November 22, 2004

It Just Doesn't Matter What They Think - Update

I watched something on TV last night that really bothered me. It was that show on FOX News, Hating America. I've traveled internationally, some, and have friends that do so pretty extensively. I've seen it face to face and heard the stories. I want to understand WHY. (It's just my nature.)

Well.....while not really getting to the root of the problem, I did learn a something new.

Sheesh - where the hell have I been? I must have been living underground these past few years. I had never heard of the book 9/11: The Big Lie. Oh I knew there were conspiracy theories running amok throughout the world, I just hadn't read anything about THIS particular piece of garbage.

Let's make one thing crystal clear. I will not purchase this book. I will not read this book. I've now made it a crusade to find out as much as I can about it...but I will not give of my time to ingest this poison. Oh, and he has another turd out there entitled Pentagate, that is a build off of his first compilation of crap.

Let's look at this Theirry Meyssan dude. Who is he? Where's he coming from (other than France)?

According to his Bio he is 1) very liberal 2)hates America 3) hasn't really done ANYTHING in his career. So, why are so many people listening to him?

He's saying that there is no way a plane flew into the Pentagon on 9/11. That it wasn't possible. He said we sent a missile there ourselves. He's saying that we were actually working WITH Bin Ladin - that we were partners in this attack.

And what amazes me is that people believe that! What kind of world is this when anyone would believe that a society would do that? Oh wait - the same type of world that is not outraged over the mass graves we've found in Iraq. The kind of world that cheered over Black Hawk Down. The kind of world that has done next to nothing in the Sudan.

I may be loyal to a fault. I may be one sided on this. And I will not apologize for these thoughts or words - EVER. We are Americans. We live in the Greatest Country on this planet. We are the most powerful nation and have a responsibility to others to achieve or maintain the peace. Even in not so peaceful ways. We care about those that suffer and often send our husbands/wives, brothers/sisters, sons/daughters into danger to achieve those ends. We are not warmongers. We do not seek out opportunities for bloodshed. And we do NOT ATTACK OUR OWN.

I know I'm not saying anything here that is new or earth shattering. But I need to say it. I need to express this. As I watched Hating America last night I wanted to discuss it with someone. It's one of those times I really HATE living alone.

But I've come to the decision that it doesn't really matter what the world thinks. Not one bit. It's kind of like what I'm going through at work.

Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will agree with you. The important thing is that you live in a manner that you are proud of. Make decisions that you can stand by. Apologize when you make mistakes (as will happen). But over all, do the best you can to be a good person. But take care of yourself, cause what it all boils down to is if you don't, no one will.

But we also have a responsibility to help those that need us. It comes with the role of most powerful. Boil it down to a movie script. Will you use your power for good, or for evil?

We haven't set our sights on ruling the world. We aren't out there scooping up national treasures (despite what others are saying). We aren't out there simply flexing our military muscle. And if you look really hard at things - we ARE taking care of ourselves. They (the terrorists) attacked US. They came to our house and picked a fight. We are finishing it. When they cry uncle then we will lay down the rules and come home. Yes, it's great that we are freeing the world of the threat of Saddam, but really - it's about making ourselves safer. Making this world safer for US.

We were attacked. Several times. We've made the decision that it we will not roll over and let it happen again. We've taken on (again) the bullies in the playground. No matter what we do there will be those that criticize us. It doesn't matter. We can't let it matter.

So Thierry Meyssan spread your poison. Say what you need to acheive your goals. You don't matter. Your time in the spotlight will fade, you'll run out of your blood money. And in the long run you'll not be remembered as anything more than a maggot feeding off of the blood of others. We aren't a society that will put a hit out on you because we don't like what you're saying. We aren't a people that will run you out of the country when you come here. We believe in free speech, we cherish freedom. Even when we disagree.

Sticks and Stones - Thierry.

Kook Aid has a post on this show also - talking about his reaction to the world hatred. Go, check it out. He makes some great points.

UPDATE: I wrote this early this morning, and realized it probably didn't come across as I intended. So... I want to clarify.

I don't like the spew that TM is putting out there. I fully realize it is continueing to feed the hatred that so many have for us. It disgusts me. But there isn't anything we can do to stop him.

Crap like this just builds and solidifys and pits one people against another. It is wrong. And we can only do so much about it. We can ignore him, continue being who we are as a nation. Or we can focus on him, and those like him, allowing his words to eat away at us.

Hatred is real. It is tangable. It destroys. His hatred, his words will come back to destroy him. That is my point. We are doing the right thing. We cannot allow his words, his doctrine to take root here, to become important. We need to know it's out there, but also continue to prove him, and those like him, wrong.

No one said the high road was easy.

Posted by Tammi at November 22, 2004 08:08 AM

a) Most people cannot follow a multi-faceted problem, hence they suck at chess.
b) We are fighting a proxy-war with Saudi Arabia through Wahhabism.
c) We cannot attack them directly or the world oil supply will go offline and ruin modern life.
d) When we have stabilized oil supply via Iraq, we can put pressure or attack SA.

But this is too complicated for most people. It must be a "conspiracy to take over [insert _whatever_ here]".

Keep in mind that a French person is not going to have a very good education. So deduction, logic, reasoning, and argument are not going to be well-developed skills.

Posted by: _Jon at November 22, 2004 09:58 PM