February 28, 2005

That Sneaky Little Devil

Can you believe it! Harvey has gone and done it again!

Yep folks - we got us ANOTHER Bad Example Family member!

And I like her.........

I'd like you to meet Pam, at Camp HappyBadFun!!

She is smart, funny, articulate. That is more then evident in just her first post!! She's got FUNNY children, and already has me howling over her youngest and his plan to earn some extra money.

So head on over and welcome her to the family. But folks...be gentle. We don't want to scare her too badly right out the gate.

**mutter mutter.....family tree.....mutter mutter**

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Teresa Saves My Day!!

So I'm driving along tonite, chatting with Teresa, complaining about how this whole "I'm gonna get healthy" thing is gonna be a real pain in the ass.

She's telling me that she had some fresh veggies in the fridge, thought she's pull them together and make a nice sauce for over pasta. I was drooling by the time she got to tha final "a" of pasta.

I get home and I'm hungry. Really hungry. I tried to be so good today. I got a side salad and cuppa fruit at lunch. **PLEASE NOTE: do NOT try and drive at high noon on I4 and eat a salad. Yeah - doesn't work so well. I ate the fruit. It's 7:30 and I'm starving.

Wait! If I remember correctly a few months ago I made a huge pot of stellar sauce. I think I still have a container frozen.

**cue angles singing and golden lights** Glory be! There is that sweet precious container of sauce. Oh..and look. Rice (I love rice and sauce - don't ask).

Folks...I am right now preparing to sit down to a bowl of my very special red sauce. Lots of Meat. Lots of "stuff". Oh. My. Goodness.

Many many thanks to Teresa for stiring the memory of it being in there!! WooHoo...Gotta go. I'm having a home cooked meal!!

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Just Stuff

Today is my last trip to Daytona. And I can say that pretty confidently. I don't like that town...nothing personal, I just don't like it. Never have.

Not a huge NASCAR fan so no draw there. The beach there does nothing for me. Not one damn thing. Afterall - once you've been on the gentle calming beaches of the gulf coast nothing is the same.

So.....unless something really big comes up I won't be heading back over there. Whew.

However - I will miss my customers over there. I opened a new account there this past month, and have been working closely with the owners. It's a new business, this is their dream and I was honored to be a part of it. And they are kickin' some mattress ass, let me tell you. But the guy taking over that area will do a great job for them, and I'll be keeping my eye on things - just because I care.

My focus has to change. I'm setting up my schedule to make sure I'll be home every night. After all - 4 days to PUPPY!! WooHoo. It won't be that difficult. It'll just take a bit of saying NO and Not Right Now. Always hard for me to do, but necessary.

I've started taking a bit better care of myself. Hell - last night I was just down right decadent. I gave myself a manicure/pedicure - my nails look so pretty again. I deep conditioned my hair - it's so sooooffffffftttttttt now. I even gave myself a facial.......damn that was nice.

I was sort of hungry, but in the spirit of taking better care of Tammi, I made a huge wok full of chicken stir fry. I do very good chicken stir fry. AND I could eat as much as I wanted to. SWEET! And believe me.....this ain't your Mama's stir fry. It is very yummy. ( No offense to your Mama!)

Hell....I got so caught up in the spirit of things that, while watching Independence Day, I put together a new workout for after work. Some stretching and isometrics. Perfect for after a long day in the car.

It was a great evening. This week will be interesting. Still going to be very busy. But - that's to be expected. I do feel a bit more prepared to handle it all now.

Oh and it helps that is beautiful out today. No sign of the Big T's from yesterday. (yeah - that's what was going on!) I actually can't wait to get out there!

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Warning: Girly Post!!

Don't say you haven't been warned......

Alright ladies....I need your help.

During my shopping spree on Saturday I stopped in at Victoria's Secret to pick up a few goodies....and my supply of pantyhose and stockings. Imagine my DISMAY when I discovered they will soon no longer be selling these. Not At All. Not in the stores. Not on-line.

This is not good for me...not one little bit. I've got really, really long legs. These are the only stockings and pantyhose that actually FIT me!

I cannot be walking around all day with the crotch of my panty hose down in the middle of my thighs. I've done that before - actually had the damn things come down farther than the hem of my skirt - and IT wasn't that short!! I will not wear stockings that look like really long knee socks.

SO.....now what the hell am I supposed to do? Does ANYONE know who, besides Victoria Secret, makes hosiery - quality hosiery - for tall woman?!?!

This could become a real problem!!

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February 27, 2005

A Loss

I'm heartbroken.

My good friend Lex has a post up that begins with the following:

I'm shutting this site down for a while, at least in terms of new content.

I understand, I don't have to like it, but I understand.

Lex was the very first blogger to announce my "arrival". He has become someone that I look forward to "visiting with" each and every day. His Tales of the Sea have never failed to ignite my imagination. His take on Politics and Culture always thought provoking. And his Friday Musings have been something I look forward to each and every week.

Lex - I want to take this opportunity to Thank You. Thank you first and foremost for your service to our Country. Thank you for sharing you wonderful gift of writing with us for the past year and a half. I am a better person for having "known" you.

I wish you luck in your upcoming adventure. I refuse to take you off my blogroll, as I am certain I will often wander back over to reread what you have so wonderfully written, in the hopes I'll see those two wonderful words - "I'm Back".

God Speed Sir!

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No one said anything about a hurricane today!

Son of a Gun....it's STILL bad out. It's so windy it just blew the screen doors off my back door slider....it's rained so much it's filled my floating candle holder bowl to overflowing...the last time I saw the clouds/sky move like this was during Jeanne.

The weather channel says 22 mph winds with gusts to 33mph. I call bullshit. It's moved my patio furniture.

On a positive note - it is 73 degrees out! :-)

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Name Association

Colin Farrell - HOT!

Theres just somethin' about a man and his gun..........

Now back to the movie SWAT - and the plots not bad either!! ;-)

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Another GREAT Read

Seriously - have you checked out An American Soldier lately?

He's got a new series started. The FIRST is a teaser of sorts. This one - Part II - is the hook. Gotcha

I read it, tensing as it got more and more suspenseful...what IS he doing?...

Then WHAM....well, go read it yourself.....no spoilers here! I'll just say that it makes me VERY glad we're on the same side!!

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Sunday Morning....

It's a rainy, chilly Sunday morning here in Orlando. I've been awake for about 3 hours now, just sippin' coffee, listening to music and watching the rain.

I love rainy Sundays.....unless I'm supposed to be out boating, but that's a whole 'nother story.

I've got my favorite collection of classical music playing right now. It's so beautiful it makes it difficult to write. I keep getting distracted.

The first thing I did (after starting the coffee) was to light the candles. There is just something about the grey outside offset by the glow of the candles.....it just offers that feeling of warmth and comfort. And the fragrance. I love the wonderful musky, earthy aroma. It smells like MY House, it smells like Home. I'm not a foo-foo girl, I'm about comfort and warmth. That's my home on a rainy Sunday.

Now....I do have to go out in all this at noon. Not really looking forward to that - but until then.......I sit here in my favorite chair, snuggled under my favorite quilt, sippin' coffee, listening to music with the sound of the rain in the background and watching the candles dance.

Not a bad way to start a Sunday......

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I had a DAY...

I had a Saturday. Like most everyone else's Saturday. Oh I worked, but I took some time and really enjoyed myself.

I had a training class in the morning - it went pretty well. Then I hit a couple of stores and came home.

Slipped into my jeans and a sweater and headed back out.

I went shopping with one of my favorite shopping partners. Shopping to us is a hunt. I can't do it all the time, but every once in a while I enjoy going out with a list - get every thing on that list and only buying it on sale. The goal. How much money can I save. I did real good. Not my personal best, but pretty good. Oh and I should mention that the items purchased were NOT practical. Nope - all fun, girly kinda stuff (except for the books).

The mall we went to was one I hit during my regular runs, but I never go anywhere but the department store I cover. So it was all new to me.

I got everything on my list and saved much more than I spent. It was a very good shopping day.

Then we headed home, picking up some great Italian food for dinner on the way. Watched The Incredibles and laughed our asses off.

It was all so wonderful. Wandering through a mall, no time limit, no guilt. We have similar likes and dislikes in stores so that was nice - not getting drug into stores that I had no desire to be in. (Petite Sophisticate comes to mind...I scare people when I go in there LOL.) We had a wonderful mid-afternoon snack, talked about girly things and all in all just enjoyed ourselves.

And her husband enjoyed the day also. Just him and the girls (their 2 dogs) hanging out at the house, watching whatever he wanted on TV, playin' on the computer....quality quiet time.

It was a fantastic day for everyone. Time spent with friends, lots of laughter, a really good movie and - like icing on a cake - I got some really cute things.....

I'm going to have to do that again! I forgot what a day like that is like.

So how was your Saturday?

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February 26, 2005

THINK before you speak...

OK - this is just a short story to make a point. Don't just say what ever pops into your brain! Sometimes you can do damage that is almost impossible to undo.

Let me share.

I've always been on the thin side. I never had to worry about my weight at all....until I had cancer and had to have a hysterectomy. At the age of 27. Since then my weight has been a concern. Usually I stay at around 145-150, a solid size 8. I'm happy with that, it's a bit less than the doctors recommend but they don't have to look at me in the mirror everyday - so screw 'em.

BUT....when I'm stressed I either don't eat at all, or eat all the wrong stuff at the wrong times in the wrong amounts. And then I put on weight.

I was dating a guy about 7 years ago. We were both very active - boating, swiming, hiking - you know. At least it was like that in the beginning. After the first bloom of romance wore off things kinda changed. We spent every weekend together. As time wore on he just wanted to hang out at the house. Not even go to the pool. Then one day he announces that he had something he had to tell me. He was a pot head. OK - well I don't do it, but it's your house, your life - whatever. Just don't bring it to my house or in my car. All of a sudden all we did was sit around the house he getting stoned and asking me to cook. Baking - lots and lots of cookies, cakes, pies - big huge meals, snacks. You get the picture.

About the same time I left my job. Stress!!! Add no activity and tons of food and that is a bad receipe for Tammi to put on weight. And I did - about 15 pounds.

One day in the spring I finally get him to agree to go to the pool. We put on our suites and head out. Keep in mind - I've been staying with him, in his one bedroom apartment - it's not like he hasn't seen me in a while.

We get to the pool and I take off my denim shirt and stretch out in the chair. He is standing there, staring and announces VERY LOUDLY - What the HELL have you done to yourself?!?!?

I got up, put on my shirt, went back to the apartment and got my stuff. All of it. I haven't seen or talked to him since.

BUT....in my head, when I put on weight, as I saunter past the mirror in the morning I still hear....."What the HELL have you done to yourself?!?!?

So.......be careful what you say. Be kind. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Everyone can be hurt.

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So - what do YOU do?

Last night was another one of those I CAN'T SLEEP nights.

I've had insomnia for years. Years and years and years. It's really starting to catch up with me......my energy level is way down and my focus is off. Really off.

Usually I can coax myself back into the outer regions of sleepy land by just moving to the other side of the bed and doing a little relaxation exercise I learned somewhere. I just focus on each area of my body and will it to relax. I start with my feet and stay focused until they are completely relaxed, then my legs, my torso, and usually by the time I get to my shoulders I'm out. If not....then I just don't fight it. I'll just get up.

If the first exercise doesn't work, then I'll make myself a cup of herbal tea. While the water is heating I'll do a series of stretching exercises. Slow and smooth - just to try and relax. Then I curl up in my favorite chair and sip my tea. By the time I'm done I'm usually sleepy and either head back to bed or just hunker down under my favorite blanky in the chair.

Last night neither of those worked. I think I was just overly tired, I don't know. But after the 2nd cup of tea I knew I was in trouble. So...I turned the TV back on, fired up the computer and did a little work. Read a few blogs I haven't visited lately and finally.....drifted off around 6:00am. WHEN I NEEDED TO GET UP!! Damn I hate when that happens.

Now I know there are tons of articles and books out there that offer all sorts of tips and tricks on how to sleep. Believe me - I've read them. REMEMBER: I train on how important sleep is!! What I'm wondering is do you have any 'wives tales' or such that helps YOU if you're fighting that dark demon.

Please share! I've got to head out for a training class.....literally - no rest for the wicked!!

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Saturday Question of the Day

Every Saturday I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes

Everyone has a "phrase" that they are known for. Something that they say, probably too often, that is just associated with them.

It should come as no surprise that I have a few. And actually - it depends on who you ask as to what the answer would be. For anyone that has talked to me - professionally - it would be "One moment please" and yes, I say it Just Like A Recording. I started that years ago, mocking those innane recordings. Some how it stuck. Now it's a habit.

I think the phrase that first popped into many of your minds - especially after the Bad Example Family (& Friends) Reunion is...."This is what I'm gonna need for you to do....." I never realized I said it as much as I do until that weekend. Geez - am I bossy or what!!!

