November 30, 2007


My very good friend Contagion has lost his Grandmother.

Please stop over and give him a word of support......

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I Could Use This.....

They are calling for 3" - 5" snow and sleet tomorrow. BUT...that's all supposed to change to rain by early Sunday morning.

The good news is, Cuz will get to be a part of the mess. She wants to go shopping tomorrow so we will be out and about for most of the day.

I got to thinking so I double checked and this is EXACTLY what happened last year today. First "winter storm" of the season blew in during the early morning hours of Dec. 1st. Consistency is least a person could plan ahead.

Well, if they actually planned. not ready. So this morning, after running a few stores, I will stop at the Farm and Fleet and pick up a snow shovel and salt for the sidewalks. I've been meaning to do that for a month now.

You know, when we were kids, Cuz used to get me in more trouble because she loved the cold and snow. Always wanting to be out in that shit.....I'd throw a fit and end up either getting thumped on the head, or if I really put up a fight a strong smack on the ass. Maybe I should have HER do the shoveling this weekend. That would be a fitting payback.......

All that aside, I'm so glad she'll get to see some snow. Especially that first falling of the season. It's always so beautiful......

Holy Cow!! Cuz is arriving today! This is gonna be a GREAT weekend....


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What Could Have Been

It's very possible I could have grown up in an orphanage. No real family. A cold, sterile environment.

Or...I could have spent my childhood in a series of foster homes, as so many do. Bouncing around. No roots. Little stability.

Or there is even the possibility that I would not have had a chance at all. Abortion, while not legal in the early 60's, was still not unheard of.

The other scene that runs through my mind is growing up in a family without love. Or tradition. Or faith.

But I was lucky. I was brought into a home that was full of hope, passion, love. A home built on faith.

To people that wanted to be parents. They had waited 14 years to start a family. Those years full of heartache and promise. They had so much love between them they just KNEW they were meant to share that.

That was 45 years ago today. A day doesn't go by that I am not grateful for the life my birth mother gave to me and the LIFE I have had with my family.

I truly am blessed.

Today is my adoption birthday......

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Today's Funny Frase

What am I? Flypaper for freaks?!?!?


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November 29, 2007

She Might Be Right.....

THIS is what was on as background noise this afternoon. language alert!

Needless to say....I spent more time laughing than working.

But I have to say.....Damn You LeeAnn. The more I see this, the more I hear myself.........

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Can you keep a secret?

I'm home all day.....and at 10:00 still in my jammies.

It's Thursday.

THIS is one reason I love working from home.

This week has been VERY busy. Open houses, while not as tough as working the trade shows, are still exhausting if you're gonna do it right. New customers? Find out as much as you can about their business and tailor the time you spend together to meet their needs as much as you can. Existing customers? Reports, reviews and suggestions. All of which takes a lot of time and focus.

Last night I couldn't sleep for shit. So....I worked. One because I had enough to do to make it interesting. But mostly, because I can.

I got so much done that I'm playin' a bit of hooky. Oh, I've got the phone on so if anyone has any problems they can reach me. But other wise? Laundry, sorting, cleaning........getting everything ready for Cuz's visit. I just LOVE that my job allows me the opportunity to do that.

So yeah, don't tell anyone, but today? Today is MINE.

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A GREAT Addition

I've been meaning to post something about this for a while now. But yesterday, yesterday it just stood up and slapped me.

There is this blogger, see....and she just flippin' cracks me up. On a regular basis. If I need a smile or a laugh, I can count on one of her posts or comments to make that happen.

Let me give you a bit of an example.....

Yesterday Richmond had a pretty rough start to her day.....Roses left a comment that just made me chuckle. And she's REALLY good at that. She leaves comments over here that can turn a day around in two shakes.

And her blog? 9 times out of 10 she's got something up that will brighten the day.

Here's a few recent examples: New House Rules, or even Man Logic - THAT one struck a chord...and I'm Confused just got my brain a whirlin'!!!

I guess what this is all about is I'm just recommending that if you want to add a bright spot to your day....add Roses to your daily reads.

You won't regret it.........

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Cha Cha Cha Changes

Man, things have changed in my life.

If EVER you had told me that I would willingly sit out in 18 degree weather, smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee and enjoy it I would have told you that you had lost your last sane thought. But this morning that is exactly what happened. I just grabbed my robe, curled up in the blanket and enjoyed the beginning of my day. What's up with THAT?!?! I remember when 72 degrees caused me to pull out a heavier coat.


That got me to thinking. Y'all that have been hanging out around here for a while remember me going on and on about how much I love to be barefoot. I NEVER wore shoes. Hell, for a while I kept them all in the trunk of my car and just grabbed a pair when I'd get to a store. Now? Now, I'm lost if I'm not wearing my slippers IN THE HOUSE! And folks? That's year round....not just in the cool of the winter. Year Round. I wear SOMETHING on my feet!!! Huh?!?!?!

I have a LOT of denim shirts. Extra big denim shirts that I wore constantly as a cover-up for my bathing suit. That was my outfit outside of work. Denim shorts, bikini and big denim shirt. Now? I wear them like most folks wear a cardigan. Oh, and those bikinis? Gone.

I even made the comment during a convesation yesterday that I have no intention of buying any new clothes until at LEAST spring. Me? Not wanting any new clothes?!?!?!?!?!?!

This morning it really hit me how much I'VE changed over the past 3 years. Those little "quirks" in my personality that went a long way in defining ME are gone.

Wow. I just hope that doesn't mean I'm growing up.

'Cause that would suck...........

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Not Even Good Business

I saw this on the local news yesterday and it really pissed me off.

Pep Boys closes local store. 40 people showed up for work only to find the store closed and the doors locked.

Done. No warning. Just closed.

And this exact scene played out at 31 other locations across the country.

Now, the article states that Pep Boys corporate is DOWN more than $21 million from this time last year. $21 million down in sales. Holy Crap!!!

But what was the kick in my gut was this company didn't even have the decency to warn employees. Yes, they are getting some kind of a package. But honestly? That's like puttin' a band aid on a broken leg. It's just a gesture at this point.

I'm reading that things every where are tough. But I have to tell you - things around this area are HORRID. In the industry news letter I received yesterday it stated that consumer confidence is down drastically nationwide - but the only place it is lower than the area I live, is in Detroit MI - and QW has been talkin' about how tough things are around there.

A week doesn't go by that I don't hear about another company closing or eliminating a shift of employees. Weekly. And there is just no new industry to help pick up the slack.

It's scary times folks. Real scary.

But I'm just really pissed that Pep Boys treated their employees this way. There is NO REASON for it. It's just arrogance. It wouldn't have hurt a THING to give their workers a heads-up. A bit of warning. Not a hand out, just a chance to start looking for other options.

Finding a job is not an easy thing. No matter what industry you're in.....

I've used that company for years as my "mechanic". Mainly because with all the driving and travel I do at least I had some confidence that there was someplace I could get my car worked on if I needed it. Yes, it was more expensive, but peace of mind is worth that to me.

I can promise you - after this - I won't be going back there. Our local mechanic closed up shop, but I'll find someone else to take care of Lana. I'm not going to spend my money with a company that cares so little about their employees that they can't even give them any warning that they are putting them on the street.

In my mind, if that's how you treat your employees, your "family" as it were, I can only imagine what your Customer Service plans are..........

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November 28, 2007

I Agree....

Army Wife has a hilarious video up that you really need to hear.

Especially if you are as big a fan of Santa as I am.

It's about 5 minutes, but well worth it.......

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THIS is a very cool picture.

Thanks _Jon, for pointing it out.....

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She Asked.....

Cuz may be here a few extra days.

We asked y'all to do the snow dance because she wants to build one of her infamous snow people in my front yard. careful what you ask for.

Today the windchill is making it about 15 degrees. I don't think she was hopin' for that whole BITTER COLD thing. And the temps are NOT supposed to go up any time soon.

We're supposed to get snow mixed with rain. (Of course we are. I'm driving into Chicago again!)

Friday? Snow. Cool. She will LOVE seeing the first REAL snow of the year.

Saturday? Rain and snow. In my language that spells ice, but who's splitting hairs here.

Sunday? More rain/ice/snow.

She's supposed to fly out Sunday.

Oh - and all morning they keep using that phrase "winter storm".


Now, I know as well as anyone that anything could happen. But it would figure. She HAS to be back at work Monday. That, in itself, will go a long way in making sure we have some sort of "disagreeable" weather.

I keep tellin' her, when coming up here to visit in the winter, be careful what you wish for......

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An Anniversary

I didn't get to read several of my favorite blogs yesterday, too tired once I made it home, plus I just had a boatload of reports to finish up.

So this morning I'm trying to make up for lost time and see that JIMBO celebrates 5 years of blogging.


That just really hit me. That's a long time folks. And I've been reading him for damn near all of those years.

This man, who is so creative and FUNNY has been a wonderful addition to my normal, boring life. For FIVE YEARS! And....I've even had the pleasure of meeting him several times and running my fingers through that great farooking hair of his! Wow.

So Congratulations Jimbo. And Thank You! Keep it up......and we're gonna HAVE to do that dinner thing again soon......

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Tin Foil Hat

Well, yesterday turned out pretty well. One of my appointments cancelled (at the last minute, of course) but we'll just reschedule for sometime in January and it'll be fine. The REALLY important one went very well. I just need my competitor to screw up, and I'm *IN*!

I ended up with a "glow" about me. No. The redness didn't fade completely. I still can't figure out why it did that. It's not an unusual routine for me...but I'll be thinking twice before I do it again.

The funny thing is, as often happens to me, I got some fairly weird comments. I've said several times, for some reason people just say things to me that they wouldn't say to others.

For instance.....

It was a pretty busy day at the corporate office. LOTS of buying groups wandering around. Some pretty damned important. Important enough that the entire leadership team escorted them personally.

Well, one of our senior execs kept glancing over at me, sitting at my table working on reports. We've talked a few times over the past months - hell we even had a meeting recently.

Finally he walks away from the buyers he's with and approaches my table.


Yes. (big smile)

I have to say this. I remember you from that other place. I just don't remember you being this attractive.


OK. Nice to hear. Weird. Unexpected. But nice.

However - my knee jerk reaction was to say - well, I've packed on a shitload of weight, lost my tan and grew out my hair. Not sure how THAT equals more attractive.

But I didn't. Just didn't seem the time or place.

So I laugh. Say thank you. And he walked away.

But seriously. Why do people say things like that to me? That's just not normal.......

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November 27, 2007

Why Me?

Oh My....THIS is not good.....

Those were the exact words I just muttered as I glanced in the bathroom mirror.

Yeah, and I'm thinking at this point it may just be the understatement, for me, of the year.

You is a big day. Corporate office. Important prospects. Meetings. HUGE opportunities.

So I took a little extra time in my "preparations". I washed my face and decided to use my favorite mask, just to give my skin a little "pick me up". I've been using this stuff for YEARS and I just love the way my skin feels when I'm done.

So I scrub my face and apply the mask. After the appropriate time has passed I remove said mask and apply moisturizer.

My face is beet red. RED. I'm talkin' fire engine red.

Not really a good look for me, can I tell you?

Did I mention the skin is actually HOT to the touch? Yeah, well, it is.....

So....I'm gonna go outside on the porch and have a smoke. Hopefully the cool air will do me some good.

Then.....I'll get dressed in my super chic suit and finally....I'll go back to that damned mirror. I can only hope that I no longer look like some teenager busted behind the bleachers and can proceed with my make-up.

Cause otherwise....yeah, not good. Not good at all.......

UPDATE: Ok. We're down to a "blushing pink". I can work with this. Maybe it'll give me that "innocent" look.

Yeah, I don't really think so either, but go with me on this one, would ya!

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Take A Minute

Sgt Hook has another Guardian installment written.

Take a moment and go read it. If you didn't see his first installment, or follow the link I posted earlier, then make sure you read Part I first.

It's more than worth a moment or two of your time. Hook tells a story better than just about any I've read......

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I don't know HOW I missed this bit of news yesterday.

A piece of my past is gone. Someone who, without knowing the first thing about me, formed a part of who I am. Hell.......I was put on probation in college because of him. And I think I'll keep some of the other "stories" from my past that this group influenced to myself, thankyouverymuch.

Kevin DuBrow has died.

You know, Kevin DuBrow from Quiet Riot.

One of the Fathers of Metal music...

I loved Quiet Riot. And I played their music LOUD. In my dorm room on the Mennonite College Campus I was sentenced (at least that was how it felt) too.

Kevin DuBrow's voice...well, let's just say I liked it. A lot.

So I say Thank You! Thank you for the music. And the memories..........

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Here's a Question

So many times, when I'm trying to do something, I'm asked what my marital status is.

Now, I get that. It goes to demographics and makes perfect sense.

But here's what I DON'T get.

What's the difference between Single and Divorced? Huh? Why does WHY you are single make any difference at all?

I kinda thought that the stigma of divorce was gone in this day and age.

Well, except in MY mind, but that shouldn't effect the rest of the world in any way.

Anyway........I've had to answer that very question 4 times already this week. It just kinda bugs me......

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November 26, 2007

Funny Email

OK - I just got this email from a good friend of mine.....and I just figured y'all could use a good laugh this morning.

