July 26, 2006


This is why I don't like to get my mail. Picked this up this morning.


Like I keep saying - with friends like this................

Posted by Tammi at July 26, 2006 09:49 AM | TrackBack

I seem to be older than most of my friends....one, in particular, always sends me a bday card that says, "Friend- Let's grow old together....You go first!"

Posted by: Rave at July 26, 2006 09:55 AM

Can't POSSIBLY be you!

You don't have a dog.

Posted by: Raging Mom at July 26, 2006 02:39 PM

...or curly hair...but dayum...i do love Maxine!

Posted by: imp at July 26, 2006 03:47 PM

Happy birthday, Tammi!!! ArmyWifeToddlerMom sent me! :)

Posted by: Tori Lennox at July 26, 2006 04:40 PM

Happy Birthday! (Sent by AWTM!) Hope you have a wonderful day!

Posted by: Lori at July 26, 2006 04:53 PM

If MY birthdays left me as good looking as you, I'd have one every week. Unfortunately, my birthdays leave me looking like- well, you know.

Happy birthday, M'lady.

Posted by: og at July 26, 2006 06:39 PM
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