November 23, 2004

Best Laid Plans and such...

Well, yesterday didn't go as planned (there's a shocker). I did go to Tampa, but just got a late start. I had wanted to hit as many as 6 stores so that we had some visits in the bank in case we missed any during the month.

Yeah right. What was I thinkin? I am not capable of just drive by visits. I have to feel like I did SOMETHING while I'm in the store. I don't want to drive away and have either myself or the store wonder what the hell that was all about. Sooo......

Waiting on an email I needed before I headed out delayed my departure by about 2 hours. Well shoot. That means I'll be 2 hours later getting home. Shoot. Means I'll be up later finishing up what needs to be done before I leave.

I head to Tampa and the traffic is actually pretty light! WooHoo. Talkin' on the phone and singing along to my CDS, window down, yeah - not a bad way to start at all.

Shit. Missed my exit.

Not just any exit but the one that I always took to go home. The exit by where I used to live. The exit I took every day for 1 entire year. The last exit before 75 and 275 merge. The Last Exit. I looked at it, thought...hmmmmm maybe THAT's the one I want, and drove right by. Ended up driving 25 miles out of my way. Damn. Fall behind schedule.

Got to my first store. Guy is, well.....let's just say interesting. Pompous? Yep. Arrogant? Yep. Leech? Yep. And he's not going to the new product roll out because it's scheduled for his birthday. So...we review the new product and I end up spending about an hour there. The schedule falls farther behind.

Stop at one of my new stores to introduce myself. Didn't realize they were right there and could not just drive by. This will be my new bread and butter. Need to start the ball rolling NOW. The schedule falls farther behind.

Driving to next scheduled stop. Ohh...very nice. Ohhh....very busy. Watched sales rep sell 2 high end beds right off the floor. Very Very nice. Can't leave til I talk with sales person and review up coming meeting. The schedule falls farther behind.

Next - rush hour traffic in Tampa. Holy Shit. 'Nuff said. The schedule falls farther behind.

Realize just how far behind I am and know I have to have car winterized, oil changed and new battery installed before I leave. Call ahead to area around next store and schedule (there's that damned word again) to have work done that afternoon. No problem, Miss. Just get 'er in here and will get 'er done.

Arrive at garage 4:15. They ask if I'll leave the car with them over night. No. And no again. I explain (again) the situation.

Oh. We can fit it in around 6:30. Not happy about that, but beggars can't be choosers so....I take off to cover a couple more stores, grab dinner and head back. Arrive 6:10. Perfect. A different guy working counter. Give him information on what needs to be done. Explain schedule and ask if it will take long. Not a problem. We'll get right on it. (*Note to self: Do not ask that question. Guaranteed to delay process*)

They finally take car around to get started at 7:45. P.M. I'm in Tampa - I live in Orlando.........yeah, I was not the brightest ray of sunshine by that time.

Talked to Bou and heard that she did have a great First Day Back (as I knew would be the case). Paced a lot. Smoked more than I should have. Paced a lot.

Finally at 9:00 they tell me they're done. It'll be $195.00. Tammi falls into a dead faint. WTF??!?!! We review, I pay (as if there was any choice on that one) and I start off for home.

Get on I4 and traffic grinds to a halt. We are clippin' along at a whomping 5 mphs. Every once in a while it got up to 10mph. But not often.

Paving the road. For I don't know how far we crawled along the side of I4, dealing with the merging traffic at the entrance ramps and crawling crawling crawling, dodging the road workers and just basically doing what ever came to mind to stay awake. I think I have now managed to memorize both of my new CDs completely.

I got home around 11:45 last night.

I had all my paperwork to file from yesterday. Month end reports to compile and fax. I still am trying to get the rest of my personal stuff done before I leave.

I had it all planned out so perfectly. I don't understand what happened. :-P

Posted by Tammi at November 23, 2004 07:34 AM

[pours Tammi a beer]
[rubs Tammi's feet]

Posted by: Harvey at November 23, 2004 10:25 AM