February 23, 2005

Big Changes A Comin'......

Here we go again!

In my meeting yesterday we were talking about changing out coverage - so that more people are happy.

I think I've made it more than obvious that I hate Central Florida. Hate it, hate it, hate it. No water, too many tourists, very few friends near by. Did I mention no beaches?

So....we're sitting in the lobby of the Florida Mall Hotel and my boss drops a bombshell. He asks how long ago I moved. I reminded him it was the week that he took over this team - June of last year. He asks when my lease is up. I tell him November. He says he doesn't understand why I moved. I explained that I fought it tooth and nail and was not given a choice. Then he says it.

He want's me back on the west coast. Some time this year. In fact - realigning my territory to have me calling over there ASAP. Back to the west coast - near LeeAnn & Dogger, near my family, near my friends J & M. Near the beach. Near the water.

I'm afraid to hope. That would change everything. EVERYTHING.

I know I'll not find a house like this over there...and I'm alright with that. This place served it's purpose. I'd never lived in a "pretty new" house and I've enjoyed it. Most importantly I had more than enough room for the Bad Example Family (& Friends) Reunion. I can take the change. I have no problem with that at all. Weekends with my family/friends. Evenings watching the sunset sitting on the patio of my favorite resturant, my toes in the sand, a drink in my hand. The bell ringing - the applause at the beauty. The music. Damn.....I miss it all so much!!

So....we'll just see how it all pans out. I'm afraid to hope. I'm afraid something awful will take it all away. Oh....I'll lose some money making opportunity and will be partnered with a real jerk....don't care (I say that NOW). If I can just get back over there that's HUGE!

So....keep those good thoughts and prayers going. Cross all those fingers, toes, eyes - and anything else you feel is appropriate. This is step one in Tammi's Big Plan......

Posted by Tammi at February 23, 2005 08:41 AM

*crossing fingers and toes*
*lighting candle at church*
*saying a little prayer*

There, that should cover it.

Posted by: Machelle at February 23, 2005 11:29 AM

I'm happy for you, yet a little sad that there's now less chance of you coming to the Great White North.

Posted by: Harvey at February 23, 2005 12:32 PM

HOORAY!!! Does it mean you will get away from Del, too? Or is that too much to hope for?

Posted by: Beloved Wife AKA Smiling Dynamite at February 23, 2005 12:47 PM

Too much to hope for - but there will be another "layer" between us.

Plus...remember I said it was the first step in the Tammi Plan! ;-)

Posted by: Tammi at February 23, 2005 12:50 PM

My first thought was THE West Coast -- like CA. I was relived to realize it was Florida's west coast -- much nicer.

Posted by: Ogre at February 23, 2005 01:31 PM

Ogre - the west coast of Florida is THE west coast as far as I'm concerned! ;-)

Posted by: Tammi at February 23, 2005 01:39 PM

I also thought the real West Coast at first! But I TOTALLY understand that want to be back near the water. I'm dying here without it! You know you have a huge family to help if you end up moving ;-)

Posted by: Sissy at February 23, 2005 03:46 PM

I hope you get what you want too.
My dad's townhouse is in Holiday. Will that be close enough for you to rent? We'd have to work out details and such, but I could ask him if you are interested.
I just want you away from that idiot boss. :)
I guess a layer will be good enough.

Oh, and most important, where-ever you get a new home, please make sure there is a DAMN CELL SIGNAL!!!

Posted by: _Jon at February 23, 2005 05:35 PM

As far as I'm concerned, Florida IS the west coast. I don't blame you. I'd be back there in a heartbeat, too.
And, Bradenton! Been there dozens of times. Used to live in Venice.

Posted by: Pammy at February 24, 2005 01:54 AM

Damn I thought you ment my west coast! West Florida, what in the heck is that;-P

Posted by: Sean at February 24, 2005 04:53 PM