I also use "Dude" a lot. I took that up because I realized that calling people "Sweetie" and "Honey" was getting me in a bit of trouble.

So tell me......what phrase is it that you use A Lot that people associate with you when ever they hear it?

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February 25, 2005

Do You Need A Reason?

OK - I have to confess. I am a HUGE fan of our Military Men and Women. Surprised? Well then obviously you're new to this site.

Anyway - I came across something that I think is very cool. It's a site called Operation Gratitude. They send care packages to our heros. As of right now - 44,165 to be exact. How very cool is that!

But what really got to me is the letters of thanks. They have them posted here. Need a reason to give? There are dozens.

And there are so many channels to donate through...

Soldier's Angels and Kestone Military come to mind immediately.

So....don't forget. It is IMPORTANT to let those that serve this country know they are appreciated. It is IMPORTANT to let them know we support them. It is IMPORTANT to say Thank You!!

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There is just something so wrong with this.

COURT: Man Can Sue Over Surprise Pregnancy

On more than one level.

(I'm willing to bet you'll be just as surprised by the twist on this one as I was!)

Go read it. Then come back here. I'd love to hear your take on this one!

Here's what runs through my mind:

WTF was this lady thinking? If what he says is true....I wanna know how she managed to pull THIS one off!

If she's telling the truth then WHAT is HE thinking?

**sitting here shaking my head in amazement**

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Reason # 1,724 to avoid one night stands

THIS is funny!

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One Journey Ends....Another Begins

The Questing Cat is home....and has a post up that blurs as I read it.

Please - go and welcome him home.....take a moment and look into the heart of a fine soldier, and good man.

Welcome Home Cat and Cowboy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings so beautifully. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice.

God Bless You!

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Chapter Four

The long (ok week long) wait for the 4th chapter of Blog Noir is posted. Hot, Steamy, Well Written......yeah - it's THAT good. Christina delivers!!

In case you haven't been following along.......

Jim introduces us to Max in chapter 1 and sets the stage.

Key kicks up the action by introducing O'Callaghan and bringing on some heat.

Twisty takes us to one of my favorite places and spices things up perfectly.

This stuff is good folks. Make time for it. Really - you'll be glad you did.

I can't WAIT for next week!!!

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Gotta Get This Out of My System

As most of you know, I'm big on good customer service. I demand it. I expect it. And I usually get it. I don't leave much room for anything else.

I learned this from watching other people interact and from being on the other side of customer service for years.

I treat people the way I expect to be treated myself. I love it when someone makes me smile. I am thrilled when someone makes me laugh. If you can get me to giggle - I'm yours! It's about spreading the joy! Plain and simple.

But on the flip side......please don't take your bad day out on me. It's not my fault. Don't automatically assume I'm there to cause a problem or that I will be nasty to you out the gate.

And if you are rude to me........lets just say that is a whole 'nother ballgame. If you have the audacity to actually snarl, growl, or bitch at me when I am the customer I'm gonna go off on you. Make no mistake about it. I will dress you down in such a manner that YOU WILL NOT FORGET ME! And I don't mean for good reasons. Case in point - Pep Boys. They have a file on me...seems they think I'm a "difficult customer". The only reason for that is I got crappy customer service, they were rude and didn't stand behind their work. They have since redeemed themselves and we are all happy again. They like me, I like them - all is right with the world. But I won't deal with the jerk I had back in April. I may forgive - but I sure don't forget.

But I digress....this is about being treated the way you expect to be treated. Here's my secret. When conducting business face to face I always look 'em in the eye. I smile. I greet them nicely. Then the ball is in their court. If they come back rude or less than I greeted them I'll cock an eyebrow or tilt my head with a questioning look on my face. That ususally does the trick. If not - well......I've been known to actually say - "Sorry you're having a bad day, but is any of that my fault?" That pretty well stops them in their tracks. I think my all time favorite response to crappy customer service is from LeeAnn. I can soooo relate!!

On the flip side - this post by Koolaid really gets my goat. Customers that think they are above the rules, believe that they deserve "special treatment" just make me crazy.

Here's what really got me cranked up this morning. I get a call at 8:00am from the company that carries my car loan. Seems when they tried to process my payment it came back saying the account has been closed. WTF?!?!? I have more money in there right now then I have ever had (it's been a good month for mattresses). I was just at the local branch yesterday getting cash for last night. It Can't Be Closed!

I call the bank. They were just as sweet as can be. I started out introducing myself and apologizing because I was a bit freaked out. The guy actually chuckled and told me to "exhale". I did - we looked into the situation. No problem. I've got money, the account is open. There was no record of the payment being submitted or rejected. Hmmmmm....probably a data entry error on the part of the company requesting payment. I can understand that - don't like it, but I understand it.

Call the loan company back. No-it's not our problem. YOU have to fix this. FIX WHAT?!?! The money is there.....the bank is waiting.....reprocess the payment. Nope. Can't do that. You have to come in and bring cash. THEY ARE IN TAMPA! I AM GOING TO DAYTONA! I try to explain, still being firm yet nice. No go.

BUT...if they don't get the payment they will have to come and get the car.

The gloves come off. My voice gets soft....I want them to strain to hear. I make sure I speak slowly - no misunderstanding allowed at this point.

ME: I am unable to make the trip to pay this in person. I have researched this matter and there is no error on my part or the part of the bank. The only weak link here is YOU and YOUR COMPANY. This is what I'm gonna need for you to do.....put me through to your supervisor. Immediately.


ME: (recapping situation) NOW.....I have done all that I can possibly do to make this clear to you all. I have recorded this conversation (not) and have documentation from my bank that there has been no request for payment on my account in the past 10 days. This is NOT my problem. YOU WILL reprocess this payment immediately, there will be no record of late payment on my account and I DO NOT want to have this discussion again.

I just checked. The payment went through 5 mins ago.

Anyway - here's the core of my semi-rant today. Be nice when you are the customer, remember the people on the other end of the phone or the other side of the counter are human beings. They have rules to follow and lives outside of their job (unless they are me!) BUT.....do NOT allow them to treat you in any other way than professionally. Many in customer service get off on the power trip of thinking they are in control.

BUT......if you are in customer service - remember it's called CUSTOMER SERVICE for a reason. Be polite. Always - you know that scene from Road House....be nice until you just can't be nice anymore...than be nice. It's the crappy part of the job. It's the part the sucks. But it's part of the job. Follow the rules that your company has in place, but explain that...and offer to transfer them to someone of authority. If that happens to be you - I'm sorry. I've been there....but it's part of the job. If they get out of control - you CAN and SHOULD terminate the conversation. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE ABUSIVE!

If I could accomplish anything in this life it would be to just get people to be polite to each other. If we just treat each other the way we want to be treated, use a little respect, things would be much nicer. **takes another tote off magic pipe** I'd like to teach the world to sing!

OK-now I've got to get on the road. I really feel sorry for anyone that decides to take me on today!

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Call To Action

I have a lot of respect for people who act on their beliefs. A LOT!

It's one thing to sit around, thinking "Yeah, that's a good thing" or "I support our troops" but never doing anything about it.

But if you actually get off your duff and DO something to back it up - NOW you've got my attention.


I've told the story a couple of times of how I first discovered blogs - it was Smash....just as he was deployed. I followed his time in the Sandbox, wept with joy when he posted that he was home and have been a daily visitor for a couple of years now.

I cannot put into words the amount of respect that I have for this man. He has taken that step outside of his personal comfort zone and taken action to support what he believes. That is not easy. Ever.

And he's asking us to do the same thing.

The moonbats are still doing all they can to discredit our Military. They have turned all their hate and poison on our Men and Women Warriors. Our protectors. Our Hero's.

They are trying to recruit our children in their cause. You've all read about the letters from school children, sent to our Soldiers filled with the propaganda that they are hearing In School! This is one of those situations that WILL NOT go away if you ignore it.

These same people are gathering in our parks and on our city streets spreading their lies, their message of hate. Well - they aren't getting a free pass. Smash is doing all he can to make sure of that.

In THIS post he recaps everything. Who he is.....where he's been........why is does what he does......and how we can help.

I hope that you all read The Indepundit daily. If not...this is one post you should not miss.

I'm checking my calendar right now to see where I will be on March 19th.

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It was GREAT!

Yesterday was challenging. It started out a little rocky. I stayed at my cousins so that I didn't have so far to drive - and packed an outfit that SOMEHOW didn't fit anymore....made me fell dumpy. Took the swing out of my step.

Couldn't hit nearly all the stores I needed to. Too many miles, not enough time.

BUT.......at 7:00 I had dinner with a wonderful Lady. Beth, SWWBO, took the time out of her busy week to have dinner with me while she was in town.

It. Was. Just. What. I. Needed. We laughed, gossiped (yep John I believe your name was mentioned) and had a couple really really good margaritas!!

That's the way to get past a bad day - good food, really good drinks and GREAT company!!

Thanks again Beth....it was exactly what I needed!

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February 24, 2005

What have I done!?!?!

I am #6 if you google Mennonite P*rn.


How did I let this happen?

Who the hell looks for that kind of stuff?

And WHY am I only #6!!!

I'm going to bed now....I need to sleep.

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Just in case you were wondering...

I'm off to meet Beth - SWWBO - for dinner!

WooHoo! A nice dinner with pleasant company.

Eat your hearts out!!

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My Niece Is Getting Married

Well, she's actually my cousin's daughter, but that's a mute point. She's all grown up. She's getting married next year. She and *A* are just about ready to close on their first home. Monday.

What an exciting time. And the beauty is that her mom and I can help to make it better and easier than it was for us. But...that all depends on how good we are at tricking them into letting us help! You see, they are both very independent and responsible young adults. She's currently in her 3rd year of college and working full time in accounting. He is a welder and going for his certification. They are both very good at planning and saving and want to do as much on their own as possible. I'm very proud.

Right now - I just finished doing my hair and we are sitting in her room, smoking and chatting. She is online checking out household accessories. I love that she wants my opinion. I get a kick out of hearing her plans - her vision.

This is the start of so much for them. A new home, a new life. Soon (but not too soon I hope) there will be babies. But right now it's all about bedroom furniture, towels, candles and dishes. She has excellent taste. And she wants a HOME. A place where they can share and grow and love. A haven from the crap that comes at you day after day after day.

And, knowing her - that is exactly what she'll have. She pays attention to the little things. The frangrances of the candles in each room. The "feel" of the color on the walls. The way the dishes accent the meal.

For those of us that have been thinking like this for years - it's special to see it when it's just beginning. It's so fresh. So new to them.

It's one of those heartwarming moments that I love so much.

I gotta go.....now we're going to look at glasses.

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A Baby's Laughter

I spent the evening with my cousin and her family. Very relaxing. Lots of laughter. I shared the news that I'm heading back to this coast and everyone was fairly happy. They want me in St. Pete but even Bradenton (at 45 mins away) is better than now. We'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

The baby is just precious. He's a year and a half now and just brimming with personality. There is nothing like a baby to balance out everything. We were playing the kissing game last night. I would sit there asking for a kiss. He would resist. I'd lean forward "mmmmmm" and steal a kiss. "ahhhhh" and shake my head. His laughter would fill the room. "gen! gen!". It's the little things in life that give it the richness.

I often talk about how much I miss having children around me on a regular basis. It's true. Oh, I know that it's not always roses and wine. I raised three boys and had three granddaughters, plus took care of my sister's three children before I moved down here. I've tried to balance work and family, felt that frustration, that sense of being overwhelmed. But the joys far outweigh the tough times.

So remember to hold those sweet moments close to you. They are all too fleeting.

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February 23, 2005

I Think I Resemble That Remark

Ok - so I'm over at Blackfive's place and he has a link to find out what kind of dog you are......

I'm sitting here at my cousins - she's ebaying, I'm blogging - oh hell, might as well see what it says.

Here are my results.

I am a German Spitz

Ok - kinda fufu, but I can live with that.

Here's the kicker - Personality:
Active, intelligent and alert. This dog is also a devoted family pet. The German Spitz can adapt to life in town or the country but if left unchecked it has a tendancy to yap, which can drive the neighbors crazy.

Heh - the nerve!!!

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Chap Is A Daddy!!!

Chap and his wife are proud parents of Baby Boy!
Yeah!!! Congratulations Chap......I'm so happy for you.

And you're right....it's gonna be an interesting couple of decades. Heh....how interesting depends on how much like YOU he turns out to be! ;-)

Stop by and offer good wishes. Babies....a very good thing!

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I LOVE This Song....

Rascal Flatts - God Bless The Broken Road. (if your clicking just wait til the commercial is over!) The first time I heard it I had to stop and just listen. It touched something so deep. It's about hope - it's about always finding the good.

I LOVE to sing this song. #1 it's exactly in my range - just the way they perform it. I think I'll add it to my "play list" for the Disney wedding gigs.

Just in case your interested - the lyrics are in extended entry.

