September 19, 2006

Show Stuff

Because I don't have a whole lot else on my mind right now - I'll tell you a couple things about the show we're at.

It's the same format as last week. We have a room and the buyers rotate around. 20 mins per meeting. Down and Dirty Pitchin'.

We have a nice round table set up to hold the meeting at. It feels a bit like a kitchen table to me, so I always feel like I'm inviting folks into my home. At one point yesterday I offered someone some water and then said "I feel like I should offer you cobbler". The look on my co-workers face was priceless, my boss laughed and the buyers "got it". It was the perfect ice breaker. Me? I thought it was hysterical - but then again, I crack myself up often.

I really think Boston is a beautiful city. Not too big, not too small. I wish I had time to explore some, but we're scheduled a bit too tight. However, it's been pointed out to several buyers that this is my territory so it looks like I'll be back. I'm good with that - but next trip I'm planning some shopping time with Teresa.

I'm ready to go home. Seriously. I just want to be curled up on my Golden Throne, my favorite blankey thrown over me and the TV playin' some episode of some CSI. But as soon as that thought perks into my mind I realize I have nothing to whine about. I'm not in the dust and dirt, livin' in a tent, away from my family for months and months on end. No one is shooting at me (yet) and the food is pretty damn good. So - I need to just keep that all in perspective. (but I do still just want to be home.....)

I like playing with foam stickers. Seriously. I've been sitting at the table, during the meetings I'm not a major participant in and peeling and stickin' them suckers all over the place. My badge has a #1 Sponge Bob and a book entitled "Happily Ever After" on one side and stars on the other. I've stuck them to my laptop, my franklin planner and have been eyeing what I want to put on my phone. I think it's become an addiction.

Well - that's about it for this morning. Not a lot of glamour goin' on here - just a lot of talkin' and hopin' someone likes what you have to say. Today is our long, tough day. We start early, end late and have few breaks. But I'm learning a lot.

But the question of the day? I wonder what dumb thing I'll pop out with? And when? I just hope it's not normal Tammi Timing and ends up bein' someone I really need to impress.

Posted by Tammi at September 19, 2006 11:17 AM | TrackBack

You need to bring a table cloth and some nice homey center piece for your meeting table.

Maybe even a fake cobbler sitting on it.

Would make it much more relaxed and a good ice breaker.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at September 20, 2006 07:59 AM
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