November 29, 2004

Family Reunion

What a weekend!!! Time with my family, lots of laughter - talking talking talking. A good meal and wonderful company.

Yep. We had us a mini Bad Family Reunion!!!

Let me tell you how this all came to pass.

I had put the call out that if anyone in the South Bend area was available Sunday afternoon, let's try and get together. So, I talked to Blogbro _Jon and I talked about seeing if we could meet up somewhere during the drive up. Teresa mentioned that she might try and work her way east in the afternoon. T1G was also going to see what he had going on. Oh, the excitemtent.

So we do the Family thing on Saturday, yada yada. Then Sunday morning we go to church (Amish) and then have the family lunch thing. The church is way out in the boonies and no cell service. After lunch, everyone heads to my Grandparents farm. It's been in the family for a long while, and it has been sold. Closing is this week and it was the last chance to mill around with all those memories.

At 4:00 my Mom and I start heading for her house. We need to finish packing and get the car loaded. I finally get a cell signal so I check my messages.

"You have 9 messages"

Holy Shit!!

First Message - _Jon. It's 10:00am and he's on his way to Indiana.

Holy Shit!! Big Smile.

Next Message - it's Teresa - she's on her way to Indiana.

Holy Shit!!! Bigger Smile.

I call _Jon. He's sitting in the parking lot of Notre Dame!!! We're about an hour away and I told Mama to hit that gas pedal harder, damnit!!

Back to checking messages. Now it's Bou! "Where are you? Call _Jon!! Call Teresa!!! Where are you?!?!?! She had heard from VW that _Jon was trying to get a hold of me. She steps in and trys to help. She was so damned excited for us, I wouldn't have been surprised to get a call from South Bend Airport to pick her up!! ;-)

Next Message - it's Laughing Wolf. Bou thought he might be able to help find me. Call Bou!

More of the same. BTW - if you ever want to disappear, head to Amish country. Not a lot of cell towers and you actually can blend in. Well, I guess I do pretty well.

I can't stop smiling. I get a hold of Teresa and she's well on her way. T1G had sent me an email on Saturday saying he couldn't make it. Next Time Dude!! We missed you. And Machelle! Oh My Goodness. Can you imagine?!?! I think I'd have gone into happy happy over load!

I told you all about how I was looking forward to seeing my family, spending time with them. And I have to say - it was a wonderful weekend. But honestly? The highlight was the fact that _Jon and Teresa drove all that way so that we could all get together. I'll be honest. It brought tears to my eyes.

And did we have fun!! I'd met Teresa before and we talk, a bit (huge understatement) on the phone. We hit the ground running and never batted an eye. I talked with _Jon for the first time on the trip up, driving through Louisville. I told him when he said he was sitting in the parking lot of ND that he better prepare himself! I had one hell of a hug to give him.

What a gentleman. What a great guy. His patience and humor was amazing. Harvey? You've got one hell of a family going here!

So that's my side of the Bad Family Mini Reunion. I'm telling you.......I can't wait til we all get a chance to get together. What I've been a part of so far has been fabulous. That would be unbelievable. (Wouldn't hurt Reddi-Whip stock either!)

Thank you _Jon and Teresa. You both touched my heart in a way you'll never know. You put a smile on this Road Warrior's face that won't be fading for a while!!

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November 26, 2004


Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Up until the past 9 years. I have to tell you, the holidays can be a very lonely time.

But this year is different. This year, I'm home with my family around me. Some of my most favorite people. My nieces and nephew stopped by yesterday to visit and have promised to come back today. Tomorrow I'll be with all of my Aunts and Uncles, most of my cousins and their families. Lots of food and plenty of music and laughter.

Then I'm bringing Mama home with me for a month. My sister and one of her daughters are coming the day after Christmas to spend a few days.

I'm so grateful.

I have a family like no other. Steeped in tradition, our time together is always special.

I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for. Some, I've never met. But I still count them as friends.

I wish you could read some of the emails I've gotten this week. Wishing me safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanking me for blogging! Thanking ME. I need to be thanking all of you. What a gift you give me every time you stop by. You'll never really know, but I'm so very grateful for each and every one of you.

I don't talk about it a lot, but I am a very spiritual person. Lover of tradition and believer of love. That's what Thanksgiving is to me. I'm thankful every day, but this weekend is a time that I make a special effort to let people and the Good Lord know how grateful I am.

So let me take this opportunity to say (again) how much I appreciate each and every one of you. What you add to my life is an unexpected joy. Thank you for your comments and your emails. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, your support and encouragement.

I am such a lucky girl. I am so blessed.

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Snow Blogging

Harvey is hosting the Carnival of Jammies again.

While this is NOT a picture of me, it's pretty damned close to what it's like right now.

Just drop in a laptop and Voila!!

Damn........I HATE snow!!


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I'm taking it personally

I made it. I'm here, safely at my Mama's house finally. I couldn't get on line to let you know I made it until now, so I apologize to those that were wondering.

It took a total of 29 hours. Most of that done on the 2nd day.

I did get a chance to talk briefly with blogbro Johnny_Oh. I was so dissapointed that we didn't get a chance to get together. I may make a drive up there just to spend a Saturday some time. So watch out Johnny!!!! Heeerrrrreeesssss Tammi!!!

As you know I got a late start on Tuesday. Drove the 8 hours to Atlanta, arriving around 2:30am. Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, and yes, I do feel smarter.

Met my friend Laughing Wolf for a quick breakfast. What a wonderful way to start the day. We had a chance to chat and laugh and just generally have a delightful meal. He was kind enough to double check my tires and assure me that they are just fine for this adventure of mine. Got back on the road by 8:30am and it was just beautiful.

I didn't expect to run into the fall colors. What a blessing. As I got just north of Chattanooga the colors exploded. Traffic was all but nonexistant. As I wound through the mountains, the leaves were that deep burnt color that comes at the end of fall. And since there had been so much rain, there were waterfalls all along the side of the highway. It brought tears to my eyes. What a gift - and completely unexpected.

I get through the bulk of the mountains, and am chatting to just about anyone that I had programed into my phone that would answer. I'm now about 130 miles south of Nashville. Traffic is at a complete stop. For over 3 1/2 hours we sit. I went 11 miles in that time. Seems there was an accident with a semi. Looks like his engine caught fire. 3 1/2 hours to go 11 miles. Ouch.

At one time I talked with LW and he hooked me up with a friend of his that lives in Nashville. We figured out how to get past Nashville, and out of this mess, once I got to the next exit. As it turns out the accident was just south of the exit so I could stay on 24. I also talked with Bou, who made me laugh and jumped on line and found out that yes, there was an accident up ahead. But not many details.

I'm now behind schedule (sound familiar?). Traffic gets back up to speed and still isn't bad at all. Get through Nashville and feeling pretty good. It now looks like it'll be around 8:00 before I get to Mama's, but that's alright.

Get into Kentucky. My best friend calls. I'm south of Louisville. She wants to know EXACTLY where I am. And she isn't being nice about it. I tell her, and she informs me that there is a problem. Tornados and serious storm warnings throughout KY. A tornado touched down just south of Indy and there is a severe snow storm from Indy up through Michigan.


Traffic grinds to a halt. Still 90 miles south of Louisville. I sit for another hour. Never did find out why on that one. Got driving again, went about 30 miles and stop for yet another hour or so. (I can only imagine how many minutes I used this drive.) I called blogbro _Jon and he talked me through Louisville. When I got confused he managed to jump on line and got me back on the right track. And what a wonderful conversation we had!!! Thanks _Jon. I enjoyed that very much.

Then I talked with Teresa. As always that was a blast. We manage to cover about 10,000 topics every time we talk. By now I'm in southern Indiana and watching the temperature drop with every mile that goes by.

I probably should mention that I drive barefooted. Always. I had my cowboy boots and socks in the car, but take them off while I'm sitting in there. I also should mention that I had never worked the heater in my car. It said it was on, but I gotta say, it was pretty nippy in there. I don't know what I did, but my feet were warm - it was the tip of my nose that felt like it had been pressed against a very cold window. (I did finally figure it out, when I got about 50 miles south of my Mom's house.)

Teresa advised that I stop in Indy - there was serious snow and wind and I was pretty damned exhausted. But I just wanted to get there.

The snow started just north of Indy - a little town called Kokomo. And it started with a vengence. Huge, heavy, wet flakes. The roads weren't bad (yet) but the snow was almost blinding. Damn. Slow down to 55mph and just stay with the traffic.

The farther north I got, the worse it got. And the lighter the traffic got. I'm now off the highway and on 31N. Dark. And the snow was getting worse. Rural. Not many salt trucks.

To make a long story not so long - I got run off the road once but managed to maintain control. I had 3 cars come up behind me and try and force me over but ended up flying around me. As I crested the hill I saw one spin out of control, clip another and the third end up forced into a ditch. I quickly call 911 and report the accident. I also explained that I didn't stop as I saw that everyone was ok and I didn't have a coat or socks/shoes on. She laughed at that and said it was no problem. An officer would be right there.

It was now 11:00pm. I was only 45 miles south of my Mom's house. It just got worse. I finally arrived at 1:30am.


Let's see......3 hurricanes and now a damned snow storm. This trip alone - tornados, severe wind, snow, ice.......This has not been a good weather year for me. I'm wondering just what the hell I've ever done to piss off Mother Nature.

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Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Maggie Mae. I'm a very pretty (if I may say so myself) red car. I'm a southern girl, with all that "label" entails. I'm gracious, but strong. Kind, but protective. You know....Steel Magnolia. The one thing that I am NOT is a lover of cold weather.

So, what happens? I adopt this Road Warrior about a year ago. I've lived with another family, and they were kind, took very good care of me, but we certainly didn't go many places or have very many adventures. So I make a deal with this lady. She is looking for a companion that will travel with her, keep an eye on things and make sure she gets where she needs to be. In exchange for that I get to travel around, see new sights and she will keep me fed and beautiful.

Sounds like a fair deal.

Then I discovered that this sweet Road Warrior is a liar. Not just any liar, a damned liar.

2 weeks after I come to live with her she exposes me to this nasty stretch of road they call the corridor of hell - I4. While there I have a nasty encouter with a gravel truck. Yes, he actually messed with my very attractive tushy. Can you imagine?

Anyway, she's been fairly true to her word since then. Until this week.

As we started our adventure Tuesday evening she told me it might be a bit chilly when we reach our final destination. Again she lied.

It's not a tad bit chilly. It's flippin COLD! And there is this stuff on the roads that keep my lovely tires from gripping, I think they call it ice. And then these nasty salty pellets that are getting all over my pretty paint job and up under my sweet belly.

And she's leaving me out in this crap. She sits inside that little cottage, coming out on the front porch to check on me - yet she leavs me out here. Alone. She hasn't been out to start me, or ask if I'm alright. Nothing.

I just wanted to let the world know that this Road Warrior isn't really such a nice lady. You need to know the truth.

And I'll get my revenge. You just watch and see.

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November 23, 2004

WHEN Will I Learn...

Yeah, it's 1:30 and I'm still here on the flippin' computer. Forgot about a report (I didn't know) that's due on Monday. Had to get that done before I took out. Still not looking to be able to leave for about an hour or two.

Well, dinner with LW won't happen. Neither drinks with Johnny_Oh.

Oh, I'm still leaving today. NO ONE and NOTHING will stop me!!! I'll just camp out outside of Atlanta and take off from there. Mama's got steak for dinner tomorrow night and I don't want to miss that.

Why do I even make plans? Why do I try to schedule anything?

OK - back to work. I gotta GOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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D Day!!

D, in this case, is for Driving.

Yep. Gonna hit the road in about an hour. I'm armed with a plan (oh no....see post below) and a ton of phone numbers!!!

So heads up Teresa, _Jon, Johnny_Oh, Laughing Wolf, Bou, Lee Ann!!! I'll be calling. :-) At least it won't feel like I'm traveling alone!!

I'm finally getting excited. The plan is this:

Leaving soon. Driving to meet LW for dinner! Then on to the Chattanooga area to meet Johnny_Oh for drinks - if the travel gods are with me and I make decent time. Settle in around that area (it's the half way point) and then get a fresh start in the morning.

I should arrive at Mama Vi's tomorrow late afternoon. To rain and possible snow. Did I mention I no longer have a winter coat? Have I ever told you about how much I HATE to be cold? Yeah, that will be interesting.

Sunday I'll meet up with someone. Don't know how I'll do it, logistically but chance to meet _Jon, Teresa and even T1G!!! And will have pictures with anyone that allows me too!!!

Oh, and Harvey? Yeah, we'll be talkin' about you DUDE!!! ;-) So be prepared, those ears should be a ringin'!!

So.......blogging will be spotty for the next couple days. But I figure most everyone's focused on Thanksgiving so won't even be missed.

