December 31, 2006

What are ya gonna do with 'em.....

Great. Carmen doesn't post for 2 weeks and her newest post is a flippin' picture of me, first thing in the morning, sitting at the computer.

I told her at least it doesn't show how bad I look with no make-up and not having brushed my hair. She said that's why she took it the way she did.

Hmmmmm I don't know whether to be grateful or insulted........

But at least you get to see my uber cute new jammies!

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It's Over

Well, I can safely say I'm THRILLED to have survived 2006 and beyond happy that it's over.

Blogwise, I did nothing of real note, so I won't even begin to go back and try and find anything to link.

Personally, it ain't been the best of years. That whole unemployement thing this spring really sucked. Oh, I'm so happy with my current job and grateful beyond measure to have found it, but I could have done without the stress that went with that whole thing.

And that moving stuff kinda sucked too. It's funny, all I want is to finally settle in. Nest as it were. I hate moving into a place KNOWING it's temporary. There's a reason I have so much "stuff". I like it. I enjoy making a home. Not being settled tends to make me a tad bit, oh let's just say frantic.

But on the up side - I've made some incredible friends. And had some pretty wild adventures (and no, you don't know about all of them - I AM a woman of mystery after all).

I have a new nephew-in-law that I adore, got to visit some wonderful people and have started to get on my feet again. That's a very good thing.

I love living in THE valley. I know it doesn't always show in what I say and do, but it does feel like home. Driving into town you really can't help but smile. It just has this feel to it, I can't explain. But I know if I can't be in Florida there is no where else I can imagine living.

But overall, I'm not sad to see the end of 2006. I have hopes and dreams for 2007. Nothing over the top. Nothing to set up myself up too bad. Just better. Stronger. Thinner. Settled.

But my strongest wish for this coming year is that you have the best possible new year. That you realize your dreams and find joy and peace. THAT would make a wonderful new year.

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December 30, 2006

All Is Done

Well, it's been a while since I've done any drunk bloggin' so I just figured What The Hell. Tonite is as good as any.

We had a pretty damned good dinner, if I must say so myself. Mexican Manicotti. I'm kinda disappointed as from what I understand my spicey wasn't as spicey as I wanted. Hell, I even used fresh really REALLY hot peppers and didn't even raise a sweat. Damn. But still, I heard no complaints so I'm happy.

I just finished preppin' the pork roasts for tomorrows pulled pork. Oh, and I mixed up my special sauce (mind out of gutter folks) and that's gettin' ready for the morning also.

Have been doing a good job working on a big bottle of white merlot wine, hence the drunk part of the drunk blogging. :-) I love this stuff.

Carmen is fast asleep on the couch, her hubby snorin' sloftly on the love seat across the room. They really are a cute couple. If I weren't so afraid of her right now I'd post a picture of her sleepin' pregant self. But she's a tough cookie, even I don't want to push my luck with her at this point.

Anyway - I figured I'd check in with y'all right now. I'm mellower than I've been in many a moon, and ready to get jammified and hunker down with a blankey and pillow so I just wanted to wish y'all a very good night.......

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A bit of this and that.....

Holy Cow. It's Saturday already. Where has the time gone?

Oh, that's right. At the flippin' car dealer, that's where.

But seriously, it's been a good week. For the most part. I took Wednesday and just chilled out, did a bit of cookin' and spent time with the family.

Thursday I ran a few errands and then headed east to see old friends. I haven't seen them since before the move and I wanted to put Lana through a bit of highway driving before we head north.

It was a wonderful day/evening. The sun was shinning and everything I love about Florida was there for me to enjoy. I have mentioned how much I love it here, right? Oh, probably a time or two. LOL

And the time with my friends was very much needed. It's easy to forget sometimes how comforting it is to be with people who love you. Who know you. And love you anyway.....

Friday was droppin' Lana off for that once over and then runnin' with Cuz. Last night we hit our favorite mall and just had a very nice evening.

Today it was another errand. I got to drive to Tampa again. Over what has to be my favorite bridge, the Howard Franklin. Long and close to the water it's the first bridge I hit when I get out of the airport. It's always seemed to symbolize HOME for me. Many times I'd see the dolphins dancin' and playin' along the side - I always figured it was because they were happy to see me. But then again, I can be narcisistic at times. ;-)

It's gorgeous today. The sun is out. The temperature around 80 and perfect. I wish I were at the beach, just walking the shore line. But that just didn't work into this trip. It's ok. I'll get to do it next time. The water ain't goin' no where.

Tonite Carmen and her hubby are comin' down, T1G is going to try and make it over. I'll make my manicotti and open some more wine (because I can) and it should be a wonderful evening.

I did push my departure out to Wednesday. It just makes more sense. Plus it gives Cuz and I another day together.

I gotta tell you, though. I almost wish it were still rainy and cold. When the weather is like it is right now, I don't want to leave. Ever.

God I love this place.....

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A picture's worth a thousand words......


Just in case you want to read more Saddam Hussein was executed this morning.

Excuse me now, it's time to crack open the bubbly.

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December 29, 2006


Why is it when ever I get down here to Florida again there is at least one day of "Hey, let's torture Tammi!"?


I had to take Lana back to the dealer to get her final check before we hit the road Tuesday. Cuz followed me up there and we were gonna do Girl Stuff on the way home.

She took me to a damned home decorating place.

That had Christmas stuff on sale.

There was a life size Santa that I would kill someone for.

I. Cannot. Buy. Anything.

Hours. We spent HOURS in the flippin' place. Looking at Christmas trees. Ohhhh I'd love a pretty nice new Christmas tree. Yes, I already have 5 in varying sizes, but seriously. Can you have too many Christmas trees? No. I think not.

Garland. Beautiful garland that I really really want for along the top of my kitchen cupboards. Except I don't know how much I'll need. And where would I store it for now? Yeah, can't get it - but it's exactly what I want. And on sale.

Damn her.

Candle holders. Chrystal and stunning candle holders. I think you are probably well aware of how I feel about those.....

Wreaths. I need new ones.


Silk flowers and plants. Looked so real. Perfect.

Pots. I love pretty pottery pots.

It about killed me, and I know most anyone that knows me very well will not believe this but I did not so much as buy a single flower. Nothing. I walked out empty handed.

But it was absolute Tammi Torture. Damn. I even asked Cuz what the hell I ever did to her to put me through this.

The next thing you know, she'll be taking me to a damned shoe store.......

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December 28, 2006

Keep Him In Your Prayers

MilBlogger Wounded is the title I saw as soon as I clicked over at Smash's place this morning.

J.R. Salzman, a part of the Minnesota National Guard, has had to have his right arm amputated below the elbow. The post is up on his blog, Lumberjack In The Desert.

Go, leave a comment. Let him know he is in our thoughts and prayers. He's got a long road in front of him, and he deserves every bit of our support.

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An Endorsement

Ok, it's time for me to 'fess up.

I'm not all that much of a girly girl. Seriously. I'm not one to primp or do all those things most women do to stay beautiful. I never have.

Even back in my modeling days I just did what I had to - wash the damned make-up off - and go on. All those creames and gels and schtuff never made any sense to me.

Beauty (as it were) is wasted on the young. Trust me.

Part of that is because Mama never learned about that stuff (Amish, remember) and never talked to us about it. My friends and I were never the type to just hang out and do facials and crap. No way - there were parties to go to and trouble to find. We had great skin, why the hell did we need to do anything else?!?!

Fast forward to the present day. Holy Crap! Ladies, let me tell you, after 40 your skin starts to, well, not look so good. Now, I'm kinda lucky as I don't REALLY look my age. Yet. But it's starting to catch up with me. And I swore I am not going down without a fight.

So, driving to Mama's house a couple weeks ago I heard a commercial, again, for that ProActive. Being as I was driving I had all the time in the world to call and ask a few questions.

I told the girl I don't have bad acne. Never have. I just want to start taking better care of my skin. I've been spending a fortune in the last couple of years on "high end" schtuff and I'm not really seeing any difference. It may keep it from getting worse, but it certainly ain't getting better.

She ran through her speel. I listened. I asked questions. Then I was given a 60 day promise. If in 60 days I don't see a difference I get a FULL refund. Ok. I can live with that.

I placed the order. I got the stuff. Folks - I LOVE IT!!

It's easy to use, takes no time at all. That's important to me. If I've got to spend a half hour just cleaning my face I won't do it. Period. Oh, and it's perfect for all the traveling I have to do.

You get a months supply at a time. They mail it right to you. If you don't need the refill yet, just call and tell them and they'll wait for you to tell them when you do need it.

I've been using it about a week now. I see and FEEL a difference. My hope is that by the end of winter I can go back to not wearing foundation every day. I can see that happening. Easily.

Anyway - I just thought maybe someone out there is also looking for the same thing I was. My skin isn't bad, it just isn't what it was. Now, it's finally looking better. And it's not costing me a fortune or taking a ton of time. I'm glad I made that call. I already feel better.

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December 27, 2006

RIP President Ford

President Gerald Ford has passed away.

While not everyone agreed with him, and he was the butt of many a joke, he was our 38th President. In an era that was one of the toughest in recent history. The nation had lost it's trust. We were bruised and battered. He gave us calm.

Rest In Peace President Ford. Thank you for your service.


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She's Cookin' Now is a good day.

I slept like a baby, all the way to mid morning. I don't remember the last time I did that.

Right now, there's a beef stew simmering on the stove. I thought I'd surprise the family and make a nice dinner. It's a bit nippy down here today - for Florida. Beef Stew and biscuits just seemed like the right thing to do. Top it off with some good wine and I'm thinkin' dinner is gonna ROCK.

I've already decided to make Mexican Manicotti for Saturday night. It's something everyone likes (at least here) and I can make some uber hot and some mild (aka wimpy) so everyone gets some.

I'm sooooo enjoying getting back in the grove of cooking. Now that I've got a really good set of cookware I'm ready to go!!!

Dinner anyone?

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December 26, 2006

The Longest Day

I cannot begin to tell you how worn out I am right now.