And like she said, when she forwarded it me...THIS is funny - I don't care WHO ya are!!!

Students at a local school were assigned to read 2 books, "Titanic" and "My Life” by Bill Clinton.

One student turned in the following book report,
With the proposition that they were nearly identical stories!

His cool professor gave him an A+ for this report.

Titanic:..... Cost - $29.99
Clinton :..... Cost - $29.99

Titanic:..... Over 3 hours to read
Clinton :.... Over 3 hours to read

Titanic:..... The story of Jack and Rose, their forbidden love, and subsequent catastrophe.
Clinton :..... The story of Bill and Monica , their forbidden love, and subsequent catastrophe.

Titanic:..... Jack is a starving artist.
Clinton :..... Bill is a bullshit artist.

Titanic:.... In one scene, Jack enjoys a good cigar.
Clinton :.... Ditto for Bill.

Titanic:..... During the ordeal, Rose's dress gets ruined.
Clinton :..... Ditto for Monica .

Titanic:..... Jack teaches Rose to spit.
Clinton :..... Let's not go there.

Titanic:..... Rose gets to keep her jewelry.
Clinton :.... Monica ' s forced to return her gifts.

Titanic:..... Rose remembers Jack for the rest of her life.
Clinton :..... Clinton doesn't remember Jack.

Titanic:..... Rose goes down on a vessel full of seamen.
Clinton :..... Monica ...ooh, let's not go there, either.

Titanic:..... Jack surrenders to an icy death.
Clinton :..... Bill goes home to Hillary - basically the same thing

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Saying Good-bye

My very good friend, Pam, has lost her beloved companion, Zoe, during the night.

Losing a pet is never easy, but Zoe was so much more than that.....

Please, stop over and leave her a few kind words.....

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Count Down

Holy Cow!! Cuz will be here in 4 days!!

Today I'm at home...but working the phones. I have a bunch of leads to follow-up on and appointments to schedule. Not to mention reports to run. I sorta kinda didn't do any of that this weekend.

Tomorrow? Chicago at the corporate office open house. 2 really big appointments.

Wednesday? Chicago again - a couple more big appointments.

Thursday.....probably out hitting some stores, writing up returns and just getting some face time.

Friday! Friday I'll hit the grocery store early - while working the phones, put on a pot of beef stew - still while working the phones. Then finish prepping Paradise, all the while STILL working the phones. She hits the Rockford airport around 6:00 that evening. At that point.....the cell phone goes OFF.

WooHoo!! The Count Down to Cuz has begun.

And I couldn't be happier.......but oh my! I have a lot to do!!

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I MIGHT be in trouble....

Saturday was so much fun. It's been a long time since I've had a young Christmas helper around, and this particular young lady is a hoot and a holler, let me tell you.....

Now, this was her first real exposure to traditions different than her family's so there were a lot of "Why?'s" and "What's that?'s" and, since I just love tellin' stories, I was more than happy to explain everything. Some things she liked. Some, yeah, not so much.

But that's ok. She had me crackin' up with all her reactions.

I was running behind with the tree preparation so she had to help me get the lights up. It went much better than I thought it would, despite the fact that she was busy on the phone given T1G a rough time!!

For lunch I fixed potato soup and beer bread. She'd never had beer bread before and while, in her words, it was "alright" she let me know it was ok if I didn't fix it for her again any time soon.

hehehehe. Oh well, not everyone is going to like everything.

Finally we got everything on the tree and it was time for the big finish.

The traditional flocking of the tree.

Now, I had mentioned several times that was the final thing we did. She'd just smile and nod.

So as I pulled out the "bag-o-snow" she just looked at me.

"What's that for?"

"To flock the tree. I use it instead of tinsel." (If you've ever had cats at Christmas time and had to clean up tinsel infused poop or puke, you'll understand why I am NOT going there again! Ever!!)

She started laughing.

Seems she thought that FLOCKING a tree meant loading it up with birds.

Get it? Flock. Birds.

She's got a great sense of humor!

So we dug into that snow and spread it everywhere. She LOVED it! She couldn't wait to tell her mom about it.

But I'm just a little worried. I fed my friends 13 year old daughter BEER bread and taught her to flock...........

They may not let her come over again.

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Who Knew?!?

I had no idea that there were on-lines specials almost as great as in store specials on Black Friday. Seriously. I figured if I didn't drag my ass out to the stores I didn't earn the discounts.

And I'm alright with that. Really. I am.

Then, over the weekend, while comparison shopping I see I missed one hell of a sale at AND it had exactly what I'm looking for at a GREAT price. Now, it's sold out and I missed it. Damn

I could have finished my Christmas shopping, NOT left the house in the middle of the night or stood in the freezing cold for hours?!? DAMN!!

The news this morning was full of notices that TODAY is the kick-off to the internet shopping season.


When did we start monitoring THAT? For cryin' out loud. I'm in this industry and I had No Idea.

Now, I will admit. I am an internet shopper. I'm out and about in a lot of stores a lot of the time. The last thing I really truly want to do is go out and be one with the masses. Seriously. Just has no appeal at all. So I shop from the comfort of Paradise. And they bring it to my door. I like that arrangement.

So I sure do wish I had paid more attention. I was up at 4:00 in the morning on Friday. I was even on-line. But I just never thought to SHOP.

So next year - WATCH OUT!! I'll be out prowling the internet, in my jammies (WooHoo), sipping my coffee, grabbin' up those really great deals just like those REAL shoppers.

I like THAT arrangement even better!!

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November 25, 2007

Today's Funny Frase

I just now looked at the desk calendar......

Wrinkled was NOT one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up.....

huh......yeah, I think that covers it......

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It's all my fault. I swear, sometimes I just don't think before I open my mouth.....

Last weekend I went to Mama Vi's. She and Dee were leaving early Monday to head out to my Aunt's house for the week long family reunion they have every year. I was not going this year.

Well, late Saturday night Mama and I were sittin' at her kitchen table talking. She was excited about seeing the family and was tellin' different stories about all her brothers and sisters.

Well, she mentioned my one Uncle's wife. She pulled a stunt a while ago that was very traumatic for me. It was a mean, spiteful thing to do and to be honest I've never really forgiven her. I'm not mean or nasty to her, I just avoid her when ever possible.

Oh, and I should mention that this particular Aunt is VERY bossy and controlling. Traits that she sorta kinda shares with Mama Vi.

Put 24 "matriarchal" women all in one kitchen for a week........recipe for disaster.

Dee just called. At 6:00 this morning. In tears. It's bad. It's really REALLY bad. Mama Vi is....umm....not happy. And openly hostile towards that one Aunt.

I should have never mentioned/reminded/refreshed what happened between her and I. I'm thinkin' that planted a seed that took root and Mama is bein' Mama. Protective.

Damn.........from what I'm hearing this whole week was U.G.L.Y. I know how Mama is when she has you in her sites. Geesh........

Yeah, I'll take responsibility for this one. Sometimes the junk in the closet just needs to stay there.

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November 24, 2007

45 to 12?!


Hey Carmen?? How was YOUR Saturday night???



Remember....Aunt Tammi loves you!!!!!

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T-Day - Updated

* Tree Up - check - record time. 15 minutes
* Tree "fluffed" - check
* Lights up - dear heaven above, I don't know if I remember how
* Ornaments out and ready to apply - check
* Bread baking in oven - check - beer bread and potato soup for lunch
* Candles lit - check (who cares that it's sunny as hell! You have to have candles lit when decorating a tree! I think it's a law)
* Cookies out and ready - check
* Traditional Christmas music playing - check

As I'm starting to get the lights ready and waiting for my helper I can't stopped smiling. This truly is my favorite time of the year, and the first time in over 4 years that I've been able to really EXPRESS myself. It's time. Hell, it's past time.

It's going to be a festive day here in Tammi's World. It's T-day. TREE DAY!! WooHoo!!! My helper should be here any time, and I'm already anticipating the fun we're going to have.

Pictures of the tree when we're done. No matter HOW it turns out!!!

**See Extended entry**

tree 2007.jpg

This canNOT be my tree!?! Holy Cow......oh well. It'll do for now.

You can't see how pretty it is all flocked out!

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I wonder.....

OK. Say a mirror fell and broke in your home. All by itself. For no reason.

Then, while trying to dispose of said mirror, you break it even more.

Is it still 7 years bad luck or does it double?

Inquiring minds need to know.......

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No More 12 Step Program for Me!

I had the opportunity last night to have dinner with my very good friend Jon, from over at We Swear. Jon and I have been friends, well, since I was adopted by the Blog Fadder all those years ago. He even spent some time down at the Grand House in Orlando. He's been there through some fairly rough time.

We had a great dinner and even BETTER conversation. The man is flippin' brilliant and it's just so easy to talk with him.

Anyway - one of the things he brought up was that he was worried I'm working too hard. And I finally admitted it. Something that I've only said to myself, and that with not just a small amount of guilt.

I'm not. I'm not working too hard.

I'm home most days. Yes, I'm on the phone or running reports. But it's not like when I did this before. Up and gone by 6:00am. Returning sometime around 9 or 10pm. I'm not so far behind on reports and reporting that I just stay up all night. I don't get sick to my stomach when I see my boss is calling. In fact - I call him more than he calls me.

Now, my business is growing, and I'm expanding my customer base. Everyone is pleased with my performance. So.....what's the difference?

I think it's me. I'm not "on edge". I know I can do this. I'm comfortable with my goals. I'm not obsessed with proving myself.

Now, getting up this morning to double check my calendar might not seem all that "lacksadaisy-ish" but that's just my anal-retentiveness rearing it's insomniac head. Plus I'm glad I did. I just realized I'm working out of the house Monday, when I thought I had to be in Chicago.

It's just weird. To have this thing called "free time". To be able to get everything done, and still go out and grab lunch. To have time to go and visit friends. To turn off the cell phone and not miss any calls. It's a first for me.

I took a four day weekend. For myself. And I don't feel guilty.

Holy Crap! I think I've finally worked through that whole workaholic issue of mine. a very good thing. I just wish I'd have admitted it to myself before now. Just look at all the time I've wasted.

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November 23, 2007

Brace Yourselves

The headline jumped out at me.....

Second-Amendment Showdown

I had to read on.....

"The Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case that will affect millions of Americans and could also have an impact on the 2008 elections. That case, Parker v. D.C., should settle the decades-old argument whether the right "to keep and bear arms" of the Constitution's Second Amendment is an individual right -- that all Americans enjoy -- or only a collective right that states may regulate freely."

Great. Just what we need, with all the other Politics flyin' around right now, the country already divided in half.....

But then I got to is TIME to settle this. Past Time. But ohhhh how I know my blood pressure will be out of control as I read all the crap about how guns are bad, hence making people bad.

"Legal, historical and even empirical reasons all command a decision that recognizes the Second Amendment guarantee as an individual right."

What? Did he just agree with me......

"The rights guaranteed in the Bill of Right are individual."

That's right. At least in my mind, the Bill of Rights are about INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS! Huh....

"This comports with my own personal experience. In almost 14 years as prosecutor and as head of the Homicide Unit of the Wayne County (Detroit) Prosecutor's Office, I never saw anyone charged with murder who had a license to legally carry a concealed weapon. Most people who want to possess guns are law-abiding and present no threat to others. Rather than the availability of weapons, my experience is that gun violence is driven by culture, police presence (or lack of same), and failures in the supervision of parolees and probationers.

Not only does history demonstrate that the Second Amendment is an individual right, but experience demonstrates that the broad ban on gun ownership in the District of Columbia has led to precisely the opposite effect from what was intended. For legal and historical reasons, and for the safety of the residents of our nation's capital, the Supreme Court should affirm an individual right to keep and bear arms."

Read the whole article. And then brace yourself for a fight. It's gonna get ugly(er) folks.

I know the only reason I don't own a gun right now is because it's too damned much work to jump through all the hoops (not to mention expense) here in Illinois. But I believe to my very core that it IS my RIGHT. And I will not hesitate to make that known.

Yeah, there's a battle a brewin'.....and we're going to HAVE to make sure our voices are heard. Other wise........well, other wise we're just giving our rights away.

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Kick Off

WooHoo!!! It's time! It's finally FINALLY time!!

Today......I officially kick off the Christmas Season.

Oh, I've been sneakin' here and there, but today I no longer hide it.

The net lights are in the bushes outside and I have the extension chord with the timer ready to go in. I'll do that this afternoon. I still have one of the bigger bushes/trees to do with white lights but that's it for outside this year. I already know what I want to add for next year - I'll just wait for it to go on sale. Oh - and the 2 3' pre-lit trees were delivered to the post office Wednesday and I'll get those out by the doors this afternoon also.

I've got the garland and lights up around the kitchen. Added in some pretty multi colored ornaments and it looks pretty good. There's a small white pre-lit tree with blue and white glass balls on it and a snowman tree skirt so the kitchen is looking rather festive. It just needs candles.

The sun porch has an upside down tree (watchout - link has irratating music!) on the wall and festive floor mats. A wreath on the door coming in and another on the kitchen door and I think it's just about right. It just needs candles.

There are a few poinsettias to sit around the living room with some of the beautiful ceramics that Mama Vi made and gave me. Electric candles for all the windows add just the right touch.

