May 31, 2005


Oh My Goodness - I'm havin' company!! Holy Cow. Gotta tell you Cody and I are NOT ready for this.

Oh, we've had visitors....TNT, Teresa and T1G have graced our humble abode.....but we're talkin' a boat load of people here folks!

Friday night there's gonna be a little get together in honor of Sissy visiting! I CANNOT wait to meet her in person! I am very excited.

To say I'll be cookin', cleanin', hanging pictures (if I can find them in the Storage Room from Hell) is putting it mildly! Hell - I'm even going to attempt to install a new storm door!

Then there is the yard! Geez Louise! I don't even have any patio furniture! Hell - I don't even have a patio! And Cody isn't exactly helping in all this. The yard is HIS. Plain and Simple. Trying to pick up sticks and tidy up is 2x as difficult as it normally would be - he likes things his way.

So...we'll be busy pulling all this together. I've still got boxes to figure out what to do with, bedroom curtains to hang and well.....I think you get the picture.

But we're havin' a party! Oh, yes we are. And I've got a feeling it's the first of many. In fact - I've already started planning the next one!!!!!!

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I've never thought I was a vain person. I was taught to take care in my appearance - but that's not pride it's self respect. I work hard, and have had some luck in the past 10 years and enjoy the fruits of my labor. That's not pride, it's fulfillment.

But I've been kidding myself. I've got too much pride. I can see it now. I never realized that what people thought mattered as much as it does. Huh. When the HELL did that happen?!?!?!

Change wrecks havoc on you. Really it does. It's a good thing - most of the time. It helps us to grow, re-evaluate, define.

I usually have a plaque with the first stanza of the Serenity Prayer some where in my house.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

It takes wisdom and courage to give us serenity in life. That's serenity NOT complacity. Big Difference.

Complacity is just plain not caring. Serenity is accepting and adapting.

And a big part of that is trust. Trusting that you are accpeted. Not Despite your flaws and "challenges" but because of them. That you are taken and loved for who you are - for no other reason.

When you reach that point, you have found serenity. You have beaten pride. You are in a very good place.

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May 29, 2005

This and That

Well, I'm at Mama Vi's. Finally got on the road yesterday afternoon and got here in time for dinner (feeding me is always the way to my heart). Then I set up her new computer and got her all hooked up with DSL. She is chompin' at the bit to try this thing out. But you know, when you love someone you need to really make sure they are safe and secure, so I told her I needed to just test everything out and double check that it's other words - back off Mama, I wanna blog! ;-)

This morning I am having breakfast with my oldest, dearest friend. We were chatting during the drive yesterday, setting this all up, when she was dodging one of my questions. I just got quiet and asked her who the hell she thought she was talkin' too. This is me, Bam! Hell, we've been friends for 25 years now. Damn, that qualifies as our longest functioning relationship. YIKES!

Anyway - just we girls are going out for some breakfast, coffee, cigarettes and catch-up time. We need it more than I can say.

This afternoon I'll do a few chores, pay some bills for Mama and train her on her new system. Actually, I'll walk her through it and write it all down. Tonite she has invited her neighbors over so that we can thank them for all their help this winter - shoveling her drive and walk, checking on things and just generally being good people. Of course they are two single guys and Mama's got a glint in her eye. But I'm not worried - I'm sure with the full force of Tammi they'll be runnin' for the gate in a couple of hours. (Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE being fixed up?!?!)

Tomorrow morning Cody and I will head home. Early. I'm hoping to be back in my postage stamp by noon. I've been craving green beans, ham & potatos and think I'll make me a pot.

Anyway - that's what's goin' on here in South Bend. Just a quiet weekend. What have y'all been up to so far??

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May 28, 2005

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day weekend. I've been searching for something fitting, something that expresses the depth of my gratitude, the intense pride I take regarding our Military.

Last year I posted about traditions and passing those along. How important it is that we teach our children, and theirs, to remember.

I found the following poem today at this site. I'm copying it over here because it says everything I feel....and I don't want you to miss it - for any reason.

What is a Vet?

Some veterans bear visable signs of their service: a missing limb, a jagged scar, a certain look in the eye. Others may carry the evidence inside them: a pin holding a bone together, a piece of shrapnel in the leg - or perhaps another sort of inner steel: the soul's ally forged in the refinery of adversity. Except in parades, however, the men and women who have kept America safe wear no badge or emblem. You can't tell a vet by just looking.

What is a vet?

He is the cop on the beat who spent six months in Saudi Arabia sweating two gallons a day to make sure the armored personnel carrier didn't run out of fuel.

He is the bar room loudmouth, dumber than five wooden planks, whose overgrown frat-boy behavior is outweighed a hundred times in the cosmic scales by four hours of exquisite bravery near the 38th parallel.

She - or he - is the nurse who fought against futility and went to sleep sobbing every night for two solid years in Da Nang.

He is the POW who went away one person and came back another - or didn't come back at all.

He is the Quantico drill instructor who has never seen combat - but has saved countless lives by turning slouchy, no-account rednecks and gang members into Marines, and teaching them to watch each other's back.

He is the parade-riding Legionnaire who pins on his ribbons and medals with a prosthetic hand.

He is the career quartermaster who watches the ribbons and medals pass him by.

He is the three anonymous heros in The Tomb Of The Unknowns, whose presence at the Arlington National Cemetery must forever preserve the memory of all the anonymous heros whose valor dies unrecognized with them on the battlefield or in the ocean's sunless deep.

He is the old guy bagging groceries at the supermarket - palsied now and aggrivatingly slow - who helped to liberate a Nazi death camp and who wishes all day that his wife were still alive to hold him when the nightmares come.

He is an ordinary and yet extraordinary human being - a person who offered some of his life's most vital years in the service of his country, and who sacrificed his ambitions so others would not have to sacrifice theirs.

He is a soldier and a savior and a sword against the darkness, and he is nothing more than the finest, greatest testimony on behalf of the finest, greatest nation ever known.

So remember, each time you see someone who has served our country, just lean over and say "Thank You". That's all most people need, and in most cases, it will mean more than any medals they could have been awarded or were awarded.

Two little words that mean a lot: Thank You

~Author Unknown~

This weekend, as a nation, we remember. We say Thank You. But I have to add - it shouldn't be just one weekend a year. Every day. Every single day we must remember what it takes to keep us free.