Rascal Flatts - Bless The Broken Road Lyrics

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you
Every long lost dream lead me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand
You've been there you understand
It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true

Every long lost dream lead me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

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I LOVE This Song....

Rascal Flatts - God Bless The Broken Road. (if your clicking just wait til the commercial is over!) The first time I heard it I had to stop and just listen. It touched something so deep. It's about hope - it's about always finding the good.

I LOVE to sing this song. #1 it's exactly in my range - just the way they perform it. I think I'll add it to my "play list" for the Disney wedding gigs.

Just in case your interested - the lyrics are in extended entry.

Rascal Flatts - Bless The Broken Road Lyrics

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you
Every long lost dream lead me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand
You've been there you understand
It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true

Every long lost dream lead me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

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It's How It Makes You Feel

Christina Strikes a chord AGAIN! Damn Girl.......do you have a long lost (really tall) sister you are missing! ;-)

In this post she talks about how lingerie plays such an important role in her "style". When I read this....

"I, for one, have found the benefits of wearing good lingerie to far exceed the confines of the bedroom. I learned years ago as a fledgling litigation attorney that some days I needed more of a boost of courage and confidence than on others. It was then I began a campaign to treat myself as worthy to feel truly worthy."

Wham. Exactly! I wear it for ME! Working in a "mans industry" - and that's all I've ever done - I will take any advantage I can get. And part of that is knowing what they DON'T know. I may be sitting there in my designer suit, nicely coiffed, high heels and all buttoned up. But they don't know.....they don't know what's below that "surface".

Plus there is just that added swing in the step when you FEEL sexy - and good lingerie does that. Stockings that are barely there, wisps of lace, the feel of silk against your skin. Yeah - how can you NOT feel sexy with all that.

And I'm not about the glitz. I like the understated elegance. It about how it makes me feel......more about how it's presented not what's seen.

Oh - and before you even ask - NO...there are NO pictures! A girls gotta have her secrets! ;-)

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Big Changes A Comin'......

Here we go again!

In my meeting yesterday we were talking about changing out coverage - so that more people are happy.

I think I've made it more than obvious that I hate Central Florida. Hate it, hate it, hate it. No water, too many tourists, very few friends near by. Did I mention no beaches?

So....we're sitting in the lobby of the Florida Mall Hotel and my boss drops a bombshell. He asks how long ago I moved. I reminded him it was the week that he took over this team - June of last year. He asks when my lease is up. I tell him November. He says he doesn't understand why I moved. I explained that I fought it tooth and nail and was not given a choice. Then he says it.

He want's me back on the west coast. Some time this year. In fact - realigning my territory to have me calling over there ASAP. Back to the west coast - near LeeAnn & Dogger, near my family, near my friends J & M. Near the beach. Near the water.

I'm afraid to hope. That would change everything. EVERYTHING.

I know I'll not find a house like this over there...and I'm alright with that. This place served it's purpose. I'd never lived in a "pretty new" house and I've enjoyed it. Most importantly I had more than enough room for the Bad Example Family (& Friends) Reunion. I can take the change. I have no problem with that at all. Weekends with my family/friends. Evenings watching the sunset sitting on the patio of my favorite resturant, my toes in the sand, a drink in my hand. The bell ringing - the applause at the beauty. The music. Damn.....I miss it all so much!!

So....we'll just see how it all pans out. I'm afraid to hope. I'm afraid something awful will take it all away. Oh....I'll lose some money making opportunity and will be partnered with a real jerk....don't care (I say that NOW). If I can just get back over there that's HUGE!

So....keep those good thoughts and prayers going. Cross all those fingers, toes, eyes - and anything else you feel is appropriate. This is step one in Tammi's Big Plan......

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Road Warrior - for fun

Well I'm gonna be a traveling fool for the next few months!!

March will see me spending a week in Waycross GA. That one - is a necessary evil.

April I head to Jekyll Island for the big blog meet. I'm looking forward to that for so many reasons. I'll get to meet some bloggers that I have really gotten to enjoy! AND I'll get a couple mornings on the beach. Imagine! Good people, drinks and my toes in the sand. Damn, sounds like a piece of heaven.

THEN - as if that weren't enough, I'm headed to Teresa's house in May! Yep......gonna fly up there and spend a couple days visiting with my Sister. We're trying to arrange some time with That 1 Guy and Harvey and his Beloved Wife.....along with anyone else that can make it! I'm sooooooo looking forward to that!

Planning those out has really given me some things to look forward to. It'll really break up my schedule the next few months - and I'm thrilled. THIS kinda travel makes me very happy!

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Yesterday was a very long day.

Headed to Bradenton late on Monday as I had a very early class on Tuesday and it was supposed to be an evening with a friend. Well, after a conference call and a conversation with a customer on what they wanted handled during my class I finally got to Bradenton at 11:00pm - just in time to hug my friends, stretch out on the couch and sleep for 4 hours.

Training went very well...more "big wigs" than I anticipated, but it went really well. Then, result of another call on Monday, I have to cancel everythng and head back to Orlando.

Had a meeting with my boss. I was a bit nervous. We're realigning territories, and that never really works out well for me.

Well - let's just say it could be interesting - in several ways - so we'll just have to see how that all pans out.

Then he takes us to dinner.

Holy Cow!! Was It Good!

We went to Texas de Brazil. I had heard of it, but had not been there yet.

The secret is to NOT fill up on the salad bar and bread - no matter how good it all is....don't do it! Trust me!

Let's see if I can explain. The ambience is such that I would have prefered to be there with someone other than the guys I work with. It was nice.

The first server explains how it all works, what soup is on the salad bar and gets drink orders. She/he also explains what the two sided "button" is for. One side is red - for stop. The other is green - for bring it on!!

So we all turn our buttons red and head to the salad bar. What a flippin' understatement. There was just about some of the most incredible salads you could imagine. And the soup. The soup was fantastic (cream of brocoli). But I remembered what they told me and went easy. But it was difficult.

Turn the button to green.

Then the show starts. And that's just about the only way to describe it. They come around to your table with Scewers of meet - beef, pork, chicken, lamb - all cooked in different, wonderful ways and they ask if you'd like some. If you do - and you're silly if you don't at least try it all - they slice you off a hunk. You grab it with your tongs and off they go. And here comes another. Garlic Steak - grilled to perfection. Oh and the Brazilian Sausage?!? Wow. Really yummy. Chicken breast wrapped in bacon - speechless. Pork road with this wonderful cheese coating, grilled to perfection.......The only thing I didn't try was the lamb. Not a big fan of lamb but I heard it was just wonderful.

I ate more meat last night than I have in the past year! I was so full I was miserable - AND I passed up the Flan for dessert, and that's unheard of for me. I got home and just about passed out. I couldn't talk on the phone - yeah, believe it or not. I couldn't stop yawning. I slept like the dead. Part of that was being so tired after the past couple days. The other part is that was a damn fine meal.

I'm going back. Don't know when, but I'm going back. And it's not that expensive when you think about unlimited food. Good quality meat and great service. Approx. $40 a person not including drinks. There's a new one coming to Chicago Soon!! Try It! Believe me - you will not be sorry!!!

Anyway - turned out to not be toooooo bad a day. Great training class, interesting meeting, incredible dinner.

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February 21, 2005

Update on Dogger

I am on the phone with LeeAnn right now....and she is giving some WONDERFUL news!

Dogger is through with his chemo. That was finished on this past Friday. His transplant is not scheduled until Wednesday.

They suddenly realized that there was no reason for him to be stuck in the hospital between now and then.

So....the hospital is renting them a room at a nearby hotel, and given the PROMISE that if he has any issues he will check back in immediately - They Get 36 hours together. 36 blissful hours of normal.

We both had to cry as we talked about it.

This is truly wonderful news.

I thought you'd like to know.

If you aren't familiar with what is happening with LeeAnn and Dogger - this is her post explaining the situation.

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Definition of Success

So I had a Roll Out meeting last night. What that boils down to is simply this. I rent a conference room at a hotel, order food, put together a presentation about the new product, have handouts and do a dog and pony show. Desired result? The sales people are excited about the product, understand the benefits and sell the hell out of it.

This is my largest department store account. I have 8 stores with 2 to 5 people per store. This was pretty high profile. I guess you could go so far as to say it was rather important.

So how did I spend my day in preparation? Well.....I woke up early. Drank more coffee than I should have. Watched the ballons float by my window. Blogged. Blogged. Sent some emails. Blogged. Looked at the presentation. Started making some corrections/additions. Blogged. Talked to Bou on the phone. Talked to Joe on the phone.

Suddenly I realized it was 4:00. My comment to Joe? Well, shit. I guess I'm gonna need to figure out what to wear? And I should probably finish up this presentation. And I better hope traffic isn't to bad.

Then....I blogged some more.

Got showered and dressed. Went for a more causal thing - skirt and top, no pantyhose, open toed sandles. Hey - it was a Sunday night, damn it. I just couldn't see puttin' on the ritz for a 7:00 meeting on a Sunday night.

Anyway - I got there - plenty of time to spare. Pulled things together. The hotel staff were wonderful. People started arriving about 45 mins early. No problem. Might actually have a good turn out.

By 7:00 there were 10 people there. Ten. 9 + 1. I was expecting 30.

Now......the Daytona 500 did end at 6:00 so I4 was a virtual parking lot. Plus....the stores didn't close until 7:00 so many didn't even try to make it.

But 10 people! Damn.....kinda hard to psyc yourself up for that.

But I did it. We had a wonderful meal and then I launched right in. We talked about the product - lots and lots of interaction. Then we talked about the "new stuff". They LOVED it! Hell....at 9:00 I had to throw THEM out!

The funniest part? In the middle of the dog and pony show I realize I've kicked off my shoes at some point. I'm walking around the Hilton Ballroom barefooted giving my presentation. Talk about CASUAL.

By some standards it was a less than stellar evening. Me? I think it was a roaring success. The people that were there learned. And care. They will sell my beds. We had a chance to bond. We laughed. (mostly at me, but that's ok) They will talk about this with those that did not make it. The word will spread.

Yeah - it wasn't a bad night after all.

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Not This Year!

Last year I made a big mistake. Big. Huge.

I didn't pay attention.

As you know, if you read this blog much at all, part of my sales territory includes Daytona Florida. Also - as you are probably aware of - Daytona get's a bit busy this time of year.

Last year I just scheduled out my visits according to MY time table and - man - did I get slammed. I hit town the busiest times of every event. In my defence - I didn't know. I had never spent much time over there - don't like that coast. I'm not a huge Nascar fan, don't own a bike and haven't been in college for longer than I care to admit. In other words - I was livin' in a bubble.

Well that's gonna change this year. I've planned ahead. Ok, Ok, I got slightly caught by the Daytona 500. But part of that was not my fault. I didn't plan my big meeting for last night - I was told when to have it.

But I'm ready for the rest of it.

March 4 - 13th is Bike Week. Hey - that's more than a week! That's not fair! Shit......so I gotta break that one. Maybe I can sneak in on a Wednesday or such. I just know I won't be anywhere in that vacinity on a weekend. Yikes!! Thousands of bikes - everywhere. They own the roads. And even more PEOPLE! Milling about, walking in front of your car - (there might even be a bit of alcohol involved) With my luck I'd end up hurting someone and I don't want to be responsible for that.....

Oh lovely! I see here that Bike week ends the 13th and Spring Break STARTS on the 13th! And it also lasts for more than a week. Holy Shit. March 13 - April 2.

The next big race is the Pepsi 400 in July. That helps a bit. But that doesn't mean there aren't still races scheduled in between now and then. They just won't have the HUGE number of people attending.

Ok - I guess I lied. There is no way I can do my job and NOT be over there during some part of the festivities. I'm goin' in.

I wonder if my feelings of dread are because I'll be all conservative in my business suits and high heels and everyone else will be cuttin' loose and havin' some fun......Naaaaaa - It can't be that I'm jealous! ;-)

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First Love

Michele at Letters from New York is asking for stories. She is asking us to look back and remember that very first time we fell in love. Was it reciprocated? What was the attraction? Did it last? How has it impacted our present day lives?

I left my comments at her post and encourage you to do the same.

But the memories she stirred didn't go away. I sat here with those thoughts and pictures running through my head as I relaxed after my class last night.

My first love came late in my live. It was after my divorce. It was unexpected, passionate and fleeting. But it had a deep and lasting impact on ME. It was the first step in my healing. I've never been the same.

I sat here trying to understand WHY. What was it about falling in love with HIM that changed everything in me? Why HIM? Why didn't it last?

The last question is actually the easiest to answer. It didn't last because neither one of us was ready to be in love at that time. We had both had horrible marriages and nightmare divorces. Our relationship was a stepping stone to realizing that we were both good people, that someone COULD love us. And we needed the opportunity to realize that beyond just one relationship.

