July 23, 2006


Over. Done. Completed.

Yipee! The tradeshow is over. The tradeshow is over.

And I am home. For 12 hours. I cannot tell you how good that feels.

I walked in the door, grabbed the piece of left over pizza and put on the comfy clothes. It's great cause my feet don't hurt today and I actually had a little fun.

Laughing Wolf called and we chatted a bit during his drive. I spoke to Army Wife a couple of times - I especially didn't want her to miss the final give away. She get's to laughin' sooo hard when she hears all the screamin'. I really wish I could have video taped it for her. She thinks it's funny to listen to........

Anyway - all in all it wasn't a bad weekend. I just used my little ole blog to vent a bit. I got to see a few customers. Make a few contacts.

Plus, it was time spent with my product and I really do need to learn as much about it and my venue as possible.

But I'm also not gonna cry a river that we only do 5 shows a year.

Oh - and Bou?!? Looks like I'll be your way in November. There's a big show in South Beach! WooHoo. I'm thinkin' girls night out!!!!

Anyway - it's over and I survived. Now? Time for dinner and some junky television. IOW - serious unwinding is in order.

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