February 23, 2005


Yesterday was a very long day.

Headed to Bradenton late on Monday as I had a very early class on Tuesday and it was supposed to be an evening with a friend. Well, after a conference call and a conversation with a customer on what they wanted handled during my class I finally got to Bradenton at 11:00pm - just in time to hug my friends, stretch out on the couch and sleep for 4 hours.

Training went very well...more "big wigs" than I anticipated, but it went really well. Then, result of another call on Monday, I have to cancel everythng and head back to Orlando.

Had a meeting with my boss. I was a bit nervous. We're realigning territories, and that never really works out well for me.

Well - let's just say it could be interesting - in several ways - so we'll just have to see how that all pans out.

Then he takes us to dinner.

Holy Cow!! Was It Good!

We went to Texas de Brazil. I had heard of it, but had not been there yet.

The secret is to NOT fill up on the salad bar and bread - no matter how good it all is....don't do it! Trust me!

Let's see if I can explain. The ambience is such that I would have prefered to be there with someone other than the guys I work with. It was nice.

The first server explains how it all works, what soup is on the salad bar and gets drink orders. She/he also explains what the two sided "button" is for. One side is red - for stop. The other is green - for bring it on!!

So we all turn our buttons red and head to the salad bar. What a flippin' understatement. There was just about some of the most incredible salads you could imagine. And the soup. The soup was fantastic (cream of brocoli). But I remembered what they told me and went easy. But it was difficult.

Turn the button to green.

Then the show starts. And that's just about the only way to describe it. They come around to your table with Scewers of meet - beef, pork, chicken, lamb - all cooked in different, wonderful ways and they ask if you'd like some. If you do - and you're silly if you don't at least try it all - they slice you off a hunk. You grab it with your tongs and off they go. And here comes another. Garlic Steak - grilled to perfection. Oh and the Brazilian Sausage?!? Wow. Really yummy. Chicken breast wrapped in bacon - speechless. Pork road with this wonderful cheese coating, grilled to perfection.......The only thing I didn't try was the lamb. Not a big fan of lamb but I heard it was just wonderful.

I ate more meat last night than I have in the past year! I was so full I was miserable - AND I passed up the Flan for dessert, and that's unheard of for me. I got home and just about passed out. I couldn't talk on the phone - yeah, believe it or not. I couldn't stop yawning. I slept like the dead. Part of that was being so tired after the past couple days. The other part is that was a damn fine meal.

I'm going back. Don't know when, but I'm going back. And it's not that expensive when you think about unlimited food. Good quality meat and great service. Approx. $40 a person not including drinks. There's a new one coming to Chicago Soon!! Try It! Believe me - you will not be sorry!!!

Anyway - turned out to not be toooooo bad a day. Great training class, interesting meeting, incredible dinner.

Posted by Tammi at February 23, 2005 07:31 AM

I know that too full feeling - I had it a few Saturdays ago from Prime Rib.

Posted by: _Jon at February 23, 2005 05:38 PM