February 10, 2007

It's Dark Out

**Warning - Scarlett O'Hara moment below**

OK, so they moved our flight out a bit. woohoo. So little "bit" that it barely makes a difference.

I still need to be on the road in, oh, five minutes.

So - I'm outta here folks. Wingin' my way to The Big Apple. I'm gonna see Jimbo and his beautiful daughter for dinner tomorrow. I'm gonna see blog-sis Michele. Damn, I hope she's feeling better soon! And I'm gonna pretty much work like a dog.

That workin' part? Yeah, I'm really ok with that. I'm just a little cranky on 1 1/2 cups of coffee.

But what I will say is this: (shaking fist at sky) As God Is My Witness I, This Is My Last Pre-Dawn Saturday Flight!!! Well at least for another 6 months.

Later y'all. It's show time!!!

Posted by Tammi at February 10, 2007 05:20 AM | TrackBack

Fly safely! And I hope you have a wonderful time... :-)

Posted by: Richmond at February 10, 2007 09:42 AM

Tammi Landed safely this afternoon and she's alive and well in NYC. She already has some stories to tell so I will let her share those with you!

Posted by: Michele at February 10, 2007 08:03 PM

Tammi is incredibly busy so far. You can follow her big city exploits here:


Posted by: michele at February 11, 2007 11:05 AM
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