February 13, 2007

Day Two

Ok - so I told you about the wild goose chase on Saturday. Sunday was the first day of the show. Busy.

Oh dear Gott was it busy. I talked. I smiled. I nodded. I took notes. I talked some more. Damn.

The show opened with a band. Of oversized food. I was standing in line for coffee and was grabbed from behind. As I turned to see WTF was going on I realized what ever had me, had more than 2 hands. And was big. I kept looking up, and up and up. 9'. It was a 9' tall corn stalk. Dancing. With his "leaves" around me. Lucky for him, the ones that actually had "substance" were not in any places they shouldn't be. But A Food Band? Dancing Corn?


6:00 could not get there soon enough. Because you see, I was meeting up with Jimbo and his family. I found out late in the day that Mrs. Parkway was going to join us and THAT was the topper. It felt like every minute between 5 & 6 lasted an hour.

Lucky for me, traffic back to my hotel wasn't sooooo bad. I drop my laptop and head to the bar. WooHoo!! Blogmeet!!

As soon as I walked in I saw the lovely TJ. And she really is. A smile so sweet......

I meet Mr. Surly (who is very charming btw, and then end up on the receiving end of a big hug from Mr. Rest Stop himself, the infamous Jimbo. He introduces me to his lovely wife and I knew right away, this was gonna be a GREAT evening.

We have a few drinks at the bar, realizing it's not really a "dinner" place. I'm telling stories from the California show, and start talking about how great the In & Out Burgers are. THAT got the attention of our bartender. Seems she's FROM California and could not stop talking about how GREAT those burgers really are.

I thought it was funny. Here I sat in NYC, and run into someone from California who understood exactly how great that cheap fast food dinner really was.

So the time comes that we must depart. We were starving. We walk around the corner to find a bistro that would serve good food and allow us to continue our conversations.

As we studied the menu of the first place, a guy standing outside to smoke tells us we should go across the street to Mimi's Italian place. Great food. Great atmosphere. And killer entertainment.

Ok - works for us. So off we go.

We get settled in over by the piano and everything is looking good. The service was wonderful. We order our food and it's time for the entertainment.

Out comes a guy, and I swear I know him. He's the dude from the checkout line at my customer's store from the night before!!! Folks, we were 40 minutes outside the city. What are the chances???

And he ROCKED. Once I established that he was who I thought he was, and he actually remembered me, we jammed. Jimbo sang a couple of songs - and he flat out SINGS. He and his beautiful bride did a bit of dancing. TJ, Mr. Surly and I just enjoyed the show. IT WAS GREAT. Laughing, joking, drinking, eating. DAMN - if every night were like that in NYC I'd never leave.

Unfortunetly all too soon it was time to call it a night. Our new best friend didn't want us to go, but we promised to come back. And I will. Next time I'm in town that is on my list.

Jimbo, thank you all soooo much for driving all that way to have dinner. It was fantastic.

Posted by Tammi at February 13, 2007 10:50 PM | TrackBack

I envy your stop at the Parkway Rest Stop... glad you had a time of it.

Posted by: Sgt Hook at February 13, 2007 11:16 PM

It was a great night. It was a downright pisser it was. The piano player/entertainer was amazing and one of a kind, to be sure.

Posted by: Jim - PRS at February 14, 2007 01:07 AM

Dancing Corn? In New York?

Really, I mean in DeKalb, YEAH, but New York?

Posted by: Raging Mom at February 14, 2007 08:21 AM

Hey, the dancing corn sounds better than the Naked Cowboy that hangs out in Times Square in his BVD's.

You go Tammi, gettin' it on with the local cornstalk. Your boss is right, we gotta watch out for you!

Posted by: michele at February 14, 2007 12:54 PM
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