July 31, 2006

Pro Crass Toe Nay Shun

I have to be honest. I am kinda of lazy deep down inside. Oh, now I don't shy away from work. I won't push it off on someone else or do anything to avoid it.

But...unless I have a "deadline" (real or imagined) I just won't do it. Period.

Let me see if I can explain.

My house. It needs a cleanin'. A little sweepin' and dustin'. Some work in the kitchen. Right now I don't have a posts and pans set so I'm improvising for meals. If I wanna eat a "real meal" at home I have to have everything washed up. And while I like things clean and tidy, I also don't have a cow if it looks "lived in" - unless I have company comin'. Then - well, I get a bit obsessive. You know I think of you as closer than company if you come over and my house is a mess. Just sayin'.......

Back to my point. I had house work to do this week. Did I do it? No - no I did not. I did just enough to cook on Sunday. I didn't mop a floor or scrub a toilet. I made my bed only because it's such a habit. What I did do was sit outside, talk on the phone, read and watch old movies. That is it. I didn't leave my living area. Period.

Now, I've more than made enough excuses for myself - I've had a rough couple of weeks, schedule wise. I'm tired. I deserve some down time. Yada yada yada. Trust me, I'm really good at those excuses.

But I should have done it. Period. That's what it all boils down to. But the problem is I won't do that stuff for myself. I like a clean house - but if I'm not getting company I'll just live with the mess. I love to cook - but if there is no one to help me eat the meal, I can live on cereal. Trust me, I've done it before.

And that brings me to my point. WHY do we do that? Why can't we treat ourselves like we do those we care about? And I know I am not the only person who feels that way.

So here it is Monday morning. The work week is starting and it's gonna be an interesting one. I'm heading to CT on Wednesday, need to finish everything for that meeting. Need to prepare for my trip to Dallas. Have a birthday at work that I need to make Turtle Cake for. Leslie and TNT are comin' over on Saturday. PLUS I have the normal wear and tear stuff that needs to be done. I'm usually pretty tired when I get home from work, so it would be so much easier if I had gotten all that "day to day" stuff done this weekend. Just another example of making bad decisions.

Oh well, I've got tan lines. I'm rested. I'm ready to go back to work. So I guess the weekend wasn't a total washout.

But still - why do I do this to myself?

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Tammy - All Day!!

I was named after the infamous (sorta) Tammy movies. You know, Tammy Tell Me True, Tammy and the Bachelor, Tammy and the Millionaire. Yep - Mama was a fool for those movies.

Well yesterday was Tammy day on AMC. And I have to say, I kinda enjoyed it. I prefer the ones with Debbie Reynolds, but I think that's because they were the one's Mama usually put on.

And if you only knew how many time's I have had the theme song from those movies sang to me......it used to just embarrass the hell outta me. Now? Now I think it's kind of sweet. Except it's usually men of Mama's generation, so......yeah. Anyway -

Funny how time puts a spin on our perspective. I wish I had a copy of her version to share - it's old, it's sappy, it outta date. Hey! Kinda like me. ;-)

I just found it rather ironic that they picked my birthday weekend to have a damned Tammy Marathon. It's almost as if they knew.......

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July 30, 2006


While I may be landlocked. This is how I feel today..........


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Glimpses of the Weekend

One of my friends from Orlando called yesterday. She was having, what we always refered to as a TnT day. Both names start with T and we usually had at least one "adventure" during our time together, so it was the perfect code.

Anyway - here's a snippet of the conversation:

T: Guess where I am?
Tammi: Mall? Butcher shop? (two of our regular hangouts)
T: Nope. Someplace you love and I never go.
T: Buc's Training Camp. And I made a sign for you. "Tammi Loves You".

hehehehe. And I do love my Boys!

And she's a Dolphin's fan so this was really extra sweet.

Damn - opening weekend of training camp and I'm.....not there. Well, thanks to her I am, but you know what I mean.

The day continued in a wonderful vein. Restful and productive all at the same time.

Had a bit of a scare this morning. Layin' on the deck, talking to Teresa while gettin' some color, when all of a sudden a damned squirrel comes right up to my face. I mean we were nose to nose. I can only hope I didn't break Teresa's eardrums with my scream. Scared the shit outta me. And I couldn't get the little f'er to go away. And I couldn't really stand up - if you know what I mean. So there I lay, nose to nose with a damned rodent, trapped by my own vanity. Gonna need to get a squirt bottle. And fast.

So that's the excitment this weekend at the Belfry. How's your weekend goin'?

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July 29, 2006


So how do you define decadence?


Take one bathing suit, add in some great tanner from Florida (pirated), toss in some ice cold water and a new book and there you have it.


No guilt.

The dishes will still be there. The laundry can wait. Work? Not right now, thankyouverymuch.

Ahhhhh - I'm lovin' me some Saturday.

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A GREAT Listen

It's no secret that I love music. Just about every type.

And Etta James is one of my all time favorites. What she does with a song...man....

Anyway - Jerry, over at Back Home Again, does a featured song every Friday. Yesterday? Yep - Etta James, Fool That I Am.

Go on - take a few minutes and have a listen.

And then check back every week - he does a great job of "mixin' it up". Something for everyone!!!

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Saturday Question

On Saturdays I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: Picture it. It's a very hot Friday afternoon. You've worked hard all week. All of a sudden your supervisor/manager/boss tells you everyone needs to meet in the parking lot. You get out there and WOW. There is a huge cart. With ice cream and every type of topping you can imagine. Free Sunday's for EVERYONE. (this is based on actual events from this week - btw)

What kind of Sunday to do you order?

Me? I had vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl. Topped with carmel, a dollup of fudge and some nuts. Yummmmmyyyyy. Oh, and whipped cream - of course.

What about you? What is the Sunday of your Fantasies?

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Looking Ahead

When I first met Richmond, she said that she had been reading over at my site for a long while. (Thank you very much - I find that SIMPLY amazing!) Anyway....she made mention of how just reading my schedule used to exhauste her. Huh. I just thought it was a normal work thing. And SHE'S a good one to talk!!

BUT - after having done the whole 8-5 and then the unemployed thing, I'm starting to realize. Sales, especially consumer products, is not a stay at home kinda thing. For instance - here is what we have scheduled so far:

August 2 &3 - CT, new customer intro, rep visit
August 15 & 16 - Dallas, reset 3 entire lines w/customer
Sept. 9-13 - Vegas, Trade Show
Oct. 4-6 - Chicago, Sales Meeting
Oct. 20-24 - Florida 20-22 Carmen's wedding, 23 &24 S. Florida Rep Review.
Jan 26-31 - CA, show

And that's just for now. Can you say Frequent Flyer Miles? (NOTE: Sissy has me beat hands down travel wise. She might as well live in the damned airport...but in my defence, this is NOT considered a "travel" job.)

Other than the first trip and the show I'll be travelin' alone and may very well have time to meet up with a few of my friends (however briefly) so I'll let you know when Tammi's World is coming to a venue near you!

But damn, I'm outta shape with all this!!!!

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July 28, 2006

A Very Good Day

Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes. I got serenaded this morning, wonderful phone calls and emails galore. And the posts! Holy Cow. Y'all Rock!!!

And it was a good day. The girls at work all brought in goodies. Can I tell you, there were 2 tables of food! AND, they even brought Tropicana Pure Premium OJ. :-) THAT sure did put a smile on my face. It's kinda cool that they thought of that. I had to laugh when I first saw what they did.

"For Me? And you don't even know me yet! Just wait".

My boss: Yeah, this'll probably be the last one we do for you!

Heh. They've already figured me out!!

It was busy busy work wise. But not so busy that I didn't get the chance to keep an eye on what y'all were doin' in the blogsphere!

I ran a few errands on the way home and am now hunkerin' down with a bottle of cheap wine and a cheesey movie. I'm willing to bet I won't make it half way. Through the movie that is. The wine? Yeah - it's just about toast already!!!

But I wanted to thank y'all for your thoughtfulness. It made my day!!!

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Don't Worry! Be Happy!!

I have to figure out what is wrong. Seriously. There is something off with my Chi or my balance is helter skelter - something is wrong.

I've been so damned happy the past few days it's scary. Honest. I mean happy, giddy happy. HAPPY.

Even the girls at work have commented on it. They want some of what ever I'm having. Gotta tell you - I wish to hell I knew what it was, cause I'd bottle it and make a fortune!!!

I find myself humming. Not my normal tunes - happy cheerful songs. I've caught myself dancing in my chair in the office. To the damned musak playin' over the intercom, for cryin' out loud.

I've had a smile on my face for two straight days. Hell - this morning I woke up with one!!

I don't get it. Nothing has changed. Cross my heart. Everything is the same. The dish fairy still hasn't shown up to help with the dishes. The laundry fairy is MIA. I still have to work to get money. I still come home to an empty house. Nothin'. No reason what so ever.

But I'm sure not gonna try and fix it - that's for damned sure. I'm gonna ride this wave as long as it lasts.......

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Tagged? On my Birthday??

Hell, this is almost like work! ;-) Army Wife has decided to get me to tell a few tales by hitting me with a Birthday Meme.

Hmmmm - let's see what we've got here, shall we?

