August 25, 2006

We Are Puritanical

I saw this post over at GA Mongrel. And it's funny because I was having a conversation about this very thing earlier in the day. Well, not peni$ pumps and bombs, but how American's in general have issues with sexuality.

And it's true. Our Puritan roots show through. We're a bit up-tight.

I'll be the first to admit, I am. A bit. Oh, I have a very raunchy sense of humor - and a fairly filthy mind. BUT, when it comes to my "stuff" I'm pretty private. I am NOT comfortable discussing issues. Not at all. Mama sure as hell wasn't going to have any "discussions" about sex or sexuality with me. My best friend growing up? Nope. Not at all.

But I'm learning. It's funny because it was only after my divorce that I was able to be more open. To ask questions. And I also have to admit - that I'm kind of sad about that. Sad that I was ignorant for as long as I was.

Sex is nothing to be ashamed of. It's something to be enjoyed. BUT - I'm also one that believes there is a time and a place for discussions of that nature. Call me old fashioned but there you have. Jokin' is jokin' - I have NO problem with that. But the other? Yeah, not so much.

Oh, I'm gettin' a bit off topic - sorry.

It's just amazing to me, that in this day and age - with everything that's on TV and the Internet - that so many still struggle with this very topic. It's kinda sad. If you think about it.

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