September 19, 2007

There's No Need to Fear....

Underdog is here!!!

That.....would be me.

You will not believe my day today. Seriously!

I was up and at it EARLY this morning. Lots and LOTS of stuff to get done.

Early on, my phone rings. It's the boss.

Tammi? I need you to get up to Rockford and buy two of our competitors mattress sets and have them delivered to Corp. (in Chicago) by Tuesday of next week.


Tammi: OooooKaaaayyyy. Wouldn't it be better if I went to Chicago and did that?

Boss: No, it's fine. Just get up there right away.

So.....being as I was in my workout clothes, I jumped in the shower and threw myself together.

Headed to Rockford lickety split.

To realize it's only 9:30. There is nothing open.

Seriously, I've GOT to start paying attention!

Anyway - no can do. Can't get anything delivered to Chicago before Friday of next week.

I call the boss, and Nope, that will not work.

So I head east. With the assurance that we'll talk in the next 30 minutes.

Finally, after a 2 hour drive and I can't tell you how many stops, I find what he needs. Available in the time frame he requires.

Except I can't get hold of him.

Now, I should probably explain that this is a down and dirty business. Cut throat like you wouldn't believe. I'm in stores that are NOT friendly to my company. And folks - I'm not kidding when I tell you I don't lie well.

The first place I just flat out told the guy who I was, what I wanted and why. He was cool about it. Thought it was pretty damned funny, actually. Hell, he's even giving me free delivery!! The second place I went? Yeah, not so smooth.

The sales guy comes up and gives me the "spiel". I tell him what I want, very specific. He shows me something....obviously he didn't listen to me. So I repeat myself. I see the light go on - he got it. So he tells me to hang on a minute and goes to get someones advice.

That someone happened to be my counterpart for my competition. GREAT This is how THAT conversation went:

Competitor: So, what's this for?

Tammi: An experiment.

Competitor: Are you a teacher?

Tammi: Kinda.....

Competitor: I probably don't want to ask any more questions, do I?

Tammi: No. Probably not.

I'm willin' to bet this guy thinks I'm some sort of a "sex ed" teacher preparing for something "special".


Anyway - still no word from the boss. He has the credit card. I'm NOT buyin' a couple of Queen size bed sets outta my own pocket. Nope. Not right now....

So I head to our corporate office, lookin' for him. FINALLY he calls. I'm in the parking lot of Corp. Where is he? Indy.

I tell him what I found, he's ecstatic and says he'll call me right back. That was 2 hours ago.

So this is beyond hurry up and wait....I am now officially Underdog. Cause I'll lay flippin' money on the fact that when some thing comes up, someone says "Don't worry. Tammi's there....."

Thanks to AW for the Underdog tie in! That was spot on!!!

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Wow, that really took me back!

OR, you could be MightyMouse: "Here she comes to save the daaaayyy!!!" ;)

Posted by: pam at September 19, 2007 03:05 PM
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