Birthday Meme

1. What is your favorite birthday cake?
Long time ago, Mama used to always make me Butter Brickle Cake with Butter Brickle Icing. It is, hands down, my very favorite cake. (I put the link to the recipe just in case someone wanted to make it. hehehe Just don't forget to call and let me know when it's ready!)

2. What has been the best gift you have ever received?
Hmmmm - that is really tough because I have been terribly spoiled over the years. But, a friend gave me "a day of peace" one year. I was having a rough time adjusting and well, just having a tough time period. It was a day of nothing more than excellent company, beautiful scenery and good conversation. No one had ever done anything like that before. Yeah, it was the best gift ever.

3. How did you spend your favorite birthday?
Well, this is a twofer.

One of my favorite birthdays was my 10th. I thought I'd told this story, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyway - My Uncle's birthday was the 26th so we had a combined party. All the family, together, laughing, singing, eating. I played until I just couldn't go on anymore. In the basement was my Uncle sharing a bit of his homemade wine with the other men in the family. I felt duty bound to help clean up, so I finished off all the stuff in the glasses. Hehehehe. It was a wonderful day. It was also the last birthday Daddy and Uncle John were a part of. So it will always be extra special.

The other great birthday was my 40th. My friends and I went out on the town. It was the first time I'd gone OUT to celebrate my birthday. We had a ball. And I had never felt so special as I did that evening. I still have the pictures up and have to smile every time I think of it.

4. Do you make birthday wishes?
Yes, yes I do.

5. Has a wish ever come true?
Yes, yes it has. I'm a big believer in wishes. And I'm not tellin' any tales on THAT one. ;-)

Heh. That wasn't so tough after all. And made for a very easy post for today. Thanks AW. For everything.

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July 27, 2006

I figured it out

I've got a lot of windshield time, with my commute and all, and I have to tell you I have been thinkin' quite a bit about the shape the world is in today.

I can't help but wonder how in the hell we got to this place in time. So many fighting, planning on fighting and feeling their way is the ONLY way.

How did it get to this?

Then it hit me.

Lack of sex.

The world is not having enough sex. If you're busy doin' the wakawaka you don't have time to be worryin' about what your neighbors are doin' or not doin'. Your hands would be too busy to push folks around (well, unless you're into that sort of thing).

Yep. That's got to be it. Lack of sex.

So - my solution to all the anger and hatred in the world today is have more sex.

Simple and straight forward.

Geesh. That was easy. Got any more issues you need taken care of? World hunger? Outta control deficits? I'm on a roll here......

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Update On Army Wife

Sorry this is so late in the day - but I just got home.

I spoke with Army Wife and everything went well today. She is currently heavily drugged and home sleepin' it off.

She wanted me to let everyone know that she is fine and will have an updated post tomorrow.

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Just So You Know...

....I'm flippin' exhausted. I don't know where all my stamina went in the last 18 months. I used to work 7 days a week no problem. And everyday there was at least one "show". One training class, one floor to work - something. That went on for over a year!!

Right now I would give just about anything for a day of peace and quiet. 2 days. In two days I can just veg. Oh, and clean the house, do some laundry, get some groceries. You know - rest.

But right now? Today? I'm pooped.

Happy, but pooped.

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I don't get it. I simply don't get it.

What a HUGE waste of money and resources.

One of the dumbest things I've seen. Ever.

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Pride cometh before a fall

I know this all too well.

You remember that really irresponsible thing I hinted at the other day? Yeah, well - it's taken care of now. I did the only logical thing and just fessed up.

I simply admitted the issue, accepted responsibility and said I was sorry. I also took the needed steps to correct the situation.

Hard to do? Oh HELL yeah. I have to tell you folks, I hate admitting when I've screwed up. Even more when it's because of not thinking, not planning, not using the brain God gave me.

But I also will not run away from that kind of thing. Oh, I used to. Many, many moons ago I'd flee in a heartbeat, rather than have someone look at me with pity (for bein' an idiot) or in anger (because my irresponsibility hurt them). Yep, I could flee with the best of 'em.

I'm still not gonna admit to y'all what I did. But I will tell you it's all because I got cocky. Yep - got a little to "full of myself" and just didn't look ahead or pay attention. After a long draught things have been going pretty good here in Tammi's World and I just forgot I still need to watch my P's and Q's.

That piece of humble pie I had to choke down yesterday was a little dry and a bigger bite than I like, but I've always believed you have to pay to play.

And I also know, from experience, if you let your pride get away with you something will happen to remind you.......to watch for that next step.

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July 26, 2006


This is why I don't like to get my mail. Picked this up this morning.


Like I keep saying - with friends like this................

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I'm so very lazy.

I'm cheating something fierce.

With my blogroll.

I know it's way past time for maintenence. I've got a boatload of bloggers to add and a few that need to come off - for one reason or another. Have I done it? Nope.

Instead I'm using Bloglines. It's so easy...just a click of a button and voila. Added - plus I know when they've posted something new.

But still - no one else is getting to see some of my new favorites so I've gotta get on the stick and share. I'll get to it. Soon. Probably. No really. I will.

But meanwhile, I'm havin' a ball with this new toy I found.

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She's All Grown Up Now

I may end up pissin' off my niece/blogdaughter with this post. But - and I'm gonna use HER OWN WORDS for this - it'll make me feel better so I'll post it.

This is a big year for her. She's getting married (to a very cool guy that has my approval 100%) in October. She's moving to a different section of the state soon - away from family. She's gonna be looking for/starting a new job in the next few months. And now she's got a few health concerns added into the mix. I'm thinkin' thats a few things going on. Oh, and did I mention she's in school during all this too? Yeah, well - like I said, busy busy busy.

I got the chance to chat with her, however briefly, last night on the phone. I'll tell you - no matter what conversation we have, I always just enjoy the hell out of her. Her wit, her intelligence, her perception. Yeah. I just wish we had more time for those talks.

I missed out on a lot of her childhood. But from the time she was 13 I got a front seat at the window. From 16 on I had the priviledge of actually getting invited to the show. And priviledge it has been.

She is an amazing woman. Simply amazing. Strong - in mind and body. Straight forward - no guessing where you stand with this girl. Kind - she gets that from her Mama. Along with her sense of humor. Yeah - she gets that from her too.

And I'm so very proud of her. But I'm having a problem right now. I'm having trouble adjusting to the thought of her not being there when I come to visit. I'm so scared I won't get the chance to sit and chat with her, play games, see her home. It just seems inconceivable that she won't be THERE when I come down. The whole idea of all the changes is hard to come to terms with.

And it is the change that's kickin' my ass. In my minds eye - she's still living at home (even though she hasn't in a coons age). I keep thinking when I get down there we'll sit in her room laughing and talking. I just can't imagine how it will be when she's NOT there.

Pretty selfish of me, isn't it. It's OK when I leave, it's OK when I make changes - but not anyone else. Huh. But there you have it. I guess that's just the human side of me.

And now I've turned what was, in my mind, a post about a wonderful young woman taking a huge step in her life, into a post whining about how difficult this is for ME. Typical Tammi.

But I guess it all boils down to the fact that they just grow up so very fast. One minute they're young and free, the next they are teens - caught up in the struggle to be themselves, the next thing you know they are adults - making decisions and walking away to live thier own lives.

It's hard to watch them walk away. But that sense of pride for who they have become is overwhelming.

I love ya darlin'. And I'm oh so proud of you. And thank you. Thank you for letting me be such a part of your life. MY life is so much richer because of it.

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Ha Ha - Very Funny

So I get this email from a friend. It's got a link so I just click over.

Now I have to be honest - I'm exhausted and not really paying attention. I didn't read the email. I just clicked. If I'd have read it I would have known better.

But the funny part was - when the "results of the search" came back I just sat here gapping at it. THEN I started laughing.

Huh. Got Me.


With friends like these.......

*oh, and yes, I used my "real name" the first time. You know my thoughts on keeping some mystery.

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July 25, 2006

Have you ever....

....done something so irresponsible that you just can't believe YOU did it? Something that kinda screws up a bunch of other - really important - somethings?

No? Well, damn. I did. And let me just say - it sucks.

But - all will be well. I'll fix it. It's just damned embarrassing.

What? Oh hell no. I'm not tellin' you WHAT I did. I just wanted to know if I was the only one to do that kinda stupid stuff.

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Feel Better Soon - UPDATED


Thinkin' of you today. Know we love you - just get better soon.

4:30 Update: Everything went well today.

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The Room To My Soul

Found this over at Ominbus....

What Your Soul Really Looks Like
You are a warm hearted and open minded person. It's easy for you to forgive and forget.

You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds.

You believe that people see you as larger than life and important. While this is true, they also think you're a bit full of yourself.

Your near future is calm, relaxing, and pretty much what you want. And it's something you've been anticipating for a while now.

For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.
Inside the Room of Your Soul

I hate to admit it, but it's not too far off. Gotta work on that "full of myself" part.......

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Trade Secrets

Ok - I'm still thinkin' of and recovering from the Trade Show this weekend. And I realized I have something to share.

A list.

Of important things to remember for a successful trade show.

1) Yes, comfy shoes are important. But even more important is comfortable underwear. Yes, I said "more important" and meant it. I refuse to explain further - just trust me on this one.