So I say - Thank You to all who have served with honor and selflessness to give us our freedom, to maintain our liberty. Thank you for the sacrifices you made, and make for us. Thank you to your families for standing so strongly with you. From the very bottom of my heart - Thank You.

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But I'm NOT Mr. Ed

What Is Your Animal Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla

Seen EVERYWHERE!! I'm just tryin' to catch up!!!

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I Like the Middle

I hate NEW. At least in regards to people things. Newly dating - always awkward. You feel like you have to be on your best behavior, wondering just what exactly is going to bug the person most about your personality. "Puttin' on the Ritz" as it were. I like the middle. Where you know the rules, you are comfortable with the personalities. You know, the middle.

Then there is the whole Starting A New Job thing. Like a dating relationship, you're on your best behavior, trying your damnedest not to be too aggrivating. You don't really speak your mind or give your opinion because you don't want to be seen as pushy or a know-it-all. And trying to remember everything - names, titles, responsibilities. Whew - not my strong point. At All.

BUT.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting to know my customers. I love the first few phone calls. Especially when you've talked enough that you know if they have a sense of humor or not.....and then playing on it. I'll often drop a comment then say "Oh, can I say that out loud?" 99.9% they laugh and then relax even more. Same with emails. I find it very easy to write comfortable, casual emails showing just a glimpse of myself and pulling out their humor. And it works. I've already got a couple of buyers that can't seem to start out the day without a "Good Morning Sunshine" email. WooHoo!! SCORE!

I have a formula. It may seem weird to some, but I think most bloggers feel the same way I do. My non-blogging, people loving, talker friends don't get it.

I start out with an email. I've always liked email, and since blogging have gained confidence in my ability to write. The first is always formal (business ya know) but I quickly start thowing out stuff.

Then there is the first phone call. Doesn't matter who dials, it always seems to go well. I usually get the "you talk just like you write" comment which makes me laugh. After a bit you don't know if I'm on a business call or a personal one. THAT's when I know I have them.

I am really good on the phone. It's comfortable for me. I can hear the voice and judge whether I'm hitting a nerve or making a point. I get to hear them laugh. Yeah - I like the phone.

And it makes it so much easier when you finally meet face to face. There is already a bond formed. There is already a history. And it's personal. You've spoken.

But I digress. What is causing all this thought process about forming relationships? Well, it's the main reason I got my new job. They needed someone who was not afraid to jump in a do that very thing. Well, that and buffer the bad news of late deliveries and price increases. But that's why you need the relationships. It's one of the advantages of being one of the few females in this industry. Many of the men are old school shop guys and don't find it so easy flyin' off the handle at a woman. Especially a woman they like that makes them laugh. Enter Tammi.

So.......I'm getting ready to head over to one of my plants yesterday. Spend some time getting to know those folks over there. I pop into my bosses office to give him an update on a few things and he wants to chat. OK, you're the boss. It's whatever you want.

He wants to do a performance review - informal of course, just some feed back on how they feel I'm doing so far. It's only been 3 weeks, but what the heck.

He explains that they've talked to several people - the plants I'm supporting, the outside guys, the inside guys. Hell, even some of my customers have called in to tell them stuff.


He looks at me and pauses. "To put it in a nutshell.....We Love You. We KNOW we've made the right decision. You've already brought us to a new level and we are thrilled with the changes you are making."

Holy Cow. Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've heard that?!?!?

My first thought was THANK GOODNESS for the guys I used to work for. They are the ones that taught me how to organize, how to keep track of things, how to make my analysis work for me. I can remember thinkin' they had lost their ever lovin' minds with some of the shit they made me, it makes me look like a flippin' hero.

Whew. I think I'm past the hardest part. In fact - I'm already comfortable enough to give the guys a rash of shit when needed, joke or question without worrying that they will misunderstand me. They are also getting more and more comfortable with a woman, me, being in the office and an equal member of the team.

NOW - if I could just figure out how to do this in my personal life I'd be locked and loaded.

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May 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Today is my beloved oldest blogdaughters birthday. And all she wants is a few photos. Of men. In shorts. And boots.

Well.....maybe I'm not such a good Mom afterall, but I got none of that.

HOWEVER....I do have something (in the extended entry) that I think she might like. ;-) Oh and I don't think it would be safe for work. (but then again, what do I know!)

Happy Birthday Sweetie. I sure hope your day got better!!!! **clink clink** Here's to a WONDERFUL year to come!!!

machelles birthda.jpg

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Rut? No....just predictable

I love routine. There I said it out loud.

I always used to pride myself on the ability to roll with the flow, take things as they come. I loved the surprises, I never made a "plan".

I've been in this house a month, this job 3 weeks. I'm in a rut and proud of it.

Now that's not to say I don't enjoy mixin' things up every now and again. But I like knowing that Monday is grocery store day (for the big stuff - I usually hit the market every day. Less waste that way.) I like knowing I'll be home at 6:04 every night.

I even have my day scheduled at work. First 15 mins settle in. Then it's review emails, return calls. Check the run schedules at both plants, follow up on late orders and then acknowledge new ones. Throw in a lunch run and that's my day!

It's normal. And THAT is what I love. It's what I have craved for my entire adult life.

Now that's not to say I won't enjoy just takin' a day off at the spur of the moment, or runnin' out at night after work cause I just got an urge. BUT for the most part - I love routine.

Now - the big challenge is scheduling in time for blogging now that I can hit it like I used to. But I will, you can bet on that.

Oh, and my "schedule" for the holiday weekend? Today is Jeans Day (another reason to love Fridays) then it's off to Mama's Saturday. Home Sunday morning and then I got nothing. Not A Darn Thing Scheduled. I can do what ever my little heart desires.

It's nice.

It's normal.

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May 26, 2005

I am SOOO in my happy place...

Today I had to buy some kitchen curtains. So I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond.

Of course, in order to torment people like me, they put the damned kitchen gadgets in the front of the store. But I resisted. Oh yes I did. I didn't even wander off the main aisle. Hrumph.

So, I found some curtains, nothing special, they work. Then I turned. Oh My Goodness. There IT was. So soft, so light, so BIG!


