September 30, 2006


It's Saturday, right?

Damn - busy busy busy.

I've got to get down to the bank. THEN turn all the way around and go north to get my hair C'd. (cut colored conditioned). THEN - WooHoo - I get to order my new glasses. It's been 5 years since I've adjusted the perscription and it's past time. Hell - I can't read the road signs anymore, even if I wanted to!! And with all the driving in strange towns I'll be doing it might be a good idea if I can tell what road I'm going down....

Oh, got distracted - today....THEN I need to get the oil changed for Maggie and have a hose replaced (saw it was cracked when I fixed the fuse the other day). THEN it's grocerys. I sooooo need groceries in this house.

THEN (yes, there is more) I have more laundry than most folks have clean clothes. Seriously. Ughhhh.

THEN, I really need to clean. REALLY need to clean.

Oh, and sometime in there I have 3 reports to analyze by Monday morning as well as my notes from the meetings to split out by rep.

Weekend? What weekend?

So why don't you go ahead, cause I know you want to rub it in, and tell me what YOU'RE doin' this weekend?!?!?

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Saturday Question

On Saturdays I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: What is your favorite type of popcorn?

First, can I tell you this damned question woke me up this morning at 3:00am!!! Arrgggghhh. Not because it's important - no I sat straight up in bed and thought - That's a great Saturday Question.

Anyway.....popcorn. We got plain salted. We got butter. We got Kettle Corn, and carmel corn. Hell - there's even cheese corn. So which is it?

Well, growing up it was home made Kettle Corn. I have had nothing like that since Grandma passed. Yummmmy

And Daddy used to put peanut butter in the popper (back when they used those) and DAMN that was very tasty.

I do have a weakness for carmel corn. Hell, when I was in Vegas I even spent $9 for a little box of the stuff - I couldn't resist it.

And I really do love cheese popcorn. As long as it's not stale. Then? Yeah, not so much..

And I won't say no if you hand me a bag of buttery movie popcorn. Hell - who could?!?!?!

But I have to say my favorite popcorn is cheese and carmel mixed together. The sweet with the salty. Ummmmm - deadly combination for me.

So tell me - what's your favorite type of popcorn?

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September 29, 2006

Probably the Wrong Idea

Well, this probably wasn't my best idea ever.

I got home about 20 minutes ago. It's been a long week - actual work hours running at around 10 per day, factor in the 4 hour (or so) commute round trip and well, ouch.

So I'm kinda tired.

I got home, put on my jammies and pulled out the lap top. I am currently ensconsed in my very comfy bed, lots of pillows to support me and the damned laptop in front of me.

Now - I'm not working, ok I'm downloading some reports - but that's it. Honest. I'm just thinking I probably should have never figured out that I can do this here. I'm seeing many a morning in my future, waking up with my fingers on the keyboard and heaven only knows what posted on my site........

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So it's 39 degrees right now.

My winter clothes - most importantly my JACKETS, sweaters and sweatshirts are all at the storage unit.

Guess I'm gonna need to get my ass over there.

Damn.....I probably should have planned a bit better. Where DID the summer go?!?!?!?!??!

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I am Woman Hear Me Roar

I Did It!!!

All By Myself.

Let me tell you about it.

Y'all know I've had issues with the car. Well, things have been going pretty well. In fact I had kinda stopped worrying. I've got 2 payments left then she's paid off and I trade her in on a new(er) one. WooHoo.

Anyway, I was driving home last night, having a wonderful conversation with Mama Vi. She was helping me with tips on my presentations next week. All of a sudden everything went out on the car and I started coasting.

Feeling no panic at all, and still on the phone, I guide the car to the shoulder of the interstate (cause you gotta know the damn thing will never break down if it's not in the middle of a traffic jam on the interstate!) I then tell Mama I need to go - the car broke down.

We hang up, I grab the box of fuses out of the console along with my handy dandy needlenose plyers and pop the hood.

I take off the cover of the fuse box, pull out the ECM fuse and put the new one in. Replace the cover, close the hood and get back in the car.

All told it took less than 5 minutes. And I never got my hands dirty!!!

When I called Mama back the first words out of her mouth were to ask if I called a tow truck. I told her NO! I fixed it myself.

I had to repeat myself. A couple times. She thought I was kidding....

Folks - this is huge. HUGE. I am the least mechanical person to ever walk the earth. Hell, even after all these years I hem and haw over putting oil in the damned thing.

I did it!! I fixed my car!!!! All By Myself!!!!!!

I called AW right away, just because I was so damned proud of myself. Her husband answered so I told him. (Hell, I'm not ashamed. I just wanted to brag!!) AW get's on the phone and I hear her hubby ask if I charged myself $180 for the repairs.

Well yes, yes I did. I bought a new outfit this week so that evened out just perfectly.


Anyway - I'm feeling very good about that right now. I just had to tell you.....

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Ta Da!!!

Today is my good friend Contagion's Birthday.

Now, being as I call him Friend, and I do like to think I know him a bit - I wanted to give him a birthday wish that I know would strike close to the heart.

So without further ado.....

Dear Contagion,

Happy Birthday my friend. On this very special day I have a few special wishes just for you.

1) The enchantment of a puppy.


2) The sweetness of a kitty.


3) The innocence of a birdy.


4) The serenity of a sunset.

sunset 8.jpg

5) And last but not least an iced cold beer served by one of these......


Yeah, I think that was probably akin to nails on a chalk board for ya! Damn - I wish I could audio blog - I'd sing ya a little ditty to just top this off perfectly!!

Happy Birthday My Friend!!!

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Finally - She Posts!!

So I've mentioned a time or ten that my niece (and blogdaughter) Carmen is getting married!

Next month!!!

I'm goin' to Florida!!!!!! WooHoo!!

Anyway - just last night I was tellin' her mom I was gonna have to give her some shit, since she hasn't been posting. After all - I know exactly where the wedding plans are and things are lookin' GREAT.

Well - she posted. Finally. And has some pictures up of her moms hard work. (They are doing all the flowers and such themselves.)

AND - she still needs some music. And I did promise - if she finds all her music I will post pictures of me dancing at her wedding. :-)

So head on over - check out the photos and see if you can help her out with that music list!!! It's only a few more weeks!!

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September 28, 2006

And I'm Damned Proud of It!!

How to win friends and intimidate everyone else.

I should teach a seminar on that.

Let's see if I can explain.

First - have you been over and seen the picture at Sgt. Hook's for his caption contest this week? Get on over there and check it out. If you don't this post will make NO SENSE at all,

I love this photo. I downloaded it to my laptop, printed it out, framed it and have it hanging in my office where I can see it all day. Seriously - I love this pic.

Anyway - I have several photos that I rotate as the wallpaper on the desktop of my laptop. This is the choice for this week.

Today we had a "dry run" on the presentations for next week. My boss asked that I bring my laptop to run everything on.

So......we're all sitting around - sales and our "designer" marketing group. These are a bunch of artists and such (you see where I'm goin'?) that all fit the "liberal artist" labels very well.

I fire up the laptop and we get the projector running and that photo pops up, larger than life. I thought it was fantastic. You could have heard a pin drop in there. Now please don't think they were were nasty. Not at all. I think the best way to describe it was shocked. Postively shocked. I don't know why, but that was the feelin' they gave.

They're lookin' at the photo, then lookin' at me. The photo, then me.

Tammi: What? Isn't that a great picture??? I think it was taken in Iraq recently.

Boss: Well folks, I think it's pretty clear - we had better be nice to Tammi. While those Jersey boys may "have a guy" Tammi obviously has us all out gunned.

Everyone laughed and some jokes were made about using that photo as the backdrop during my "rules and regulations" part of the presentation. I think that would rock!

But I did notice, folks were holding doors for me the rest of the day. And I swear I heard someone call me ma'am.

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Now for somethin' fun.....

Last year, Raging Mom and T1G did some cemetary huntin'. I got to go one time, and really enjoyed it.

There are some pretty cool cemetarys up here - it's just a matter of finding them, and I think we all know about me and tryin' to find some place on my own. So I guess it goes without sayin' I won't be doing any exploring this year.

Anyway- Raging Mom wrote a great series last year - based on their adventures. Sorta. Kinda.

This year she's posted them all together. Head on over and given 'em a read. I just love this series, and seriously hope she gets a chance to write some more this year. (hint hint)

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Of Numbers and Goals

Ok - I've got to work this out of my head. It's keeping me awake at night.

I am responsible for setting the forecast of my division. Now I have a pretty strong theory about forecasting/budgets. I don't sandbag. I will not lower my numbers just so that I can blow them away and look good to the company.

One reason for that is I think it makes you look like a loser. I check my forecasts account by account every quarter. If something changes in my account layout I make a revision to my numbers. Up or down. It's called honesty.

I also refuse to "shoot for the moon". I'd love to set this year's budget at 10 million dollars. LOVE to!! But, that is setting my team up for failure. It's discouraging when you've got a number that there is no way in hells kitchen you can hit.

Now - I stretch. You can bet your sweet ass I stretch. This year my teams budget is $3.5million. May not seem like much - but you should know the cost of our average product is about $3.00. You gotta sell a lotta shit at $3.00 a pop to hit $3.5 million.

But I know we can do it. Open new business, get in other sections of stores we are already in and sell in the new product. In other words - do your job. It's simple.

And that's what I've got to convince my team of next week. THAT is why I will be the Travelin' Tammi Show for the next 3 months. I've got to encourage them, push them, reward them, and correct them so that we can do what we need to do.

It's called being a manager.

Have I mentioned how much I really love this job?!?!?!?

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September 27, 2006

Talking with Mama Vi

Mama Vi is getting ready to have a birthday the end of October. The big 75.

She hasn't been feeling all that well for the last bit, having trouble catching her breath and some other heart issues (along with everything else). BUT - even given all that, we've been having some great conversations.

A favorite of both of ours is when we talk business. Mama loved sales. She loved managing sales people. That's where I learned much of what I know - watching her.

So we'll often chat on my way home, me telling her about projects at work and her offering suggestions. She's even given me some great prospecting ideas.

I'm so very glad we're able to have these talks. As I said she really enjoys them, and I always learn something.

But every time we hang up I'm kinda sad. These talks get fewer and fewer - makes me wonder how long I'll have this pleasure.

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Laughter - The Best Medicine

It was a pretty long day yesterday, but the highlight was the infamous email telling me that Tall Girl Shop (the home of the magic pants) was having another sale.

Ahhhhh - I guess they've missed me.

Anyway - I figure I'll kill two birds with one stone. Shopping therapy and I really do need some more winter clothes.

I walk in the door and the feeling was just....flat. None of the sales assistants were smiling, no laughter, no talking. Nothing. Flat.

So I figure it must be a "bad day" all around and just commence to shoppin'. As I browse one of the girls comes up to help me. I gladly accept her input and before you know it we're laughing.

Pretty soon here comes another girl. We sucked her right into our gathering. Since I was the only customer in the joint, we spread out and do some power shopping. From three corners of the shop you hear HEY - This will work! Or - I got the perfect one here!!! And laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. (I have little shame, I'll try on anything and then tell you exactly what I see in the mirror!!!)

After about 30 minutes of this the Sales Manager comes out. She looks at the girls and then sees me as I walk out of the dressing room.

SM: Ahhh, it's you Tammi. I should have known. We always have soooo much fun when you stop by!

Now that was nice to hear. But also kinda sad. I've worked in places where I don't really have *fun*. It's a bummer (to say the least). They made me promise to stop by again next week before the sales meeting. Seems they have "new stock" due in and I'm gonna love it. I figure I'll stop by anyway. It does me good to make people laugh. Stoppin' by there once a week and hangin' out with them is just exactly what I need.

But I think I'll leave the credit card in the car.........

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Good Cop - Bad Cop

So we're getting ready for this big national sales meeting. It's my first with this company, and the bulk of the meeting is for MY team. So - It's show time.

As this company has grown, managing the reps has kinda fallen to the wayside. That's why they hired me. It's my main focus. Managing reps and new business.

For '07 we have one hell of a target to hit. It's gonna take some serious focus and one hell of a lot of cheerleading. The cheerleading I got handled.

Anyway - I'm doing some special books for my team. Giving them their targets, budgets and some leads that I have for them. I'm also putting in place new policies and procedures that they will HAVE to follow. Yeah - I'm gonna be real popular after that meeting!

I stopped in to my bosses office to see if there was anything I was missing in my format so that I could make the necessary changes.

Boss: Oh - as a heads up. I'm kickin' the shit outta your reps next week.

Tammi: Ok. Why?

Boss goes on to explain how things have really slipped and they need to pick up the pace or move on.

Tammi: Alright. Now, let me put my other hat on. What have WE done to help them? Support them? What tools have we provided to help them do what we need them to do?