I love the Christmas plaid and have a lovely table cloth that's PERFECT with my placemats. The centerpiece of the dining room table is my red bowl that I fill with apple cinnamon potpourri and a gold candle. It really is a lovely set up.

Tomorrow the young lady who helped with my work project is coming over to help with my tree. I had to laugh when I invited her over the other day. She looked at her dad and sister and announced: "Dad? I have to drive to work with you Saturday morning. Tammi is putting up her Christmas tree and who knows how it will turn out if I'm not there to help her!!" Damn - that girl cracks me up.

So today I'll get the tree up and arranged. I think it would be easier if I get the lights on before she gets here. Then I'll get the boxes all put up so we have plenty of room to work. I baked cookies last night, cause you can't decorate a tree without cookies, for cryin' out loud.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! A wonderful blend of old and new.

I just need more candles.....

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You Never Know

I don't *DO* Black Friday. Are you kidding?!?! I'd end up hurting someone. No, I'll leave the crowds of shoppers to those of you who can handle it all.

But....if I have nothing going on Thanksgiving Day I'll usually run to Wal-Mart and or Kmart to pick up "basics" that I need for my Christmas decor. It's on sale and it's usually not busy at all.

Yesterday was no exception. Well, except my list is longer than I like, but huh, what are ya gonna do?

As I'm standing in the checkout line at Wal-Mart an older man got in line behind me. And struck up a conversation.

It started out pleasant enough...but spiraled out of control before I knew what hit me.

He ended up lecturing me on the importance of Family....and Friends....and how the Holiday should be spent with them instead of at a store, hence causing others to miss time with THEIR families.

I hadn't said a single word. Seriously. Ok, maybe "Hi" and "Happy Thanksgiving" but nothing that should have sparked THAT kind of lecture.

I just stood there and smiled. And nodded... Y'all know me and how I feel about that.....until I hit my limit.

Finally I just looked him in the eye and said, when he paused to take a breath...."So. Why are *YOU* here, sir?"

He turned around and walked away. I want to feel bad, that maybe I hit a nerve or something. But I don't. HE hit a nerve. And he needs to learn, at what ever age, that you don't just SPOUT out your opinion, or judge people off the cuff.

No one knows anyone's story. Unless they choose to share it with you. And you never know how much pain your words can cause. We can't KNOW why someone does what they do, and I get really angry when folks think they can.

Think. That's all I'm asking....just think.....

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November 22, 2007

Wanted to Tell You....


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Just looking back....

I am up this morning pretty early. I peeked out the window only to find that whatever snow fell yesterday is gone. They're calling for a bit more today, but I don't think that'll stick around either.

I went out to the sun porch and curled up in my blanket, sipping my coffee and having the first smoke of the day. As I watched the neighborhood start to wake up I couldn't help but think back to some interesting Thanksgiving's past.

There was MY first Thanksgiving. When I cooked my first turkey. I was sooo young and newly married. My husband had invited the entire family over. No pressure......

I read the instructions on the turkey - because heaven forbid I ask anyone for any help....I prep the bird and put it in the oven. That year was very traditional. Stuffing, (not dressing), green bean casserole, candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, and pumpkin pie. Oh, and of course the turkey was the center piece.

Everyone told me I'd know the turkey was done when it was golden brown and the leg was separating from the rest of the bird. I kept a watchful eye. Everything was coming together perfect. Well, except I forgot the brown sugar in the sweet potatoes, and when I went to make the mashed potatoes I discovered the milk was bad - so they were truly only mashed. My gravy? Tasted like someone dumped an entire bag of salt in it. But man oh man the turkey sure looked good.

Until we cut it. The damned thing was raw on the inside. My husband looked at me and asked me how long I had it in the oven. I was very insulted. Look at it! It looks perfect!!!

How long Tammi?

1 hr and 45 mins.

I honestly thought I could cook a HUGE turkey in an hour and 45 minutes.

That......was a disaster.

Then there were the years where Thanksgiving was spent on the water. We'd grab a couple boxes of wine, make up some turkey sandwiches and head out onto the Gulf of Mexico for the day. Damn Those were some GREAT T-Days.

Oh, and the year I was literally trapped in my house. I was so busy with work that day I didn't realize it was Thanksgiving until the day before. So I never made plans, and hadn't been to the grocery. I slept late that particular day, and when I woke up my neighbors already had company. They blocked me into my parking spot. It was so crowded and loud they couldn't hear my knocking on the door. Did I mention no grocery store? Yeah, dinner that year was rice. Finally around 8:00 folks started leaving. I jumped in the car and headed to Wal-Mart. Shopped for a few food items and ended up with a cart full of Christmas treasures......AND the damned place was empty. Turned out to be a pretty good Thanksgiving afterall.

There was my attempt at a traditional Thanksgiving my first year back up north. I STILL can't believe I pulled that off in that tiny hell hole I called a home at the time....

This year will be a quiet holiday weekend. I'm just taking the time to putter around the house. No dinner, no company. Seems kind of strange. But ok. I've got food, unlike that one year. And plenty of projects. And lots and LOTS of Thanksgivings to look back on.

Oh, and I just remembered that one time.....

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November 21, 2007


I had a lot to do today. This morning was call after call after call.

This afternoon - a run to the post office and the local hardware store. I figured a quick lunch at Fritz's and then "off to town" to pick up a few things.

Yeah. That was the plan anyway.

Got to Fritz's and ended up embroiled in a wonderful conversation. At one point I went out to herd some cats (don't ask) I was preparing to leave, it happened.

The bartender looked at me and said one word.


I sat back down, took off my coat and got comfortable. There was No WAY in hell I was NOT going to sit there and watch THAT movie with her.

It was about the best afternoon I've had in months.

Holy Crap did I laugh.

We even toasted the missing man a few times. Dude? You were seriously missed today.

Tomorrow Fritz's will be serving T-day dinner. I was told to be there at 8:30 am to make sure I get a seat. I don't know if I can pull that off - but I sure did appreciate the invite. :-)

But ohhhhh this was the PERFECT way to kick off a long holiday weekend.

"It was ze greatest beer in all ze vorld!


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A Generous Thank You!

I get a daily newsletter with interesting tidbits about the industry I work in.

Today there was an article about a furniture store in PA that went all out to say Thank You to our Veterans, past, present and future.

Wolf Furniture?! You Rock!!!! If you have one near you, stop in and tell them I said THANKS!!!

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I got an email the other day from a friend that I've not been so good at keeping in touch with.

The subject line of the email was "Losing a Friend".

I was almost afraid to open it. I figured at the very least I'd be getting an ass chewing for not doing a better job of communicating. Worse case scenerio - she was cutting ties.


As soon as I stopped laughing I gave her a call.

She sure does know how to get her point across......

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It's Beginning

Well, today is supposed to produce the first real snowfall here in THE Valley. They are calling for 1" to 3" by Thursday morning. And to be honest, I'm kinda excited.

But I don't think I would be if I were trying to travel anywhere. I'm planning on hunkerin' down here in Paradise, work on getting my Christmas stuff up and arranged and preparing for Cuz's arrival next weekend.

So any of you that will be hitting the road or airways, PLEASE be careful. Oh, and patient. They're already talkin' nationwide delays........

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November 20, 2007

Colors of Friendship

I've been really honored the last couple of days by a couple of ladies that have gifted me with a couple of awards.

Today - I want to thank Pam, for naming me in her Colors of Friendship Award. (And I have to say, I am in some pretty amazing company)

Here is the story behind the award:

The Colors of Friendship

Once upon a time the colors of the world started to quarrel. All claimed that they were the best. The most important. The most useful. The most beautiful. The favorite.

Green said: “Clearly I am the most important. I am the sign of life and of hope. I was chosen for grass, trees and leaves. Without me, all animals would die. Look over the countryside and you will see that I am in the majority.”

Blue interrupted: “You only think about the earth, but consider the sky and the sea. It is the water that is the basis of life and drawn up by the clouds from the deep sea. The sky gives space and peace and serenity. Without my peace, you would all be nothing.”

Yellow chuckled: “You are all so serious. I bring laughter, gaiety, and warmth into the world. The sun is yellow, the moon is yellow, and the stars are yellow. Every time you look at a sunflower, the whole world starts to smile. Without me there would be no fun.”

Orange started next to blow her trumpet: “I am the color of health and strength. I may be scarce, but I am precious for I serve the needs of human life. I carry the most important vitamins. Think of carrots, pumpkins, oranges, mangoes, and papayas. I don’t hang around all the time, but when I fill the sky at sunrise or sunset, my beauty is so striking that no one gives another thought to any of you.”

Red could stand it no longer he shouted out: “I am the ruler of all of you. I am blood - life’s blood! I am the color of danger and of bravery. I am willing to fight for a cause. I bring fire into the blood. Without me, the earth would be as empty as the moon. I am the color of passion and of love, the red rose, the poinsettia and the poppy.”

Purple rose up to his full height: He was very tall and spoke with great pomp: “I am the color of royalty and power. Kings, chiefs, and bishops have always chosen me for I am the sign of authority and wisdom. People do not question me! They listen and obey.”

Finally Indigo spoke, much more quietly than all the others, but with just as much determination: “Think of me. I am the color of silence. You hardly notice me, but without me you all become superficial. I represent thought and reflection, twilight and deep water. You need me for balance and contrast, for prayer and inner peace.”

And so the colors went on boasting, each convinced of his or her own superiority. Their quarreling became louder and louder. Suddenly there was a startling flash of bright lightening, thunder rolled and boomed. Rain started to pour down relentlessly. The colors crouched down in fear, drawing close to one another for comfort.

In the midst of the clamor, rain began to speak: “You foolish colors, fighting amongst yourselves, each trying to dominate the rest. Don’t you know that you were each made for a special purpose, unique and different? Join hands with one another and come to me.”

Doing as they were told, the colors united and joined hands.

The rain continued: “From now on, when it rains, each of you will stretch across the sky in a great bow of color as a reminder that you can all live in peace. The Rainbow is a sign of hope for tomorrow.” And so, whenever a good rain washes the world and a Rainbow appears in the sky, to let us remember to appreciate one another.

The ironic thing is that just yesterday afternoon, while driving I came across one of the most beautiful double rainbows I've ever seen. For me a rainbow is everything mentioned in the last paragraph above. And, in my mushy way, this is just a perfect explanation for that miracle.

So, as Pam (and Mrs. Who) explain things: "I in turn will pass the award on to five women who strive to make the lives of those around them better. Mrs. Who wrote: “I read their blogs because whether they are simply taking care of family or working to make others’ lives better, they do it with grace and dignity despite any roadblocks along the way.” "

Army Wife, LeeAnn, Ktreva, Richmond, and Raging Mom - 5 women that are full of love and laughter. All smart, with the sharpest sense of humor around. And each and every one of them CARE.

This list could go on and on, but they've given me only 5 slots to fill. I am so very blessed with so many amazing, giving women that I count as FRIENDS.

Thank you ladies for the color you add to this sometimes dreary world. You are a blessing......

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CNN slant a story? Are you KIDDING me?!?! Huh. Whoda thunk.

Go over HERE and watch the interview with John Cena. Watch what CNN aired, and then what was actually said. you understand why I call BULL SHIT so often over what is presented by the main stream media?

Ohh this whole thing just burns my ass.....

H/T Sarah at Trying to Grok

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Taking My Own Advice

I just had a conversation the other day with a friend about how important it is to NOT let people push you around.

Now, I'm not talkin' "casual" pushing. I mean in your face, down right disrespect. not the way to deal with people. And I have seen, over and over again, that people will treat us the way we ALLOW them too. So if we ALLOW them to walk on us like a door mat, they will.

We have to let them know when enough is enough. When bad behavior crosses that line.

Otherwise, resentment grows - on both sides. How can you expect someone to respect you if you don't respect yourself?

Yesterday I had to take my own advice. And it was not very easy to do, let me tell you.

I had spent 2 days planning for a meeting. Data gather, charts and graphs created, booklets assembled. Hell, my boss even changed his travel schedule to be there.

This customer, who I have walked through fire to show that I am working to make their business successful. This customer that I have successfully completed every "test" they've put in my path.

This customer called me a liar. And canceled the meeting. Because he didn't get exactly what he wanted exactly when he wanted it.

I explained the situation, aplogized that it didn't happen EXACTLY as he wanted but that it is in process. Somethings take time. He didn't like it. He got a bit more "animated". He crossed the line from pushy to abusive.

I pushed back.

I said - in a professional manner - F*ck You.

I allowed my tone of voice to show my anger. I told him I didn't appreciate him wasting my time or pulling this "stunt" when my boss changed HIS plans to meet with him. I told him he now goes to the end of the schedule to see the line and get orders placed.

I pushed back. I said "F*ck You".

Now, as always, for every action there is a reaction. This could go one of two ways. He'll either stay pissy, push back and all my hard work for the past 6 months will be for nothing.

Or, he'll realize that while I am doin' all I can to make them happy, there are limits. And I will NOT be pushed around. I cannot make gold from straw. And he'll, while not actually apologizing, not try that little stunt again.

The ball is in his court.