I'll let you know when I make it!!! WooHoo...... Indiana wants me.....

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!

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Best Laid Plans and such...

Well, yesterday didn't go as planned (there's a shocker). I did go to Tampa, but just got a late start. I had wanted to hit as many as 6 stores so that we had some visits in the bank in case we missed any during the month.

Yeah right. What was I thinkin? I am not capable of just drive by visits. I have to feel like I did SOMETHING while I'm in the store. I don't want to drive away and have either myself or the store wonder what the hell that was all about. Sooo......

Waiting on an email I needed before I headed out delayed my departure by about 2 hours. Well shoot. That means I'll be 2 hours later getting home. Shoot. Means I'll be up later finishing up what needs to be done before I leave.

I head to Tampa and the traffic is actually pretty light! WooHoo. Talkin' on the phone and singing along to my CDS, window down, yeah - not a bad way to start at all.

Shit. Missed my exit.

Not just any exit but the one that I always took to go home. The exit by where I used to live. The exit I took every day for 1 entire year. The last exit before 75 and 275 merge. The Last Exit. I looked at it, thought...hmmmmm maybe THAT's the one I want, and drove right by. Ended up driving 25 miles out of my way. Damn. Fall behind schedule.

Got to my first store. Guy is, well.....let's just say interesting. Pompous? Yep. Arrogant? Yep. Leech? Yep. And he's not going to the new product roll out because it's scheduled for his birthday. So...we review the new product and I end up spending about an hour there. The schedule falls farther behind.

Stop at one of my new stores to introduce myself. Didn't realize they were right there and could not just drive by. This will be my new bread and butter. Need to start the ball rolling NOW. The schedule falls farther behind.

Driving to next scheduled stop. Ohh...very nice. Ohhh....very busy. Watched sales rep sell 2 high end beds right off the floor. Very Very nice. Can't leave til I talk with sales person and review up coming meeting. The schedule falls farther behind.

Next - rush hour traffic in Tampa. Holy Shit. 'Nuff said. The schedule falls farther behind.

Realize just how far behind I am and know I have to have car winterized, oil changed and new battery installed before I leave. Call ahead to area around next store and schedule (there's that damned word again) to have work done that afternoon. No problem, Miss. Just get 'er in here and will get 'er done.

Arrive at garage 4:15. They ask if I'll leave the car with them over night. No. And no again. I explain (again) the situation.

Oh. We can fit it in around 6:30. Not happy about that, but beggars can't be choosers so....I take off to cover a couple more stores, grab dinner and head back. Arrive 6:10. Perfect. A different guy working counter. Give him information on what needs to be done. Explain schedule and ask if it will take long. Not a problem. We'll get right on it. (*Note to self: Do not ask that question. Guaranteed to delay process*)

They finally take car around to get started at 7:45. P.M. I'm in Tampa - I live in Orlando.........yeah, I was not the brightest ray of sunshine by that time.

Talked to Bou and heard that she did have a great First Day Back (as I knew would be the case). Paced a lot. Smoked more than I should have. Paced a lot.

Finally at 9:00 they tell me they're done. It'll be $195.00. Tammi falls into a dead faint. WTF??!?!! We review, I pay (as if there was any choice on that one) and I start off for home.

Get on I4 and traffic grinds to a halt. We are clippin' along at a whomping 5 mphs. Every once in a while it got up to 10mph. But not often.

Paving the road. For I don't know how far we crawled along the side of I4, dealing with the merging traffic at the entrance ramps and crawling crawling crawling, dodging the road workers and just basically doing what ever came to mind to stay awake. I think I have now managed to memorize both of my new CDs completely.

I got home around 11:45 last night.

I had all my paperwork to file from yesterday. Month end reports to compile and fax. I still am trying to get the rest of my personal stuff done before I leave.

I had it all planned out so perfectly. I don't understand what happened. :-P

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Wanna Help?

Kate has been busy. In the last few months she's sold the house, packed up and she and the family are now back on the mainland!!!

And still she had the time (and made the effort) to put together a list of things that we can do RIGHT NOW to show our support to our Military and their families. It's a fantastic list.

One thing I'm doing right now. I never stopped to think that they might not have access to Christmas cards. Never crossed my mind. So...while I'm at Wal-Mart this morning picking up the stuff I need for my trip, gonna pick up some Christmas/Holiday cards to ship over there. I think it's a great idea.

Thanks Kate! Now ya'll get over there and see what other great ideas she has listed out!

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November 22, 2004


Saw this at Randy's place.

I'm always looking for interesting gifts to give at my training classes.

This could be interesting. ;-)

**If for some reason the ad disappears, Randy's got it saved!**

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I woke up at 3:30 this morning. My first thoughts?

Holy Shit - I leave tomorrow.

Holy Shit - I'm bringing Mama home with me.

Holy Shit - I've got to finish getting the house ready.

Holy Shit - I have to take the car in for a check up.

Holy Shit - I have to be in Tampa all day today for work.

Holy Shit!

The panic hits full force. You'd think that by the time you reach my age, you'd have learned all those lessons about procrastination. It's never a pretty picture. Now, in my defense, it's not all procrastinating. I had to work. A lot. I had to actually get ahead so I can leave without remorse. But Still.........

I had this job once. I hated it. The only good thing that came out of it was my friendship with Lee Ann. There were many mean and evil people there that would do anything to make themselves look good.

I was going to Indiana to see my family over Thanksgiving. Much like now. I had explained this when they hired me in April of that year. No problem.

It was supposedly a team atmosphere. Yeah Right. When I saw others take vacation they would simply offload work to the other Account Managers, everyone pitched in.

Until my vacation approached.

I was told I had to have everything done the Friday before I left. 2 weeks worth of work done ahead. And still get everything else done. I stayed until Midnight/1:00am every night for a week. Worked Saturdays and Sundays to get it all done. The night before my flight I was there until 4:00am. Finally - got it all done, and done right.

You know what happened? While I was gone, as is the nature with that line of work, there were issues. And every time one of those issues arose, they tried to blame it on me. Thankfully, Lee Ann had my back. She knew what I had done, and that the errors were not on that end. It was out in the field. They would have happened if I were there or not. She took care of things, and kept her ears opened for me.

When I got back, I got called into the office of our VP and read the riot act. I was speechless. I couldn't even defend myself, as I couldn't believe it was happening. Not one word about getting it all done ahead of time. Not one positive word spoken at all. Just accusations and slams. Oh, you can bet once I gathered my thoughts I defended myself. It just took an hour (and a few cigarettes while pacing the parking garage). I turned in my notice 2 weeks later. F*ck 'em.

But I learned my lesson. Well, actually I've adjusted my trust level. I have none now. I'm paranoid of what will happen the few days I'm gone this time. I've worked every day for 2 weeks. I'm working today. I'm taking tomorrow and Wednesday off. I'm taking Saturday through Tuesday of next week off. But I'm coming back and working 2 weeks straight again to make up for it. I've hit all my stores at least 3x this month - we're only required to hit them 2x. I've conducted training classes every weekend. I've introduced myself to my new accounts. I've filed all my paperwork.

But I'm still worried. I'm still a bit afraid of what will be said when I get back. In other words, I'm flippin' paranoid. I HATE THAT!!!!!

I've told all my accounts that I'll be out of town. They all have my cell number - they know they can call for any reason. They are all happy for me that I'm getting some family time. The people I work the closest with all know I'm leaving. They are all excited for me to get some time away. But still, this fear just won't leave me.

Isn't it funny how events change us? Even the smallest of things. I never used to worry about this sort of thing. I'm good at my job. I know it. I get it done. I'm successful. Yet because one asshole decides to tear me apart, I walk around wishing I had eyes in the back of my head so that I can see the knife as it approaches my back.

Hmmmm......I don't like it.

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It Just Doesn't Matter What They Think - Update

I watched something on TV last night that really bothered me. It was that show on FOX News, Hating America. I've traveled internationally, some, and have friends that do so pretty extensively. I've seen it face to face and heard the stories. I want to understand WHY. (It's just my nature.)

Well.....while not really getting to the root of the problem, I did learn a something new.

Sheesh - where the hell have I been? I must have been living underground these past few years. I had never heard of the book 9/11: The Big Lie. Oh I knew there were conspiracy theories running amok throughout the world, I just hadn't read anything about THIS particular piece of garbage.

Let's make one thing crystal clear. I will not purchase this book. I will not read this book. I've now made it a crusade to find out as much as I can about it...but I will not give of my time to ingest this poison. Oh, and he has another turd out there entitled Pentagate, that is a build off of his first compilation of crap.

Let's look at this Theirry Meyssan dude. Who is he? Where's he coming from (other than France)?

According to his Bio he is 1) very liberal 2)hates America 3) hasn't really done ANYTHING in his career. So, why are so many people listening to him?

He's saying that there is no way a plane flew into the Pentagon on 9/11. That it wasn't possible. He said we sent a missile there ourselves. He's saying that we were actually working WITH Bin Ladin - that we were partners in this attack.

And what amazes me is that people believe that! What kind of world is this when anyone would believe that a society would do that? Oh wait - the same type of world that is not outraged over the mass graves we've found in Iraq. The kind of world that cheered over Black Hawk Down. The kind of world that has done next to nothing in the Sudan.

I may be loyal to a fault. I may be one sided on this. And I will not apologize for these thoughts or words - EVER. We are Americans. We live in the Greatest Country on this planet. We are the most powerful nation and have a responsibility to others to achieve or maintain the peace. Even in not so peaceful ways. We care about those that suffer and often send our husbands/wives, brothers/sisters, sons/daughters into danger to achieve those ends. We are not warmongers. We do not seek out opportunities for bloodshed. And we do NOT ATTACK OUR OWN.

I know I'm not saying anything here that is new or earth shattering. But I need to say it. I need to express this. As I watched Hating America last night I wanted to discuss it with someone. It's one of those times I really HATE living alone.

But I've come to the decision that it doesn't really matter what the world thinks. Not one bit. It's kind of like what I'm going through at work.

Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will agree with you. The important thing is that you live in a manner that you are proud of. Make decisions that you can stand by. Apologize when you make mistakes (as will happen). But over all, do the best you can to be a good person. But take care of yourself, cause what it all boils down to is if you don't, no one will.

But we also have a responsibility to help those that need us. It comes with the role of most powerful. Boil it down to a movie script. Will you use your power for good, or for evil?

We haven't set our sights on ruling the world. We aren't out there scooping up national treasures (despite what others are saying). We aren't out there simply flexing our military muscle. And if you look really hard at things - we ARE taking care of ourselves. They (the terrorists) attacked US. They came to our house and picked a fight. We are finishing it. When they cry uncle then we will lay down the rules and come home. Yes, it's great that we are freeing the world of the threat of Saddam, but really - it's about making ourselves safer. Making this world safer for US.

We were attacked. Several times. We've made the decision that it we will not roll over and let it happen again. We've taken on (again) the bullies in the playground. No matter what we do there will be those that criticize us. It doesn't matter. We can't let it matter.

So Thierry Meyssan spread your poison. Say what you need to acheive your goals. You don't matter. Your time in the spotlight will fade, you'll run out of your blood money. And in the long run you'll not be remembered as anything more than a maggot feeding off of the blood of others. We aren't a society that will put a hit out on you because we don't like what you're saying. We aren't a people that will run you out of the country when you come here. We believe in free speech, we cherish freedom. Even when we disagree.

Sticks and Stones - Thierry.

Kook Aid has a post on this show also - talking about his reaction to the world hatred. Go, check it out. He makes some great points.

UPDATE: I wrote this early this morning, and realized it probably didn't come across as I intended. So... I want to clarify.

I don't like the spew that TM is putting out there. I fully realize it is continueing to feed the hatred that so many have for us. It disgusts me. But there isn't anything we can do to stop him.

Crap like this just builds and solidifys and pits one people against another. It is wrong. And we can only do so much about it. We can ignore him, continue being who we are as a nation. Or we can focus on him, and those like him, allowing his words to eat away at us.

Hatred is real. It is tangable. It destroys. His hatred, his words will come back to destroy him. That is my point. We are doing the right thing. We cannot allow his words, his doctrine to take root here, to become important. We need to know it's out there, but also continue to prove him, and those like him, wrong.

No one said the high road was easy.

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November 21, 2004

THIS is Important

Do you support our Military?

I do. With every fiber I have in my being.

Here's a chance to let the troops know.

America Supports You is a web site started by the DoD. They will get the message out to Americans on how important it is to be involved in supporting our Military men and women. Then they will make sure the troops get the information on how Americans are behind them. You can leave them messages, print out logos for hats and t-shirts.

Greyhawk over at Muddville has a much better explaination of the program.

This is a far reaching program and I think it's brilliant.

