.

The number of trips that young girl had to make to the principal's office was astronomical. Uncalled for, if I may be so bold.

Finally the end of the school year arrived. The students were taking a field trip to the middle school. It was a tradition. It allowed the 6th graders to see what they would be dealing with next year. Learn a bit about the lay out of the school and build a little excitment.

On the bus ride over Mrs. Murphy chose to sit with our young girl. She leaned very close and whispered in her ear.

"You will never make it here. You are too stupid to be in middle school. You'll never make any friends. You're just a freak".

You can almost imagine the feelings that coursed through that young girl's mind. And to hear that from a teacher?!?!?!

Well, she told her Mama about it and Mama raised a stink. Mrs. Murphy was called on the carpet, but forgiven by the school.

The next year the little girl went to middle school and did very well. But she had a plan. Her plan was to make Mrs. Murphy eat her words.

So she waited patiently for the end of the school year - when she knew the 6th graders were coming for their annual visit. Finally the day arrived. She was coming from PE and ran up into the middle of a large crowd of students. Older students. Freshmen older students. As they passed before the doors where the 6th graders and the teachers were standing, all that was evident was the young girl was the center of attention in a crowd of older students. It LOOKED like she was all that and a bag of chips - socially anyway.

Of course - they were all asking her what the hell she was doing. But she didn't care - she just care about how it looked to those watching. She wanted it to APPEAR that she was popular. That she fit in.

Mrs. Murphy left teaching that summer. Seems she had "issues" with another student. I guess 2 was the magic number to get her ass canned.

But the damage she did......yeah, it lingered for a long time. What kind of teacher treats a student like that? What kind of adult does that to a child?

Bitch. I sure do hope karma came back and bit her in the ass. A few times.

(story inspired by Ms. Shoe's post here and GA Mongrel's post here.

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November 14, 2006

WooHoo! Not.

So I'm not really all that entertaining today - sorry. Blame worry, jet lag, what ever. It all boils down to I'm just not real peppy.

But I did get an mail that got my attention. It read -

CONGRATULATIONS! You have won a peni$ enlarger.

Oh yippe. Just what I always wanted. Now, I just gotta get something to enlarge - as it were.

How the HELL did this get through my email despammer thingy?!?!?!?

For cryin' out loud.........

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Last evening before I got the email with news mentioned below - I had a million posts in mind. Seriously. I wanted to post about the "what makes a great Superbowl commercial" thing the NFL is running. I had a story from back in the olden days about how important teachers are and what a strong effect they can have on us. I have something started about Wal-Mart and what they're doin' to the economy this holiday season.

Hell, I was even going to share how damned excited I am that I get to go visit Army Wife in a few weeks and it turns out the office is closed so I get an extra day. PLUS - her DH will be there for the weekend so it was even better news.

And on and on the list goes.

And I may still post on them. But not today. Today I can't get my mind to tell a story. I can't get my fingers to tpye what I need to say. Today - I got nothin'.

All I can think about is how incredible people are. The way y'all gave for Valour IT. The sacrifices made by our Military and their families. When you think about that - nothing else seems so important to talk about. At least not today. Maybe tomorrow.

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My Friends Got Some News

I didn't sleep last night.

My friend Army Wife had a lot on her mind.

I think we really do share a brain.

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November 13, 2006

I Almost Missed it!!

HOLY CRAP!! Tampa Bay is on Monday Night Football and I had no idea!

I almost missed my boys.

Holy Crap!!

Ohh Ohh - Ronde just took the ball from Begone Keshawn - WooHoo. That Ronde - he's a very nice boy........

Damn, since this is the only game I'll get to watch this year I sure as hell hope we win. Other wise that visit to Tampa in December will involve a trip to Raymond James Stadium. And it won't be purty!

Oh, and I sure do wish the game was in Tampa..........

bucs ship.jpg

**You really wouldn't believe how flippin' happy I am to watch this game....**

And I need you to know how much I hate these announcers....flippin''s a good thing I'm not within striking distance. Arrggghhhhhhh

UPDATE: Damn, I leave Tampa and the Bucs fall apart. You know, for the right price I'd be willing to come home - I'm just sayin'........

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Oh Yeah!!

I do so love the way THIS MAN thinks!!!!

Og? You are a man after my own heart. You know how I love those silver linings!

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To Lighten Things Up

I recieved the following in an email this morning. I have seen a version or two of this before but I've been looking for something funny to post, and well, this just hit me right. Figured I would post it just to give us a grin. BTW - I know several guys that I think will be nodding their heads in agreement as they read.....

If Men Truly Ran The World

1. Breaking up would be a lot easier. A smack to the ass and a "Nice hustle,you'll get'em next time" would pretty much do it.

2. Birth control would come in ale or lager.

3. Valentine's Day would be moved to February 29th so it would only occur in leap years.

4. On Groundhog Day, if you saw your shadow, you'd get the day off to go drinking. Mother's Day too.

5. St. Patrick's Day, however, would remain exactly the same. But it would be celebrated every month.

6. Garbage would take itself out.

7. Regis and Kathie Lee would be chained to a cement mixer and pushed off the Golden Gate Bridge for the most lucrative pay-per-view event in world history.

8. The only show opposite "Monday Night Football" would be "Monday Night Football from a Different Camera Angle".

9. Instead of "beer-belly", you'd get "beer-biceps".

10. Tanks would be far easier to rent.

11. Two words... Free Beer.

12. When a cop gave you a ticket, every smart-aleck answer you responded with would actually reduce your fine. As in: Cop: "You know how fast you were going?" You: "All I know is, I was spilling my beer all over the place." Cop: "Nice one, That's $10.00 off".

13. People would never talk about how fresh they felt.

14. Daisy Duke shorts would never go out of style again.

15. Every man would get four, real Get Out of Jail Free cards per year.

16. Telephones would cut off after 30 seconds of conversation.

17. It would perfectly legal to steal a sports car, as long as you returned it the following day with a full tank of gas.

18. Instead of a fancy, expensive engagement ring, you could present your wife-to-be with a giant foam hand that said "You're #1!".

19. When your girlfriend really needed to talk to you during the game, she'd appear in a little box in the corner of the screen during a time-out.

20. Nodding and looking at your watch would be deemed as an acceptable response to "I love you".

21. The funniest guy in the office would get to be CEO.

22. "Sorry I'm late, but I got wasted last night", would be an acceptable excuse for tardiness.

23. At the end of the workday a whistle would blow and you would jump out of your window and slide down the tail of a brontosaurus and right into your car like Fred Flintstone.

24. Lifeguards could remove citizens from beaches for violating the "public ugliness" ordinance.

25. Hallmark would make "Sorry, what was your name again?" cards

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We Can't Stop

I was over at Mike the Marine's site over the weekend and finally got a chance to watch the video "The 8th of November". I can't access from my laptop so this was the first chance I'd had to watch it.

As I watched the story unfold I found myself with tears on my face. All I could think of was the terror those boys, no men, faced that day. And how horribly they were treated on the home front. After all that, this nation still didn't do right by them.

Then I was having a conversation with Cuz last night. She made mention that she had really been chewing something over and thought it would be a good post (I'll get her blogging yet!) She said no matter where a person is politically you have to admire the military men and women and their families. They have a purpose for their lives. That purpose is to make this world a safer, better place for all of us. I couldn't have agreed more.

I told her about Sarah and her husband. It seems like he just got home, but back he's going - to the sandbox. There's unfinished business and he feels it's too important to walk away. Unbelievable. I told her about Matt and his dedication to the men and women who wear the uniform and those who stand beside them. I reminded her about Spouse Buzz and all the folks that work so hard to offer support and guidance for the families of those deployed. I pointed her to Hook's site and told her to read about the amazing pride he shows in his troops.