Now I am fully aware that many of you won't give a rats ass about me and my blankey fetish. BUT....I share just about everything else with you (you didn't honestly think I post EVERYTHING on here, did you?! A girls got to have SOME secrets!) and this blanket is so incredible that I had to tell you about it.

I keep my house cool enough (if at all possible) that I need a throw on me when I'm lounging around. It all started when I was a kid and Mama would always yell at me to sit like a lady. Well.....that ain't comfortable. So, I started throwing a blanket over me and then no one even bothered me. Ha. Well, the habit has stuck.

And decent throw blankets are hard to find. First they need to be long. I'm tall and have very long legs, I need a long blanket. Then it has to be soft. I don't like itchy blankets. Nope, not at all. AND it has to be light weight. If it's too heavy I might as well just use my grandma's quilt.

This is perfect. So if you are looking for a great throw - head to BB&B. If you're looking for a great gift - head to BB&B.

OK - I've got to go now. I want to curl up in my chair and enjoy!!!!

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The News That MADE MY DAY!!

This is the best news I could have gotten!

Lee Ann and Darling Hubby have the preliminary results from his Bone Marrow Bi-opsy and it is 100% Cancer Free!

I sit here with tears in my eyes - I couldn't be happier.

But please - go and read it in her words - then leave a message! Good news is meant to be shared.

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Alright, Alright

Well doggone it. I got tagged for a Meme. Not once, but twice in one day!! Holy Cow.

Seems my beloved youngest Blogdaughter ArmyWife AND Blackfive both wanna know about my movie choices.

You ask. I answer.

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video:

This is pitiful. I'm not for sure, since most are still in the super secret magic boxes stashed in my storage room, but I think it's around 30.

2) The last film I bought:

King Arthur. What a great flick!!

3) The last film I watched:

It seems like for ever since I've watched a DVD but the last film I watch (on my cool new Direct TV box) was The Alamo. Not bad - not bad at all.

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no
particular order):

Backdraft - my sister is a firefighter so I tend to always watch those, but also I just really love this movie!

Working Girl - If you've seen it, you know where I'm at with this's the stuff of dreams.

The Right Stuff - I cannot pass this one if I find it on cable. Right in with that one is Apollo 13.

Casablanca - I can't help it. I cry every time. What do they say, the definition of stupid is doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result - yeah, well - that's me and this movie.

The Princess Bride - another one that I watch EVERY time I see it on the channel guide.

5) Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal:

That 1 Guy
Noble Eagle

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This Might Be The Day

I've always enjoyed "pushing the envelope". But I usually try and pick my time for that very carefully. Today I don't have a choice.

Let me see if I can explain.

I have a lot of clothes. A. Lot.

I love color. I'm on a torquoise trip right now.

I have this incredible torquoise and black, slinky skirt. Perfectly acceptable for work - I wear it with a torquoise top, black jacket and torquoise sandles. It's really sharp - trust me. I have very good taste. ;-)

Anyway - the office I work in is rather, oh lets say conservative. And that's their word, not mine.

I can't get to my ironing board. It's in the closet currently blocked with boxes.

This is the one outfit in my closet that doesn't need ironing.

Today might just be the day I get reprimanded for my clothing choices. It's never happened to me before (other than telling me I have to wear shoes) but I just have this feeling.

I might be wrong - and if I am all I can say is - it's gonna happen one day. I'm pretty sure of it. I've only got so many "conservative" outfits.

Damn - this is gonna be fun!!!!

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I'm driving home yesterday afternoon...chattin' with Teresa when I completely lost my train of thought.

Now, I will agree that does happen from time to time, but this time it was due to a flash back.

A car had just passed me. A big, white Caddy.

With a handicap sign on their lisence plate.

From Florida.

All I could see were the very tops of two gray heads.

For a moment there I thought this whole move thing was a dream.

Damn....they're everywhere!!!

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May 25, 2005

Common Sense

I saw this post over at The Boiling Point this morning. Dash shares the story of a woman that won a multi million dollar lawsuit because she claimed that her co-worker's perfume made her sick. I'm not going to comment on that part other than to say - ARRGGGHHH.

BUT...I do have something to add.

Folks - yeah, both women and men - go easy on the perfume and cologne. Especially at work.

I've been in offices where some people spray it on so heavy it makes me tear up. Oh - anyone that knows me will tell you that fragrance is important to me - but use some common sense.

One lady I worked with was so bad, our boss declared the office a Frangrance Free Zone. smelly lotion, no body spray....nothing. She ruined it for all of us.

I stopped wearing much perfume at all when I moved to Florida. It's just too hot and sticky for that - the smell just becomes cloying and over powering. I found a lotion and body spray that I can't live without. It's light, but lingering. Subtle.

I have perfume that I save for special occasions. But for everyday - just lotion up after the morning shower and a spritz of body spray. Refreshing spritz during the day and it's all good.

It's like I tell my neices......scent should entice, draw someone near, stir a memory. Not make your eyes water!!!

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I Fit Right In

My co-workers are a hoot. Really.

Those two guys bicker back and forth like an old married couple. Constant teasing and ribbing, throwing stuff....Oh, we get a lot of work done, but at least we have a bit of fun doing it.

Everyone has to have a nickname. I've got a couple, but didn't want to share what they are with those two. (that would have opened a whole new can of worms) Ken (my name for him, since his hair reminds me of a Ken Doll) is the worst for names. I was told the other day he had a name for me but was afraid it would offend me.

What is it? Stretch.

Hell, I've been called much worse than that...I have no issue with it.

I can't think of who D reminds me of, so I'll wait on his renaming. He's the one with the really strong Minnesota accent. His humor is very dry. He cracks me up.

Anyway - they decided to pull a few little pranks on me yesterday. The big one was they forwarded all their calls to my phone. Now, please understand - we are one busy shop. And have some major customers that are, let's just say less than pleased with our delivery right now. Anyway - my phone is now ringing off the hook with calls that I have no idea about.

Pretty good joke. I think today I'll get even. I'll pretend one of the calls is from our largest customer and just be stupid and rude. I can just see them dancin' at their desks trying to get me to transfer the call......

The other thing that has them going right now is my new neighbors. They are trying to get me to believe that my house has now been wired with cameras. I'm being watched. You should hear the scenerios they come up with. Hell - those boys should have a blog!!!