2) Do NOT continue to guzzle water throughout the day. I don't give a rats ass how good they say it is for you. It's not. The human bladder can only hold so much. AND the bathrooms will always be in the farthest corner. Doin' the pee pee dance across the convention floor is NOT an attractive look. For anyone.

3) The secret to a high traffic count - bad cake and cheap give aways. I'm just sayin'......

Those are Tammi's Top Three Tips for a successful tradeshow. Stick around - over the next few months I'm sure I'll be adding to that list.

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Could Trump buy Cubs?

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July 24, 2006

Funny Video

OK - I'm behind on my blogging and overly tired - but I just now found this over at Florida Cracker and damn....I laughed my ass off.

Go. Watch. We all need to laugh. Come on - it's only 3 odd minutes. You'll be glad you did.

I think I may very well know some relatives of that damned monkey!

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Funny How Things Work Out

Big meeting today at work. We reviewed the weekend and looked ahead at the upcoming events.

That's when I found out it's a good thing I wasn't planning on going to the big meet in Helen. Yeah - any such plans were squashed in one simple sentence.

Boss: Tammi I need you in Vegas September 9-13.
Tammi's mind: WooHoo. VEGAS!!! I wonder if Army Wife wants to hang out?!?!

That's right folks. While y'all will be partyin' away in Helen I'll just be hangin' out in Vegas thinkin' of you.

I'm gonna have to stay here - it's what the company wants. I think I can suffer through.

Damn - another show...

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A Wish and a Prayer

I'm seriously hoping that by the time I hit the office this morning my calendar will say it's actually Thursday.

What do you think the chances are of THAT happening?!?!?

Damn - Monday. Only Monday.

I hope there are no major issues today.....they may see my evil twin Tanya show up in my place. THAT would not be good.

So I'm wishin' - wishin' my week away.

And I'm prayin'.

For my friend.

Drop her a line and keep her in your prayers too. Please.

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Just A Product or Two

I tried a couple of new (to me) things in the past couple of weeks and just thought I'd share what I thought with y'all.

First - I like to keep a little somethin' sweet at my desk. Usually around 3:00 every afternoon I need a little Pick Me Up. Chocolate (with a cup of fresh coffee) is generally exactly what I'm craving.

So the last time I was at the store I saw these Dove Chocolate Cookies. Now...I've tried them before and liked them very much. But...probably more than I needed for this situation and I was going to pass right on by. Until...I saw these. Dove Milk Chocolate and Toffee on a vanilla cookie.

Holy Shit.

Are those legal?

Who cares. I bought 'em and they were fantastic. Vunderbar. Damn Good. And tastey too.

Oh yeah - they get a 10 on my scale. No doubt about it. I highly recommend them. Especially when the chocolate gets kinda melty and everything is all sticky....damn. I could sure use one right now......

Ok - the next one is kinda hard for me to post about. I know so many are boycotting anything/everything French. And I've done the same. Except for my make-up. I wear Lancome. I admit it. It's what works best for me, and I have to look decent to make a living. So.....there it is.

And I gotta tell you - they have a new foundation out that is beyond compare. MAGIQUE MATTE acts like a liquid but looks and feels like a powder. And when they say it lasts all day they aren't kidding. Think trade show folks. And it still looked good at the end of the day. Just one hint....exfoliate. Seriously. It helps. And it'll keep you from any horrific surprises the first time you use it. I about had a heart attack the first time I used it withou exfoliating. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

But it really does work magic. Covers without looking fake. And the finish is smooth and soft. I hate foundation. Didn't wear it for years (until I moved back up here) and I refuse to look like I'm "made up" every day. I drive the girls at the counter crazy because I insist on looking as natural as possible. THIS foundation fits the bill.

Huh. Foundation and Chocolate. How girly is that??!?!!

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July 23, 2006


Over. Done. Completed.

Yipee! The tradeshow is over. The tradeshow is over.

And I am home. For 12 hours. I cannot tell you how good that feels.

I walked in the door, grabbed the piece of left over pizza and put on the comfy clothes. It's great cause my feet don't hurt today and I actually had a little fun.

Laughing Wolf called and we chatted a bit during his drive. I spoke to Army Wife a couple of times - I especially didn't want her to miss the final give away. She get's to laughin' sooo hard when she hears all the screamin'. I really wish I could have video taped it for her. She thinks it's funny to listen to........

Anyway - all in all it wasn't a bad weekend. I just used my little ole blog to vent a bit. I got to see a few customers. Make a few contacts.

Plus, it was time spent with my product and I really do need to learn as much about it and my venue as possible.

But I'm also not gonna cry a river that we only do 5 shows a year.

Oh - and Bou?!? Looks like I'll be your way in November. There's a big show in South Beach! WooHoo. I'm thinkin' girls night out!!!!

Anyway - it's over and I survived. Now? Time for dinner and some junky television. IOW - serious unwinding is in order.

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Probably TMI

You know you might be kinda tired when you try to put your underwear on OVER you shorts.

Ohhhh - it's gonna be a very long week!!!

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It Was A Good Summer

As I was getting out of the car yesterday morning the Rolling Stones song, Angie, came to mind.

It immediately took me back to the summer of 2001. Probably one of the best summers in my life.

I had just met my friend Joyce and there was a small group of us that just "hung out" all summer long.

Business at Tropicana, where we all worked, was hoppin'. We couldn't seem to do anything wrong.

It seemed like I was everywhere that summer. New Orleans (what a GREAT time that was), Phoenix, Dallas, Hotlanta. But I'd always make it home for Fridays.

You see, we had summer hours. Off at 2:00 every Friday. Joyce sat in the cube next to me and we'd often just shoot jokes or questions over the wall. Even better was the "name that tune" games.

But at 2:00 we were outta there. We would head down the street to the Twin Dolphin Marina Grill, also known as "Our Place". Our favorite bartender was a young lady by the name of...you guessed it. Angie.

So that song quickly became our code for - damn I need a drink.

We had the best time the summer. Adventures? Oh heck yeah. Things I *still* can't talk about. Lots of laughter, singing, sun and well, just good things.

Anyway - as I was walking through the parking garage yesterday for just a moment it was July 2001. A great summer. The summer before the horror of 9/11. The last summer with all of us working together. My last summer in that town.

And there are a ton of songs that do that to me. Take me back - both good and bad memories. But today - we'll think about the good.

So tell me......what song can take you back to a place of innocence? Fun? Good times?

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July 22, 2006

Trade Show - Day 2

Tired. Ohhh sooo tired.

But never bored. Oh no. Never bored.

Let's see - today I got to play enforcer, guard, spy, policeman and cheerleader.

I'll try to explain.

First - let me just say, thank GOODNESS it was a smaller crowd today and I was not assulted by the "fashion divas" I saw yesterday. I don't think my stomach could have handled it.

Anyway - it started right out of the gate. Literally. I arrived at a bit before 9 this morning. The show opens at 9 on the dot. It's a long walk from the parking garage, added to my 1 1/2 drive I had plenty of time to brace myself.

As I approach the doors, working my way through the mob, IT happens. The crowd surged. Literally. I was almost knocked off my feet. The guard at the door was watching my face and had to turn away. He was laughing THAT hard. It was as if I were standing in the middle of a herd of cows and someone delivered hay. Seriously. I've been in the position before and it was EXACTLY the same. I couldn't believe anyone was that anxious to get in there.

Anyway - I get to the booth and my boss pulls me aside. Tells me to make sure I keep an eye on any visitors we have. Now, I have to explain. This show is not really our venue. It's mostly scrapbookers and real crafty folks. But, it's local for us so we always go. But what does happen is that folks from the Chinese factories come, check out our stuff and then rip off our designs. Seriously. So my job was to chase them off.

I did.

It was fun.

Next, we have more problems with folks cutting through the booth - knocking everything off/over/out. So - again, I'm stationed at the corner to "encourage them to walk around".

I did.

It was fun.

At 4:00 every day there is a give away at the booth across from us. It just so happens I was on the phone with Army Wife at this exact time. I calculated there was probably 50 people standing there. I was later told it was closer to 100.

Anyway - they give away "birthday cake" (have no idea why it's birthday cake, but anyway) and raffle off cropper scissors. Little plastic scissors.

As the screams echo throughout the convention center, AW asks what the hell is going on. I tell her, it's a give away.

AW: what are they giving away? A trip to Burmuda?
Tammi: No, plastic cropping scissors.
AW: No F'in way.

Then she breaks out in hysterical laughter.

It really was beyond all reason the excitment created by giving away a $2 item. And folks were begging us for free stuff.

We had little buttons.

They were ugly.

They took them all anyway.

Go figure.

The day ended with an uneventful drive home (thank GOODNESS) and a take out pizza from Fritz's and a really really good Capt'n and Diet. I mean really good Capt'n and Diet. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Anyway - that was day 2. Tomorrow - more of the same PLUS the added excitment of tearing the booth down.

I can hardly contain myself.

Good night.................

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Saturday Question

That's right. I actually thought of a Saturday Question this morning.

I think it comes from my overwhelming craving of the moment, but whatever. It fits all the criteria for a Saturday Question - so here goes.