Here is a run down of some of the programs they have running:

A Million Thanks: The inital mission was to collect 1,000,000 letters and emails of thanks and appreciate for the U.S. Military men and women, past and present for all they have done and are doing for their country. That goal has been met. They are currently asking for another 400,000 letters and emails. That is 1 for every member of our Armed Forces serving today.

There is a place to post a message to our soldiers.

Soldiers Angels is a part of this program also.

These are just a few of the programs. I'm not going to list them all out. I WANT TO YOU GO OVER THERE.

Go and check it out. There are so many ways to help. Get involved. You'll be glad that you did. They are making it so easy for us....there is No Excuse for not doing something!!!

I'm adding it to my side bar now.


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This is Hysterical

What Famous Leader Are You?
personality tests by

**sitting here laughing my ass off!!!***

Hat tip: ALa71

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The Perfect Sunday Post

Val at Babalu Blog has the perfect Sunday Morning post.

Go and read it.

Thank you Val....for who you are and for sharing it with the rest of us.

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Straight White Guy's Travels

Eric is back and teasing us with stories of his trip.

Check out his brush with fame and the incredible encounter he had in Newark NJ!!

Welcome back Eric. Your guest bloggers were great, but no one can take your place.

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It's Award Time!!

Wizbang is taking nominations for the Best Of 2004 awards.

I've thrown a few names in the hat and can't wait to see how it comes out. The only issue I have is there is not a Best Military Blog would be hard to choose, but I think it deserves a category of it's own.

Anyway - Get over there and nominate your favorite blogs!!!

Hat Tip Laughing Wolf

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Welcome Home, Sir

Lex is home.

He's been gone almost a month and arrived back yesterday. Go and welcome him back. And keep checking over there, cause knowing him, he'll have some damned good stories to tell!!

I'm so glad he made it for the holidays.

Welcome Home Lex. You were missed.

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November 20, 2004

Carnival Time!!

The Carnival of Jammies is up now!!

And trust me, you Don't Want To Miss This One. If for no other reason than to see the picture Harvey Posted. (I didn't see him at that last comment party!?!?!)

ROTFLMAO - honestly.

Go, follow the links, and laugh. It's good for ya.

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Funny Email Picture

THIS explains so much!!

(some may consider this NSFW)

Thanks Dude (you know who you are!!!)

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Football Saturday

It seems as if life is forcing me to work today......My Beloved Irish have the weekend off. Their next (and last game of the regular season) is next Saturday against USC in LA. Man......I've always loved that game. I wish it were in South Bend this year, as I'd actually be able to tailgate outside the stadium.

Alas, it is not to be.

However, I thought THIS was pretty cool news:

Notre Dame Remains Nation's Favorite College Football Team, According to Latest Harris Poll

Fighting Irish lead poll for sixth consecutive time.

Nov. 17, 2004

NOTRE DAME, Ind. - A recent survey by The Harris Poll® of a nationwide cross section of adults has confirmed what one survey earlier this year by ESPN -- The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are the most popular college football team in the nation among adults in the United States.

And we all know how reliable polls are, don't we?!?!

Still, I personally think it's great. Haven't seen evidence of it, since I take so much shit for being a fan.....but then again I'm livin' in the SEC!!!

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Saturday Question of the Day

Every Saturday I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes:

Tell me about your favorite pet.

I've had a few over the years. Some cats, 2 before the divorce and many since, and a couple dogs. But hands down, my favoritest pet was my puppy Love. Yep. Love.

It was the spring of '72. Mama and Daddy decided I could have a puppy. What made them decide on a Boston Terrier I'll never know. I had never seen one in my life.

We went to the breeder and she took us downstairs to look at the newest batch of babies. There they were. All these tiny little black and white bundles of energy, all fighting for my attention. Except for one. She sat way in the back of the bunch and just looked at me with her head tilted to the side. She had one brown eye and one blue eye. Her markings were all wrong (so they said) and come to find out she was the runt of the litter. And I wanted HER.

She was the sweetest thing. On the drive home Daddy asked what I wanted to name her. I realized this was a very serious responsibility. Afterall, a name is forever. It gives people their first impression of you. I held her, and snuggled into that little neck and announced her name was LOVE. Tammi's Little Love.

Daddy kept asking if I was sure. I was positive. I remember hearing him mutter to Mama, "just I gotta go out to the yard and yell Love, Here Love. What will the neighbors think?" and then laugh.

Here she is when we first brought her home


Love and I were inseperable. The timing was perfect because we got her on Memorial Day weekend so I only had a week of school left. I couldn't get home fast enough. I took her to youth group with me, I took her to Girl Scouts - she even became our mascot. She was just the kindest puppy ever.

And I adored her. She was mine. The first thing that ever belonged to me. Loved me the most. Listened to me. I was responsible for everything about her and took that responsibility very seriously. And so did she. She was very easy to train, and just soaked up every bit of attention.


Like everyone else, she mourned when Daddy died. Spent all her time going from one of us to the other to snuggle and give love. Then she'd go stand by the back door, as if waiting for him to come home. The night before he died she settled herself in his suitcase and wasn't about to get out. Daddy had to spend a little extra time with her just to make her feel better.

Love lived a good long life. We adopted her when I was nine and had to put her to sleep when I was 19. She never gave us any trouble, never made a mess, never chewed anything. It seemed like she was extra good. Just so grateful that we loved her, gave her a home. No pet I've had since has been near the sweetheart that she was.

She wasn't the prettiest of dogs. But she was mine. And she loved me.

So tell me about you're favorite pet.

love 3.jpg

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November 19, 2004

Carnival of the Jammies

Yep, that's right. Havey's back and it's Jammy time once again.

Now, since I'm leaving for the frozen north my blogging attire will be a bit different this week.

I think THIS pretty much fits the mold.

jammies 1.jpg

Well, except for Saturday, at the Family Reunion. Then it's more like this.........


KIDDING!! But it is a funny thought, isn't it?!?!?!?

Man, I love my family!!

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**in sing song voice**

I'm havin' Chinese
I ordered out
I'm eatin' Cashew Chicken


I forgot all about the little Chinese resturant around the corner. I grabbed a quick sandwhich this afternoon and haven't had a damn thing other than that all day. Didn't eat dinner last night either. Don't want to be buying up grocerys before I leave so was just sitting here feeling sorry for myself. When Voila! I remembered.

I'm a very happy girl right now.

**hey, it may not seem like much to ya'll, but remember.......It's very easy to make me happy!**

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Technical Question

OK, after a bit of pressure, I've decided to try and record a song to post.

I'm completely lost.

1) What do I need to do to record it? How the hell do I get it on my laptop?
2) File will be too big for my poor little host. Anyone out there that can help with that?

It won't be until I get back from Home, unless I can find the background music easily (not good enough on the keyboard yet to go that route). But I'm a planner so want to have the details worked out ahead of time.

Anyone? Suggestions?

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God Speed Doc!!

Sean, at Doc in the Box is headed back to the shit.

God Bless you Sean. You know our thoughts and prayers go with you.

Stay Focused, Stay Safe.

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The Best One in a LONG Time

I love a good practical joke. Kool-Aid has one of the best I've heard in a long time.

Heck, after you read that one, check out the others. Damn, I so enjoy a good sense of humor~

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Dag Gone Spammers

I'm seeing everyone is having these spammer issues.

In the 10 minutes it took me to write that last post, I got slammed again. Only this time they didn't hit my old posts. They hit yesterdays. And they don't use an URL. Just that stupid phoney email. The other kicker is they use normal names. Today it was Pete. Last night it was Missy and Ben.

I'm getting used to the usuals: enhanc*ment dr*ugs, vi*gr*, ect. But these sick Mo Fo's that are hitting me with r*pe pictures and such.......they need to die. Period. They make me sick. The fact that they are putting that shit on MY BLOG just makes me crazy. But, it seems like everytime we come up with a way to stop them they just get more creative. Damn them anyway.

So, the point here is to just vent a bit. And to let you know that closing off old comments doesn't keep the bastards out. So I guess I'll just keep deleting and remind you that I have no control over that crap. (I realize you all know that, I just needed to write it out loud.)

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It All Boils Down to Greed

Ogre got me on that damned soapbox again this morning.

Today he has a great post about how Money is NOT the Root of all evil. For me, all evil boils down to greed.

Not just greed for money or things. Greed overall. A person can be greedy for power, attention, success.....anything. Being overly concerned with having the most of ANYTHING is not good.

I avoid people like that to all degrees. For one main reason. You can't trust them.

Someone greedy for power (a few examples come to mind with that one) will do ANYTHING to optain and maintain that power. They have no soul, it is replaced by greed. No amount of reasoning will offset that greed. They cannot be trusted. Period.

Someone greedy for success falls into the same category. They will step on anyone, use anything to make themselves look good. (I've worked with more than my fair share of those assholes.) They don't realize you are only as good as those that you surround yourself with. It is nothing for them to lie and/or sabatoge someone to make themselves feel that much more successful. They cannot be trusted.

Someone greedy for attention is less of a threat but no less aggrevaiting to be around. They will humiliate people at the drop of a hat. Anything to achieve "Hey Look at ME!!!". While not necessarily dangerous physically or professionally, it is annoying to have to listen to that shit all the time. And have you ever notice how they have a difficult time holding a real conversation? Every answer is about them, how it effects them, how they feel, them them them them them. I just want to play that Toby Keith song "I wanna talk about ME".

My Grandpa always told me that we should strive for more. Always work towards being better, growing. But NEVER at the expense of others. The back you stab today may be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow. (ok that last bit is all mine, but it means the same thing.) That goes for every part of our lives; politics, career, friends, family. Life in general.

I choose to surround myself with those I can trust. I want to know that I don't have to constantly watch my six. It comforts me to know that I take pride in the type of people I have in my life.

Greed is bad. Wanting more is fine..........just look at the root of it and make sure it's not at anyone else's expense.

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November 18, 2004

THIS is Funny!!

You gotta see this!!


Hat Tip: Rightwingsparkle

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I Like Him SOOOOOO Much

THIS is just one of the many reasons I like Smash So very much!

That is the way it should be. Period. End of Sentence.

And I won't say another thing on this matter until we see where things are going.

But Damn Smash....You Rock!

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This is Cool

OUTSTANDING VIDEO. Die Terrorists Die.

It's been around a while, but this is the first I've seen it.

The lyrics are not work safe, but there is a "cleaned up version" (but it's not nearly as good).

Found via comments at Tim Blair, via Free Will (whose has the MP3 of America: F*ck Yeah!), via Castle Argghhh!!!.

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Must Read

Head on over to Laughing Wolf's place and read his take on Site's actions regarding the Marine currently in the news.

He knows of what he speaks and makes a very good point (huge understatement).

Thanks LW. I couldn't agree more!

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Brilliant Idea

Grim, over at Grims Hall is starting a Military Science Book Club. Here's a bit of the thought behind it:

The challenge is this: all citizens have a duty to the defense of the nation, just as all citizens have a duty to the common peace. We perform the latter not only with jury duty, but by taking the time to achieve a basic understanding of the law so that we can do our part to obey it and uphold it -- or to challenge it, if that is what we feel is necessary.

Similarly, you have a duty to the defense of the country. Some fulfill that duty by volunteering and serving in the military, but even if you don't, the duty doesn't go away. You have to fulfill it in other ways. One of these -- which I think is incumbent upon every citizen, because we all must make decisions in the voting booth on these matters -- is to take the time to achieve a basic understanding of military science. You ought to understand the principles involved. This is one thing you can't leave to experts, any more than you can afford to leave the law to lawyers.

I'm in. I agree that everyone should have an understanding of this. Knowledge is power, and with the way our world is now, I for one want all the power I can get.

Pop on over and check it out. I'll link everytime he posts on this, just to make sure you don't miss it.

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Adding Spice

I have a morning routine. I get up, start the wimpy coffee and fire up the laptop.

I click onto my blog and start through the blogroll. First the MilBlogs currently in Iraq and Afghanastan as they usually post while I'm sleeping. Then it's on to those that are coming from Europe. Once I've caught up on what's going on over there I head to the west coast and work my way east. I do it the same way every morning without fail. I've been doing it the same way since I first started reading blogs.

This morning I couldn't help but think how much I would enjoy having my blogroll all get together for even just one evening. (That wouldn't be enough, but I don't want to be too greedy.) Can you imagine the stories, the jokes?!? Holy Crap, Lion Tours - what a blast.