So practical jokes and teasing abound. I love that!! It's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to pull any of my pranks....and I've got fresh fodder here.

It's gonna be fun!!!

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Do You Hear That?

Do you? The singing of the Angles. Do you see that golden light?

It's because a miracle has happened. I finally got the DSL set up on this computer. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can be on line without missing any calls....I've got a chord long enough to run under the rug so I don't hang myself when I go into the kitchen. It's a miracle!

And it's all because of one very special person.

Teresa!! She was hell bent on getting me back up and going and nothing was gonna stop her.

Once I got settled, and T1G and Harvey & TNT contributed hardware to this mission (thanks again guys!!) I was still having issues. (computer issues folks - stay with me here!)

You might remember me mentioning that Teresa DROVE the 1 1/2 hours to my new abode just to reinstall the OS on this puppy. Then I was on dial-up. :-)

But my mission was not complete. You see - I'm spoiled. I wanted faster. I wanted easier. And so I ordered DSL.

It got here and Teresa and I spent hours on the phone trying to set it up. Nothing.

SHE figured it out - over the phone no less. Then we worked on it again last night and finally, FINALLY around 10:00 VOILA! It's all golden.

So I just want to say - TERESA, YOU ROCK!!!!! What I would do without you, I can't even begin to imagine. And just so you know.......all computer things aside - your friendship is one of the best things I have. (even better than kitchen gadgets)

Thanks Darlin'!!

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May 24, 2005

Meet the Neighbors


I met my neighbors. I think the best way to set the stage for this little story is to add music. As I don't have my DSL set up yet and I don't have the brain power to know how to link a tune I'm gonna ask you to use your imagination. Close your eyes before you read the next paragraph. Do you hear the banjos? No? Listen closely. They're there. They're dualing. Get the picture?

Ok then.....let's go back to last Wednesday evening. I hear Cody out barking like crazy in the back yard. So, being the responsible owner that I am I went to see what was causing such a rukus.

ME: "WTF are you doing?!?! Damnit - shut up!!"

L (female type neighbor) yelling over fence: Hey! We're sittin' out back havin' a few beers - come join us!

Me: "Ok. Thanks - I'll be right there.

L: Bring Cody - he can play with our dog.

So I put Cody on his leash and start down the street. I was pretty nervous as Cody isn't the best behaved dog at this point and people! No backup! Yikes!!

I met L's better half S and everyone seemed very nice. We posted the dogs off the back of the deck and everyone was sharing stories. I was NOT drinking. New people.....don't know them....yeah - I'll stick to Diet Coke, thank you very much.

However - within an hour and a half L was slurring and having a hard time with that whole walking thing. S was out in the yard. I noticed the dogs chains were tangled so I went out to undo them. S is asking me a question so I look up to answer. There he was - standing with his back to me peeing next to the garage. Yes - I said peeing.

Let's get one thing straight. It is a man (or womans) God Given Right to pee on their garage if they want to. HOWEVER......if you have female company over, that you did not know, you might want to either walk to the other side and do it or maybe even restrain.

Folks - we were sitting on the deck - off the back of the house - the bathroom was closer than where he walked to piss. I'm sorry - call me a snob, but that's just bad form.

So...back to the party. L is planning long shopping trips together, fire pits, football games and holiday meals. No Lie. She was sitting there planning on what I could make for Thanksgiving dinner!! Whoa Nelly.

I stayed for about 2 hours total and then Cody and I came home. Holy Cow!

Fast forward to Friday evening. It had been a long neck was bothering me and I had a migrane. So I heat up my little heating bag, put Cody out and hunker down for a nice quiet evening.

Bang, Bang, Bang.

Someone's at the door.

Oh Shit. It's L. And she is loaded!

L: Hey - come on down! We've got a bunch of people over and we want you to join us. We really like you - please come down.

Me: Tonite is just not good for me. I've got a pretty bad headache and it's just been a long week. Thank you - but I just can't.

L: Well, we really like you. If we're not your kind of people or you think we're not good enough.......

Me (who HATES when people play the guilt card): No. L! Really- I just don't feel well tonite. It's not that at all.

L: OK - We're having a cookout all day tomorrow. Bring a nice salad. Oh - and if your door is open, in this neighborhood it means it's alright to come visit.

Me: *blink blink* OK.


Damn damn damn damn damn.

I didn't go Saturday. I made the salad - it was good. I didn't go.

I now sit in my home with the front door shut. All. The. Time. That kinda bites as it's the one window I can open to get fresh air in.

But I'm hiding. I'm hiding from the neighbors.

Now don't take this wrong. They're nice. I don't hate them. Yet.

But I don't want to be her long lost sister returned from abroad either.

So once I get the swing out in the yard and a nice table and chairs - I'll have them over, put a fire in the pit and be sociable.


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You Don't Say!

What military aircraft are you?

EA-6B Prowler

You are an EA-6B. You are sinister, preferring not to get into confrontations, but extract revenge through mind games and technological interference. You also love to make noise and couldn't care less about pollution.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

Hmmmm............... I always thought I was more of the F16 type.

Via Ogre!! The King of Quizs

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May 23, 2005

I Don't Think I'm Normal....

Actually I'm pretty sure of that. One thing I'm doing a lot of (compared to my previous life) is watching T.V. I used to just have it on for background noise but in this postage stamp I call home - you can pretty much watch/listen from any room.

I was sitting here this morning - watching the day break and reviewing my weekend. It was good. Yes, it was.

I cooked I cleaned I chatted I napped. And I watched T.V.

Right now I get no local channels and that kinda bites, but I'm dealing with it. I love movies, so I'm watching to my little hearts content. But it's my choices this weekend that led me to the statement above.

So....what did I watch? Saturday was pretty much the Military Channel or History Channel all day. (except for Pirates of the Carribean) Sunday - I watched the Cubs beat the Sox! Got to do my happy dance, and no I didn't scare the neighbors.....too much. Then back to the Military Channel - they had a couple of great spots on jumping out of helos! Then it was the movie S.W.A.T. Are you seeing a pattern here? Oh, and I almost forgot - Friday night was NFL Total Access. WooHoo!!

No mushy stuff, no warm fuzzies. Shootin' and jumpin' and sweatin'. Is that normal for a girl?

