May 21, 2005

Saturday Question of the Day

Every Saturday I'll try to come up with some "out there" question that just makes you stop and think about something not so important. Think of it as a mini vacation. If you have any ideas drop me a line and we'll throw it in here. Who knows, it might be fun.

OK - Here goes: Tell me about your Happy Place. Not a physical location you run to....that place in your mind where you go to escape when everything is out of control. That memory or thought that "settles" you. Gives you the space you need to take a deep breath and go on.

For me it usually involves those I care about. Either in a group or just one (depending on who I'm missin' the most). There is laughter and hugs. I imagine the scene in my mind....and it is like a giant exhale. I think it's that feeling of love that draws me to those thoughts.

But sometimes even that doesn't do it. On those rare instances it's music. In my mind I'm playing either the keyboard or contra bass clarinet or even singing. It's usually classical or gospel. I observe it all from a distance, but hear the music so clear.

It calms me. It's my happy place.

So.....tell me about YOUR happy place!

Posted by Tammi at May 21, 2005 06:40 AM | TrackBack

I just try to think of all the good things in my life and block out the bad things around me...hubby, house, animals, no kids, decemt incomes...etc.

I also have the nice picture from the FL family reunion right on my desk at work. Too bad it wasn't a heavier frame or I could use it to hit co-workers over the head with! :)

Posted by: TNT at May 21, 2005 08:22 AM

This is a great post, and question. I do this about 3 nights after yoga. I practice my total breathing, and lay in a hammock rocking. (In my "finished" back corner of my yard.) I can smell lily of the valley and hear my children playing and laughing, birds. I can see green ivy, and hosta, and white tulips, my arbor and my birdbath....It gets me "out" everytime.

Posted by: ArmyWifeToddlerMom at May 21, 2005 09:44 AM

Here's MY happy place:

And if that cow I'm working with this morning doesn't start pulling her weight pretty soon, I'm going there...

Posted by: Harvey at May 21, 2005 09:58 AM

Physical location is right by my house. There's a beach about 10 min. walk from here that when things go really sideways, you'll find me there watching the river and getting strength from it. It is the only place where I can get that inner calm.

In my mind, I bring myself back to the moment when I was with my boyfriend and it was early morning, he had his arms around me and engulfed me with his broad shoulders. We were in Hawaii, and the breeze from the ocean flowed through open balcony door. I have never in my life felt as secure or safe as I did at that moment, and often (especially now he's in the Sandbox) I find myself mentally going back to that moment. It helps...most times, anyway.

Posted by: Sue at May 21, 2005 10:32 AM

Great question :-)

I do the old "count your blessings" thing: Roof; four walls; hot and cold running water; central heating, (yes we're still bloody well waiting for summer!)..

Posted by: Sally at May 21, 2005 02:49 PM

Great question.

My happy place is not a place at all really, it is a state of being. What gets me there is the total surrender of control. When I am let myself be exactly where I am, and who I am, I am at peace. Happy. When I cease to let the world effect me, I can be as happy as I want to be.

As for a physical location...(grin), well, I would have to say cuddling with a woman I care about/ am attracted to. Something about the act of being pressed against someone, holding them, being held ...I don't know, it's just happy.

Posted by: littlejoe at May 22, 2005 09:47 PM