July 27, 2006


I don't get it. I simply don't get it.

What a HUGE waste of money and resources.

One of the dumbest things I've seen. Ever.

Posted by Tammi at July 27, 2006 05:54 AM | TrackBack

that's disgusting, for so many reasons that i won't go into here.

Posted by: sarahk at July 27, 2006 06:00 AM

You mean you aren't booking airline tickets to go and see it right now??? :)

Posted by: Lisa W. at July 27, 2006 06:52 AM

How ridiculous. :/

Posted by: pam at July 27, 2006 09:54 AM

Who are those people? I keep seeing their pictures in the supermarket check out line but have no clue as to why. They have cured no disease nor invented a great labor saving device.
It must be a nice line of work this being rich and famous for being rich and famous. Where do I sign up?

Posted by: Peter at July 27, 2006 09:56 AM

That's seems redundant. Aren't Brad and Angelina themselves made of wax?

Posted by: Jerry at July 27, 2006 10:13 AM

Of course you realize, this is one of the signs of the impending apocolypse.

Posted by: jimmyb at July 27, 2006 06:06 PM

Even if I can't spell apocalypse.

Posted by: jimmyb at July 27, 2006 06:07 PM
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