I actually started to list out those that I would especially want to have over for a nice dinner, drinks and just an all out fun evening. Next thing I know my entire blogroll (and their families, who I feel like I know from the stories) were listed out. (With some additions that I need to get added to the sidebar)

I realized it was a bit of an overkill so deleted that post. But the thought just won't go away. I really enjoy those that are blogrolled here. I read them AT LEAST 2x a day. Every day. I look for their insights to current events, I can't wait for the stories they have to share, the jokes. I really enjoy reading what they have to share about day to day life. I miss them when they are gone. I value their opinions and appreciate their suggestions.

Damn, I just love blogging. I love the people I've come to know. Can't wait to meet the new ones that are coming along. I look for certain commenters, at my place and others. I've learned so much and gained a deeper appreciation for life and people.

Thanks ya'll. You make my life better and brighter. You add that special spice that brings the flavors out in this world. Just thought you should know.

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November 17, 2004

Very Interesting

Kmart and Sears?

That just gets my juices flowin'. I called on Kmart during my previous life, and a large part of that was during their bankruptcy.

I just gotta say this.....Good For You Kmart!! Way to bounce back.

This is actually pretty huge.

I've always been interested in these partnerships. You've got Wal-Mart and Sam's. (of course they are joined at the hip.) You'll probably notice how the newer clubs and Supercenters are right next to each other. I was surprised to learn that the majority of shoppers go from Sam's to WM's or WM's to Sam's. I never do, but the data says otherwise. Same type of shopper, same demographics.

Target is to Costco what WM is to Sam's. (Even though Target is owned by Dayton Hudson aka Marshall Field's) Same demographics. Both Target and Costco have similar styles and philosophies. They are more about the BEST PRODUCT for the money rather than just cheap prices. You may notice that newer Target Supercenters are located close to Costcos. Nothing official there, just something I've noticed as a trend over the past few years.

Now we got Sears and Kmart. Both struggling to reestablish themselves and take a piece of that pie. If they combine the best of both teams (on the corporate level) this may be the right move. If they continue down the paths they've been on, well....let's just say that's a mighty big ship to watch sink.

I'm going to have to make a couple calls on this one. Yeah, I'll be keeping my eyes on what happens.

Hat Tip: Accidental Verbosity

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I Couldn't Resist


What herb are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Shamelessly borrowed from That 1 Guy and The Cheese Mistress!

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This and That

Did I get on a soapbox or what yesterday? I hope I didn't give anyone the impression that I don't care about the consumer. That's not it at all. I just really hate it when people "play the game" not realizing in that situation there is a winner and a loser. I'd much rather do the win/win thing. Oh well, in a perfect world.........

It's going to be very hectic for the next week. I'm heading out to Daytona today, to do follow up on my meeting from Saturday and hit a couple of other stores. Then I'm literally working straight through to Tuesday so that I can head up north to pick up my Mom.

I didn't realize that was next week, until my Cousin mentioned it the other day at lunch. Holy Crap, Lion Tours! My Mom's going to be here soon. I'm going to be up north freezing my ass off in a week!!!! And I still can't find my winter coats!!! YIKES!!! I haven't gotten the car ready for the trip yet....not a good thing.

How did the time get away from me so quickly? I was all focused on the wedding and never looked past that date on the calendar. Do you ever do that?

When we get back the Tuesday after Thanksgiving we'll begin decorating for Christmas. I'm really stoked about that, and will have plenty of details and pictures. It looks like I'll be getting plenty of company, as my Aunt and her husband want to come down during that time for even more quality family sharing. I will actually have a house full of people (Mom, me, my cousin and her family of 5, my Aunt and Uncle, my other cousin and her family of 7) WooHoo.....I'll be going through the archieves of the Carnival of Recipes..that's for sure.

Anyway - I just wanted to thank you all for still coming by to visit. The holidays are always so busy, this year it's almost out of control. **Deep Breath**

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November 16, 2004

Personal Responsibility

Ogre has a great post up regarding personal responsibility as a consumer. As soon as I started reading it got my attention.

He talks about a recent beer buying experience. After purchasing his nectar, he accidentally drops one of the bags and the top cracks on one bottle of beer. He chooses to pick it up and continue on. Someone suggests that he takes it back in and have the store give him a new 6 pack. Free. No Charge.

My manufacturer rep's head began spinning off of her shoulders. No No No!!

First - Thank you Ogre, for being honest and up front. Oh, if there were only more like you.

Second - it's wrong to make the store take back an item for any reason other than it being defective Period. End of Story.

Here's my take (buckle up boys, this may get nasty)

Every single day I deal with consumers. They call because they are unhappy. They call because the retailer they bought the bed from is not honoring the warrantee to the consumer's satisfaction and they want me to fix it and make everything right.

Well, they are barking up the wrong tree here. Let me give you a couple of examples.

When I worked beverage products, I actually had a retailer expect me to take back product that was close dated. (all consumable products have "use by" dates. If it's close to expiration, it's considered close dated). No. Hell no. I shipped it in with a 6 week lead time. You didn't sell it, that's your fault. So...they just sit on it till it past date and make me pick it up. They could have run a sale, they could have donated it to a charity. No...they screw me.

Yes, we do budget for some returns. It's a given. But not large quantities of money. Usually you plan on a 5% return rate (on perishables). But I promise you that many of the Big Wig Retailers will force you to eat a lot more than that. Many of them believe that the vendors should bear the burden of making the Retailer successful.

Now, let's talk mattresses.

I got news for you folks. Most of the major mattress manufactures DO NOT have comfort exchanges. Nope. None. You better lay your asses on those mattresses, take your time and get one that you like. Cause I'm not taking the sucker back just because it doesn't feel comfortable when you get it home. Now....consumers are on to that. So, they say there is something wrong with the mattresses. Then some poor smuck has to go out and inspect the bed and make a determination.

I've got to make a consumer call tomorrow that is just like that. They bought a mattress a year ago and the stitching came undone. THAT IS A WARRANTEE ISSUE. No problem. So VIA THE STORE THEY BOUGHT IT FROM they return the product and reselect a comparable mattress. Problem is we don't make the same beds we made last year, so we tell them what mattress is comparable. The new mattress is more expensive, but we don't ask that they pay the difference. (Costs go up, improvements are made) You get like for like. They don't care for the mattress that is comparable. They want a different bed. HOWEVER, they (and most of the other consumers I deal with) think they should be able to pick what ever they want and not pay a dime more for it.

For instance; you buy a queen size mattress 4 years ago, and pay $1500 for the set. Now it's got a bit of a sag issue and falls within the return guidelines. You've got $1500 credit to replace that mattress with. And let me tell you, every time a new line comes out the quality gets better. So you are getting a better mattress. While you look around, deciding what mattress you want as a replacement and you see the new top of the line model on the floor at $2200 for a set, I do not owe you the new Top of the Line at no additional cost. You gotta pay the difference.

I don't owe you any thing more than the credit for what you purchased. I'm not giving you a Jaguar when you purchased an Escort.

Nope. Not gonna happen. I will bust my ass to make a consumer happy. WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES. No product is perfect. They are designed by people, made by people and sold by people. HOWEVER, a manufacturer is responsible for standing by the quality of their product. And nothing more.

Another thing that happens is many time people see the new models come out and think they can complain and make enough calls about the mattress they bought a year or two ago, and by making enough noise, get a free new one. Do you realize the damage that happens when someone pulls something like that? They are kicking someone just like me right in the gut.

I just had a consumer send an email to our corporate office complaining about me. Saying I ignored them and wouldn't work with them. I got my ass chewed big time. (Huge understatement)

Wanna know the truth? The consumer was scamming. There was nothing wrong with their mattress. They had gone to the retailer, and been told that. So they called me. I told them the same thing. So they started up the chain. They called and emailed anyone they could at my company. Thinking someone would give them what they wanted to just make them go away. (Squeaky wheel theory) Well, it almost happened. They told me to make it go away. But I'm not a wimpy girl and stood up for what is right. I refused their return and am willing to go to court for it. I've got pictures of the mattress and am sticking by my guns. THAT RETURN WILL COME OUT OF MY PAY. I'm not into giving mattresses away folks.

If you return something from 3 years ago and a new one is issued, even though I never got paid for the old one, the new one is free to you, so I gotta pay. ME. TAMMI. Gotta tell you, that sucks wet socks.

So....this long ramble is just to give you a bit of an insight into what happens when someone just decides to let the retailer "eat it". It's not the retailer who pays. It's the road warrior.

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November 14, 2004

About Last Night

The wedding was beautfiul. I mean absolutely beautiful. I have never been to one like it and doubt I ever will again.

Bear with me....I'll take you throught the day so you can get the full effect. I was so afraid of over sleeping in the morning I didn't sleep but 3 hours Friday night. Got up around 4:30 and got everything ready for my training class. Made sure I had everything handy that I would need to get ready for the wedding and headed out the door around 6:00am.

The drive was fantastic. Next to no traffic for a change. While driving over I decided that for breakfast I would stop at Burger King and pick up a variety of hot breakfast sandwhiches. It was an excellent idea if I must say so myself. No one was there so they made them all up fresh for me and I didn't have much of a wait at all.

Training went GREAT. Lots of energy on both sides and we all walked away having learned something new.

Hit a couple of other stores and headed back around 10:30am. Called the Bride to let her know Eagle was returning to Nest. **Later learned that was about the best thing I could have done. She was really stressing about me having to go over there.** I hit Orlando about an hour ahead of schedule and went directly to the salon. Managed to get her to pull me in an hour sooner. Again she worked her magic. Not letting me see what she was doing, just asking me about the dress. I explained it was champaign gold, scooped neck, very simple. Almost art deco'ish. When she got done and turned me so I could see I was speechless. I liked it (a lot) Friday. What she managed to do Saturday was amazing. Straight, smooth but it moved with every step I took. I was speechless. Perfect.

I rush home, and started getting ready. I kept praying all day that I just didn't want to be the worst part of their wedding. I used to be really good, and just wanted to do the best that I could. I was so afraid that I'd be so nervous I'd screw up.

**Pictures will be available in time. Meanwhile I'll link to some examples so you get the idea!**

Got to the chapel in plenty of time. It was beautiful from the outside, but inside they were still taking pictures from the wedding just before this one. So I hang out and just start getting more nervous. I hear some one yelling in the chapel, so being me - wandered right back in. Let me just say this...that bride? She was not a nice lady. Not one bit. She was screaching at everyone for just about anything. I almost felt sorry for the groom.

Finally they cleared out and it's time for me to practice. Bill, the accompianist was great....but he hadn't played this song before. He's idea of how it should go and mine were pretty much as different as night and day.

Bill: OK Miss Tammi we'll run through this once and then.....
Tammi: No, Bill I'm sorry. We'll run through this a few times until I'm comfortable that we're on the same page. I'm driving this bus.

We started practicing, and eventually compromised on the style. After a couple of run throughs he excuses himself and leaves me stading there. Comes back with a group of people. We run through it again. He looks at me and says:

You got it. And you know, I finally figured out who you (singing wise) remind me of. Karen Carpenter.

I figure he's just being nice, to keep me from getting nervous. Turn around and the Groom is standing there.

Damn, Tammi. You didn't sing that good when we did Kareoke. That was great.

OK....feeling a bit better now. Family starts to arrive so it's almost show time.

Everything was just beautiful. The inside of the chapel is very sweet. Simple white roses with just sprigs of blue (have no idea what) flowers everywhere. It's really cool that when the B & G are in the front, throught the windows ahead of them is Cinderella's Castle. Yeah, it really was a Fairy Tale Wedding.

I'm at the door handing out programs as the guests start to arrive. Many people I used to work with. The funny thing is? None of them recognized me first glance. Yeah, I really did look good! (snicker snicker) The dress was the perfect choice.

Everyone gets seated and it's time to get this party rolling. I'm still not feeling too nervous yet, and am wondering abit about that. Oh well, my new best friend Bill is just playing all the Disney Music interlude filler stuff. He was really good.

Groom walks in, doing the old victory cheer, clasped hands raised on either side. We all had to laugh. He was so very handsome. The rest of his group get in place and the music changes again.

The Matron of Honor looked like a princess. She was stunning. I can't do justice to it, but I've known her for years, and have never seen her look that beautiful. Next the 6 year old daughter of the Bride. In her Cinderella dress, hair all up in curls and a tiera. Silver gloves and a basket of rose petals. Biggest smile you've ever seen.

The Brides 12 year old son was the Jr. Best Man and her 13 year old daughter was the Maid of Honor. They both walked her down the aisle. Oh No. I'm already starting to mist up.

The minister was wonderful. He really taylored the message to them just made it so personal. (He's an employee of Disney, didn't know them before). As I listen to him, I realize yet again how perfect the song was.

They have a circle of love with the children. They all join hands and the minister explains what an important part of this marriage the children are. It was very touching. (misting #2)

The exhange vows. The Bride gets chocked up. (misting #3)

Oh No. I'm on.