What is your favorite kind of donut?

Donut's are my downfall. I love them. I even crave those horrible, dry, yicky vending machine pastries. Seriously. I love 'em.

But-if I'm in a donut shop, with all those lovely little rings to choose from I ALWAYS get a cake donut with the toasted coconut. Well, that and a cake donut with chocolate icing.

You see - I cannot stop at just one. Ever. To me, eating just one donut is like stealing just one kiss.

Why bother.

So tell me......what is the one donut you just can't resist?

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Just a thought....

I am soooo boring.

Seriously. All I could think of on the drive home - well, after I was actually going in the direction of home - was how much I was looking forward to being asleep.

Friday night. Single and all I wanted to do was go to bed. Wait. Put that way it sounds kinda normal, but you know what I mean.

ANYway, I don't think I was home 30 minutes and out like a light. And the best part was I knew I could sleep in an hour. WooHoo. Not.

I was wide awake by 5:00am.

Oh well. I'll sleep tonite. It's fine. It's all fine.

Might be havin' a bit of an imprompto get together next weekend. I spoke with Leslie and she said something about maybe comin' to Fritz's. Then I spoke to TNT and she might pop in too.

So - anyone else wanna stop over next Saturday night or Sunday morning? Fritz's is closed on Sunday but we can do a brunch here at The Belfry and I'm sure I can come up with some sort of adult beverage. Leave me a comment if you're interested. It'll just be very informal and laid back.

Anyway - like the saying goes - it's time to make the donuts. Gotta get dressed and primped and on the road. Weekends like this are the downside to consumer products. Which, all in all, ain't soooooo bad.

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July 21, 2006

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I don't know WHAT I was thinking.

But - I signed up to be interviewed over at Basil's.

I just realized it's comin' up pretty soon.

Questions are due to Basil on August 13. It'll all be posted over at his place on August 20th.

Come on now folks - don't leave me hangin' here.

And I promise - you ask....I'll answer.

But remember - I'm a very nice lady. ;-)

Oh - send your questions here

Oh again - and T1G is bein' quizzed too. Ask HIM questions HERE. His questions are due August 27th. Now him? Yeah - ask him ANYTHING you want. :-) Really, he'll appreciate it!

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Trade Show - Day 1.

Oh. My. Gott.

Let me just say that right off the bat. Gotta get that one out of the way.

Morning started out fine. Got up in plenty of time and once the coffee kicked in it was all good. Dressed in my new really cute (really long) pant suit and got ready to leave. Got to the bottom of the stairs and cursed. Turned around and went back up stairs. You see, I realized I had forgotten to take my toe ring off and 10 hours in 3" heels and a toe ring wasn't really gonna work for me today.

So finally got on the road - made great time. YES - before you ask, I did get lost trying to find the convention center. HELLO. This is me afterall.

Got there, got registered and walked in to find our booth.

Now - let me say this much. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE would someone explain to me where self pride has gone in this world?

Folks - this was a TRADE SHOW. Business. There were no end users there - these were manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributers. People were dressed like slobs. Absolute slobs.

At one point I looked over at our booth. The upper management were dressed in very nice suits and ties. The others in our group - very professional. I told my boss how disgusted I was with what I was seeing. Folks I'm talking very heavy women in crop tops. Yes, crop tops. Maybe they didn't start out that way, but when they are 2 or 3 sizes smaller than what you should be wearing they sure as hell look like crop tops.

And this was both visitors and reps. I'm appalled.

AND - cause you know I'm not done yet - they were acting like animals. They'd cut through our booth, pullin' there flippin' bags and knock our shelves off. Or several times, hit the pole and almost bring down the entire booth. My boss put me on point to keep them from cutting through. They did. I don't know if it was the look on my face or the fact that a 6'5" woman was blocking their way, but they went around after that.

Anyway - made it through the day fine. Left around 5:30. And yes, I got lost/turned around coming home. I mean seriously lost. Lost like in ending up in downtown Chicago lost. I kept figuring out where I was but couldn't get over or turn when I needed to.

But eventually - after laughing myself silly - I found my way to the highway. Well - in my defence, I saw the highway almost the entire time. I just couldn't get TO it.

But - I'm home now. I'm going to bed.

I get to do this again tomorrow.

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I'm home. I survived. I'm tired.

But I'm still flippin' smiling. I just wonder if maybe I got into some happy weed or somethin' and didn't realize it, cause this is just nuts.

OK - I need sleep now. But I thought I'd let you know, just in case I can't post tomorrow.

Ohhhh 10 hours in 3" heels. That's gonna be fun - don't ya wish you were walkin' in my shoes about now?!?! ;-)

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July 20, 2006

Poppin' In

Just a few notes on my day so far.

Remember - big day for me. Big customer review and dinner.

1) Storm rolled in last night. Knocked out cable/phone. Unable to finish work.

2) Got up at 4:00am. Dressed and on the road just in time.

3) Driving WITH storm. **side note - these damned midwesterners don't know how to flippin' drive in a little rain. You'd have thought, the way they were acting that it was a damned hurricane. What we drove in this morning is a summer squall in Florida. Buck up and drive or get the hell outta my way.** Took 3 hours to get to work this morning.

4) NOTHING was done for today. NOTHING. NADA. I finally got everything rounded up from the responsible parties around 10:30. Won't go into details except at one point I just laid my head on my desk and laughed. It actually scared some people.

5) Luckily my customer is late. 6 hours late. Just now arriving. He's been sitting in a hot plane on a runway for 6 hours. I'm sure he's in just the BEST mood for this now.

6) We're still doin' it. Meeting to start in 20 minutes. We stay til it's done. *Please note - it's almost 5:00pm right now.

Oh, and did I mention I'm on the road at 6:00 again tomorrow?

Yeah - so that's my day so far. And you know what? I'm still smilin'.

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July 19, 2006

I Love This Man

Blogdaughter LeeAnn and her Darling Husband are very good friends of mine. We've known each other for, well, a while now.

I cannot tell you how much I adore this couple. Seriously. Funny, smart, kind, loving.

Well - now we need to add brave to that list.

Head on over and read about her Darling Husband's latest adventure.

Dude? You ARE a hero. Flat out.

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Shopping *IS* a Sport

Oh. My. Goodness.

I cannot tell you what a great day it was today.

Did everything go perfectly? Nope. Not at all. In fact, I've got about 2 hours worth of work to do yet tonite. Have my first big customer review tomorrow and someone (not me), didn't get the stuff done.

It was still a great day. I made some deals, fixed some problems and laughed. A lot.

But you know what REALLY made my day? (like the title isn't enough of a hint!) I found my Tall Girl Shop. YEAH!!!

I went looking for it Sunday during the Ogmeet, only to discover that it was not where it used to be. No one knew where it could be. I came to the conclusion that they had closed that location.

And I was not happy about it. I love the idea that I can shop for slacks, long..big girl slacks, and try them on. Take them with me. Instant gratification - that's me. So I was bummed.

Today I looked it up on the 'net and voila Found It. So I went, directly after work.

I walked in and just started giggling. I couldn't help myself. I'm standing in a store FULL of stuff just my size.

The clerk came over and I explained that I needed slacks and/or a pant suit. BUT - I wanted it on sale.

No problem.

We found a cute suit and then she took me over to these black pinstripe slacks. OK - I'm a little self conscious in slacks anyway and pinstripes? PLUS, she was telling me I needed to be wearing Jr. Size. (for you guys out there - that's the teen stuff!) I wasn't sure, but decided to humor her.

I tried on the pinstripe first. I don't like to put off the yicky part so I figure we'll just get this out of the way right out the gate.

I walked out and went over to the three-way-mirror-from-hell.

Where I promptly looked around to see who was standing in that mirror - cause it sure as hell couldn't be me.

Tammi: Where'd I get that ass and why haven't I been showin' it?!?!? Holy Cow!!! These are magic pants. I need to be seen in these bad boys!

I thought the sales clerk was going to pee herself she was laughing so hard.

And you have to realize. I DO NOT ever say anything like that. Hell - I've never even thought that.

Yes - I bought them. Are you kidding?!?! I would have bought one in every color if there had been such a thing.

AND I got a suit.

On sale.

I saved more than I spent.

Damn - it was a great day.

Except now I'm on this adrenaline rush. Power shopping (all that in under 30 minutes) really needs to be an olympic sport.

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July 18, 2006

Hot Air

It's funny. Weather wise, June was - pleasant. Oh, it had a few hot days here and there, but overall. Not too bad.

But back around the 4th of July - damn - seems like a hot wind blew into town. Makin' everything stuffy, stifling almost.

Today? The first thing I noticed while sitting outside at lunch was how.....pleasant it was. A cooling breeze. High was around 83. Tomorrow? Same thing.

I don't understand it? I wonder what happened to cause this shift in the weather pattern?

It's very puzzling.

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I Missed It!!

I missed her birthday.

Damn it.

So - even though it's a bit belated - Happy Birthday Ktreva!!!

I was tryin' to think what to "get" for a gift. But then I read that Contagion has actually trimmed that damned mustache. THAT Rocks!!

You have two adorable sons.

A job you love.

Hell - what DO you get for the woman who has everything?????