I left the house mid-morning to take Maggie May in for adoption. Yeah, she wasn't really planning on cooperating. Bitch.

I get out to finish unloading my stuff to discover 5" of water on the floorboard on the passenger side. No, I didn't leave the window down. And yes, the weather stripping was in place. No clue as to what happened. It's a mystery.

I get everything cleaned up and we finally hit the road. Get to the dealer and well, lets just say it didn't go as smoothly as it should have.

To add pain to my misery Maggie May decided she was not going to cooperate. At all.

Her one remaining window that actually worked stopped working. The air and heat? Yeah. Nada. The only thing that was actually functioning on that car other than the engine was the trunk latch. It was horrible.

Anyway - to make a long story short, it took all friggen day. All day at the car dealer.

I was late meeting up with two of my favorite guys. I was sooooo looking forward to seeing and chatting with RSM while he was in the area - T1G arranged the whole thing and I was psyched. Yeah well, I got all of 15 mins with RSM and poor T1G stayed to keep me company while I drank a beer and wolfed down a couple of chicken fingers. Damn - I really wanted to spend some quality time with those two.....

Anyway - Maggie May is offically retired. I was actually a little teary leaving her behind, believe it or not. We've been through a lot, she and I. She was a great car for me. I'll miss her.

But I have a new baby now. She's very pretty. A little mysterious. Kinda sleek and sophisticated. I call her Lana.

It suites her.

But now? Now I settling in with a good Capt'n and Diet and watching a movie with my family. I doubt I'll make it much past the intro, but I'll give it my best shot.

Then tomorrow.....Lana and I are going to spend some time getting aquainted.

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Everything Changes

I was talkin' with Mama yesterday. Seems my nieces and nephew were a little disappointed in Christmas this year.

It's our fault really. Over the years, for one reason or another, we've spoiled them at Christmas. We'd kill ourselves to get them everything they wanted and an additional surprise on top of that.

We worked really hard to make Christmas extra special. In my family you decorate for the holidays. Seriously. We tried to make it a very FAMILY time. I've only missed 4 or 5 Christmas' at home in all the years.

Well, I guess the kids didn't realize that as you grow into adulthood, it's just not the same. Stuff costs more when you want to have nice things for your home. My oldest niece is getting ready to move into her first apartment so she wanted things for that. Well, you buy pots and pans, dishes, glasses and all that other stuff and there isn't much left over for clothes and purses. It's just the way it is.

Plus, with Mama being laid-up there wasn't any decorating done. In fact, the house is set up for her RIGHT NOW so it's even less Christmasy than you would expect.

I wasn't there. I never expected that they would miss me. But they did.

There was no baking done this year. THAT I can fix for next year. But this year? No candy or cookies. Just a ham dinner with a few boxes to open afterwards.

Sitting here with Cuz and her family we told some stories of Christmas past. Chirstmas eve presents and a big dinner. The excitment of Santa coming that night. The extended family gathering on Christmas afternoon. Tables and tables of food. Laughter and singing throughout Grandma's house. There was something so magical.

But as we grew and moved into our own lives it changed. Grandma just couldn't do those big meals anymore. Then, they had to go into the home. The holidays became more about our smaller circle. And some of the magic was gone.

Everything changes. And that kinda sucks. And I hate that this year was the year A realized that. It's just as tramatic in some ways as the year you discover the whole story of Santa Claus.

But, it's not all so bad. As things change theres the promise of new traditions. New magic. THAT is what is so special about this time of year. The secret of keeping life so full of hope. While you can never go back, what lies ahead could possibly be just as wonderful. You just have to believe.

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Lights. Camera. Action!

Last night Cuz and I spent the evening doing one of our favorite things. Watching movies. Some of our best times are spent hunkered down watching movie after movie after movie. And she has a boatload.

She has been on me to watch The Notebook. Just about every time I talk to her she brings that movie up. So last night I finally gave in. I was done fighting it.

Now, I had heard it was a great movie. I just haven't been in the mood to watch a sad love story. Not at all. I'm doing much better with action adventure. That or even a comedy. But a love story? Yeah, not so much.

But I gave in. We both got a big bowl of peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce and a blankey and settled back into the couch.

It was a great movie. Really it was. But NOT something I needed to see right now. Nope. That was a tactical error.

The story in so many ways reminded me of my parents. Cuz explained that was exactly why she wanted to watch it. But the ending? The ending is exactly what you WANT it to be. Not the reality that I know.

With tears pouring down my face I stand up to go out and smoke as the credits scrolled across the screen.


Cuz's response?

Yeah, It's great, isn't it?

Oh if only life were more like the movies sometimes.

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December 25, 2006

Christmas Morn

Well it's time to sit back and relax. It's been a pretty exciting day and a half.

Last night I was invited to participate in a traditional Checz Christmas. No - no devil showed up (damn it, that could have been fun!) Incredible food and drink and cookies and drink and presents. Oh and drink. :-)

Then we came back to Cuz's house and we adults opened presents. Everyone was WAY to generous. Guess what I got? Guess! Ok, I got a professional grade pots and pans set. WooHoo!!! Now, if it only makes me a better cook.....

This morning we got up and Junior got to open his gifts. There is nothing that means Christmas more than watching a sweet young one opening their gifts. The excitment. The wonder. Very Very Cool!!!!

I made breakfast for everyone. Popped in a french toast breakfast cassarole, fried up some sausage and potatoes and we all had a nice big breakfast.

Talked to Mama Vi. She actually was able to get out the Christmas Eve service yesterday. This morning my oldest niece is there helping to prepare Christmas dinner. I'm very proud of her...

Now we're just chillin' out. It's raining like crazy so it's a perfect day to hunker down with some candles and watch all the new movies we got.

It's soooo good to be here for Christmas. You know the sayin'.....

I'll be home for Christmas

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December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

My Christmas Wish for all of you -

Love that calms your soul
Joy that fills your heart



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December 23, 2006

Safe and Sound

Well, we made it.

Last night was the flippin' pits. It was fine until it started getting dark. Dark + me + driving? Yeah, not so good. Add in the rain, and well, let's just say I was never so glad to arrive someplace in one piece, ever.

Literally passed out in the room. Which, by the way, let me just tell you the new Holiday Inn Express in Lenoir City TN ROCKS!!! Beautiful rooms and everyone was just wonderful.

Anyway, met Johnny_Oh for a wonderful, but too short, breakfast and we were on the road again. It took just over 12 hours, between just a bit of engine trouble and 3 accidents (that I was NOT a part of, thankyouverymuch), a quick stop at Carmen's Love Shack, and I'm safely here at Cuz's house.

Tired and just so happy to not be driving. Thank y'all for your prayers, and phone calls. It all means more than I can say....

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December 22, 2006

It's Time

Ok - it's just about that time.

I'll be hitting the road in about an hour. Heading South and East.

But....this is what I'm gonna need for you to do......

Keep me (and Maggie May) in your thoughts and prayers. Seriously.

We need a couple of miracles. Really. We do.

We need traveling mercies and another issue has come up that I am just not able to blog about. But I sure could use a miracle.

Anyway - I'm heading to Knoxville TN tonite. I'll be sure and post so you know I made it. Then tomorrow? The long haul.

But Maggie and I, well, we've done this before. We'll just put on some tunes and head south. We'll take our time and spend (too much) time thinking about life.

Ok - we're outta here.......

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December 21, 2006

A Different Christmas Story

I've told y'all about Cuz. She's also Carmen's mom. (Just so you have the full connection) Well, her long time boyfried, Jerry, was born in Czechoslovakia. WE were chatting on the phone tonite talking about Christmas traditions and such, when he shared the following story.

He was a young boy back in Czecho in the 60's. Not many folks were fond of Santa Claus. In their culture he was Father Frost and came from Siberia. Being as Russia wasn't terribly popular at the time, the cold war and all, folks just kind of ignored the big guy.

But they did celebrate St. Nicholas Day.

Seems on St. Nicholas Day, St. Nicholas, dressed in Pope like robes, and the Devil, complete with horns and a tail, would come to the door.

If you were good, St Nicholas would give you candy. If you were bad, the devil would give you coal and sometimes even a spanking.

Now, I gotta tell you folks, if I had been threatened with a spanking from the devil as a child I would have made much more of an effort to be good. Ok, maybe not, but the thought would have been there.

Plus, this is kinda like a Two-fer. Two holidays all wrapped up in one. Halloween AND Christmas!!!

Anyway - I just thought that was a great story. I love to hear about other Christmas traditions.

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December 20, 2006

Open Mouth - Insert OTHER Foot

I work for a company that makes Children's Activity Sets - and has been a fairly big player in the arts and crafts industry for more than a few years.

That's why it was so damned funny when I called myself the "Anti Craft" the other day. Seriously, I might as well as said Anti Christ.

Anyway- today, I would say I stepped in it again, but I just think I sunk a little deeper. Yeah, that's probably the best way to put it.

We had our Holiday Luncheon this afternoon. Everyone was telling stories about their weekend. My boss, who knows I am a huge Buc's fan, was giving me grief about the big Buc's vs Bear's game on Sunday.

Tammi: Well, it's not like I got to watch it.

Boss: Why not?

Tammi: Mama is addicted to that damned HGTV. Heaven forBID she miss how to make some damned craft or such. Damn it - how many ways ARE there to make a wreath? For cryin' out loud........

Folks? Yeah, we do wreaths. And ornaments. And activity sets. And flowers.....

You get the picture.

I'm hoping he forgets all this before performance review time. Damn, I really am the Anti Craft.......

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Turn of Phrase

Most bloggers have tag lines. Mine? This is what I'm gonna need for you to do...." Kind of reflective of who I am, my sense of humor.

Many people in general have nicknames. Given to us or adopted by us over the years. They tell stories. Stories of actions done, mistakes made, or just something funny that stuck like glue.

I've got a few nicknames that have lasted throughout the years. Linus and Bam being the two most often used. I've just been graced with a new one - Lady T. I actually kinda like that one.

Well, the same thing happens at work. Especially in the industry I work in. Your company has a TagLine and your customers actually associate that tag line with you, their rep.

