August 25, 2007


As most of you who read here regularly know, my good friend Laughing Wolf is preparing to head to Iraq as an embed. There is no way for me to express how very proud I am of him. The need to get the REAL stories out is immeasurable.

BTW - PMI has a very aggressive goal in place, in case you hadn't seen. Head over HERE and check it out. And then do what you can. Seriously. This is more than just a "cause". It's not some kind of "crusade". This is one of the most important conflicts we've faced in the history of this country. I personally feel it is our DUTY to do what we can. And then, do a little more....

But that's not the main point of this particular post. LW is gearin' up to go. We talk frequently about the progress being made. One thing he is very focused on is making sure he's physically ready for what he will face.

Now the benefit for ME on that front is he's really inspiring me to get my lard ass off the chair and get active. I've noticed every evening I do a little something. It started out with walking. Oh - not miles and miles...yet. But I walk around town most days rather than drive.

I eat healthier. Low sodium, low fat or fat free when it doesn't ruin the taste of my food. I don't buy sweets. I'll bake 'em, but I won't buy 'em.

This week I started doing serious crunches. 3 different kinds, 20 each, three sets. The first night? Kicked. My. Ass. Now? Better. Easier. Ahhhh progress.

And as is normal for me, once I finally start doing something, and start to feel a difference I become laser focused. I catch myself in the car, while driving, doing little resistance exercises. As I watched a movie last night, instead of just sitting in the chair with my feet up, I stretched out on the floor and worked on some "problem areas". I use every opportunity I can to do SOMETHING.

This is a good thing. I've made a goal. I've found some pictures of myself from just 5 years ago to use for inspiration. I listen to my friend talk about what he's doing and how it's working and I'm jealous. But I turn that jealousy into motivation. And that is a very good thing.

Wow. Who would have thought, my friend stepping up and doing something so important and allowing me to share the journey would have such a strong benefit for me?! I almost feel selfish.

But then I realized something. When good things happen to those I love....when the people I care about are happy......then I'm happy too. And if I know I had some small part in making that happen, then I'm delighted. So I wanted to say Thank You LW, for inspiring me. You've given me a wonderful gift.....

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LOL! And you've been inspiring me. It is good that both of us are benefitting from this, and that I may be down from 50 pants to at least 45 before I go. I have found that just getting down on the floor and trying to do things don't work here -- Jenny likes to be involved... :) Thank you my friend!


Posted by: Laughing Wolf at August 25, 2007 09:37 AM
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