But I can say, I don't regret what I said or what I did. It's one thing to do whatever you can to keep the peace. But it's one step too far when you are asked to roll over and let them kick you.

My friend said that often times, saying F You doesn't really get you anywhere. I explained that it does. It allows you to keep your SELF respect. The ability to look yourself in the mirror and know that you are true to yourself is as important as any other relationship you have.

So...don't be an ass....but don't let folks walk all over you either. THAT never works out well......

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November 19, 2007

A Must Read

THIS is why, whenever Sgt. Hook posts....I make sure I read.

Now, you'll have to excuse me....I must have something in my eye......

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Squeezin' Time is Past

Headlines announce the passing of the 1960's icon Mr. Whipple.

His commercial helped define a generation......

Rest in Peace Mr. Whipple. Rest in Peace.

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If you haven't seen this over at Army Wife's, well....grab a tissue and head over.

I left the comment that as soon as I hear the opening notes on the song I get chills. Then the tears start to form.

I'm lucky. Mama Vi is still with us.'s different now. No details, just.....different.

I miss the Mama I had. And I know - Mama misses her too. She tells me. Every time we talk.

THAT breaks my heart even more.

Thanksgiving. A bittersweet holiday for me. I try to fill it with the family of friends that I have.....but oh, I do so miss the family of my memories........

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Reminds me of a story....

This post over at Harvey's reminds me of a story. A pretty typical Tammi story, actually.

See, once I gave up my music scholarship in college I had to get a full time job to pay expenses. So, I took the front desk manager position at the local Holiday Inn. I worked the 3-11 shift and managed everything that happened during that time. Especially making sure that everything was "perfect" if we had any VIPs.

We only had VIPs during Fair Week and that was just because we were the only REAL hotel/motel in town.

One year, the Headliners, as it happens, were the Oak Ridge Boys. They were very nice, even asked me to join them at dinner the night they all checked in.

Now, one thing you need to know about me is I've never been one to be "star struck". And there are just some details I don't pay attention to. I just miss stuff.

Anyway - we're sitting at dinner, having a wonderful time, and the topic turns to....Music. Music that was really hot at that time.

We're talkin' about what we like and things we just don't understand.

At one point in the conversation I say; "You know what song I really HATE? I mean, seriously, I can NOT understand why it is such a hit? It's that song "Elvira". WTF is up with that??"

The silence itself had to weigh a ton.

You see I had no idea THAT was their current big hit. I did NOT connect the dots that they guys actually WROTE that song.

And none of them said a word. Just stared at me for a few moments and then we continued the conversation.

It wasn't until the next day when I was telling a friend about that evening that they pointed out what I did.

I was mortified.

But these guys were so classy, they never brought it up and even sent me a beautiful basket of flowers when they checked out.

But seriously - only *I* would make a blunder like that.......

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Watch My Back, would ya please?

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had an idea that, while flippin' brilliant, just turns out to be a real.........issue? You know, just won't go away as it were?

Well, you see, about a year ago, I can't believe I'm going to confess this, there was a comment thread over at T1G's that, well actually caused me to have a creatively brilliant idea. I had a few pictures of T1G and a bit of googlin' and VOILA! Pink Bunny Suit.

But there was a problem. I'm no good with I just sent an email to Bou, and she forwarded to an expert in the field. Next think I know....we have THIS.

OK - you gotta admit. That's flippin' funny. I don't care WHO you are.....

So I was very pleased with myself. You see, I'm not really very this was somethin' WAY different for me.

A few weeks later, I find out that another blogger had actually printed the picture out, FRAMED IT!!, and it was hangin' in our local hangout - Fritz's.


Well, from there it took on a life of it's own. To date there have been banners and placemats and just won't die. I don't care if you shoot it at point blank range, the sucker Just. Won't. Die.

Case in point........there's a possibility the damned thing might be on TV.

Seriously, kinda cool they were filming HERE in THE Valley, but Not the bunny picture. For cryin' out loud....please.......I only meant it to be a little joke.

It was funny. Now? Now it can only mean serious revenge.

And trust me. Given the party involved.....I'm more than a little nervous......

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Perfect Way to Start the Week

If you didn't watch this video that Contagion posted this weekend you owe it to yourself.


ESPECIALLY since it's Monday....

Crap. I'm STILL laughing......

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November 18, 2007

Musical Memories......

I've mentioned a few times that music is really tied to "events" in my life. It seems that for just about every major incident there is either a CD or song that just drops me right back into that time.

Back in 2000, there was a CD that was pretty hot. It was Matchbox 20's Mad Season. I really loved that CD so I had to buy it. Turns out, it is tied to a time that was pretty tough for me.

You see, in the 13 years since my divorce, I haven't really dated much. And what few relationships I had were kinda.....intense. Well in the summer of 2000 I met a guy that was, well, what Mama Vi would call a keeper. We started out as friends, but that relationship went from 0-100 in no time flat.

In fact, I even introduced him to my friends and family. THAT is not something that happens often. For whatever reason, I just tend to keep all that separate. Maybe it's cause I think it'll be easier when it ends, if no one knew them.

Anyway....M and I were really great together. But...over time the very things that drew us together were the things that pushed us apart.

He LOVED that I didn't have a normal career. He really enjoyed hearing about my job and actually helping me out. Over time, the fact that my job took so much time started to piss him off.

And my independence. He loved the fact that I didn't need him to do everything for me. The fact that I could support myself, make my own decisions. But after a while, from what he's said since, he didn't feel important to me.

Anyway, one weekend we were going to visit some friends. I could hardly wait, as I knew they would just love him, and he would enjoy the hell out of them. As we settled in the truck for the drive to Orlando I asked him if I could play my new CD. Mad Season. There was one song on there that I just really loved.

Of course he said yes. As we work our way to the track I was waiting for, I just had this feeling. M was different. Huh. I asked him what was wrong and he teased me about my "instincts" being off because it was so cold out. (60 degrees in Florida is an arctic snap...)

Finally - my song came on. Now, I was so comfortable with him, it just seemed natural for me to sing along. Plus, we used to spend a lot of time at my place, him playin' the guitar and me singing. There aren't a lot of folks I'm that comfortable around anymore, so that was just one more thing that made us "special".

Anyway - I'm singing along to my new favorite song. The song? If Your Gone. Huh. If I only knew...

Well, there's a line in there that made him just crack up. It's near the end of the song..

I think you're so mean - I think we should try
I think I could need - this in my life
I think I'm just scared - do I talk too much
I know this is wrong it's a problem I'm dealing

Damn, did we laugh about that.

Anyway.....when we got back from that trip we made plans for the following weekend. It was Thanksgiving. He had to help a friend move, so I told him for them both to pop over afterwards and I'd have dinner all ready to go.

It was a plan.

Thanksgiving comes and nothing. No call, no one showed. The next day? Still nothing....Not a word the entire weekend.

I left a few messages, sent a few emails, but heard nothing back.

Remember my "instinct"? Yeah....well it seems that the friend he was moving was leaving her husband to move in with M. Guess my instinct wasn't so far off after all, was it?

Anyway - I couldn't listen to that CD, especially that song for years. Here's the weird day, while driving around town, that song came on. Before I could change the channel my cell phone rang. It was M. I kid you not.

Now, by that time I'd worked through most of my issues, so we decided to meet up for a drink after work. We had been friends, afterall, and good friends are hard to come by.

So as we sat and talked I realized, it had all worked out the way it was supposed to. He got what he thought he wanted. Someone who NEEDED him to make all the decisions. Someone he could TAKE CARE OF. Now that he had it? Yeah, it wasn't what he thought it would be.

Me? I realized I still missed him. But what I missed were our talks. We had great conversations. And I missed his tenderness. The way he'd reach out and touch my hair as we sat on the couch, him watchin' a movie and me reading. I missed falling asleep to the sound of his breathing (aka snoring) and that feeling that of knowing I was SAFE. But I didn't miss HIM. Not like that anymore.

Funny how all that came flooding back as I made that drive back and forth to Mama Vi's. I had finally replaced that CD, and yesterday was the first that I pulled it out to listen to.

That is a part of the soundtrack of my life. And I'm so glad I'm back to a point that I can enjoy it again.

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November 17, 2007

Short Jaunt

Headin' out. Goin' to Mama Vi's to pick up.....are you ready for this? Christmas Tree.


Oh, it's not going up yet, but the family is all heading the the east coast, and we don't know when I'll get another chance to pick it up before the holiday itself.

Well, that and they are DRIVING to the east coast. My family. All together. In one van. Holy Crap! I would NOT want to be a fly on that wall.......

So I figure I'll head over to Mama's house. Pick up the tree and see if she needs any help with anything before they take off. They'll have a great time, and it's something she really looks forward to every year. All the "brothers & sisters" gather each year at this time. Every 3 years it's the ENTIRE family, all the cousins and their families. Trust me - it's a real crowd.

I'm not going this year. With all the stuff going on with work, I just can't step away, plus like I said. 13 hours in a van. With my family. Yeah, I'm thinkin' someone would get hurt......

So I'm outta here for the day. Just a quick jaunt, but it should be good for everyone involved. Plus - I'm getting the bestest christmas tree ever. It's BEAUTIFUL. And BIG. Oh My!!!!!!!!

It really *IS* the Holiday Season!

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Saturday Question

Well, it's the weekend before Thanksgiving. Wow. That sure snuck up on us, didn't it?

As I was sitting out on the porch this morning I was thinking about the holiday. It's weird for me. Before I moved to Florida it was a huge family weekend. All four days - gatherings, feasts, football.....heaven.

Then, being so far away it changed. We didn't do the traditional Thanksgiving activities. It became more of just a four day weekend - and the kick off to Christmas.

I'll be honest - I envy those that are able to continue the traditions. I try. I like to do a big traditional dinner on Sunday. Gather together with people I love and just enjoy the company. I don't get to do that every year, for whatever reason. Sometimes, it's once again, just a long 4 day weekend.

But it got me to thinking....what IS the best part of the holiday? Is it the foods that we really only treat ourselves to on that one occasion? Is it spending time with family and friends? Or is it just the opportunity to be THANKFUL for the good things in our lives?

Now we all know, I'm all about the food. I love to cook, and love to eat. And I do have some favorites that are only prepared for this particular occasion. Grandma's cranberry salad. Dressing. Some of my favorite things.

And I AM thankful. But I think I do a pretty good job of counting my blessings on a regular basis. At least I try to. I KNOW I am blessed. I am able to support myself, work in a career that I truly enjoy. I am surrounded, physically and cyberly, with people that are flat-out the best kind of people. Not everyone can say that.

That leads me to what *I* enjoy most about this holiday. It's the people. I enjoy the fellowship that this particular time allows us. I'm so lucky to be a part of a loving family. And my friends? Oh my. Some of the most incredible people I've ever met. Yeah, I'm going to say my favorite part of this holiday is the opportunity to be with those I care about. One way or another.......

So tell we make the preparations for the big weekend.....what is it YOU love most about this particular holiday? What's the BEST part for you?

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Can you feel it? The anticipation in the air is building every day. Emails are flying, phones line are on fire. Plans are in place.

The week long take-over at Drunken Wisdom is something you will NOT want to miss. I promise. I'm not going to give anything away, just trust me. You will want to check over there at *LEAST* a couple of times a day.

Now, it's not time yet. Details are still being worked out. But it'll be soon.....hehehehe.

I can tell you this. You will laugh. I promise. And, I'm thinkin' with the holiday's coming up and everything that's been going on, we can all use some laughter right now.

We'll let you know when it's a LAUNCH. But I just needed to tell you - you are gonna enjoy it VERY much...........

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November 16, 2007

A Question

So, if a mirror falls off of a door, without any outside influence, does that 7 years of bad luck thing still stand?

If so.....who is the unlucky bastard?

Cause if it does, and the "target" is the person who hung the mirror.... I'm in serious trouble..............

Not really a good week for "household" projects around here.

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What's YOUR Style?

I have never really thought of myself as "High Maintenance". Not in my personal or professional lives. Really - I pretty much run on my own.

Work wise, just tell me what you want, give me the tools and I'll do what I need to do.

Personally? I buy myself flowers, and do what I can to take care of things. If I can't do it, I usually hire it out. Pretty cut and dried.

The only thing I'm a bit obsessive about is communication. It's kind of a hot spot with me.

With work, I need to know what's going on. If you send me an email asking that something be addressed I will ALWAYS send a follow-up letting you know the result. That's just being polite. Plus it's efficient. I have a task list. When something is completed I like to cross it off my list. I just figure other folks like the same thing.

In my personal life, it's the sort of the same thing. I don't want someone joined at my hip - that's just claustrophobic.'s nice to know folks are thinking of you. I try - don't always succeed, but I try - to drop notes here and there, and take a minute to call, just to say hi. Nothin' elaborate, just letting 'em know someone somewhere cares.

In other words, I try to treat others the way I want them to treat me. THAT in itself is communication. No one would ever know what I like or need if I didn't show them. And I certainly can't read minds, so this all just seems to make sense.

But I gotta tell you....these concepts just seem to be beyond so many folks. It's amazing to me.

It's making me think maybe I've been wrong all these years. Maybe I really am, gasp, High Maintenance. Yikes!

But it's my MO. My style as it were. I won't ASK for something, I'll dance around it. I'll show you. But the asking is just too hard.

