November 19, 2004

Carnival of the Jammies

Yep, that's right. Havey's back and it's Jammy time once again.

Now, since I'm leaving for the frozen north my blogging attire will be a bit different this week.

I think THIS pretty much fits the mold.

jammies 1.jpg

Well, except for Saturday, at the Family Reunion. Then it's more like this.........


KIDDING!! But it is a funny thought, isn't it?!?!?!?

Man, I love my family!!

Posted by Tammi at November 19, 2004 08:18 PM | TrackBack

Looks comfy, but if headed NORTH, may I suggest 3 pair of socks and an oversized sweatshirt to top it off?

Posted by: Jovi at November 20, 2004 05:56 PM