March 13, 2007

It's Life

Wow. Today really is a big day.

Anniversarys, Birthdays and moving day.

I talked with my sister's oldest daughter this morning. Ashley and I have always had a very special bond. She is as much mine and me as if I had given birth to her. Even her Mother say's that.

Well, today she is moving into her very own apartment.

She's leaving the nest, as it were.

I'm so proud of her, yet so very scared. You see, life hasn't been so easy for my darlin'. And, as we have all done, she's made some decisions that hasn't made it any easier.

As an adult in her life, someone who pledged to be there for her, love her, guide her, it's been so hard to stand by and watch. Oh, I've offered advice when I could. But you have to let them live their own lives. Make their own mistakes. Fix their own problems.

But ohhhh it's so very difficult some times.

But today? Today she declares her independence. She's been saving up, buying furniture, fixing it up. Picking up candles and prettys and practical things. She's ready.

I just don't think I am.

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