March 23, 2005

Cody vs. The Doctor

Well, today was the first follow up visit with the doctor for Cody.

He was just barely 4 lbs 3 weeks ago. He's at a little over 7 now. I KNEW he grew! But holy cow!

We had our first thunderstorm this morning. He was fine with the thunder and lightening, wind and noise. That surprised me. HOWEVER, he did not like actually going out in it. Yeah - pretty good case of stage fright.

He is such a little shit. We get to the doctor and he is just all lovey and sweet. I told the girls I don't know what they gave him last time we were there, but 1 hour after leaving their office he went from a sweet snuggly puppy to the spawn of satan. They thought I was kidding. Heh.

I also got some sedatives. You see we are going to have to drive to Indiana this weekend. Gotta check on Mama and am taking him with me. He. Does. Not. Like. The. Car. Nope, not one little bit. And I honestly don't think I can drive 21 hours in a car with him yipping, crying and well just being very unhappy. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

So...he's healthy. Very healthy. They say he is well adjusted. Huh. Guess he hasn't really picked up any of my personality traits yet. :-)

Posted by Tammi at March 23, 2005 09:05 AM

Just feed him lots of Reddi-Wip. He'll be fine :-)

Posted by: Harvey at March 23, 2005 10:56 AM

Put him in his carrier rather than his doggie seat. Put the carrier on the floor in the back. He'll be asleep in no time. We did 5 days of cross country with a high-strung puppy 5 years ago.... Tranks and a quiet space really did the trick.

Posted by: caltechgirl at March 23, 2005 03:38 PM