August 25, 2006

Dead. Just Dead

Last night was my "late nite". I had to run down to my bank and that always makes the drive home about an hour longer.

But - it was no problem at all. Can I just tell you how beautiful it was? The colors of late summer are everywhere. Gold in the fields with dark green scattered about. It was sunset so the sky was just breath taking in it's splender. There was a light mist just floating atop the corn. The scattered buildings - a red barn here, a beautiful old farm house there - just enough to break up the landscape.

Perfect. Just perfect.

While I drive, I'm chatting with Zonker. Always an entertaining, and educational, experience.

At one point I see a cat in the road. A small cat, and I quickly realize SHIT, it's a kitty. (I'm a sucker for those babies...)

Anyway, I slow down - still talkin' with the Zonk man. I'm sure he was tryin' to figure out what the heck I was doin' when I interrupt him mid story with:

"Oh, Oh, move Kitty! MOVE!!! Get outta the way!! Don't make me run over you! Awwwww...... well.... Good think Kitty was already dead."

Yeah, I'm just full of the milk of human kindness these days.......

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