June 09, 2006

She Get's It

Mama Vi called yesterday. I've mentioned that some days are better than others. Yesterday - thank GOD - was a very good day.

We laughed and celebrated my new job. She is (yesterday) very excited for me. It felt good to hear her say the words "I'm proud of you".

Anyway - we got to chattin' and she mentioned someone that stopped by her yard sale the other week.

He was a Soldier on leave from Iraq. His wife was out of town for the weekend so he, despite not knowin' her, sat down and talked with Mama for an hour or so.

Now, you have to understand...Mama knows about the blog. Always has. Hates mine, but knows all about it. She used to read Blackfive, Lex, Smash, Hook - she even managed to catch Blackfive on CNN.

But - she still didn't GET IT. Until that conversation.

She asked a lot of questions. The main one was - do they really hate us as much as the media says they do?

Bless this guy's heart - he took the time to explain to her that No, they don't. The only folks that hate us over there are the ones that are tryin' to ruin things. The ones that don't WANT a free and safe Iraq.

I don't know why or how, but the light went on for Mama that afternoon. She get's it. Finally - she get's it.

Then she thanked him for his service and his sacrifice. And that of his family.

Now THAT'S my Mama.

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