Oh, it doesn't really matter. Not at all.....I just thought it was pretty funny that for someone that people assume upon meeting is a girly girl given over 200 channels I choose to watch that.

Just goes to show you - never judge a book by it's cover!!!

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May 22, 2005

What's this? A WEEKEND?!?!

So....I've been on my job for 2 whole weeks. The truck arrived a little over a week ago with all my stuff. I've just about got everything that I'm going to worry about unpacked. Just a bit of work left in my room and then a reorganization of the "storage" room and voila! All Done.

I keep saying I can't believe how easily I've readjusted. I'm not having any problems getting up at 5:00am. I don't find myself dragging during the day. The job makes sense to me. By that I mean it's comfortable. Oh - I've already had 3 bad days. It's very stressful. I've got a real mess on my hands. But you know what? I work very hard between the hours of 8 & 5. Then I turn off my computer, get in my car and drive home. I'm home most evenings by 6:04pm. And I don't do any reports at home, don't review any drawings, I don't bring my work home.

And how 'bout this! I had these 2 days off. Together. In a row. No one called to yell at me, my voicemail isn't full. I even took a mini nap. My house is clean. I am cooking a big dinner. And I may even watch a movie or three today. All without a trace of guilt!

I think I'm experiencing a weekend. I had forgotten what they are. I haven't had one in so long.........well, maybe the occassional stolen time away - but this is going to be a regular event in my life. Pretty cool!!

Oh - I miss Florida. This whole weekend thing would have been perfect if there had been a hot beach near by complete with a cooler and a boat! ;-) But I'm finding ways to get past that.

I miss my friends. But then again - I was missing them when I lived in Orlando. I hardly ever got to see them - so not much has changed in that regards. We still spend more time on the phone than we get face time.

I have decided I'm going home for Thanksgiving. I will have vacation time accured, and I am willing to brave that terrible travel crap for a few days with the people I love, some sun and a spot on the sand.

But I have to say I like it here. Even with the horrible little house with no working windows. Even with the neighbors that remind me of Sally &Alex's. (I just keep telling myself it's great blog fodder!) Even with the cold - and yes it's cold some days. I'm content. I'm happy.

And this weekend thing? I'm REALLY gonna love that!!!

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May 21, 2005

Is That A Gauntlet Being Thrown?

I am behind in my posting......

Yesterday I neglected to announce my excitment that this is the weekend for the Cross Town Classic. Cubs vs Sox.

T1G didn't forget. He even did a bit of, oh let's just call it taunting. Huh.

Well, Dude........beings as I'm a Cubs fan, and you (misguided though you be) are a Sox fan........I'm callin' you out!

Oh, sure - y'all may have won yesterday BUT it ain't over til it's over!! So, whatta ya say, big guy? Care to place a little wager on the outcome of this little series? Huh? Might as well make this the cross county classic! :-)

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Open Letter to Indra

Dear Indra,

This is not a comfortable letter for me to write. To say I am disappointed is a vast understatement. To say I am angry is a bit closer to my current emotions.

In your speech on May 15, 2005 to the graduating class of the Columbia Business School it appears you have lost your ever lovin' mind. What were you THINKING?!!?!??

Having spent 5 years working for PepsiCo, and loving every minute of it - I'm appalled at your lack of judgement. You were someone I admired, someone I looked up to.......someone I believed in.

During my time at PepsiCo, I watched you. I listened to you. You were a woman with values and morals. Loyalty and judgement. I saw you climb the corporate ladder based on YOU. You didn't play the race card, you never played the female card. You let your work, your actions speak for you. And you were rewarded. I took hope in that. I actually celebrated your successes.

But you blew it. Oh - you didn't play any of those cards - there is no need to any more. What you did was worse. You forgot your place.

You are the CEO/CFO of a MAJOR Fortune 500 company. You are NOT a politician. You were invited to speak at Columbia due to your success. It was NOT the forum for politics and your personal thoughts. Even though YOU were the invitee - you still represented several other groups. First and foremost you represented your company. But beyond that you represented women and minorities. You were NOT invited because of you expertise on world affairs nor was that the proper forum to air your personal beliefs. much as I can't believe I'm going to say this. I'm done. You've managed to squash my loyalty. No more Pepsi products for me while you are running the show. No more Quaker Oatmeal. No Gatorade. No Fritos. And - ouch - No More Tropicana OJ.

Do I think my little boycott will make a difference? No, not in the grand scheme of things. But it soothes my mind. I need to make some kind of a statment letting you know - you've ticked me off. You've crossed the line. You've gone too far.


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Saturday Question of the Day

Every Saturday I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: Tell me about your Happy Place. Not a physical location you run to....that place in your mind where you go to escape when everything is out of control. That memory or thought that "settles" you. Gives you the space you need to take a deep breath and go on.

For me it usually involves those I care about. Either in a group or just one (depending on who I'm missin' the most). There is laughter and hugs. I imagine the scene in my mind....and it is like a giant exhale. I think it's that feeling of love that draws me to those thoughts.

But sometimes even that doesn't do it. On those rare instances it's music. In my mind I'm playing either the keyboard or contra bass clarinet or even singing. It's usually classical or gospel. I observe it all from a distance, but hear the music so clear.

It calms me. It's my happy place.

So.....tell me about YOUR happy place!

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May 20, 2005

My Conversation with the Chief of Police

It was brought to my attention that you might be interested in finding out what happened with my talk with the COP of the neighboring town.

Don't worry folks - no bail money needed.....yet.

After a day and a half of phone tag I finally caught up with the Chief. I introduced myself and helped him to understand that I'm new to the area and that the address attached to this number is not mine. Everything is fine.

He apologized for any inconvienence this caused. I said - no inconvienence at all. Fear? Oh yeah. Panic? Yep. After all - I'd never had the COP call me before. On purpose.

He laughed and said I didn't need to worry. I said that I was sorry to disagree with him and all - but I HAVE to drive through his lovely town (good suck-up, wouldn't you say) every day going back and forth to work. Didn't think it was a good idea to get on his bad side in that situation. :-)

He agreed.

Everything is honkey dorey.

Even after that - I'm loving small town life. It suits me.

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May 19, 2005

I'm An Aunt Again!!

