February 10, 2007

All Done. Bye Bye. Don't let the door hit ya in the ......

Well, things have been a bit too hectic to leave the office to walk at lunch, but I'm still trying to give my self a little break here and there. So yesterday I was getting ready to check a few blogs when I noticed on MSN.com (my home page at work) that Poor Britney Spears got dumped.

Hell, I had no idea she was even "involved" with anyone (other than herself). But what caught my attention is that it happened via phone.

Huh. Well, I guess when you tell your husband you are divorcing him via text message you shouldn't be too surprised. Karma and all, ya know.

There is word out that Britney had a bit too much drama in her life, it was too much for the guy. Britney? Drama? Huh. Whodda thunk.

Anyway - I'll be honest enough to admit I chuckled. The irony was not lost on me, not one bit.

Since I'm not bein' so nice about this whole thing -poor poor Britney - I thought I'd give her a little somethin' somethin'. You know, from a Sister Who Knows.....

So here's what is considered one of the top 10 "You Dumped Me?" songs ever in life. I figured, given the fact that she's considered a musician (of sorts), music would help to sooth her broken heart. I present Ugly Kid Joe, for your pouting pleasure....

Posted by Tammi at February 10, 2007 04:33 AM | TrackBack

Heh. This song has been one of my favorites for years :-)

Posted by: Harvey at February 15, 2007 07:23 AM
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