As to why I fell in love with him - to be honest part of it was the timing. I was so vulnerable. Easy prey as they say. Thank goodness he was a good man that didn't take advantage. The other part was chemistry. We had connected emotionally - we became friends. But there was that physical attraction. Hell - he was so beautiful (and yes I mean beautiful) that when I first met him I almost turned around and left.....I was SOOOOOO out of my league. But what it came down to was the way he made me feel when he looked at me. When he touched me as we sat with friends - just to let me know he remembered I was there. I was treasured.

But the first question - how has it impacted my life now - that is the question that just continues to roll through my mind. And honestly - that's the most important part of this whole thing. The memories are wonderful - even the painful ones. But.......how has it made me a different person today.

When I first moved to Florida from Chicago I was a very different person than I am today. I had been married and responsible for someone else for 11 years. No fun - honestly. I dressed very conservatively. I didn't own a pair of shorts or even a bathing suit. I had never been on a boat. I was tired, scared and alone. He took me on my first boat ride. That led to me discovering an entirely different lifestyle - shorts, bathing suits, no shoes, just plain relaxation. And when he kissed me....I felt special.

He also proved I don't have to settle. Never again.

I don't compare anyone to him. But he's set the standard. Does that make sense? I now know what I need in a relationship - respect, laughter, balance, trust, and passion.

He helped me realize that I am a woman. That it's ok to laugh - at any time. He helped me remember how sexy laughter is. He opened the door for me to discover confidence in myself. He gave me hope.

It's funny. As I was running though all these memories and thoughts a song just kept running through my mind. Actually just the first part of a song. It perfectly explains how this first love impacts my life still today.

As Time Goes By
This day and age we're living in
Gives cause for apprehension
With speed and new invention
And things like fourth dimension
Yet we get a trifle weary
With Mr. Einstein's thory
So we must get down to earth at times
Relax relieve the tension
And no matter what the progress
Or what may yet be proved
The simple facts of life are such
They cannot be removed

You must remember this
A kiss is still a kiss
A sigh is just a sigh
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by

So thank you Mark, for the laughter and the lessons. The passion and the promise. For showing me that it's alright to relax - it's not being lazy. For helping me realize that all men are not tyrants. But most important for the knowledge that even *I* can love.

Now - head on over to Michele's and share your story.

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February 20, 2005


She's Got a Blog! She's Got a Blog!

Harvey's Beloved Wife has a blog of her own - Smiling Dynamite (very appropriate) .....and she's comin' out strong!!

Get youselves over there RIGHT NOW! You won't be sorry.

Damn, this is gonna make me late, but I don't care. ;-)

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Have I mentioned lately.....

How very much I like Ogre? You know - the llama dude.

He has a new quiz up and to my GREAT surprise HE is NOT a llama. Just a lunatic.

Well, guess what......

You're not a llama, just a lunatic.

What type of llama are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'd say "birds of a feather" but it just doens't fit for this one........but it does explain sooooo much!

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I SOOOOO like her!

Bou has a Blogdaughter! Congratulations!

And I've been visiting (ok - I'm a bit late, but damnit I've been busy)

So I head on over to meet Sissy at And What Next. Good stuff....she stole my About Me post, and did a better job than I did (damned upstart).

Then I keep reading.....the more I read, the more I like. Really, strong minded, patriot, independent...yeah - I like her.

Then I hit THIS joke. Oh. My. Goodness. It was the first real laugh I've had this morning. Go and check it out - then take the time to read everything. You'll be glad you did.

Welcome Sissy......You Fit Right In to the Bad Example Family!!!

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February 19, 2005

Chapter 3

It just keeps getting better and better.......

The Blog Noir that is...

Chapter 3 is finished and posted.....TJ over at Twisty did a FANTASTIC job. Holy Cow.

Go - take your coffee, tea, what ever....settle in and read.

And in case you're like me and want to start at the beginning........

Here is Jim's Beginning
Key's Expansion.

Damn Christina - again I say GREAT IDEA and you rounded up a hell of a group of writers!

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I've Been Tagged.....AGAIN!!

Hmmm.....seems that sneaky Randy over at A Secular Franciscan has tagged me with ANOTHER meme.......

It's Saturday, a nice day for lightheartedness.....and I'm going to be too busy to do my question of the day first thing......so here goes:

What is your favorite kind of cookie? Oatmeal. Oatmeal rasin or Oatmeal scotties.......Not only are they very very yummy, but they help keep your cholesterol down!!

Who is America's most overrated actor? I'm probably setting myself up on this one....but I gotta say Kevin Costner. He's flat. All his lines are delivered the same. That being said.....I love Dances with Wolves, and The Untouchables....but it's not KC that keeps my attention. It's the story and supporting cast.

Name a guilty pleasure hmmmmm......so many directions I could go with this....which to choose, which to choose. guilty or pleasure.......trashy novels. Yep that's right folks - I ADORE TRASHY NOVELS. I have boxes upon boxes of them in my spare bedroom closet. And I read them over and over and over again. Whew....I feel so much better now....anyone got a cigarette?

"Scrubs" or "Everybody Loves Raymond"? How 'bout neither. I don't watch a lot of TV. I've caught some episondes of Raymond, didn't really grab me. Never did figure out what all the fuss was about. Haven't seen one episode of Scrubs. Don't intend to on purpose.

Name two things you can't live without Coffee......A computer - any computer with internet connection - but a computer.

Your first pets name + your mother's maiden name = your porn star name Daddy said this would come back to haunt me......Love Graber (pronounced GREY-BURR) - huh, Amish Porn?!?!?!

What song are you listening to right now? None. TV's on Nick @ Nite....it's sleepy time for this girl.

Name your celebrity crush Dennis Quaid. (Actor) John Lynch (Football) That was easy...........

Favorite Punchline from a joke I know I'm gonna regret it, but I've never lied to ya'll before, I'm not starting now......."Get out of my way! I've got to wash my mouth out before Sister Agnes sits in that thing!"

Who do you want to pass this meme off to? I've got an idea!! Pick one (or as many as you want) and answer in comments! This will actually replace the "Saturday Question of the Day"! I'm brilliant!! I get to play, I get to read your answers, and no one has to do any extra work! If you WANT TO you can just complete on your blog and link back.....that would be fun too!!!!

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THAT was a tactical error

1 phrase totally explains the latter part of my day. One simple phrase.

Nascar is NOT my friend.

Let me explain...........

As I mentioned, we had a rep quit yesterday. So this morning is tons of phone calls, many emails and well, shit. So....I'm a bit late getting out of the house to make my Daytona run. I've got stores I HAVE to hit......it's almost the end of the month. Tight tight schedule.

I meet _Jon for lunch on his way back from visiting VW & Bou. :-( My friends have all left now.

We say good bye and I head east. Did I mention I was heading to Daytona? Do you know what this weekend is? The flippin' Daytona flippin 500. Oh. My. Goodness.

People. People. People. Crowds of people. Cars. Cars. Sweet heaven there were a lot of cars.

And tonight is only one of the preliminary races.

I was unable to hit all of my stores. I have to go back. The only partial day I have that I can almost even think of getting back over there is Sunday. Do you know what Sunday is? Yep, you guessed it. The Main Event. Race time is 1:00 in the afternoon. After the traffic today I cannot even begin to imagine what I'll run into then.

I'm going to sleep now. I have to be up in under 6 hours. I have a class to teach in the morning.

No - Nascar is NOT my friend.

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February 18, 2005

I Am SOOOOO Excited!

So I've mentioned a time or two that I sell mattresses. I don't know if I ever mentioned that I have never actually PURCHASED a mattress. Up until I moved into this house I didn't have one and the one from the landlord's sucks. So I bought a foam topper and voila - I can almost sleep in it.

But...I've been waiting.....I've been watching......and since I spend so much time laying on them I've finally chosen the bed I want.

Let's start with the foundation. It's adjustable. With massage. I can wake up in the morning with a 30 min. massage. The head and foot elevates. I can sit in my bed, watching tv, having dinner and blogging - I mean working - and never miss a beat. Oh. My. Goodnes.....

But wait

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Everything Changes...everything changes.....

A while back I posted about my new baby.......I was very excited.

Well, I couldn't pick him up when I wanted to and now the breeder is kinda "playin" me. So I just got a call from a friend. She has in her possession a Boston Terrier puppy. 4 weeks old. I can pick him up in 2 weeks.

In case you aren't familiar with them....Here is a picture. No, this is not THE one, but you get the idea.

The only dogs I've ever raised were Bostons. I love the smooshed in faces. They are so ugly they're cute. And they make GREAT companions. I just couldn't afford the $700. This One Is Free!!!!

And there is no changing of the minds. I don't have to drive 10 hours to pick him up. I finally will have a "Mac".

I'm a little disappointed, I really loved the idea of the Shitpoo (as my friend calls it) but........this works. I know Bostons, I understand them.

So.....finally. 2 weeks from today I get the puppy. I have "babysitters" lined up for the over night trip next month. This gives me a chance to get this territory at work rearranged so that I'm home more. Yeah - this may be the "out" I was looking for. I HAVE to say no....can't leave the puppy alone to long - and yes, that is an excuse that is used OFTEN where I work, believe it or not.

OK - I've got to get out the door. Just thought I'd offer up a "puppy update".

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True Competition

I thrive on competition. I love it. I'm a very nice loser.....but a really shitty winner. I will happy dance, I will hoot and holler....I. Will. Rub. It. In. That's playin' games or in business.

But I also ALWAYS play fair. I like an even playing field. You vs. Me. Mano a Mano (so to speak). We each have a set of skills. We each have a history. GO.........

That's one reason I never hesitate in switching industries. I went from Steel to OJ to Mattresses. Sales is sales is sales. It's all about focus, work ethic, problem solving - you get the idea.

It's also one reason I never switch to a competitor. When I left the steel distribution company I worked for I left the industry. Period. When I left Trop, I talked to competitors in the same line, but had no interest. Part of that was the unfair advantage I had.....I knew what was going on. I knew background that no one else did. It's like being able to read someone's mind in a chess game. And I gotta say - there is no fun in that. I wanna win because I earned it. Not because of some secret I know.

So....one of my teammates quit yesterday. He went to a competitor. I'm glad for him. He'll make a boatload of money, the company will let him run his territory HIS way, he'll have complete freedom. He will begin that leg of his career with "respect". It's what he wants, it's what he needs.

However...........you know, and I know, he's gonna start hammering our current customers. He's going to go in and use what he knows about our programs to his advantage. No matter what anyone says, no matter their intentions, it happens EVERY TIME.

But that takes the game to a new level. One I don't enjoy. If it were apples to apples I know I could win every single time, hands down. No questons asked. I don't fight dirty. I never bad mouth my competition (to my customers). I talk about what MY product is, the quality in MY product, OUR service. And then just charm the shit right out of those decision makers. THAT'S the way to play this game.

Also - since I'm on a rambling roll - my life just got that much more complicated. Someone, some where, has to cover his territory. Guess who that is?! Yep, Tammi. But, I also have to cover mine, and pay extra attention so as not to leave myself vulnerable to attack. There are only so many hours in a day. There is no possible way to be in Tampa and Daytona at the same time.

Yeah - the game just got wrenched up a notch. It's about to get really interesting. And I don't mean that in a good way!

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Just One Decision Changed It All

Do you get over to Christina's place every day? You know - Feisty Repartee? If not......shame on you. I've got to get her on my blogroll tonite, been meaning to do that for a while now and I have no excuse anymore.

Anyway - she has been really on a roll. Today she asks the question:

If given an opportunity, how many of us would actually take a mulligan or "do over" regarding a decision we have made at some point in our lives.

There are a lot of small, seemingly inconsequential, things I'd like to take back mostly because of hurt feelings over things that really did not need to be said, but few of those things are actually "life altering."

What if we were granted one opportunity to go back and take that other path?

What a GREAT question....and believe it or not one I grapple with often. My first thought is I wouldn't have married my ex. Ok......but look back a bit farther.......I would have moved out of Mishawaka as soon as I got out of school (hence preventing me from even meeting Asshole). But keep thinking.......I'd have finished college. Yep. That's the ticket. And that's what I said in my comments at Christina's.

But it doesn't really stop there. If I'm honest it goes a step farther and would settle on "I'd have gone to a DIFFERENT college".

I've mentioned that I had a music scholarship. To be honest I didn't know what the hell I was going to do with it. I knew I didn't want to teach it. I didn't have the patience. I knew that trying to support yourself in performing is to "iffy". So I threw it away. But the main reason I threw it away was because of the environment I was in.

I went to a private Mennonite college. It was known for 2 things. Their nursing program and their music program. Plus.....it was where almost every member of my family had attended. I didn't want to go there. It was (and is) very very liberal, very very strict, very very close minded. I had to take Old and New Testament I & II. I had to take the history of the Amish & Mennonite churches. When I took Econ and Business Management I found more religion than basic logic. You can only begin to imagine how much trouble I caused there - just asking questions.

Hell......I got put on probation my first day on campus because they found a pack of cigarettes in my purse! I was so worried about the external shit I never had a chance to enjoy my education. There were activities - hell, I also got in trouble for teaching an aerobic class, too close to dancing.

