September 19, 2007

Time is NOT my friend....

April, 2005.

September 2007.

Just about 2 1/2 years time span.

So can you explain to me HOW in THE hell, I got this much older in just 30 months?!?!

Compared to my Florida Road Warrior Days, yesterday was rather typical. Approx. 400 miles driven, 4 meetings. I left the house around 8:30am (later than my previous life) and got home a bit before 10:00pm.

It kicked my everlovin' ass. Seriously.

How on EARTH did I do this everyday for 5 years?! I feel like someone hit me with a Mac Truck and then backed up (several times) to do it again!!!

But - so you know, everything went fairly well. Not my best training class, but it's a rowdy group. It was sorta like trying to get a bunch of 5 year olds to listen when they've had too much sugar all day. But I think the $72 in pizza, $20 in lottery tickets (scratch off) and the gift certificate to AppleBee's helped. All that for just 8 people!) Oh, not to mention the really cool boxed pen set everyone got just for showin' up. :-) No, I am NOT above bribing folks to listen to me talk.......

Anyway - it's not quite 7:00 in the morning. I'm trying DESPERATELY to wake up. I've sent several work emails out, faxed out a "HOT NOTICE" to all my customers and have several reports to get done before mid-morning. It's kinda busy today.

But I'll just have to admit this flat out - this Road Warrior is gettin' too damned old for that whole Road part.......damned.

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Honey, you can sit by me. We are all feeling it these days.

Posted by: Richmond at September 19, 2007 12:56 PM
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