But it made me wonder...what about y'all. What expectation do you have for those in your life? Both personally and on the work front. How do you communicate that? Are you alright just asking out right, or do you have a "secret code" you use?

This is something I actually spend a lot of time thinking about. My life seems to be built around having the ability to read people, and I think I'm missing the boat. I need a bit of guidance here.....can you help me out?

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A Kind Word

Sean, over at Doc in the Box, has a few changes goin' on.

One looks to be his 4th trip to the sandbox.

Stop over and give him some support.

Again I say, where DO we find these guys?!?!?!

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Start Shopping!!

Some Soldiers Mom has her annual list of suggestions for things to send to our troops for the holidays.

She Rocks!! Every Year, she keeps me on schedule and gives GREAT ideas.

Head on over, and start making that list. The sales have started early, and no matter what you think - to me that translates into more stuff I can afford to send to our Troops for the holidays!

Hurry! Read!! List!!! Shop!!!! Mail!!!!!!

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Company is Comin'!

I love Allegiant Airlines! They are really making my life sweet right now.

I discovered them via T1G when he was down in Tampa. He told me about these great flight deals they had, and best of all they fly direct between St. Pete and Rockford - which is less than a 30 minute drive from my house.

Well, yesterday I got a notice about $15 fares FROM St. Pete to Rockford. The return fare, while not $15 was still pretty damned cheap. I forwarded it to Cuz kind of as a joke.

Well, she booked a flight!! That's right - she's comin' to Paradise the end of this month. In 2 weeks I'll be picking her up for the weekend.


Just in time for my Adoption Birthday. We have a joke in the family. Every time they tell me they love me I say "Of course you do. You have to. You signed a contract!" Last night I told her the trip was just in time for us to renew our vows, as it were. Silly, I know, but it makes us laugh....

But what it all boils down to is I'm getting company. Cuz is comin'. We'll have 48 hours to talk, putter, talk, shop, get the picture. AND she'll finally get to see Paradise.

The only thing she is asking for regarding this trip is snow. So...this is what I'm gonna need for you to do, and I can't believe *I'm* actually saying this. Can y'all do the Snow Dance for me? Nothing drastic. She just wants to build one of her infamous snow people in my front yard.

I figure if she's willing to come up here and visit, it's the least I can do.

What are you waitin' for? Start Dancing!!! Company's Comin'!!!!

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November 15, 2007

You Think I'm KIDDING?!?

Just so you know......I got the curtain rod up over the small window in the living room.

Yeah Tammi!

It stayed up a whole 5 minutes......

It is now down, havin' messed up one of my plants that I was ohhh so anxious to put back where it belonged when it fell.

I think I know what I did wrong. It's too embarrassing to put out here (and given this post, that should tell you something).

Y'all think I'm kidding when I tell you I am NOT handy by any stretch of the imagination......

Damn it! I can't believe I did that. And without video to boot!!!!!!

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You'll Want To Hear This!

My blogdaughter has hit the big time! Army Wife is rockin' and rollin'....

This afternoon she will be hosting Ben Stein on SpouseBuzz radio. At 2:30 EST.

Now, I know it's SpouseBuzz radio, but we can ALL participate, Military AND Civilian - and Ben Stein? BEN STEIN for cryin' out loud......How Cool Is That?!?!?!!?

So, if you can, make sure and tune in. If by chance you can't listen live, check it out in the archives....(link will be provided when available).

**BAD TAMMI! I didn't even mention that Sarah at Trying to Grok is on the show too! Double Trouble, as it were.....

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She's BACK!!!

I've been trying to find ways to say THANK YOU to my retailers. Little things that show's them that I appreciate everything they do.

Well, in my visit to the corporate office a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a pile of schtuff that they were throwing away. New line, new schtuff.

But wait. The old line is still out there.....maybe I can use this.

So I start diggin' through the pile. VOILA! I hit pay dirt. I found these very cool slate coasters. Now, while I personally would not want them in my living room, I did think that folks would use them in their bedrooms. I mean, you spend good money on bedroom furniture, right? A lot of folks take something to drink with them when they go to bed, right? So.....why not pair those pretty squares of stone up and give 'em away when folks buy a mattress?!? Not something any of my competitors are doing and a pretty damned original idea, if you ask me.

So I loaded my car down. With boxes of rock. Isn't THAT appropriate?!?!

Anyway......I needed to pair everything up and make it easy for the retailers to distribute. So.....always thinking.......I had one of the teenagers here in town come over to help me. She's artistic, and as it happens very outspoken, so I thought it might be fun.

Fun doesn't BEGIN to cover it.

I started grabbin' two squares and wrapping the gold ribbon around them to get things started. No! Stop!!!! SHE thinks it's a better idea to "match them up" as much as possible. Make them LOOK like a pair. Huh. Pretty good idea.

So we spread everything out - hundreds of coasters - and start the matching.

NO! STOP!!!! THOSE don't match! What are you doing?!?!

Please note.....she is about 13.

Well, uhhhh, I thought they kinda go. Sorta.

At that point she gives me a lesson on what "MATCHING" means. Before you know it, I'm asking HER if it was ok to put something together.

After we get everything paired up it's time to start pulling it all together. I have rolls and rolls of ribbon and we each start on a pile.

NO!!! STOP!!!! That doesn't look right!! What are you doing?!?!?! You can't wrap those that way!

To make a long story somewhat shorter, I was only allowed to CUT the ribbon. No taping, no wrapping, nothing. Cut.

She decided that even *I* couldn't screw that up.

I don't remember laughing that hard, in a long LONG time.

It was only after we finished the project that I told her about my "history".


The Anti-Craft strikes again!!!!

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If They Only Knew.....

I read over at Tuna Girl's yesterday that she dropped $600 on Hanna Montana tickets. Even Jimbo mentions that there are issues regarding tickets to her concerts.

But yesterday, after reading about the $600 I was just floored.

So I mentioned it when I was at Fritz's for lunch. Now, it was just me, the bartender and one of Frtiz's daughters when we had this little conversation. None of us could think of ANY concert that's woth THAT kind of money......

ME: Y'all hear that Hanna Montana tickets are going for as much as $600?!

Bartender: My friend is a ticket broker and was getting as much as $1500

Fritz's D: $1500!! Holy Crap!! That's just stupid. For ANY concert tickets!!!

Bartender: Yeah, for that kind of money it damn well better include a vacation!

Tammi: Vacation, Hell! I want trip, dinner, back stage passes and I better be gettin' laid in that deal!


I thought Frizt's daughter was going to fall off of her bar stool. The bartender was doubled over laughing. You see, they aren't used to hearing that sort of thing from me. Plus, I was dressed for appointments, business dress, hair nice, I looked very "professional". Just not the profession that would blurt out something like that.

Heh. It's kind of nice to know I can still shock folks....

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November 14, 2007

Hey You!! Dog Lovers!!!

Here's a great opportunity to help out an innocent dog AND do something wonderful for a military family.

Go HERE and read.

In a nutshell - Dustin was a K9 War Dog Handler and MP who was killed in Iraq on March 21 2007. His K9 Lex survived but with injuries.

He received shrapnel wounds to his body, almost lost his tail, and to this day still has shrapnel lodged near his spine. The Veterinarians opted to leave this shrapnel in place as to not risk damage to Lex's spine.

Since Dustin's death the family has tried diligently to get Lex adopted to them so that they may care for him. Lex was of course the last (person) to see Dustin alive.

It's a touching story. There is a petition that has been started and we are asking that you add your name to the effort.

Please. It's quick and easy.

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Double Good

I bought a new to me CD the other week. Nickleback. I really enjoy this disc. It has been on constantly in my car since I bought it.

I had wanted to post a video just to share. Then I came across this one and knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Music by Nickleback, a double feature, and a tribute to our troops.


I know it's been out there for about a year, but even if you've seen it before, personally I think it's worth seeing again....

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Au Natural

OK - I'll 'fess up. I'm not all that "eco-friendly". I'm not. I don't get it...I probably should, but I don't. NOT my main concern in life. Period.

In THIS post, I mentioned our new line of "eco-friendly" beds. What is amazing to me, is the response I'm getting just telling people about them. They are SO excited. I guess consumers are really into all this.

Huh. Whodda thunk. we get closer and closer to the line launch I'm working very hard to pull together ideas for training classes. With the traditional line, I'm good. The luxury line? No problem. Hell....I was one of the top sales people in Florida with my adjustable beds, so I'll just build on what I did with that.

But this Green stuff? I'm at a loss. Seriously. I'm going to have to study the make up and start reading on what consumers are most concerned about, cause like I said....I don't get it.

Then this morning I come across THIS article. "Green your sex life". WTF?!?!

It was written by I'll admit. I had to laugh. But I read. Still laughing, but I read.

It's an article about having "eco friendly" sex. Using bamboo sheets and natural fiber underwear. Oh, some of the tips were "normal" but I just kept reading thinking "Green Sex"?!?!

I don't know about y'all, but to me "natural sex toys" have a WHOLE different meaning than what they point out in the article. For cryin' out loud....

Then it hit me....I should print this out. THIS is my training class. Take these great tips and go one better. DO it on an eco friendly bed. Be TRUE to your beliefs.

But here's the main problem. I don't know if I can pull it off with a straight face. Really. I don't.

Cause, maybe I'm old fashioned, maybe I've been out of the game for too long, but I always thought sex was one of the most natural things we could do. Even without all that other SCHTUFF thrown in. This is just about the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of.

I swear to pete, some of the "phases" we as a society go through just amazes me.......

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How do you say Thank You when you have no words? How do you express how very much something means to you when you can't even really wrap your mind around what happened? How?

In the Valour IT auction was a quilt, a Patriotic Quilt that I was bidding on. I wanted that quilt so badly. One - it belonged to a very good friend of mine, Raging Mom, and I love to have things in my home that reflect the wonderful people in my life. Those are memories I treasure.

But even more than that, the quilt was so beautiful. And exactly the "Center Piece" I wanted for the room that will be the Heart of Paradise.

As the auction went on I knew I was stretching myself thin, and that just wasn't something I could do, so I had to stop bidding on the quilt.

I just hoped that whoever won it would cherish it.

Yesterday afternoon RM stopped by. To use her words she "just needed to see" me. So...being me I made a cobbler. :-) Company is company, you know. Special.

But she couldn't stay. She had to give me something and leave.

This is what she had to give me.......


It seems that when the auction ended the lucky winner sent RM an email. Said they had met me at the Milblog conference this spring, and they wanted me to have the quilt.

They gave me the quilt.

I don't know who did this, but if you happen to come across this post....please know your act of kindness came at a time I needed it more than I can say. Your thoughtfulness means more than you could know.

I can hardly wait to get that room finished. And hang that beautiful quilt for everyone to enjoy.

I don't know how to express my gratitude. I'm left with nothing more than Thank You. Thank you so very much.....

**Oh, and RM....the jelly is WONDERFUL!!!

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November 13, 2007

Anyone Paying Attention?!?!


GLOBAL War on Terror.


I think folks tend to ignore that part.

Well, we better stop. The Philippines is a real hot spot.....and I just have a bad feeling....

I saw a show the other day on the History Channel, and I can't find a link, but it showed how we are working with the Philippine Army to deal with extremists. Islamic Extremists.

Today I see this article telling us that a bomb killed 3 people outside of the Philippine Congress. Read the article. I think you'll find it interesting.

GLOBAL war. The Extremists are not ONLY in Afghanistan and Iraq. Or Iran. They are everywhere. And they are determined to win. To do WHATEVER it takes.

Did you see THIS post, showing where they used a 10 year old child as a suicide bomber?!? A 10 Year Old Child!!!! Tell me he was capable of making that decision on his own. That he KNEW what he was doing. I call bull shit!!

They will do whatEVER it takes, they are focused and determined. Plain and simple.

Pay attention people! Don't be paranoid. No defeatist attitudes allowed. Just diligence. Lots and lots of diligence.....

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Warning! Tammi Alert!!!

Well, I'm NOT going to Tampa this week. And I'm alright with that. Once again, I didn't realize that Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away, and I have open houses for the weeks before during and after the holiday.

I'm gonna be really busy. cousin's daughter is getting married.

In Sarasota.


January 19th.

I'll be flying down on the 11th of January returning to the frozen tundra on the 28th. Yep....I'm takin' me some time off this winter.

So.......I'll be staying in St. Pete with Cuz. If anyone wants to get together lets start planning now. I would love to see as many folks as I can.

Oh, and I do need at least a couple hours at our corporate office. I'm hoping that by then things will have cooled off a bit........

So let me know if you'll be in the Sunshine State any time during those weeks. We'll figure something out!!!

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Mortal Struggle

A lot of driving yesterday. My territory is soooo spread out that I'm rather used to it. But yesterday? Just a mess. Yuck.

But I did have about 3 minutes of genuine entertainment. I was sitting at a stop light and this big ole wasp landed on my driver side mirror. Now, I'm deathly allergic so I rolled the window up quick and just hoped he'd go away.

The light turns green and I get started. 30mph, 40mph....the wasp is positioning himself to go along for the ride. He spread his little legs out and stuck his tail in the air.

