April 25, 2006

Yet ANOTHER 12 Step Program...

But I did have fun.

Oh yes I did.

Let me tell you my little adventure from this afternoon.

I had to run up to Rockford for a moment and happened to park right in front of a mattress store. Hmmmm - they sell Simmons. So after I got done with my errand, I decided to just stop in. See what they had going on.

Now, given the neighborhood and the center this store was in I didn't expect much. Boy, I couldn't have been more WRONG.

They had the best line-up I've ever seen. I was very impressed.

I explained to the sales person that I was just checking things out, for old times sake. We got to talkin', she asked some questions and the next thing you know I was conducting a full blown training session. Yep, in my undone hair, baggy jeans and stretched out sweater. Oh, and not one lick of make-up. Yeah, I looked REAL professional.

But it was fun. And it just rolled along. I hadn't really forgotten anything, and we were more focused on making her comfortable selling rather than product knowledge. Although I did teach her how to sell the adjustable bases.

As I left she gave me a hug and told me how much she appreciated my stopping by. Seems they hadn't seen an official rep in a long time, and she was really in need of some help.

Hehe. I know I shouldn't have. I know it doesn't do any good. Except remind me how much I love training. How much I love consumer sales. Yeah, it was very fun.

But I still think I ought to look into seeing if there are any programs out there for has been reps.

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These are the traits that will land the perfect job when you least expect it :)

Posted by: Pam at April 25, 2006 09:12 PM
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