November 12, 2004

Do Re Me

Holy Cow....time went by fast.

It just seems like a couple weeks ago that my friends asked me to sing in their wedding. Wasn't it yesterday that I found the perfect dress?

Well, tonite I finally get to rehearse with the accompanist and then there's the rehearsal dinner.

Tomorrow is the wedding.

Tomorrow is the wedding.

Tomorrow is the wedding.

No, doesn't look any better no matter how many times I write it.

I never did get a chance to bone up on my tan. I just found out yesterday that my hair stylist is not going to be able to work tomorrow. I haven't found the right shade of nail polish. I don't have the right jewelry for the outfit yet. (free insight into the mind of a woman)

That can all be over come. The tan? Not even gonna worry about it. The hair? Shit...that might be a problem, but I'll come up with something by 3:00 today. Nail polish and jewelry? I'm in a couple malls today running stores so I'll look for something there.

I do have one little fly in the ointment. I have to give a training class in Daytona tomorrow morning. Need to be there by 8:45am. I need to be at Disney for all the pre-wedding stuff by 3:30. Do able. Just a little rushed.

I just wish my friend wasn't going to be there when I rehearse this afternoon. I love her to pieces, but she is very...what's the word.....persnickety. Yeah, that works. Anyway, if I see disappointment on her face when I'm practicing it'll blow my confidence for tomorrow. Truly. Right out of the water. But, I also understand why she wants to be there. So....I'll suck it up and just hope that it goes ok.

Tomorrow will be a bit of a challenge. I need to leave the house by 6:00am to be at my training class in time. I'm hoping to get the hell out of there by 10:00. 2 hours back home (traffic sucks right now) and then it's time to get my act together.

I did try on the dress again. It doesn't look as incredible as it did when I bought it, but the added pounds haven't completely ruined everything. It looks fine, I'm just very picky about stuff like that. (guess I've been a bit spoiled)

I can't believe the big day is finally here. I'm so happy for them. Theirs truly is a real-life fairy tale. And I'm so honored to be a part of it all.

It's just, damn, the wedding is tomorrow!!!

Posted by Tammi at November 12, 2004 06:50 AM

Woo hoo! I hope someone tapes it! I want to hear it!

Posted by: Boudicca at November 12, 2004 09:53 AM

Break a leg. Oh wait ... what do you say to a singer for good luck? Rupture your uvula!?!

Posted by: John at November 12, 2004 11:59 AM