We talked about how that purpose doesn't leave when most of them leave the service. I listed my friends that have served in the past. And how much they care about this country and our freedom. How they still get so angry over the actions of terror against the innocent. We went on and on. But the bottom line was Purpose. Focus. Dedication.

But there are things that we civilians can do to show that same purpose. Right now, in this country there is going to be a struggle like we haven't seen since the Vietnam War. After the first of the year all hell is likely to break loose. Newly annointed politicians will be flexing their muscles and preening for the media. They will say they speak for us. They will say a lot of things.

But we have to make sure that WE are heard. We cannot depend on those in power to honor our Military. That is up to us. It's a bit easier, with the Internet, but we have to use it. We cannot just "talk amongst ourselves". Our support must be shown - publically. Go to the airports, welcome our troops home. Send care packages and letters, tell them we care. That we are grateful. If, no when the politicians push the wrong buttons, say the wrong things, we have to call them on it. Make it public. Otherwise, as we know, the MSM will not do that.

We can't stop what we've been doing. We cannot turn the clock back and behave the way we did as a country 40 years ago. Now is the time to step up and really push. Now it's time for US to fight for our Military, instead of it always being the other way around.

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I'm Not Lovin' Firefox Right Now

Ok - I am the first to admit I'm not the most sauvy when it comes to these new fangdangled computer systems. I was an IE girl for ever. Then, I was brought into the light and switched to Firefox. Now? Now I'm kinda used to it.

So you can imagine my dispair when it did an auto update and now it won't read my internet. When I got home Friday night I thought for what ever reason my entire system was down. Couldn't get on line at all. Then I saw where gmail was working so I tried getting on with IE, and voila, connection.

So - I reinstalled the old firefox. Everything was fine yesterday. Until it did that flippin' auto update again. Now? I'm back working in IE and kinda frustrated.

Is there an EASY (keyword there folks) fix for this? Is there something I need to do to configure my system correctly with the update? If there is please share. Now - I'm gonna need a step by step sorta thing, but it's like following a recipe. You tell me what I need to do, and I'll do it.

Mean while - this kinda bites........

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Always Gotta Push That Envelope

I don't know how or why but I'm still whipped this morning. Could have something to do with the fact that the coffee pot woke me up when went off and I'm just now realizing it is only 4:30 am here in THE valley. (damn, I knew I forgot to change all of the clocks). Or maybe it's that master called age creepin' up and kickin' me in the ass from all this jet settin' around. Either way - ouch.

But the next month won't be so bad. For one MAIN reason. Jeans. Every day. Jeans.

Since we are moving our office it has been decreed that we can wear jeans every day until December 11th. That's a whole month.

A month with no stockings. A month of sensible shoes. A month of low energy mornings. An entire month of comfort.

Now, don't get me wrong. I enjoy "dressing". I've always been one to over dress a bit for work - got that from Mama. And especially now that I'm in managment, I just think it's important that I appear pulled together. But this? Yeah, I'm not fighting it one little bit.

My first thought when I heard the coffee pot this morning - well, other than Damn? Already? - was ohhhh I can wear jeans to work today. I can be really comfortable.

But that just then leads to the next question? What about Casual Fridays? Is THIS taking things a bit too far???? Then might just have the desire effect.........

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November 12, 2006

Food Talkin'

Let me tell you - my beef stew turned out wonderfully. A bit spicey for me. I've gotten so used to adding heat to my dishes I didn't think about it until that first bite. WoW. Still very yummy, just needed to visit my old friend Mr. Tums.

There is nothing as good as warm homemade bread, and my french bread turned out perfectly - in my mind anyway. I'll post the recipe after I've had a chance to get unbiased feedback. But yeah, really good.

I am going to share my granola recipe. Now, I don't add fruit or nuts - a personal choice, but it's easy to mix those in. Just don't add the fruit until AFTER you finish toasting.

3 1/2 cups oats
1/3 cup butter, melted
1/3 cup honey
1/3 cup wheat germ (if desired)
1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a 15 x 10-inch baking pan, combine all ingredients; mix well, spreading evenly. Bake 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown, stirring after 10 minutes. Cool completely.

Very yummy - I promise. And mixed with yogart - oh yeah. Speaking of yogart, I'm still craving it something fierce. In fact, I told a friend the other day something must be wrong. I'm thinking about yogart more than sex. That's just WRONG on so many levels. Damn, hope it doesn't mean I'm getting old.

Anyway - there you have. A little food talkin' here in Tammi's World. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm wanting a great bit bowl of yogart right now......

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Organized? Me? NOT!

So I decided this morning was the perfect time to FINALLY clean out my purse.

Holy Shit.

No wonder my back hurts when I get back from trips. All the crap in there.....

You see, I am not persnickity at all about what I put in my purse. As long as it passes airport security it can go in there.

Let's see what I came across, shall we?

17 packs of matches. Yes, seventeen. Now, keep in mind I'm still cutting back constantly on the amount I smoke. BUT - the very idea of not being able to light a cigarette when I get off the plane if I want one makes me crazy. Every where I go, I pick up at least 2 books of matches.

9 hotel room keys. The downside of automatic check out is I don't have to go to the desk. And even when I do, I never remember to put it on the counter. Hmmm does look a little suspicious if you don't know the background story.

$17 in change. THAT hurts. Literally.

Enough receipts to paper my bathroom walls. I have GOT to finish filing those expense reports - that's just wrong.

5 pairs of earrings. Hmmm I wondered where those went to. Damned last minute packing.

My Blackberry, becoming my favorite new toy. Also my salvation. Example - sitting on a plane sometime in the last month. I only knew my flight number. As I'm waiting for us to begin the taxi I realize I have no idea where I'm going. So I shot an email to my assistant. Title: I am an idiot. Body: I'm getting ready to take off but don't have my itinerary. Where am I going and what hotel do I need to get to? Is anyone picking me up or do I need to rent a car? Response: Dear idiot. You are going to ****. Staying ****. Don't rent a car - please. We'll never find you.......

The list goes on, but for the sake of my dignity - what there is of it - I'll stop here.

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Found this over at My Little Corner -

The New Living Will.

I'm printing it out and signing it NOW. It's perfect.

Well, there could be some discussion on the whole "being of sound mind" part, but other than that.......

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The blogosphere is simply incredible.

We raised over $180,000 for Valour IT this year.

Over the past few months +$33,000 has been raised to support SC Eagle and his family as they go through a devistating time. (They will continue to need our support so bookmark that link!)

Soldier's Angels continues to recieve donations - btw - the deadline to get a box to the sandbox for Christmas was yesterday *11/11* but don't let that stop ya!

And the list goes on and on.

My point? Y'all continue to give. And that is simply amazing. There are times I think we're just pushing too hard, that there are limits. And every time I think that I am proven wrong.

So I wanted to take a moment and say Thank You. To everyone who donated to Valour IT. To everyone who continues to support SC Eagle, Soldiers Angels, and all of the other important programs going - Sew Much Comfort, adopt a Marine.......the list goes on.

And I'm going to push the envelope a bit more. Don't stop. Please. Just because the holidays are coming doesn't mean these programs go on hold. The need continues. It's not just money either. It's clothing, it's time. It's whatever you can give.

We cannot forget there is a war going on, these men and women and their families need our support. Make it a family project or make it a cause - either way, please don't stop helping. It's the least we can do.

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November 11, 2006

Don't Miss This

Check out the video Hook has up.

One of the most incredible Veterans Day posts I've seen......

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The Rubber Meets the Road

The final push. It's time to put your money where your heart is.