Bill starts the music. I stand up next to him and just started singing. Never the first moment of nerves. It was like I had done it 100,000 times before. I just looked at them and realized I had the beautiful opportunity to express their love in song. I gotta went very well. Almost perfect.

He pronouces them Husband and Wife and Voila! All Done.

Afterwards, I got lots of hugs and kisses and everyone told me how nice it was. I half thought they were just being kind, but took the compliments anyway.

Then it happened.

I've been asked if I would be the contract Wedding Singer for Disney.

What a hoot. Again I thought they were kidding, but was informed that no, they were very serious. Took my information and will call when they need me!

Me, the contract wedding singer for Disney.

Again....what a hoot.

The reception was enchanting. Mickey and Minnie came and hung out for about an hour. The food was amazing, :-)

The way they included all the children was just wonderful. Everyone danced, ate and had a wonderful time.

Like I said, it was like nothing else I've ever seen. Congratulations D & K!! I love you guys. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your very special day.

Oh, and for helping me land a new gig.

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November 12, 2004

Rehersal Dinner

Whew, what a day!!

I know I'm not going to have any time to blog tomorrow, so I'm cheating. Gonna bring you up to speed tonite and then update again after the wedding.

OK - y'all knew about the hair disaster. Well, it got worse. Not only could my regular hairdresser not fit me in, but no one could. NO ONE. I needed a cut more than anything. I was in a bit of a panic. You see, I'm very particular about my hair cutters.

So....I just called around. I knew I'd be at a particular mall, so I called and scheduled an appointment. Oops, didn't figure on the traffic. Shit....I'm running late.

Speeding down I4 - in a manor I normally don't choose. But I had no choice. We were on a pretty tight schedule here. I get to the mall, park and realize I have no earthly idea where this place is in the mall. Not only that, but I couldn't remember what the name of the place was.

My damned cell phone is ringing off the hook. Damn customers anyway. ;-) I am trotting through the mall, on the hands free, trying to be all professional and also locate the salon.

Finally I give up and just walk into one.'s the right one.

I explain what's going on and the girl gets me started. It took her 45 mins. just to dry my hair. And she wouldn't let me see what she was doing. I think it was one of the rare moments in my life I didn't speak at all. Not one word.

She turns me around and I swear I didn't recognize myself. My hair was straight. Straight. Not a curl anywhere on this head. It was stunning.

I schedule the appointment for her to style it tomorrow and run out into the mall. I needed to find Victoria's Secret. I needed panty hose. So...again I'm trotting through the mall, on the damned phone again, looking for a store.

I walk in, still on the phone. **Note to self: do not try shopping for new t-back while on the phone with a customer. Guaranteed to screw up and say something you'll regret** Make purchase and head out the door.

Timing is fine. Got an hour to spare before I have to be at rehearsal.

I get to the Disney compound and proceed to get lost. Not a little lost. Really flippin' lost. Time is ticking away. I ask directions and still can't find the damned place. Shit....4 mins. Oh, there it is. I swear I squealed the tires.

Phone rings (again) and it's the bride.

Where are you?
Walking across the bridge. Where are you?
On the other side.

Cool. Only 1 min. late.

Go into chapel. Musician asks me if I have my music. I looked at him with the blankest of looks - I was told you had it.

Oh Shit.

He pulls me aside (as the bride is now flipping out) and says he didn't know we were practicing today. Can I come back tomorrow, around 3:30. What can I say but yes. practice tonite. Hmmm......nerves kick up a bit.

The rehearsal dinner was fantastic and in Disney/MGM. What a great show!!! Everyone else is going to go play. I'm here, getting ready for my meeting in the morning.

Tomorrow is gonna be tight. I'm leaving here at 6:00am. Be in Daytona by 8:30. Give the meeting, stop at 2 other stores and head out of Daytona by 11:30. Be at the salon by 1:00 - she needs 45 mins to do my hair. Be at the house by 2:30 and get ready. Leave the house by 3:00 to be at Disney by 3:30........I gotta tell you folks I'm a bit worried about that.

So.....that's where it's at. I still haven't practiced with a live musician. But....everyone assures me it will be fine. I'm sure it will, but I've got that long drive to think about it.

That's it for now. I'm sure I'll have some great stories tomorrow night. Hell, I've got more great stories from tonite, but no time to tell them.

Thanks again for all your support. Keep them fingers crossed, folks........tomorrows when it all comes home.

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Military Cats

Talk about a cat with an attitude.

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Harvey's been on vacation for over a week now......blogging just isn't the same without him.

I miss seeing him pop in to visit every morning. I miss his delighfuly naughty, often sweet comments. Damn I miss my Blogfather!!

We kids have been keeping an eye on things while he's gone. (WARNING: Comment thread is not for the faint of heart.) We're a rowdy bunch, and know how it is when the parents go out of town.... yeah, things got a bit out of control. But just a bit.

Anyway - I just needed to write out loud: HARVEY! WE MISS YOU!!!!!

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Dead and GONE?

I watched them bury Arafat this morning.

I felt nothing but relief and a twinge of fear.

Relief over the fact that he is really gone.

Fear of the unknown.

Watching the thousands of people crowded into the compound, seeing Hamas and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades so proudly represented, watching the chaos, I couldn't help but wonder....what's next? Who will take his place? Will it be better? Or worse?

One cabinet member is quoted as saying "The whole world is watching us now on television and we have to reflect our real picture". Yeah, we've seen the real picture. It's not pretty.

My prayer is that whomever steps up to lead the Palestinians is able to work with the rest of the world to bring a true peace to that region. But looking at that crowd of people, hearing people chanting "With our blood and our soul we will redeem you Yasser Arafat!", I'm afraid to hope.

Ocean Guy has a fantastic post looking back at Arafat's legacy. This is a MUST read for today!

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Do Re Me

Holy Cow....time went by fast.

It just seems like a couple weeks ago that my friends asked me to sing in their wedding. Wasn't it yesterday that I found the perfect dress?

Well, tonite I finally get to rehearse with the accompanist and then there's the rehearsal dinner.

Tomorrow is the wedding.

Tomorrow is the wedding.

Tomorrow is the wedding.

No, doesn't look any better no matter how many times I write it.

I never did get a chance to bone up on my tan. I just found out yesterday that my hair stylist is not going to be able to work tomorrow. I haven't found the right shade of nail polish. I don't have the right jewelry for the outfit yet. (free insight into the mind of a woman)

That can all be over come. The tan? Not even gonna worry about it. The hair? Shit...that might be a problem, but I'll come up with something by 3:00 today. Nail polish and jewelry? I'm in a couple malls today running stores so I'll look for something there.

I do have one little fly in the ointment. I have to give a training class in Daytona tomorrow morning. Need to be there by 8:45am. I need to be at Disney for all the pre-wedding stuff by 3:30. Do able. Just a little rushed.

I just wish my friend wasn't going to be there when I rehearse this afternoon. I love her to pieces, but she is very...what's the word.....persnickety. Yeah, that works. Anyway, if I see disappointment on her face when I'm practicing it'll blow my confidence for tomorrow. Truly. Right out of the water. But, I also understand why she wants to be there. So....I'll suck it up and just hope that it goes ok.

Tomorrow will be a bit of a challenge. I need to leave the house by 6:00am to be at my training class in time. I'm hoping to get the hell out of there by 10:00. 2 hours back home (traffic sucks right now) and then it's time to get my act together.

I did try on the dress again. It doesn't look as incredible as it did when I bought it, but the added pounds haven't completely ruined everything. It looks fine, I'm just very picky about stuff like that. (guess I've been a bit spoiled)

I can't believe the big day is finally here. I'm so happy for them. Theirs truly is a real-life fairy tale. And I'm so honored to be a part of it all.

It's just, damn, the wedding is tomorrow!!!

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November 11, 2004

Thank You



To all those that have served in the name of Freedom, Liberty and Honor - I say Thank You. The sacrifices of you and your families have not gone unnoticed.

This post will stay at the top of the page all day.

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A Significant Moment

Statement by the President

November 10, 2004


The death of Yasser Arafat is a significant moment in Palestinian history. We express our condolences to the Palestinian people. For the Palestinian people, we hope that the future will bring peace and the fulfillment of their aspirations for an independent, democratic Palestine that is at peace with its neighbors. During the period of transition that is ahead, we urge all in the region and throughout the world to join in helping make progress toward these goals and toward the ultimate goal of peace.

I guess that says it pretty well. He can't exactly say Good Riddance, now can he?

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A Message From Spirit of America

This is a snippet of an email I recieved yesterday from Spirit of America.

Operation Snapshot
The Marines are looking for Polaroid cameras and film. LtCol Jeff Vold wrote, "Many teams report that they have been able to open many doors and break down many barriers with something as simple as a Polaroid picture." When I was in Ramadi and Fallujah in June I found the same thing. Kids and adults all loved their picture - even seeing it on a digital camera helped establish a bond. Unfortunately, we didn't have instant photos. But now we're planning on sending this gear to Iraq. We've negotiated a good price for film and cameras with Polaroid, far below retail. For the first phase of this we are seeking $5,756 for 50 Polaroid cameras and 725 packs of film (sufficient for 7,250 pictures). We will expand our support from there. You may contribute to this project at:

Give to Operation Snapshot

What a VERY COOL idea!!

I know with the holidays coming everyone's a little short, but why not make this an opportunity to give YOURSELF something to feel good about. The GWoT does not stop for the holidays. Our Military men and women are out there trying to make a difference. Let's help them out!!

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November 10, 2004

At Least We Won't Have to Listen to Him...

No Golden Globe for Moore!!! WooHoo

'Fahrenheit 9/11,' 'The Passion' out of luck at the Golden Globes

Last Updated Wed, 10 Nov 2004 18:50:53 EST LOS ANGELES - There will be one sure bet when awards seasons rolls around: neither of the year's most controversial films will walk away with the top prize at the Golden Globes.

That's because both Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 and Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ are ineligible for the best-drama award.

Moore cannot enter his film – which has been criticized by some for taking U.S. President George W. Bush to task for his handling of the Sept. 11 attacks – since the Golden Globes do not have a category for documentaries


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A Prayer

Froggy Ruminations shares a prayer for our Military in Fallujah.

All I can add is AMEN.

hattip Kat

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More Kidnappings

Two members of Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi's family have been kidnapped from their home in Baghdad.

I googled for more information, but the only article I could find was in the Tornonto Star. Since it does require registration, I went ahead and copied the complete article.

Via the Toronto Star:
Nov. 10, 2004. 07:24 AM
Insurgents kidnap relatives of Iraqi PM

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — Two members of the Iraqi prime minister's family were abducted from their Baghdad home, his spokesperson said today.

Interim government spokesperson Thair al-Naqeeb said in a statement that militants had snatched two relatives of interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi from their home in the western Yarmouk neighborhood Tuesday evening.

A posting on an Islamic Web site by a group calling itself Ansar al-Jihad group claimed responsibility for kidnapping Allawi's relatives, and threatened to behead them in 48 hours if their demands were not met.

The group demanded the lifting of the seige of Falluja and the release of all male and female prisoners taken since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

The claim's authenticity could not immediately be verified.

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Just a hit, Dude, really Just a hit!

OK, I screwed up. I forgot to stop at the grocery store last night.

So this morning I get up to make my wimpy coffee (1/2 real, 1/2 decaf) and discover To My Horror there is no regular coffee!!

No Caffine!!

I'm tearing apart the fridge. None, nothing - not even an old Mt. Dew stuck in the back.

Check the pantry....nothing, not even some old grounds to chew on....

No, No, No........I can't take it. My brain will not function. I can't think about anything other than how badly I want, no I NEED, caffine. I can't work on any of my reports because I can't think! Hell, it's taken 15 mins. to just post this!!!

The store doesn't open for another hour. And I'm telling you folks, it won't be a pretty running in for coffee, Marines Corps hat on (Happy Birthday Corps) and what ever I can find to cover myself.........


I wish I had a camera. I know it's not very dignified, but you should see me right now. Just back from the store. Rather than buy a can of coffee and over induldge I just got a cup and will do my regular shopping tonite.

To celebrate the Marine Corps birthday I bought a couple donuts. One applefritter (yummy) and one chocolate frosted cake donut.

The bakers at my Publix love me. I praise them a lot and use them to cater most of my training breakfasts. So they spoil me.

This morning I got the freshest of the fresh donuts. Still warm. Icing melting. Every where.

So I sit at my desk, chocolate covering my face (much like a 1 year old w/their birthday cake) a steaming cup of joe in my favorite mug and a cigarette smokin' in the ashtray. And I promise I have the most self satisfied smirk on my face EVER.

Yeah.....I'm happy now.

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My First Hero's

When I was about 9 years old, I had a problem with one of the boys at school. He liked to pick on me. Pretty bad. One day...he went to far. He pushed me down and ruined my pants.

