September 30, 2007

How'd I Do *THAT*?

Oh for cryin' out loud......

There is no hope for me, I might as well just admit that now.

My beef stew is simmerin' nicely on the stove. I successfully browned the stew meat, cleaned and chunked up the potatoes and added the carrots. I've been stirrin' and checkin' it all morning.

I did all that without one single injury.

Then I made some sweet tea. Now I make any where from 4-7 gallons of sweet tea each and every week. Next to water, it is the drink of choice in Tammi's World. You'd think I'd know what I was doin' by this point.

You'd think.

Obviously, you'd think wrong.

I'm sitting here, trying to type with two burnt finger tips. Pretty badly burnt finger tips.

How'd I do that?

Glad you asked.

Makin' sweet tea. That's all I know. Some how managed to burn the hell out of my index and middle fingers on my right hand.

I give up. Any one know where I can hire a good nanny?

Posted by Tammi at September 30, 2007 11:05 AM | TrackBack

surely there are better descriptors than "chunked up the potatoes"???? really, not appetizing. i thought i travelled back in time to your hangover post.

Posted by: supergurl at October 2, 2007 08:39 AM
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