August 13, 2006

Polish Pork Chops

I have a friend. She is one of the most beautiful women I've ever known. Seriously. Tall, blonde, blue eyed. A smile that lights a room. And a body? Damn - I just hate going anywhere with her. I seem to just disappear. Anyway....

Being a true friend I have to pick on her somehow! Well, she's of Polish decent. AND she's blonde. So - I manage to make every joke I hear into a blonde polish joke. Yeah, I know - with friends like me......

Anyway - her other great gift is the girl can cook. Really Cook. So - I'm going to share her reciepe for Pork Chops with y'all. Quick, easy and very yummy. Of course - I've renamed them over the years.

So without further ado - I present Polish Pork Chops.

4-6 pork chops (I use the med cut, boneless center chops)
Yellow mustard
Flour - just enough for dusting
Family size of Campbells Chicken & Rice Soup

I also prefer to use my electric skillet, just soooo much easier.

Preheat skillet with a drop of oil to coat the pan.

Rinse chops well. Brush with yellow mustard on both sides and dredge through flour.

Lightly brown in skillet.

Reduce heat to simmer when browned and cover in Ckn & Rice soup. DO NOT ADD ANY WATER!! You might want to add another, smaller can of soup. Cover and simmer for approx. 30 mins until chops are cooked through.

I serve with mashed potatoes. The soup makes a great gravy. With that yummy tinge of mustard.

It's a down and dirty meal my family used to love. It's also great for guests.

Oh - and I'm sending this recipe over to Moogalious to be added to the recipe board. You are checking over there - right???

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