The Navy and Marine teams have passed their goals. Outstanding.

But we aren't done yet. Not by a long shot. We still have today. And we need to keep the donations coming in.

Valour IT. It's important. And with today being Veterans Day I cannot think of a better way to say THANK YOU.

So please, just do it. Click the DONATE button and give. Give a little, give a lot. What ever you can do.

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Normal. Nice and Normal

I'm a little confused.

I'm here, in The Belfry, with a fresh cup of coffee. I can smell the beef that is simmering on the stove. A senseless movie is playing on the TV and I'm....content.

It's the way it's supposed to be in Tammi's World. But it's been so long, I forgot how it felt.

Let me see if I can explain.

I've been on the go nonstop since, well, the end of August. Being gone so much it just didn't make sense to "set up house" as it were.

But now, I'm home until my trip the beginning of December (and that's a personal trip to boot!). So - I went to the grocery store on the way home last night. The first time I bought more than just a couple things since July. I have the makings for a big pot of beef stew, my bread is already rising and I'll be finishing up a batch of homemade granola later this morning. The only thing missing are the fresh flowers for my livingroom.

I was so excited that I get to cook and putter that I couldn't wait to get up this morning!

The weather is blustery. Cold, rain mixed with snow, very windy. Not a weekend to be out and about. And I can't tell you how good it is to know I don't have to. I have everything I need right here for now.

I need some down time. And this is the weekend. A little cookin', a little nappin', a little readin'. Just what the doctor ordered.

All is calm today in Tammi's World. Let's just hope we can keep this going for a couple days.

What's on the agenda for y'all this weekend?

UPDATE: The clouds are gone. It's cold and clear today. The blinds are all up and the sunshine is streaming through the windows. Still too cold for this girl to go out and play, and that's alright with me. But I didn't want to leave the impression it's a rainy, yicky day. Nope - just cold and crisp. Inside the Belfry the candles are burnin', the stew is simmerin' and the music is blarin'. It's a great day!!!

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To the point

Mama always told me, if you can't do something right, don't do it at all.

I've started a dozen posts for Veterans Day. Not one of them came out like I wanted.

So I'll just keep it simple and to the point.

Thank You. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. To those that have served, those that serve and the families that stand by their sides.

Thank You.

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November 10, 2006

This is one reason why...

....I do what I do. Why I push myself hard for this job.

It's not just because it's the only way I know to work. It's not just because anything less would be considered half assed and that's just wrong.

It's because of days like today.

I'm tired. I'm kinda frustrated. Not enough time, and I'm still learning processes and procedures, so nothing is "quick and easy".

This morning as I drug my tired ass into work my boss called me in to his office.

He wanted to know how my trip went. Then he had an envelope for me. In the envelope was a letter from our upper management thanking me for my work with our National Sales Meeting in October. (all the sales managers got one, but still...) It also had a little "somethin' somethin'" to show their appreciation.

I don't remember the last time I got a thank you, let alone a little "somethin' somethin'".

Appreciation. Respect. That's what motivates me.

And makes it that much easier to drag my tired ass into the office.......

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Yes, I'm home. Got home kinda late last night - but at least this leg of the trip was not the comedy of errors I had on Tuesday. Thank Goodness!!

As I sit here ready to leave for the office I just.....don't want to. I want to stay here in the Belfry and sleep. And blog (I'm sooooo behind). I want to make a big pot of beef stew and a loaf of bread. I want to watch old movies. I want to sleep.

But, alas, it's time to make the donuts so I better get my ass in that car.

But I wanted to make sure I put up a list with some of my favorite Marines - it is, after all the Marine Corps birthday.

That 1 Guy



Mike the Marine

Doc Russia

Pete (It's also Pete's wedding anniversary!)

Holy Cow! I forgot Smokin'! Dude - my deepest apologies!! (thanks to QW for the wake up!)

Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps!

If I missed you - I'm sorry. Drop me a line and I'll make it right.

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To The Marines!!!

Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps!


marine eagle.jpg

Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps. The Few. The Proud. The Marines.

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November 09, 2006

Shame on Me!

Today is one of my favorite Navy Pilot's Birthday! Holy Cow - and I almost missed it.

So pop on over and wish one of the bloggers who got me started a Very Happy Birthday.

Just for you Lex - a little video about one of your favorite things - JETS.


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There's No Place Like Home....

Hear that clickin' sound? That's me tappin' my heals.

Sitting here in the Rochester NY Airport, waiting to board my plane.

Classy airport. Free internet - even if Harvey is banned. THAT made me jump. Tried to click over to his site and I get a warning. I was waiting for TSA to come and get me!!!

Anyway - no major issues today. Well other than how sweet I'm smellin' right now....

Just ready to be home. I want to eat dinner in MY HOME, sleep in MY BED, even if it does mean 6 more hours of travel today.

I just thought I'd let you know the world will be safe for the next few hours. I'm in a secure airport and will soon be aboard a plane. Shouldn't be any major issues. :-) Well that, and I just thought it was funny as hell about Harvey's site.

Bon Voyage Y'all!!!

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Habits SUCK!!!


Note to self: when clothes are already soaked in pretty smellin' body spray it is NOT necessary to apply any additional pretty smellin' stuff to the mix.

Son of a Bitch! I hate it when I just function on auto pilot! A streetwalker would be subtle compared to the way I smell right now. Ok, wait, streetwalkers don't smell like pretty stuff usually (from what I've heard), this is more Call Girlish. Yeah, a higher class of smell.......

Damn-I've GOT to start payin' attention.

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More Travels with Tammi

Well, yesterday was certainly a mixed bag of tricks.

Started out in Hartford Ct. Actually got a half way decent night's sleep.

That's good.

Drove from Hartford to Pittsfield MA. Rainy, foggy, slowed us down a bit. Got to our first call and tryin' to pull everything together, in the cold rain, I slammed the car door on my face. Gave myself a black eye.

That's not good.

The call went great. I would have been happy with a couple of items being picked up. I think we sold them the whole program.

That's good.

I'm sitting in the lobby waiting for my rep to finish his call with aother manufacturer when some one comes running in to the lobby. They are smiling and out of breath. He announces that Rummsfield resigned. They begin cheering. I swore. Loudly. It wasn't very lady like. I made a couple of calls and verified the information then swore some more.

That's not good at all.

Next call started out a little rocky. As I saw things starting to spiral I remembered a program I had put together for another customer, pulled the paperwork out of my handy dandy briefcase and....well, sold in another program. It just so happens this distributor landed a new customer and the program I showed them is PERFECT. If we hadn't of been there they would have never thought of us.

That's VERY good.

From Pittsfield we drove to Rochester NY. A little over 4 hours. Rainy, fog, traffic. Did I mention that my Rep is from the North East. He's a lot like me. Only very liberal. Do you have any idea how long the drive from Pittsfield to Rochester is when you are listening to someone talk politics that you STRONGLY disagree with and you can't say what you REALLY think/feel? Oh, he knew I didn't agree with him. But I couldn't say what I wanted to.

That, that wasn't so good.

Ended the day at a VERY nice Marriott Courtyard. My room rocks (good) but the entire building is non-smoking (bad). However it's warm out this morning (good) so I pulled on some slacks and went out front for a cigarette. Dinner last night was a very good steak and sweet potato at Outback (good). But sleep? Yeah, that just didn't work so well for me (bad).

So - as you can see, it was a pretty see-saw kinda day. Today? Meetings this morning, then this afternoon I'm working with a customer to put together a plan for Halloween and Christmas next year. Then - a plane and a drive.

I swear to pete, my life has become Planes Trains and Automobiles. I'm flippin' tired.