Actually reminded me of this one band camp.....when were were mocking exotic dancers.....but that's a story for another time.

50mph....that little bastard is still hangin' on. 60mph, now he's hooked his back legs down in the crack between the "case" and the mirror. Still face in the wind, holdin' on for all he's worth.

It has now become a contest of wills. He was NOT letting go. I was NOT givin' any free rides. Plus, like I was actually rather entertaining. Well, to me anyway, and we all know it don't take much to entertain ME.

70mph. Finally, I see his entire body start to tremble, seriously. I laughed out loud. Then, his front legs slip, he's actually standing up right. I swear he looked over at me, shaking his front leg at me, cursing. As I'm laughing in evil triumph it happens.

He flies off the case at a bit of an angle and smashes against my window.

Dead. Just dead.

The sense of victory was over whelming.

I really need to get a life..........

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It was a good week

As of 8:00 this morning the total raised in the annual Valour IT drive is $108,576.

THAT is outstanding!! A thank you to EVERYONE that participated.

Valour IT and Soldiers Angels are programs that are very near and dear to my heart. So I'd like to ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers throughOUT the year. Give what you can, when you can. They are making miracles everyday.

Oh, and because I had to giggle over the totals from this morning, a bit of gloating is in the extended entry......









Team Army has a last minute push, and takes the lead. :-) Like addin' a bit of sugar to a good cup of coffee.

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Today's Funny Frase

I know it's been a while, but this one tickled my funny bone.

Plus it's rather appropriate, don't cha think?!

Now where are we going?.....and why am I in this handbasket?

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November 12, 2007

In Our Face

I love the Blogisphere. It really does help me know just what the hell is going on in the world.

Well, Pam dropped this bomb over the weekend and I just sat here reading, completely in shock.

And I really shouldn't have been surprised. Really. WE all know there is a war going on. WE all know the enemy is living amongst us.

And according to the article, they plan on taking over by the year 2050. That is still within my lifetime. That is not some "sci-fi" dream.....

But still.......I HATE knowing. And I'm constantly amazed that they just put it out there, right in our face. Now....I'm just wondering what the the HELL we plan on doing about it.

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It SHOULD have been wonderful.....

There are few things that I really "TREAT" myself with. I don't get my nails done. I used to get facials on a regular basis, now those are the things of day dreams. I haven't bought new clothes in over a year. Yeah, my treats are few and far between.

So this weekend I just went ahead and *DID* it. I gifted myself with something that I just love, and haven't done in, well, a long long time.

I love a good salt scrub. Really. There is not much I've seen that leaves your skin feeling softer or more pampered than a good sea salt scrub. And I bought a tub large enough to last a year.

I could hardly wait to get home and take a shower. Didn't matter that I took one just a few hours ago. THIS was special. soon as I got home I started the shower. Now, I keep tellin' y'all I am a creature of habit. And I was so looking forward to the scrub that I didn't think about what I was doing.

I wash my hair. And then put conditioner in and let that work. While that's happening I grab the razor and did my shaving.

Then I open the fragrant tub of sea salt. I started the scrub with my arms and worked my way down. As I was singing along, enjoying the experience all of a sudden the only thought in my mind is "WHAT THE HELL?!? PAIN! OW!! OW!! PAIN!! BURNING PAIN!!!

That would be when the sea salt was being SCRUBBED onto my freshly shaved legs.

Luckily the red marks have faded by this morning so I don't look like some kind of red blotchy freak, but still....who DOES this stuff? Seriously......

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Everybody Wins

The auction for Valour IT is over. I saw over at Milblogs that the donations deadline has been extended through today, so there is still time to donate if you haven't yet.

The teams had a nice competition and those darn Marines had one of those infamous last minute pushes and came out in front. Again. But I'm not really surprised. That is, afterall, what Marines do. Take the lead. Push to the front. It's just their nature.

Here is the tally as it stands at of 6:30 this morning.

Marines $32,754
Army $28,166
Air Force $18,385
Navy $12,626

I don't know if that includes the totals from the auction or not, but that's not bad. $91,931 raised in a week. That's a start. Now, the secret will be to continue that support throughout the year.

On a personal note, thank y'all for bidding on Mama Vi's blanket. We ended up getting $42 dollars. Much better than the $11 it hovered at for so long.

And I am like a kid in a candy store. T1G put his blog, and dignity, up for auction. Cuz, Carmen and I won that auction and are busy making plans for a very entertaining week over at the Drunken Wisdom tavern. I'll let you know when we kick that off...........*THAT* is gonna be fun........

It's like Christmas, Halloween and my birthday all rolled into one! AND we're supporting Valour IT at the same time. PERFECT!!

So this is my thank you to everyone that participated in this years fund raiser. It's a good thing. A VERY good thing......

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November 11, 2007

Victory Is OURS!!!




More details to follow soon...................but I can say this. Cuz, Carmen and I all agree - It's little enough investment for hours and hours of entertainment.

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God Bless Our Veterans

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things.
The decayed and degraded state of moral and
patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is
much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is
willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his
own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has
no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the
exertions of better men than himself.
— John Stuart Mill (1868)

Today we honor those heroes who have sacrificed so much for this nation. And their families. Those, who have followed their hearts and given all in their belief that freedom, honor and liberty MATTER.

To our Veterans I say, Thank You. As inadequate as that is said with heartfelt gratitude and awe for all you've done and all you continue to do.

My prayer is that we as a nation and individuals can do YOU and your families proud.

**quote courtesy of Love To Learn, Military Quotes

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How Dramatic

So Notre Dame loses......again.

This time to Air Force.

But this headline made me laugh....

"Notre Dame reaches new low...."

How very dramatic.....

It's simple. We suck this year. And the teams that are beating us, are BEATING us because they are playing better.

It's not about ND. We just suck. Period.

Give the other teams their due......

For cryin' out loud........

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I Almost Forgot!

ALa over at Blonde SagaCity is a god-send. Here's is the reminder to watch a show on the history channel "Band of Bloggers".


On the History Channel.

How cool is that?!?!

I'm just sending you to her place, cause she's got a list of bloggers involved AND the replay times for the show. It's going to be shown twice tomorrow. Set the TIVO or the what ever recorder you have. I'm hearing good things about this show....

Thanks ALa! You...are a doll!

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Last Call!!!

Today's your last chance folks. Last chance to bid on the homemade baby blanket made by Mama Vi. AND the money goes to Valour IT. What a GREAT deal.

So....hurry up and bid. It's still way lower than it would normally be.

And if you really just don't need the blanket, or see anything else you might want at the auction, than at least donate.

As of this morning team ARMY was still ahead, but between last minute pushes and the auction it's still anybody's game.



Thanks for all the support this week - I know you've been seein' Valour IT stuff up everywhere. But it is a program worth talking about, and getting involved with. Really it is.

And even when the "fund raiser" is over....don't forget them. They can use our help year round.

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November 10, 2007


ALa has a post up of actual state laws, on the books. As I read through the list all I could do is shake my head. And laugh.

Oh, and wonder if Donkeys have become a protected spieces for a REASON!

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Happy Birthday USMC

Some of my favorite Marines:
Mike the Marine
HOLY MOLY! Pete! I'm sorry. Pete is another one of my faves AND it's his anniversary too!!

Words fail me. So I will simply say....Thank You. And Happy Birthday Marine Corp.

The Few. The Proud. The Marines.

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Trying to Convince Myself...

I'm feeling a little better this morning. Well, JUST a little. Thank y'all for A) your emails and comments of support B) not just telling me to shut the hell up. A special thank you to Lemon Stand and everyone that participated. That was fun!!

I really hate the fact that people have lost their jobs and that *I* might have had something to do with it. Oh, I can promise you that anyone who was "released" was performing at a sub-par level. No one got fired because I waved a magic wand. But still........7 people had to go home and make a whole new plan. I've been fired. It sucks. Plus, it's the holiday season. And the economy is tanking....I could go on and on. Suffice to say, I was feelin' kinda bad about that.

It was all because of a memo I sent out. Well, and the fact that we've been goin' round the same pole since June. SOMETHING had to change, and I know this is business, but man.....I wish it could have come out with a different conclusion.

So this weekend I'll turn the cell phone off. I need to prepare for my meeting on Monday. I need issues with a clear plan for resolution. No whining, no bitching, just cause/effect/options. Something I'm usually pretty good at, an official "This is what I'm gonna need for you to do...." moment as it were.

I just have to move past what happened yesterday. And remind myself, the guilt I'm feeling isn't mine to claim. That part is giving me a bit of trouble right now....

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November 09, 2007

Remember me Fondly

Last night I got an offer I just couldn't refuse.

Oh, not THAT kind of offer, damn it, but an offer none the less.

Richmond let me run away from life to her house. Hot homemade soup, gooey cake and great company. Puppies to scrunch and children to giggle with. Add in good conversation, a great movie and lots of laughs.

Just what I needed. Thank you Richmond. More than I can say.

This morning I was treating myself to getting my hair done. AND, I changed it up a bit. Cut it. Styled it. I like it. It may never look like this again, but today? Yeah, it's GREAT.

Oh, and I bought real life snow boots. Finally. And a real winter coat. AND a rake.


Of course there were about 15 phone calls while I was trying to escape. Calls that caused my blood pressure to go through the roof.

But.....thanks to Richmond and her family I started my day with a smile. And that is priceless at this point.

I may be making a trip to Tampa in the very near future. We'll see after my meeting with the muckety mucks on Monday.

Just to let you know how serious this is......the score as of this morning is -7.

Seven people were "released" yesterday afternoon and this morning. 5 more have been put on notice.

If I suddenly just disappear, please remember me fondly. I really am a nice girl........

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November 08, 2007

Hangin' by a thread......

Yeah, still not the best of days, but by staying here in the house, I can honestly say I've drawn no blood so far.

But it's sounded like Football Sunday when the Buc's are playin' bad. The language?'s enough to make a sailor take note.

Not to sound like Mama Vi or anything, but I don't like being this way. Really I don't. I want every phone call to be sunshine and butterflies. I fully realize that is impossible, but it sure would be nice.

You remember that saying "This is gonna hurt me more than it'll hurt you"? Yeah, I actually used it today. Unbelievable.

Anyway....I'm stuck here, having canceled all my appointments for the day, so I'm trying to make myself smile. Or at least grimace in amusement.

I did find THIS and it's a pretty funny video....NSFW - foul language...but ohhh.....I can just relate.

And the foul language? Yeah, fits my mood just perfectly.

Y'all enjoy. I'm going back to doin' what I do so well. Nag. And boss people around. And beg. Sounds like fun, doesn't it.....oh and before you tell me "you catch more bee's with honey", understand this. I've been nice. And understanding. It didn't work. Too bad for them.......

Remember THIS post???

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Why oh Why?

Bad day. Already. Been bad since I got up at 5:00am.

Hoping to post something soon, but can't promise cute or funny.

People busy showin' their ass, and I'm bein' helpful by kickin' it.

Why do people gotta be so stupid? That's all I want to know.......

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November 07, 2007

I Cannot Imagine

A while ago I linked to a story about a family that was devastated.

A soldier wounded in Iraq, his family driving to visit him. A horrible accident, two children killed, another seriously injured and the mother with injuries of her own.

Well, Mrs. Greyhwak links to a news story telling us the third child has passed along.

This family has defined sacrifice.

Please.....keep them in your prayers.

I simply cannot imagine......

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I've talked about Cuz here before, she's Carmen's mom and the closest thing to a big sister I've ever had. I just love her to pieces.

Her Mama was my Mama's little sister, well one of them at least, and they were very close. We lost her in, I think it was 1968. A while later Cuz and her family moved to Florida. She was my rock for those years I lived down there. Without a doubt.

We loved to decorate our houses together. Painting? Not a decision made without discussing it. Furniture? Yeah, another decision that was bounced around. But the most fun we had was shopping for Knick Knacks together.

And we share a love of candles. In fact, one night we were sitting at her place discussing who had the most. I won, with over 150 out and about in my house. (You have to remember, I had a pretty big place at that time, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a great room, living room, etc.....)

I miss having her around as I settle into Paradise and get things "prettified".

This place is very different than any other home I've had. I can't explain it, but it's different. Last night we were talking about.....candles, and I told her that I think she has permanently won the "Most Candles" contest once and for all. I will NEVER have that many again, just because I don't have the places to put them. It's kinda sad, actually.

Well, after we hung up and I started to settle in for the night, I smelt it. Smoke. Just a hint, but smoke non the less. And it kept getting......smokier. I started to get concerned.

I checked the porch, as I always have a jar candle burning to off set the cigarette smell. Nope, that was out and the lid was on.

Then I checked the kitchen. No....everything was out and fine.

Dining room? Same. Okey Dokey.

But the smell of smoke was burning my eyes, it was so strong. I checked the basement, just to be double sure everything was alright with the fuse box and furnace. Nope. Not that.

I probably spent the bulk of my evening chasing that damned smoke.

Finally I realized it wasn't Paradise so I went to bed. And about choked. The smoke was so heavy in the bedroom it was like a fog.


I have the bedroom window cracked. I love that cool air as I sleep.

Well someone waited until well after dark to burn leaves. And for some unknown reason the smoke was pouring into my room.

