March 21, 2005

Everybody's Talkin' About It

The steroid/baseball issue.

Here's my thoughts.

Federal government - stay the hell out of it.

BUT...I do think that if the players were using steroids or "performance enhancing drugs" (other than the little blue pill) they should have their records removed. Stripped. If you had to use artifical means to break a record that is least from where I come from.

Will we ever know who what when? No. No we won't. And honestly - I think investigating it at this stage of the game is pointless. But hey - a girl has to take a stand somewhere.

BUT.....I do believe the leagues (football, baseball, hockey, basketball) should police themselves. Come on folks! What ever happened to taking pride in what you accomplish.....By Your Own Skills and HARD WORK?!?!?

That is what is the most disappointing to me. They cheated me. And, for the most part, they don't regret it one bit. Many think it is alright.

Anyway - that's what I think. I'm just disappointed. Disappointed that the government thinks they should get involved, disappointed that it's even an issue.

Posted by Tammi at March 21, 2005 09:36 AM

Gee, I thought steroids were already illegal. So what can Congress do, anyway? Make them MORE illegal? Idiots.

Posted by: Ogre at March 21, 2005 10:11 AM

A lot of it is posturing by the posturing class. Part of it is because Baseball, unlike the other professional athletics, enjoys a hefty anti-trust exemption. Part of what is going on here is consideration of revocation of said exemption. As for me I am disgusted by the attitude shown by both all, for the players are cheating, and all the parties need to go to the woodshed for a major attitude adjustment.

Posted by: Laughing Wolf at March 21, 2005 11:25 AM

When the government starts policing the corporate board room then and only then will it be ok for them to start policing professional sports.

Because pro-sports are private, corporate entities and government has no business in private entities.

Get the hell out and do something about things the citizens really care about.

Posted by: Machelle at March 21, 2005 12:26 PM