March 03, 2008

I Told You!

If you get this page you didn't listen to me.....

I TOLD you I was moving!!

Try this link for now.

Then make sure you take that extention off and change your links to

Then head on over. Cobblers ready!!!!!

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A Treat for sure....

I worked most of the weekend. But at least it was here at the house.

I was/am putting together a very detailed analysis so I was asshole deep in numbers. And given that I'm 6'1, that's a LOT of numbers.

Anyway, we all know woman can not live on analysis alone, so to give myself a break I worked on the new site. smartest idea. All those numbers, the frustration. Then a take a break by frustrating myself by trying to figure out something TECHNICAL!!

Yeah, well....never mind. Let's just say I wasn't in the best of moods.

At one point on Sunday I noticed my Weather Pixie. She claimed it was 52 degrees outside! 52 degrees?!?!?!?!

I rushed to the door and realized she wasn't teasing me! It was beautiful out!

I opened the front window and dining room window. The cross breeze was so nice.....

I spent the rest of the day working in shorts and a t-shirt. With my windows open.

What an absolute treat!!! Just the right thing to get me through these next few weeks of winter......

Perfect. The only thing that would have made it better was if I could have gotten outside and enjoyed it all.....

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March 02, 2008


Man! I wish I could do that..........


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WooHoo!! Good things DO happen to good people!

It just takes time. But it does happen. Here's the proof.....

KTreva, blogdaughter and friend, has gotten herself a new job. And it's PERFECT for her.

Head on over, get the details and help her celebrate.

I couldn't be happier for her.

And I am soooo proud!!!

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It's a Cover-Up!!!

I'm so confused. Really. I'm not sure what General Mills is up to, but they are not being honest with the public.

Let's see if I can explain.

I was over at Homefront Six's site and see this obit for the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Folks, I don't know how to tell you this but he's been dead since 2000. I know this because.......I killed him.

Yes, I know that probably comes as a shock to many of you, but it's true. He got in my way, interfered with my vision, my mission. So.....he had to be eliminated.

It all started in the Spring of the new Millenium. I was working for a certain Orange Juice company calling on the World's Largest Retailer, in charge of retail execution. (rather ironic that the term "execution" was used to describe my job) Every where I went, in that section of the store I saw that damned Dough Boy.

Taking all the free space. In the bunkers and doors. He was everywhere.

It was obvious that *HE* was the go-to guy for that buyer. Well, that wasn't going to work for me. Being as competitive as I am I knew in order to grow our business *I* needed to be the go-to guy (gal). I needed to get that damned DB out of my way.

So....I focused. I needed to motivate my team to dethrone this busybody.

I made up signs. Red circles with his face in the middle and a line drawn through. I created mats to walk on and wipe your feet with his picture on it. I went so far as to have some models made of him hanging from a rope to put throughout my meetings.

My goal? Kill the Dough Boy.

I had one of the models hanging in my office as a constant reminder of what needed to be done.

It was a covert operation, and I won't go into the details, mainly because I don't think the statute of limitations has run out at this point.

But it was highly successful.

Little by little, you saw less and less of his presence. As you'd walk through the chilled department in those stores, you saw more and more of MY juice. In the bunkers. In the cooler doors. Hell, at one point I made up a display for Mother's Day that featured my juice, eggs, bacon, sausage and a generic version of the bastard's products.

That was the final nail in the coffin. You see, that display was SO successful I completely debunked him.

By the end of that year WE were officially the Captains. WE were the go-to guys. The Dough Boy's reign was over.

We celebrated with a wake. It was a pretty damned good party, let me tell you.

So you see......this MUST be some kind of cover-up. That bastard has been dead for almost a decade now.

There's a very good reason why my nickname is the Road Warrior.

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More News from the Sand Box

Teresa shares some information on her son's unit over in the Sand Box. They have done some great things so far, and this is some recognition that is long over due.

Glad to hear Young Son is doing well and that Big Windy is still kickin' ass and takin' names.

Thanks for the update Teresa!!!

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March 01, 2008

It's Working!!!