Boss: We hired you.

Tammi: They are soooo f*cked.

I'm actually glad he's going to do that. NOW when I review everything with them, it will all make sense. They will understand the pressure I'm putting on them.

Finally, in a game of good cop/bad cop I get to be the good cop!!!!

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September 26, 2006

Nutrition 101

So is toast and wine considered Dinner or Supper?

just wonderin'.........

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Wish Her Luck

Today my first blogdaughter, the original Quality Weenie, is havin' a big day.

She has a job interview.

Head on over and wish her luck.

QW? I'm sayin' a prayer and crossing everything I have that can be crossed. Knock 'em dead darlin'!!!

SHE GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm still catchin' up a bit from the last few weeks. And since we have our National Sales meeting next week, it's busier than all get out right now.

So last night I had me a little dinner, checked a few blogs and called it an early EARLY evening.

As I curled up in bed, the temperatures a cool 50 something, fan blowing softly in the window, I got to thinking. I got to thinking about life and blogging.

I still remember when I first found this blogosphere that we all share. It was when Smash had first headed for the sandbox. I was captivated. Even knowing he only posted periodically I found myself checking his site several times a day. Reading and rereading every word.

Then I branched out to other milblogs. Learning and commenting. It was fabulous. The next step was the personal blogs. Catching a glimpse of other peoples every day existance, sharing a laugh or a tear.

In no time at all I had my own site. I remember thinking not "I can do this" but instead looking at it as a way to share. A way to do something. A break from being on the road, a way to step away from work.

But I have to be honest with you. I've never been good at the abstract. I'm a "hands on" kinda gal. I need to have the conversation. I want to look in your eyes. I'm not just satisfied with words on paper (or screen as it were). That is when the friendships began.

And ohhh how that has changed everything. Enriched my life in so many ways. Some of my very closest friends are folks I've met through this funny sphere. Y'all have been there through the tough times at work, Mama getting sick, a cross country move and well - more bad times than you even know about.

And we've done a few happy dances together - haven't we?

But as with all things, it gets complicated. I always said that this blog is MINE. My thoughts, my feelings. My outlet. I share with you because I want to. Not for any other reason. It allows me to talk about my love of this country and our military. It gives me a venue to try and help someone - anyone - in a bad domestic situation. It lets me share my stories.

One thing I never wanted it to be was "fakey". I am who I am. Good/bad/ugly. And I hope that's what you take away from your visits here. I will never put on airs. I don't pretend not to have issues - we all do. Wouldn't I look like an ass tryin' to convince you that I don't?! I have good days and bad days. Just. Like. Everyone. Else. And I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm like this in real life too.

Oh, now in real life I can be a bit catty at times. Hell - we all can. I just don't air that. I save that for my closest friends. And it should be no surprise to anyone that I have a bit of a temper. But it's like an ocean squall. Comes up fast, does it's damage and then.....disappears. I speak my mind and then move on.

Before blogging I spent so much time alone I started to lose track of all that. Before blogging my world seemed to be closing in on me.

But now - it's almost as suffocating. I find myself holding back on what I write. I don't speak my mind as easily. I often go back and read old posts, just to remind myself of where I've been and how far things have come. I notice how my writing has changed. Oh, I still sit down and write directly off the top of my head. I'm not a researcher, I'm just an opinionated girl. But now I don't always hit publish. I worry about what "people think". Some how, some where it became more about other people. Worryin' about how they saw me, how my feelings were being viewed. I actually worried about what people were saying about me.

And I don't want to do that any more. I need this outlet. I need the opportunity to feel like I'm making a difference, in one way or another. We read blogs to share our worlds, our thoughts. And I've stopped doing that. Because my two worlds became one.

That's good - and that's bad.

But it sure was a lot to have on my mind last night........

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Thank You!

I want to thank everyone who posted something for Family Day 2006.

Even though I had hoped to see more participation - we did get some GREAT posts shared, and I know I enjoyed reading them. I hope you did too.

And remember - when all comes down, it really is all about the family. It defines who we are, and helps us to see where we are going.

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September 25, 2006

Family Day Round Up

This post will be updated throughout the day, as comments and links are left. *You are planning on leaving comments and links for Family Day, right? Yeah, I thought so.

Here are some folks that have posted stories and memories over at their sites.

OddyBobo shares a day with her father and his grandsons.

Army Wife talks about her dinning room table and how important it is in their family.

Here is a funny little memory from my past I shared and another story about just how important family dinners are to me.

Lisa W. shares a wonderful story Christmas parties.

OddyBobo tells us about a recent family dinner - too funny!

Tink is talking about Thanksgiving and some wonderful traditions.

Teresa talks about her family dinners and the example they set.

Richmond will have you laughing at tales of family traditions and mistaken identities.

VW shares some photos of her family just havin' some fun - her boys are somethin' else!!!

Bou shares some dinner table traditions in her home and reminds us - it's all about the family....

In the extendend entry are some comments that were left - I wanted to make sure you didn't miss them.

Sarah, over at Trying to Grok, shares:

Back before seatbelts were required, we had an old converted air conditioner transport van that we used to take long trips in. My little brother was sitting crosslegged on the bench and we other two siblings were on the floor of the van. Dad hit the brakes hard in traffic, and little brother launched off the bench, over the heads of us kids, and right into the front of the van.

Now I know this doesn't really sound like the makings of a funny story, but since no one was hurt, it has become a running joke in our family. Any time little brother is in the back seat, someone makes a joke like "Now watch it, because I've got something breakable up here. No flying through the car!"

Gosh, typing that story out makes us seem like a psycho family.
Posted by Sarah at September 23, 2006 11:09 AM

No Sarah, y'all don't sound psycho at all, just like a lot of fun!!!

Grau, over at Frizzen Sparks shares how important the right silverware can be at the table.

Sometime back in the mid-nineties before my Dad had his stroke and both my Mom and Grandmother passed away ('96, and a double whammy in '99 respectively) we were having Easter dinner at my folks house.

My Grandmother and Dad could argue to the death about ANYTHING. On this occasion, while Maranda, my Sister & Bro in law, and my Mom were waiting patiently in the living room for the table to be set to eat (they had told us to stay out of the way) my Gran and Dad started arguing about what spoon to use in the mashed potatoes.

For forty-five minutes.

We sat in that living room with tears coming out of our eyes trying not to laugh out loud as they sparred with each other.

Grandma: "I've been cooking Easter dinner for fifty years and we never use that spoon!"

Dad: "This is my goddamn house, and we'll use whatever spoon I want to!!"

Grandma: "Well maybe I should just let you do everything, then!"

Dad: "Please!"

Bahahaha they kept at it, escalating into a screaming match, until I went into the kitchen and said "I'm going to serve the potatoes with a fork just to piss you off! Let's eat!!" at which point they both turned beet red and we ate without another argument.

Absolutely hilarious. Especially since the damn spoons were almost identical.
Posted by Graumagus at September 23, 2006 07:25 PM

I can actually hear a version of that from my family - except all cursing (well, other than mine) is done in Dutch!!

SO come on folks - send me your links, leave me stories. Let's CELEBRATE FAMILY DAY!!!!!

**And please - if I missed yours feel free to hit my up side the inbox with a reminder!!!!

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Family Day

Today is Family Day. Now, let me just be clear about something - in my opinion EVERY DAY should be family. Period. End of discussion.

But today is the day to really celebrate the ideal of family.

And let me tell you - I come from one big ole family. Mama comes from a large Amish family. Thirteen children all together. By the time we grandkids were big enough to know what was going on, most of them were married so that makes for 24 to 26 adults and, well, a boat load of kids.

Up until Grandma couldn't handle it anymore, we always got together at their house. Down in the basement they'd line up tables from one end to the other. EVERYONE sat together. No "little" table for us.

And the food. Holy cow, the food. All of it made from scratch. Loaves and loaves of bread. Fresh from the oven that morning. We usually all started arriving pretty early in the morning so Grandma would have donuts made for us and waiting. Hot, fresh, glazed donuts. Oh, excuse me - got lost in the memory for a moment there.

The meal usually started with Oyster Stew (not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination). There would be fried chicken and ham. Sometimes, if we had "guests" grandma would make a turkey too - just so we wouldn't run out of food. Noodles, homemade, mounds of mashed potatos, gravey, the sweetest corn you've ever tasted. So many different salads it would boggle the mind. Beans, creamed peas. And the the dessert. ALWAYS there was ice cream. Sweet vanilla ice cream. Grandma's raspberry freezer jam was the perfect topping. But wait - there's more. Pie, peanut butter, cherry, apple, chocolate. And usually some kind of cake or bread pudding.

And then - you didn't think I was done, did you? - there were the "after dinner" snacks. You could eat all day and never ever find the bottom of a plate.

But the best part are the traditions. We are a Christian family - faith is very important to us. So we would stand around the table and sing a hymn or two. Then either Grandpa or one of my Uncles (who happen to be pastors) would say a prayer. THEN and only then would we sit.

The conversations were electrifying. Stories from days gone by, mixed with stories from we children. Everyone talked, everyone was engaged. And laughter? Yeah, lots and lots of laughter.

After dinner we would sit and sing. We're a very musical family - one of my Aunts was a professional gospel singer - and for us, the MUSIC was the dessert.

Honest injun, I thought everyone did that. You should have seen me the first time I went someone else's "family" meal. I was very confused.

But to this day - even though now our numbers have grown, and shrunk, we still cook together, sing together, pray together and eat together.

Because we're a family. And that's what our family does.

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Hit Her Up!!

OK - it's push time folks.

Army Wife, my blogdaughter, is comin' up quick to that 100,000 hit mark.

Click on over and get her there. Please. It's only right that she get that BIG MARK from her Mama!!

And if I may say so - I'm very proud. Proud that she claims me as the blogmother, and even prouder to call her my friend!!

Now - get to clickin'!!!

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September 24, 2006

A Ball!!!

It looks like I may just have to eat my words.

Over at Lollygaggin, Pammy mentions she and Ziggy may drive up to Byron for Byron's Turkey Testicle Festival.

Now I have sworn, ever since moving up here, that I would never ever go to that. For no other reason than I grew up on a farm and there are just somethings I don't need to try. Turkey testicles are on that list.

Lucky for me, I've had to eat my words more than a time or two and I know how to make them a bit more palitable.

So - Pammy? As I said in your make the drive I'll meet you there. Now - let's get one thing straight. There will be no testicle tasting for Tammi. None. Nada. Nunca.

But I'd be THRILLED to have a beer or so (wink) with you and Ziggy!!!!!

What about some of you other locals? Bummer that Raging Mom won't be here. Contagion & Ktreva? Harvey & TNT? Grau? Richmond? Anyone? We outta at least turn out to make sure Byron is still standing. :-)

Plus - it'd be a ball, don't you think?!?!?!? And would sure go a long way in keeping me from feeling sorry for myself for some other plans I had to cancel.

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Ok - that last rant was not what I intended for a Sunday. Sundays are for light, lovely posts. When possible.

So - to make up for that I'm gonna share my Grandma's recipe for Peanut Butter Pie. ** modified by me, to make it a bit easier to do with busy schedules**

First - you need to start out with a good crust. You can use store bought or HERE is grandma's crust recipe - if you wanna go more Amish! ;-)

Bake for a single crust.

Now - for the good stuff.

1 large box of French Vanilla Pie filling - follow directions for 1 pie.

Powdered sugar
Creamy peanut butter
Cool Whip

In a medium bowl combine 1 cup of powdered sugar and 1 cup of peanut butter. Mix together with a fork. It will become crumbly. Here's where it get's tricky. I have no measurements. I just keep adding one or the other until it's a light tan color and all crumbled up. Just keep in mind, you're putting this on the crust AND on top of the pie, so you want a good bit.

Spread 3/4 of that mixture on the pie crust. Add french vanilla pie filling. Chill. When pie filling "sits up" top with cool whip. Sprinkle remaining peanut butter mixture on top of cool whip. Don't worry. You can't put too much on there. Trust me. The sign of a good pie is how generous you are!

Now - this is light and easy. It does NOT have a strong peanut butter flavor. You can drizzle chocolate syrup on top just before serving - makes it like a reeses pieces kinda.

This is a favorite in our family. Hell - it's my down right favorite pie in life. And it's quick and easy. Promise.

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Ok. Let's look at this for a just a moment. I have a laptop from work. I had to sign for it. I'm responsible for it. If it gets "lost" it's MY problem. And I can promise you if more than one laptop were to disappear throughout our company alarm bells would be ringing.

So help me understand how 1,100 laptops can be just now DISCOVERED missing from the Commerce Department since 2001. Folks - that's only 5 years. That's something like 220 laptops gone every year.