So here it is.

You name the date and time. It's a girls day. Lunch, shopping, maybe a movie, drinks.

Just let me know when.

But damn - I hate that I missed it.


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I'm Stylin' Now

I got my new laptop.


Of course it's AFTER the blogmeet - but that's not as important as....I got it.

Now - I just have to figure out how to get it to play nice with MuNu when I'm on the wireless.

My site shows up - weird.

I can't access several other MuNu sites.

I can't access my MT at all.

But in the grand scheme of things - it's all fine.

For two simple reasons:

1) I'll figure it out.
2) I got my laptop.


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The Heat is......Off

OK - we all know the nation is in the grip of a horrific heat wave. It's hot folks. Flippin' hot.

I'm the first person to admit I'm a little spoiled. I may be from Florida, but I kinda like it cool when I'm "down" at the house. If it's not I just don't relax. Oh - I may fake it, but I don't. Period.

We also all know it was ungottly hot yesterday. I knew it was going to be bad when I left for work at 7:00 and it was already 88 degrees.

At 7:00 in the morning.

Even with the air conditioning in the car - the drive home last night was draining.

I pull in front of the belfry and just sat in the car. Running the mental list of all that must be done last night through, I just couldn't summon the energy to get out of the car.

Finally, I took a deep breath and just did it. Got out of the car, pulled the luggage out of the trunk and headed up the stairs.

As I went to open the front door I noticed something different. Something was weird about my front window.

It had an air conditioner in it.

Sweet Mother of Gott. A real live Air Conditioner.

In MY window.

I think I hurt myself trying to get inside the house.

Folks - The Belfry was cool. Hell, the living room was - dare I say it - chilly!!!!

Do you know what this means?!?!?

I can sleep. (well except for last night when I couldn't turn my mind off)

I can cook without making myself sick.

I can actually do dishes without burning my eyes when the sweat rolls.

I can relax after work comfortably.

I cannot begin to tell you how that turned my day around. Just the ticket to fix a Monday.

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July 17, 2006

The Round-up

I know, I know. I need to tell y'all about the weekend. HOWEVER.....It's almost 8:00 here and I've been home...about 20 minutes.

I'm thinkin' it ain't gonna happen tonite. Sorry.

BUT - I can give you the round up list of who said what. THAT should be doable for me.....

Let's see - Ms. Leslie, my favorite busdriver (and good friend). Darlin' you did a great job with this. I'm just sorry you were sick. But to make up for it....You. Me. Shopping and dinner. SOON.

The Great and Powerful Og. You smooth talkin' devil you. I gotta tell you - you have a gift. Not many folks can leave me speechless. ;-) But you do! And next time I go see Mama, I'm stoppin' in your area on the way home. Dinner's on me!

WindyPundit I've already linked to - but if you haven't clicked over, do so. The man has a magic camera. Seriously. Thanks so much for sharing those with us!

Jimmy (of Conservative UAW) - I'm just so bummed we were too late for beer and scotch (even though I'da passed on the scotch part). It was GREAT getting to meet you. Good to see you made it home safe and sound.

, a fellow salesguy that actually GETS my sense of humor! WooHoo!! I really enjoyed chattin' with you. So glad you stayed around for them beers!

Dude was there - and I'm sure, if he had a blog, his write-up would be, well, let's just say interesting. Yeah, that's the word.

That 1 Guy, after recovering, does a great recap. But I'm confused? I just can't understand him sayin' he had a hangover. Damned lightweight.

Zonker keeps us all waiting on the edge of our seats for his version of the weekend. But I'm sure, knowing him, it'll be worth it. DAMN, it was good to see him again!

Soon - MY story. Oh, and the update of the blogroll.

Ok - I've got to step away from this computer and get to a bit of work tonite. Big weekend. I'm workin' another tradeshow. ;-)

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Shhhhh - I'm Sneakin' a Post

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!!!

We had a great blogmeet over the weekend and I can't wait to tell you about it. However, this morning, duty calls.

Meanwhile, one of the new bloggers I met, WindyPundit, has some pictures up of the "players".

Check it out.

Oh - and have a good day. Me? I gotta get more coffee!!!

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July 14, 2006

Funny Email

I got this email........


1. She is not a "BABE" or a "CHICK" - She is a "BREASTED AMERICAN."

2. She is not a "SCREAMER" or a "MOANER" - She is "VOCALLY APPRECIATIVE."

3. She is not "EASY" - She is "HORIZONTALLY ACCESSIBLE."



6. She is not an "AIRHEAD" - She is "REALITY IMPAIRED."

7. She does not get "DRUNK" or "TIPSY" - She gets "CHEMICALLY INCONVENIENCED"

8. She does not have "BREAST IMPLANTS" - She is "MEDICALLY ENHANCED."

9. She does not "NAG" you - She becomes "VERBALLY REPETITIVE."

10. She is not a "TRAMP" - She is "SEXUALLY EXTROVERTED."

11. She does not have "MAJOR LEAGUE HOOTERS" - She is "PECTORALLY SUPERIOR."

12. She is not a "TWO-BIT HOOKER" - She is a "LOW COST PROVIDER."


1. He does not have a "BEER GUT" - He has developed a "LIQUID GRAIN STORAGE FACILITY."

2. He is not a "BAD DANCER" - He is "OVERLY CAUCASIAN."


4. He is not "BALDING" - He is in "FOLLICLE REGRESSION."



7. He does not act like a "TOTAL ASS" - He develops a case of RECTAL-CRANIAL INVERSION."

8. He is not a "MALE CHAUVINIST PIG" - He has "SWINE EMPATHY."

9. He is not afraid of "COMMITMENT" - He is "RELATIONSHIP CHALLENGED."

10. He is not "HORNY" - He is "SEXUALLY FOCUSED."

Well, I thought it was funny anyway.......

Have a great weekend! I'll see ya Monday!!!!!!

Oh, and try not to make too much of a mess while I'm gone, 'mkay? ;-)

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So What Are They Sayin'?

Found this while Lollygaggin over at Pam's place and just couldn't resist.

Your Driving Is is: 47% Male, 53% Female
According to studies, you drive both like a guy and a girl.
This means you're a pretty average driver, with typical quirks.
Occasionally you're frustrated and or a little reckless, but that's the exception - not the norm.
Do You Drive Like a Guy or a Girl?

Funny - no mention of sleeping while you drive. Wonder what's up with that! Doesn't everybody?????

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July 13, 2006

Holy Shit!!!

The Nazi's are comin' the Nazi's are comin'!!!

Oh and The Black Panthers and Fred Phelps group..........

Tomorrow at the Lowden State Park.

The Nazi's are hosting a BBQ.

Why does that just read like a really cheesey party invitation?

And what the hell are they doin' in our County Seat?!?!?

Unflippin' believable.

Head on over - Ragin' Mom has the scoop.

1st Announcement
More Info
Snippet of Conversation

Hmmmm I wonder how Og would feel if we moved the "shooting expedition" to Oregon instead of the range?

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I saw this paragraph while reading my morning news....

"Israeli reprisals against its northern neighbour for the kidnap of two soldiers by Hezbollah fighters have continued overnight - around 47 Lebanese civilians have been killed."

As cold as some may think this sounds, I'm gonna say it anyway.

YES. You mess with our house, we burn yours down.

Now if only Congress and the Senate would get the flippin' message. It's the nature of war. And it's the only way to finish the business. Period. Good for Israel.

That all being said, as I read more about what is going on and the realization of how bad it can get becomes clear, I pray. I honestly don't think prayers will be enough this time.

No matter, it sure can't hurt. And right now it's all I can do.

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Blurry Eyed but Happy

I just love hangin' out with Bloggers. Can I just say that?

Yesterday Jerry made the trek from Indiana to meet T1G and I for dinner. I could hardly wait. The morning seemed to drag - even though I actually had too much to do. Barely took a lunch because I was planning on sneaking out a bit early......can I say again how much I love my job?!?!

Suffice to say I didn't get out of there early. Nope. In fact, I almost left late. Yikes!!!!!

Met the boys at Fritz's and had a couple very tasty cocktails accompanied with a kickass steak.

We ended up hangin' out at The Belfry killing bugs that migrated to the light that radiates from my home. (sounds better than just sayin' I can't install a fan for crap and had a gap the size of Arizona letting in all the June Bugs).

Today? Today I prepare for the weekend. It's Ogmeet. Holy Shit. A midwest blogmeet. And from the sounds of things it's looking to be a pretty good time. I get to see some of the locals I never get a chance to meet up with AND....wait for it.......ZONKER is comin'!!!!!!

Note to self: pick up more tylenol. Hangover probable in the very near future.

Damn - I just LOVE hangin' out with bloggers!!!

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A Quiet but Deeply Felt Wish

Today - July 13th is my blogdaughter (and very good friend), Army Wife's birthday.

birthday party room 2005.jpg

Now, I'll be the first to admit, I'm just not all that creative - so I don't have a song that I wrote, or a poem that I can share.

I'll just say that while she celebrates her day - those of us that know and love her celebrate HER!!

Happy Birthday AW!!! I love ya darlin!!!!