But - maybe with this shiner I'm sporting folks will think I'm a badass and leave me alone.......

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I saw a commercial as I was drifting off to sleep last night that made me just sit straight up.

It was for Zales Jewelry. Suggesting that you purchase diamonds to celebrate this upcoming holiday.

They weren't talking Christmas.

They said Veterans Day.

Diamonds for Veterans Day??? WTF??

When I worked for the Mattress company Veterans Day and Memorial Day were two of our biggest sales days. That made no sense to me.

But this? When did we start giving GIFTS for Veterans Day? Can any woman out there, other than a Veteran - cause that's the only person I can think of who should get a gift on that day - ever get a gift? Let alone DIAMONDS?!?!?!?!

What the hell are we doing? Where are our priorities?

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November 08, 2006

I'm In Love

You know, it really isn't difficult to make me happy. Seriously, I'm pretty low maintenance.

Oh, I've been told by friends lately that I can be somewhat snobbish - ok, I'll give you that. Oh, that I am a bit bossy (hmmmm wonder what gave them THAT impression?). But overall, yeah, I'm easy.

So when I tell you I'm in love - I'm not kidding. Head over heels, smitten beyond all reasonable thought, almost on the verge of being obsessed.

And I just can't keep it to myself any more.......


My Chi Turbo Hair Straightener.

But I it wrong to be so attached to an appliance???

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That'll Teach Me

After checking in last night I was just so happy something went right - I have free internet at this hotel. WooHoo.

I get on-line and vent out my day and then just kick back to relax. When I went to go back and blog? Yeah, no I couldn't get to any of those sites. I could get to an "abridged" version of mine, I could see the little astricks telling me they posted something, but I couldn't read them. And this, after saying several times how much I was going to enjoy just hangin' in the room and catching up on blogs.

Talk about teasin' a girl.

Damn. But this morning all is right with my blogging world again. Well, except that I have no time. But at least I know I could read if I wanted to......

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I Can. I Have the Right.

Well, I can't say I'm happy with the election results. Oh, a few things turned out the way I wanted, but over all? Nope. Not so much.

And you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be bitchin' about it now and again.

I can. I voted. I have earned the right to bitch.

Damn - I'd much rather do the happy dance, but then again, haven't done that because of politics for a long time.

Well, we better just buckle up. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Next Stop-Hell!!

Yesterday was one for the record books. Holy Cow. Not good. On any level.

Started out with some personal stuff that I'm trying to grapple with. Then, get to the office and nothing is finalized for the trip. Oh, arrangements are made, I had a ticket, I have hotels, but nothing was completed for any of my calls.

Samples didn't get out - so they are being expressed to the different hotels on a just in time basis. Can I just tell you how much I hate doing business like that? Anyway - I even had to bring one big honkin' box with me to check on the flight.

You know it's bad when I just put my head down on my desk and ask my assistant if I can just be a bitch for one day. All day, one day. Please???

Got to the airport and the lots are full. I end up in extended, extended parking located 3 states over. You park in timbuctoo and then drag your crap across the lot to catch a bus. Yeah - picture that. Me, in heels (cause I'm traveling for business and I have nothing to wear flats with) with my luggage, my laptop (that weighs more than my luggage with all the files I have to carry) my purse, 2 books (because everything was too full to stick them anywhere) and the big honkin' box.

My hands were killing me (carpal tunnel) so I couldn't grip anything.

Luckily some guy took pity on me and helped me haul the stuff on the bus and get settled. He wanted to do dinner, but luckily he was going to NY and I was headed to Hartford.

Anyway - he then helped me get everything off the bus and in some sort of order so I could haul it up the escalator and on to the tram.

On the tram there was this really big guy right by where I ended up standing. It was very crowded on there and no room anywhere. So there I was, hair goin' nuts and crap just beggin' to drop from my arms. He looks me in the eye (me at 6'5" so he was no tiny dude) and says in the deepest voice I've ever heard "You must hold on to the handrail. You will fall".

I can't. My hands were full. He realizes that and in one gesture pulls the box from my hands and tucks it, like a newspaper, under his arm. With his other arm he reaches around me and grabs the railing on the other side of me, cradling me so I don't fall. I looked at him and said "You, sir, are an angel". His laugh was so deep and so loud everyone on the car stopped and turned. He smiled and said he's pretty sure no one had ever said that about him. Ever.

Well, I told him - "you're my angel today. Thank you."

Get off the tram and go up the escalator, almost dropping my books. Finally, down the hall and down the escalator where everything just crashed. My hands gave out. My arms gave out. It was hot. I had my coat and a sweater and damn - that was one long flippin' trip from the parking lot.

Finally got my luggage and that big honkin' damned box checked and started to head to the terminal.

Security? Wow - right through. But I'm flying out of terminal C. C for, for, for - a long flippin' walk that's what C is for.

Stop at my favorite little spot to pick up some yogart and granola. On a side note, I have been craving yogart and granola somethin' fierce lately. You know it's bad when the girl at the kiosk at the airport knows what you're going to order before you say anything.

Anyway - get on the plane and I hadn't had a chance to upgrade. So I'm in the back. It's a small plane. For the first time ever I sorta got a little air sick. Damn.

Got to Hartford and made my way to baggage claim (after getting lost - I have the hardest time finding luggage claim in that airport). As I walk up my stuff is going by. Without even thinking twice I simply grab and roll it off the conveyor. Then came the magic act of getting it all pulled together. You see I stayed at the hotel attached to the airport so I had to go back upstairs, down the hall, around the corner, down the hall - all the while luggin' that big honkin' box.

Finally. Finally. Finally got checked in and settled.

There was no way I was leaving that room for any reason. Dinner? A diet coke and a bag of cinnamon graham craker sticks.

Damn - I'm tellin' you the rest of this trip goes like this and well, I don't know what I'll do, but it won't be pretty.

Did I mention that when I unpacked I found that my "body spray" (that I use in leu of perfume) exploded in the suitcase. Even though it was in a plastic bag it's now saturated my suit for Thursday. Lovely - talk about smellin' like some kinda street walker.......

So - today it's four calls and a drive to Rochester. I have no idea where Rochester is, other than somewhere in New York State, and since I'm not driving I'm not going to sweat it. All I know is there is a hotel there that is waiting for me (along with another big honkin' box) and tomorrow there's a plane with a seat just for me.

But yesterday? I really don't want to go through that again any time soon. The biggest thing is will I ever find my car again????? Well that and those customers better place some pretty big orders for the samples I just hauled from hell and back!!!

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November 07, 2006


Go here and see a wonderful reminder on why it's so important that we do our civic duty.

The sacrifices made so we can maintain the freedoms we have..........

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Jet-lagged mice die young, study finds

Did I mention I fly out again today?

But at least I have a couple of things goin' for me on this...

1) It's more INNERnational travel - although that could change in the next year..

2) I ain't no mouse.

But still..........

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iraqi vote.jpg

Appreciate the freedom we have

Not everyone gets this privilege.

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Troops Send Message to Americans

Don't make the mistake of pulling out of Iraq before the job is done.

This from our military men and women there. Doing the job.

This article from the Washington Post spells it out.

The message is loud and clear, as shown by this headline:

Soldiers say Iraq pullout would be devastating
Leaving fledgling state could help insurgents, betray Iraqis, troops warn.

Now, if we could just get people to listen. This election is really scarin' the hell outta me.......

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They Just Won't Stop!

I love dogs. Really I do.

But let me just tell you this.

If those damned ankle biters that live downstairs don't stop their yippin' and yappin' I may just go postal.

Holy Shit. How annoying!!!!

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I've Created A Monster

I forgot to tell you this little story from my weekend home for Mama Vi's birthday a few weeks back.