And it's JUST NOW being reported?!?!

And it's the Commerce Department. What kind of info could be involved here? "...including nearly 250 from the Census Bureau containing such personal information as names, incomes and Social Security numbers, ....."

And that's only what has been reported by one of the 10 departments that have been asked to look into this info. Here's an encouraging comment:

Of the 10 departments that have responded, the losses at Commerce are "by far the most egregious," said David Marin, staff director for the committee. He added that the silence of the remaining seven departments could reflect their reluctance to reveal problems of similar magnitude.

ACCOUNTABILITY. That's what I'm talking about. I don't care who you are, where you work, what you do - everyone needs to be accountable for that which is within their scope. Again - if I lost a laptop I'd have to report it to someone. Along with what the hell happened. And I promise, if we were looking at losing 220 laptops a year there would be an investigation. And I just deal in kids toys!!!

This is just unflippin' believable. It pisses me off more than I am capable of documenting in writing. All I know is someone, somewhere better figure out what the hell happened and why. Than kick some ass.

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A Treat

I stepped away from the game last night for a treat.

It's Fall Fest in The Valley I live in and Saturday night they have fireworks.

So I pulled out my lawn chair and dressed in my jammies and wrapped in a blanket I sat on my deck and watched the show.

They did a great job. It was beautiful.

I forget how much I enjoy fireworks. I forget how beautiful the colors are against the night sky. Each and every time I feel like a child, smile spread across my face, feeling that percussion before every flare.

It was perfect. It was exactly what I needed.

It was a treat.

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September 23, 2006

Have you seen.....

I'm looking for a few good men. No, not THOSE guys. (although I sure as hell wouldn't complain if they show up!!!)

These guys are kinda easy to spot.

They have gold helmets and are built, well, let's just say they look pretty damned good in those tight pants they wear.

Oh - I've seen some impersonators out and about, but I'm lookin' for the real deal.

OBVIOUSLY, since the flippin' score is 14 to 0, my Irish forgot TO SHOW UP FOR THE DAMNED GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: 31-14 at half time. Yeah, I think the 3rd string may be the closest I'll see to an Irish showing this evening. Hail Mary? Hell, I don't even think the candles I have lit are gonna help!!!!

UPDATE 10:28pm: HOLY SHIT!! We got us a game folks. Damn - where'd I put the rest of those candles?!?!?!?! Damn - missed the extra point. WHERE THE HELL ARE THOSE CANDLES?!?!?!?!?!

UPDATE 10:35pm: OHMYGOD OHMYGOD I just scared the hell out of my deaf landlady I was yellin' so loud. TOUCH DOWN NOTRE DAME!!! NOTRE DAME STEALS THE LEAD AND POSSIBLY THE GAME!! OHMYGOD!! OHMYGOD!!!!

10:45: I've always said sometimes it's better to be lucky rather than good. That interception? UGLY. But you know what - I'll take it. HOLY CRAP NOTRE DAMN WINS!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how but we did.

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It's Personal

I'm preparing to watch my beloved Notre Dame Irish play Michigan State.

Opening credits talk about how this series is 40 years old.

It's one to talk about.

But for me....this game is personal.

You see - way long before I met my ex husband I had a boyfriend. (Believe it or not.) He played defensive end. He was a fabulous high school player - I would drive hours to watch him play (he lived a distance from us). EVERYONE in the state was talkin' about him.

He choose to go to Michigan State. Why? Who knows, and frankly who even cares.

Anyway - while he was in his freshman year and I in my senior we decided to get engaged. I was over the moon.

His mother and I were very close. We would drive up to Lansing together to watch him play.

One particular weekend I didn't think I could go, but it worked out that I was able to get the time off of work and so hitched a ride with his mama to the game.

We arrived the night before. I decided to surpise him and just showed up at his dorm.

Caught him in bed with some blonde chick. Gave him his ring back. And a piece of my mind.

The game the next day? Yeah - broke his shoulder. Never played football again.

I love nothing better than to watch the Irish beat those guys. Just because.

This game? It's personal. He still cheers for MSU. He hates ND with a passion. Even after all these years - I smile every time we beat them. Just because.

Yep - this game is personal.

GO ND!!!!!!!

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Ok - let me start out by setting the stage a bit.

My dear friend Shoe bet her blog on the outcome of the Texas vs Ohio State football game.

She lost.

'Neck has "control" of her blog for the day.

He has requested contributors. Havin' been in her "shoes" I, of course, want to participate. So I find a neat little video to post, just rubbin' it in a bit.

I go over to check things out and, to my surprise, see a post up. From Me. And the worst part - it has me sayin' my beloved Irish SUCK!!

I've been impostered. Someone is pretending they are me. And it's not the first time, either.

You may not remember THIS post. He actually researched it, wrote it and posted it IN MY HOUSE! WHILE I was there - I had no idea what he was doin' til he 'fessed up. And it's fooled a lot of folks. Damn - it's scary when some one can write THAT MUCH like I do.

Oh, and did I mention.....that post got me linked to 2, count them TWO J.A. p0rn style sites. Yeah, I'm lovin' that! NOT!

AND he's over 1600 miles away right now so I can't even smack him upside that Jar Head of his. Talk about frustrating!!!

Dude - remember......I DON'T forget. I'll get even. I promise. I don't know how, I don't know when. But you are SOOOO IN BIG TROUBLE MISTER!!!

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Saturday Question

On Saturdays I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: With Monday being Family Day - I thought we'd go down that road this morning. Tell me about your funniest family moment. It's weird because as I think back I have lots and lots of moments like that. There was always a lot of laughter when Mama's family got togther. But heck - with 11 brothers and sisters, then add in their kids - if you don't laugh, you fight. Amish are pacifists so we didn't have much choice.

I remember this one's was in the spring. Everyone was comin' to grandma's and we were getting the table ready. Now in our family dessert was as important as the main course. Grandma made the best pies ever. My favorite? Peanut Butter pie. Not the thick one you get in the south - this is so light with just a hint of peanut butter. I couldn't/can't get enough of it.

Anyway - everyone is helping. Well, almost everyone. I heard Grandma yelling for me. It was always my job to put the glasses out and then put ice in them for everyone. It was time, and Grandma couldn't find me.

For good reason.

I heard the search. I was safe, so I thought. You see, I was under the table.

With a spoon.

And a pie.

I was almost done.

Then she found me.

I know it had to have been a sight - grandma on her knees yellin', tryin' to get a hold of me as I crawled as fast as I could under that long, long table, careful not to drop what was left of the pie, spoon stuck in my mouth. Now, even at 6 I was not a small child. As I was scampering away, looking behind me to make sure I was out of grabbin' range, I made the mistake. One table was lower than the others - I lifted my head, just a bit, to get a better view and WHAM! Knocked myself back when I hit the edge of that table just right.

WHAM! Grandma caught me.

Now, I can't swear to it, because I have never spoken fluent Pensylvania Dutch, but I'm pretty sure my sainted Grandma was cussin' me out. The cousins were all standing there in shock - seein' me get in BIG TROUBLE. The aunts all left the room - I'm sure now it was because they didn't want me to know they were laughing. Mama was mortified.

To this day, I'm the one responsible for bringing the Peanut Butter pie to the dinners. In pennance. And not a family gathering goes by that SOMEONE doesn't mention the one time Grandma blew her stack at the family trouble maker.

So tell me - what is one of your favorite family funnies????

And don't forget about Family Day Monday. Get me those links and stories!!!

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She's On A Roll

BlogDaughter LeeAnn is on a roll with me right now.

First there was the whole Kathy Griffin thing (post below) then yesterday I get THIS email from her:

I know I shouldn't really send you this, especially since you're not here...but the little devil in me is making me do it. Love ya!

bucs tix.jpg

Wounded. I'm wounded I tell ya!! I can't even WATCH the Buc's play this year!!!

So I'll be getting even. Eventually. You can bet on that. But really - who would do this to a beloved blogmama?!?!?!?

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September 22, 2006

I Missed It By A Day!

Damn it! Yesterday was BloodSpites Birthday and I flippin' missed it!

I'm sorry Dude.

Happy (late) Birthday!!!!

And something I hope you'll enjoy - an Eagle Flyin' into the Sunset.....


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A Great Way To End The Day

Head on over to Mike the Marine's place and check out the UTube he just posted.

It was a great way for me to end the day!!! And a great earworm too!!!

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Sure Sign....

Wardrobe for work today?

Baggy jeans, big green dressy "tshirt" and my Marine hat.

Just enough make up that I look my age instead of 10 years older.

Don't care. You want me to come in after the last 2 weeks I've had and have meaningful, productive meetings? Yeah, you get what you get.

Damn - I hope there are no customers in today.......

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It's Been Confirmed

I made a new friend on the flight to Boston Sunday.

Really nice girl, same line of work and we have a lot in common.

Anyway - we were chattin' away and as we were getting ready to land she says:

New Friend: I know! I know who you remind me of! That comedian! Really funny!! I love her!!

Tammi: (a sense of dread creeping through her being) Kathy Griffin?

NF: YES! Exactly!! Your timing, humor, all of it! Wow! That's really great!!

Tammi: yeah, great.....

Shit. LeeAnn posted about it earlier this year and I about had a cow! Griffin is NOT someone I "adore". I thought it was just a fluke.

But now? Now it's been confirmed.

Shit - I'm going to have to look into a personality transplant. This ain't really workin' for me so well.....

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Earlier this week I told you about a project I'd like to put together for Monday, September 25.

It's Family Day and I would love to see the blogsphere full of stories about family dinners and recipes that make those times even more special.

I know the weekends are usually slow in blogsphere - and that's because so many of us are so very busy - so I wanted to remind you today.

Post a story and leave me a link in the comments (trackbacks don't work - sorry) or you can leave me the story in comments or via email. And then plan on spending time with those you love. Folks are already starting and it's wonderful!! I'll do a complete round up on Monday evening.

And remember - family is more than just the definition shown in Websters. For me, my closest friends are the family of my choice. I'm alone. But yet, I'm not. So don't let the fact that you're single keep you from celebrating.

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September 21, 2006


Damn - I just had to share this one tonite......


**via email**

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Home Again

Well, that was a trip. In just about every sense of the word.

The show? GREAT.

The hotel? SUCKED.

The food? People were getting sick all week.

The flight home? Well, let me put it this way. FULL plane. Push away from the gate exactly on time. Taxi, taxi, taxi, taxi. Stop. Finally pilot comes on the intercom to tell us they are working on a mechanical situation in the cockpit, but then we'll take off.


Finally - take off an hour late.

Just now got home.

Doctor in the morning and then work tomorrow.

This weekend? Sleep. Blogging. Sleep. Talking with friends. Sleep. Laundry. Sleep. Groceries. Sleep.

But damn - this little Belfry sure does look good right now. Mess and all......

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September 20, 2006

Today's MUST Read

I'd actually go so far as to say this is one of the best posts I've read for a very long time.

Head over to Blackfive's and read this email from a Marine in Iraq listing out the Best Of Moments from 2006 in his view.

Some of it made me laugh out loud. Then, just as quickly I'd tear up.

Go. Read it. Really - you'll be glad you did.

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Today my very good friend Contagion is havin' some exploritory surgery.

Please keep him, and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

I know I am.

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We pretty much don't ever leave the hotel. To make matters worse, both my room and our show room are on the "inner" side of the place so very dark. Add in the fact that all the rooms are very small and well - to say I'm feeling a bit closed in and out of touch would be a bit of an understatement.

Yesterday during a short break I stepped outside for a few minutes. I had to. (btw - I'm down to about 5 cigarettes a day while here, just so you know. And NO meds yet!) Imagine my surprise to see a beautiful day!! Wow. I had no idea the sun was even shining.

Last night dinner was a couple of blocks away. So we all chose to walk. It was a pleasant evening, but I was ready to head back by 9:00. I said my good nights and stepped outside. Huh. It was raining. Not hard, just a solid drizzle. So I made the choice to walk. I'm not afraid to get wet. I lit my last cigarette for the evening and just........meandered. It was wonderful. A lazy strool, cool rain, the sounds fo the city. I felt "connected" to something for the first time in days.

I think I'll do that again tonite. I don't HAVE to attend the dinner. I can grab a sandwich or something somewhere. But this is my last evening here and I think I'll just do a bit of exploring.

My biggest concern is making sure I can find my way back. I'll try that whole "go until it looks right" thing. My first appointment isn't until 7:40 tomorrow morning - even *I* can't get THAT lost!

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A Sign?

Did I mention my room number this week is 666?

Yeah, you gotta love the irony on that one!!!

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Too Stupid to Know Better

My co-workers have been teasing me about my optimisim during all these meetings. But I'm telling you - folks are finally getting this product line. They are realizing it sells itself. One buyer called it "found money".