At Tropicana I was known as Tropicana Tammi. Kinda catchy. But what most folks remembered me by was my favorite expression - "there's no such thing as a Juice Emergency". Not bad when that phrase stands alone. But, well, let me continue.....

At Simmons - the mattress folks - the last tag line I was associated with was......."Changing Lives, night after night." Yeah, that one got a lot of attention, can I tell you?

So we've got No Juice Emergency and Changing Lives, night after night.......Wait! I'm not done yet.....

Today we had a meeting to prepare for a show we're going to in NYC in February. It's Toy Fair. My boss and I were the only two there from sales. As we sat in the meeting my boss makes the announcement that "Tammi is our Toy Girl".

Yeah. That's what he said.

So.....No Juice emergency, but I'm chaging lives night after night, cause I'm the Toy Girl.

I'm making a note not to make Campbells Soup the next company I work with - "Ummm Ummmm Good" - yeah, my reputation would be completely trashed!

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I just hate that word. Seriously. My deepest most sacred wish is that no one EVER feels like they are obligated to me for anything. Ever.

And you want to get my back up? Easy, simply tell me I am obligated to do something. I will dig my heels in like there is no tomorrow.

I was trying to figure out why that word bothers me so much. I think it's because there is no joy or happiness associated anywhere with an obligation. It's a chore. There is usually resentment involved. How negative is that?!

And Christmas time is the worst for that. It's called gifts. I buy who I want what I want. I try to find something unique and personal and usually I enjoy shopping for each person on my list.

This year? Well, I'm kind of disgusted. Let me see if I can explain.

I've worked in many an office over the years. Usually gifts from my boss consist of gift certs for resturants, Bath & Body Works, movies. $25. Not necessary by any means, but it sure is nice that they thought of me.

Well, in my new job I'm managment. Ok. So, I wanted to get my assistants something. Something they will enjoy. I ask one of the other managers what the tradition is here in this company.

They usually spend $50 a person. $50!!! A PERSON.

There are people in my family I can't spend that on. That's just flat out insane.

So, my quandry I do what I planned in the first place and spend between $15 - $30 per assistant (there are 6) or do I go with the flow, as it were?

I've been made to feel that I am OBLIGATED to go with the flow. Yeah, you can imagine just how well THAT went over with me. But I actually kept my mouth shut.

I'm buckin' the system. I'm doing what I have had in mind all along. And I'm hoping that the girls I work with will be like I was in their position. Happy to be thought of, not upset because I didn't buy them a new Porshe. It really is the thought that counts in my book. It's not a popularity contest, it's Christmas.

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December 19, 2006

Three Words

Congestive Heart Failure.

Yeah, it just keeps getting just a bit worse for Mama Vi.

Luckily they are already seeing an improvment on the fluid around her heart, but damn it. Can't the woman catch a break?!?!

Oops - guess I should have phrased that a bit differently. Sorry.

Anyway - that's the latest and greatest on Mama Vi.

Me? I'm kinda like a mushroom. In the dark and all. I just wait for the phone to ring and for someone to decide to tell me something. My hope is that when they do, they speak actual English and not medical-ese so I can understand what the hell they are talking about.

If I seem kinda cranky over the next few days, I'm sure you understand. I figure I'll sleep......Saturday. Yeah, I should be able to sleep pretty damned good on Saturday.

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Christmas Meme

You can just about imagine my surprise when I discovered I was tagged for a Christmas Meme. By Contagion!! Actually, it was just about perfect timing. I'm sorta kinda busy right now so this is just about the perfect kind of post for me. Plus, usually I am ALL about the Christmas!

So, let's get started, shall we........

1.Wrapping paper or gift bags? Everyone would LIKE me to use bags, and I usually do. To save embarrassment. But certain presents I'll wrap. Just so *I* feel they are a bit more special.

2.Real tree or artificial? I've never had a real tree, so I'm not a good judge. I do like how easy it is with the artificial. So, I guess I'm a fake kinda gal.

3.When do you put up the tree? USUALLY the weekend of Thanksgiving.

4.When do you take the tree down? The weekend after New Years.

5.Do you like eggnog? I've never tried it. Ever. I bought some last year, but sent it home with someone. Never had the first sip.

6.Favorite gift you received as a child? My first "grown-up" stereo. Daddy had bought it for me just before he died. Mama had it wrapped under the tree from the two of them.

7.Do you have a nativity scene? Yes. I actually have several, but my favorite.....A hand painted ceramic set that Mama did. It's pretty similar to the one she has, just beautiful. If I ever get to set it up again I'll post pictures.

8.Hardest person to buy for? Cuz. Simply because she'll buy herself anything she wants. Hell - she told me the other day she went and bought herself some clothes just that afternoon. Arrggghhhh.....

9.Easiest person to buy for? I have a friend that I have a million things I could buy. So many gadgets, and cool things I see. It's almost impossible to narrow it down. A true test of my self control.......

10.Mail or email Christmas cards? I used to be so good at mailing out my cards. I haven't even done email in the last couple of years. But if I'm on my game, yeah, I mail. The first weekend of December.

11.Worst Christmas gift you ever received? My ex husband tried to trick me one year. He bought me a ring. It was the only Christmas present he ever bought me. He put it in a fancy ring box and told me he bought it at one of the more upscale jewlers. It was too big so we went to our local jewler to get it sized. They had an entire tray of the exact same ring, for $12.99. AND the owner of the shop made a big deal asking if his "neice" liked what he had picked out - before he realized it was actually for me. Yeah, not my favorite gift.....

12.Favorite Christmas movie? Miracle on 34th Street. I Believe!

13.When do you start shopping? This year I bought my first present in July. Usually it's around the first of October. But I pretty well know what I want to get folks way before then.

14.Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yep. That's why I love the grab bag tradition at work.

15.Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Fudge. And buckeyes. And Peppermint Bark. And keflies.

16.Clear lights or colored on the tree? I use colored lights on my tree. I keep thinking I'll try all clear one day, but I doubt it. Most of my tree is red and white so the colors just add that special punch.

17.Favorite Christmas song? Religious - Angels We Have Heard on High. Secular - Feliz Navadad

18.Travel at Christmas or stay home? This year I can't WAIT to travel. But I really love staying home usually.

19.Can you name all of Santa’s Reindeers? No, no I can't. And I am VERY ashamed.

20.Angel on the tree top or a star? Angel. Always.

21.Open the presents on Christmas ever or morning? Either. I don't care. Usually it's before the big morning. I can't wait to give folks their gifts. Plus, you always have Santa's presents to open and the stockings to check out.

22.Most annoying thing about this time of year? The way people behave. It's like they've lost all sense.

23.Do you have Jebus in your heart this Christmas? :-) That I can't top Contagions answer. But seriously, yes. I do.

24.What would you like for Christmas? Peace of mind. Mama to feel better. Things to be like they were even 5 years ago. But realistically? Jammies, my favorite body spray, a really good set of hot curlers......

Alrighty then - that was kinda fun. And, I'm told to spread the joy of the holiday meme to five others..

1) SarahK - cause I know she's as Christmasy as I (usually) am.

2) Christina - because I really do have your back darlin'!!!

3) Teresa - probably the one thing we never discussed in depth - Christmas.

4) Army Wife - I want to see how many I guessed wrong on her's.

5) Carmen - because she OBVIOUSLY needs something to post on other than my love of shoes!!

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December 18, 2006

Tough Weekend

Back into the regular routine. What a draining weekend. I don't know how folks do it on a regular basis.

I have to be honest. It really wasn't the best of weekends. Mama's kinda cranky - understandably. She's still in a lot of pain. Plus some other things have come up that could be issues. She's back to the doctor this morning.

She told me her Christmas wish is to NOT be here for her next birthday. My response was to ask "Where the hell do you plan on being? Arizona?"

Probably not the best way to handle that little issue. She painstakingly explained that she is tired. She's done fighting (with everyone and everything but me so it seems!). She wants to go "home". We then spent a large portion of the evening Saturday making a list of who she wants to have what when she's gone. This is about the 9th time we've made this list, BTW.

At one point she told me she'd like for me to take Cuz a certain plant and holder that she has been wanting. By then, I just about couldn't take anymore. ass Tammi says..."Oh, she can just get it when she comes up for the funeral".

Nice. Nice one.

We're scaling back Christmas. Mama informed me that she had to cancel my present. I'm alright with that, really. Especially when she told me it was a portion of the NutriSystem program. Yes, NutriSystem, the weight loss folks.

Wonderful. That REALLY made me feel good.

I cooked. I cleaned. I didn't sleep because I was so afraid of oversleeping and her missing her medicine.

I cried. When I could sneak away so she didn't see.

She tried to show me where she fell. That's a big thing in our family - showing off your wounds. I'm not real good with that. I feel too much empathy. It makes my stomach cringe. It's almost like I can actually feel the pain. So, as she was showing me the many horrible bruises she has I had to turn away. I hate to think of her hurting that bad. Yeah, not the right kind of reaction, just so you know. It was decided that I'm pretty much worthless. Well, except for the cooking and cleaning part.

And I'm exhausted. Like I said, I don't know how anyone could do that on a regular basis. I don't have it in me. Not at all.

So yeah, that was my weekend. This week is all about closing out the year here at work and getting ready for that drive south this weekend.

But today I may just curl up on the floor here under my desk and sleep. I figure I've earned it.

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December 17, 2006

Quick Note!

Sneaking in a quick post here at Mama Vi's. It's been a busy weekend.

I've done 6 loads of laundry, cooked a big ole pot of chili, done the rest of her Christmas shopping - AND wrapped everything. Cleaned a bathroom and a kitchen (twice). And I'm not done yet.

I will tell you this, if I ever have to watch HGTV again within the next decade or so, I will lose my mind. Holy Crap.

Oh, and the Bears are playing my beloved Bucs today. You can bet I'm not getting a chance to watch that one. For cryin' out loud someone may invent a new way to make wreaths or hang pictures. We can't POSSIBLY miss THAT.


Ok better go. My cookies are done and I need to clean up the kitchen - again.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend. GO BUCS. It may not matter in the overall scheme of things - but it's a matter of pride!!!!!

