June 07, 2006

The Three Girls

Last night we made a run down to Sarasota. Had some family stuff to do and got to spend some time with one of our cousins.

There were five of us girls, all about the same age. The oldest wasn't around as much - her Daddy was the oldest of Mama's family and a Missionary in Brazil. She only made it home every 4 years for a few months. Even with the long lapses in visit, when she was here, she fit right in.

But normally it was the Four Girls. Yep, that's what they called us. We weren't the oldest of the grandchildren, just the closest. I was the youngest in the group. Cuz the oldest. Sweetie Girl was right in the middle. I call her that because she has the kindest heart I have evern known. Ever. We three girls were extra close. We spent all of our holidays together and rotated during the summer months, spending weeks on end at each others homes.

Last night was the first time the three of us had been together, alone - no kids, no parents, no "significant others', just us - for more years than I care to think about.

It was lovely. Believe it or not I was pretty low key. I sat in the recliner, sipping Creme Bruelle flavored coffee, listening to them catch up. The gasps, the chuckles, the love in their voices. It was wonderful.

Every now and a gain, one of Sweetie Girls kids (young adults - when did we GET so old) would cruise in. A big hug for Aunt Tammi, a sad "we miss you so much" and they were gone. It was kinda like putting aloe on a sunburn. Cool, refreshing, soothing.

But as I sat back and watched my girls catch up I just had to smile. We're all so different. SG is still conservative, Cuz worldly and wise. Me? Well, I'm the funny one. I'm the crazy one. I'm the entertainment. And never in all our years as youngsters did we see ourselves living the lives we have now. It really struck me last night - how life has a way of changing us.

But if you look past the differences - past the clothes, make-up or lack of, hair styles, habits - you see three little girls. All brought up with the same values and morals. Three little girls whispering in the dark. Learning to cook, dreaming of families of our own.

It was a nice evening. Like I said - soothing.

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