But I guess the way it usually works is that you come here, present, everyone loves everything, and then no one ever buys.

But my boss admitted today that this seems a bit different. They are requesting that we complete new vendor forms. They are ALL requesting quotes and samples, meetings.

But him admitting that hasn't kept him from givin' me a little grief. I'm making arrangements to follow up on stuff right away. I'm scheduling calls to set up meetings. He say's they'll never remember me. My new name is gonna be Tammi Who?

I just smile and tell him - I'm too stupid to know better. In my mind - you say you like it, you say you want it - well by gott I'm gonna make sure it happens.

We'll see about that new name. Tammi Who? More like Tammi Whoa!!!

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September 19, 2006

I Vow...

Tonite we're going to a local steakhouse for dinner. I'm only drinking diet coke. Period. End of discussion.

Even though I do get a break and don't have to be in my first meeting until 8:20 - I'm still NOT doin' that again.

Holy Cow - it's been a long ass day......

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It's All About The Family

Unless you know me really well, this post may see a bit odd, coming from me.

But I think it's important. So I wanted to do something about it.

Monday, September 25th is Family Day. It's being sponsered by Nick and TV Land and they have gained a lot of commercial support behind it.

I've mentioned time and time again how important I think having dinner together as a family is - and this is the main push of this whole event. In fact - Nick is not even broadcasting during the dinner hour, instead they will be showing photos of families having dinner together that has been sent in by viewers.

I thought it would be kinda cool to do something here. I thought maybe we'd like to share funny or touching stories that center around family dinners, and favorite recipes. Since trackbacks don't work you can leave links in my comments or, if you don't have a blog feel free to tell the story here.

I'll remind you again over the next few days - but please start thinking about this. And then start planning a really fun/special dinner with your family that evening. Me? I'm not sure yet WHAT I'll do - but I'll do something. That much you can be sure of.

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Show Stuff

Because I don't have a whole lot else on my mind right now - I'll tell you a couple things about the show we're at.

It's the same format as last week. We have a room and the buyers rotate around. 20 mins per meeting. Down and Dirty Pitchin'.

We have a nice round table set up to hold the meeting at. It feels a bit like a kitchen table to me, so I always feel like I'm inviting folks into my home. At one point yesterday I offered someone some water and then said "I feel like I should offer you cobbler". The look on my co-workers face was priceless, my boss laughed and the buyers "got it". It was the perfect ice breaker. Me? I thought it was hysterical - but then again, I crack myself up often.

I really think Boston is a beautiful city. Not too big, not too small. I wish I had time to explore some, but we're scheduled a bit too tight. However, it's been pointed out to several buyers that this is my territory so it looks like I'll be back. I'm good with that - but next trip I'm planning some shopping time with Teresa.

I'm ready to go home. Seriously. I just want to be curled up on my Golden Throne, my favorite blankey thrown over me and the TV playin' some episode of some CSI. But as soon as that thought perks into my mind I realize I have nothing to whine about. I'm not in the dust and dirt, livin' in a tent, away from my family for months and months on end. No one is shooting at me (yet) and the food is pretty damn good. So - I need to just keep that all in perspective. (but I do still just want to be home.....)

I like playing with foam stickers. Seriously. I've been sitting at the table, during the meetings I'm not a major participant in and peeling and stickin' them suckers all over the place. My badge has a #1 Sponge Bob and a book entitled "Happily Ever After" on one side and stars on the other. I've stuck them to my laptop, my franklin planner and have been eyeing what I want to put on my phone. I think it's become an addiction.

Well - that's about it for this morning. Not a lot of glamour goin' on here - just a lot of talkin' and hopin' someone likes what you have to say. Today is our long, tough day. We start early, end late and have few breaks. But I'm learning a lot.

But the question of the day? I wonder what dumb thing I'll pop out with? And when? I just hope it's not normal Tammi Timing and ends up bein' someone I really need to impress.

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September 18, 2006

Drunk Bloggin

How do you know you are truely drunk blogging?

1) You are covering one eye.

2) It takes you 10 minutes to type this post.

1 1/2 chicken in 2 days+ 5 appletinies+2 glasses of wine = very drunk.

see you tomorrow......

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It's About The Community

"No Man is an Island". I'm tellin' you - truer words were never spoken. We all like to think we are strong. And it's amazing what a human being can endure.

But it helps to know there are others out there that care. That understand. That can offer help - be it via suggestions, actual hands on help or just a shoulder to rest on.

Well, that's what the website Spouse Buzz is all about. Sponsered by, it is a group of military spouses joining together to share. Share their stories, advice, tears, and laughter.

Folks this is huge. This is something that has been needed for a long time and I, for one, am VERY excited about it.

So please - head on over and congratulate them on the kick off. Then spread the news. You'll spot some of my favorite bloggers that are contributors.

Congratulations Y'all!!!

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The Marvels of this Day and Age

Guess what I'm doin' right now!!

G-chattin' with Doc in the Box! WooHoo!! I love this guy - been readin' him for ever. One of the early milbloggers and on his THIRD trip to the Sand Box.

Damn - I love the marvels of this modern age......

If you haven't been over there to see him (blog wise) get yourself to clickin'!! He's not only a great blogger but the Dude takes some BEAUTIFUL pictures!

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When I got on the plane yesterday morning, everything in my world was ok. Really. Nothin' great, but nothin' too bad either.

I get off the plane and make 2 calls.

One to Mama. I knew as soon as she answered something was wrong. A friend of mine from her church killed himself yesterday. Leaving a beautiful family behind. This breaks my heart. And just pisses me off - let's be honest. I hurt for what this family will go through tryin' to move on after this. I hate that he hurt THIS bad - I've been there. Seriously, I have a very clear idea of what he saw when he looked at his world to be this desperate. This full of pain. But ohhhh - what a terrible, horrible thing for his family to be left to deal with.

Then I talk with Army Wife only to discover that a fellow blogger, and a military family is having a very rough time. Head over and read - then do what ever you can to help. It's the right thing to do.

Today? Today I don't think I'm making any calls. I'll just pray instead.

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Trash Talkin'

You know, I love football. Really I do.

But this year, my schedule it making it very difficult. I have no time for research and have yet to enjoy a football game from start to finish. That's college and pro.

But this is not the first year I've been in this position. It's just the first year I've not managed to be able to trash talk - even if it is just luck on my part.

WTF is happening to my teams??? ND looked like SHIT Saturday! The Gators BARELY beat Tennessee. And Sunday? SUNDAY my Buc's might as well have sprawled on the field with their faces in the dirt........Oh wait - they were. (Oh, and can we PLEASE get a real QB? And while we're at it, maybe a front line might help. Oh, and the defence needs a bit of work. And, and, and.......)

And in Fantasy? Yeah, I've never ever ever done so poorly. AND I'm not even playin' "favorites". I'm actually sorta payin' attention.

I need to do some trash talkin'. Seriously. SO - in a public message to the Irish and them Buc's - GET YOUR HEADS IN THE GAME!!!! This is what I'm gonna need for you to do......WIN damn it!

Holy's lookin' like a dark dark football season in Tammi's World.

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September 17, 2006

My First Day In Boston

Well - the big news is I didn't over sleep and actually made it to the airport in a comfortable time frame!! AND it wasn't raining this morning. Always a good sign.

Actually it was kinda funny. I woke up around 4:30am. Coffee and blogging done I finished my packing and got ready to go.

It was dark out. There I was, luggin' my shit down the stairs, scared to death I'd fall. It was only after I got all the way down and managed to keep from slippin' that I remembered that I could have turned the light on - there's a switch at the bottom of the stairs. Duh. And I'd like to tell you I won't be having that problem when I get home - but knowing me, I'll forget again.

Anyway - the sunrise this morning was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. And believe me, I've seen some gorgeous sunrises in my day.

Everything at the airport and the flight went very well. We arrived in Boston and went straight to the hotel.

Now - please note - I am NOT a hotel snob. Well, I didn't used to be. The rooms here are not even 1/2 the size of the one in Vegas. The bathrooms? Well, let's just say I won't be takin' any pictures of these. Nope. Not gonna happen.

Oh - it's nice. Really. Sorta. Yeah, it'll be fine.

Anyway - got everything set up for the meetings. Everything unpacked and the room assembled. I kept checking my watch - cause you remember - I was having dinner with my friend Teresa. I didn't want to be late.

So finally I get away, clean up and while I'm brushing my teeth she called to announce she was in the lobby.


Now, I had told her I wasn't going to be hauling my jeans all over this country and well, I did. I show up kinda dressed down. She looked lovely and professional. One of the girls I work with joined us, and she also looked lovely and professional. Yeah - I was feelin' a tad bit dumpy. But at least I did my hair!! That should count for something.

We had a wonderful dinner, chatting away and then returned to the hotel. I drug poor Teresa up to our meeting room to show her what I sell. I'm not good at describing it, it's so much easier to understand when you see it.

The three of us stayed and chatted a bit more until I. Hit.The.Wall. No - not literally, I mean I just reached the end of my line. So we said our goodbyes and parted ways.

In case I didn't make it clear Teresa....Thank you SOOOO much for driving into the city to see me. It was wonderful. And hopefully I'll land a Boston account and we can do this a lot more often.

So - that was day one. Now - I'm hittin' the hay. Heaven only knows what day two will bring.

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Boston Bound

Well, everything is sitting at the door ready for me to head out. Boston today.

The highlight is I'll be having dinner with Teresa tonite. WooHoo. It's been tooo long. So I'm really looking forward to that.

Not gonna be much down time on this trip. All day meetings (again) only these start earlier and end later. Dinners and socializing afterwards. I'm afraid I'm going to be disappointing my co-workers as I'll be heading to the room early each evening. Gotta catch up on my blogging and get some rest.

You know, this shit was much easier 10 years ago, can I just say that???

There'll be no football for me today, but I've got my fantasy picks all taken care of and hope to do a bit better than last week. And damn - I sure do hope my Bucs pull it together today. Plus after the way ND played yesterday maybe it's better if I DON'T watch!

Anyway - y'all have a great Sunday. Enjoy the time with the ones you love. Oh, that reminds me - I've got something planned for September 25th. Check back this week and I'll let you in on the secret.......

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Excellent Read

After I gave away my copy of The Blog of War I had to pick up something to read on my trip to Vegas.

So this caught my eye.


Holy Cow! What a great book! Where the hell have I been? There's a whole damned series out there and I was missing it!!!

Politics, Terrorist gettin' blown-up, action, adventure - hell! It's got it all.

I highly recommend this if you are into this type of read. Seriously. I should have saved it for the flight to Boston today. good as the first part of the book was, the 2nd half wouldn't let me put it down.

It's an excellent read!

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I HAVE To Quit Doin' These

Your Life Path Number is 8
Your purpose in life is to help others succeed

You are both a natural leader and a natural success. You are also a great judge of character.
You have a head for business and finance. You know how to make money.
A great visionary, you can see gold where other people see nothing.

In love, you are very generous - with gifts, time, and guidance.

You love to inspire people, but it can be frustrating when they don't understand your vision.
Great success comes easily for you. But so does great failure, as you are very reckless.
You are confident, and sometimes this confidence borders on arrogance.
What Is Your Life Path Number?

OK - this one? WAY to close for comfort.

Found over at Leslie's

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September 16, 2006

Saturday Question

On Saturdays I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: What is your favorite thing about rain?

I was sitting here a bit ago, looking out the front door. I noticed in a very short amount of time the leaves had turned over. Daddy had pointed that out to me way back when - if there was gonna be rain, the leaves turned over on the trees. He always said you could even tell how bad the weather would be, based on that.

Anyway - I was sitting here, just waiting for the rain to start and I drifted back. Back to sitting on the lania in the rain. Oh, there was a roof so I wasn't out IN the rain. But I'd listen to the sound of the water on the roof. Feel a light mist every now and again, usually more than welcome in the heat and humidity. Relaxing. Dreaming.

I just love the sound of rain. But then again, you have to remember, I'm alllll about the water.

So tell me.....what do you enjoy most about the rain???

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Speaking of Football....

Oh Quality Weenie??? Hello!!! You do realize what today is, right?

Today the Fighting Irish play them damn Michiganders.

I'd love to just sit here and type shit for a while, trash talkin' my little heart out. But truth is Michigan gives us a fight every year. It's never a sure thing.

So - instead I'll just let you know that The Belfry will be echoin' with the sounds of the game this afternoon. There will be no doubt in the quiet little neighborhood who I am pullin' for. And when we win - I'll be sure and toast the game down at Fritz's.

But no. I won't trash talk.