Too Many Rules and I Couldn't Focus. That led to me leaving in my junior year. I've not been able to finish. For several reasons, but it boils down to that. I had to move back to Mishawaka - I had nothing better to do. I ended up meeting the ex and getting married. NOW......every time I try to look for a job, it's a slap in the face that I didn't finish.

If I could change anything I'd have gone to a different college. I can't imagine where my life would be now.

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February 17, 2005


I have apple vodka.

I have sour apple infusion.

I'm having a really really big appletini right now.

It's dinner.

It's really good.

**looking around.....Am I acting silly?**

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What to do, What to do....

So here's my dilemma - its spring in Florida. Truly! Teresa leaves and itís mid to upper 70's. Go figure.

Anyway - I have a tradition......ok, let's just call a spade a spade. I have an addiction.

Every year since I've moved down here I've bought 2 new bathing suits. After 10 years - I have a nice variety going.

This year, I've put on some weight and am not in my normal "condition". BUT....it's spring - I hear the sirens' call. I see the new styles, the temptation is soooooo strong.........

Do I follow my original plan and wait until I lose the weight and then treat myself? Do I just say "Screw It" and get them now? Or do I get one now and one later?

Decisions, Decisions...........

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My List

I'm making out a grocery list....believe it or not, just about everything I had for the Reunion is now gone. We did eat good....didn't we!?!? ;-)

Anyway - I noticed I always start out with the same things on the top of the list....I buy them every time I go to the store, whether I need to or not.

1) Toilet paper - This is one woman that will NEVER run out of that paper gold!!

2) Coffee - I have a 1lb bag of beans on the counter......gonna buy 2 more, just in case.

3) Cheese - that is the one item we have left from the weekend, I don't care. I want more. I love cheese. Especially MELTED cheese. It makes me happy. I can never have too much of that.

4) Flowers - I love fresh cut flowers. Love Love Love. Last week was so hectic I didn't pick any up. That NEVER happens in this house. I have a vase I keep full in the foyer. I have a small table that usually has a large bouguet of roses - yellow are my favorite. I noticed last night - none, not one fresh flower in this house. That will change this evening. And yes, I do buy a new bunch everytime I walk past the floral department of the grocery. I have many vases.

5) OJ - I love orange juice. I have at least one glass a day. Usually two. And yes, I only buy one brand....Tropicana. If it's just me I get the Low Acid so it doesn't hurt my tummy. One time I was cleaning out the fridge and realized I had 2 full gallons in there. Good thing there's a 6 week shelf life! But can't help it....I push the cart past that section and automatically pick up a gallon.

So what are some of the items you HAVE to have on your list? What do you always make sure you have plenty of? /keep it clean folks...I know exactly where this crowd could go!/

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It's An On-going Process

I recently had a conversation that centered on confidence and well being. I think it's always enlightening to hear how others develop and nurture their self confidence.

I have to be honest. In many ways I am very confident. Not arrogant - confident, dare I say in some areas I'm actually cocky. I know what I am capable of professionally; I am comfortable talking with anyone on that subject and know that I can contribute to the conversation.

I'm confident in my cooking and housekeeping skills. Am I perfect? Nope, but again, I can hold my own.

I know my talents. I'm musical. I had a full ride scholarship for music. I sing, dance and play a lot of different instruments. I used to be really good. Now, not so much - but that's the direct result of decisions made and age. Shit happens.

I know my strengths and admit my weaknesses. That's crucial. I know what I can't do. And that's ok. Actually it's a good thing. That means I need people. I would hate it if I were so good at everything that I never needed anyone.

I'm confident in my value as a person - and this is where the conversation in my memory focused on.

I spent a lot of my late teens and early adulthood trying to find that confidence. It was a long battle. Kids are not kind, and I was different. I had none of the normal experiences most teens have - no first date (I was 22) no prom (I got stood up, and I asked him). I was very tall, all about classical music, reading, history, government, econ. Not exactly "cool". Also - I was very sarcastic. Hurtfully sarcastic. The majority of friends I had stopped coming around because I was just so "sharp" - and not in a good way!

My self esteem spiraled out of control, down to the point where I couldn't even stand to look at myself in the mirror. I couldn't look myself in the eye.

Finally I realized this was just not a good place to be. I won't bore you with the long, dark details but suffice to say it wasn't pretty. SOMETHING had to change.

I started out by asking questions. Oh, not easy questions, those questions that are hard to ask and even harder to answer. I wanted to know WHY some people were my friends. What was it they saw in me that they liked, and wanted to be around. What was it about me that made it difficult to spend time with me?

Then I made a list. Not of what was good, but what I needed to change to make it better. A long, bullet point list that I tackled on item at a time.

I would pick up traits that I admired in books I read, people I knew, people I observed. Then item by item I started to incorporate that into my behavior. It's been 20 years since I started this project. It will never end.

But I'm happy with the results. I enjoy my own company - hell, I crack myself up sometimes. I like the type of friend I am - I'd want me for a friend. I can look myself in the mirror every morning, and while not thrilled with the image I see, I'm proud of the woman I'm becoming.

And that's all that matters. If you can look yourself in the eye, at the end of the day - running the events that occurred through your mind, and HONESTLY come away feeling that you've done all you can to be WHO YOU WANT TO BE you've done good.

Now, the tricky part is that some people just don't care. You'll have that everyday - the people that actually think it's alright to dole out insults and actually take pleasure in hurting people and causing conflict. I'd love to say they don't bother me, but they do....they still have that ability to prick under the skin and hurt me. But not for long. It passes, because I know I'm doing my very best to be the kind of person I WANT TO BE.

Because you see - it is all about ME. I'm the one that has to be satisfied. I'm the one who has to live with the choices I make and the way I treat people.

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February 16, 2005

I'm just sayin'....

For dinner I had one of the ribs from the prime rib (heated them up Sunday with BBQ sauce) and the last of the really good beef noodles.

For dessert......

Peppermint ice cream with the chocolate magic shell and, of course, Reddi-Wip!


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My Daddy Taught Me!

People are funny. Feelings are confusing. And fear, well fear is just a damned pain in the ass.

I was over at Trying to Grok this morning - catching up on what's going on in the delighful mind of Sarah's - and WHAM! I ran right into a brick wall. She does that to me a lot with her posts.

Here's she talking about a lesson learned while she was young. A lesson about feelings, fears, regrets and taking that chance.

That situation seems to be my "Groundhog's Day". It happens over and over and over again for me. Not on all levels, but I've never fully conqured the fear.

I did learn early in life never to take anyone for granted. I lost my favorite aunt when I was 6. I fully understood what had happened, and I fully understood that I would never again have the opportunity to eat her chocolate chip cookies (hey - I was 6!) or to tell her I love her. Lesson Learned.

Losing Daddy at the ripe age of 10 - I can truely say I KNOW that he knew I loved him. I told him almost daily that he was my hero! There were lots of hugs and kisses ALWAYS. And while I still hurt that he is gone, I have peace in knowing that he KNEW he was honored, loved and needed.

But the main lesson I learned from Daddy is that "the worst thing you can say at the end of the day is I wonder if, and I wish I had." That doesn't just go with goals and events - it fits for everything. That's the part I struggle with.

I don't do so well............I have no problem letting those I care about know that. It's a given. If I say I love you....I mean it. If I say You Matter To Me.....I mean it. If I call you friend, it is much more than that, you are family of my choice.

BUT....and here's the tricky part.......I suck at relationships of the romantic persuasion. (and NO, not the way you gutter balls are thinking! LOL) I'm not good at those. Well, let me clarify that. I'm not good at the beginning of those. I like the middle. After the whole, Do They - Don't They thing. After the - I really care about you thing. I like the middle, where those things are established and known (and appreciated). I hate the beginnings and I loathe the endings.

So...how do you get the nerve to say, Hey-you're really cool, I'm interested in you, on a different level? How do you squish that fear of them running for the hills screaming? How does a woman (especially) express interest without coming across as a slut or a sicko? Huh? Huh?

That is the one part of Daddy's lesson I haven't mastered. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this one. And no....I don't expect an answer to this. It's a personal journey that each of us must take. It's not something you can apply a formula or action plan to. It just happens. One day you wake up , and realize the Never Knowing is much worse than the I'm Sorry, But No.

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February 15, 2005

It's Pretty Again!

Did ya notice? Huh? Huh?

My site is pretty again, it's all fixed.

Oh, no...I didn't do it. Are you kidding?

I sent an email to the wonderful and talented Kathy at On The Third Hand and she made it all the way it was.......

Yeah! I tend to be a bit picky when it comes to Tammi's World! ;-)

Now I'm happy.

Thanks Kathy! You are the BEST!!!

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Just one more thing before I let you go...

To any of you that have tried to have a phone conversation with me that line should sound VERY familiar! ;-)

But I did think of something this morning as I was getting ready to hit the road.

I need gasoline. Hmmm.....do I have enough to get to Tampa? I think so. Because there is a station in the Carrolwood section of Tampa that I ALWAYS fill up at when I'm in the area.

When I was living over there times got kinda difficult. There were serious pay issues with my job and for 2 months I didn't get a check. No food money, no cigarette money, no gas money. No gas money = no driving = no store visits = no job. Not Good.

So.....I was standing in the station one morning trying to count out change. I should mention that the owner carried my cigarettes just for me so he knew when I wasn't in as often as usual. Anyway - I'm counting, I'm counting, $2.50, $3.75, ahhhh $5.00. Go to pre-pay and he stops me.

Missy? Is everything alright?

I hemmed and hawed and eventually just mentioned there had been pay issues and my deposit should hit next week.

He then set up a line of credit for me....payable when I could.

Including soda, coffee and cigarettes.

I cannot tell you how loyal I am to this store, this man. Like I said, if I'm in Tampa, I stop and get gas, cigs, soda and munchies. Even if I don't really need it.

What he did was amazing. It's almost unheard of in this day and age. Especially in a city the size of Tampa.

Yeah - I think I've got enough gas to get over there........and I need cigarettes too!

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It's so quiet. I mean really, really quiet.

Yesterday Harvey and Beloved Wife left to return to the frozen tundra. It was very hard to say good-bye. They arrived last Tuesday. I cannot begin to describe the pleasure I took in their company. You think you love Harvey as Mr. Bad Example? Ha. I laugh at you. If you only knew Harvey the man....And Beloved Wife! I guess the best way for me to express it is to say within minutes I knew I had a friend for life. I. Adore. Her. Plain and simple.

So....having _Jon offer to take them to the airport was a very good thing. I know it sounds like I cry ALOT, but I don't. I mist up alot, but actual tears flowing, not so much. I cried as they all pulled away. Johnny_oh rode along so I had my first taste of an empty house. Didn't like it. Nope. Not so much.

I was very happy when my bro's returned. I cooked breakfast for Johnny_Oh, eggs and prime rib. Can't have him making that long drive home on an empty stomach. We all sat around chatting for a time.....for me it was a desperate attempt to hang on to the weekend.

And then there were two. _Jon and I. Sitting here at the kitchen table and blogging or working for most of the day. I made some calls and we went to run a few errands. Even though we didn't do a lot of talking, the conversation we had was wonderful! The clicking of the keyboards and the occasional chuckle from something we read.....it was comforting. _Jon is visiting some family and friends this week so he opted to stay again last night. THANK GOODNESS!!! I think I'd go into shock after the joy of people in the house to suddenly drop to.........silence.........stillness.......yeah - that wouldn't have been so good.

I got a taste of what it will be like, a reminder as it were. He went to dinner last night and I stayed home to putter and clean a bit. I paced the house. I made phone calls. I moved from room to room, as if looking for something. Bou called to see how I was handling the stillness.....she's scary sometimes - how atuned she is.

Today I've got tons of running to do. Gotta hit Tampa and Brandon and try and get caught up. I'm not really behind, just need to get back on the street. As is my habit I woke up early. I'm such a bad hostess, last night, during a conversation with Jon - he at the table, me on the couch, I fell asleep. While we were talking. I was kinda tired. Huh, I wonder why.

Not sure what the plans are for the rest of the week. I just know I'll be running every day and that is just fine. Oh, and I've got to play with my new toy - hey, get your minds out of the gutter...I'm talking about my new Floormate. Geez, you guys! ;-)

Huh....kinda of a long ramble to get to the point.......and then there was one.

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February 14, 2005

So It's Valentines Day!

Pretty appropriate, I think. This year it's different. This year I feel kinda "glowy"....all mellow and golden.

I think it's because of these past few days. I'm all relaxed and happy. I've laughed more over this weekend than I have in the past year. I've smile more than ever in my life.

To be honest I've started a post about my thoughts, feelings, impressions of the Bad Example Family Reunion about 7 times. But it doesn't even begin to cover it - I can't begin to do it justice. But oh the "after effects"....those I pray stay around long after everything settles back into it's normal pattern.

