August 21, 2007

It's Missing

So yesterday's trip was a bust. I really should have known. The weather sucks and getting in and out of O'hare is a nightmare on a good day.

I did push my flight out...just so I could get more of the water out of the basement before I left. The drive was perfect, found a great parking place...I was on a roll.

Then, the flight was delayed due to mechanical difficulties. Yipee. Then...the flight was delayed because of weather. Oh no. Then the flight was canceled. With nothing available until today. Well, the meeting would have been over by the time I got there so that just didn't make any sense. So I cancelled the trip altogether.

That would be when the real adventure began. My bag. My bag really needed to come home with me. It has my toothbrush and make-up, two things essential for me to do my job. So....I waited in line with the HUNDREDS of other folks looking for their luggage. Oh, and I need to mention right now, I'm NOT American Airlines biggest fan. At all.

Anyway, I'm told my bag is on it's way to Columbus. Without me. When pressed on how they could get my BAG out but not me I was met with several blank stares.

Oh, but I wasn't told this until 3 hours after I filed my claim.

THEN I was told they would put my bag on the next flight OUT of Columbus and it should be delivered to Paradise that evening. I flat out asked the guy if he was smokin' crack. You NEVER make a promise like that. He swore it would happen.

Yeah, right. Let's just say, I'm not lookin' so glamorous this morning and leave it at that.

So I called the airlines this morning to discover that my bag IS in Chicago, they just don't know what to do with it. All that time, spent at the counter giving them all that information and........nothing. So, we went through it again and my bag should be on it's way to me with in the next few hours.

We'll see.

Meanwhile, you can imagine the laugh I got when I saw the headline "Rep. Bob Filner Charged With Assault on Virginia Airport Worker" Let me tell you, I was close yesterday.

Now, in reading the article it really doesn't sound like a case of "assault". The good Congressman from California just went where he wasn't supposed to be and forgot his manners. But hey - cut the guy a break. He's a Congressman. Everyone KNOWS they function under their own set of rules.

But damn.....I was close to this yesterday. I wonder if *I* would have made the headlines. Something like "Blogger Tammi from Tammi's World Opens a Can of Whoop Ass on O'Hare Baggage Claim!!"

Nah. Probably not. But, then again, as much as we bloggers are pissin' off the MSM, makin' them look bad, you never really know.....

Posted by Tammi at August 21, 2007 07:57 AM | TrackBack

Now you know why I HATE to check my bag and I will do almost anything to carry it on with me.

What a bummer.

Posted by: Teresa at August 21, 2007 08:48 AM

"Blogger Tammi from Tammi's World Opens a Can of Whoop Ass on O'Hare Baggage Claim!!"

Tammi I had to laugh at this. TOO COOL!

As for luggage... did you know there is a new trend to overnight your luggage to the hotel of your choice just so you don't have to carry it on an airplane?

Posted by: Lemon Stand at August 21, 2007 11:16 AM

A bag leaving on a flight without a corresponding body is a huge, HUGE no-no (unless it's cargo). Besides the obvious inconvenience to you, rules were broken here. Might want to tell AA nevermind, you'll take the matter up with TSA.

Sorry, not fun, I know....

Posted by: Andi at August 21, 2007 07:38 PM
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