This week.

fighting Irish.jpg

UPDATE: 3:45 CT...Holy Shit!! We're gettin' our asses handed to us. Yikes~

Update: 6:30 ct:.....Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. yeah - that's all I got right now....Ouch.

Updated Again: I may have to start watching football with all the doors and windows closed. There are a lot of kids in this neighborhood and well....I'm pretty good at comin' up with creative curses. Yikes! Oh - and thanks for the condolences guys. Yeah, that really makes me feel better. /sarcasm

(but at least I know ya love me!)

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We're Number 1!!

One of the reasons I was chompin' at the bit to get a post up was because of something I found yesterday.

Seems they did a ranking of the best (and worst) stadiums to watch an NFL game at.

Guess which stadium won. Go ahead. Guess.

Raymond James Stadium

Hehehe. Here's what they had to say:

raymond james.jpg
Everyone gets to bask in the sunshine at Tampa Bay's home stadium

The Best
1. Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. At the risk of angering the great fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers, nothing beats attending an NFL game in Tampa, Florida. Raymond James Stadium is a joy — players, fans, and media all love it. A tip of the cap to Bucs' executive vice presidents Bryan and Joel Glazer for overseeing the $3-million pirate ship in Buccaneer Cove. You can't miss the 103-foot long ship. Eight cannons celebrate Tampa touchdowns. The weather is great. The food is great. The location is great.

So y'all go ahead, and tell me how great YOUR football stadiums are. But today. Right now. Yeah buddy - Tampa's #1~~

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Well thank goodness. I was starting to panic. I have one day to blog and Mu.Nu was down.

But I see that all is right with the world again, so I'll go take a bit of a nap and then get some words on this screen.

Whew. That one hurt.

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September 15, 2006


Today is my boss' birthday. I had no idea.

So when he came in to the meeting this morning, this was our conversation:

Tammi: Boss! Happy Birthday!! If I'd a known I would have ordered a troop of singing/dancing migets to perform.


Boss: Uhhh - thanks. For NOT knowing.

Wouldn't you just love to know what he REALLY thinks of me?!?!?!

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Ode to Friday

I love Friday's again. For a while there, every day just seemed so much the same. Weekend's didn't make much difference to me. But now? NOW I'm lovin' the Fridays.

Why? Funny you should ask. That's exactly what I wanted to post.

1) I can wear jeans and comfy tops to work.

2) Meetings scheduled for later in the morning so I'm not freakin' if traffic's a bit heavy.

3) I get to sleep in tomorrow. As late as I want.

4) Everyone is just so damned happy on Fridays. Really. It's a pretty cool office anyway, but Fridays? Yeah, you hear laughter every where, most of the day.

5) I can wear jeans and sneakers.

6) Someone, somewhere has food. Good food.

7) I can wear jeans.

So tell me. Why do YOU love Fridays?

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The Perfect Job

Pammy has figured it out.

She's job hunting and has put up a post showing that she is already qualified for the PERFECT JOB.

Good Luck Pam!! You can DO it.

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Proof of Vegas

I promised pictures so I'll keep my word.

But damn - let me just tell you - it's more than obvious I was tired.

I'll start out with my favorite part of the whole damned trip. Believe it or not.

Check out this bathroom!!! And yes - that is a plasma screen tv at the end of the tub. :-)


Just to prove I was ON the strip (as opposed to strippING as Zonker was trying to say!) The dancing fountains at the Bellagio.

the strip.jpg

Here I am in front of the first sign that actually got me to stop in my tracks. I think you can see why.


And last but not least - this one needs a bit of explaining. I was tired. So I was kinda "loopy". I chatted up the waiter, and the bartender, and just basically relaxed during our little field trip. Anyway - after we finished dinner the waiter brings this glass to me and announces "sweet for my sweet". He then informs me that because I was such a pleasure to wait on he was treating us to dessert. On him. And it was GOOD!!!


Anyway - it was a decent trip and the night out was exactly what I needed.

Next week? Pictures from Boston.

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September 14, 2006

The Word for Today? BLUE!!

Today's word comes to you in honor of my blogfaddah and very dear friend Harvey.

He chose it, and since I believe your birthday is YOUR day, he get's it.


Yes, you read that right - he has decided that the theme for his 40th birthday is blue.

WTF? Ok, if that's what you want.....

So I started thinking. (always an interesting time) Blue? Harvey?

blue birthday.jpg

Naaa - not really what I wanted, and not really funny if you think about it.

So I'm searchin' and searchin'. Harvey. Blue. Harvey. Blue.


Damn. Am I a great blogdaughter or what?!?!?!

Happy Birthday my dear, dear friend. May this year (and always) shower you with dreams come true and blessings aplenty!!!

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I thought I should mention how the search is going for my birth mother.

First - I really want to thank everyone for all the leads and tips. It's over whelming.

And I do mean - over whelming. As in I'm over whelmed with what to do next.

So - I had an interesting phone call today. From a PI company that specializes in the search. They quoted me a price that is unbelievable. AND - here's the key....THEY will make the inital contact. Gotta tell you folks - I'm a fairly "meet things head on" kinda gal, but that first contact with Charlotte is a frightening thought.

I had talked to an agency a few weeks back that wanted around $1800 to find her. I was not happy with that. I just got an email saying that they will do the search if I write a referal for them and give them a couple hundred dollars.

I'll probably let the first company I mentioned here go with the search. They were very excited about the amount of information I have and I *LOVE* the fact that they will reach out to her for me.

So that's where things stand right now. Kinda exciting, I think. Sure does beat me traveling around this country, looking at every 63 year old taller woman wondering......


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Here but Not

Getting off the plane last night a gentleman asked me if I had been at the Vegas Convention Center.

I told him NO and he said he would have sworn it was me. Huh. Seems that twin of mine (that they all say we have) and I were on the same travel schedule.

Damn - that is actually a scary thought. hehehehehe

Now I'll tell you, yesterday was a long ass day. LONG ASS. I was tired, which makes me clumsy and cranky. And quiet. When I'm that tired I just don't want to talk to anyone. So I was standing there, on the tram just looking around. At hundreds of folks just like me. All of us dressed in our business travel clothes, luggin' suitcases and briefcases. That blank look of exhaustion on our faces. Every once in a while you'd hear a laugh that just seemed TOO loud, too harsh. Everything was moving in slow motion and seemed bathed in a harsh yellow light.

That's when I realized. I'm part of the club again. The Road Warrior Club, and there are a shitload of us. I looked at these folks and started trying to figure out who they were. Women in their suits, hair mussed by now, make-up gone. I'd look to see if they had wedding rings. If they did, I'd wonder about kids. How do they do it? How do they make it all work? If they don't, who suffers? Do they kill themselves to balance everything or do they just let something else slid?

I'd look at the men and wonder the same thing. Do they make soccer games or do they just pop in and out of their kids lives? Do they make "dates" with their wives or just expect them to "buck up and deal with it"?

And how do they make relationships work? Are they faithful? (Because I'm tellin' you - many many many are not. It makes me sick)

Yeah I know. Weird stuff to be thinkin' after a long week - but I get pretty retrospective when I'm that far gone. It's like I'm just looking for that secret formula. The one that shows me how to have it all.

Anyway - I made it home. Now I'm getting ready to head to work. But it was weird drive home. My mind is elsewhere, my heart is kinda on hold and I'm just so flippin' tired. It's like I'm here but not.

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September 13, 2006

So Long Sin City

Well, it's time to get going. Everything but the laptop is packed up and I'm ready to check out. I've got just enough time before our first meeting to grab breakfast and maybe play a slot or two.....hehehehe

I will say I ended up having more fun this trip than I did the last time I was here. And I'll be honest, deep down inside I never really expect to have FUN on these types of trips. Too busy, too uptight. It's business folks - bottom line. But I did loosen up a bit last night and let my hair down.

Today will be hectic. Our last appointment is around 11:00 and then we have to tear everything down, repack the stuff and get it out for shipping. Then we have a 1:00 shuttle to the airport, a 30-45 minute drive and a 3:00something flight (I probably out to check that out!). I'll get home around 9:00pm Chicago time and then drive the 1 1/2 hrs home. ouch.

Full day of follow-up tomorrow and Friday. Saturday to repack and such and Sunday it's off to Boston.

I'm hoping to hook up with Teresa while I'm out there, it's been too long. Here's hoping they give us a bit of free time!!!

OK - say a prayer for some decent meetings and a safe flight. I'll catch ya all later!!!!

And hey! Have a good day. 'Mkay!!!

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I'm a Winner Baby!!

Now don't get all excited. Yes, I won a little, but you know how I love to draw things out - so you'll just have to let me tell you the story.

Tonite we, my 2 co-workers and I, could not stand the idea of eating in this hotel one more time. So we headed to the strip. Once there we did a bit of walking then had some drinks and dinner at Ceasar's. (I got pictures!! Coming soon!)

After a yard long margarita and some great Italian food we headed to the Bellagio. Walking through I decided I wanted to play the slots. I had 2 singles. So we each chipped in $2 and away we went. On the 3rd round we hit $120. We cashed out, happy with our return on investment and proceeded walking the strip.

We get back to the Red Rock and I head to the casino. THIS is why I don't gamble. I like it. I thought I might, and I do.

I put $20 in the slots and.......cashed out $50 ahead. I was actually up a lot more at one point, but was laughing so hard at myself I just didn't want to stop. I was having a good time. I figured I deserve it. Plus, playin' with cash - I knew I couldn't go into the hole.

So anyway - Finally. FINALLY I had a really good time. And I wanna come back. Soon.

WooHoo! I'm a Winner Baby!!!

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September 12, 2006


Oh you're gonna love this one. I stepped in it this time.....

Let me share. This whole show is we, the vendors, sit in a room and buyers rotate through. You got 20 minutes. It's kinda like speed dating. Some buyers you really want/need to talk to. Some? Not so much.

Well, the end of this afternoon we had a couple of guys from.....TAMPA! WooHoo. It was decided I would handle this as:

a) Tampa = Tammi Home (sorta)
b) My territory.

So - we start talking and quickly realize there's really no fit business wise. Their office is near my old townhouse and we talked favorite resturants and stuff.

Then I went in.

If you've read here much you know exactly what I'm getting ready to say.

I started talking Tampa Football. I think I scared them. I'm pretty sure I terrified the Director of Sales for our company. But it was fun. I haven't talked Buc's football with another Buc's fan in sooooo long.

And talk I did. If you know me, you know if I'm passionate about something I. Can. Talk.

I had these guys rollin'. At one point I said we needed to dump Sims. Too much of a wimp. They agreed and said he'd be out before long, couldn't take a hit. I laughed and said "Yeah, *I* can take a hit better than he can!" The one guy came back and offered money to see that. I don't think he realized I was serious.

We were yellin' - well I think we were just talkin' loud, but whatever - and laughin' and stratagizin'....

Ohhhh it was fun.

Then the guys had to leave. The silence in the room when they left? Heavy. The look on my co-workers' faces? Stunned.

I just smiled and reminded them - I love me some football.

Funny, when I looked at the schedule for tomorrow, I'm not leading any of those meetings. Wonder what's up........

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I wanted to share this insightful email I received.....


She smells like a new truck!!!!!

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Just a Day

I am officially boring. Really - I guess it was there all the time, just waiting for me to admit it out loud.

Here I am, in Vegas, a beautiful resort, and I was in bed at 8:30 Vegas time. So tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. Geesh. I wonder if AARP goes by how old you FEEL vs what your birth certificate says?

Yesterday was a long day. I was up at 5:00 central time, mainly because since I'm leaving tomorrow I don't want to screw up my sleep pattern too much. Anyway - back to back to back meetings. All Day.

I do have to admit I love this set up. Vendors have a room. We set it up with our product and have a nice conference table and the buyers rotate through. Appointments last 20 minutes. And they are strict about that. So - yeah, it's hectic, but you get a lot done. The best part is I'm not standing in a booth for 10-12 hours all day. THAT is much better!

I also understand what they meant about being busy when we get back. Holy cow. I have 2 really hot leads I'm not even going to wait for. I'm in the process of sending that stuff out today. WooHoo. Let me tell you, in this type of sales - 2 new accounts in a week is something to celebrate.

And tonite I will celebrate. We're heading out to the strip. It will be our first good meal since we got here (the food is the only bad part about this place) and then.....people watching. I might even gamble just a bit.

Cause I'm in Vegas damnit. In what, I will tell you, is the nicest place (other than the food) that I've ever stayed at. I was sitting here this morning, as my coffee was delivered, thinking I really should have a "good" reason for being this tired. I wish I were sitting here telling you Tammi Tales of Mischief. Stories of things I've seen and heard. But I doubt there will be any from this trip. And the bad part is I keep thinking I'll be doing this again next week. Every time I start to relax I realize I need to save my strength for that.