Mama Vi has a computer. And she knows how to email.


Anyway as soon as I arrived that Friday night she said there was something she needed me to show her how to do.

She wanted to write a letter.

So I ask if she wanted to email it or print it out and pony express it.

She wanted to type and print out a "real letter".


So I show her how to pull up word. Then how easy it is once it's up.

Viola. A letter.

She was tickled pink. I was happy cause, well, Mama Vi was happy.

Before I left on Sunday she asked me if I wanted to know WHY she wanted to know how to write/type a letter and who she was going to send it to.

Well of course I did.

Seems Mama Vi is writing a letter to Coach Weis. Of Notre Dame fame.

You see, we are a big ND family. When Charlie Weis was named as the next coach at the University Mama checked him out. He came through with very high marks.

*A family man
*Good coaching record.

Yep - a winner in Mama's book.

Until that damned 60 minutes interview. Now, I didn't see it but from what I understand there was some talk about him swearin' and such.

Well, Mama Vi will have NONE of that. So she was planning on writing him a letter letting him know how disappointed she is in him and how he is now "off her list".

I'm hoping I hid my reaction well, but I doubt it. I'm pretty sure my jaw was on the table.

She went on to explain that as a Coach at a Christian University he should know better. Plus, he's a smart man. He can find better words to convey his thoughts and feelings than swear words. It's unacceptable. Unacceptable Period.

Finally, as my mind came to terms with the fact that she was really gonna do this I simply reminded her that people in glass houses should not throw stones.

She reminded me that SHE does not swear.

I reminded her that her DAUGHTER does. Like a sailor.

That was a huge tactical error on my part. Let me just put that out there.....

Have I ever told you the reason Mama Vi doesn't read my site? Yeah, she says I come across like a - are you ready for this? A Redneck Whore.


Yeah, so being a somewhat sometimes smart gal, I decided this was one battle I was not going to win.

Gee - I wonder what Charlie thought when he got his mail???

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November 06, 2006

Reminds me of a story....

Something funny happened on the way to work this morning. (again)

Driving north on I39 I see a truck pulled over. Causing a bit of a back up, but no REAL big deal. As I get closer, I see the driver in the median. With a saw. And a dead buck. He was sawing off the rack. Of a roadkill deer.

Cracked me up. And reminded me of a story......

Long ago, in my "other" life I had a husband. My husband was a huge hunter. And by default a fisherman. It was lucky for all the men in my life at that time that we hadabout 20 acres of dense woods as well as a private lake on our farm. Stocked with blue gill and bass. (hmm - on a side note can I tell you how badly I am craving pan fried blue gill with some fried potatoes and onions? anyway....)

Now, I should tell you a couple of things at this point. Most important my house was decorated for the men in my life. Pictures of deer and other critters. Very masucline. The only thing remotely feminie were my candles and we actually needed them for when we had one of our numerous power outages.

Anyway - The one thing I would not allow in my house were dead animals. Period. If we had had a "man room" then no problem. But we didn't so that was that. I didn't put my foot down often, but that was a real sore spot with me.

Ok - so with the job I had at the time I was traveling a lot. (hmmm sounds kinda familiar). I came home from one particularly long, stressful customer visit to find......a large plaque on the wall with a huge large mouth bass in place of the only art work that I really like.

Oh no. NOT gonna happen. Plus, I didn't remember him saying anything about catchin' something like that. And believe me - there would have been stories. Unending stories.

To add to my unhappiness, his ex-wife was sitting in my living room upon my arrival. So - that sets the stage. I'm tired, hungry and outta sorts. I walk in my home to find a dead fish and an exwife in my living room. Lovely......not.

Folks - I lost it. Honest. I blew a gasket. Something I NEVER did. But this was more than I could handle.

I pulled that thing off my wall and tossed it on the floor. All the while ranting and raving as only a deeply pissed off Italian woman can.

The exwife stepped into the fray. SHE loved the fish and offered to take it off our hands. I couldn't get it, or her, out of my house fast enough.

After a bit more ranting on my part it was discovered that flippin' fish wasn't even something he caught. He bought the damned thing at a garage sale.

So - to recap, he wanted to put a fugly fish that someone else caught on my living room wall. Yeah, like that is even a remote possibility.

I decided not to spoil the joy of said exwife. She took great pleasure in telling everyone what a bitch I was for not dotting on my husband's manly skills. grimace It was a couple of years later that I finally told her the whole story - and that was only because I was sick and tired of hearin' about it from her. I saw the damned thing in the trash in front of her house the next time I picked up the boys.

But what is it with wanting to put something in your home that you didn't even kill? I thought it was all about the trophy, the braggin' rights?

Anyway watchin' that trucker this morning, standing on the side of the road hackin' off that rack just made me laugh. Would love to hear the story that goes with that one........

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Monday, Monday

Ahhh it's Monday morning. It was nice this weekend, not rushing around and being able to simply relax a bit.

No flight today, but I am heading out tomorrow afternoon.

The good news, as far as I'm concerned, is that my trip to North Carolina has been cancelled and there isn't anything on the horizon until the end of January. January. Ohhhh the relief.

There is just so much to do here, and with us moving our offices next month I didn't know how I was going to get it all done. But now, now I have some breathing room.

Oh, I have a couple trips planned, but these are personal. Fun. That's a whole 'nother ball game.

Here's the funny thing - well, at least to me it's funny. In every other consumer product job I've had, this is the beginning of the slow down. Christmas product is shipping, no one is pulling in stock since they don't want to carry it on the books for the end of the year. But with this industry? VERY busy. And we're working Christmas product. Christmas 2007. An entire year ahead. And everyone is wanting to meet with us, get samples, put together displays. Holy Cow. How on earth can you enjoy the holiday when you're already thinkin' a year ahead, for cryin' out loud. What ever happened to living for the moment. And it's no wonder we feel attacked by the season so early. Hell - they want product to start shipping the end of August!

Anyway - I'm just glad I'm not gonna be jet setting all over the place for a while. I'm ready to slow down a bit. I don't mind being bored. Seriously. Oh, I'm sure something will come up, it always does, but for the most part? Nice and calm.

So it's Monday. And I only have to get through one more trip. It'll be a doozie, but knowing that rest is waiting, it's not as bad as it could be.

What's your week lookin' like?

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What The Hell????

Ok - what the hell is going on? Are y'all hittin' that little button? Are you donating to Valour IT?

Well you better be. Here - I'll make it easy for you. Just click the button at the end of this post and easy as pie. You've donated.

This is an incredibly important project. Helping our wounded service men and women after all they have done for us. All they have given for us. It's the very least that we can do.

Oh, on a lighter note, and since it's Monday, you might want to head on over to Hook's for a bit of a history lesson. Seriously, we should all take the time to learn more about the different branches of service. I know I had no idea.......

ARMY STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tomorrow we vote. It's our privilege. It's our obligation.

I've read a lot of great posts regarding how important it all is, the ramifications, things to keep in mind as we make our decisions.

But the best thing I've read is THIS POST over at Blackfive's. Take the time to read it. And then think about it. Put your priorities together and then look at it all. This important. It all ties together.

Seriously, if you have not read this yet - do it.

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November 05, 2006

Fashion Question

Ok - I want your honest opinion.

I have this gorgeous black leather skirt. Not short, that great just above the knee length.

Anyway- it's one of my favorites, but I'm wondering if it's still appropriate.

I love to pair it with a pair of pumps and a cool tailored blouse, or sweater. Can I still wear that to work, or do I need to put it in with my other "party" clothes?

**HA! In looking for a picture I found THIS article. Guess it's ok. Whew. I'd hate to have that hangin' in the closet wastin' away!

