October 02, 2007

Laughing Wolf Embed

Laughing Wolf tells us about a Night Raid he was on with Easy Company.

And here he mentions that he met Scott Beauchamp. BlackFive has some pretty rough commenters, and they were kinda "difficult" in the comments to this particular post.

Maybe it's because I've known LW for almost 4 years. Maybe it's because he is one of my closest friends, I know his writing and (in a limited way) the way his mind works. I *KNEW* when I read the post on Beauchamp that there will be more. Later. Itís like a scavenger hunt my Mama put together once. We picked up all the parts and pieces and only later, when we were all back together, did we put everything out and see how it fit together.

Over at his place, he's got a couple post up about the gear he is using as well as some quick observations about the Iraqi Architecture.

That's the latest that has been posted. And as I've promised all along, I will make sure you know about it. :-)

Centuries ago, every tribe, community, clan had ďstory tellersĒ. The Keepers of History. The educators. Making sure that people knew and REMEMBERED what happened. That is what Laughing Wolf is. And LW has an advantage, between his words, AND gift of photography, we will be fortunate enough to see and HOPEFULLY understand a portion of what our Troops are doing in this War on Terror. We will meet those hero's that are fighting the fight FOR us. We will be offered the opportunity to understand a bit about these Iraqi people and WHY it is so important to stay the course.

THAT is one of the main reasons Iím making sure you know whatís posted. I donít want you to miss a thing. Because soon, soon heíll gather us together, as they did all those centuries ago, and he will tell us. He will show us. And I know I, for one, NEED to understand. But in the mean time, it's important to gather up all those pieces, and tuck them all in the back of your mind. Trust me........it will all fit together perfectly.

Keep it up LW!! Damn, I'm just so proud........

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