Well, there you have it. I, Tammi, am boring. But right I'm too tired to do anything about that right now. Maybe next month. Next month I'll play.

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September 11, 2006

September 11

This post began as a spewing of my intense anger. My anger at what happened on September 11, 2001.

To me it is as if we as a nation were raped. Raped and violated. Thugs, evil personified, figuratively drug us until a darkened alley and violently took our innocence. Violated the sactity of our freedom. On a large scale made us afraid.

Over the past 5 years our lives have had to change. We are at war. It's a long, bloody and violent war. Our liberties have been compromised. Our freedom has become less than it was before.

But as I worked on that post I ran that fateful day through my mind. Over and over again. Oh, please do not think a day goes by that I don't think of what happened. That I don't see the horror as fresh as the day it happened. I do. Every. Single. Day. But this, this was different.

New York City


The Pentagon

Click to enlarge

You see I spent a great deal of that morning on the phone with a friend of mine. She lives just outside of Washington DC. She was in traffic trying to get to her babies. Her boyfriend worked at the pentagon. She was describing to me the sights, sounds and feelings in our nation's capitol just hours after a plane had crashed into what we THOUGHT was our most secure building. Afterall - that is the heart of our military. Who in their right mind would attack the Pentagon?!?!

The Pentagon

Click to enlarge

Guess we know now.

The Pentagon

Click to enlarge

I have a friend whose birthday is September 11th. He's retired Air Force and spent more than a couple of years working in the Pentagon. Those were his friends that died that day. Died without the opportunity to defend themselves. Died because of a hatred that is unimaginable. Well, it was unimaginable to me then. Now? Now I get it. I get it because my hatred towards them is almost as strong. I say almost because I do not have it in me to attack innocents. I do not have it in me to kill just to "make a statement".

Shanksville PA


New York City

Click to enlarge

But our enemies have no such reserve. In fact - they thrive on the fact that most Americans do. On that fateful day in September they attacked the heart of this nation. Finacially and militarily. They attempted to attack the very seat of our government. Their goal? Terror, chaos and the hope that eventually we would turn on ourselves. Did they achieve their goals? I don't think so. Honestly. Oh, in those first hours, days even there was chaos. But it was an organized chaos. People working together. What about the terror? Are we afraid? Not to the level they wanted. We are not "terrorized". We fly, we continue to gather and move and live our lives. What scares me is the turning on each other. I see it. Every where I look. What happened to those days of our beautiful Stars and Strips wafting in the wind every where you look? What happened to the pride you saw on the faces of your neighbors. Pride in being an American.

The Pentagon


New York City

Click to enlarge

Like so many American's, that day will be a day I never forget. That day was the beginning. The beginning of what, it is still up to us to decide.

One thing I loved was the patriotism that ran amok throughout this country for the months after that day. Every where you looked there were flags, flown proudly. Every where.

flag after1.jpg

flag after2.jpg

I remember thinking THAT must have been what it was like during WWII. Everyone pulling together, fighting an enemy, doing what they had to do support the cause.

flag after3.jpg

flag after4.jpg

I honestly don't think there are many sights that move me more than seeing Old Glory waving free and proud in the wind.

flag after5.jpg

flag after6.jpg

Many lives were lost or changed forever on that fateful day five years ago. Please take the time to read the beautiful tributes that have been written for all 2, 996. Say a prayer or send a thought for all those children who lost a parent, lovers who lost that special someone, parents who lost their babies.

And please - for the love of this great country and the freedom we all cherish so much - never forget what happened. Never forget what we lost. Never forget - they came HERE. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to do all we can to make sure they never get the chance to do that again.


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September 10, 2006

I made it!

But damn am I tired......

It's raining in Chicago today so you can bet your bottom dollar I made a very attractive traveler this morning. hehehe

The flight was fine, the movie was Xmen the final stand - which I hadn't seen so I enjoyed that. Didn't even have to use the iPod. Figures.

Both Ohare and Vegas airports were packed. PACKED. Good thing I'm not a last minute to the airport kinda gal.

I did do something I'm proud of. I gave my book - The Blog of War - to a Soldier heading back to the sandbox. He was very happy with it and promised to share it with his unit. THEN I bought breakfast for a young man headed to Ft Hood, and coffee for another. Damn - I love when I can do that. The look on their faces. And it just feels....good.

Anyway - we got our room all set up. Now I have to get ready for dinner tonite and then I'm going to sleep. I'm not up for a night in the casino today.

But the room....Holy Cow. And my view? (AW - Don't read this) The Vegas Strip is centered in my window. I can't wait for dark.

I brought my camera and will do my best to take pictures, but no promises. They have us scheduled tighter than.......well, you know.

Anyway - I'm here. I'm tired. I'm busy.

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And She's Off!!

Well, it's time to head for the airport. Sunday. Sunday for cryin' out loud and I'm up at 5:00 for WORK!!! It's fine. You'll see why in the extended section.

Meanwhile - you'll be happy to know I figured out how to load music into my new little toy. I'm loaded with just over 3 hours worth of music - ready to go!!

Now - peek into the extended section if ya wanna know why I'm not cryin' TOO hard over this trip......

red rock.jpg

I'll be staying at the Red Rock Resort while visiting Sin City. Kinda pretty, isn't it.

rr no no.jpg

Won't be any time for this. Hell, I'm not even gonna have time for that facial I wanted. Damn....

rr pool.jpg

Won't even have any pool time!

rr room.gif

However - the rooms look pretty comfy. And I love the views!!


I see me havin' a meal or two HERE!!


And I'm pretty sure I'll find a few minutes at the end of my long days to visit this place. :-)

Ok - I guess it's time to hit the road. Y'all take care! I'll be checkin' in when I hit the strip!!!

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September 09, 2006

HELP! I'm A Techtard

Ok - so I bought an iPod shuffle. Cute little thing. Holds 120 songs. PERFECT for all the flyin' I'll be doing.

I loaded the software - just like the instructions say. (YES, I read the instructions)

Plug in the bugger.

I've music loaded on to my lap top. Directions say just drag the songs over to the iPod menu.

That's where it gets ugly. When I'm trying to drag, as soon as I get out of the window the file was in - I get that circle with a line through it and....nothin'.

I selected use iPod as a disc. Then copied all the songs over to that driver.


I really really really want to use this for my flight tomorrow, and I know I won't have time to fiddle with it during the week - anyone? Can you help???????

:-( I hate it when I can't play with my new toys........

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Too Uptight, Man

It's such a treat having T1G back in town, even if it is just a couple of days.

This morning, before running about, laundry and the block party I thought I'd grab some breakfast. So I gave him a call to see if he'd join me.

He did - but I'm thinkin' he probably won't be doing that again.

You see - I love breakfast at the little cafe in town. The girls are so sweet and it's pretty darn good breakfast.

Being the shy retiring gal that I am, I'm finally getting to know some of the waitresses.

Today one of my favorites was assigned the task of keeping me in coffee and making sure my english muffins are toasted properly. (they weren't but I don't like to be a "problem".)

Anyway - she comes up to the table to take our order and first off says "Look at you! You're all dressed and stuff".

The look on T1G's face was priceless. I think he thought I was kidding when I said I ran to the cafe in my jammies.

I wasn't.

I do.

Yeah, I do. He was.....appalled wouldn't be the right word. Let's just say it was pointed out that the world is not my bedroom. Huh.

I then pointed out that my jammies are much nicer than most folks every day run around clothes.

Yeah, didn't fly very far.

For cryin' out loud. These damned yankees are an uptight bunch! It wasn't like I was wearin' a teddy or such.

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Come On Over!!

It's a party!!!

The weekend of September 23 & 24 is Fall Fest here in THE Valley. And I wanna play.

But I don't wanna play alone. So here's what I thought we could do...........

Why don't you guys come on over?!?!? Saturday the 23rd there is a parade, a carnaval and, from 6 - 9 a hog roast down at Fritz's. Doesn't that sound like fun????

I just figured I'd throw this out there. Leave me a comment if you REALLY think you'd be able to make it. I'll get down to Fritz's and grab a table. Now the key is I need to know if you're coming or not. You wouldn't want me to spend the day, sitting at a table in a bar all by myself now would you? That's just sad.......

So what do you say folks? Wanna Party?!?!?!?!?

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Saturday Question

On Saturdays I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: In case you haven't noticed we have us a meat war goin' on. Last weekend Contagion posted about a brisket he was slow roasting. Well, as it happens Army Wife was doin' a bit of BBQin' her own self. After much prodding from me (imagine that) she decided to throw down the gloves and show Contagion what good meat really looks like.


And what it all boils down to is sauce. To sauce or not to sauce - the age old question. So you tell me, which do you prefer???

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September 08, 2006

They Reached Out and Touched Me

So I'm sittin' in my living room watchin' a little TV and relaxing, when all of a sudden my phone rings.

Hell! It's Leslie. Callin' me from that cestpool for the weekend - Helen Georgia!!

Leslie informs me that Redneck and Shoe are talkin' football smack without me!

Well, that's not very nice...

So she puts 'Neck on and he tells me I gotta back him on a bet he has with Shoe over the Ohio State vs Texas Game tomorrow. Now, I'm not a dumb girl. In order for Notre Dame to beat OS and it to really mean something I need OS to be at the top of the rankings. You know - it's that whole "The higher they are, the harder they fall" concept.

So we bullshit a bit (always entertaining with 'Neck) and he passes me off to Shoe. Now Shoe is my girl. Seriously. I was so bummed we didn't get to hang out when I was in Dallas - but we promised. It'll happen. And soon.

Next I get to chat with the Zonk miester. Now, this was our 2nd conversation today. Earlier he called to tell me he saw some redneck (not THE Redneck) stop his big ass pickup truck along the road and pick up what was either a deer or a dog and throw it in the back of the truck. So naturally - he called me. Hmmmm - makes sense. Road Warrior / Road Kill. Some times it really IS hard to tell the difference.

All in all a short call - but I'll tell you my face hurt from smiling. They are havin' a BLAST down there!!! Made my night to know they were thinkin' of me.

And I got a feelin'.....I'll probably be hearin' from them again. Damn - I sure wish I was there!!!!

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Happy Birthday

It's Bou's Birthday!!!! What do you get the woman who has everything? Hmmm.

Well, I know how much she loves fall. Cool (not cold) and colorful. So here you go sweetie - a touch of fall.


We also share a love of football - however different our loyalties may be. So - in honor of your birthday, just this once, Go Navy!!


And last but not least - if I were closer I'd make you dinner. Give you an evening to just be waited on. Since I can't - here you go...a bit of what you're craving!!


Happy Birthday Bou!!! Have a wonderful Year and I hope today is as special as you are!!!!

birthday candle.jpg
Click for better view

**Sentiment on Candle:

Happy Birthday

May your every wish come true
On this very special day
May your life be filled with happiness
In each and every way

May blessings be with you
All throughout the year
May every moment from now on
Be filled with love and cheer

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

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OK - so my preparation for my Dallas trip wasn't all that complete. I'm trying to improve on that for this trip.

Which leads me to my question. Anybody know what the weather in Vegas is supposed to be like next week?

I'll be inside the majority of the time - however, I am staying at a kickass resort and thought I'd take the opportunity to walk in the mornings. Shorts? Sweats? Parka?

Also- even if I'm inside most of the time, I don't want to pack silk tanks if it's only going to be in the 60's or 70's. Same with sweaters if it's gonna be 90 something.

I've checked - but if anyone is out there and in the know, let ME in on the secret. Please.

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I enjoy my little walk-up - The Belfry. Really I do. Oh, I wish I had a bigger kitchen, and another room would be nice on those weekend days the walls seem to close in on me. But overall, yeah, it's working for me. But with so much in storage, and living in an apartment again, there are just things I miss:

1) I miss my couch. A lot. I love layin' on the couch. Hell - I really love my furniture. I bought it because it fit me perfectly and trust me I've used it. Right now I only have room for the loveseat and a couple chairs. Last time I was at the storage unit I spent a little time just sitting in the back, on the corner of the couch. Football will not be the same.

2) I miss my DirecTV. Did I mention football? Yeah, I get squat without the dish. Next year. Next year we're back to full blown Football Sundays.

3) I miss a garage and basement. I've got small things I don't want to put in storage but no real place to put them here. It's too easy to just let stuff slide when, no matter how hard you clean you still have "stuff" piled around.

4) I miss my washer and dryer. DAMN I hate the laundry mat.

5) I miss my kitchen gadgets. Bou's post reminded me how much I love that stuff. Oh, I know I did without in the Postage Stamp house. But I was finally able to unpack them all and really get to play in the kitchen. Now? Yeah, I either got rid of the stuff or it's still in storage. Makes it a challenge to really put together a meal.