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December 16, 2006

Saturday Question

On Saturdays I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: What is your VERY favorite part of the holiday season?

For me, that is a tough one. I love Christmas. I love the music, the decorating, the shopping for just that special thing for that special someone. I love the goodies, the time spent with loved ones. All of it. I love it all.

This year is weird. Other than that couple of days right after Halloween I haven't heard any Christmas music at all - except for what I'm finding on the blogs. I never set my stereo up here and the CD player doesn't work on the computer so it's been kinda quiet.

The only decoration I have up is a beautiful Santa Harvey and TNT brought me when they came for Thanksgiving. I collect them (Santas, not Harvey & TNT) and this one is beautiful. But no tree, no garland, no lights, no angels. Nada. Kinda sparse around here.

I didn't do any baking this year (again). No candy, no bars, no special cookies. One, who will eat them other than me? And I sure as hell don't need 'em. But ohhhh I love the smell of a home when there is baking going on.

But I have to say, the one thing I am very excited about is the giving of the gifts. I love to give things. Really. I love finding just that right thing that someone won't really expect but that I'm pretty sure they'll love. I always make a point of giving something that will MEAN something. Be it a joke thats been shared, something I know they've admired but wouldn't think to get for themselves. Or just something that every time I see it I think of them. I try to get something that I like also, because it's a gift. From me. I don't want someone to think WTF??!! every time they see it.

So - for me my very favorite part of the holidays is giving gifts to those I love. What about you? What's your favorite part???

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The Round Robin Begins

So I'm off to Mama Vi's.

She's hungry for chili so I'll make a pot of that for her. That and I'll clean a bit and do some laundry, you know - schtuff.

I might just make some cookies and such while I'm there. You know, to fill the time and give her a little somethin' to snack on. We'll see if she lets me do that in her kitchen. She's a tad bit cranky right now......

I just realized I somehow missed purchasing some gifts that I need for the holidays. Not exactly sure how that happened. I was so on my game this year. Damn

But I've booked my hotel for my drive down to Florida on Friday. My goal is to make it to the Knoxville area that day. Normally that would be no problem, but you never know. Comin' home is still up in the air. Oh, I'm comin' back, just not sure where I'll stop that first night out.

Ok, I better get my ass in gear. It's a decent haul this morning, I've got errands to run and I don't want to keep Mama waiting.

Y'all have a great weekend. I'll pop in as I can.

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Did you ever wonder....

.....why the shortest day of the year (Winter Solstice) is JUST before Christmas? Right smack dab in the middle of the busiest season of the year?

Who ever planned that is on my list. And I ain't talkin' the GOOD list either......

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December 15, 2006

It shouldn't be funny - but it is




Chrystal is ready to have her baby. I mean REALLY READY. And has a wonderful turn of phrase, don't cha think?

And here's a post that combines teaching her daughter to play cards with inducing labor. LOL funny. Well, at least the way she tells it!

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Told Ya So!

Saw this headline this morning:

Study Finds Laughter Is Truly Contagious

"Laughter is contagious, and U.K. scientists say they've identified how your brain is "infected" by mirth.

Researchers at University College London (UCL) found that hearing laughter and other positive sounds trigger a response in the area of the brain that's activated when we smile.

"It seems that it's absolutely true that 'laugh, and the whole world laughs with you'," Dr. Sophie Scott, of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL, said in a prepared statement."

I've based most of my adult life - career and personal - on this very belief.

It's nice when I'm finally proven right.

Not like it happens all that often......

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It was the summer I turned 16

It's amazing. Someone can post a story and WHAM you're a million miles and many years away.

Go over and read this post at AW's. Then come back over hear and I'll share MY story.

It's a very small world. AW and I are not exactly the same age. She grew up in Nebraska, me in Northern Indiana. The summer she was 16 I was married and playing Mom. Still - she is exactly describing my 16th summer.

I detasseld corn. Hated it, but I did it. It was considered a rite of passage. Mama said it built character. Damn, maybe that's what went wrong.

I worked at Bonanaza. Started out cashiering, ended up knowing every inch of that resturant. Open, Closing, peak hours. Didn't matter. I could do anything they needed me to.

But oh, the Tammi Time. Driving to my friend's house to pick her up and head to the lake. My Ponitac Ventura, bought by my own sweat and blood. Spending every minute at the lake. Tanned and toned. Sippin' beer or Mt. Dew during the day. Slippin' on our party clothes and pickin' up Mr Beam or some gin for those hot summer nights.

Nothing was more important that what we were going to do that night after work. What party? Whose car were we taking?

Now, the only thing that was different for me was I didn't date. My nickname was Ms. Webster and I took a lot of slack because I planned on going to college. You didn't do that in the crowd I ran with. You took a job at one of the local factories. You married whoever you were with when you graduated and you had babies. Period.

Oh, and I was tall. And shy. Yeah, no dating for me. But lots of crushes.

Skinny dippin'. That memory makes me laugh. There is a certain political candidate whose family owned a home on a pond near where we ran around. I lost count of how many times I had a police "escort" removing me from that property. If he's elected President, maybe I should drop him a line, he might just remember me. :-)

Cruisin'. Oh we loved cruisin'. Sittin' in the parking lot at Ben Franklin's. Drinkin' our Beam and Coke, music blarin', talkin' smack. Got in my first fight in that parking lot. A girl called my best friend a whore. She was, but no one was gonna say it out loud in front of me. Yeah, she never did that again. Still won't talk to me and it's been almost 30 years.

My 16th summer changed my life. Before that I was in church 3 or 4 times a week, and hardly ever cursed. I sang on the revival circuit for our church. I was what you would call a Good Girl.

That summer? I found attitude. I found freedom. I found more than my share of trouble, and the luck that keeps a young girl out of even more. It was a summer of friendships and pranks. Broken hearts and dreams. Comin' home as the sun was comin' up and never missing a beat.

AW asks if we remember. Yeah, yeah I do. Thank you for asking.

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Needs no words from me....

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December 14, 2006

I'm So Fickle

Ok, I think I've mentioned a time or twelve that in less than 2 weeks I will be pickin' up my new car.

Well, new to me car that is.

I think I found it today. I called and put a hold on it. Ya wanna know what I picked out?

new baby.jpg

It's a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix. Now, the color in the picture is off. The one I reserved is a blue/green. I love that color and it's unusual so I can find it easier in a parking lot.

I know it's not what I originally wanted. But it'll be 100x better than what I have now. AND it fits me. Literally. Good leg/head room. That's important.

I'm pretty excited. Can you tell? hapydanc.gif

Hmmm....does that make me fickle??

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Dance With Me

I've usually got some sort of music running through my head. It's been that way for as long as I can remember.

But I found years ago that I focus better if I have music actually playing when I'm focused on a task.

Here at the new digs sound carries a little too well, so there are no radios/music allowed. It's only being considerate.

Well, I really enjoy my day better and get more done with a tune or two. Being on the phone a lot I have to think outside the box a little to make myself happy.

So what you see when you walk by my office is me, sitting in front of the computer, with one earbud in my right ear and my iPod shuffle plugged into my laptop. That way I can hear my music, still hear if someone comes in AND answer the phone. Perfect solution, if I may say so myself. Looks kinda weird to see me with the phone up to one ear and the bud in the other, but what the hell.

What is REALLY cracking people up is the fact that I can't sit still. I chair dance. Yep, so here I sit, all plugged in and dancing.

It's no wonder most of my days are so good. Well, and why my team mates think I'm sorta strange, but I'm used to that!

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And THEN what happened?

Bitterroot may be "new" to blogging - but the man can tell a story.

Had me on the edge of my seat.

Well Done Sir. Oh, and welcome to the family!!!

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Why, Thank You

There's a girl at work who is a tad bit overwhelmed. Bless her heart, she's really getting a bit of a raw deal right now.

Anyway, I check on her every now and again just to kind of keep her focused and help her remember to laugh every once in a while. It helps.

The other day I ran into her in the hallway and asked how she was doing.

Her reply?

"I need to come sit in your office for a while and take Bitch Lessons."

I took that as a compliment. Oh yes I did.

Later that same day, I was trying to work with someone on a line-up for a new customer. Finally, after much frustration from trying to get them to think of things in a different light I blurt out "Listen. I don't care about the craft retailers. Do Not Care. I, am the Anti-Craft."

Right about that time, my friend comes walking around the corner and laughingly says - See. I told you. Bitch lessons.

Yep. High Praise Indeed.

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We've been pretty lucky this winter. One hellofa storm, but other than that? Pretty easy.

Thank goodness. Maggie May didn't need the stress. Of course, there's still a little over a week to go, and anything could happen.....

But that leads me to somethin' that just really made me laugh.

Someone is comin' home for a while during the holidays. I didn't even need a post to let me know. Ya wanna know why? Do ya?

Well, it's pretty easy to tell. No, the town didn't put out any banners (yet). No, Fritz didn't rent a flashing sign. Not even the increase in police cruisers in the area did it.

Nope. It was as simple as the fact that all the snow is gone. Gone. 15" and now.....nothin'. Just a few piles left from the plowing.

Oh, and did I mention it's warmer. Hell, I didn't even need to wear a coat the last couple of days.

Yea, just like this past July - the weather always tells......

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December 13, 2006

Just Deal With It

Mama Vi's visit to the doctor went pretty much as we expected.

He told her several times, in several ways that she will never be the same.

He told there isn't much that can be done.

He told her to pray for a miracle.

She took the news better than anyone expected. Oh, she's still pretty damned depressed, and in a lot of pain. But I did get her to laugh a bit yesterday so she's not completely in a black hole.

I'm going over there this weekend to cook up some meals to freeze and putter around the house. It's spotless, but if we don't keep up on it, it won't be for long. Plus that's all I really know how to do. Cook, clean and make people laugh. I'm not real good at the whole nursing thing.

But I have to tell you, I'm feeling a little guilty. Guilty that I won't be there for the holidays.

Now everyone understands that I HAVE to get a car. Everyone knows why I'm doing it the way I am and agrees that it's the very best option.