I got a couple of Valentines! Bou gave me a big heart shaped box of chocolates and then I came home from getting the offical Bad Example Family (& Friends) Reunion portrait developed to find that this wonderful group of people had bought me the Hoover Floor Mate that I've been wanting for over a year. I got all misty eyed. No One Has Ever Done Something Like That For Me.

And you know everyone has been thanking me. They just don't realize that this weekend was one of the most selfish things I've ever done. I wanted these people here....in my home......and not much was going to keep that from happening. I would have done just about anything to pull it off. You see, I had talked to just about every single person that was here. Many I had met and had the chance to spend time with. I NEW IT WAS GOING TO BE WONDERFUL. My home was full of laughter, flowing conversation and people. Good people.

I have memories. Wonderful, beautiful memories.

Yeah - it was a selfish weekend. What no one realizes is I win. I win big time.

My wish for you is simple. I hope you feel as loved as I do right now.

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February 13, 2005

You know that song.......

......that country song by Rascal Flats.....I Melt......yeah well, that about explains my response to the responses to Christina's challenge. Holy cow. I, um, well, it's just that, yeah.

So here is what I suggest......go read Christina's post - Don't Say a Word - then pop on over to Eric, T1G, and Mr. Helpful's places. It's damn good to know that romance is NOT dead.

Outstanding gentlemen, and thanks for opening up like that.

Yeah, well, I, ok..........

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NOW it's My Turn!!

So, we're all sitting around the living room, basking in the sun and memories from yesterday.

Harvey makes Beloved Wife an ice cream drink......he brings it out to her as she is lounging in the Golden Throne. He hands it to her and asks......How much do I love you? Then he asks....does it taste alright?

Her Response.......

It tastes like your dirty banana.

'nuf said!

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Note to self: when they tell you to make a back-up copy of your template before you screw with the format...it really is a good idea. Especially if you're doin' this stuff on only 3 cups of coffee.

So.........My blogroll and stuff is at the bottom of the page. As soon as I figure out how to correct everything I will.

Meanwhile - let me just say, yesterday was FANTASTIC!!

more to come........................

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February 12, 2005

Blog Noir Part II.

Holy Cow, Key!

Chapter II of the Blog Noir is psted over at Key's Place. And it is FABULOUS!!

I have to admit, I was worried for her. Jim kicked this treat off with a FANTASTIC Chapter I. A very tough act to follow...but Key! Key, you did it girl!

Hurry up folks.....get over there!!

Thanks again for pulling this together Christina.

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The Calm Before......

It's so quiet.........I sit here on the couch, sipping my coffee and just watching the morning. Everyone else is still asleep so the house is very still.

I feel so bad. Last night Bou, Teresa and _Jon went down to the rental house. It was 61 degrees. They put a lock on the thermostat and no one from the managment company had turned on the heat. It got COLD last night. They called and were told that no one could get over there until this morning. Damn....I just feel terrible. You see I wanted EVERYTHING to be PERFECT for EVERYONE. I know I couldn't have done anything, but still...........

Everyone headed to bed around 1:30 this morning. I was up around 7:45. Making coffee so no one has to wait. Picking up a bit so that it's cleared up for when everyone starts to arrive. SarahK and Frank J. are planning on being here around 10:00.

I went to pick up the Prime Rib. Holy Cow. I hope it fits in my stove!! The meat dept. at Publix is fantastic. They're slicing it off the bone for me and then tying it all together so that it still has that "flavor" but will be easier to serve. Bou will be here anytime to start in on the wonderful desserts she has planned. We've got some of the salads done, so it's just pulling together the finishing touches.

Last night was wonderful. Everyone had such a good time.

I wish Harvey and Beloved Wife had been awake about an hour ago. I came back to the family room from freshening my coffee. There, floating past my pool cage, were about 15 hot air balloons. The sun is shining, the sky is that perfect shade of blue - it's chilly, but just stunning! I grabbed their camera to get a picture for them but couldn't figure out how to turn it on. Dang. But it was beautiful. I opened the sliding glass door and could hear the passengers laughing and talking. Sure sounded like they were having a good time!

Well, I better get myself in gear. Lots to do today.....but it's all worth it. I STILL can't believe they are all here. It's just wonderful!!! Can't wait to see what happens today!

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Well, well, well

Imagine my surprise. I leave with Bou and Beloved Wife to finish the grocery shopping. You know, pushin' that heavy cart around the store, looking for some yummies to feed my family. Get back, slave over a hot stove creating a culinary delight. Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches, fries, salad, fresh strawberrys (it's season!) on a wonder sponge cake with - Reddi-Wip (of course). After we girls get everyone fed I sit down to see what's goin' on and what do I see? Yep - those rascals left me a little surprise on my blog. Thanks! That's one less post I have to do!!!

Anyway - as I'm sure you can tell, we are having a great time.

Eric called this evening. What a wonderful suprise. Actually I had planned on us calling him this afternoon so he just beat us to the punch. We miss him terribly - along with T1G, Ogre and the rest of the crew - but we will carry on!

Tomorrow is the Main Event. SarahK & Frank J will be here in the morning, LeeAnn and hubby will be here around noon. Yep - this is fantastic.

I wish you could see what I see as I'm sitting here on the couch writing this. Beloved wife and Johnny_Oh are sitting in the living room talking about music. Around the kitchen table sits, Bou, Teresa, Harvey and _Jon. Conversation, laughter......it's like we've all "KNOWN" each other for years. It's really, truly a family reunion. There hasn't been one moment of uncertainty. From the minute someone walks in the door it's like another piece falls into place.

Oh, and the house we've got down the street....it's just wonderful. The only problem is that it's got a lock on the thermostate, and it's set at 70 degrees. We can't turn the heat up - so it's gonna be a bit chilly down there. But that's really just for sleeping.

But meanwhile the house is full of laughter and conversation. It's wonderful. We wish you were here!

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February 11, 2005

You Shouldn't Do This

It is not a good idea to leave your laptop unattended and logged into your weblog, with three idiots at your house while you are away.

I think.

Sez you, _Jon. I think she did this on purpose so we'll do her blogging for her.

Personally, I (Harvey of Bad Example) am happy to indulge my beloved blogdaughter. Considering how much abuse she's going to be getting from us, I think it's the least we can do. After all, she IS letting us keep the family llama in her garage:


I Johnny - Oh, do not personally condone the highjacking of another persons blog, and I am shocked and apalled that anyone would stoop to this type of behaviour. My ire is at an all-time high over this debacle, therefore I intend to call a Family Meeting as soon as it is feasible in hopes that a punishment committee can be formed. I hate that I have to be the "rat" here, but that's the cross that I bear.

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Pinch me - I must be dreaming!

Good Morning All!!

Oh. My. Goodness. It's the REUNION! Really, truly. It's actually happening.

Here's a little peek behind the curtain of what's going on here. At least from my point of view.

Harvey and Beloved stayed with me Wednesday night. It was great. We stayed up very late (for a school night) chatting and laughing and oh...just enjoying each other.

I had to be up at 5:00amish for a training class. THAT hurt! But, I got there, had a great class and headed back to HQ. They were just taking a bit of time to get situated and settle in. It cleared up and we headed out to the pool and just soaked up the sun. Of course, my flippin' phone just rang and rang and rang and rang. I SWEAR! You'd think I had some high ranking intellegence job, I'm so important.

When BW took the two pictures of Harvey and then I working on the laptop I was amazed at the strong family resemblance. Uncanny!!

And BW made lunch for us! Someone besides me cooked in my kitchen. What a treat. (and very yummy I may add.)

What a wonderful afternoon. I couldn't figure out what happened to my "drive", my go go go. It dawned on me that those hours sitting by the pool, laughing and talking with them were the first real "downtime" I've had in longer than you'd believe.

Johnny_Oh made it in safe and sound a little after midnight. :-) Tired, but just a hoot. An absolute sweetie. The four of us sat around talking, laughing, teasing until a little after 4:00 this morning. All I can say is I feel very old right now. Very old - but happy.

I've got some of my favorite people here In My Home. There is laughter and conversation. And it's just STARTING!! More are arriving through-out the day! And tomorrow brings LeeAnn and her hubby, and SarahK and Frank J. I wish I could explain it so that you all could share this feeling.

Today is finally here. The pork is roasting in the oven, just about ready for shredding and BBQ sauce. I'm getting ready to head to the store to pick up what we need for food today. I'm sipping a nice cup of coffee and just giggling. It may be chilly here today - but that won't slow anything down here!

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February 10, 2005

Frantic doesn't cover it.....

Have you ever noticed that it never fails. You can plod along day after day, doing the same thing - head down, focused on the game. Then....it's just about time for half time, you take your eye off the ball for one second, and WHAM!

Well, that's me right now. I'm taking Friday and Saturday off for the family reunion. I've been working very, very hard. Running stores, making sure I've got everything in the field in good order. I have tons of paperwork, but I figured that's cool - I can do that yesterday and today and still be somewhat social.

Or maybe not. My Phone Has Not Stoppped. My voicemail is full right now and I'm afraid to listen to the messages. I'm trying to arrange a roll out meeting and between hurricane damage and the flippin' Daytona 500 I'm dyin' here!!

Yesterday was paperwork, laundry and cleaning. I figured that was perfect while Harvey and Beloved Wife were touristing. Or Not.

When I realized it was time to pick them up I about panicked. I hadn't cleaned, I hadn't done any laundry - SHIT!! I hadn't been to the grocery store.

Well, to make a long story somewhat shorter, got them here, settled Harvey on the phone with Johnny_Oh and I headed to the store. Got back - they're still talking. Excellent. I whip up a batch of Mexican Manicotti (Harvey thought that sounded interesting) and we finally sat down to eat at 10:00pm. Good thing dinner turned out pretty well - I'm such a bad hostess.

So today I've got to teach a class so I'm out the door in a few minutes. I'm leaving them stranded at the house. BUT....the pool water is a balmy 87 degrees and I think they'll enjoy just lounging for a change.

But man......it wasn't supposed to be this busy right now. I just need it to all hold off 4 more day. Just til Monday. I can handle anything on Monday!

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February 09, 2005

This Brings it Home

Everyone, including me, has mentioned the commercial from the Super Bowl saying Thank You to our Troops.

Well......Dogtulosba gives his persepective of comin' home, and he should know.

Damn, I'm misty eyed again!

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Poor Harvey!

As I mentioned yesterday Harvey and Beloved Wife are Here! WooHoo. I picked them up at the airport - and you'll be happy to know I did not get lost, not even more than a little bit turned around.

HOWEVER - please keep in mind Harvey and BW are in my complete control - car wise. He hasn't been to Orlando for many years, and well - to say things have changed/grown is a bit of an understatement.

AND....I'm used to driving in this mess. I have no patience. I'm a pretty darn aggressive driver - especially after sitting in traffic for 5 hours yesterday morning.

So - we come up to the first toll booth. I'm digging for change. I'm in the proper lane. Inching forward. Actually I think Maggie May can do all this automatically. All of a sudden I hear Harvey say "Oh Shit". I slam on the breaks (instinct) and look up. Seems a nice new Mercedes thought they could just cut me off because they were in the wrong lane, and they had a nicer car.

No. No, I don't think so. I kept going. I think we missed them by about an inch or two. It wasn't much. I simply stated - Not today asshole! And kept going while glaring at them. What no one else realized was that there were no cars directly behind me. If he had waited for, oh about 30 seconds, he'd have been in line just fine. But he didn't want to wait. Ha Ha - You Lose!!

We continue on our way to dinner and, yes, I made one wrong turn. Didn't realize which way I came out on one exit and had to go down, pull a U turn and come back.

I find it humorous that Harvey was so happy to have the "Oh Shit" handle in my car! :-)

Really - I'm a good driver. I promise - I'll take good care of them. But it is kinda fun to scare the shit out of 'em!!!

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Check it Out!

Mardi Gras - Iraq Style.

Yeah Baby!!!!

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I Never Knew!

This is funny! And amazing......I never would have tied these together.

Check it out.....MONSTERS!!!

H/T Sarah at Trying to Grok.

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February 08, 2005

Ha Ha!!

Just so you know....this was the WORST day in recent history for Orlando traffic. I usually have a 10 min drive to get onto I4. Today - 2 hours. 2 hours before I could turn around and try and find another way. I had a busy day planned - no time for this.

So....I find the back way (literally through Disney) and get past the mess and get downtown. I had a meeting then I wanted to get back to the house, get some paperwork done and then.....it was time. Time to head to the airport.

I was joking that the traffic was actually everyone trying to get a good spot. I figured they had read the blog and realized today was THE day that Harvey and his beloved arrived. They were just trying to get a good spot so they could wave as we drove by. WRONG. It was actually pretty tragic. It seems someone tried to commit suicide by hanging themselves of off one of the overpasses (aka on ramps). While they had everything shut down, trying to talk them down, a fuel truck rolled and dumped fuel all over I4. It was shut down for around 5 hours.