Yeah, I love the smell of a good fire, but that? Not so much. Really, didn't do anything for me.

But at least I didn't set my own house on fire. AND I realized that I'm pretty much ok with fewer candles. Less to worry about.......

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This is what I'm gonna need.......

Well, that baby blanket I offered up for Valour IT now has 5 bids. Which is much better than the 1 it sat at for a few days. But not nearly good enough.

So...I'm reminding you - it's there. It's cheap. It's a great back up plan in case you need an extra special baby gift. It really is soft and cuddly. Not to mention cute.

So bid folks. Bid Bid Bid.

You could win a wonderful treasure AND help out Valour IT. What's not to love about THAT situation?!?!?!?

While you're there, check out the other cool stuff available.

And if none of that works for you, which I simply can't imagine, then at least throw a bit in the pot here......



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Color of the Day? Green

I'm green with envy. So jealous I can hardly stand myself.

I wanna be here!!!

I had planned on going as soon as I heard about it, but damn if real life didn't blow a hole in those plans....

Damn Damn Damn.......

They are gonna have such a good time!!!


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A Mother's Heart....

RM has a post up about a Mama, sending her soldier son, off to war.

Yeah, her son has left....and it's a bittersweet post. Cause there's always some good to break up the tough....

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November 06, 2007

And Breathe.....

part of the backyard.jpg

A section of my backyard......

view from the sunporch.jpg

View from the sun porch. Any wonder why I love it out there?!?!

side yard from porch.jpg

View out the other side of the porch....the side yard, as it were.

Just looking for that silver lining today. This will work for me!!!

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Pick Up!

I really hate a mess. I REALLY hate it.

So, I'm kinda freaking over a few that I have going on right now.

Work has been insane, so my house is messy.

And work is messy.

My personal life is messy.

I can't get away from the messes.

And you know, it's really frustrating because they aren't just MY messes. Oh, I have to deal with them, but I can't clean them up.

It's like having a 5 year old. They are sitting there, content, playing with their toys. All of a sudden something new and shiny comes along and they go play with THAT toy.

And don't clean up the mess they WERE playing with.

I don't know how all you Moms do it.......cause right now I'm not feeling very maternal. Just frustrated.

So - here is what I say to all those that fall withing that net. CLEAN UP YOUR MESS. Pick up your toys. Finish what you started.

Closure. It's all about the closure.

Cause right now? The way it stands? Y'all are makin' my head explode.

And I don't mean that in a good way........

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It was a GREAT Game

OK, we might as well just put this out there......

Saturday was NOT a good football day in Tammi's World. far as college football goes, it's been a pretty damned bad YEAR!

In case you're new here, a Notre Dame fan. Have been my whole life. I grew up in the shadow of the dome.

Good years and bad years....I've stood by them. This year, I'm still there for them. I just, believe it or not, know when to keep my mouth shut.

I said I'm a diehard fan. NOT an ignorant fan.

We got nothing to run our mouths about this year. It's pretty ugly.

As a couple people have mentioned, (not naming names) Navy beat ND this weekend. For the first time in 43 years.

It was a great game. Close, down to the wire, multiple overtimes involved, and when it came down to it.....Navy had what it takes to close the deal.

I.....did not watch the game. I KNEW Navy was gonna win that one. I did. And I was not going to hurt myself or my home trying to watch it.

You see.......I'm not a "polite" person when football is involved. Until a couple of years ago, I was not allowed to watch football at Mama Vi's. It was due to a really bad game played by ND. I was 13. I was yelling at the game. Now, I don't know if it was when I stood up yelling, YOU STUPID SON'S OF BITCHES, or trying to get away from Mama Vi for yelling that in her house, but somehow the coffee table and all the pretty stuff on it got broken. And I was banned from watching in her house. For over 30 years.

So no....I didn't watch the game. I listened to it. And it was a really good game.

Navy deserved to win.

But I do need to say this much......ND has about the worst team that I remember ever seeing fielded in South Bend in my life time. Seriously.

And THAT is all I'm sayin' about college football this year.

Congratulations Navy! You played a HELL of a game!!!!

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Every Time *%^@

I do this to myself every time.


Yesterday was rather challenging. On a couple of levels. So, to say I had a hard time falling asleep would be a bit of an understatement. HOWEVER, once I got to sleep I slept like the dead. I mean I didn't move.

I keep saying I wake up at a certain time, every morning no matter what. I very rarely sleep past 5:30.

Except today. Today when I have a huge conference call first thing. A conference call I got the material for this morning. That I have to read. And put together notes. And have answers for.

In about 30 minutes.

At least I'm not having to drive anywhere, or get dressed or anything. So technically I won't be late. I'm just.....rushed.

The job in the craft business we had those meetings on Thursday mornings. I don't care what I did, how early I got up, or when I left the house, in a years time I was on time for that meeting (without running in at the last minute) a grand total of one time.


I don't know why this happens. If it's a blockage in my brain or what. But damn I hate when I do this........

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November 05, 2007

Do Not Remove

OK. Listen up folks. I'm only gonna say this once.

You know those tags attached to the head of your mattresses? You know, they have a bunch of stuff written on it and then say "Do Not Remove"?


Holy crap. Those things are important. Really they are. Let me explain.

They tell us where the matts were made. They tell us when the matts were made. And, this part is really cool, I can even narrow it down to who signed off that the product was made to specs. Without them I cannot tell which mattress it is, or verify if it actually HAD a warranty

Mattresses are not cheap. Not good ones anyway. And...people want warranties. That's ok with me. You spend that kind of money you SHOULD have the peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, you'll be taken care of.

BUT...without that tag, I can't take the mattress back. I just can't. Period. If I do - I pay for it. And I'm here to tell you, I stand behind my product but THAT'S asking a bit much.

So....leave the damned tags on there. They are attached to the head of the mattress, up by the headboard. They aren't hurting anything. Leave 'em alone.

Cause otherwise?'re on your own.

can you tell it's Monday?

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He Got Into Their Minds!

OK, Jerry has me worried.


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I'm Confused

So last night, I saw a segment on 60 Minutes. It was about Elephant poachers.

They are interviewing the rangers that protect the elephant sanctuary.

The correspondent notes, while talking to the head of the ranger team, that they are armed for war. RPGs, AK's and even a mounted machine gun.

The team leader says "It is war. The poachers come in regular clothing. They just open up shooting".

That was completely accepted by the correspondent.

Now stop for a minute. Think about that. It's ok for "park rangers" to arm themselves to the teeth and open fire on elephant poachers but our soldiers, who are FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM, as well as their lives AND follow ROE (rules of engagement) are wrong?!?! The terrorists aren't wearin' any uniforms! They blend right into the crowds. And they don't even care if they take out CIVILIANS!!! For cryin' out loud.....

OK. Seriously. I have GOT to find something to do on Sunday's that keeps me from accidentally flipping through that show. I'm gonna have a stroke......

**please note, I in no way think elephant poaching is acceptable, the irony was just too much on this one.....

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Don't Punish ME!

OK....I know I'm not the fanciest blogger. I don't know how to do a lot of the coding involved.

But damn it, don't punish me because I posted the baby blanket wrong over at the Valour IT Auction site.

Thank GOODNESS one person took pity and bid on the blanket Mama Vi made........

So, this is what I'm gonna need for you to do.....since I can't (for now) get into that post to update the picture, y'all are the only ones that will see how adorable this thing is. So.....HERE are the pictures.....HERE is the official auction. BID. Please.

Don't make me tell Mama Vi her beautiful baby blanket only earned $1 for Valour IT. That's a conversation I do NOT want to have with her.....

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The Answer Is.....

Yesterday I did a poll on how YOU would prounce the name of a certain town in the area.

The majority said "JENohwa" was what you thought it'd be. (all both of you).

Well, that's what *I* thought too.

But we'd both be wrong. Around here - Genoa is pronounced JenOHwa.

HFS is the ONLY "non-local" who choose the right pronouciation.

Is it any wonder I keep getting lost?!?! Hell, I don't even speak the same language!!!!

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Welcome Back

Butterfly Wife took a much needed break. And now...she's back.

Lemon Stand had a great idea, most everyone loves to get she suggested we "send some" to Butterfly Wife. A cyber Pick-Me-Up as it were.

Well, Butterfly Wife, I hope you feel better. I'm so very jealous of all the folks you'll be seeing this week in Vegas and wish I were going.......I'd by you a nice herbal tea. ;-)

And to welcome you back properly, here are some of MY favorite flowers....purple tulips.

purple tulips.JPG take care of yourself! Ya Hear!!!!!

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November 04, 2007


I found THIS article about Ft Drum soldiers returning home.

Rodney Carter Sr. holds his 10-month-old son, Rodney Carter Jr., for the first time since the boy was five days old.
Talk about sacrifice.....

Check out ALL the pictures!

Welcome Home! And Thank You, Soldiers and families, for all you do!

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You Won't Want to Miss This!!!

Well, have I got a deal for you!!!

I just finished posting one of Mama Vi's infamous handmade baby blankets for the Valour IT Auction.

And is it ever cute.....check it out below the fold

Now you need to remember I take horrible pictures but you can still see how precious it is.

full view.jpg

This 60" x 45" cuddly blanket is fully washable. In fact it gets better with use! Love does that, you know.

Here are a couple close-ups of the different teddy bears.




Isn't it just adorable? So hurry up - head on over and start the bidding!!!

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Reminds me of a story....

I thought I had told y'all this story, but cannot find the post anywhere. So....I'll just tell you again.

Growing up, you'd have thought we lived on a working farm. Chores ALWAYS come first. No Matter What.

So Saturday's Dee and I would get up, have a quick breakfast and start to cleaning. Dusting was an art with Mama Vi. The devil was in the details, and if you missed any I can PROMISE she'd notice.

So we would dust. And polish. And dust. Then....depending on the season, we'd either get to watch some Saturday morning cartoons or we'd go outside to work in the yard or garden. Wasn't a bad way to spend a Saturday - at least looking back NOW it wasn't.

Anyway.......before Daddy died he and I had a tradition. After I'd get my chores done we'd hop into his old Ford pick-up and head to the salvage yard. Daddy was always tinkerin' with something, either trying to improve it or comin' up with some new toy of us girls.

We'd spend an hour or two just wandering around until he was satisfied that he had everything he needed for his next project.

Then we'd put his new found treasure in the bed of the truck and I'd climb in the passenger side of the cab. He'd stand on the other side, with the door open, saying good-bye to the guy at the yard. As he'd climb in to his side, he'd say the same thing every time.

"Well, we gotta go. I'm takin' my best girl out for a beer."

And off we'd go. To the drive in root beer stand. There we'd order ourselves an ice cold mug of root beer and solve the worlds problems. Well, at least the problems my 8 or 9 year old mind was preoccupied with.

Those are some of the most precious times in my memory. And you know - I was at least 12 years old before I knew that I wasn't REALLY drinking beer. :-) I took everything he said as gospel.

Don't know for sure why this has been in mind for the last few days, but it has. Hell, I even bought a big ole thing of root beer at the store the other day. And while it's really yummy.........I sure am missing that conversation part......

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Longest Night

Last night was offically the longest night of the year.

Did you remember to turn your clocks back?

Just thought I'd remind you.........

HA! I KNEW I should have called her....

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Taking a Poll

OK this is for everyone EXCEPT those that live locally to where I'm at now. Oh, and those that USED to live here......I want to find out what other folks think, so watch and learn. And You know who you are......

Here goes. I'm gonna spell the name of a town and you tell me how you think it's pronounced. I'll bold the emphasis, and try and spell the choices phonetically.


How would you pronounce that?




I'm just curious what everyone else thinks, cause I keep being told I'm such an oddity for the way I pronounce it.

I'll post the so called "correct" answer in comments this evening.....

Help a girl out, please!!!

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Checkin' Status

Today is November 4th. With a week left for the Valour IT fundraiser, we aren't doin' so bad....

I did have a momentary fright yesterday when I checked the totals and saw THE MARINES were ahead!! WTF?!?!? But I see as of this morning, Team Army is leading the way once again.

Now, if you haven't checked out the auction you really need too. There really are new things being put up all the time. Some very COOL things...

Oh, and don't forget about this little situation.


I don't make idol keep that in mind.

puppy basket.jpg

$5 bucks from each person will keep these puppies warm and comfy......



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November 03, 2007

Pure Genius

Key has posted my new favorite commerical. It cracks me up every time I watch it.

So true it hurts.....

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What do YOU think?

I spend a lot of time on my porch. Not so much smoking as just flat out relaxing.

That is where I go for my first few cups of coffee of the morning. It's where I take most of my personal phone calls. It's also where I go to NOT hear the phone.

I really enjoy it out there.

BUT, I need to put some pretty things to look at on the wall. Oh, I enjoy the view as it is, but I'd still like something else to look at.

So today I've got to run to town for a few things. And I have a coupon that I think I'll take advantage of. I'm going to buy a picture for the wall of my porch.

Something that I really enjoy. Something that captures just a bit of who I am as you first enter my home.

I think I'm going to pick up this:


I've loved this print ever since the first time I saw it. I was going to put it in my bedroom at one time, but that didn't really come together like I envisioned.