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July 12, 2006

The Golden Rule

While trying to pull this little post together I found this site. I can see many a post comin' out of that information - but for this post, let's focus a bit....

A good interpretation of the Golden Rule is "Treat others as you would want them to treat you".

Simple. Straight forward. To the point.

Ok, we have that out in the open.

Now, can someone please explain to me WHY THAT PREMISE IS LOST IN BUSINESS ANYMORE?!?!?!?!?

Holy Cow. It's beyond maddening.

Laughing Wolf had a doozy of an experience over at Quick Lube. Huh. Guess they didn't realize who they were messin' with. Hell - I think he may have picked up a few tips from me and my Pep Boys run in. You will want to read his "adventure". Trust me.

But the bottom line in all of that is....if he would have been given good customer service NONE of that would have ever occured.

If someone would have, for one moment, put the all mighty dollar aside and looked at it from the human point of view it would have never exploded like it did.

I'm in sales. I'm a sales manager. I make decisions every day about how to price things, how to deal with issues, how to get the customer to sign on the dotted line.

And, I gotta tell you, I'm pretty good at what I do. You wanna know why?

It's all about the Golden Rule. I treat folks with the respect I want. I tell them the truth - as painful as it can be at times. I pick up the phone as soon as there is an issue and, even if I don't want to, I take the ass chewin'.

And then I make sure they realize I care. I may not understand, and I won't insult their intellegence by faking it. But I do honestly care.

But I'll also be the first to admit I'm a tough customer. Why? Because I expect to be treated the same why I treat others. If I'm not? Yeah, well - you probably don't want to be my "date" for the evening. I may very well embarrass you.

I miss they days of curtesy. I miss the days of honor. I miss being around people that take pride in what they do and the impression they leave.

I swear - I was born in the wrong decade.

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Another Day.....

I have to say - I hate Wednesdays.

Seriously. If I play hooky, it's always traditionally been on a Wednesday.

I'm tired. I'm so tired right now it's stupid. I had a restful weekend, and a great week so far. I've been getting plenty of sleep. But still I'm exhausted. And it's like this every Wednesday. I don't get it!

But even given all that there is something special about today. An excitement in the air. Wanna know why?

Jerry's coming to town!! Yep, he's heading this way for dinner with T1G and I get to tag along. Add to that it'll be my first time "OUT" in way too long and it's just ALLL good.

Hmmmm maybe I need to start another tradition. We've got Fresh Flower Thursday and No Cooking Friday. I think Party Wednesday has a good ring to it?

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July 11, 2006

Alright Now!!

This is a public warning to Mr. Smart Ass!!!

Stop changin' my title thingy damnit!!!!!

I was just starting to get used to "This is what I'm gonna need for you to do..." when I come home tonite and see "Tammi's World: Hanging Out In The Belfry"!!

I actually got confused!!

Don't make me do something drastic!!


P.S. When you gonna teach ME how to do that?!?!?!

P.S.S. Never mind. :-) I got FRIENDS!!!

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Lead by Example

Brace yourselves. That scooting sound you hear is me dragging out the ole soap box. This post has been brewing in my mind for a long time now and I just need to get it out.

I'm sure most of you have heard Kelly Clarkson's song "Because of You". But have you listened to the words? Have you thought about what the hell she's talking about?

Well let me help you think about that. I wanted to post the song here so you could hear it while you read the lyrics, but I just can't. (but you can click here and scroll down) So I ask you...please read the lyrics. It's not some sappy song talking about nonsense. It's actually got an important message. Take the time. Read the lyrics.

Because Of You

I will not make the same mistakes that you did
I will not let myself
Cause my heart so much misery
I will not break the way you did,
You fell so hard
I've learned the hard way
To never let it get that far

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

I lose my way
And it's not too long before you point it out
I cannot cry
Because I know that's weakness in your eyes
I'm forced to fake
A smile, a laugh everyday of my life
My heart can't possibly break
When it wasn't even whole to start with

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

I watched you die
I heard you cry every night in your sleep
I was so young
You should have known better than to lean on me
You never thought of anyone else
You just saw your pain
And now I cry in the middle of the night
For the same damn thing

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I try my hardest just to forget everything
Because of you
I don't know how to let anyone else in
Because of you
I'm ashamed of my life because it's empty
Because of you
I am afraid

Because of you
Because of you

See those lines I highlighted? See them? Think about it for a moment. This song is about the victim of abuse. They watched it happen. They heard it. Daily. They had to witness it, never being able to do anything about it. It was just "business as usual".

You see - it's not just the abused that directly suffers. If there are children - the children suffer most of all. And it doesn't have to be in the immediate family.

I deal with the results of my nieces and nephew watching years of women being tossed around like rag dolls, beaten like a bag. Talked to like they were less than nothing.

And you know what? My nephew is not a nice boy. He was never shown that it is WRONG. It's NOT NORMAL. Oh we discuss it (you better believe that) but his point of reference? Yeah, it SUCKS.

My nieces? Yeah, they walk in the footprints of the women in their lives. Again, we talk. They know itís wrong. But they donít see that THEY are in the same situation.

THIS is what I passed along to the next generation.

Even though I left. Even though I'm healed.

The pain continues.

So think about that. If you won't leave a bad situation because of the kids? LEAVE. Show them there is better. Show them it's NOT normal. Show them YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE IT.

Be an example. Show them that strength does not have to be BRUTE. Show them that respect is something that is earned and that it is a gift. Show them that a relationship/a marriage is a partnership. Show them that love does NOT include hitting, yelling, belittling.

The children are watching. They are learning from us.

Show them.

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July 10, 2006

Woman P0rn

Talkin' with AW on the way home tonite. Actually her DH answered the phone and kinda threw me. I hate barging in on "family time". Anyway - he say's he's just doin' dishes and hands her the phone.

The first thing she said was "Man, there is nothing hotter than watchin' a guy doin' dishes!"

I have to agree. Well, except for when they vacuum. I saw it once. In a movie. A long time ago.

But the memory lingers.

Pushin' and pullin'. Out and then in.....

Sorry - I got distracted.

Anyway - got me to thinkin'. I wonder what other women feel about that. What "routine" things are just HOT when watchin' a guy do them?

Me? Well, we've listed the dishes - but it has to be because they want to. Other wise there's a look on their face, kinda like a kid being sent to the corner.

And - I've mentioned the vacuuming thing. I don't think I need to elaborate on that any more.

I love to watch a guy interacting with children. Watch the looks on their face as they talk/listen. The smile as they play a game. The gentle way they express themselves, even when rough housing. It's a sweetness you don't see all the time.

Those are just a couple that I can think of off the top of my head. What about you ladies? Come on, share.

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I'm Still Smilin'

Note to self: when working on a MAJOR customer presentation, do NOT allow yourself to just delete graphics at random.

Sometimes rhythm is not necessarily a good thing.

Geez Louise.

It's SUCH a Monday!!

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Tammi's Safety Tip - #986

When double checking to see how the outfit looks early on a Monday morning keep these thoughts in mind:

1) Make sure you're had at LEAST 2 cups of coffee before you try to stand on the chair to see. (no full length mirror in the house yet)

2) Make sure you have the chair far enough away from the ceiling fan that you don't.....

Ouch. Damn. That hurt.

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July 09, 2006

It's A Party~~~

They say it's your birthday
Happy Birthday to ya

Ok - that didn't work the way I wanted it to. So let me just say - It's That 1 Guy's Birthday today!! WooHoo. THIRTY NINE YEARS OLD TODAY!

You realize this is the last year he will have in a decade that starts with T. You know....Teens, Twenty, Thirty...then comes Forty and Fif..well, you get the idea.

Now there's a little "celebration" goin' on over at his place - lots of folks offering up ideas of how he can celebrate this momentus year, rememberin' the good times.

And with him bein' such a social butterfly and all...well, there's a boat load of opportunity here!


Me? I'm not so creative. Plus, he is my best friend (even if I did try to kill him on my spring vacation....) so I'll just offer up a few gift ideas.

Dude - if I could, this is what I'd get ya for the Big Day.

help with the house.jpg

**Every single guy I know would enjoy a little help around the house.

beer mug.JPG

**He's a big guy - he needs a big beer mug, don'tcha think?

Boy and Cat at Sunrise.jpg
**This is the PURRRRFECT painting for his office. Lots of inspiration.....

**Given his love of talkin' on the phone, combined with his Harley fetish - this seems just to be all that and a bag of chips!!!

So there you go Big Guy! Happy Birthday!!!

Now head on over and check out what everyone else suggests!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Check this out! Tesco dedicated a song. PERFECT. What's a party without music!

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July 08, 2006

Phone Shopping

Ok - AW is looking for a dress to wear to a ball next week. 4 Beautiful choices. Just beautiful.

I have a wedding coming up in a few months and need something spiffy to wear.

So....we were doin' what any two red blooded American women would do when left alone on a Saturday night. We shopped. On line. Over the phone.

Yes folks - I'm into phone shop(ing).

Anyway - I have a couple of choices.

First off - the wedding color is a beautiful lavendar. I do not have to wear lavendar - but I'd like to blend. I'm not into standing out too much. So I have options.

Here they are.