So......I had no time to get anything done. I get to the house and end up unloading the car (full of pillows) and turning right around and heading to the airport.

I was so excited. You just can't imagine. I park and get to the baggage claim area - and the plane had just landed. WooHoo. It's 4:30....I gotta tell you, I'm not so good at the waiting thing.

Finally - even with just the Wilson pictures - I see him. And there is the lovely Beloved Wife. I was really bummed because in rushing out of the house I forgot the nifty sign I made but I smiled at him, and he kinda half smiled. Then I say....damnit I forgot the sign! That did it. Big smile and big hug!! Gotta tell you real hugs beat cyber hugs any day of the week!!

So....we get their luggage, and get in the car. Rush hour so we opt for dinner....yummy! Then we get them settled into the hotel, and meet for a couple drinks in the bar.

Tomorrow they are "touristing" and then will come and stay with me. YEAH!! I'm so excited.

I'll tell you - the Olsons are wonderful, warm and delightful. Beloved wife has the most enchanting laugh. Yeah - this is gonna be a great weekend!!!!!

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The Budget

Ok - the President is calling for some pretty tough cuts - program cuts, spending cuts. AND it's not going to be an easy sell.

I think we can all agree that spending is a bit out of control. Where we disagree is the why and how to fix. That's part of the polorization that is tearing this country apart.

I have a very elementary take on economics. I believe in capitalism. I believe in a Free Market Place. I believe in a helping hand NOT a hand out. There is No Such Thing As A Free Ride. Period.

I haven't had a chance to really study the proposed budget. I'm sure there are things in there I won't like, as well as things I agree strongly with. It's like that with any budget. Think about it - when you sit down at home and figure out what you can and cannot do, are you ALWAYS happy? Do you always get everything on your "wish list"? If you do - good for you. I know for me, there are always wishes left over......they get moved to the "dream" column. And I'm not thrilled about that, but it's life.

I was so excited when I heard a blurb this morning that showed the President explaining that from now on - a program must show it's results. If you want to set up a program, set goals, document and track and then show the results. It's called accountability. It's a WISE way to run things. This bit of throwing money at a problem and just hoping it gets better is NOT the way to handle things. It's the only way I know to make sense of all things economic.

It's simple really - for every action there is a reaction. If we set up a program, we have to have a desired effect in mind - a goal. So.....if you have a goal, layout the stps you intend to follow to achieve that goal. Then, you better track or monitor those steps, the results. Is there a real improvement? What other issues are coming to light BECAUSE of these steps? What is the long range effect? Those issues need to be looked at on a regular basis. Then, just like in business - review the results. Both short term and long term. If you aren't any closer to fixing the problem then rethink the solution. THAT'S Accountability in the economic sense. At least IMHO.

I'll be interested in seeing the proposed cuts to education. This is something I feel pretty strongly about. I believe that we need to invest in the education of our children. It's one of the best ways to insure our future. But these programs that have been in place for ever, that are no longer effective, that no longer HELP need to be rethought. They may even need to go away. That's economics.

And Social Security? It's been around for approx. 70 years. No changes in the program. Times have changed. The world has changed. It's time to review the program, make some changes or else we're going to lose it at some point. It's no disrespect to Roosevelt or what he accomplished. It's called modernization. It's past time.

Yeah - there is going to be plenty of gnashing of the teeth and pulling of the hair. Some peoples paychecks will be effected. That's economics. This is NOT a socialist state. There should be No Free Rides. And President Bush understands that. That is the main reason I voted for him in '02. I liked the idea of a businessman running this country. Remember, back than the economy was one of our biggest concerns.

I'm not wealthy. Not by a long shot. I've never had a break. Hell - I tried to get assistance once, way long time ago. I know what it's like to choose between gas and food. I know what it's like to sit in a dark house because you just don't have the money to turn the power back on. I've lived on rice and beans. I paid my way through college - after I gave up my scholarship there was no aid. If I want something I work for it. Plain and simple. I believe we should have programs in place to help people when they get in a tough spot. That's what a community is about. BUT....I've heard people brag that they've never seen an electric bill or paid a dime in rent. Neither did their parents, and with any luck neither will their children. THAT didn't go over too well, let me just say that. I believe in student loans, but I believe they are LOANS and must be paid back.

Yeah - the Battle of the Budget is gonna get ugly. Pure and simple. But I think our President is ready for it. I have to say - from what I've seen and heard, it makes sense. It's not fun, it's not pleasant. But it makes sense. I'll just be very interested to get some more details.

I'll just end it with a phrase that's I believe in: If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

Hmm...just think about that.

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February 07, 2005

Where did the day go?????

I hate Mondays. I should love them - they are my "day off" afterall. But.......that makes me hate them more. You see - no one cares that it is my day off. In 1 1/2 hours I've had 12 - twelve phone calls. Only one was pleasant, but it still added to my work load. YIKES!!!!!

I had scheduled a training class for this morning - so got up very early and got everything ready and headed out around 7:00am for an 8:30 meeting. OUCH...damn, I'm outta shape on these early morning work days!

Anywho......traffic on 27 was horrible. This drive usually only takes about 1 hr. Today, between traffic, big trucks driving slow, road construction oh and the ticket I got for running a red light in front of a FHP officer I ended up 28 mins late for my meeting.

Gotta hate when that happens.

So..........had my meeting and headed back home, running the list of things I needed to get done through my mind like the tape in a 10 key calculator. As I'm almost home.....the phone started ringing.

Tammi? Please send me this. Tammi? I can you just send me that form now? Tammi? I really want to add these to my order form can you get me that right away? Tammi? I asked you to send me this, where is it?

On and On and On and On. Now most of these calls means more business. YEAH! But everything they are asking for needs to be created or edited or downloaded and customized. All of which takes time. TIME. T.I.M.E.

I have no time. None. Nope. Nada. I'm sitting here in the dark living room, FOX News on, realizing I need to eat. I've been on the phone with 4 different customers in the last 32 mins. I still have 4 reports to finish, 2 order forms to customize, 3 pricing sheets to proof and, well - you get the idea.

So where did the sun go? Where did the Time go? Where is that flippin' HouseCleaning Fairy when I need her!!!

My printer is out of yellow ink hence it won't print anything, including the faxes that are piled up in it's memory!

Yeah, it's Monday. Damn..... Some day off Huh!

BUT........tomorrow....tomorrow.......tomorrow. I have a meeting at 9:30 and then I'm having lunch with a friend. At 3:00 I'll head to the airport. You see....I have the honor of picking up my Beloved BlogFather at the airport. He and his beloved wife are arriving. Tomorrow. Less than 24 hours from now.

I'm so flippin' excited....you just can't imagine. Tomorrow!!

So, tonite I'll work until I fall asleep with the laptop on my lap. (I've done that the last 3 nights.) I'll wake up tomorrow and No One, Nothing will dampen my day.

Mr. Bad Example is Comin' to Town!!!!

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February 06, 2005

Busch Wins - Updated

OK - I don't need to see one more commercial. The Anheuser-Busch where it shows returning Military men and women recieving a standing ovation as they walk through the airport - two words come up at the end - Thank You, yeah, that one got to me. It made me misty. I don't need to see another commercial.

Hands down - the best.

UPDATE: Well shoot.....nobody contacted me on THIS. Hmm...wonder what they're trying to tell me? ;-)

BTW - Here's a link Go to 3rd Quarter, it's on the right side of the screen "Thank You"....I don't want you to miss it....And while you're there, vote for it....IMHO - it deserves it.

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Not Too Bad

I actually made it home before the end of the 1st half. WooHoo. I turn on the game - tied up 7/7. First thing I see is the "speal" for the Daytona 500 on Feb. 20th.

Son of a bitch.

No, I don't have to go to Daytona that day - I will be driving home from Georgia that day. Through Daytona. As the race crowd is leaving. That means I4 will be my worst nightmare.

Damnit. I'm going to go on line and figure out when the Pepsi 400 is, Bike Week, Spring Break and any other "EVENTS" in Daytona - so that I can make sure I'm no where near!!! Geez.

BUT......I'm home in time to watch the halftime show (yawn) and the entire 2nd half! YEAH.

Come on......let's see those Pats lose! (I just can't spin it the other way.....I'm afraid my Bucs jersey will self destruct.)

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Super Bowl Sunday!! WooHoo!!! Damn.....I love my football!!

Even without my beloved Buc's playing, or my trusty #2 choice the Steelers, I'm hyped. I just love the game, especially THIS game.

The championship, the hype, the competition, the crowd, the commercials, the interviews. I love it all! But most especially I love the game.

As would be my luck I gotta work. Getting ready to head out of the house right now. Driving to....you guessed it.....Daytona. Again. I need to work a floor. Then a quick meeting and I'm heading back to my beloved couch. I was going to go down to the ONE BAR down the street from me and watch it there, but.....I don't want to watch it in a suit and I don't have time to come home and change first. But don't worry.....I'm prepared. I've got chips, stuff to make chili/cheese dip, stuff for ham wraps, beer, the bar is already stocked for the family reunion so I can make just about any drink I can think of. It's cool outside so I'll open up the house, crank up the volumn and let'er rip.

It's Super Bowl Sunday!!

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Doc in the Box - Again

Sean is back in the sandbox. Again.

Head on over - he's already posting away - and lend him some support.

Stay safe Sean.......

Where DO we find these amazing men and women?!

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February 05, 2005


I got to have dinner with John and Beth!! WooHoo. Let me just tell you - the word for the evening is delightful. Simply Delightful.

Of course things didn't go as planned. I keep telling people the main reason I don't have a life is because I can't seem to make it anywhere on time....damned customers anyway.

I had some appointments in Daytona today. I've GOT to start checking the calendar better. It is also the weekend for the 43rd running of the Rolex 24hour race. *insert rolling eyes* OMG - the traffic.

So....I get a late start - call Beth & John to tell them what is going on and modify plans slightly.

As if that isn't enough - the SuperBowl is tomorrow in Jacksonville. It's only an hour away......you gotta go through Daytona to get from Orlando to Jacksonville and visa versa. The highways were packed. Police ever flippin' where. Let's just say I didn't make my normal time on the road.

Anyway - I arrive a fashonably 30 mins late for dinner and more embarrassed than I can express.

But they were so very gracious. It was a wonderful meal with great conversation. Well, except that I was nervous as all get out and rambled like an old lady on a Sunday morning drive......damn I talked a mile a minute and, well - it wasn't my best moment.

But the food was fabulous. I love Wolfgang Pucks - it's one of my favorite places in Central Florida.

I just really wanted to let you all know how wonderful, warm and funny the Donovans are. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to sit and get to know them.

Thanks for dinner you guys - and for sharing some of your precious time with me. I really enjoyed myself!!!

UPDATED: John has pictures!!!

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For a Good Cause

I Want One.

#10 or #13 would be PERFECT!!!

Hat tip Michele, Letters from New York City

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Gotta Go Gotta Go

Ok - late to leave for meeting, but that's ok....I'll just drive like a bat out of hell...

But guess what! I'm having dinner with Beth and John, yes the infamous Donovans! We're gonna meet up at Wolfgang Puck's here at Disney and spend a bit of time together - enjoying a nice meal and good conversation!!

WooHoo........AND it's only days until the Bad Example Family Reunion........

AND....the sun is shining....

AND.......it's not 50 degrees out

AND......ok, ok, ok - I know - STFU and get on the road! ;-)

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Saturday Question of the Day

Every Saturday I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes

Who was the first fictional hero you remember admiring? That person/icon/cartoon that you just HAD to either be just like or that you had a serious crush on.

I loved Mr. Clean. Seriously - I remember being just a young 'un and thinking how cute he was, with the bald head and that sparkling smile. Plus - the dude is BUFF. I even wrote a paper about him in the 5th grade. It spurred an interesting conversation between the teacher and Mom. I think it was because I did spend a bit of time on his appearance, plus it was supposed to be a factual piece on someone alive or dead that we admired. Well.......he kinda falls into that category!!

Plus - he made people happy. If he was in your home is was clean and everyone was smiling. Mom didn't need to work so hard, so she had more time to spend with the family......yeah - everyone wins.

Anyway - who was your FIRST FICTIONAL hero?

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Ok - maybe it's jealousy, but still.....

I gotta tell you folks - I hate Valentines Day. Really - I do.

It all started in high school. They used to sell carnations to send to that certain someone.

White = I'm interested
Pink = I like you
Red = I love you

Simple, right? Do you see, anywhere on that list, black? Do you? No, I didn't think so. BUT...each and every year, on Valentines Day (or the day it was celebrated) a black carnation would be delivered - via "the system" to yours truly. Every flippin' year. To this day no one has 'fessed up.

WTF?!?! Talk about a scaring effect......geez!!

Dispite that I am a diehard romantic. I just can't help it....however - I Still Hate Valentines Day. Oh, not the day itself (anymore), it's all those commercials!!

