November 18, 2004

Adding Spice

I have a morning routine. I get up, start the wimpy coffee and fire up the laptop.

I click onto my blog and start through the blogroll. First the MilBlogs currently in Iraq and Afghanastan as they usually post while I'm sleeping. Then it's on to those that are coming from Europe. Once I've caught up on what's going on over there I head to the west coast and work my way east. I do it the same way every morning without fail. I've been doing it the same way since I first started reading blogs.

This morning I couldn't help but think how much I would enjoy having my blogroll all get together for even just one evening. (That wouldn't be enough, but I don't want to be too greedy.) Can you imagine the stories, the jokes?!? Holy Crap, Lion Tours - what a blast.

I actually started to list out those that I would especially want to have over for a nice dinner, drinks and just an all out fun evening. Next thing I know my entire blogroll (and their families, who I feel like I know from the stories) were listed out. (With some additions that I need to get added to the sidebar)

I realized it was a bit of an overkill so deleted that post. But the thought just won't go away. I really enjoy those that are blogrolled here. I read them AT LEAST 2x a day. Every day. I look for their insights to current events, I can't wait for the stories they have to share, the jokes. I really enjoy reading what they have to share about day to day life. I miss them when they are gone. I value their opinions and appreciate their suggestions.

Damn, I just love blogging. I love the people I've come to know. Can't wait to meet the new ones that are coming along. I look for certain commenters, at my place and others. I've learned so much and gained a deeper appreciation for life and people.

Thanks ya'll. You make my life better and brighter. You add that special spice that brings the flavors out in this world. Just thought you should know.

Posted by Tammi at November 18, 2004 09:06 AM

I *know* you were thinking about me when you wrote that, so I'll just blush & say thanks ;-)

Posted by: Harvey at November 18, 2004 10:41 AM

Nah, Harv, you know that was ME she was talking about! :)

I think we all feel the same ... most of those that we have blogrolled would be the first people that we would like to meet. It'd be a blast!

Know that we feel the same about you, Tammi!

Posted by: That 1 Guy at November 19, 2004 02:35 AM