Now let me just start out saying - if it weren't a wedding I'd be wearing this one:


But alas - this is a festive occasion and I've been wearing too much black lately anyway. So let's see some color......




Maybe just maybe I can talk Carmen into letting me post a picture of the two of us at the wedding in October. Since y'all were kind enough to help me decide.

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Keeping Score

I was told at the new job to ask for ANYTHING I needed.

:-) So dangerous. So very dangerous!!

But I'm behavin'. Seriously. I am. REALLY. STOP LAUGHING!!!

Last week we designed my lap top. I didn't ask for anything too "special". Just your normal laptop. Sorta.

I needed a different phone, with a handsfree. I'm on the phone a lot a work, and it's just more comfortable. Plus that way I can work AND talk. I'm all about the multi-tasking.

But my request from yesterday was met with......resistance. If you could have seen the look on their faces.......

I asked for black skull and cross bone stickers. Yes, Skull and Cross Bone Stickers - in black.

To put on the metal strip on my door.

To represent all the reps and accounts I lose.

You see - I've been there a month. I manage many reps. and all of the smaller accounts.

We're cleaning house. My newest project is to review performances and make changes. Reps and customers.

The secret to being successful in business is in knowing when to cut your loses.

But I don't think they thought I'd be keeping score.

They'll learn.

s and c.jpg

**I should note here that all reps are independent contractors and will simply be reassigned. You didn't honestly think, after all I've been through, I'd celebrate anyone losing their JOB did you?????

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I WIN!!!

Long long ago, back in a different age.....ok, maybe it was just a month ago but Damn! A month without Hook is, well, a long time.

Anyway - he had a caption contest. He always gets a ton of great responses. This time I managed to sneak in early and....Yep! I win!!!!!!!

Personally, I'm pretty sure it's cause I started bustin' his chops about being AWOL for so long. I've noticed that a lot of folks will do anything just to shut me up. hmmmm

But that's all beside the point. Fact is - I Win!!

Thanks Hook.

Oh, and welcome back!

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July 07, 2006

Our Youth

Part of my job is to watch and read the trade magazines. So, what am I doing on a Friday night? Yep, that's right. Sitting in my living room reading trade magazines.

One is on Toy Trends. No, not those kind of toys - ya perverts. Toys. The kind you buy your kids. In particular this article was focused on this years Christmas trends. (just so you know - I'm already pitching next years back to school stuff, so they're a bit late with this!)

As I'm browsing through this riviting publication I see that one of the hottest trends for those girls between youth and teen are the plush purses.

Ok - that makes sense.

Then I see this.

butt ugly.jpg

Oh. My. Flippin'. Gott.

So now the youth of this country want to emulate Paris Flippin' Hilton!!! Arrggghhhh.

So of course I'm ranting and raving. Just beyond myself.

T1G is visiting and busy blogging. As I rant he looks up from his computer to say "Nothing wrong with wanting to be a rich whore"


I have nothing to add to that.

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A sure sign....

...that I'm getting to be more like "myself";

I forgot to put concealer on the bags under my eyes and no one asked me if I were sick, tired or been in a fight.


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They Took The High Road

I heard on the radio yesterday about the executive assistant at Coke stealin' confidential documents and then, working with a couple of ex cons, trying to sell them to Pepsi.

My reaction? WTF?!? Then, I will admit, I laughed. A lot.

As soon as I could get on line, I read the article. Details! I needed details!!!

Now, having worked for PepsiCo I have first hand knowledge of just how bitter the battle is between these two companies. We didn't drink Coke. Ever. And we made sure, no matter where we were, that it was well known.

Go out to eat? You always asked, even if you knew the answer, for a Pepsi product. If they said they only carried Coke tell them it was NOT ok and order water. Always.

There's a legend I've heard about a high level Pepsi exec. that always carried her own soda with her. And would proudly display the can on the table of where ever she was eating. Either that or she would ask that someone at the resturant go and GET her a Pepsi. Don't know if it's true or not, but I believe it. Seriously.

Me? I worked at the street level. (Damn - I gotta find a better way to phrase that!) And at that level it's war. Pure and simple. I can't really blog about what all I did - but trust me when I say, the Coke drivers in certain Tampa/St Pete locations knew me, my car, and well.......it got ugly at times.

It's all about the market share. ALL ABOUT THE MARKET SHARE. From new reciepes to new packaging. Think about it. Any size and shape you can think of. And there is only so much they can do that's new and improved. That's why there's soda, water, sports drinks, energy drinks and orange juice. Head to head. In every venue. It's ALL about the market share. Whatever will catch your attention, spark your interest, capture your imagination....

So this was huge news. Something NEW. A new receipe! And I will tell you I am proud as hell that PepsiCo called the Feds on this one. They didn't have to. They could have just ignored it. They could have done any number of things. But instead they contacted Coke right away and those bitter rivals came together to nail the idiots.

I think it's cool. I think it's VERY cool. It won't change a damned thing - there will still be folks out in the stores fighting it out. Stealing facings, taking clips off of shelves, disconnecting coolers.....

Not that I'd know anything about THAT stuff, I'm just sayin'....

Good for you PepsiCo. I'm very impressed.

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July 06, 2006

The Gig Is Up

I knew it couldn't last forever. I've been found out. Damn...I thought I had more time. Oh well, I'll just have to roll with it.

Oh, I'm sorry - I guess I should explain.

I had this meeting with my boss yesterday. He's a nice enough guy - really he is. Straight shooter, tells it like it is but with some compassion....usually.

I started this job 4 weeks ago. He's been gone the last three. I told him I was starting to get a complex. He just laughed and said he'd called my references and they had actually recommended that he leave....immediately. Huh.

Anyway - we review the last three weeks and go over some projects I've got coming due in the next month.

Let's see - customer review in 2 weeks. That should be interesting. I've never even HEARD of these folks. Thank goodness for google! Well, that and the fact that numbers are numbers are numbers. I'll just make some pretty charts and graphs and dazzle 'em with the colors. Hey! It works on me!!!

Oh yippee....I may very well have to fly to California and fire a rep. THAT'S a great way to make a good impression. Just call me Tomahawk Tammi (I couldn't figure out a way to make Hatchet sound right with my name.)

So anyway, we get to the bottom of the list and he ends with telling me how very pleased they are with me to date. Put a smile on my face.

Then I hear it.

The other shoe.


"However, I do have one complaint".

Oh shit oh shit oh shit. What did I do? What didn't I do? Oh shit oh shit.

"OK - hit me Boss."

"Tammi. I'm gonna need for you to be more assertive."

I swear to Pete, you could have heard a pin drop. I think my jaw was actually hitting the floor.

That's right folks. Someone actually wants, no insists, that I be MORE assertive.

WooHoo. Katie bar the door.

I tell him I'll work on it and we head to the conference room for the department meeting.

Each manager takes a turn to cover any issues and situations and give an update. Easy. Simple.

So - I'm working with our "religious" line. Marketing to Christian books stores, ect. Well, there were some issues and luckily we got everything straightened out without pissin' off the customer.

"Thank goodness they accepted the resolutions without any argument".

My boss looks at me, with a twinkle in his eye and says "Well, praise the Lord". I smirk and say to the girl next to me (thinkin' I was using my inside voice) I'da said that, but I was too worried about lightening bolts.

As I heard the room crack up, I realized maybe I was talkin' a bit too loud. Oops.

Finally we get to the end of the issues and the boss gives us all a bit of hell for lookin' so tired. Tells us we must have partied a little too hard this weekend.

R perks up and said No - we're gettin' ready to go to Tammi's House for some Adult Ice Cream.

At that point he looks at me, shakes his head and says "I DON'T want to know. I don't want to know....I'm not even going to TOUCH that one!!"

I think they're on to me. Yep. The gig is up.

I love my job!!!!

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July 05, 2006

Lettin' off some pressure

I've always been a bit of a loud mouth. Kind of a showoff, actually. And that was really because I was so damned insecure. You know, kinda like throwin' folks off the scent with bright lights.

Anyway, I used to HAVE to be the center of attention. It was terrible.

Now, not so much. And when I say NOW I mean this has only happened in the past few years. I've calmed.

I won't kid you. I talk like a manic if I'm nervous. But as some folks get quiet around new folks and then when they feel comfortable talk your ear off - I'm just the opposite. The more I know you, the more I like you, the more I'm content in just chillin'.

That's been very difficult for me to adjust to, sometimes. I battle with the thought that "I'm boring" or just odd. (Ok, I'll give you the odd part, but not the other!)

And while it's difficult to adjust to - I'm very much ok with it. I cannot tell you the number of times I've left an event or got off the phone and just hated myself for being so....extroverted.

Now, I still love to tell a story or a joke. And there is not much more I enjoy than a good conversation. But I don't feel the need to entertain any more. I can relax and just flat out BE.

I've taken the pressure off of myself.

Damn - sometimes this "growin' up" stuff ain't so bad.

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Tasteless? Yep. Don't Care.

I know this post is "bad taste". I realize people don't "do" things like this.

But -

I'm as happy right this second as I've been in the past 5 months.

Today, is my first real payday at the new job. A 2 week check.

I cannot begin to tell you how that feels.

It was my first thought when I woke up this morning.

AND - it's already in my account.