I love children. They are our future, our hope, a glimpse into ourselves.

And I am lucky enough to announce the birth of my newest nephew. Oh, it's via another of my very close friends.......two people that I love very much that have done more to shape my life than I can share.

And now there is a little one. A precious, sweet baby that is one lucky boy.

Kyle - welcome sweetheart. You are blessed with loving, joyful parents, two sisters and a brother that have loved you since they heard you were on the way. I can't wait to hold you, sing to you, hear you laugh, see you smile.

Have a wonderful life. We're so glad you're here.

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I may be in trouble....

You know....sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. And this week - I seem to be a magnet for trouble. Hell, just make it my middle name.

First I get home on Monday and have a phone message from the Chief of Police of the neighboring town. Seems they want to fine me because my yard looks bad. I checked outside, the landlord was mowing. He said to ignore it, that Chief has no say in my town. So I did. Next day. Another message. We've been playing phone tag all day - but I have to say, this is the first time I've ever been contacted by a Chief of Police - ever.

Then.....I get in the office this morning to an email from our "IT Dept". (one guy) saying I violated our intenet standards by visiting this site. I had a good laugh over that. Until I got called into my boss's office and asked to explain. I did laugh and apologize. I thought about explaining "blogs" to him, but didn't like where that could lead so just said it won't happen again. (Funny though - no alerts for going to Harvey's site!)

But the REAL trouble was this afternoon. And I'm just gonna 'fess up now. TNT? Teresa? You might want to sit down for this!

One of the girls at my plant was having a Pampered Chef party. Pampered Chef. Kitchen Gadgets. Oh. My. Goodness. (but the whole set of those)

I shopped. I ordered.

And I'm NOT sorry.

Yep - trouble is my middle name!!

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I was in the conference room yesterday, waiting for the crew to arrive.

What's that on the wall? A GOP calender.

Yeah - every day, more proof that I made the right choice!

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May 18, 2005

A Blonde Moment

So I got this song stuck in my head this afternoon.

"I feel the earth. move. under my feet."

Over and over that line. Hmm haven't thought of that song in a coons age. Wonder why.

Then I kinda notice that I feel the earth move. There is this constant banging....kinda like what you hear at night in a cheap hotel when the neighbors are, well, uh, busy. Yeah - that sound....only in slow motion and really, really loud.



Oh Yeah! I work in a forging plant. All day long steel is heated in furnaces then put in these really big machines that slam down and form parts. Kinda like heavy duty cookie cutting.

No wonder the earth moves......

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It's Not Nice to Tease Da Blogmama

So....y'all know I have a sense of humor. Or at least I hope you do by now. Yeah - I enjoy a good joke and have no problem telling stories and laughing at myself.

But even I have my limits.

Folks - I've got a blogdaughter out. of. control.

I just don't understand what's wrong with kids these days.

You middle child - Lee Ann is giving me fits.

I left her in Florida. I figure she's settled, got the hubby and puppy thing goin' on....she'd be ok down there without me.

WTF was I thinking.

I made the mistake of sending her my work email - so we can "chat" during the day. I only wish I had forwarded her last email to my home address. She has made sure I knew of the clear blue skies, warm temps, trips to the beach at sunset........torture I tell you - pure torture.

Well, today I was ready for her. Go ahead, I thought as I got dressed for work this morning, you just hit me with your best today little missy.

And she did - I responded with the fact that it was lovely today. I was wearing my favorite silk skirt, knit top and black dressy sandals. HA. So what if I was a bit....."chilled". Who cares if I managed to do my best/worst Marilyn Monroe impression every time I stepped outside to have a smoke (damned wind anyway). It's May and I felt like spring.

Now I see on my phone that she's sent me a picture. I know she was headed to that sandy paradise again tonite..........

Kids. What's a mom to do?

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Does This Mean I'm Trashy?

My first trash day in the new house. May not seem so important to many of you - but I've been surrounded by boxes and paper and am just thrilled at the opportunity to get rid of this stuff.

However - here's my question. Is there a LIMIT to how much trash a person is allowed?

Please note: I had a truck load of stuff. More boxes than this place will hold. They wrapped everything seperately, in tons of paper. I got a lot of trash!

So.....rather than be a difficult new customer I put out the boxes I had on the front porch and living room. I pulled all the paper out of the boxes and bagged it. 10 Large Trash Bags. Now.....I still have stuff in my bedroom and the storage room. But I figure for the next couple of weeks I'll just bag everything and break down the boxes. They should stash a way a bit better that way. Then just put it out a bit at a time.

But damn.......I didn't want the neighbors to think I was so, so, so trashy!!!

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It's All My Fault

TNT has been having a rough time. Damn - and it's all my fault.

Head on over and throw her some love.

Crap - I better get my version of the move in posted pretty quick. I gotta defend myself!!!

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May 17, 2005

The End is in Sight

Bye Bye Dial-up.

I ordered my DSL stuff today. I'll have it by Saturday!


Oh - the dial up is better than nothing. BUT....I'm very spoiled. Not only was I high speed, I was wireless. Damn, I sure do miss that laptop.

But Saturday - oh Saturday. Yes....I'll be whipping through the blogsphere reading and commenting to my hearts delight.

AND I don't have to worry about hosing up my phone line.

Now that I'm on very limited cell phone usage - yeah, me! Do you believe it?!?! Anyway - the only chance I get to catch up with everyone is in the evening. But damnit - I wanna blog!!!

So........just 5 more days. 5 short evenings until I can have it all. Speed and phone.

WooHoo. I'm livin' the high life now!!

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I know I'm gonna regret this...

But I just have to post about how happy I am in my new job. What a world of difference.

My old job (I should say old boss) got one last dig in. Bastard. And it hurts. But you know what? It doesn't flippin' matter. They didn't make me pay them back for the move to Orlando that I never wanted to make. I don't have to deal with them at all any more. I miss some of the people - but over all - I leave every morning with a smile on my face. I'm GLAD to be going to work.

I already feel more a part of the team I work with than I did after a year and a half there. It rocks.

Oh - and I gotta tell you about Engineer B. He is cool. He played high school football against Mike Alstott (of TB Bucs fame) and we share a love of sports. But we also have something else in common.