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A Ramble.....

Today is a perfect day here in THE valley. Absolutely.

Just a hint of chill in the air (perfect for just a sweatshirt and jeans), clear blue sky. It's open burning right now so the smell of burning leaves is everywhere. You hear the dull rumble of the lawn tractors out trying to get the last of the leaves. The bikers are taking advantage of the exceptional weather - you hear them going up and down the highway through town. I'm kinda jealous of that.

The diner was quiet. Just me and a few other tables. Everyone taking their time and enjoying the peace. I had missed seeing the "girls" so it was nice to catch up on what was going on with them. They were asking about my travels so I told them a few funny stories.

Then I just sat and sipped my coffee. The music in the background there is country. Always something I enjoy - not my preference anymore, but enjoyable none the less. Sundays is golden oldies day.

As I was reading my book a song caught my attention. Ann Murray. Could I Have This Dance. Holy Cow - does that take me back...........

When I was in college part of the requirements to graduate was working as a missionary. (I think I've mentioned this before, but bear with me please) I was in Costa Rica and my assignment was working in a clinic for mal-nourished children.

Now I need to tell you I am not medically inclined in any way, shape, or form. Nope. But I do love children, plus I was a "volunteer" as it were so I figured I'd just be cleaning things up and helping in the back ground. Plus, I was only 19 years old - they wouldn't give me too much responsibility, would they?

Yes, yes they would. And they did. My first day on the job I was put in ICU. ICU for cryin' out loud. I pulled the backless gown on over my clothes, slipped on the required mask and went in to do what ever they needed me to.

I was to feed the babies. They handed me a small, precious little boy. He looked to be just a few weeks old. No, no he wasn't. He was just over 6 months old. As I held him the monitors they had attached to his small thin body started making strange noises. To cut to the chase, that beautiful baby boy died in my arms that morning. It put me over the edge.

I left for the day and tried to get reassigned. No. No way. It was what the college wanted and felt was the best fit for me. But they did agree I didn't need to be in ICU, so they got me reassigned within the clinic.

The next day I show up and was led to my new assignment. It was the last "staging area". There were 14 children and I was their sole care giver during the day. They were mine. They ranged from 8 months to 6 years old. They were healthy enough to go home soon, as soon as they could find a place to send them.

You see, many of the children were "repeats". For whatever reason, some poverty, some abuse, they didn't get proper nutrition. So they ended up in this clinic. After a couple of visits they were placed in foster care. My area was the group waiting for someone to want them.

Now, these were all Tico children. In other words, they didn't speak any english at all. My spanish at the time was limited. But it got better pretty quick. And some of my english rubbed off on the older ones. It was pretty funny to hear them come out with some spurt of english that they had heard me mutter.

So - it was my job to keep these children clean and fed. And most important entertained. So I did what I did best at that time. I sang and danced with them.

Now - back in the States, my roommate at that time HATED my choice of music. I liked rock. Hard rock. Her? Not so much - her favorite artist was......Ann Murray. (see - there really is a connection in this tale) Rather than have any issues I'd just let her listen to what ever she wanted. So I heard a lot of good ole Ann. And her songs just stuck in my head.

Fast forward back to Costa Rica and those babies. We'd go down to the play area and I would take each child in turn and pick them up. We'd dance around the room with me singing one of two songs. Could I Have This Dance, and I Just Fall In Love Again. I can still hear their giggling, see their smiles as I held them up and we twirled around the room.

Those six months flew by for me. Oh, I found time to have some fun and get in plenty of trouble (remind me to tell you about the 3 times I got arrested while I was there) but the best part of that time were those children.

I almost brought one home with me. Seriously. But, being so young and still in college, it just wasn't the right thing to do. But ohhhh I wanted that little girl. Her name was Jessica, and she was just perfect. I can't hear an Ann Murray song and not wonder how she, and the others, are. If they broke out of that cycle. If they are happy. If any of them ever think about that time.

Yeah, hard to believe. Ann Murray is associated with one of the best parts of my life.

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What I wouldn't give....

....for one of those really cute, perky ponytails. Seriously.

My hair is curly. Oh, not soo bad now that it's getting longer but still. Curly.

And thick. Very VERY thick. So I straighten it. I like that I have options, and again with it growing longer, I take advantage of them.

Well, today is a lazy day. I've gotta pack for my trip next week but other than that it's just a clear, crisp fall day and I've got nothin' goin' on.

So I decide to put on my very favorite Buccaneer sweatshirt and my favorite Marine hat and head to the diner. (jammies weren't an option today - it's late enough I'll be hitting the church crowd and well, that just seems wrong).

The best way to wear a hat is with a pony tail. So I pull it up - YEAH that I can do that - and slap on the hat.

My ponytail looks like some damned gnarled mess. Curl curl curls.

But I'm also not going to take the time - or effort - to straighten the damned thing. Not today. Hell, I'm dressed, what more should they expect.

But ohhh for the beautiful smooth locks that just flow. Shiney and smooth. Yeah, that would be nice. Of course, I don't have the money to BUY hair like that, and I sure as hell don't have the time to make that happen every day - but still......

Now - I'm off to breakfast. Yummy french toast, coffee, sausage. Hmmmmmmmm

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Saddam, 2 others sentenced to death

I have no doubt things are gonna ramp up over there in the next few weeks, and I don't really think it'll be in a good way. But - this is HUGE NEWS. It's the beginning of the end. The closing of a book of horrors. And contrary to what we will undoubtedly hear, not everyone thinks it's all a sham.

In the streets of Dujail, a Tigris River city of 84,000, people celebrated and burned pictures of their former tormentor as the verdict was read.

It's not over yet - but it's a step. I think it's a huge statement that he was denied the fireing squad and sentenced to hang. Just like anyone else in that position. He's a liar, a murderer, a tyrant. If an animal behaved with the same tendencies this being did we'd put it down. Well, act like an animal be treated like an animal.

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Delightful and Delicious

Those are the two perfect words to describe my day yesterday.

I pulled myself together and headed north to Richmond's place. Oddy was in town and my blogfaddah and his lovely bride were going to be there. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day.

And man-o-man was I right.

After just getting turned around once - and that was because I had to stop for a soda - I arrived at Casa de Richmond. Well, and there was the whole can't find the house, Richmond had to come out and whistle at me thing, but seriously - for a directionally impaired person I did pretty damned good.

An added bonus, like we needed one, was the opportunity to meet Richmond's parents. What a treat. Richmond doesn't stand a chance - with parents that charming she was bound to turn out as wonderful as she is.

Oddy looked great and, as always had a smile that never stopped. AND she made pie. Very yummy pie. I had two pieces. :-)

TNT and Harvey were there, and it was wonderful to see them again. It had been too long. That will NOT happen again.

Richmond had enough food there to feed an army. And let me tell you, I thought I made good potato soup? Yeah, she puts me to shame - no doubt about it.

So we laughed and talked and talked and laughed. We discussed blogging and politics and people and places. I found out that I am Stephanie Plum personified, well, except 6" taller. We got a call from T1G, and then got to talk with AW. We tried to call Shoe, but she was "unavailable". We sure did miss you guys - you should have been there!!! I had a wonderful surpise call from Redneck where I got to talk to the great Yabu himself. It was just flat out a fantastic way to spend a Saturday.

Thank you Richmond, for opening your home. Thank you Oddy for comin' all the way from PA. Harvey and TNT? Thank you for just flat out bein' you.

Damn - some days you just don't want to end.....

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November 04, 2006

People And Pie. Perfect

I am outta here.

Headin' up to Richmond's. She's got food and bloggers. Bloggers I love and hardly ever get to see.