WooHoo!! I'm lovin' this Weight Watchers on-line program. Seriously.

I'm not a big meeting gal. Hell, I waste enough of my life in those. Plus, with my schedule it's almost impossible to do that.

But with the on-line, I easily track my points, it calculates everything FOR me. AND I can spend as much time as I want browsing through their information. I've learned lots of really cool stuff. It just makes it really easy to make good choices.

Anyway - official weigh-in day is Friday. I do the nasty (step on the scale) and plug in the new number.

For the past two weeks, every Friday has a lower number than the week before. THAT. is a very good thing.

So far? In two weeks? I'm down just under 6lbs.

Now, for you guys that are thinkin' "Huh. I can lose that by just takin' a good shit" I have this to say.

F*ck you. Seriously. That's just mean.

There is a big difference between guys and gals. A bit more than just the obvious equipment. A girl losing 6lbs is like a guy losing 20.

And let's face it. The older you get the harder it is for a woman to lose weight. Damned metabolism anyway.... Plus, while *I* think I'm heavy, technically I'm not.'s harder for me to get these 25lbs off. It's gonna take at LEAST 6 months to do it, and do it right.

So I'm doin' the happy dance. And I STRONGLY recommend the Weight Watchers on-line. Oh, it costs. And I was VERY reluctant to pay for it. But I'm so glad I did. It broke the ice, so to speak. I'm finally seeing a bit of progress and that's all the encouragement I needed.

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Caught My Attention

I checked my email this morning and about fell off my chair.

Some of my extended family has really taken to this "email thing". They love it.

Mainly because it let's them pass along those aggrivating chain thingys. Between you and me, I usually delete them, they are such a waste of my time.

But this time? This one? Caught my attention. It was from Mama Vi's uncle out in PA. Her very conservative uncle.

What was so different about THIS one?

The title.

"Tequila and Salt"

From my MOST conservative family member.

Of course it was just another of those mushy chain things, but holy crap!

Made me think. I wonder if he even knows what tequila is?????

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It's Not Stress. It's Life.

You know, the cool thing about trying to do the new site myself is I'm getting a chance to kind of look back and review some areas from the past few years.

The very UNcool thing is I keep screwing up. Oh, I've contacted the IT help folks, they have lots of great ideas, just none of them work. It's operator error, I have no doubt, but this is not the time for my frustration level to be this high.

Remember Tammi + High Blood Pressure = REALLY BAD.

So I asked them to just do the importing for me. I am not so stupid as to keep banging my head against the same brick wall for more than a few days.....

But what I was getting at is looking back at situations and my reactions. Gotta tell you.....a light went off.

It may not seem like it when you're looking at the overall picture of life, but what I do for a living is VERY stressful. Seriously. For reasons I do not understand, consumer products mfg reps function under a pile of poop. The stress comes from tryin' to catch our breath. Well, that and hanging on to our jobs.

So.....we've established that I work under constant stress. And I *CHOOSE* to. This is the career I've chosen. I don't mind some stress. Hell, I thrive on it a lot of the time.

But there are limits.

As I looked back at the last line roll out (when I worked for the evil S brand in Florida) I see entries VERY similar to what I'm posting now.

Sorry. I didn't MEAN to repeat myself. made me remember those god-awful days that never end. The sleepless nights. The reports, the pressure. Holy Crap.....

But....when it was all said and done? I was commended for my roll out. It went VERY well (compared to most) and was VERY successful. Between the sell books, the training and the attention to every flippin' detail, I did my job.

It was just the rest of my life the suffered.

OK. So now I know I'm doin' it the way I should. May not be the way others do it, but it works. And it works well.

Huh. That helps. A lot. I don't feel QUITE as crazy.

So today I actually DON'T have to work that show. Instead I'm home, working on analysis and reports. At least this morning. I'm only giving 1/2 a day to that shit. The rest is for cleaning and cooking. Tomorrow? Same thing.

It'll all get done. I may be a little sleepy. Or grumpy. I know I'll be stressed, but it'll get done.

This reminding myself is a good thing. I should probably do it more often.

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