He's a bartender on the weekends. Oh Yeah. Today we were talking appletinis. Yummy. He told me to really make them special slice up a granny smith apple, stick a toothpick through it and use it to garnish the drink. I told him that was fine for the first one - after that, unless you have them made up ahead of time, forget it. You'll never keep up. ;-)

But anyway - I made the right choice. I know I did.

The other? They can kiss my ass.....

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A Small Change

I've made it perfectly clear - I hate to wear shoes. Hate. Hate. Hate. Oh, I have a boat load. I love to own them.....I just don't like to wear them for extended periods of time.

The weather was actually pretty nice up here a while back. One could get away with calling it "warm". So....I ran to the gas station for cigarettes and they wouldn't let me buy them. "No Shirt. No Shoes. No Service." I double checked - yeah I was wearing a shirt. Well, shit......I had to go home and grab some flip flops. I now keep them in the car at all times - just in case it ever gets warmer than 60 degrees again.

But I am wearing shoes. Hell - I'm even thinking of buying some sort of slipper or such for the house. Even though there is carpet everywhere - my tootsies are chilly. And I HATE socks. Well, I hate dirty socks - and without slippers or shoes they tend to get very dirty.

Me! Wearing shoes in the house! What IS this world coming to?!?!?!

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You Might Notice....

Some new commentors to this site.

I've shared the URL with some friends from Florida - just so they can keep up with what's goin' on in Tammi's World - and don't worry about me too much.

It's tough to use the cell phone. I don't get great coverage out here - and that's ok with me. I reduced my plan from 5000 mins to 1000 and will save a bundle. (why do I feel like a Gieco commercial?!?) Add to that I am still in training so I have a tough time checking in while I'm at work. THEN......I'm using dial-up so the phone line is occupied at home. Yeah - not much chance to keep in touch.

SO.......they'll be popping in here - hopefully they will feel comfortable enough to comment. You'll love them! Bright, articulate - hell, they'll fit right in with the rest of y'all!

The down side.......they have serious dirt on me........hmmmmm maybe I need to rethink this! ;-)

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Just a thought

Either I'm too tall or the kitchen is just way, way too small.

How do I know?

Oh, a couple ways, really. But the big one is that when I stand at the kitchen sink washing dishes I cast a shadow and can't see what I'm doing. Same with the stove. AND no way to add task lighting!

I can see it now - I'll end up taping a flashlight to the cupboard just so I can see.

Reminds me of an eclipse.

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May 16, 2005

Moving OUT

What was I thinking? This moved has sucked the last bit of energy out of me like a...well, never mind. Suffice to say - I'm flippin' tired.

I arrived back in Florida the last Wednesday in April. I had 4 days before the packers arrived. No problem.

Well, except that I still hadn't said proper goodbyes to some very important people. Throw that into the mix and you have basic chaos. (Something I am oh too familiar with.)

Got in rather late on Wednesday - I have to admit the drive was really getting to me. So I slept. And then I slept some more.

Thursday I got some things done before the "relocation advisor" was due on Friday. Thursday evening - a wonderful dinner with friends.

Friday - Relo Adivsor, a bit of work and then off to Bradenton. Sunday St. Pete and then home. What a whirlwind weekend.

Monday morning arrived I foolishly thought I had everything in hand. I was even so bold as to WAIT for the movers. Sit down on my couch and wait. WTF was I DOING?!?!?!

The packers arrived around 10:00am. 2 of them. The lead packer was so old I didn't know how he found the strength to tear the tape off the roll. Oh, wait. He didn't. That leaves one packer. GEEZ. Maybe I shoulda got off my ass and done something ahead of time.

The funniest line was the day was compliments of that lead packer. He walked in and we assessed the house. Then we walk to my bakers rack, AKA THE BAR. I open the doors and tell him it's very, very important that they take very good care of that precious cargo.

He looks at me, looks around the family room and kitchen and says...."Missy? I hope you don't mind me sayin', but you must lead a real romantic life. All these candles and all this wine." At which point I laughed and said - "it's not wine, we're talking some serious booze here!"

Me! A real ROMANTIC life. Ahhhhh the humanity!

Anyway - believe it or not they moved pretty quickly - packing that is. As the minutes passed the stacks of boxes grew. Finally around 2:00 in the afternoon the moving crew arrived. 3 more bodies to help with rest of the packing and securing my life on that damned truck.

Finally the truck is full and the house is empty. I am exhausted. Lucky for me my friends called and told me to come for dinner. Hell Yeah!!!

Tuesday dawned (for me) at 3:45am. I was on the road by 2:30pm headin' north for the last drive.

But I did chuckle the for most of that long, long drive. Some Romantic Life. If he only knew!!!

next - the move IN. Teresa's already got a bit of a teaser posted.

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Well, it's 6:00am and I've been awake for about an hour now. You see new job = new routine. And I like it. I like it a lot.

5:00am you hear the coffee pot start grinding the coffee. Yummmmm. 5:15am the alarm clock goes off - but it's not necessary. Just knowing the coffee is fresh and hot is all it takes for me to get up and running.

Cody is usually pretty ready to start his day around that time also. So I get him out and kick things off there.

I have about an hours drive to the office. A bit more than I wanted but it's not bad at all. I did see a rather large doe my first morning. Kinda funny. I have only seen Florida deer for the past 10 years - and to say they are rather under sized is a bit of an over statement. This girl looked HUGE to me!

Anyway - it's about an hour drive mostly through beautiful country - what a great way to start the day.

My office. Ahhhhh.....gonna have to work on the logistics - you know secret identities and all - but there is some serious blog fodder there folks!

First off - I am the only female sales person in the company. Me. Tammi. The average years of service in this industry is about 25. I worked in Steel/Metal for 6 about 9 years ago. I got a lot of "little lady's" and "we'll just take it slow til you get the hang of things." Hee.....if they only knew. I'm playing it very low key. I ask lots of questions and just sit at my desk learning my accounts and my plants. I've been quoting new jobs like a crazy woman and have even made a road trip to my largest customer. To say I'm enjoying myself is putting it mildly.

The funniest thing is that the other 2 inside sales guys both have very strong Minnesota accents. Everytime they say something I have to keep myself from laughing. Damn - I hope I don't pick that accent up! But they are nice guys - I think we'll get along just fine.