I stormed into the house after school, hollerin' for my Mom. I rush into her office and told her "I've had enough. It's time to call in the Marines!!"

You see, even then I knew the Marines would make me safe. The Marines would protect me. The Marines were the baddest asses I knew...and I wanted the big guns.

The Marines were my first Heros'.

This morning I had THIS email from the host of this fine (?) blog, GoDaddy. Hmmm.....I knew there was a reason I liked them!

Happy Birthday Marines!

Some of MY Favorite Devil Dogs!! Stop by and leave them a note on this very special day!!
Mike the Marine has a great post up with all sorts of interesting links.
That 1 Guy lifts a glass to his fellow Marines.
Eric - The Straight White Guy
Smokin' - Scottish Tanker Hooligans
Doc Russia
Grim at Grims Hall
Doc in the Box shares pictures of His Marines at the Marine Corps Ball this past weekend.

If I've missed you I'm sorry! Drop a comment and I'll update as I can.

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November 09, 2004

This ROCKS!!

Ya'll know I love Toby Keith!

Well, I just picked up his new Greatest Hits 2 and it's good. Really good.

The best song on the album??

Mockingbird - recorded with Krystal, his 17 year old daughter.

It's a remake of the remake that James Taylor did in the 70's.


Picture this.... this song blaring on the laptop me dancing all over the flippin' office. This playing in the car, me dancin' all over the road.

Seriously - they did a GREAT job on this one.

Take a listen

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This ROCKS!!

Ya'll know I love Toby Keith!

Well, I just picked up his new Greatest Hits 2 and it's good. Really good.

The best song on the album??

Mockingbird - recorded with Krystal, his 17 year old daughter.

It's a remake of the remake that James Taylor did in the 70's.


Picture this.... this song blaring on the laptop me dancing all over the flippin' office. This playing in the car, me dancin' all over the road.

Seriously - they did a GREAT job on this one.

Take a listen

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Quick Question

Say you work 6 days a week. You take phone calls from customers 7 days a week.

Do you check emails on the one day you have reserved for yourself, claimed, marked on your calendar as you day off?

Should you be reprimanded for not doing so?


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Natural Conclusion

I see this headline as I'm browsing the news this morning : Report: Florida Among 10 Most Unhealthy States.

The ranking is based on 18 criteria that include the state's number of smokers, death rates for cancer and heart disease, prevalence of violent crime and high-school graduation rates.

And this is news to whom?????

Let's just look at this for a moment.

1) We have more senior citizens down here. The proportion 65 years and over ranged from a low of 6 percent in Alaska to a high of 18 percent in Florida. Oh and this goes with it: Six of the 10 places of 100,000 or more population having the highest proportion of people 65 and older were located in Florida. Clearwater (21 percent) and Cape Coral (20 percent), Fla., ranked first and second in proportion of older residents.

2) Most people that come to Florida to visit FLY. And as this article shows: Crowded airplanes aren't the most healthful places... People fly down here, get sick, still go out and about, after all - they are on vacation....and Spread The Germs!!!!!

Why would they include the High School graduation rate? That doesn't make any sense to me at all.......

The violent crime......we are the State of Transients. We could claim the Coo coo as our state bird, for cryin' out loud. This state wears a tin foil hat. But on the serious side of that, tourists make a prime target...out late, don't know the area, distracted, drunk......

So overall, I'm not surprised by the conclusion in this article at all. What amazes me is that we weren't at the top of the list!!

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Count Me Out

First thing I heard this morning when I turned on the news was that Al Gore has decided to help start an investment company. Wait, it get's better.

This investment company, Generation Investment Management, will... target pension funds and wealthy clients. It will invest in companies whose business practices meet certain criteria based on ethics and ``sustainability,'' such as how they treat their workers and the environment, Gore said.

The company doesn't have a website yet.

Thanks, but no thanks.....I'll just keep my money in the mattress.

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I Passed

I had a very nice time last night with my friends. It's a group that used to spend a lot more time together in years gone by. But....I left the company, my old boss left the company, and then my friend T was laid off. We all got so busy in our lives that we almost drifted apart.

I say almost because I won't cut the ties. I'm always calling and leaving voicemails or dropping The Dude an email - keeping everyone up on whats going on in everyone elses lives. I make sure that they all know I think of them or have a laugh to share over something that strikes a memory. I think that sort of thing is important.

Anyway - it was so much fun. Much laughter all around. We did the whole "remember when" thing and even told some stories that some hadn't heard.

I used to work for The Dude. T was the buyer for my largest account. She and I hit it off right away. T met C and started dating. I went on their first couple of dates, and actually lived with them for a while a few years ago. There were a few stories the Dude didn't know about from when I worked for him. Hee! Let's just say, it's a good thing I didn't bring my life into my job. I'd have been in real trouble.

They talked about golf (all of them are obsessed with the game), football (you know where I fall there) and general business conditions (you can't get a couple of buyers, a couple of sales people and an Operations guy at the same table with out a least touching on that). It was grand.

Not once did we talk about politics or anything of any real import (well, except football of course). We did talk about the Military, but that's because T mentioned I adopted some soliders and that I was fairly active in supporting our troops.

On the way home T tells me how proud she was of me. I only talked about work when asked directly. Yet....I was an active participant. Her comment was "I was so proud of actually made small talk!"

If she only knew how many blogs I read to pull that one off! ;-)

But that's exactly what I did. I popped around the blogsphere and found a plethera of topics to choose from. Damn, I love this place.

The interesting thing is that so many of the comments left in my "small talk" post yesterday said the same thing I say. "Oh I'm so bad at small talk". Well, I'm gonna have to call bullshit. On all of us. Unless you only blog about one single topic you are good at small talk. It's blogging out loud.

Very cool.

So, as I'm being told how well I did I smile and think if she only knew. Now that I've figured this out, I may be unstoppable!! The social scene here in Orlando won't know what hit 'em.

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November 08, 2004

Ode To Coffee

Just another couple of reasons to Love the Cheese Mistress!!!

She Understands Me.

She Feels My Pain.

LeeAnn - I'll contact Santa Personally (on the red phone) about that puppy!!!

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Score Another One for True Love

This week is Sally and Alex's anniversary.

Alex has posted the most beautiful piece, sharing with a glimpse of how lucky the two of them are to have each other. And allowing us to see how much they realize it.

Congratulations You Two!! Happy Anniversary and here's to many many more!!!



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Small Talk - Yuck

It's my day off!! Yahoo. It's my Sunday. A day to recover (from football) a day to putter, laundry, dishes, make a nice meal. Oh Wait. I don't have to figure out what to eat tonite. I actually get to go out for dinner. And Not Alone.

It seems my friends are driving to Lakeland to meet another of my friends for dinner and I get to go along. WooHoo. A meal out with people. Conversation, laughter, memories.

Wait just one second. Conversation. Oh. Shit. Small Talk. Oh. Shit.

Small Talk:
Definition: [n] light informal conversation for social occasions.

Yikes. Not so good at that. Hmmm...what to talk about, what to discuss?

Well, there's football. Always a good topic.
The great weather.
Old, funny stories (that would take up an hour or two)
Catch up on gossip

No, NONE, Not one word on Politics
Marriage (he's going through a divorce)
Current job - I've been told this is all I ever talk about and that I am very boring.

It's funny. I've never really done the small talk thing very well. Mostly with people I don't know, but I even struggle with it when talking with my friends. OH - I love stories. Love Love Love. I love jokes, and talking about old times. But it's just when it comes to talking about "nothing much" I don't do that so good.

I want to. The problem is I don't remember the last time I went to a movie. I adore classical music, but most of my friends hate it. I haven't been to the theater is so long it's not funny. I haven't even been boating in a year. (That's borderline criminal.) I haven't really cooked in almost a year, and even then it was pretty sporadic.

I think my saving grace will be the blogs. I plan on, not only perusing my archives, but reading everything I can about anything that's out there. That should provide some fodder. Hopefully enough to keep me from embarrassing myself.

I will behave. I will be a good companion. I will have a REALLY GOOD meal.

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The Battle Begins - UPDATED

The battle of Fallujah is beginning in ernest.

Allawi annouces that borders will be closed and the airport shut down (for 48 hours).

This tells me what I need to know.

Keep our men and women in your prayers.

But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger: Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood.
--William Shakespeare King Henry V , Act 3 scene ?

UPDATED: Read Doc Russia

MORE: Florida Cracker has a GREAT PHOTO

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I Did GOOD!!!!!!!!

This girl NAILED it yesterday!


Bucs beat KC!!

Steelers beat the Eagles!!

Cincinnati beat Dallas!!

Bears beat the Giants!!

Denver beat Houston (no doubts there)

AZ beat Miami! (hee)

Not a bad day! And I got to see them all. Let me tell you folks, I was in Football Heaven. The only problem was I was the only Bucs fan. (Not like that's ever bothered me before.) All I know is when it was all said and done....I called the most games correctly and I got to do my Happy Dappy Victory Dance. (Didn't know I could still do some of those moves!)

Yeah - it was a very good Football Sunday!

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November 07, 2004

Not Good, Not Good At ALL - UPDATE

You'll have to excuse me here for a minute folks, but I'm a bit pissed off.

You see - the Philly/Steelers game is BLOCKED OUT! I can't watch it. They've replaced it with COPS. Yeah, I support my police department, but damn it I don't need to watch 3 hours of COPS when the Eagles are playin' the Steelers!!!


"As God is my witness, I'll not miss another game"

**paraphrase of my favorite scene in GWTW**

Sum Bitch.

It is NOT a "sunny site" at the Road Warrior's today! If you have a link to a live stream for this game, please share!! Please!

UPDATE: HA!! I called around to all my friends within 30 miles of me and found one with the package. I'm off to watch my games.......

You can't keep a good woman down!

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That's Right....It's SUNDAY

And if you come over here on any kind of regular basis, you know that Sunday is Football, at least during this time of year.....

Today is going to be fun. We've got the Steelers vs. the Eagles. My heart is with the Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger is On Fire!! And it seems like he has been the magic ingredient needed to pull that team together. (Well, that and they finally have a kicker they can count on.) But I've called Philly to be in the Superbowl before season started. They are tough (again) this year. I think this is the game to watch today.

Well, of course that and my Bucs upsetting Kansas City. AND They are giving us a chance for making the play-offs. (never say die in Tampa) I believe, I believe!! Joe is back and healthy. Looks like Pittman is good to go. We just really need him to break loose and make a big run. (or two).

On defense I like our chances. Ronde is focused, Mr. Derrik Brooks is a force to be reckoned with and Simeon Rice is back in his game. Add in Booger McFarland and Jermaine Phillips (who has something to prove) and I think Kansas has something to worry about.

For entertainment value you HAVE to pop over and see today's video. It's a take off on the Wizard of Oz and features Priest Holmes. That's right Mr. Holmes - you ain't in Kansas today!!!! (BTW - have I ever mentioned how much I love this little "movies"!)

Man I LOVE SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!


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November 06, 2004

Just Sayin'


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Kate Honors A Friend

Kate, over at Electric Venom, has penned one of the most beautiful good-byes I have ever read.

It's moving, it's touching and it's to her husband's best friend.

Thank you, Kate, for introducing us to Tony and know he and his family will be in my prayers.

Here's to that wonderful reunion.

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Puttin' Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Kelvin Pritchett, Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle, did exactly that on Tuesday, Nov 2.

Pritchett did not receive his absentee ballot from Florida in time to vote. So he spent +$1,000 to fly out Monday evening from Detroit to Florida, voted and returned in time for Wednesdays practice.

On Monday night, he flew to Florida, rented a car and stayed at a hotel. Tuesday morning, he got up, found his polling place and cast his ballot. Tuesday afternoon, he flew back to Detroit.

Associated Press
Nov. 5, 2004 12:00 AM

Was voting the only reason for the trip?

"Only reason," Pritchett told the Detroit Free Press. "Went to vote and came right back. It was really special, because a lot of people have sacrificed their lives and gone to the extreme so that I would have the right to vote."

Yeah, I like this guy!! Thanks Kelvin, for the example that you showed. We need more just like you!

Arizona Republic
Indianapolis Star - Peter King

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And the streets were paved with....


Dang gone it! I missed it!!

GROVELAND, N.Y. Nov 5, 2004 — Part of a highway in the Finger Lakes region was closed for five hours Thursday evening after a tanker truck crashed, spilling 45,000 pounds of slippery liquid chocolate that hardened.

State Police said there were no serious injuries in the crash shortly after 5 p.m. A road grader was used to scrape the northbound lanes of Interstate 390.

I wonder how a girl offers to take the excess off their hands????

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Note to Self:

Do NOT take water pill just before taking sleeping pill and going to bed. They do not work well together.