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Happy Birthday Ya Hoosier You!!

Today is our favorite Hoosier's birthday!!

Hurry up. Head on over to Jerry's place and help him celebrate!!!

Happy Birthday Jerry!!!

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July 04, 2006

The 4th of July

Happy Birthday America!!!

So tell me...when was the last time you READ the Declaration of Independence? I know, in thinking about what to post today, it had been way too long since I had. I figured it was time to remind myself just what this day is all about.

And it's about Freedom. The freedom of a people to live in an enviroment that is non-threatening. An enviroment that allows them to be who they are, to speak their mind.

And, for the most part, that freedom is still going strong in this wonderful country of ours. Yes, I said for the most part. No system is perfect, not everyone will be happy with a given situation. But overall - we American's have it made.

So today I celebrate. I celebrate this great nation of ours and I especially think of all those that have sacrificed (and continue to each and every day) to maintain our freedom.

Happy 4th of July America. Let's not lose sight of how good we have it.....

4th of july.jpg

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July 03, 2006

One of THOSE Days...


I'm trying to find out which WalMart sells this mirror!!!


And I KNOW they're out there. I've seen the way some women dress!!!!! That's the only excuse I can think of. ;-)

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Funny Email

I got this email the other day. Y'all may have seen it already - but it cracked me up......

Cat Lover or not, this is hysterical!

We've all had trouble with our animals, but I don't think anyone can top this one:

Calling in sick to work makes me uncomfortable. No matter how legitimate my excuse, I always get the feeling that my boss thinks I'm lying.

On one recent occasion, I had a valid reason but lied anyway, because the truth was just too darned humiliating. I simply mentioned that I had sustained a head injury, and I hoped I would feel up to coming in the next day. By then, I reasoned, I could think up a doozy to explain the bandage on the top of my head.

The accident occurred mainly because I had given in to my wife's wishes to adopt a cute little kitty. Initially, the new acquisition was no problem.

Then one morning, I was taking my shower after breakfast when I heard my wife, Deb, call out to me from the kitchen.

"Honey! The garbage disposal is dead again. Please come reset it."

"You know where the button is," I protested through the shower pitter-patter and steam. "Reset it yourself!"

But I'm scared!" she persisted. "What if it starts going and sucks me in?" There was a meaningful pause and then, "C'mon, it'll only take you a second."

So out I came, dripping wet and buck naked, hoping that my silent outraged nudity would make a statement about how I perceived her behavior as extremely cowardly.

Sighing loudly, I squatted down and stuck my head under sink to find the button. It is the last action I remember performing.

It struck without warning, and without any respect to my circumstances. No, it wasn't the hexed disposal, drawing me into its gnashing metal teeth. It was our new kitty, who discovered the fascinating dangling objects she spied hanging between my legs.

She had been poised around the corner and stalked me as I reached under the sink. And, at the precise moment when I was most vulnerable, she leapt at the toys I unwittingly offered and snagged them with her needle-like claws. I lost all rational thought to control orderly bodily movements, blindly rising at a violent rate of speed, with the full weight of kitten hanging from my masculine region.

Wild animals are sometimes faced with a "fight or flight" syndrome. Men, in this predicament, choose only the "flight" option.

I know this from experience. I was fleeing straight up into the air when the sink and cabinet bluntly and forcefully impeded my ascent. The impact knocked me out cold.

Why is it that only the women laugh at this?

When I awoke, my wife and the paramedics stood over me. Now there are not many things in this life worse than finding oneself lying on the kitchen floor buck naked in front of a group of "been-there, done-that" paramedics.

Even worse, having been fully briefed by my wife, the paramedics were all snorting loudly as they tried to conduct their work, all the while trying to suppress their hysterical laughter... and not succeeding. Somehow I lived through it all.

A few days later I finally made it back in to the office, where colleagues tried to coax an explanation out of me about my head injury. I kept silent, claiming it was too painful to talk about, which it was.

"What's the matter?" They all asked, "Cat got your tongue?"

If they only knew!

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Somethin' to Cheer About

It's July. And I'm starting to get desperate.

Yes, you read that right. My football cravings are getting out of control.

A prime example is the show I'm watching right now.

Making the Squad 2006 - is a series that shows the selection and training of, get this, the 2006 Cheerleader Squad for the Bucs.

Yes, I am actually watching a cheerleading show.


But in my defense, I used to know several girls that were on the squad back a few years. So...I kinda wanted to see what's changed.

Oh, and they do have some very cool new uniforms this year.

Yeah, I know - lame. But hey - I did say desperate didn't I?!?!?!?

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Not Knowing Sucks

Now I realize that most of you that read over here read over at Army Wife's also. But just in case - I want you to go, read this and well, leave her some encouragement.

Her husband got back from Iraq (after 18 months) just last year. Now, he's heading to the border for any where from 3 to 6 months.

They haven't been given much notice and well, it's just a bit stressful right now.

So head on over - thank them BOTH for their service. Offer support. Let them know they are in our thoughts and prayers.

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She Turned It On!!!!

I figured after all my bitchin' and moanin' I ought to at least tell y'all about what I discovered yesterday. And yes, it was a good thing.

To explain, when I moved out of The Little Blue Cracker House my landlady offered me the attic walk-up over her house. It's what I call self contained. Flat rent - no utilities. Just exactly what I need to get back on my financial feet after bein' outta work for 4 months.

Being an attic walk-up most of the walls are only about 4' high. Meaning that most of the windows are around knee height. And they are small. Not much cross breeze. So - when it's 70 degrees outside - it's about 90 up here.

So - I've been a real wuss and have been complaining about how flippin' hot it is. Last night I was layin' on the bed watching a movie and dozing.

Then it happened. I felt a cold breeze. It woke me up. To be honest it kinda scared me because I couldn't figure out what it was.

I followed the trail and realized.......she has central air. And she finally turned it on. Thank Goodness.

I rushed around, shutting all the windows and just stood there in front of the register. I was so flippin' happy.....over something so very simple.

Now, it's still not as cool as I like to keep it, but it's better. Much better.

This morning I took my coffee out on the deck and just watched the morning begin. I look down and there was my landlady. I thanked her. She laughed at me. (She thinks I'm very sweet. Ha!) Hopefully she got the hint.

Leave the flippin' air on until September! Don't make me come down there!!!

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July 02, 2006

Tammi's Answer to the Heat


I usually prefer them on the rocks, but today? Yep - this was EXACTLY what I needed to pick up my mood!!

No sun, but that doesn't need to change ALL my plans......

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I may need a keeper....

Sometimes, I swear, I just really scare myself.

Take yesterday for example. It was a good day. I got up early (not so good), spent some time talking with friends (always good) then splurged with a day of "beauty". (well, tryin' anyway)

I got home and decided a nice, quiet evening with a book was in order. I fixed a big batch of pasta and veggies and went to open a bottle of wine.

Here's where I need the help.

I couldn't get the flippin' corkscrew to work. Seriously. I've probably opened over a thousand bottles of wine in my time, but last night you'da thought I was some kind of novice. After some struggle I'm sure I looked more like a desperate wino. I actually had the thought I could just break the damned neck off and strain the glass out.

I finally got some give in the cork. Ohhh it's comin'. I can feel it. WooHoo.

So I twisted.

I pulled.

I twisted some more.

Than - all of a sudden - POP.

and WHAP.

Right in my face.

I have a lovely mark now.....I'm just not sure how I'll explain this one.

Good thing it's a long weekend.........

But damn - it sure was good wine!

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Another Great Idea

I think I've made it pretty clear that I enjoy cooking. I'm not the greatest, but I sure do love doing it.

So you can imagine my delight that Moogie has started a recipe blog. It's Moogalicious Recipes and they are just getting started. There are already some pretty tempting dishes listed and I can't WAIT to give them a try.

AND they are looking for more recipes. So here's your chance to share some of those hit dishes you love to make. Just send Moogie an email.

Head on over and check it out. I know I've got to update my blogroll. I'm thinkin' this is a must read for me!!!

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I received an email from BloodSpite - seems Techography is down with server issues. They're workin' on it, but he wanted to let everyone know.

Damn. That's a hell of a way to have to spend your weekend!

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July 01, 2006

Saturday Question

On Saturdays I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: Where do you "go" when you need to just get away?

It doesn't have to BE any place. It's more like a state of being.

For years that was an easy question for me....I headed west. To the Gulf. To the water. But now? Now I had to rediscover. I had to really look at who I am and what gives me that feeling.

Some folks go fishing or hunting. Some folks hope on their bikes.

I'd like to say I get away with my music, but that's not really possible right now. For any number of reasons. I don't have the time/opportunity to go for long walks.

So what DO I do? I read. Just that simple. I can get lost in a book no matter where I am at or who I am with. Within a page I'm THERE, where ever there is.

Anyway - where do you go/what do you do to just step away?

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My Holiday Weekend

Why yes. I do have plans, thank you for asking.......

Gonna need some of this.

One of these

Oh, and this is important.

Oh, and since it's a holiday weekend, I think I'll pull out my favorite.

But the main attraction? The most important part of my weekend here at The Belfry? Yeah - what else did you think it could be???

So tell me....what are YOUR plans????

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