February 13, 2007

Strange Neighborhood

Let me tell you about my "neighbors" at the show.

One guy is just flat out a nut case. I'd love to explain it all to you, but I'd have to take a picture, and that's not allowed. But trust me - I've seen weird, and this one takes the case. It's the absent minded professor meets Steve Urkle, and then multiply by oh, say 30. Yeah.

On the other side are puppets. Very cute puppets. And they have them on an automated display, so they dance.

Well, if they're gonna dance, they have to have music.

Sunday - all day, over and over again was the damned Chicken Dance song. It is one of the songs I hate most in life, and whenever I hear it I end up with the worst case of earworm.......


Monday, they added a song. WooHoo!! Something to break up that loop a bit. Well, except that it is another really REALLY bad earworm song. "It's a Small World". So you have The Chicken Dance, followed by It's A Small World. Over and over and over. For 9 straight hours.


Today they added a song. WooHoo!!!!! Damnit. It's 3 Blind Mice. So NOW I've got The Chicken Dance, It's a Small World and 3 Flippin' Blind Mice.

I'm almost afraid of what they'll have tomorrow.......

Posted by Tammi at February 13, 2007 11:35 PM | TrackBack

Are they trying to kill people with that music?? Good Lord... :^0

Posted by: Richmond at February 14, 2007 09:14 AM

I'm bettin the Llama song...:


Posted by: Harvey at February 15, 2007 05:23 AM

Don't you know my nephew's favorite is the chicken dance? But he does it with Elmo, and will only do it for you if you are very lucky. It took me months to get him to show it to me.

Posted by: Carmen at February 15, 2007 04:21 PM
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