April 29, 2007

Notre Dame = Class

Say what you want, but sometimes my boys from ND just make me ever so proud.

Yesterday Brady Quinn, ND Quarterback, was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Now, I'll be honest. There are a dozen teams I'd rather see him play for. But - who am I? Just a fan. A die hard fan, but just a fan none the less.

Now, as this article states, it wasn't an easy day for Quinn at all. I understand pride, and his was taking a real beating.

"Still, this was Brady Quinn, the Notre Dame quarterback, the face of college football, and NFL teams were humbling a really nice kid who handled the humiliation with a lot of class and maturity. It was painful to watch him suffer."


I'm glad he's going where he wants. I'm thrilled his dream came true. And I'm happy for the Brown's fans. They got a good QB. He'll be ok. He'll do just fine.

Afterall - he played at Notre Dame. And THAT means somethin'.

Posted by Tammi at April 29, 2007 12:20 PM | TrackBack

I was watching it and man I felt bad for the kid, the cameras were on him every time the next team was on the clock.

Posted by: Tina at April 29, 2007 04:38 PM

Ok, I agree, Brady sat a while. Collectin' dust at the draft ain't cool. But... If you think his pride suffered.... How'd you like to be the Heisman Trophy winner and get picked as the last player in the 5th round... Hell I'm just sayin'. Half an inch shorter then Probowler Drew Breeze(Purdue) and nobody wants to chance it? Come on Tammi, at least Cleveland went and got him a body guard before they drafted him. Joe Thomas is a big thing now. He's big. And he likes to fish.

One more thing before I shut up and get out of here before I get torched...

"Afterall - he played at Notre Dame. And THAT means somethin'."

I'll tell you what it means, it means he lost a lot of bowl games... ;)

Posted by: RedNeck at April 30, 2007 09:08 PM
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