'Nuff said.

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Let The Trash Talk Begin - Part II

HERE I started it. But Alas, hardly any response.

Folks - today is a big day!!

My Irish are goin' to Tennessee and takin' on the Volunteers!!

We're gonna whoop their collective asses, in their house.

Yep - that's what I'm sayin'. And I'm not backin' down.

I know I talked some smack when the Gator fought the Vols, but this time...well let's just say when you look into my eyes you see the Golden Dome with the reflection of Touch Down Jesus. Yeah, I love my Irish.

So....what ya got boys??????


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Saturday Question of the Day

Every Saturday I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes:

Food always seems to get a response, and right now I'm feeling a bit like a comment whore, so food it is!

What is your very favorite Pie? (other than Pizza)

I love pie. Adore it. I, like Andie MacDowell in the movie Michael, could write a song about pie. There are a few I DON'T like. Pecan pie, mincemeat pie, yeah, that pretty much covers it. I love fruit pies, my favorite being cheery or pineapple apricot (you've not lived til you tried this one). And I love lemon pie (grandma's very special recipe that I am not allowed to share). Oh and don't forget coconut cream, and banana. And of course, I make about the best chocolate pie known to man. (If I may say so myself).

But my two favorite, never say no, never less than 2 pieces, pies are:

Pumpkin and my Grandma's recipe for Peanut Butter.

But the caveat is it has to be homemade crust. The crust is the key to everything. That in itself is a story.....

The first time I made pie crust was with my Grandma. She makes the best pies ever in this world, or the next. Her pie crust is THE flakiest, the tastiest, the bestest. Period.

So......we just finished the bread for the next day. Grandma starts explaining the pie crust. (Did I mention Grandma was suffering from Alzheimer’s?) Anyway, she skims through the instructions and I start in. What she forgot to tell me is you want to touch the dough as LITTLE as possible. Yeah, well, I kneaded the hell out of that stuff.

Fastforward to dinner. Grandpa had to have his pie for dessert. Grandma tells him I made it that night. As she goes to serve, I notice she's havin' trouble cutting it. Grandpa ends up scooping his pie out with a spoon. That crust was so hard - when packing his lunch for the next day, Grandpa tell Grandma not to bother putting the pie on a plate, he'll just use the crust!!

I was crushed. I couldn't apologize enough. Grandpa looks at me and smirks, actually SMIRKS, and says: Tammi I raised 7 girls. You think this is the first time this has happened?

I didn't make homemade crust again for 3 years. Never fear - now it's almost as good as Grandma's. :)

ANYWAY - What is your VERY favorite Pie!!

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November 05, 2004


Just re-reading my posts from today.

In the one just below - could I use the word "really" often enough?!?!

11 times.

Geez! I really need to get a thesaurus!!!


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A Bit of A Teaser

I had mentioned before that we have a new product out that I'm really excited about. I really want to link a video for you to see what I'm talking about, but also don't really want to open that can of worms......don't really need my employer getting emails about me, if you know what I mean.

BUT....I really want to tell you folks about this, because it's something I believe will really make peoples lives better.

What to do, what to do......

I'll just ask a few questions and tell you a bit about it. I'd really like your feedback. If you'd like a link to the video leave a comment, and I'll email it to you. It's worth the watch. Truly it is.

You know I sell mattresses. That much I've made perfectly clear. And once these babies hit the market the gig is up. No one else has anything like it. You'll know right away who I work for.

How many of you suffer from allergies? How many of you, or your children, wake up in the morning stuffy and sneezy? You know why? Dust mites. Yep, they are everywhere, no matter how well you clean.

Did you know that there are 3 severely germ infested areas in every home? Your kitchen sink, your mattress and your toliet. In that order. We have products to clean the sink and toliet. But what about the mattress? You can vacum, but that only gets the surface. You can disinfect but that doesn't really help. Hell, only 25% of the stains are visable. Take my word for it, mattresses are not clean, even with a mattress pad. Oh, the mattress pads are important. They protect the bed. We're talking about a bed that protects YOU.

Not only that, but studies show that you mattress doubles in weight over a 10 year period. And guess why. Yeah, it's those pesky dust mites again.

I could bombard you with more gross statistics, but I think you get the idea.

What if I told you there is now a mattress on the market that you CAN clean? I mean, zip off the top and place in the washer. Wash in hot water and bleach (if you want) and then dry.......(or dry clean if you prefer). It kills the dust mites, traps the stains (and in most cases keeps them from becoming stains) and is replaceable....

Yeah. It's the coolest thing since sliced bread. For those mothers/wives out there that are so intent on keeping your families healthy, I think you'll love this.

I tell you this, cause I'd really like your feedback. I'm going out to my dealers and pitching this product. I'd like to be able to give information on how people respond to the idea. Not just what I'm spoonfed by the Company. I've got an advantage. I have this blog. I have you. I can make this real. I want to know if people are really interested in this type of product. I want to be able to truthfully tell my dealers how consumers will react to this ideal. Does anyone really even care? my effort to be honest and upfront with my dealers, I'd appreciate your thoughts. Again, if you'd like to see the video just ask and I'll send you the link. The video is out there for anyone to see, I'm just hesitant to tie myself to the company. I only ask that you respect my privacy and not do anything silly like contact my employer. Yeah, that wouldn't really be a good thing.

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Back At It

So today's not gonna be an easy one. I've got to head to my independent dealer over in the Daytona area.

I've been neglecting him lately. Oh, I got him set up, ordered his "pretty stuff for the store" and did a bit of training on the product. That's been it.

I have a million excuses and not one single one is good. Nope, I deserve every thing I get today, and knowing him....much more.

This man is about the nicest man I've ever done business with. Which is why he got pushed to the back of the line.

I had an angry hostile customer, that did lots and lots of business that sucked up all my attention. And guess what - no matter how much of myself I poured into them, no matter how much time I devoted to their business, it's gone now. Yep.......all that's left now are the neglected customers.

I had a talk with a friend yesterday, she was talking about an experience she had with a sales rep. She wasn't feeling the love. They weren't following up on their promises. They were taking her business for granted.

Damn, sounds kinda familiar.

I've always prided myself on my devotion to customer service. I don't break my word (at least I never did before) and every last customer/store/sales rep knew they mattered to me.

Yeah, not doing that so well lately. When did that change? When did I change?

I didn't. I just got lazy. (no this is not a ploy to get ya'll to say nice things, and encourage me.) I screwed up. Yep. And as I always say, for every action there is a reaction.

It's time to pay the piper.

Gonna head out in about 2 hours and spend the better part of the day catching up all the things I need to catch up over there. Then I'm gonna hit a couple other stores and meet up with a fellow rep. Set up some goals for November and get this show on the road.

But I want to leave you with one piece of advise. Demand good customer service. Don't let those sales and service people push you aside. They need you. They need your business. And they should be grateful for it. Don't make excuses for them and don't accept theirs. You deserve better.

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November 04, 2004

Call Me Naive

I wrote an email to my President today.

I congratulated him on his victory and told him how glad I was he would be our leader for 4 more years.

I told him how much I appreciate his dedication to our security and his support of our military.

I joked with him that they have "my mattresses" in the White House and Air Force 1.

I told him how much I admire Laura and the relationship they share.

I got a form letter back. And that was more than I expected.

I just wanted my voice to be heard one more time.

Yeah, I'm naive. But I'm alright with that.

Cause I wrote an email to My President today.

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How Weird.....

I actually got a hit from someone searching for "LuLu's Bar and Grill Waycross GA."

Hi!! Welcome!! I really did like it there! You just caught me on a bad week!

The Taco Salad is the BOMB!!!!

And the bartenders were very nice. Make a mean drink!!

**checking calendar to see when next visit is**

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I'm Not Stalling, Honest

I was checking on my buddy Sean, over at Doc in the Box and he has a link to the funniest damn things I've seen in a while.

Movie reviews done by bunnies. In 30 seconds. Yeah. Believe me - it's hysterical.

So here are a few of my favorites.

The Shining

Take a moment for a giggle. I won't tell.

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Just Announced

Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of John Edwards, was told yesterday that she has breast cancer.

That is devastating news for anyone to hear. All politics aside, my prayers go to her and her family. May they find the strength they need to deal with this disease.

**Some sites with information on Breast Cancer**

The Breast Cancer Site

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

National Breast Cancer Foundation

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The Light Goes On

9 days and counting.

9 days until I have to stand up at that wedding and sing.

Know the words - check
Know the melody - check
Have dress - check
fit in dress - afriad to check
confidence -

Yeah, still gotta work on that one. I didn't really start to get nervous until the Bride called on Tuesday to remind me it was 11 days away.

Sum Bitch. 11 days. Eleven days. 264 hours (more or less) And that was 2 days ago!!!

Holy Cow.

OK - no more politics (thank GOODNESS). Not gonna worry about work. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Then I realized that barely 2 weeks later I go up north for the family reunion and to pick up Mama.

Excited? Yeah.
Panicked? Yeah.


Holy crap, what the hell have I been doing this past month or so? I need to clean, organize, rearrange, damn..............Mama Vi's Comin' and I'm not ready.

They used to tease me. The first time she came down here after I moved, I had a daily count.....30 days to Mama Vi.....16 days to Mama Vi.

We're lookin at 19 days to Mama Vi!! Holy Crap, Lion Tours.

I have really let things go lately. The house, my job, my friends, well that's all GOT to stop now. No choice.

I've always been good in a pinch. The more pressure to produce the better I do. Mama calls it procastinating. I call it being Tammi.

So..........gotta get 'er done. Damn, I will have my house in order, I will get my car ready for the drive (1,113 miles) and have my new lines rolled out.

This is not rocket science. This is not difficult. I just gotta get off my hindend and get busy. that wimpy coffee done yet? Hell, I've got a whole 19 days...................

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Learning to Cook

I was reading this post over at Eric's (Straight White Guy). He was describing a dish that he had for dinner that, well...let's just say it wasn't his favorite.

Took me back a few years. I did learn to cook at an early age. BUT, while in college I became a vegitarian (I was broke dammitt). The I traveled so much I kinda forgot the basics of down home cooking. Flash Forward - suddenly wife with husband and 3 children to feed.

What to do, What to do.

SO....we were poor as church mice. Was getting very difficult to figure out what to make with hamburger that was different. Eggs, you can only do so much. So....I started "cooking with soups". Ahh yes, you could add Campbells Cream of anything with any type of meet, throw in some rice and call it a flippin' masterpiece.

I thought I was all that and a bag of chips (and my kids would have preferred the chips to anything I was fixing!)

Honestly, I thought I was about the best cook around. Hell, they ate everything I put on the table. A person doesn't know if you don't tell them. It's all about communication.

Then one day, I stepped over the line. It was 2 days before payday and we were busted. Shoot. Had to make dinner. Check out the cupboard. Mother-In-Law had gone to the grocery. Yuck. Let's see.....Cream of Mushroom soup, SPAM...oh and I got Tator Tots in the freezer. Yeah - cassarole.

Trust me. DO NOT EVER PUT THAT COMBINATION TOGETHER. If the "aroma" doesn't get you the taste will.

It was so bad, I threw it out before they got home, scrambled some eggs and toasted some bread and just took the grief. I can't imagine what they would have said if I had actually served that.

Yeah, live and learn.

**that reminds me, I need to pull together a recipe for carnival of the recipes. ;-) **

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November 03, 2004

Hook-A-Thon Success

All things must come to an end. So it is with the Hook-A-Thon.

Dana announces that $7,300.20 has been raised in under 4 months.


I want to thank Dana for all her work on this. It's a great project, for a great cause.

Dana, You Rock!!

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Now what do ya wanna do????

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It Is Finished.

Thank you Mr. Kerry, for being a gentleman and putting this nation's best interest before your own.

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My Voting Experience

Not all that exciting. Well, except that I'm easily distracted.

As you know, I live in Central Florida. I moved this summer and was a bit lax in getting my DMV info updated and registering to vote. I took care of that the week after Charely hit. However, I couldn't do it in Central Florida. I actually drove over 2 hours south/west to find a DMV office open and functioning after the hurricane.

So...wasn't all that comfortable that all was as it should be. I called and called and called to keep verifying that I really was registered and where I was to vote.

I checked on mapquest to make sure I knew how to get there. Easy - it's right off SR 27. Hey, I live right off SR 27. NOOOOOO PROBLEM.

Yeah, right.

I get all my stuff done in the morning and head out the door. First stop - Voting. As soon as I get a cell signal I'm on the phone to Mama Vi to make sure she didn't have any problems voting. I'm driving south on 27 and next thing I know I'm in Haines City. Oops. That's not right. Turn around. Driving driving driving. Home. No, still not right. This goes on for about 30 mins. Finally I swallow my pride and call the county folks to get better directions. They are trying to pinpoint my exactly location (lo-jack would have been helpful) and I just keep apologizing for being so dense. "I pride myself on being smarter than the average bear!" At least I got them to laugh - nice change from most of the calls from what I understand.