Harvey and TNT - woohoo. It's just been too damned long my friends.

Oddy is here!! OutFlippin'Standing!!!!

It's lookin' like a GREAT Saturday. People I love and Pie - all in one place. How DID I get so lucky?!?!?!?

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Saturday Question

On Saturdays I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: I got nothin'. Absolutely nothin'. I've rewritten this post a total of seven times and I just flat out give up. I wanted to try and think of something funny, since things have been kinda serious in the blogosphere lately. But....nothin'.

So - this is what I'm gonna need for you to do. Leave something funny in the comments. ANYTHING - a link, a joke, whatever. But let's see if we can't get some folks laughin' out loud today.

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Sleepy Prayer

I fell asleep praying last night. I do that sometimes. And I always find on those nights I sleep so deep, so peaceful.

I know I should do that more often. But the business of the day seems to crowd my thoughts most evenings. Or I seem to be too embroiled in the latest drama in my life. But last night? No. Last night I just really wanted to pray.

So I did. This morning I feel strong and rested. Ready to go. I'm not worried about things or people. I know, no matter what happens, it'll all be alright. Really.

I fell asleep praying last night. I need to do that more often.

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Moon Magic

Full moon. It's really making itself known this month.

Evident by my drive to work yesterday morning.

Actually most of my day was a bit "off", as it were.

But that, that's a whole 'nother post in itself.

Instead let's talk about that drive, shall we?

Leaving THE valley it was a bright cold (27 degrees) morning. We've still got some color in the trees, you know that final golden color that announces the end of fall. Anyway, it was a beautiful morning for a drive. Even if that drive is to work.

I get on to I90 heading east and, just past the first toll booth things start to slow down. Up ahead I see a sherriff and two guys that look like they are part of a road crew. They are standing in the median between the highway. As I pull up even with them, the sherriff brings a shotgun up to his shoulder and about that time I noticed one honkin' big doe. As I look out my drivers window he pulls the trigger. Bam. All gone, night night doe. I wanted to roll down the window and request the backstraps but thought that might not be a great idea.

Anyway - a bit further down the road? Accident. Big accident. 4 cars.

Slow, crawlin' slow traffic. Luckily it was still beautiful countryside so I didn't mind it so much.

Get back up to full speed for a few miles when - yep, you guessed it. Another accident. Slow down, down to one lane and creep along.

Get back up to full speed and - yep. ANOTHER accident.

Let me just cut to the chase. A total of 6 accidents by the time I pulled into the parking lot of work. On a beautiful clear day. No snow. No rain. No ice. Just flat out stupid careless people.

I couldn't get home fast enough. The drive home last nite? 2 more accidents and more than a couple of close calls that I observed.

Yeah, other than heading to Richmond's today to see Oddy, her boy, Harvey and TNT - my ass is stayin' home this weekend. This moon stuff has me spooked.

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November 03, 2006


I just got done listening to AW & Andi on the radio.

Excuse me while I wipe my tears of pride away.

Ladies - that was absolutely OUTSTANDING! I am so proud of you. You did yourselves and everyone associated with you proud.

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Really. It's gonna happen.

SHIT: The time is actually 3:00 central 4:00 eastern. AW Just called.

Army Wife and Andi, of Andi's World, have rescheduled their interivew on the Andrea Shea King Show. You can live stream it HERE.

It's at 5:00pm eastern time. 4:00 central time. Today.

Oh, and just to make sure you tune in, there will be a quiz afterwards!!!!

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Wake Up!

Well Shit.

I'm going to have to buy a new alarm clock. I hate that. Really, I tend to grow rather attached to the buggers and hate hate HATE to throw them out.

But I think this one is officially dead.

I don't know if it's because of the number of times it's been thrown across the room. Or knocked off the table. Or the millions of times over the years that I have hit the snooze button but that sucker just ain't ringin' anymore.

Damn. So - what do I get as a replacement?

Hmmm - I'm thinkin' THIS will not work. No, it may sound like a good idea, but I'm not really that difficult to wake up. And you really don't want me in a bad mood when I climb out of bed, and this might just push me over the edge. Plus the damned thing looks like shit on wheels. Yeah, I'm thinkin' NOT.

And this Zen Clock? Yeah - No. A chime? A persistant, yet gentle, chime? Yeah, wake up naturally? I've got some ideas for that and chimes don't really fit in there.....Not. Not for this girl.

I don't know if this Technical Clock will wake me up or not, cause the flippin' description PUTS ME TO SLEEP!! "differentiating the various sleeping phases" yada yada yada. No thank you very much.

Yeah, I'll just stop by Walmart over the weekend, pick me up a nice battery operated clock that's just obnoxious enough to get my attention. Nothin' fancy for me. But holy cow - whoda thunk there'd be all these choices?!?!?!

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Adopt? A Marine?!?!? Hell Yeah!!!

I'm pretty sure if you've been reading here for any amount of time, you've picked up on the fact that I have a bit of a soft spot for Marines. Hell - looks like it's been that way with me for years.

Anyway - I'm over at T1G's place and see where he's got a link up to go and adopt a Marine (or two). Holy Cow!! You mean I can adopt one of my very own.


Wait - it's all about Christmas, and sending packages, and letting them know how very much we appreciate everything they are doing for us. Ok - that works for me too. THAT'S important. THAT'S a very good thing.

So - this is what I'm gonna need for you to do.......

Click on over to The Coalition of the Swilling, Tree Huggin' Sister has a post up, leave a comment and then start to packin'. Put together a box of goodies that will put a smile on some faces. Come on. Do it. You'll feel better and you'll sure as hell make someone else feel great.

Thanks THS and T1G for the heads up. I think it's a great idea.

Oh - but listen....if you're doin' that, hit the little button below and donate a buck or fifty to Valor IT - ARMY STRONG!!!! That's right - spread the love around. It's ALL for a great cause!!!

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Coolest Thing EVER

OK - I was doin' a little research for a project I'm working on. Well, imagine my surprise when I come across this VERY COOL site.

Instead of sending e-greeting cards you can send someone a beer! Holy Cow!! I will be the most loved woman on the web. I got lots of friends that would enjoy getting that little notice in their email!!!

Oh, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be using THIS site. Now, who do I know that would appreciate me buyin' them a beer?????????

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Costume Gone Bad

I got this email the other day.........

Remember your mother telling you, "Never accept candy from a stranger"?

Here is why!

(in extended entry since it's sorta not safe for work - maybe)


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November 02, 2006

For Cryin' Out Loud

OK - I love Christmas. Really I do.

But can I tell you, they are actually playing ALL CHRISTMAS music on the radio station we have running here at work.

I just offered to come in and use all the speakers for target practice. Hell, I'll BUY a gun to take this crap out.

Seriously - this will end up RUINING the holiday for me.

Stop it. Stop it right now!!!!

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I Call Bull Shit!!

Uneducated? Losers? Under Achievers?

Yeah. Sure.

Kiss my ass Kerry.

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My Own Personal Angel

Honest to goodness, I'm really not easily intimidated. I'm not "cocky" as it were, but I do know I can hold my own in most situations.

All that being said, I was a bit nervous/apprehensive/rattled about this past trip. For a couple of reasons.

I've always heard that New Yorkers are tough to do business with. The ones that I've dealt with eat sales people for snacks, moving on to upper managment types for the main meals. YIKES. I have a lot of pride (sometimes my downfall) and wasn't in the mood to be humiliated on any level. Yeah, wasn't something I wanted to come back and talk to the team about.

Also - I'm flyin' without a net in this job. Oh, I have the backing of my managment, but I'm the decision maker on most of my business. I like that, but it's also very scary. I've been told in several positions it's my call, but when it all came down to brass tacs, someone else took the hit if things went wrong. Now? Yeah, that would be my ass flappin' in the wind.