But isn't it ironic that I moved up here to increase family time, be closer in case there were any issues and I'm leaving for a little over 2 weeks right smack dab in the middle of what is about the worst thing that could happen?

Yeah, I'm feeling a little guilty.

And to make matters worse, my travel schedule starts to pick up again after the first of the year. All those shows. And they all include Sunday travel. Which means no trips to Mama's on the weekends. No time.

Yeah, I'm really feeling guilty.

Life never flows along as expected. We're always gonna see a curve ball or three. And I guess the only way to deal with it is to do just that - deal with it. We do what we can do. Give what we have to give. It's all that can be expected - by others and by ourselves.

But damn, guilt sure does suck.

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My Own Worst Enemy

I've been chewing on this post now for almost a week. I wasn't going to put it out here, as I didn't want anyone to misunderstand. But you know how you get something in your head and it just won't shut up until you write about it? Yeah, I think about this all the time.

Harvey put up a couple of pictures back on the 7th. Talking about women and what's hot and what's not. If you haven't seen it, click here and just take a look. Then read the comments.

Now, let me tell you what I thought when I saw that. The 2nd picture? Yeah, I didn't see a damned thing wrong with it. Nothing. That was what I saw in the mirror every day for longer than anyone realizes. And I liked it. It was what I went to the gym for. It was the way I WANTED to look.

And now, a few years later? I looked at that and thought how much I wish I looked like that still. Given the chance I'd look like that again. In a heart beat.

Then I read the comments. I was floored. Amazed. Confused. I couldn't believe I was in the minority.

Now - I do NOT want any comments on how I look healthier now, or anything. This post isn't about that. It's about how common sense is often times over ruled. It's about how self persception is difficult to change.

I haven't indulged in any "eatting issues" for well over 3 years. And have been at what the doctors refer to as a healthier weight for about 5 years now. But it's like with an Alcoholic. The thought doesn't leave. The craving to be perfect is still a daily struggle. And yes, I did say the craving to be perfect. No matter what YOU saw when you looked at that photo, I saw perfection. No body fat. No lumps. Perfect. That's why I was so suprised by reading what other people saw.

Old habits die hard. Sometimes a reminder is good.

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I Scared Him Off

We moved into the new building at work on Monday. Wow. WOW. It's really nice. Actually, nicer than any office I've worked in, and honestly, that's saying something.

And it's all new construction. Brand spanking new. New carpets, new counters, new desks, even the damned warehouse is pretty impressive. Flat screen TVs mounted on the walls every where you turn. Sitting areas with couch's as an alternative to meeting rooms. Oh, we have meeting rooms - complete with screens for video conferencing. Like I said. Very cool.

But with new construction there are a few bumps. Like no coffee. None. The plumber didn't show up over the weekend to hook the water up and that machine is all we got in the entire facility.

Think about that for just a moment. Me. No coffee. Yeah, not so good.

So finally on Tuesday I heard a rumor the plumber was there. I grab my coffee mug and head to the refreshment area. Coming down the hall I see the plumber. I stop and said (ok, it came out a holler, but I thought I was using my inside voice) "Are you the plumber?"

He looks up, actual fear in his eyes. "Yes Ma'am."

"Are you fixin' THIS?" (pointing to the coffee machine)

"Yes Ma'am."

"Dude, You ROCK!!!!" (walking over and givin' him five)

Folks, he actually flinched. He thought I was going to hit him.

Finally he realized what I was doin', smiled and joined it.

However, when I left yesterday there was still no coffee.

I sure hope I didn't scare him off. That probably wouldn't look too good on my performance review.

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December 12, 2006

Too Close To Home

I'm a little late on chiming in about about the latest plot-o-terror that was thwarted this past Friday, but that is not going to stop me from putting my .02 cents in.

I was sitting at the gate at O'Hare waiting for my plane when I happened to glance up at the television. They usually have it on CNN and this was no exception. I can't hear what they are sayin' but the headline read "Plot to blow up malls in Chicago area thwarted" or something to that extent.

It certainly got my attention. My mind started going through the malls, and I realized the Woodfield Mall was very likely one of the targets - especially if it was Chicago Land.

The Woodfield Mall?? Oh Hell No. That's where my Tall Girl Shop is. Those bastards blow up my Tall Girl Shop and I'll be at boot camp quicker than you can say Sorry Sucker and doin' me some huntin'. I just found that damned store.

Later that evening I was clickin' through the blogosphere and saw Contagion's post on the event. THAT was when I realized it wasn't CHICAGO. It was ROCKFORD. It was MY MALL!!

The mall that is within a 30 minute drive to The Belfry. The mall where my delightful hairdresser works. The only decent shopping within an hour of home.

F*ck That!!!

Later in the weekend I saw where Harvey linked to more information about what happened and why. Yes the guy was a nut case, an idiot some would say. But he was determined. He had a plan and the weapons to pull it off.

But....and THIS is what sincerely pissed me off the most....they kept saying Chicago. I was in Arkansas and all the coverage I found said Chicago Land.

But it was Rockford. Just a city like any other city in America. It could have been South Bend. It could have been Tulsa. It could have been ANY CITY.

But the media continues to give us the impression that the only danger in this country from terrorism is in the big cities. That is ABSOLUTELY wrong. And we need to remember that.

The enemy is in our home. He's not just sittin' at the dinning room table or in the living room waiting for us. He's hiding in the closets, he's in the back storage room in the basement. It's too late to lock the door - he's already here. And I don't know about you, but I'm not leaving so he can have the house. This is MY HOME and No ONE will make me afraid to be here.

The entire point I'm trying to make is we ALL need to be vigilant. Not vigilanties but vigilant. And don't assume it'll never happen in your town. They're here. They're focused. They're determined to kill us. So just be aware of what's going on around you.

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Wax On, Wax Off

**Obviously, I have coding issues as well as a lack of photographic skill. The really offensive picture wasn't loading, but I fixed it now. I don't know whether to apologize for having it there or for having messed it up.....

Ok, let me just start out by saying I am the worst photographer ever. Seriously. I really thought I took some good pictures this trip. Yeah, not so much. How on earth I blurred the damned wax figures I have no idea. It's not like they were movin' all that fast......or WERE they?

And just so ya know, AW thought it was just as creepy there as I did.

Anyway, I'm home from one of the best weekends I've had in forever. Seriously. There is just something about being around a FAMILY. And then being made to feel like you're a part of that family. Damn. It was exactly what I needed.

But instead of waxing poetic, let me tell you a bit about our trip to Hot Springs. We started off with a wonderful latin lunch. Let me tell you, one thing that AW and I share is a real love of food. It was fantastic. But there was sooo much to see, so many places we wanted to get too. Because the first thing we spotted upon our arrival into the city of Hot Springs was the wax museum. But that, that had to wait......

We walked the streets of Hot Springs. No wait - not like that. We were gawking. And you would have too. I saw a red headed, one toothed ho. THAT was entertaining. And it was all down hill from there.

Then we hit the Arlington Hotel. OK, we didn't atually HIT it. We went inside, looked around and left. The one thing we noticed was the lack of holiday decorations. It was sorta pathetic, if I may be so bold. (this from the woman who hasn't decorated for two years. I know, I know - people, glass houses, stones....but still....)

After the run through at the hotel we just couldn't wait one more minute to see that wax museum. We had been talking about it for weeks. The anticipation was almost paletable. Seriously.

Now - remember.....before you click into the extended entry. I really do take horrible pictures. Folks have tried to help me, but I'm a point and click kinda gal.


First I'll share a picture of a redition we swear is AW and I - we were kinda surprised to see a display in the museum already, I mean really. We're "big time bloggers" and all, but I figured they'd wait until we at LEAST did the Jay Leno show......

sleepy and dopey.jpg

And NO - I'm not going to tell you which is which!!!

Now, seriously, as you arrive at the museum (and you have to know how difficult it is to call it that...) you take an escalator up to the top floor. At the top of the floor is, well, I guess a picture is the only way to describe it.....


I was speechless. Just speechless. Jesus? In a Wax Museum? I had issues with it.....

What you can't see behind really well is the display of the Last Supper. Complete with name tags. I'd put that picture up, but because of the lighting, AW came out looking slightly deranged and you can't see the figures at all. (and that is all because I'm soooo bad with the camera, she really wasn't deranged. Really) Oh, and so you know - we couldn't stop laughing over the name tags. We're not real sure WHY we thought that was so funny but we did. And this was all just at the top of the stair. We still had a loooonnnnnngggggg way to go.

We continue past the religious displays and around the corner we see.....

c of h.jpg

Oh, there was no way in HELL we were missing this!!!

It was extra EXTRA dark, and can I just say gory? Yeah, gory. And gross. Unfortunetly none of the pictures turned out all that well, really bad. You can't see anything.

So - we stumble, due to extreme laughter, through the Hall-O-Horrors to get to possibly the scariest display in the entire place. Brace yourselves. I refuse to actually POST it so you'll have to click - I don't want to be responsible for spreading the terror! Please note: I was sayin "this is what I'm gonna need for you to do..." but somehow I don't think she was buyin' it.

Next we come to yet another religious display. But at least we weren't offended by this one. AND we actually knew who it was!


Finally we get to the "make believe" part of the tour. Yeah, like there was a big difference there....

Anyway - as I came around the corner I see THIS -


Scared the SHIT outta me!

Then I saw the rest of the display and it explained everything.

red queen.jpg

Who wouldn't look like that livin' with a Red Queen?!?!?!?

Anyway - that's about all I can tell you about the wax museum. My therapist is waiting and I'm probably gonna need a couple extra sessions.......

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December 11, 2006

Delay in the Scheduled Programming

Tonite. I promise. Some pictures of our trip to Hot Springs will be posted tonite.

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Update on Mama Vi

I thought I ought to update y'all on how Mama is doing. She hurts. A lot. But she's been kind of fiesty the last couple times I've spoken with her and that is a good sign. A sign that maybe all that fight hasn't really gone out of her.