Damn, sounds like I'm a real whiner, doesn't it? Not how I intended this to come out at all. I really am content with this arrangement. I just wish it were a house, with a garage (at least) on 1/2 acre, with a few more rooms and a great laundry area. Oh, and don't forget a pantry......

Geesh - guess there's no pleasing me!

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Under Pressure

It's like I have some kind of mission. A mission to make myself crazy(er).

I can never just do one thing at a time. Nope. Never.

Right now? Ok - we've got my professional life - trade show Vegas, this weekend. Trade show Boston, next weekend. National Sales meeting (complete with reviews and expectations of Reps), last week of October. Not to mention day to day stuff, like selling, putting out fires, propsecting. Yeah, kinda busy.

Let's look at personally, shall we? It's pretty clear I'm going to be gone. A bit. So - let's try and find my birth mother, shall we? AND let's go to the doctor for a REAL visit, not just because somethings wrong, for the first time....ever. NOW let's try and slow down/quit smoking, cut way down on caffine, and lose a few pounds while we're at it. Oh well, hell, let's start a regular exercise routine too. Got nothing to lose.

There are a few other balls I've got up in the air that I'm just not gonna talk about. We'll just leave it at......the sort of stuff that just makes your head spin.

It's almost like self destruction. Things will be wonderful (and they still are) but it'll just feel like somethings missing. Hmmmm - how about stress? I don't seem to have enough. So I create my own. I over extend myself. I over promise.

Do you do this or is it just a quirk of my nature?

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I got an email from a friend. I think it's cause he knows what a fan I am. They call it The Marine Poster.


Click for a closer look!

Flippin' A!! I Like It!!!

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September 07, 2006

Big News

So somebody want to tell me why I'm not seein' or hearin' this EVERYWHERE????

Iraq takes control of military in ‘gigantic’ step

But of course they have to offset this great moment by letting us know that violence persists.....

Duh. It's a war. Of COURSE violence persists. But think about it. Finally - we have handed the reins back to the Iraqis. Oh - we'll be there to help, just like when your child learns to ride a bike. You stay, you guide, you pick 'em up when they need it - but THEY do it.

So I'm thrilled to hear this. It's a big step in Iraq's moving into a new life......

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LIFE - in a few short words...

Got this via email and just HAD to share......


Ain't that the truth......................

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What Would You Do?

I saw this post over at Tryin' to Grok the other day. Sarah wonders aloud just what she would do if she were ever taken hostage by terrorists. Would she recant her beliefs, her country to save her own life? Or could she stand strong in her convictions and not give the bastards the satisfaction.

CaliValley Girl takes the topic and drills down a little further.

I don't know what I'd do. I don't know "my price". I'd like to think I'd be as brave as Daniel Pearl, but I don't know.

And I pray I never have to find out.

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I'll Take It

There's a customer I've been trying to crack. A target account, as we call it.

I want into this industry somethin' fierce. We have no representation and a PERFECT line for them.

But I couldn't get a contact. Couldn't find any way past the gate keeper.

Until yesterday.

They. Called. Us.

They. Requested. Samples.

They filled out the application.

It's pretty much a done deal. Small, but that's ok. That way I can manage it and not screw anything up. Then....a trip out to see them and nail down a line for next year. Voila! IN.

Oh - and did I mention they're located in San Diego? And did you know some of my favorite bloggers live in San Diego? hehehehe.

I'm sooo glad I took this job!

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I Wish I Had Been There

My very dear friends renewed their marriage vows this past weekend.

I didn't get to be there.

Now I've missed both ceremonies.

But LeeAnn has posted pictures. A couple to tease us with but she promises more later.

Happy Anniversary LeeAnn and D. I love you both and I'm just so happy you have each other.

Soon my friends. I'll see you soon.

*I keep tellin' you folks she has a smile that lights up an entire coast.....

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September 06, 2006

One Way or the Other

Ok - either I'm having a really bad day or am just easily amused.


I saw this in an email and thought for SURE T1G would just love it!!!


Seriously - I'm thinkin' this is the PERFECT cat for him!!!!

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Note to self:

When going down to the bar to have a couple of drinks to unwind after a long day - do NOT order ANYthing made with Starbucks Liqueur.

cream liqueur.jpg


While yummy yummy yummy.....I swear to Gott it has caffine in it.

I'm seein' a movie idea - Sleepless in Stillman..........

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Got Music?

My niece, Carmen, is counting down the days to her wedding day.

I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself.

Anyway.......she's looking for some help - music wise.

Head on over, check out her list and let her know if you can help.

Oh, and Thanks. I promise. She get's the music, I'll post a picture of me dancing at her wedding. (not on any tables mind you, I had to promise her mother I'd behave!)

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The Face in the Mirror

There is nothing satisfying or easy about getting old(er). I don't care what anyone says.

Years ago (oy, that's a telling phrase) I just took everything for granted. And now? Now I'm paying the price, just like those wise adults tried to warn me about so often.

I'm going to the dentist. To repair damage I did half a life time ago because I was more worried about the size I wore than the fuel I was putting into my body. Some of it can be fixed. Some? No, the damage is too far gone.

I'm spending a fortune on products for my skin. There was a time I had a perfect complexion. People used to constantly comment on it. But I'd just smile and ignore them. Never took the time to do those little things that make that complexion last.

I was constantly stopped because of my hair. Beautiful dark, long, wavy hair. Smooth as silk, shiny. So very healthy. Did I appreciate what I had? No. I colored and curled and straightened. Now I'm in a conditioning cycle that is relentless and the gray is coming in faster than I can deal with it.

I've always had good posture. Despite of, or maybe because of my height. I hate seeing a tall woman stooped over. It only draws attention to her height, and not in a good way. Stand tall. Enjoy your femininity. But you see - I was sick about 14 years ago. And I had to have surgery. I knew I needed to do something to take care of myself. But I refused hormones. I didn't take vitamins regularly. I didn't eat all that healthy. I smoked. A lot.

Now? Now I have to face my limits. The doctor is 99% sure I have ostioporosis. I know, I know - millions of women deal with that every day. But it's like the day the eye doctored told me I needed bifocals. That CAN'T be right!! I'm not old enough. But you know what? I am. I am old enough. And I'm also old enough to know I have got to start taking care of myself before it's too late.

So - yesterday I went to the doctor. I got a lecture. Yes, yes I did. And we put together a plan/program to quit smoking. I love smoking. I've smoked all but 9 years of my life. This will be hard. But I cannot NOT do it. There's a hitch. I may not be able to take the medication. Seems that they have found people who have HAD eating disorders tend to have seizures on these meds. Yeah - it's been 10 years since I've had a real issue but I'm still a risk. The sins of my youth catch up with me again.....We're waiting to see....

I've also started excersizing regularly. Nothing fancy. No marathons or gyms. Just what I need to fight off this disease.

I've been eating better. At times. Now, I just need to be consistent with that.

None of this is about vanity. NONE of it. It's about quality of life. MY life.

The hardest part of all this? Yesterday I lost a bit of my identity. I've always been know (for the last 15 years at least) as that really really tall red head. OK - so as I've gotten older I've toned down the red. Now you only see it in the sun. But the other? I'll be honest. It kicked me in the gut. As the nurse measured me she said "Ohhh you're a tall one. 5'11 1/2"." WTF?!?!?! You're gonna wanna do that again. It's off somehow. She measured again, and again it was 5'11 1/2". Not. Even. 6'. Not even 72". I'm shorter right now than I was at 13 years of age. Hell - I'm almost NORMAL!!!!! This is gonna take some adjustment.

Yeah - the face in the mirror is different today. Different than yesterday. VERY different than 10 years ago. I guess it's time to admit that. And step up to the plate.

The good news is I can get those higher heels now......

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September 05, 2006

No Relation

Well, I made the call to the contact information about the person we thought might be related to my birth mother.

The gentleman was very nice. But stated they were no relation.

Back to the drawing board.

And can I tell you how hard it was to make that call.................

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Spread The Word

Well, today is the day. The offical LAUNCH date of The Blog of War - a project from the heart of Blackfive.

The book has been the buzz of the blogsphere. And for good reason.

I ordered mine a while ago and was thrilled to receive it last week. I've read it cover to cover. And then went back and picked through it again.

I didn't leave my house without it. Over the weekend we, the book and I, went out for brunch. There I sat, in my corner booth, wearing my US Marines hat, with tears pouring down my face. I couldn't help the tears. I didn't apologize for them either.

In one sense the book is like a scrapbook for me. Memories of posts I love, blogs that have since gone dark, people that I prayed/pray for every day. I saw many of my friends represented in those pages and the pride washed over me like a tidal wave. Pride in who they are, the choices they made/make, the sacrifices they have chosen in order to make this country safe.

Am I biased? Hell yeah!! Without a doubt. But bias aside, this book is one of the most important things to go to print in years. EVERYONE should read it. Everyone NEEDS to see what these amazing men and women have to say, what they've done, how they continue to put our freedom before their own lives.

So do yourself a favor. Get the book. Get a couple of copies. I had to buy a spare as I refuse to loan out my only copy.

The Blog of War - amazing, rivating and honest.


Here's Blackfive's Post with more information.

**I am moving this to the top of the page for today. It's too important.

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A Little Rockin' and Rollin'

I almost put this post under the "Hurricane" category, but that would be a bit of a stretch.

But as it turns out - not tooo much of one.

We had us some storms yesterday. Serious storms. Like Rockford Illinois made the Weather Channel type storms.

It was pretty wild here in the Belfry yesterday afternoon. No - not that kind of wild, for cryin' out loud. Wind, Rain, Lightening kinda wild.

Late in the afternoon I got a call from Contagion. And it was Contagion on the phone. Really. Not Ktreva, Contagion. That fact alone alerted me that something must be wrong.

He was checking on me. (see, he really is a sweetie) The storms were so strong, the rain so heavy the river flooded. Seems at that point the fire department in Rockford was already going down the streets in boats to see if people needed help, out, whatever.

Now - he assured me that he thought they would be fine. He did save his meat! I haven't heard back but I'm optimistic.

But holy crap! What's with this crappy weather following me?!?!? I guess I should take this opportunity to tell my neighbors "I'm Sorry". I didn't mean to bring this with me......

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Update - already

Wow. First let me say Thank You for the incredible responses I've gotten on My Story. Thank you all.

The emails, the phone calls, the links. Wow.

As you can imagine this is a very emotional thing for me. A step I've wanted to take my whole life and as it draws closer - well, it's a little scary.

Jerry, of Back Home Again, has actually found something about my mother's extended family - we think. It's a business and I'm a little nervous about calling about something like this at a work place but I'll do what I have to do to make this happen.

But I can't help but worry. What if I waited too long? What if she's gone? What if she doesn't like me?

Guess I'll be finding out.

And I will post the process, as much as possible, here. Y'all have been so supportive and, well, wonderful I really want to share it with you.

The call? I'll be making it in the next day or two.

Wow. That was really fast.......

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September 04, 2006

It's a contest

Sgt. Hook has the best picture up for captioning this week.

Hehehe. I might be biased, but I like my answer best so far.

Go on. Head over. Play along.

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A Story

She was 19 years old. A sophomore at Ball State University in Indiana. Her parents lived in Michigan. Her father, a tall (6'4") red headed man, was a dentist in St. Joe. Her name was Charlotte.

She was working towards a degree in Accounting. Tall, 5'11" with dark hair and, they say, a very charming personality. She loved sports, and was fairly active - hiking being one of her favorite pastimes.

She had a boyfriend. His name was Mike. Mike was a year younger and played football. Sadly Mike also had a bit of a temper. The relationship was not to last.

In November or even early December of 1961 she became pregnant. She thought about keeping the baby, but knew it just wasn't a good idea. She thought about placing the baby with friends, but knew she couldn't stand to watch her child being raised by someone else. So she made a tough decisioin.

She walked into the St. Joesph (IN) Welfare Department. She met with a case worker by the name of Mary Jo and explained the situation.

It is said that she was confident, knew what she wanted/needed to do. But she had some conditions. It had to be a Christian couple. They had to be "special". Mary Jo assured her that she knew the perfect family to adopt this child.

On July 28, 1962 Charlotte Sanders gave birth to a baby girl. She named her Julie.

She wrote a letter to Julie, assuring her that she was loved. That she was special. She detailed the emotional journey that brought them to this place in time. She left the letter with Mary Jo.

And every year - on July 28 - she called Mary Jo. Just to know. Just to maintain that connection. Every year for 18 years.

Then the calls stopped. It was up to Julie now.

In case you haven't figured this out by now - I am Julie. The information above is based on information I've been able to gather over the past years. It's really a beautiful story. I have several friends that are adopted and THIS is the story we ALL wish we could tell.