Finally - Tammi, are you N or S of I4 right now?
You need to be N.
Oh. Is it S of (road name deleted)?
Oh far?
1/4 mile.

Well shit. After driving all over hades I find out my polling place is 1/4 of a mile from my house.

In a campground rec. center.

It took 5 mins. to vote.

While there I made it my mission to make as many people smile as I could. It worked out wonderfully.

I asked the lady checking my ID if anyone had pretended to be me yet. Her reply: I don't think anyone would have the nerve to do that to YOU!! ;-)

As I was leaving I told the guy that was passing out stickers and making sure we put the ballots in the machine that I wasn't comfortable with the look of that machine. It resembled a shredder. He told me if I voted wrong it would shred it so I better be careful. I told him I was gonna tell. He belly laughed. (that made my day). Everything was so quiet and serious - it was good to hear laughter. It was good to see I made someone smile.

So, I voted, made someone smile, ran stores and got my ass back home. It was a good day!!

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I'm Exhausted

You know, if I'm gonna stay up most of the night with all that excitment, well.....let's just say I'd like a little more reaction than...Still Undecided. ;-)

My thanks to the Commissar for letting me join the live chat, BloodSpite for his EXCELLENT information and JimK for the outstanding job he did. WOW - I felt like I was in the middle of a windstorm.

As you all know by now, some are calling Ohio for Bush some say undecided. Personally, I say it goes to Bush, and that's looking at the numbers. But, we'll just have to wait and see what Kerry says at 10:00am.

Personally I'm just so glad it's almost over. It's time we stop all the in-fighting and get back to the business at hand. Does that sound cavalier? Maybe. But it's time to focus again on the GWoT, our security, continue building the economy and healing the breach that has developed over the past 4 years. And I don't mean just talking about it. Let's get busy again.

In Florida they passed the ammendment stating that parents of minors must be notified if they are having an abortion. I know a lot of people that will not be happy about that. I'm not surprised it passed. How do I feel about it? I won't say, except that I believe a minor is still under the supervision of their parents until, well until they are no longer a minor. Hmm, guess that kinda gave it away, didn't it.

I saw where Colorado defeated Ammendment 36 - regarding splitting the EV. I don't know for sure how I feel about that. In some ways it feels that it would be more reflective of the popular vote, but then again, I have to admit I was so focused on the issues in Florida that I didn't pay as much attention to that as I normally would. I don't think that will be the last time we see that suggestion.

I was very sorry to see MI go blue. Personally I thought that would just be the perfect nut shot to Moore. But alas, it was not to be. That's ok. Maybe he'll shut his pie hole now.

I'm thrilled to see that Bush hold's the popular vote. To me, that speaks volumes.

Overall I think the Blogsphere should be very happy with it's part in this years elections. Both sides were well represented and there was more information out there than could be consumed. No one can say they weren't informed. If they didn't know what was going on it's because they were livin' with their head in the sand.

Now I'm going take my wimpy coffee and my cigarettes, curl up on the couch and see what trouble the MSM can find.

Damn, I'm glad we only do this once every 4 years!!!

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A Winner Has Been Declared

In Afghanastan.

Karzai officially declared election winner

RTE News
03 November 2004 10:51
The leader of Afghanistan's interim government, Hamid Karzai, has been officially declared the winner of last month's presidential election.

Mr Karzai's victory had never been in doubt, but the counting of votes took several weeks.

The commission that organised the election also had to assess a report by a panel investigating allegations of vote fraud.

Tell me again we're losing the GWoT!!!

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November 02, 2004

Too Busy to Post

I'm here. Just not HERE.

I'm over at the Commissar's getting the Real Scoop on what going on.

I'm also HERE at Technography! BloodSpites doin' a hell of a job!!

Come on Over!!!!

Go BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Today's the Day

Well, it's Tuesday November 2, 2004. Election Day. One (if not THE) most important election day of my lifetime.

I'm lucky. With my job, it doesn't matter if I have to wait in a long line, so I don't have to rush out of the house early. I can go in my own time.

And I will vote. No doubt about that. I will walk into that building, step into that booth and vote for George W. Bush for President. No hesitation, no second thoughts. I voted for him in 2000 and still feel he is the best man for the job.

I'm not worried about a rukus in my location today. It's a small, country site, not on anyones radar. I do, however worry about other's in my state. In my country. People will get hurt today. It's almost a given. With all that has happened during the build-up to this day, I'm certain some idiot, somewhere will do something so stupid it will be inconceivable. I hope I'm wrong. I really hope I'm wrong.

I hear on the news there have already been incidents. It's not even 7:00am est. and it's already starting.

And the saddest part is that it won't be over tonite. We'll have to deal with lawsuits and more sliming and degrading of people until, finally, someone, somewhere, announces the winner.

I'm frightened for this country. I'm scared that the divide that has developed over this past year is too wide to be breached. To be honest, neither of the candidates have the ability to fix that. That healing has to come from with in the country itself. And I'm afraid to think of what it will take for that to happen.

So I take this time to state the obvious. Go. Vote. The weather is bad in the midwest. Don't let that stop you. Carpool with friends, neighbors. But vote.

And then do what ever it is you do. Pray, hope, wish. I'm going to pray for the sake of this great nation. I'm going to pray that when the dust clears this country has a leader it can be proud of. A leader that will protect us and move us in the right direction. I will pray that this country can reunite against those who are the real enemies.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."
Abraham Lincoln
Springfield, IL
June 16, 1858

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November 01, 2004


The Amish get it. Why can't everyone else?

Seriously, this is the first year that my family are all voting Republican. And because they feel that:

1) President Bush is a man of God (that's very, very important to them)

2) He will keep us safe (from a pacifist religion, non the less)

WOW....but I love that picture!!! :-)

Thanks Florida Cracker - you made my day!!!

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A Poem for the Season

You remember I told you about the new blogger Kool-Aid? Yeah, well seem's he's a bit of a poet.


Twas the day before voting and all through the house,
biting our nails…champagne or delouse?
Bush posters are hung in the window with care
In hopes that tomorrow won’t lead to dispair.

Brilliant. Go Read Laugh then VOTE!

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Put on Them Thinkin' Caps

Randy over at Secular Franciscan brought up a good point.

At the end of all those damn political ads we hear "I'm (blank) and I approve this message".

OK - probably required by law, but'd think with all those creative minds (look at some of the stories they've come up with) someone would be able to think of some other way to say the same thing only different.

Then I realized what creative readers I have. Surely ya'll have some ideas!! Hmmm...let me see if I can come up with something.

For GWB: "I'm George Bush, and you can take that to the bank."
For Kerry: I'm John Kerry, and I agreed with this (before I disagreed)**ok, sorry I couldn't resist that!**

But you get the idea. Some other ways of saying that insipid, required phrase at the end of the commercials.

Leave suggestions in comments and I'll post my personal favorites at the end of the week.

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Must Reads

My friend Kat at The Middle Ground is good. I've told you that before. If you aren't reading her, shame on you. Excellent writings. Excellent.

Some of you have seen the links to her Open Letter To Michael Moore. If you haven't already - Go. Read it.

Now she has posted her Open Letter To Osama Bin Laden. Go. Read it.

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Religion and Politics

Those are two subjects that I never used to talk about. Until 1980. That was the year I actively worked towards the election of Ronald Reagan. The response was not good. I got the snot beat out of me on the night of the election and quickly went back to my old mantra.

I grew up in a very religious (conservative) home with very liberal (political) beliefs. I didn't fit in so well. I learned early on not to argue religion with my family. It was a lost cause. Their ties to the church were generations old. I was not going to change anyone's mind, and the end result may have cost me my family. I wasn't going to let that happen. As to politics - first they were mostly pacifists. I never did understand that philosophy. And the Amish are a natural welfare religion. Everyone helps out each other. No need for insurance. Barn burns down...everyone pitches in and builds a new one. Sick? Not a problem. They have doctors and take care of their own. Many didn't use to even use banks. Truly - money went in the cookie jar or under the mattress. That's changed now, but back when I was a kid I know for a fact many didn't trust banks.

So....what's a mouthly, passionate, Italian kid to do surrounded by all these staid, cool headed Germans? Keep her mouth shut.

Over the years I've let up on that a bit. I will discuss religion with my family. We've had to agree to disagree. I show them respect for their views, and they me for mine. (I think most of them were just happy to know I have any and that I really do pray.) My faith is a very large part of who I am. But I just don't stand up and preach about it. If you want to know, simply ask. One of my most used phrases is "bless your heart" and I mean it, each and every time I say it. Often, instead of saying Thank You, I'll say God Bless You. Again, I mean that from the bottm of my being.

I don't believe in a vengeful God. In my heart and mind he is more like a Daddy. He loves me and cherishes me, but also I have rules I must abide by. Do I all the time? No, but I'm human. We all are. If we break the rules, there are consequences. For every action there is a reaction. Simple.

But my relationship with God is mine and mine alone. I don't expect you to agree with me. I won't condem you if you don't. In fact that's something that really confuses the family. I have a friend who is the High Priestess in her Wican (sp), group (not sure of the correct word.) She shares some of her ideals, I share some of mine. As you can imagine we don't agree on much, but what it all boils down to is we're both good people. We simply respect each others ideals and realize we won't change each other. Instead we are able to learn something outside of our own little worlds.

Same thing with politics. I have friends that are so passionately anti-Bush they work themselves into a frenzy just thinking about him being re-elected. You can imagine I don't follow that train of thought. BUT....I appreciate their passion. I appreciate their ideals. I just don't agree with or follow their logic. Since we can't avoid talking about it, we've agreed to "seperate" during these last few weeks of the election. We'll get together around Thanksgiving and it'll all be fine. We've been friends too long to let this completely tear us apart. We'll talk politics again once things calm down. We just know that we'll never agree.

It's all about tolerance. And respect. Some people have none. I've learned it from an early age. We are all humans. We are made up of pasts that bring us to who we are now. None of us have taken the same paths. We may have come to similar places, but in very different ways. It's important to remember that. It's important to enjoy that. Yes, we need to learn to enjoy, treasure those differences in us. It's what helps us all to grow and learn. By surrounding ourselves with others just like ourselves we have no opportunity to learn or understand things outside of what we already know.

I don't ever want to do that. I want to continue to learn until the day they say the final good-bye. I want to strive to be the best I can be. Always. And when I fall short, I never want to be so proud or arrogant that I can't say I'm sorry.

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TMI Zone - again

Damn. Let me just tell you - trying to get your shit together is TOUGH.

Let me explain.

I've been going to the doctor to try and pull myself together. This middle age crap SUCKS. So......I find out I smoke to much (no surprise) drink to much caffine (believe it or not, a surprise) and need to sleep more (duh) and eat healthy (double duh). So I'm trying.

I'm down to 1/2 - 1 pack of cigarettes a day. That's HUGE for me. Also - I'm dutifully cutting my coffee to 1/2 reg, 1/2 decaf. Yesterday I had only 1 pot of coffee and no other caffine. None at all. Only smoked 1/2 a pack of cigarettes and no, none, not one bit of junk food. I slept all afternoon.

I still have trouble sleeping at night. So, I take my handy dandy pill. Yeah....we love that damn thing. I get 8 hours no problem. But I still need a nap in the afternoon. Why??!?! I've been feeling so lazy lately. Then it hits me!! WITHDRAWLS!!! I'm cutting out the two constants that my body has depended on for decades. And yes, I do mean decades.

Also, those constants happen to help keep my metabolism up. I truely believe they are a large part of why I didn't have to worry about gaining weight. I'm over 40, cutting out my version of "speed" and so tired all the time I just can't work out. What's that mean.

I'm gaining weight hand over fist. It doesn't matter what I eat or drink, I gain weight. I refuse to have a scale in my house. (I tend to fixate on it and that's a bad thing.) But I can tell in the way my clothes fit. I'm afraid to try on my beautiful gold gown for the wedding next weekend. What if it doesn't fit?!?!?

What to do, what to do. And I do gotta do something.

Exercise. Yep. I love to go to the gym - but that's out of the question right now. I love to walk. Can't run anymore but I used to walk 8-10 miles everyday. I stopped last spring because with this job, it's almost impossible. Plus the move really screwed up my schedule. I hate having exercise equipment out and around the house. No room to set it up so that's out. It's gonna have to be walking and what ever I can work out in my living room.

I know I'm better off, healthwise, in the long run. I really am no idiot. It's just damn.....did they have to be so right all those years ago? You know that old saying

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