My sister picked up one of those lift chairs for her and much to my surpise she LOVES it! I really thought her pride would interfere with that whole thing but it didn't. And it allows her to sit/sleep comfortably. Well, more comfortable than she was.

She has a doctor's appointment this week with a specialist. None of us really think we'll hear anything different than what they said at the hospital, but it'll be nice to get another opinion.

Oh - and my friend is going to stop by to visit with her after work. THAT really puts my mind at ease. Mama loves her to pieces and they will both enjoy that visit. Plus it'll give me a clearer view of what is going on over there.

Anyway - so that's what we have right now. The good news is that she's resting better and doin' everything the doctor told her to. I hate that she still hurts so bad, but she IS following instructions. Ohhh it's going to be a long LONG winter.

I told her last night maybe I ought to buy her one of those recorders so she can dictate letters for me to type while she's sitting there. She LOVED that idea!

Bless her heart.

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December 10, 2006

The Good, The Bad, The - oh what the hell....

The good news is we survived our jaunt to Hot Springs.

The bad news is I forgot the chord for the camera so you'll have to wait until tonite for pictures.

But let me just tell you this....we put the HOT into Hot Springs.

Ok, maybe we just put the SPRING into Hot Springs.

Alright alright alright we managed to put the OHHHHHH into hOt Springs. But it sure was fun.

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December 09, 2006

Southern Hospitality

I've never felt more welcome. Honestly. Nothing against anywhere else I've been, but there is nothing on earth like how I've been treated since I landed here in the land of Ark.

I got off of the plane and found my way to the terminal. I spot this very pretty lady in pink just grinning like the cat that ate the canary. I think I may have hurt her when I hugged her, I hope not. Anyway, of course the plane was late and all I could say was how sorry I was to make them wait.

As we round the corner I see DH and the Collective. Precious. Absolutely precious. And yes, DH was too but I don't think I would actually say that to his face.

Dashing Sir Rowland came up and gave me a big hug, all the while telling me how happy he was that I came to visit and how he loved me. How sweet is that? Pink Ninja was playin' shy - at first. Trust me, she is now sharing lots of hugs and kisses. And smiles. Ohhhhh that is one sweet little princess.

We got to the house and had a chance to hang out and chat. Like I said, it's so surreal. I talk to her for hours a day. But to talk face to face is just....different. Good. But different.

Last night her DH sent us out for dinner. It was incredible. I had the grouper with horseradish and seasoned bread crumbs. Holy Shit. I warned the waiter (who was a doll baby btw) that it had better be damned good grouper. I'm from Florida, I know good grouper. He promised I would love it. He was right.

We each had a drink and talked and talked and talked. The view of the river was breath taking and the conversation was fantastic. Finished up our evening out with a tour of the city and decided it was time to head home.

A tall margarita, the company of a entertaining, intelligent gentleman and well, it was just so good we didn't want it to end. We're all sitting aound the living room, AW and I with laptops out, telling stories and well, just enjoying the company.

And that was just the first evening. Holy Cow. This morning lots of hugs and kisses for Dash Sir Rowland and Pink Ninja, coffee - with creamer - and a fabulous breakfast and we're just about ready to start today's adventure. We girls are off to Hot Springs.

We're takin' this show on the road. Should be real interesting.

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December 08, 2006


I made it.

Right now AW and I are curled up in the living room, in our jammies, listening to her DH tell us stories, talking and laughing.

Dinner was fabulous.

It's just so surreal. Sitting here, hearing her voice, but seeing her. That is very surreal.

Tommorw? Hot Springs.

Now excuse me - we got some more stories to tell.

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On A Lighter Note

Ok - Mama was adament that I still head out on my mini adventure. Adament being an understatment.

So......I'm trying to finish packing. I don't have any room for clothes. It's hysterical. I've got birthday presents and Christmas crafts - and barely enough room for my underwear.

But I will make this work. I am, afterall Tammi. Where there's a will there's a way.

And in all honesty this weekend is exactly what I need. Even more so now.

So - I'm off to figure out how to zip this bag closed and then head out to the airport. By 4:00 this afternoon I will be hugging The Collective and chatting with my dear friends.

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this!

Oh, and stay tuned. I'm more than a little sure we'll have an adventure or two that might just be blogable. Maybe. There's a possibility.

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Just a break. Just one break.

This post is probably a bit heavy for a Friday, but with what happened to Mama yesterday I just need to work through some of my thoughts and feelings.

My faith has always been a very personal thing for me. I'm not one to stand on a soapbox and preach but I also have no issue what so ever talking about what I believe and why. I just have one rule. I won't try and make you think/believe the way I do and I expect that to be reciprecated. Period.

My view of God is as a father. And my view of a father is someone loving and kind yet with rules that must be followed. For every action there is a reaction and a good parent knows that failure can be a learning experience.

I've never been one to blame God for any of the bad in my life. I also know to be grateful when there is good. I believe he doesn't PUNISH us with the bad, it's just a reaction born from a choice we made.

That all being said, I'm just in agony for my poor mother.

She has had such a difficult life. Growing up for her was not a cake walk. Not by any stretch of the imagination. She left home young. Made it on her own with little education and just a heart full of love for a man her family hated.

Their wedding day they both had injuries. Daddy had a broken arm, Mama a pretty bad burn on hers. They spent their honeymoon driving Daddy's truck cross the state since he couldn't shift by himself.

Money wasn't something we've ever had in abundance. Not that it was evident, they both had a gift for making the most with what we had. But yeah, money worries were constant.

Her main wish in life was to have a family. She had at least 8 miscarraiges before they finally just told her she could never have a child of her own. Believe me when I tell you, I know that was a kick in the ass. Having had a miscarraige myself and now not being able to have children - I know. But she didn't let it keep her down. Instead, Mama and Daddy went about having a family the only way possible for them at that time. They adopted.

She lost several brothers and sisters at a young age. Young being her in her 30's and they in their late 20's early 30's. But again, she was the strength in the family. She is the oldest Daughter and made sure that the family remembered with love those that are gone, and not dwell on the loss itself.

She lost the love of her life at the age of 40. Her baby brother at the same time.

She was left alone to raise two girls by herself. Family wasn't really there to help. Mainly because her pride wouldn't allow her to ask for that help.

So many of her friends stopped coming around. They didn't know what to say. They didn't know how to help. But that didn't stop her. She gave us girls the best that she had.

Her oldest daughter had some issues. Eating disorders, breakdowns and drugs/alcohol were all things Mama had to learn about via a crash course. But she did the best she could. She shouldered on.

Both daughters marry assholes. Showing up with broken bones and bruises. Even so much that when she lived next door to one she could HEAR the beatings. She could LISTEN to her daughters cries. Yet again, she did what she could and got us ALL through.

Her grandchildren have incredibly difficult lives and there is little she can do but love them. Love them and be there when they need her.

She watched her grandmother die of alzhiemers. Then her mother. She finally made peace with her father before his passing.

She now sees the signs in herself.

I could go on and on and on. But this gives you just a glimpse of how rough Mama's life has been.

So I found myself last night, laying in the dark, wondering WHY. Why does she have to continue to hurt so much? Why can't she just catch a break? Why can't she have the one thing she has asked for these later years? Peace. And independence.

No, I don't blame God for the fact that yet again she hurts. Yet again she is afraid. But damn it. Can't she just once catch a break?

Just once, not to have to worry. Just once not to have to swallow her pride and ask for help. Just One Time.

A broken arm may not seem like much. But it diminishes her ability to support herself. It causes pain, that most likely will be a constant for the rest of her life. The accident itself destroyed her pride. This has hit her on every level. Every level. It changes everything.

So yeah, I'm sorta pissed today. And the bad thing is I have too much common sense to be mad at God. I know better. So instead I'm just flat out pissed. At circumstances, at choices made, at so many futile stupid things to be pissed off at.

But - my sister and I? We are our mother's daughters. We have to follow the example that she gave us. We make lemonade and cookies. We smile and do the best we can with what we've got. But damn. This just really sucks. All I ever wanted was for Mama to get a break. Guess I'm going to have to be a bit more specific from now on........

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December 07, 2006

Well Shit - Updated

Just less than 2 years ago Mama Vi was down in Orlando with me.

I had just left the post office, mailing a package to my friend and gigglin' cause I fell in the office and what a funny blog post that would be.

While I was working I got a call. From my sister. Mama Vi was goin' to the hospital, it was her heart.

Not good. Not good at all. That period of time is a huge reason as to why I am where I am now.

Fast forward to today. I'm driving home from work. Left early because they are moving the office today and threw us out. I look down and had a message on my cell phone. It was my sister.

As I listen to the message, I start to have a serious flash back. Busy highway, not a lot of details other than Mama is hurt and they are taking her to the hospital.

Son of a BITCH.

Seems while preparing for the lake effects snow storm they are getting today, Mama got groceries. She does not have an attached garage. While carrying those groceries from the garage to the house, she slipped. And fell. Hitting her right elbow and breaking her arm (at the humerous). In case you are like me and had no clue which bone that is, it's the thick bone between your elbow and shoulder. At least that's what my sister said.

She had Mama at the hospital and will call when they know more.

Have I mentioned that Mama has ostioporosis? And that this is the third time she has broken this particular arm?

So I'm waiting to hear what the doctor says. I'm sure she'll be home for a while. May not be able to go back to work at all. THAT'LL make her happy. Not.

Anyway - prayers would be appreciated folks. Prayers for recovery. And prayers for patience. For both her and us.....

UPDATED 6:30pm:Well, it's not so good. She snapped the bone completely in half. AND the head (please don't expect technical terms from me) of the bone that goes into the shoulder joint is splitered in 5 places, with bone missing all together. AND she is NOT a candidate for surgery. Because it's the joint they won't even cast it.

Her range of motion? Even IF it heals (and that is a huge if) there really won't be any. And with the ostioporsis there's a chance it won't heal.

Mama is not taking this well. Not at all. Yeah, that would be the understatement of the decade. She yelled at Dee. Because she was wearing the boots Dee bought her. She yelled at the doctor. Because she wasn't ready to hear what he had to say - not for at least another 10 years.