But it's time to finish it. It's time for me to find Charlotte. But I've hit a brick wall. I don't have money for an investigator. I've tried doing it on the internet myself - but I just do not have the skills. So - it was suggested that I put it out HERE. See if any of you have any suggestions, or maybe just possibly you know someone who knows someone who knows someone.

I'm not looking for a mother. I have one. A wonderful woman who has dedicated her life to her family. I just want to know this woman that I am told I resemble so strongly. I just want to ask some very important "family" questions....are there diseases I need to worry about? WHO am I? Who in the heck did I inherit these hips from? This nose? You know - important stuff.

So - there you have it. MY story. Can you help me write the next chapter?

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Labor Day

So today is Labor Day. And I just find it ironic that so many that are the lifeblood of this country, the REAL REASONS to celebrate, don't get today off.

The policemen, the fire fighters, nurses, our military. They are out there - working to keep us safe. Just another day for them.

And so many others - waiters, waitresses, truck drivers and toll collectors. The list goes on and on.

So take a moment and think about Labor Day. Think about how this country was built on the sweat and blood of the everyday man and woman.

THEN, this is what I'm gonna need for you to do - enjoy your day! Have some fun!

Happy Labor Day!

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September 03, 2006

What Were They Thinkin'???

This gets my vote for one of the WORST COMMERICALS EVER.

Seriously. WTF were they thinking on this one? I know they wanted to be quirky. They wanted to be funny. They realized that a mascot always helps the marketing. BUT FOLKS! Did you not think this out?!?!

The fudge? Yeah, looks like shit. Shit on the mothers hand. Shit on the little girl. Even shit on the sidewalk.

At first I thought "Ohhhh I can get brownies with my pizza! WooHoo". Then as the commerical unfolded? Yeah, let's just say my enthusiasm waned.

The message I get from that? Yeah - shitty brownies.

Anyway - I just wondered if I'm the only one that will NEVER order those brownies because of that commercial or if there are others that see this the same way I do......

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It's Gone Toooooo Far

You know that your life is "different" from most folks when the following occurs:

You're on the phone with a blogger. Laughing about a post on their site. You leave a comment and then have to read it to them as it posts. They then "return fire". Back and forth it goes. Writing and talking as fast as possible.

Gotta tell you folks.....despite what others might say. THAT is NOT normal.

I'm just sayin..............................

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Music Music Music

Rave tagged me with a music meme. Now I have to admit a couple of things before I get into this.

1) My music choices are very fluid. It depends on my mood for the day and where I'm at emotionally in my life at that moment in time.

2) By fluid I also mean varied. I love everything from classical to even, gasp, death metal. Now, understand I can't take either of those on a steady diet, but I've got more than a few songs in there that I really enjoy.

3) I'm a romantic sap. Mushy doesn't begin to cover it. I'm a sucker for a good love song. And I'm ALLLLLL about the lyrics and the harmonies.

So - knowing that - here are my TODAY answers to the Music Meme

Four songs that you could listen to over and over:
*When You Say Nothing At All- Allison Krause
*Wonderful Tonite - Eric Clapton
*Gallileo - The Indigo Girls - I LOVE the harmonies and the way the song builds on itself.
*Something to Talk About - Bonnie Raitt

Four songs that drive you up the friggin' wall:
*That DAMNED Chicken Song - Hate Hate Hate!!!! And it never fails - every time I hear just a snippet of it, the damned thing gets stuck on loop in my brain for DAYS!!! **Shit! Just posting this I caught myself hummin' it!
*Anything by Michael Jackson. ANYTHING.
*Gangsta Rap.

Four songs that you're embarrassed (or should be) to admit you like:
*You're Beautiful -James Blunt, I know I know over played and just sappy as hell. But I like it. hangin' head in shame
*Killing Me Softly - the Fugees.
*I Can See Clearly Now - it's the one song I will do in Karaoke. Even drunk you can hardly mess this one up.
*Delta Dawn - I used to sing it to my sister all the time, because she hated it soooo very much. Ahhh good times.

Four best driving songs:
*Lullabye - oh wait you mean best AWAKE driving songs - sorry....That's a tough one for me, seriously. So I'll say my favorite ARTISTS to drive to.
*Driving to Austin I was introduced to Clutch - and I liked 'em. Alot.
*Bonnie Raitt - cause I love to sing along.
*Van Morrison - same reason I like the singin' along stuff (singing along helps me stay awake)
*ZZ Top - One Word. Memories. Lots and lots of memories.

Four songs that make you cry:
*Dance with My Father Again - Luther VanDross, for obvious reasons
*True Companion - Marc Cohn
*I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me, it touches the core of my faith, pure and simple
*I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt
*If Your Gone - Match Box 20 (hey, just tryin' to make up for the other short answers!)

Four best risqué songs:
*Tonites the Night - Rod Steward, I wrote the words to this out for my Mom on her one and only date since my father passed. She thought I wrote it and about beat me!! Hey - I was only 11 at the time!!!!
*I Touch Myself - Blondie* NOT - Sarah the Penquin points out it's really Divinyls
*Lady Marmalade - the Christina Aguilera - just cause she's such a "dirty girl"
*Damn - at a loss here......

Four best kid songs:
*Jesus Loves Me
*The Alphabet Song - just for the look on their faces as they sing it!
*One of These Things Is Not Like The Other - Sesame Street - my theme song as a kid
*Puff the Magic Dragon - hey! It's been so long since I've been around kids music I really gotta stretch for this one!

Four songs (hell, pick your own category and fill it in):
Ok - four favorite "songs you might not expect":
*There are Worse Things I Can Do - from Grease. I LOVE to sing this song. Love Love Love.
*Smart Woman(In a real short skirt) - Jimmy Buffett, back in my party days this was my theme song. :-)
*Pretty Fly for a White Guy - The Offspring. This almost went in the first batch - I just love this song.
*Walkin' in Memphis - Marc Cohn, not that this one is a surprise it just wouldn't be a list of my favorite music without it on there somewhere!!!

And the tagging: T1G - Mr. Music, Army Wife - Cause she actually admitted she LOVES these, Sgt Hook - because his taste is always excellent......and Jim over at Parkway Rest Stop - one of my favorite LIVE music makers.

NOTE: A GOOD blogger would have linked to all these songs - but hey, sometimes I'm just flat out lazy.

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September 02, 2006

Just So You Know....

Tonite my beloved Irish are playin' Georgia Tech.


Should be a good game.

Starts at 7:00pm central.

Guess we all know what I'M doin' tonite!!!

fighting Irish.jpg

**damn - I gotta figure out how to load the fight song on this place**

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Morning Has Broken

I was a little disappointed this morning. I really wanted to sleep in. But, alas, it was not to be. So there I was, at 6:00am wide awake.

As I sit at my makeshift desk, strolling through the blogosphere I watch the sky slowly lighten. I hear the birds giggling back and forth, making plans for their day.

Oh, the landlady is up and about. I hear her pups out in the backyard and the wonderful smell of breakfast is hanging in the air.

I wish I had a table set for my deck. I'd take the laptop and a big cup of coffee and sit outside, enjoying the day unfolding. I need to put that on my list of things for this spring.

I have some smooth "easy listening" music wafting through as I work on the latest music meme.

All in all it's starting out to be a pretty quiet weekend. Labor Day? Ha. Not in Tammi's World.

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Saturday Question

On Saturdays I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: Since food always seems to be a favorite topic here in Tammi's World, let's go that route again. What is your favorite snack?

Bein' as I'm a big snacker I have to control myself by monitoring the whole "supply" part of my snackin'. I just don't buy any unless it's for Football Sunday. BUT - that being said I simply love warm fresh nachos. The thin ones just finished. With a little salsa and some ranch dressing. Melt some cheese on those bad boys and I'll follow you home.

Seriously - I cannot have them in my house.

Now I also have a sweet tooth - hence the reason I try desperately to send all my baking home with people. I'll sit down with some homemade fudge and a fresh brewed pot-o-java and eat myself into a coma.

But - if I could only have one snack food for the rest of my life? Yeah - I'm a nacho maniac.

What about you? What's your FAVORITE snack?

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You Asked - He Told

Man o Man.

I never realized bloggers were such nosey folks!!

Oh - I'm sorry. I guess I should explain....

T1G's interview is up over at Basil's - and I'm willing to bet he's set the record on the amount of questions.

So grab your favorite morning drink and settle down for a great read.

You done good T1G. (oh, and I'm just saying for the record - signs are POSITIVELY over rated!!!)

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September 01, 2006

Too Cool for Words

Alabama Improper has just about the coolest picture I've ever seen.

Head on over and check it out.

Damn - our military is one group of dedicated (and talented) folks!!!

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The Cat is Back

Questing Cat that is. One of my favorite Milbloggers of all time.

He's posting - sorta kinda.

What he's doing is sending Blackfive emails and HE'S sharing them with the rest of us.

Today he's talking about The New Guys. Go. Read.

Thanks B5!!

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My Side of the Story

Before I get into this story, you have to go over and read Army Wife's adventure from yesterday. Seriously - funny stuff.

Ok - now that you're back - let me tell you what I HEARD over the phone during this "event".

First my cell phone rings. It's AW. I thought she was crying. Nope. Laughing. Laughing harder than I've heard her laugh in months.

She explains about the electric and tryin' to get into the house. I know about the grocerys, since I talked to her as she was goin' in the store. There's a lot at stake here. For cryin' out loud! The ice cream could melt!!!!

She's talking Dash through the process of moving the chair up to the door. Then:

AW: Pink Ninja! Pink Ninja! Get out of that high chair. Dash needs to stand in there to let Mommy in!!! ** mutter mutter** for cryin' out loud.

In the back ground I could just barely make out the sound of the childrens voices.

AW: Dash? That's perfect. Go ahead. You can reach it. I know you can do it.

Can I just say here how much I love hearing her interaction with her children! She is sooooo good with them.

Now, also please realize she is trying to hard to control her laughter. Also - during the entire call she keeps sayin' "Damn, I gotta pee".

I'm not sure when it happened but at some point I started laughing too. I sooo knew where she was at. I can't tell you how many times I had to do that with my boys. Anyway - I'm sitting here at work, tears running down my face and everyone walking past my office wondering what the HELL is going on.

Finally I hear those three beautiful words.

"He did it!"

Yeah Dash. What a hero!!!

I sent him a talking ecard letting him know I knew he saved the day!! I think it's wonderful that they made such an event of what he accomplished. He faced his fear and, in order to help his Mommy he conqured it. Hero in Training.

But damn - that was the funniest phone call I've ever gotten.

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What's the difference?

What's the difference between being confident and being cocky?

It's a very fine line - trust me. I have very strong confidence in a few of my abilities. The biggest? I'm very good at building business relationships. Seriously. I've taken the nastiest, bitchiest buyers and turned them into bona fide friends. I have a formula.

First - I communicate. I call. I email. I fax. I visit. I get to know them. I ALWAYS answer their calls ASAP and their emails within an hour - seriously. Even if I don't have an answer I let them know I got the message. You wouldn't believe how far that goes.

Second - I focus on THEIR WANTS. Not just their needs, but what they WANT to accomplish.

Third - I. Do.Not Lie. Won't do it. Good or bad - tell 'em the way it is. In fact I usually under promise and over deliver.

On my resume under skills I have Relationship Development listed at the top. It's what I do best.

Today I was talking with a co-worker and we were tryin' to develop a plan of attack for one of our customers. We are missing business there - hand over fist. It's makin' me nuts. My directive? WHATEVER it takes - get that business.

During the discussion I made the comment that maybe I need to get out there in front of the buyer. Yes, we've done that before, but it wasn't ME.

Silence on the other end of the phone.

That's when I realized my comment was probably taken as cocky rather than confident.

I started to back peddle a bit, but stopped. No - I'm right. I KNOW I build a relationship with this buyer. I KNOW IT. I will not apologize for realizing and using my strenghts.

But damn - I just hate for anyone to think I'm conceited. I just know my abilities. Believe me - I know my weaknesses just as well.....

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Just the sound of it.....

There are a few things that, every time I hear them, just make me smile.

1) A child sayin' "I love you mommy/daddy" - even though it's not aimed at me, the sound of those sweet voices sayin' those simple words just gets to me every time.

2) Rain on the roof. Even if I have to go back out in it - don't care. Well, let me just say as long as that rain is not accompanied by hurricane force winds.

3) Laughter. ESPECIALLY if it's due to something I said or did. Does that make me self centered? I don't THINK so. But I do so love to make people laugh.

4) Certain songs. And I'll get into that this weekend when I respond to Rave's meme.

There are more but these are the four that come to mind immediately.

Now I fully realize it's not Saturday yet - but with me here. What sounds always make YOU smile?

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