It's strange how well I slipped back into this mode. I knew the first day just what information I wanted, how I wanted to set up my files and what reports I needed ran. That may not sound strange to you - but this is a completely different kind of sales - a completely different industry. And it fits like a favorite pair of loafers; comfortable, familiar and easy. Yeah - I made the right choice.

In a nut shell.....I really enjoy this job. Everything about it. I'm in an office again, with people. I have a wonderful drive to work - no traffic. I get out of the office about 1x each week, so I don't feel chained. I'm completely responsible for 2 plants - just me.

It's all good.

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May 15, 2005

Just What Have I Been Doing???

There are a few dozen things I want to catch you all up on. :-) (Of course there is - it's Tammi's World afterall, and I've ALWAYS got something to say!)

So - I'll break them into smaller posts - just to keep from overwhelming you!

Let's see........first let's talk about the last week. I started my new job - LOVE! And many stories already on that one! And I discovered something really cool. I get home at 6:04pm Every Single Night. What an oddity. I had no idea the evenings could be so damned long.....especially when all you have is a radio station that cuts out for long periods of time, an ironing board and damned wooden bar stool......oh yeah - and a puppy that is hellbent on making trouble. I've never been much of a clock watcher but I was last week - I couldn't WAIT to get to bed.......but wait - bed=floor. And that was STILL better than just sitting here!

Thank goodness for T1G and the fact that he has a kind heart He popped over to check on me a couple of times. Without that I would have probably gone stir crazy. Thanks Dude!!!

But all is right with the world now. My stuff is here. (and you can bet your bottom dollar that deserves it's own post) I can cook - I have not just TV but Direct TV - the whole package!! AND I Have a phone and a computer and books and that same damned puppy hellbent for trouble. Only now I put him out in the fenced in yard and let him hang out in the covered bed Teresa brought for him! WooHoo! I am cookin' with gas - or I will be anyway, as soon as I get the LP for the grill!

Yeah - last week was long and difficult. I learned a lot about myself. Things I really didn't need to know. But.....all done now. I'm in and I'm much happier. I cooked a big dinner today and am sitting at MY kitchen table blogging. Wonderfully smelling candles are lite throughout the house and I'm smiling. I turned on the music channel on the TV and am settled in getting ready to check up on all my family and friends out there!!

But damn - last week was LONG!!!!

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I'm BACK!!!

Thanks to Teresa and T1G- I'm Back on line!! They pulled together a machine for me! Harvey and TNT donated some (yes, more than ONE) keyboards! Hell - Teresa even made a special trip out here today to fix a problem so I could start posting!!!!! Ogre pulled together the cool new site! Pam created the beautiful new banner! Damn - I'm one lucky girl!

I've got so much to tell you. So much to read. Bou and Teresa have been keeping me up to date on some of what's going on, but I know I've been missing stuff.

Bear with me as I get settled back in........I'm on dial up for now, so it may take some gettin' used to.....but I'M BACK!!!

Damn - I missed y'all so much!!

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May 04, 2005

Houston - We Have A Problem

Oh Little Elf!! HELP!!!!!!

OK - I can't get to my Road Warrior email anymore - and I don't remember my Username and Password for the host so I can set up the Tammi's World email. Please oh please oh please - if you get a moment would you do that for me?! ***wide blinking eyes and shy smile*** damn, I never was very good at that innocent look

Then, if you were able to find it in your sweet heart to do that for me, you could email the UN & PW to me there and I could save it (all info is on that other account).

Blink Blink

Thanking you very much.

BTW - just go with

Hell - even I will remember that!!

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Damn - it's cold up here!!

Guess What! I'm at Mama Vi's. Made the trip fine. Just bone tired. Wore out. Exhausted. Spent. Pooped.

I finally left Orlando around 2:30ct. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Note to self - Tammi does NOT need 3 bathrooms for just herself. WTF was I thinking!!!

Anyway - got all done with everything and car loaded and literally walked out the door moments after turning off the vaccum. I knew if I didn't I wouldn't leave that day. Drove to just north of Atlanta and crashed (ok - bad phrase in this instance - stopped) for the night. Good sleep and a long hot shower and I was back on the road by 8:30am. It only took 12 hours to get here and wasn't a bad drive at all. Except that my entire body hurts. 2nd note to self - get that fat ass to the gym. PRONTO.

So there are lots and lots of stories to tell - but I've got to get some sleep. Need to get Maggie May to PEP Boys in the morning, having a bit of trouble near the end of the drive. to the new house. Phone getting hooked up and I want to introduce Cody to the new digs.

I'll be in touch soon.

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May 03, 2005


Just popped in to mail a couple of boxes. My car is so damned full....guess my eyes were bigger than my trunk! Anyway - standing in line at the UPS store and Glory Glory - Internet Connection!!!! Imagine my surprise when I realized that yesterday was MOVING day for me! The Little Elf was very busy. Oh - and the 5 movers were not slackin' too much either.

So......I'm almost ready to hit the road. I had wanted to me on the road, oh...umm...NOW (hush Teresa, I know. I know.) but this packin' the car thing is a major PITA. (Pain In The Ass) Plus, damn.....I'm tired.

My hope is now to be completely finished scrubbing - On My Hands and Knees (no room for Floor Mate Scrubber in the car. Had to send it with the movers) my kitchen floor and one final swipe of the vaccum and that is all that needs be done.

You all enjoy the new digs - and the eye candy. I cannot wait to get back to posting and reading regularly. I miss you all terribly!

Oh - and brace yourself. If I've got your number, I'll be calling in the next couple of days.

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Blogwarming Party!

Ok, this is it! Tammi's away until later this week. No one really knows how long it will take her to move all her crap stuff, get things set up, and get internet access set up. In the meantime, to keep all her wonderful readers from simply wandering about aimlessly, trying to figure out what to do in her absence, I'd like to introduce her blogwarming party!

This IS the party. Right here. Jump right in and make her blog nice and warm before her arrival. The rules? There are no rules. And to start it off, this blog gets a nice, new, shiny fireman with boots:

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May 02, 2005


Welcome everyone to the new place! Do you like it? I've been told those are Tammi's real feet up there on one of her last trips to the beach in Florida. She'll be back, but for now she's moved over here to another job, another life, and lots more living and fun. Some come on in and welcome her here!

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