November 11, 2004

A Message From Spirit of America

This is a snippet of an email I recieved yesterday from Spirit of America.

Operation Snapshot
The Marines are looking for Polaroid cameras and film. LtCol Jeff Vold wrote, "Many teams report that they have been able to open many doors and break down many barriers with something as simple as a Polaroid picture." When I was in Ramadi and Fallujah in June I found the same thing. Kids and adults all loved their picture - even seeing it on a digital camera helped establish a bond. Unfortunately, we didn't have instant photos. But now we're planning on sending this gear to Iraq. We've negotiated a good price for film and cameras with Polaroid, far below retail. For the first phase of this we are seeking $5,756 for 50 Polaroid cameras and 725 packs of film (sufficient for 7,250 pictures). We will expand our support from there. You may contribute to this project at:

Give to Operation Snapshot

What a VERY COOL idea!!

I know with the holidays coming everyone's a little short, but why not make this an opportunity to give YOURSELF something to feel good about. The GWoT does not stop for the holidays. Our Military men and women are out there trying to make a difference. Let's help them out!!

Posted by Tammi at November 11, 2004 06:00 AM