September 21, 2007

Did I Say That Out-loud?

We've made a lot of progress in my territory. All of us. The plant has improved their efficiencies, my customers are starting to get excited about the product (increasing sales), consumers are actually recognizing the brand, and me? I'm just pluggin' away.

The main part of what I do right now is fix things. I'm not out in the field as much as I want to be, and hopefully that'll change.

But...all that being said, there are still issues. You know that saying, "One step forward, two steps back." Well yesterday we had us a little fall back.

It was a delivery issue, and the delivery is done by a subcontractor who I can't really "control". Technically.

So, I'm on the phone with the President of the delivery service, a Jersey Boy, and things got a bit heated. He couldn't seem to understand why I was so angry about 1 mattress being delayed until Monday.

Tammi: Well, I'll tell you what then. You go home and drag your mattress out to the garage and sleep on the f*ckin' floor all weekend then YOU tell ME what the big deal is!

The silence on the phone was deafening.

It was one of the rare times in my life I didn't say a word......I'd like to say it was for dramatic effect, but in all honesty I was still tryin' to figure out if I actually said that out-loud.

Now, I still won't get that matt to the consumer until Monday, but that was the earliest date in the first place. My anger was over the fact that he didn't GET it. He didn't think it mattered. What's a day or two? So what if they have to wait ANOTHER weekend.

This guy is flyin' out here next week to meet with me. We're going to tour their facility and sit down and hammer out my expectations for service to my customers. That? Should be a real interesting meeting.

Meanwhile, the word of my "outburst" has already's like one of those damned urban legends. Which is kind of funny when you think about it. I'm just a pissed off Italian broad who can't keep her mouth shut......who really needs to THINK before she speaks.

Either that or become fluent in some foreign language no one speaks.

Posted by Tammi at September 21, 2007 05:16 AM | TrackBack

I think you need sensitivity class.

Posted by: Contagion at September 21, 2007 06:45 AM

Keeping your mouth shut will get you no where Tammi. I am so much like you, but in the long run, you get your point across whether you realize it or not. Keep on speaking your peace. I sometimes need to keep my big mouth shut, but just can't seem to zip it up at the right time. We live in AMERICA and can say what the hell we want. Keep on speaking Tammi, cause if people like you and I stop, just think what this world would be like. LOL.....

Posted by: stacy lee at September 21, 2007 07:12 AM

Been in that same situation myself quite a few times. I love evoking the "you are going to shut down an assmebly plant and if you do we will own your company before you could even spit" theory.

Shutting down an assembly plant is roughly $1 million/day cost.

Posted by: Quality Weenie at September 21, 2007 07:21 AM

Sometimes people need a good whack upside the head.
I've heard that referred to as a "clue-by-4".

And that guy sure needed it.

Posted by: Roses at September 21, 2007 07:54 AM

I love it. Just love it. And yeah, that's a cluex4. LOL!

Posted by: pam at September 21, 2007 08:04 AM
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