December 27, 2004

Ok, Less Than Perfect....

I had it all planned out so perfectly. It was going to be so special.

As you know, Mama has been here since Thanksgiving. We've had a lovely time. My sister and niece arrived last evening. When my niece was here before she was disappointed that I hadn't "done anything" to the pool area. She wanted candles. She wanted prettys. Well by golly - Aunt Tammi wasn't going to let her down.

So.......we made the inside of the house look like a wonderland. (still trying to get pictures folks, the last ones didn't turn out.) We even decorated a couple of the palm trees out front with red & white lights, put lights on the bushes along the font of the house and then had lighted candy canes along the entrance. It was pretty. It looked very impressive, especially since there isn't another decoration to be seen any where in this division.

The only thing left was the pool area. I had an idea. I shopped around and found floating candles. They were smaller than I wanted but would still serve the purpose. I have pretty red candle bowls that I was going to scatter all over out there and a "candle log" to place right in front. And then two 2' candle holders that look like peppermint candies when lit. The cage is too tall and I don't have a ladder so there were no lights out there other than the candles. But it was gonna be beautiful.'s gotten kinda cold the last couple of days. The house seemed chilly but I thought it was just me. Mama didn't say anything. We bustle out of the house Sunday morning, car loaded with work crap and presents for my cousin and her family. My cousin is meeting us at my store to pick up Mama and the presents and then I would get to their house for dinner and the exchange as soon as I could.

Folks - they recorded 60 mph winds yesterday. Cold. Cold. Below 30 degrees cold. Damn!! No one wanted to be at the training class, not even me. But we muddled through and now I'm loading the car back up and away I go.

Dinner at my cousin's was wonderful. I love her kids. Well, they aren't really kids, one is a daddy now and the beautiful Miss C is getting married. And they did good with their choices of mates. Oh, and the baby? The baby is a miracle. So precious, so happy, so damned cute........

Anyway - I got too much stuff (and I love it all) Mama got spoiled (as it should be) and it was time to get home so I can pick D & H up at the airport.

At the house, running around trying to get everything just right. I turn off the filter and pump in the pool and get the floating candles lit and floating. I get all the red candles lit and placed and everything looks wonderful. Execpt the floating candles keep gravitating toward the edge of the pool. Damn, oh well - it still looks great. But they seem so small......

Plug in the impressive display of outdoor lighting (go with me on this one, it was my first time) and SHIT.....nothing......not a damn ray of light anywhere. The flippin' plug doesn't work. No Time to fiddle with it!

I take off for the airport and my sister calls. Shit, they are already there. And it's cold....I'm wearing my winter coat. They didn't bring theirs....

I can't find them. Damnit....I know they are here somewhere!! Round and round I drive and nothing, I don't see them any where. No cell signal in that area so it's a matter of parking the car where I think they should be and standing up on the floorboard. Surely to goodness someone will spot a 6'2 red head, that far up in the air wearing a purple and black heavy winter coat. Someone?? Anyone??? Ahh....there they are.

Driving back Mama kept calling (cell signal back) to find out where we were. Geez.....I gotta say folks, the patience was running thin. My niece was feeling a bit, oh I guess bitchy may convey it. My sister was happy to be here, but disappointed that it's so cold.

Finally......we get home. Mama comes out to tell me the floating candles sunk. Sunk. Damn.

But everything else looked beautiful. Well, excpet for the red candle wax that someone spilled all over the pool deck.

Can I say again how cold it was?!?!?!?

We have a light meal and everyone hunkers down for the night. Damn, it is up this morning, check the temp in the house. 55 degrees!!! IN MY HOUSE!!! Son Of A Bitch......the furnace isn't working............

So, today, before I head to work, I've got to try and get the candle wax off the pool deck, dig the floating candles off the bottom of the pool, and figure out what's wrong with this flippin' furnace.

I had the best of intentions.............

Posted by Tammi at December 27, 2004 10:02 AM

Ouch! Hope the furnace is fixed QUICK and that it goes much better!

Posted by: Laughing Wolf at December 27, 2004 12:39 PM

I go out to the store today and when I walked outside I thought "geez it's warm out here today" and then I find out it's only 20 degrees outside. Well you know it's been too cold lately when 20 degrees feels warm.

Posted by: Machelle at December 27, 2004 01:42 PM

I don't remember the last time it was this cold in Florida. Holy crap. It's starting to warm back up, but geezoweez, I've been chattering. GRRR.

Posted by: Bou at December 27, 2004 03:44 PM

My answer to cold weather in Florida has always been strap on SCUBA gear and plunk into King Spring River. 72 degree water, regardless of air temperature.

Getting out of the river on a chilly day when the air tank is close to empty is a whole 'nother matter - Big Al and the Boys will tend to try to disappear into less "external" locations of a fella's physique, and there really aren't enough warm towels in the world for that chill.

You shoulda hired me to retrieve all your sunken pool candles! I work cheap...

Posted by: Jeff at December 27, 2004 11:19 PM

Oh man! But, truth to tell, everyone was okay, and you now have a story you can use for years...

Posted by: Chap at December 27, 2004 11:52 PM