I hate the hype. The pressure. Your life will not end if you don't get anything. If you are the one doing the shopping - Stay Away from Kitchen Appliances and you'll be fine.

There is one commercial that just makes my head explode. "He Went to Jared" - you know that jewlery commercial, where a woman is presented with a piece of jewlery and all anyone can talk about is that HE went to Jared. It's used to shame others that they didn't.....it's just, well, aggrivating, snobbish, childish...you get the idea.

And it's not just me!! I found this forum where people discuss ads that they either like or not. (These are down a bit on the page, so I'll pull them out here.....)

Key Grip
May 5, 2004 @ 3:11 pm Anchor

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February 04, 2005

I Cannot Express My Disgust

This is beyond sick. This is almost more than I can take. These 2 monsters, had the responsibility to love and nurture, teach and treasure 7 children. Instead 5 of the children were:
...tortured by the couple, subjected to electric shocks, beatings with hammers and having their toenails yanked out with pliers.

Authorities said the abused five had physical injuries to back up their claims and were severely malnourished. They told of being forced to sleep in a closet in the Dollars' bedroom because the couple accused them of stealing food and misbehaving... (More of the details at FOXNews and SPTimes Online.

Thank goodness they found them. Thank goodness they are in custody. NOW....if only we could apply the death penalty - or apply the same form of "discipline" that they enforced....every day for the rest of their lives.

BUT....if that wasn't enough......

A 3 year old child was removed from the foster home and returned to his birth parents. Where they killed him. Did no one stop to think that there was a reason, probably a damned good one, that he was removed from that home in the first place?!?! In his short (3 years) life he had been in and out of foster homes, yo-yo'd back and forth between foster homes and his birth parents.

GO read the article in the SP Times - It Will Turn You Stomach.

My heart breaks for the babies. The lives lost, ruined, damaged, tainted. It's wrong.....it's so wrong.

Don't F*ck with the babies!!!!!!!

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I Have a Theory

Three words...really - they explain it all!

Lack of Sex

Photo grabbed at Smash's place

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So....how's the weather??!!

Let's look at the weather report for next week into the Family Reunion - shall we?????

According to weather.com not lookin' too shabby for the middle of February......

Tues - Partly cloudy high of 75 degrees
Wed. - Partly cloudy high of 76 degrees
Thursday - a few showers high of 75 degrees
Friday - Partly cloudy high of 71 degrees
Saturday - Mostly sunny high of 69 degrees
Sunday - Partly cloudy high of 71 degrees.

Yeah - I'll take that over snow, wind, ice.........

So.....have you booked your flight for the Family Reunion yet? :-) Still Time!!!!!

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I gotta get this out of my system

I hate 2faced, backstabbing assholes. You know what? If I don't like you I don't pretend that I do. Oh....I'm not nasty (in a professional setting) but I don't act like I like you. And it takes everything I have NOT to just slap down that stupid SOB that thinks he can play that on me.

Let me explain....

There is someone at work that just hates me. And I'm alright with that. Really - I don't like him so it's no big deal. The funny thing is, he's a "player" - always trying to figure out how to manipulate people, always looking for that angle. (I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT!!) He can't figure me out. He's always trying to push buttons or work his crap and he just can't make me jump. You know why? He's got nothin' I want. Not one thing. Nope. He means nothing to me. He is less than nothing.

It's making him crazy.

I've heard (from the horse's mouth..becareful - voices echo in the bathroom....)that I'm worthless. I'm a drama queen. Pretty much wasted space on the team.


So...I just get a phone call from him, just now. He called to tell me what a great job I did on my presentations - what a crock that is, and I know it. AND how far I've progressed in the past 90 days! WTF?!?! How the hell would he know!! I NEVER have a damned thing to do with him.

THEN....as if that weren't enough.......he tells me what a benefit my training manual is and how much he appreciates it. **insert rolling eyes**

THEN...asks how my life is. How is my mother? Am I getting a chance to enjoy myself?

If you think for one moment I'm gonna give him a straight answer - hell any answer that isn't Oh It's Just Wonderful - then you obviously don't know me.

And I just found out he posted for the new Territory Manager position. Shit - this SOB could be my boss. Ever hear that phrase Out of the fying pan into the fire. Hell.....that would be like going from a tanning both to standing on the flippin' sun!!!

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Christina, over at Fiesty Repartee has started it now.....and I for one am Thrilled.

She has had the devine inspiration, incredible insight to start a Blog Noir Project.

What is that? You mean you haven't been going over there regularly? What are you NUTS!!! Anyway - to quote the ringleader.....

I'd like to take a typically male genre and turn it on it's head.

I'd like to use the theme of Film Noir and Mickey Spillane - Mike Hammer detective with an edge, a classy, take-no-prisoners-feminine edge...

Can you see it? Lady detective(s), big strong man, in need.

Murder, mystery, mayhem?

So she contacted 5 gifted bloggers to each take a swing at a chapter.
Jim at Parkway Rest Stop - 2/5
Key at Key Issues - 2/11
Michele at Devine Inner Bitchin' - 2/18
Liv at Not a Shrinking Violet - 2/25
Christina at Fiesty Repartee - 3/4
Sadie at Fistful of Fortnights - 3/11

Chapter 1 is up and I gotta tell you....I am hooked. Damn Jim - this ROCKS!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen......head on over to Parkway Reststop and meet Max Robichaux. She's a tough talking Jersey Cajun who, well....damn - just get over there and read it.

Next chapter comes out next weekend - I can hardly wait!!!

**note to self - get that damned blogroll updated. Holy Cow - I've been missing some GREAT Blogs!!**

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February 03, 2005

Just because....

I thought it was cute.


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Made ME laugh!!!

Kinda reminds me of that scene in Jerry McGuire: The human head weighs 8 lbs.

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Mama Vi Update

I did get a phone call and wanted to let you all know....

Mama Vi's lungs are fine. Oh, some issues, but not cancer and she will be just fine.

Her heart? Easily controlled with medication.

Sleep Apnea? Yep, and she's getting one of those machines to help her while she sleeps. They feel that this will also help with the heart and lung issues.

HUGE sigh of relief.

Mama Vi is gonna be just fine.

Thank you Father.

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Oh my goodness....the wireless network is actually working. Quick, a post.

Oh shit...nothing to say. Damn.

Yep. I made the drive just fine. Got in kinda late, but made it. Kinda of funny - I drive all day, every day. I got out of the car Tuesday night in more pain than I can express. From my lower back to my knees. So bad I couldn't go to dinner. So bad that I couldn't lay down. Hmmm....probably gonna need to find out what that's all about.

Yesterday was looooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggggg. 13 sales reps - all presenting their game plan. Damn.....we are some talkin' fools. (some more than others!)

First presentation went so-so. We were really cramped for time, so I rushed it a bit.

This morning I got another one, and it should go fine.

Meeting with the boss is today also. Then we leave out around 3:00 or so. May be a bit earlier.

So tired. So very tired.

OK - gotta get to the plant. I'm #2 on the list of presenters today.

And before you say anything - I'm NOT submitting this one to the Vanities Harvey. ;-)

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February 01, 2005

I learned something....

Taking a driving break. Yuck.

Anyway - I see that Kathy K is linking to the Beltway that has a link to a very interesting interview with a Spammer.

I'm the first to admit I don't understand a lot of how this all works - but this makes sense to me. I don't like it, but it makes sense to me.

So.....I guess I'll just keep checking my comments and pings and keep deleting those bad boys. Now that I understand the reasoning, I'm even more dedicated to getting them off my blog.

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And They're Off....

Party at Madfish Willies!!

Get yourself on over there. Have a little fun. Let your hair down. Have a drink!! Harvey's tending bar!

Good practice for the Family Reunion!

Now where's my cowboy hat?!?!?

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Here I Go Again....

Well, the bags are almost packed and I'm just about ready to go. Well as ready as I will be that is.

Off to Georgia, to meet with the team. We have to present our Game Plans for next year and get our budgets.

I've already been given a heads up that it's not good news for me. Oh, I still have a job, just a bit different, that's all. No less work - no less responsibility - just different.

Kinda throws a wrench in the presentation I had done. Gonna need to compeletly redo it tonight. Oh well....constant change.

The only other woman on our team will not be attending...family emergency. So I'll be rooming by myself. To be honest, I've gotten to the point where I enjoy sharing a room with her. We get a chance to talk and, well - it's just a nice change.

I was supposed to pick up my new baby, Mac, on Thursday when I left. Seems he won't be ready until the 15th so I'll have to make another trip. Oh Well. I've already decided I'll drive up to the plant on a Friday, spend time up there working, spend the night, pick him up on that Saturday and then come home. That way it's not such a hard drive for me and it gives me a chance to learn a bit more about our production capabilities.

Wish me luck folks. This week will be an exercise in self control and professionalism. It's not gonna be pretty, that much I know already. I just have to remember to keep a cool head. Hey - at least I have a job!!!

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Yeah - I'm one of THOSE....

Harvey and Teresa both chime in on how they feel about people chit chatting in public on their cell phones. They don't like it. Both make excellent points.

But I gotta tell you...... Guilty as charged! Yep - I'm one of those really annoying people that is on the cell phone all the time - having long conversations while waiting in line to pick-up dinner at Burger King, paying for grocerys, on the train, you name it and I've had a conversation while doing it (well, I do draw the line somwhere.....)

I live on my cell phone. I have 30 stores, all with numerous sales associates that all call All The Time. Most of the time when they call they have a consumer standing there trying to decide if they want to buy a certain item or not, and me answering that question often times make all the difference. Hell, there have been times the salesperson puts the consumer on the phone and I pitch the sale that way. Oh - I don't give away any secrets. I just "guide them" to the answer. If I don't take that call we could lose the sale. But I also am not going to get out of line to take it. I used to. A simple stop to pick up a bit of lunch could turn into an hour if I do that. And I don't have that time.

When I traveled to Bentonville AR a lot, I learned to be very careful. Speak in code as it were - and never ever ever work on the plane. Luckily I learned that at someone else's expense. You see my seat mate on the flight between Atlanta and Bentonville - on my first trip - got out his laptop and was working on his presentation. I glanced over and WOW.....he was my direct competitor! AND HE WAS TRYING TO STEAL MY RETAIL SPACE. I never said a word, never took the first note, but read everything in his presentation. When we landed, I went straight to my hotel room and made some changes. I kicked his ass. And I learned a lesson. I've never made that mistake myself, and I'm grateful to him. ;-)

So no - I don't give away trade secrets, but I do talk business. I have to. AND I use my handsfree. Yep....geeky girl walks around with a headset on, mic right in front of her face, talking away. I hate it, but I have to do it. It's called time management.

Also - my friends work. They are busy people. If we manage to get a chance to talk I'm talking - damnit. But in that instance, I'll often walk away, light a cigarette and have that conversation. Sometimes though I can't. Then - I just watch what I say.

I have 5000 mins on my cell phone plan. I run it to the limit each and every month. I LIVE ON MY CELL PHONE. And I know I irk the people around me when I'm on there talking in public. And for that I'm sorry - but..........I'm not going to stop. I am on the go constantly, I will do WHATEVER it takes to make my day easier and to add a little joy. If that means you gotta listen to me talk about the dinner party I attended last night - sorry. If it were terribly personal, I wouldn't do it.

But you know what? On the 12th of February the cell phone gets turned off. No forwarding, nothing. Just a message saying I'm unavailable. My Family (& Friends) are comin' to town!!!!!

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The Things You Find....

So the other evening I'm having a delightful conversation with That 1 Guy, just laughing and catching up. (Thanks Dude)

So....I asked about what the doctor was telling him during a recent visit. I just wanted to make sure he's taking care of himself - hey, I worry about my family!

As we were discussing everything I ended up suggesting we check out what Ask A Nurse had to say. Tooling through the libary looking for Triglycerides I see Trigger Finger. What?!?!

So we investigate the Triglycerides and I tell him we gotta look at what this trigger finger thing is.

Now, I'm sure if you suffer from this malady it's terrible. But I gotta say - it's funny as hell after a long tough day, while you're on the phone with a friend.

Here is what it looks like. I got the giggles. Seriously. And then, I'm trying to explain it to T1G and couldn't.....giggling too hard. Finally I manage to convey the jest of it...now we're both laughing (Guys don't giggle).

Well, now I've got to know what the hell this is. How do you get this trigger finger? How do they fix it? Can they fix it? Is it useful? (more giggling from Tammi.)

Here's what they have to say. The long and short of it? They don't know what causes it. Treatment ranges from ice and anti-inflamatory stuff to possibly surgery. It lasts as long as it lasts. So basically they know nothing.

But here's me. I can't stop the giggles. I've got all the different ways one could come "down" with this problem racing through my mind. I hear T1G laughing on the other end of the phone. I finally said I was sorry, but my mind just went places it probably shouldn't have. He said he more than understood. (hee)

It really was pretty funny......maybe it was just one of those "you kinda had to be there".

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