But I do love it. And it does represent so much of who I am. One of my favorite places is the beach. I used to dance. Hell, at one time I TAUGHT ballroom dancing. And ohhhh do I love to wear red. One more thing....did you notice the bare feet? Huh? Doesn't THAT just scream TAMMI!?!?!?!

I'm thinkin' it's the perfect piece for out there. What do y'all think?

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Tactical Error....on THEIR Part

Earlier this week I told y'all about a couple of "issues" that were going on at work. One is in the hands of the corporate lawyers so I am not at liberty to discuss it, especially on the internet. But it IS being addressed and I'm very happy to know that the officers of the company I work for are not playin' around.

The other? Hehehehe. Well, I got word last night that the problem has been resolved.

And it all happened because I got lost. Let me explain.....

I have one customer in this particular city. One. That's it. I was headin' over for a store call and decided to see if I could find an alternative route. Well, as one would expect, I got lost.

As I was turning around I saw a building with hand made signs in the window. The word MATTRESS jumped out at me. So I stopped. In the middle of the street. Huh.

There is listed that they have mattresses for sale and MY brand was one of the listed.

Now, like I said, I only have one customer in that city and I can promise you this place wasn't it. So I made some calls, checked out what they have on the floor and discovered that it wasn't exactly kosher. this business there are what we call "Dirty Window" stores. These are shops that are strictly down and dirty bedding stores. No muss no fuss and generally really REALLY cheap prices. Some are legit. Most are not.

This store was selling "reconditioned" product as new. BIG NO NO.

Now, by reconditioned I mean product that legit customers returned, was reworked and then put out for sale. IF that is done, and it is, you HAVE to tell the customer. It's the law.

So we shut this place down. He can reopen but he has to do it legally. And if he does, I promise I'll be keeping an eye on him if my product is on his floor.

Oh, and someone lost their job last night. And is facing criminal charges.

There were a couple of lessons in all this.

1) Don't steal. Be honest in your business dealings - because the cost can be greater than anything you might have gained.

2) Don't screw with my territory, my product or my company's reputation. I wasn't kidding when I said this is Tammi's World. I like my house, I like my car and I like to eat. Do ANYTHING to put those things in jeopardy and, well, I get a little angry.

And just think, all that excitement just because I made a wrong turn.....

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Close That Chapter

Yesterday was not the best of days. LOTS of issues, LOTS of problems and all I could really do was facilitate the communication. Some people wouldn't mind that. Me? I like to fix things. Get them resolved so they go away. My hands were tied over these particular situations so all I could do was field the angry phone calls and promise that I would push from my end to get answers.

VERY frustrating.

Add in that I had a meeting scheduled in Wisconsin. A meeting to discuss a program that I really have no idea about. Don't know the rules, don't know the process. And no one has gotten back to me with the details. So I was going to drive an hour for a meeting that was pretty much a waste of everyone's time. I HATE THAT.

Luckily I did manage to get someone to answer their phone as I speed dialed through my phone book while sitting outside the front door of my customer's store. I got enough information that it wasn't a COMPLETE waste of time, and I managed to pull off a mini training class so the customer was satisfied.

As I pulled back on to the highway I just wanted to get to the grocery store and then home. Home. I just wanted to be home.

Now, I'm sure you've heard folks say never go to the grocery store when you're hungry. You'll shop all wrong. Well, I have even BETTER advice on that. Don't go to the grocery store when you have to pee. Talk about power shopping.

I all but ran through that store. It was PACKED. And I hadn't been grocery shopping for more than a couple of weeks. I needed everything.

The good news is I'm stocked up for a while. I like choices. I don't like it when I shop for "just enough". So I have a beautiful ham, some chops, a couple roasts, some chicken. Sweet potatoes, red potatoes, rice, veggies. I even got some yummy snacks.

I scored big time in the coffee aisle. PUMPKIN SPICE! One of my favorite things about fall. Pumpkin Spice coffee. AND I didn't tear the bean dispensers down tryin' to get some. THAT is a plus.

Anyway - finished my shopping and knew I was going to have to stop somewhere QUICK cause I wasn't going to make it all the way home. I REALLY had to pee.

I loaded the car, which took a while because of all the dancin' I had to do. Found some place safe to fix THAT little problem and headed home.

Or tried to. Got run off the road by a semi. THAT was fun. Cut off and almost T boned another car a bit later. I cannot TELL you how nice it was to pull into my garage.

I started to unload the car, and managed to get just about everything in the house. Went back to grab the last couple of bags. Opened the door to the back seat and a bag fell out.

Eggs. I "pre scrambled" 2 dozen eggs. All over my garage floor.

It was soooo tempting to just walk away and pretend it never happened. Really. It was REALLY tempting.

But I cleaned it up, put the food away and changed into my jammies. To hell with dinner. I was afraid to turn on the stove.

Yesterday is in the books. Thank Goodness.

And if I had to classify that particular book - it'd be in the "disaster" section. Not my favorite genre........

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November 02, 2007

Proud Mama

I am sooooo proud. My blogdaughter Army Wife has been nominated and has made the final cut of Best Diarist in the 2007 Weblog Awards.

How exiciting is that!

I couldn't be prouder. Seriously.

Head on over and vote for her. I would really appreciate it.

While you're over there Chrystal is up for Funniest blog.

Best Military Blog has some serious competition so you'll need to head over and make a choice. I've got so many friends in the running I don't know WHAT to do!!!

Oh hell....just head on over and look through the categories.

Voting closes on November 8th so there isn't a lot of time.

Congrats to all the finalists. And good luck!!!!

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I'm Taking Reservations

The irony has never been lost on me, or those that know me well, that I sell mattresses and train people on the importance of good sleep but have problems sleeping myself. I actually USE that in my classes by telling folks that I am the perfect example of what happens due to bad sleep habits.

I do that because I can't hide the truth. Plus, it usually gets a decent laugh and relaxes things a bit. And trust me, that goes a long way in gaining their confidence.

But I do KNOW what it takes. Some of the issues behind insomnia are harder to control. My big problem is the whole turning off of the brain part. Once I get past that I'm usually pretty good. But it's getting to that point that I struggle with.

When you're looking at trying to help yourself get better sleep, to be straight with you, it's all about the bed. Seriously. It really is. And I've finally gotten my guest bed pulled together perfectly.

Kind of funny actually. I've always made the joke that you don't want TOO nice of a guest bed. If it's uber comfy your guests will never leave. And when I lived in Florida, that line always garnered a good laugh.

But here in Paradise? guests are gonna LOVE comin' to visit. The mattress is incredible. THE most comfortable thing I've ever slept on. Ever. Now, it's Tammi size. If you're on the short side you might need a step to get in and out, but it's MORE than worth the effort.

And the sheets? Like butta! Honestly. Good sheets make all the difference.

A wonderful cozy blanket and VOILA! A piece of heaven.

The last couple of nights temps have dropped into the low 30's and I've had the window cracked at the head of the bed. Cool, crisp atmosphere and that soft, warm cozy bed?

Ahhhh. It just don't get any better than that. Seriously.

I'm tellin' you folks....putting a bit of effort into the ATMOSPHERE in your bedroom makes all the difference in the world. It won't CURE your insomnia, but it sure won't make it worse. That's for damned sure.

And I'm proud to say, I've got the best guest room around! Now, I just gotta line up some visitors.........

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The Bidding is OPEN!

As of 7:00am central time today, Valour IT has raised over $26,000!

WooHoo!! AND the Army Team is still ahead!!

But I have to tell you - I'm lovin' the auction. What?! You haven't been over to look at the items up for auction?? Well, we gotta take care of that right away.

There are collectibles, including artwork by Chris Muir and John Cox - very VERY cool. (Zonker has a wonderful example of a piece that John did for a certain someone's b-day) There are books, military memorabilia, just all sorts of stuff. And things are being added all the time!! You've really got to check out ALL the categories.

Valour IT is such a great program, one that really makes a difference. Take some time and with the auction it's so easy, and fun, to get involved.

So check it out - the bidding all closes November 11th. And, because things are constantly added, keep checking back. You don't want to miss out now, do you?!?!

Now.....the Navy has really started to push, especially that Lex guy. He's very tricky, that Navy Pilot. Using puppies and kittens to get folks to donate to the Navy Team. Well, two can play at that game mister.

See this?


Donate to the ARMY team or they get sent back to the doggie beds! I'm know I'll do it. Can you live with the guilt of knowing you are the one responsible for forcing those poor sweet darlin's out of that warm comfy bed into the cold, harsh basket.

puppy basket.jpg

$5. Just like Lex say's....$5 will keep those sweeties sleepin' in style.

I didn't want to have to go this route, but you do what you've got to.



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Deep Rescue

Yesterday was lunch and a movie. WooHoo. A couple of hours at Fritz's was just what I needed, let me tell you.

So...ordered up a bowl of chili and a perfectly grilled cheese sandwich and all was right with the world.

Until it came time to choose a movie.

Now, let me just say, I hate pickin' the movie. I know I have weird taste in cinema and I really don't like to inflict that on too many people.

But the bartender was insistent so choose I did.

There wasn't anything on worth watching. So we went with something neither of us had seen. (yes, it was just me and the bartender hanging out)

Deep Rescue. She's fond of disaster flicks, and me? I don't care. I get to sit inside, sip a diet coke and smoke while I watch a movie. What's not to love?!?!

Deep Rescue. The world's WORST movie ever. Seriously. It was so bad we finally decided to throw in the towel and watch something else. Problem was there was nothing else to watch.

So we were stuck.

Stuck watching Deep Rescue. Did I mention it was bad? So bad that cheesy doesn't even apply.

At one point we both have our heads on the bar, laughing. At the most dramatic part of the movie. Our EYES were bleeding it was so bad.

Ok - maybe not bleeding but, but, they could have been. It really WAS that. bad.

But, we finished what we started. We watched to the very end. Well, what there was of it anyway.

Horrible. Terrible. Shouldn't have even made it to the DVD release stage.

But what about YOU? Seen any REALLY bad movies lately? It'd be nice to know just so I don't accidently pick it for next weeks choice.

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November 01, 2007

In case you haven't seen....

Sometimes I just HATE bein' on the road. Yesterday was one of those times.

AWTM broke a story that EVERYONE should read. NOW, if you haven't already. And watch the video. Do It.

I've seen this show, as I used to sleep with Nick on and I woke up to that shit every morning. Usually it's just the same few shows played over and over and over. They must have taped this for the "new season". The ones that I had seen, the main guest was usually Bill Clinton - surprise surprise.

But the one that AW's husband and kids saw yesterday morning? I hadn't seen that one. No. THAT one is new.

And it is horrific. You do NOT use children. You do NOT brainwash children because you can't convince the parents to see things your way. You do NOT teach our children to disrespect the government or our military. You Do Not!!!

If you haven't seen the comment thread over at Blackfive's, where he links her post, you need to read that also. Some readers have done a lot of research and I think it's important to understand who is who and what they represent. Actions speak louder than words, and the actions of the groups that show represents is sickening.

I wrote my letters to Nick and Viacom last night. I also sent a note to Hasbro. AW gives us ALL the contact info we need. I'm asking that you read, watch and then write. Let them know this is UNACCEPTABLE.

THEN...because I believe actions speak so loud, take action. I don't have kids, but I can promise you Nick will no longer be available at my house. I'll invest in kids videos. I have no problem with that. AND...if Hasbro doesn't do SOMETHING there will be none of their products either in my house or given as gifts.

Telling children that our military men and women are torturers and murderers is beyond horrific. Especially saying that when the children of those very hero's are fighting a war for our freedom and safety is, in my book, the very lowest of the low.

I'm taking action. Will you?

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Best Pay Attention....

Ahhh.....Halloween has passed. And despite the last minute rushing and broken doorbell, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Seriously - that's the most trick or treaters I've had in over 13 years. It was so much fun.

Probably the defining moment of the evening for me came early on. I was sitting at the desk with half an eye peeled on the front door. But I was reading blogs and soon found myself.....distracted.

Then I felt it. That tingle on the back of my neck. As I drag my attention away from the computer screen I look up. At the door.

And there were three demons staring back at me. Hands and faces pressed up against the glass.

For a moment I forget where I was and what I was doing.

I jumped so high out of my chair I knocked the damned thing over - hollerin' the whole while.

Those kids dissolved into a giggling fit. "Mommy! Mommy!! We scared her!!! REALLY! We REALLY scared her!!!"

I walk to the door, after composing myself a bit, with the HUGE BOWL O CANDY laughing...."You sure did darlin'! You scared me to PIECES!!!"

They just laughed and laughed. And laughed.

And to be made me chuckle every time I thought of it for the rest of the evening.

Ahhhh....candy, ghosts and goblins, laughter and a scare or two. The very BEST of Halloween!!!!

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Army Strong

Well, Valour IT is goin' well....but there's still a long way to go.

The Army Team is, as expected, Kickin' ASS!!



But....the other teams are not lettin' us get too far ahead. And if you remember last year, it could come right down to the wire.

As of 6:00am CT today the Marines are close behind with Navy and Air Force gaining ground every hour. This should get real interesting!'s the link to some flyers you can print out and spread around. Make sure you spread the news however you can.

Oh, and remember......ARMY STRONG!!!!!

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