May 17, 2005

The End is in Sight

Bye Bye Dial-up.

I ordered my DSL stuff today. I'll have it by Saturday!


Oh - the dial up is better than nothing. BUT....I'm very spoiled. Not only was I high speed, I was wireless. Damn, I sure do miss that laptop.

But Saturday - oh Saturday. Yes....I'll be whipping through the blogsphere reading and commenting to my hearts delight.

AND I don't have to worry about hosing up my phone line.

Now that I'm on very limited cell phone usage - yeah, me! Do you believe it?!?! Anyway - the only chance I get to catch up with everyone is in the evening. But damnit - I wanna blog!!!

So........just 5 more days. 5 short evenings until I can have it all. Speed and phone.

WooHoo. I'm livin' the high life now!!

Posted by Tammi at May 17, 2005 06:48 PM