January 24, 2006


Today is the birthday of two of my favorite people

TNT was born today. Just a few years ago. So - in honor of HER day here is a picture of a black panther. (I heard a rumor she loves the big cats!) Happy Birthday my friend!! Make it a great one!

black panther.jpg

It's also my beloved cousin/sister's birthday. S - I love ya darlin'. My life would be so much less without you. Your wisdom (and yes, I'm serious) your laughter (even when it's aimed at me) and most important your love and acceptance. Happy Birthday...and so much more!!!

Posted by Tammi at January 24, 2006 05:55 AM

"Oh my God," thought Peter Panther, "look at the size of Tammi's candle collection!"

Posted by: Harvey at January 24, 2006 01:59 PM

Thanks for the well wishes...I actually have that print hanging in my living room!

Posted by: TNT at January 24, 2006 10:03 PM