So - I was kinda anxious. Especially Monday night. As I sat in the hotel room I quietly started to have a melt down. Just a mini one, but a melt down none the less. I poured over my presentations. I fired up the laptop and reviewed my line offerings just to see if I missed anything. I kinda sorta started to obsess.

Then I had a phone call. From Michele. She and I were going to get together that evening for dinner and she was going to show me a bit of her beloved city. (Seriously, there is no better tour guide than someone that LOVES their home. NYC as seen by Michele, Chicago as seen by Blackfive. You can't help but see it all throught their eyes. Hell, they sould both be on the Chamber of Commerce for the cities they live in!) However, it just wasn't to be. Michele had a sick little one over the weekend and was down herself with the flu.

But that didn't stop her from calling me. And her reason for calling was to put me at ease for my calls the next day. Now stop for just a second and think about that. She was sick and exhausted yet she took time (and energy) to call me to put ME at ease.

The conversation was short (that time) but it still did the trick. I had a good day and felt much better about things.

The next evening she called to see how things had gone and to get me ready for the next day in Long Island.

Then we got to have a real conversation. And it was marvelous. As she stated in her oh-so-kind-to-me post we talked business and blogging. People and perceptions. Again, it was just what I needed.

She wanted to know every detail from my calls. She gave me feedback and encouragement. All of a sudden it didn't feel like I was flyin' without a net. As silly as this sounds that conversation gave me the confidence to know I'd made the right decisions - not just business but on how I handled people. You see, sometimes I worry that I've misjudged people. Handled the situation wrong. And it's come back to burn me. Personally and professionally. But she assured me that I took the best route.

So I just wanted to say Thank You Michele. Thank you for being there. I wouldn't have called. Anyone. I don't like to bother folks in the evening - I have this obsession with family time and hate to step into that. You taking the time for me meant more than I can say.

And more than that, I can say I'm looking forward to going back. I feel like I held my own, on several levels. And next time Michele? We're making that dinner and a show. For sure!

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Nature of the Beast

I had an intereseting conversation over dinner the other evening. It was with my rep and his family (nice dinner, but a situation I've never been in). They were very warm and welcoming and wanted to know a bit about me.

Actually they wanted to know how I got to the position I am currently in. Well - I wasn't gonna tell them the whole damned story so I just ran through the highlights of my resume.

Sold steel to the automotive accounts for a while.
Lead rep for a steel distribution company.
Last job.

The first two are for the same company just different divisions. Trop? Got laid off. Everyone did.

Simmons? Moved here for family reasons, no openings in this area.

Last job? No comment.

The gentleman looked at me and said something about having a hard time holding a job. My jaw hit the table.

Sales is a revolving door. Things go wrong? Get rid of the sales folks. Issues? It's sales' fault. Plus - I had no intention of ever leaving Tropicana. Ever. The lay-off kicked my ass.

Anyway, it really got me to thinking how different careers have different timelines. I know, from my experience, the first thing other consumer products folks ask is if you're still with the same company. We move around. A lot. It's the nature of the beast. You keep your resume updated. Regularly. You network. Constantly. You never know. Ever.

And you can't feel bad for the flow. It's not personal in most instances. It's just the way it goes.

But damn - how do you explain that to someone who has worked in the same company for 30 years?

I just told him he was very lucky to have found something he loved that much.

Then I found out he owned the company. Well, hell. Even *I* could hold that job......

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Twin Sighting!

While on my recent trip to the east coast I met some very interesting folks. People fascinate me, really they do. I think that's one of the reasons I love what I do so much - I get to meet a bunch of 'em.

Well Tuesday, while in Queens, I met this guy's twin.


It stopped me cold in my tracks.

His posture, the way he talks (well, except for the VERY strong Queens accent), his movements, his smile....all of it. Well, except he wasn't nearly as debonaire but still.

Damn dude. You've got a twin out there - and take it from me, he's the evil one!!!!

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November 01, 2006

The Gods Smiled On Me

WooHoo! I'm home. I mean home home, not just Chicago, not just THE valley, but home in the Belfry. Already.

This morning's meeting was kind of a bust. No one's fault really, they just want close outs and I don't have any at this time. But it was still good to see the operation and meet the buyer.

Stopped by a BJ's club to check things out. Other than tripping on my pants cuff (again) in the parking lot it was a pretty fun visit.

But we were done by 10:00am. Huh. My flight was at 6:00pm. That, folks, is a long ass wait.

I got to the airport, thanked the rep and went to see if I could get on anything standby.

Next thing I knew I was on a flight to Chicago. Upgraded even. I walked calmly through the airport, stopped for a bit of lunch to take on the plane and then walked right on the plane. Airborn and home.

My luggage was already waiting for me when I got to Chicago (don't know how that happened, but I'm not bitchin') and got on the tram to the parking lot. Walked right to my car - so nice to not get home in the dark. No traffic and here I am.

I don't know what to do with myself. Seriously.

I think I might just change into something comfy and head over to Fritz's. Why not. Heaven only knows when I'll get this opportunity again.

And I didn't even tell anyone I got on an earlier flight. I almost feel like I'm playing hookey.

But it does make me wonder if it's just that I'm getting this travel stuff down to a science or if my next trip will make up for all the good luck on this one.

I'm bankin' on the science thing. Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me right now......

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Probably More Action than I Need Right Now

A while back I told y'all about a series of books I found by Vince Flynn. Mitch Rapp is the hero in these books and damn - fiction or not - he kicks some major ass.

I'm officially addicted.

Right now I'm nearing the end of Memorial Day. Terrorists, bombs, politics - it's got them all.

But I'm once again questioning my choice of reading material while traveling. Oh, I can't put it down. But seriously, I flew into NYC. On a plane (not a broom, contrary to some folks thoughts). These books are pretty damned up to date with current events. I find myself watching folks even more than usual. My heart skipped a beat when we were delayed until some one claimed a black suitcase left on the loading ramp. Hmmmm

But holy cow - if you like the action adventure of kickin' terrorist ass you really need to read these books. I've got just a couple left in the series and then I don't know what I'll do. I'm thinking I'll have to change genre's for a while. I can't imagine anything coming close to these....

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Says it all.....

Saw this over at Doc in the Box.

I cannot imagine. On any level.

Once again, words fail me......

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Define Desperate

I have no shame. None. Sometimes all I can do is shake my head and just not fight it.

I'm just not cosmopolitan. At all. Oh, I can fake it with the best of 'em, but only for short periods of time. In the long run? Yeah, I'm pretty country.

Take this morning for instance. I'm still trying to stop smoking. I've backed off on the meds because of the way they make me think (sluggish) and how they just really kill my stomach. That being said, I'm back to not smoking that much at all. In Florida I was up more than I like, but since coming home I'm still at under 1/2 a pack a day. That's pretty damned good for me.

Wait, wandered off the point there for a moment.

This morning. The only room they had was a non smoking room. I will NOT smoke in a non smoking room. Will. Not. Do. It. Period.

But I really crave a cigarette with my coffee in the morning. Plus, it's going to be a very busy day and then a long wait in the airport so I really REALLY need that morning smoke.

Problem? Not for me. I slipped my coat on over my jammies, slid into my high heeled pumps and headed out the front door. Yes, there I stood, outside the front door of a Holiday Inn in Long Island New York with a mug of coffee and a cigarette in my high heels and jammies. Lovely.

Luckily my rep is not an early riser so I think he'll never know. There is just something not right about having folks that work for you see you dressed like that. Although I could have just passed it off as my costume from last night. But then again, probably not.

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