February 29, 2008

More on Brandon

This whole thing just gets more and more frustrating.

We couldn't get him in to the surgeon. Not at all. He just wanted to prescribe drugs. Not really an acceptable course of action, let me tell you.

So Dee managed to score an appointment with a GP. Who read the MRI. And found ANOTHER cyst. This one behind his eye. That actually explains a lot to us.

Now....get this.......the next step we can take *within the system* is for him to see an ENT specialist. Yes. You read that right.

Oh....and it gets better. They can't see him for three weeks.

Three weeks. THREE. 3. Tres.

Dee and Mama are losin' their ever lovin' minds. Me? I'm reacting in typical No Help Tammi Form.....gettin' mad as hell. They actually don't want me any where over there right now. Cause I'm not known for keepin' my mouth shut and yes....it's possible I could piss off the wrong person.

So. Right now, this is the situation. Brandon has 2 cysts. Pain meds and an appointment with an ENT - that won't be able to do anything but refer him - in three weeks.

I never had a very good opinion of "the system" but anymore? Yeah......I can't imagine it could get any worse.

Let's just hope we aren't in a position to find out.

Posted by Tammi at February 29, 2008 07:43 PM | TrackBack

Have they tried any places in Chicago or the burbs? It's a larger system and he may be able to get into someone sooner.

Posted by: Teresa at March 1, 2008 04:16 PM
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