There's a very strong chance she won't be able to work. At all. She thinks she'll go back to work in a week or so. We know better. Right now, it's best to let her think what she wants and find out on her own.

I offered to cancel my trip but Dee and Mama both told me all she'll be doing is sleeping and taking pain pills. I'll go home next weekend.

This is Mama's worst nightmare. Ours too.

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A Day to Remember...

December 7th.


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What He Said

Mike the Marine says exactly what I wanted to say today. Only much much better.

Please, click over and read. Then think about it.

Now, what are we gonna do about it?

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Angels Among Us

They're real, you know. I've seen them at work.

Last night I had some issues with Maggie May.

The heat completely stopped again on the way to work that morning.

The LOW FLUID dohickey has been flashin' on and off.

The car is turning "hard".

So I decided I better stop on my way home from work and have someone look at it for me.

Last summer, when Maggie "blew a fuse" over the heat the first time, I was stranded in the middle of an intersection. Well, some of the guys from the Jiffy Lube on the corner came out, stopped traffic and pushed Maggie around the corner and into a parking lot. Then had me come over to the shop to wait for the tow truck, providing a cold soda in the meantime.

That was very VERY sweet of them. Especially since it was obvious they wouldn't get the chance to fix the car. It was a bit more than a Jiffy Lube could handle.

Well, I have been taking Maggie to Pep Boys for her oil changes. It's closest to work and their hours work with my work schedule. Last night, however, I wasn't in a big hurry to get home and thought I'd give these guys my business.

First thing they tell me is they are very busy so there will be a bit of a wait. I ask approx. how long. 5 minutes.

Hell, I've waited longer for a cheeseburger for cryin' out loud. No problem.

Then they pull Maggie May into a bay and get busy. At one point I see the kid (and he was just a kid) walking towards the office with a very puzzled look on his face. THAT made me kinda nervous. But - he talked with the supervisor and went right back at it.

10 minutes later they bring me my keys. I pull out the Card to pay them and they won't take my money. They topped off all of the fluids and just told me to have a great holiday.

Twice now they've helped me. Twice now they have refused any money.

Yes, there are Angels amoung us. You just gotta pay attention.

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36 Hours

Holy Shit. In 36 hours (more or less) I will be sitting having a drink with Army Wife.

I am so excited I can barely stand myself.

I'm flying out early Friday afternoon. Her DH is shipping us out for dinner, but not before I get some time with that adorable Collective of her's. Not to mention her husband. He flippin' cracks me up!! Stories....I'm gonna make him tell me lots and lots of stories.

I can hear you thinkin' - "So you girls have any plans for the weekend?"

Why yes, yes we do, as a matter of fact. And you'll get to see what we're up to because photo's will be available. Oh yes they will.

I need this weekend worse than you could ever know. We've been planning on getting together for almost a year now. Last time I got fired just before our big weekend trip - so this is a llllloooooooonnnnnnnngggggg time comin'.

36 hours. Damn. I can hardly believe it.

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December 06, 2006

All I want for Christmas.....

Ahhh the way the mind works.

Word association, you say this, I think of that, someone else see's something else entirely.

But sometimes, just sometimes someone will say something - like, I want THIS for Christmas. Someone else supplies a comeback - funny or not. And the next thing you know there is a masterpiece.

And I can see THIS becoming a "cult classic". I think I'm gonna order a lifesize cut out. I was going to get a life size Santa but this, this is much better. I can put it in the window - or better yet, have it laminated and put it out on the wish everyone in the neighborhood A Very Merry Christmas.

Yeah, I think that's what I'll do. It's PERFECT.

Y'all just made my holidays.

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Did you see that??!?!!

OK - any of my Military readers who watch The Unit......

At the end of last nights show they had Jonas get out of a tight spot. I'll see if I can explain it.

I hope I don't lose you with all my technical jargon.....

Anyway, Jonas inflated this balloon type thingy on a cable like thing, and clipped it on his belt. Then this big ass plane flew over head and hooked the cable, and Jonas. He was drug through the air behind the plane as they pulled him in.

Is that real? Or is that Hollywood?

Cause if it's real, I would SOOOOO love to try that! I never in my whole life ever wanted to jump OUT of a perfectly good airplane, but I would do that in a heart beat.

So really, is that real? Do we really do that? Have YOU ever done that? If so, what was it like?????

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My Reasoning

I have a couple of bowl games that I'm pretty interested in this year. Lookin' forward to them actually.

Now some folks try to tell me because I have a couple of favorites I'm not really loyal to anyone. I call bull shit. My college didn't have football, we played soccer. I grew up a Notre Dame fan (and will die one too) but while living in Florida I needed a "local" team to cheer for.

Now - stick with me here. This could get confusing. I'm going to try and explain how my brain works - so sit back and just try and follow along. There's a point here, I promise.

So - I move to Florida. I want to root for a local team. Well, let's see what choices we have.....

Miami? I did mention I'm a lifetime ND fan, right? And right/wrong/indifferent there was this rivalry between ND & Miami, a little series we refered to as Catholics vs Convicts. Jimmy Johnson was the coach at Miami during that time. I cannot tell you how much I do not like that man. Not.One.Bit. In fact so much so that when he coached the Cowboys I stopped watching them. When he went back to Miami and coached the Dolphins? Wouldn't watch them either. It took a lot of time with a good friend who was a die-hard fan for me to get over that.

Anyway......So you can see why no self respecting Irish fan would root for Miami? Hell, they'd never let me home to see my Mama again if word got out about that!

FSU? Duh. Haven't you heard? Friends don't let friends go to FSU. Plus - those bastards stole our championship in '93. No way in HELL I'm rootin' for them!

That left.....The Florida Gators. No history there to cause me problems. Just hard hittin' football. I like that.

So - my Irish are playing LSU in the Sugar Bowl and my Gators are playin' OSU in the BCS.

And before you ask - No 'Neck, I ain't bettin' this year. No Way, No How. I'm just gotta sit back and watch!!!!

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Zombie Chickens????


Somebody better warn Eric.......

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December 05, 2006

On My List

I will be adding US Airways to my list of prefered airlines. Thanks to Blackfive for pointing this all out.

I am so very impressed with the way the crew handled this situation. Talk about cool under pressure.

Go over and read it. It'll only take a minute and WE NEED TO KNOW!!!

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Ya Think?

Why, yes I am stalling. No, I'm not really in a hurry to leave right now....


Do you blame me????

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It's All In The Timing

As if I didn't feel bad enough after my weekend of junk food, tonite is the damned Victoria's Secret flippin' Fashion Show. And since I shop there way WAY too much they felt the need to send me a reminder.


So I guess I'll just put on my extra extra large mens pajama bottoms and an oversized sweatshirt, curl up on the golden throne with a bowl of carmel corn and some hot chocolate and torture myself. Well, and make my list of Must Have's, of course.

Maybe I shouldn't have bought that cheesecake this weekend..........

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I'm having a bit of trouble trying to put together a post this morning. Everything I wrote last night I've deleted. It's like cravin' something but not knowing exactly WHAT you're craving. I have something to say, it's right *here* but I just can't get it out.

You know why? Do you? Because I'm just so flippin' sick and tried of the bull shit. Bull Shit Bull Shit Bull Shit.

I'm sick of seeing our Military Men and Women treated like "less than". I'm sick of realizing how poorly we as a nation show our respect. Do you have any idea how many of our troops that are FIGHTING and SACRIFICING their lives for our freedom, have to live at poverty level? I don't have an exact count but I know it's way WAY too high. I, in my world of telling people how to sell foam stuff should NOT make more money than someone who puts their life on the line for this country. Period.

I'm sick - already - of Hillary Clinton. Seriously. I'm tellin' you folks, keep an eye on that one. Oh, and Evan Bayh of Indiana may be throwing his hat into the Presidential '08 Race. He is the only Dem I have ever voted for. Ever. If folks give him a chance, he could give that bitch a run for her money. Hell, I may even vote that side of the fence in the primary just to vote AGAINST her. Damn, it's gonna be a long 2 years.....

I'm sick and tried of people thinking that freedom of speech entitles them to be rude and disrepecting. Disagreement is fine. But throwing mud, calling people names, being "superior" is just sickening. No one is 100% right. No one.

I'm just sick of intolerance. That's it. I'm over it. And I am fully aware there is nothing I can do about it. Except sit here in the Belfry, typin' at my little table and putting it out here on my insignificant blog - telling anyone who cares to read that I'm Sick And Tired of people bein' disrespectful. Of injustice. Of liars and cheaters NOT getting their just desserts.

OK - I don't really feel any better after all that. And yes, I am fully aware that I have supplied no links to anything. I just needed to rant a bit and get this out of my system. Believe it or not, thoughts like this actually keep me awake at night. If I don't let off some of the steam every now and then, I might just..well, let's just say, it wouldn't be pretty.

We'll now return you to your regular blogging...........

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December 04, 2006

Pack it Up

**The link below has been corrected - thanks to a wonderful SpouseBuzzer - Meg! Sorry about that folks**

So. Have you finished putting together your boxes for sending to the troops? Looking for some ideas?

SpouseBuzz has a great listing of what they like as well as how to get it there.

Come on folks. There's a good chance you'll miss the Holiday season even if you mail now, but don't let that stop you. Getting mail, especially a package that says Thank You is ALWAYS welcome.

I know the holidays can be tight money wise, but it doesn't take much to pull together a box of goodies, throw in a cd/dvd and a card. Put it in the mail and then realize you made someone very happy.

Head on over and check out the list. Get your kids involved. Get your office mates to participate. Just do it. It's like a Christmas present to yourself. You'll feel THAT good.

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Well, That Didn't Work

Damn. The Landlady's grandson doesn't want the job of keepin' Tammi's World free of ice and snow this winter. Hmmmm. I was pretty damned generous with my monetary offerings, but no go.

Can I tell you how much I hate that I'm so bad with the whole snow removal stuff? Really. I had every intention of clearing everything off all nice and smooth yesterday.

Yeah, didn't happen. I have a path to the stairs. That's it. And so you know....even just that little bit about killed me.

I lived in Florida for 10 years for a reason. This weather right here? Yeah, that's a BIG part of the reason.

Folks, it didn't get to 20 degrees yesterday. My coat is still at the post office (missed it by 10 minutes Saturday). The wind? Yeah....SUCKS.

I went out this morning to start Maggie May and just prayed. PLEASE start. PLEASE. I'll not go in because of bad roads, but I HATE to miss work because my damned car won't start.

Whew. Turned over nice and tight. Thank GOODNESS. Add to that the fact that somehow the defrost has started working and it's already been a morning of miracles.

Now I just need to find a neighbor boy who a) wants to earn a little cash - and b) wants to be a hero.

Cause I can say anything, but the truth of the matter is Tammi just doesn't do snow all that well. I pick my battles. This one? Yeah, I ain't even gonna attempt.

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Baby Pool

So my beloved niece Carmen has a due date for the baby. June 27. But it's still early, and we all know that due dates are moving targets.

So - I'm thinkin' a pool. I think we need to have a baby pool. What sex and when we can expect that bundle of joy to arrive.

And while we're at it, let's throw in a few name selections. She has a girl's name picked out but needs some help with the boys name. It just has to go with a middle name of Denton.

So - I think what I'll do is put a link to this post on the side bar and post some reminders over time. It'll be fun.

Me? I'm sayin' the baby will arrive July 28th. It'll be a baby boy and he shall be called James. (and if you only knew how funny it is that I would suggest THAT of all names)

So come on. What's your guess/suggestion???

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December 03, 2006



I give up! You win!!! Damnit - I just can't take it anymore!

You know, Sunday's are lazy days. I enjoy just popping around the Sphere and catching up on blogs. I love when the blogroll thingy tells me one of my favorites has updated. It's like a little treat or something.

So, I'm just bebopin' around and I see T1G has posted. Oh Yipee. I went and got a fresh cup of coffee and settled back to be entertained. As usual the post starts out catchin' my attention right out of the gate.

Then I got to the second paragraph. And sat up straight. That BASTARD! I keep reading find myself scowling. That very CRUEL bastard.

So - I'm calling a truce. I, Tammi, promise not to post anymore snow pictures or stories of how beautiful it is here in THE valley during winter. HOWEVER, this is what I'm gonna need YOU to do T1G - I can't read anymore boating, water, sunshine posts. No more eighty somethin' degrees. No more water calm like glass stuff. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!

I surrender. You Win!!

**damn, no wonder I was craving French Toast this morning........

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Random Thoughts

It's Sunday and my mind is just awirl. What could possibly be so engaging in the mind of Tammi? Well, let's just see, shall we?

*In less than a week I'll be hangin' out with Army Wife and the family. WooHoo. But how am I gonna fit all that stuff for the collective in my suitcase?

*So much for thinkin' I'd freeze inside the Belfry this winter. It's so hot in here right now, I have the bedroom window open. Now, the living room is a whole 'nother matter....

*Damn. How does a person "lose" a loaf of bread?

*Is it possible that anyone on earth enjoys a good cup of coffee as much as I do?

*I briefly thought about getting a cat. Except I hate litter boxes, cat hair and the way they just go EVERYWHERE. They jump on tables and counters - yick. Yeah, not such a good idea. But the thought's been dancing through my mind.

*I really need to find that damned loaf of bread. You can't make Eggs in a Nest without the nest..........

*I want to play cards today. Real cards, with people, not this internet schtuff.

*If Maggie was in better shape we'd take a ride today. It's so beautiful out, the snow just covering everything, the bushes covered in sparkling white. Yeah, it's a great day for a drive. Not for sitting in a ditch somewhere (which is why I'm NOT following that train of thought) but a beautiful day for a drive.

*You'd think they'd make an effort to put really good movies on the cable stations on Sundays. Especially during the winter. Instead? Yeah, crap. It's all crap.

Well, that's just a glimpse into what's on my mind right now. Rivating isn't it. So tell me, what are you thinking about?

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It's All About the Plan

For years and years, I prided myself on my "coping" skills. I could figure my way out of just about any situation. Plan? Who needs a plan when they have coping skills?

Well, after the layoff at Tropicana and the difficult time I had trying to get a job (18 months) I realized that plans, and alternate plans especially, are important.

Fast forward to present day and find a woman who is a planning freak. Ok, maybe I do tend to over adjust sometimes but at least I feel prepared to handle anything that comes along.

What brought up this thought? Well, it happened this last week during my drive to and from work. The light came on, as it were.

Now please understand. I love my job. But as we all know, in the world of employment nothing is forever. I had a plan (so I thought) in case something went wrong. My plan? Contact my Head Hunter, and probably go back to Florida. Not really all that good of plan - but then again, I hadn't really had time to think about it.

Well, during the drive I've noticed a few things. Thinks like Fisher Nuts is only an hour from THE Valley. Claires (the little assessory stores in the malls) has their headquarters about the same distance. I know of a few other consumer products folks that are near by - and by near I mean much closer than I am now - that I had tried to contact during my previous search.

In other words, there are opportunities here I never dreamt of. Which means I have options. I'm not stuck. That is just about the best feeling in the world.

And in a strange sort of way, it helps me with some of the frustrations I have currently. I do it because I want to, not because I have to.

But that's not stopping me from getting everything lined up. I updated my resume yesterday. Put in my current responsibilities and listed some of my successes. Updating a resume is a pain in the ass, and if you wait until you HAVE to it can really be a bit overwhelming. By always keeping it fresh you're ready for anything.

So anyway, I've updated the resume. Put together another spreadsheet with all the info on the companies I've targeted. I've been to their websites and researched what kind of jobs they have in these locations. I've inserted the contact information and created introduction letters.

In other words, I've made a plan. I've given myself the impression that I am in control. I've given myself peace of mind.

I have an exit plan. I feel so much better.

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December 02, 2006

I'm a Retro Girl

So my appointment this morning was to get my hair C'd. (cut, color, condition) We've decided to let it grow. It's already almost down to my shoulders. We're not sure how long we'll go, but I'm very happy with it.

Especially since I straighten it. You see, I have extremely thick hair. And, it's naturally frizzy. Some say curly, but if you saw it when I don't do anything with it, you'd agree. It's flat out frizzy.

Actually, come to think of it, I have perfect 80's hair. Right now, after being pampered it's nice and calm. This morning? It looked like a brush. It's so thick it comes out to the edge of my shoulders. VERY big hair. Back 20 years ago, I never had to do a thing to it. I washed and dried it (upside down for even MORE volume) and voila! Big hair. On special occassions I'd go crazy and have it "done". I'll never forget one time driving home in our Crown Vic, sitting in the drivers seat my hair was flattened by the door window. THAT is how big it was.

But now I've calmed both my ways and my hair. But I do think I know what I'll go as for halloween next year! 80's days here I come......

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Watchin' out for me....

I'm sure y'all are about sick of hearing about the snow and such from yesterday. But I just have to tell you about this one thing....then I'll stop. I promise.

My landlady is THE BOMB. Seriously.

She called yesterday morning and asked how I was doing and to make sure I had everything I needed. She also wanted to let me know she would leave a shovel at the bottom of my stairs for me. Mine was left behind in the move, and after seeing the one she THOUGHT was mine I understand why. I'll be buying a new one today.

Anyway - remember, The Belfry is an attic. I got one way in and one way out. The way in involves some really really steep and narrow stairs and a deck.

Lovely. Picture it. Me. Shoveling steps. Yeah - I may have to just post a video camera some where cause I'm sure there'd be some interesting footage during the upcoming months.

So - this morning I need to head into town. I have an appointment early this morning and I want some salt and that new shovel.

I'm dreading the whole going outside thing. It's 9 degrees. No, I didn't leave a number out - Nine. Remember, my winter coat is down at the post office. Not a wonderful scenerio.

I push the door open and stop out into the snow drift on the deck. I look over and the shovel is at the top of the stair. At the top of the very cleaned off stairs.

WooHoo. The landlady had her grandson clean off my steps for me. All I have to do is get the deck cleaned off. I think I can do that.

And to make things even better, Maggie May started right up. AND there was something that resembled heat coming out of her defrosters!! WooHoo!!

I'm going to hire her grandson to keep up on snow removel here at the Belfry. I think it's the answer to all the problems. And I need to think of something really nice to do for my Landlady. She is all that and a bag of chips. I'm very lucky to have her.

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December 01, 2006

Still Goin'

Well, it's a bit lighter now so I pushed my way out onto the deck to get a couple more pictures. Just because!

This is the house across the street. Notice how high the snow is on the car in their drive. And yes, the car at the bottom of the stairs is Maggie May. She's not a real happy camper right now, I'm pretty sure......

across the street.jpg

Now we have the backyard shot. Doesn't look like much snow, but it's geting there. Oh, and did I mention how flippin' cold it is?

back yard.jpg

Last but not least this is close to the same shot I took this morning, kinda of a compare and contrast sort of thing.


So, it's lookin' like I'll make me a nice pot of cheesy potato soup, some cornbread and a pot of tea. Damn, I just wish I had a fireplace!!!

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What NOT to Do

I'm linking this PURELY for Jimbo.

Florida Cracker has a story about a man who, while naked and on crack, decides to take a middle of the night swim IN GATOR INFESTED WATERS!!!

She's got links galore so you need to just go over there and check it out.

Holy Shit! Not smart. On any level.

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A Quick Situation Analysis


If I'm reading this map correctly and we all know I do have issues with that sometimes there was rain, then heavy ice and now snow. The icing part is just now leaving Chicago. The snow? Yeah, let's just say it's in process. Sorta.

When I went to bed last night at midnight. Nada. This morning at 5:00am I push, no actually FORCE open my front door and this is what I see out on my deck.

early snow.jpg

Anyway......Ice. Lots of Ice. Some snow, but not as much as I expected. Wind. Oh yeah, it's a bit windy (30mph).

I'm thinkin' SNOW DAY!!!!

I just bought a winter coat and it's waiting for me down at the post office. I'll walk down there later this morning and get more pictures - 'mkay?!?!

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