August 15, 2007

Self Indulgent

Ok. If any post at any time showed y'all just how much of a dweeby dorky dork I really's this one.

But what the hell! I've prided myself on being pretty open and honest with y'all over the years, so what have I got to lose.....

Guess what I got this morning? Go ahead. Guess.

My bed. My brand new mattress and box springs were delivered first thing this morning.

Now, the guy was very nice. Very professional. And not a little scared to death. I'm alright with that. It works for me. :-)

Anyway - it's beauitful. Just beautiful.

It's got 4" of latex foam in the pillow top so it's soft and luxurious. That decadent foam is supported by individually encased coils that adjust to your body and give you just the right amouth of support along with the plushness. The damned thing is 14"!!! Add in the 9" box and that's one tall bed! I'm going to have to get a step stool for my guests to even get in and out. :-)

Oh, and the cover! The cover is made with a cashmere blend. Holy Cow!!

My guests are going to feel good and pampered. Just the way it's supposed to be. Now I just need to figure out what I want to do for MYSELF.

And because I am such a dweeby dorky dork, I tried to upload pictures. But for some reason, my software is not cooperating.....but ohhhh I may just get some quality sleep tonite! And a VERY good thing.

Posted by Tammi at August 15, 2007 09:32 AM | TrackBack

Oooohhhhh.... That sounds all kinds of wonderful!!! I just yawned. LOL!

Posted by: pam at August 15, 2007 10:36 AM

What do you mean guests? You NEVER give up your bed. That's one of DH's first and foremost rules. NEVER.

But it does sound lovely!

Posted by: Lee Ann at August 15, 2007 11:45 AM

Oh no LeeAnn, I BOUGHT this to be the guest bed. Mine? I haven't quite figured out exactly which one I want....but it'll be a good one. I can promise you that.

Posted by: Tammi at August 15, 2007 11:52 AM

When I read "guests" I was thinking you decided to bed a midget. Zonk would be so proud!

Posted by: Oddybobo at August 15, 2007 11:58 AM

Yeah, Oddy. That's just another little problem I'm havin'.

See I have to actually talk, and heaven forbid, THINK in two different languages.

The language of my industry and the language of my perverted twisted friends. ;-)

So far? Yeah, I'm not too fluent in either one!!

Posted by: Tammi at August 15, 2007 04:10 PM

Hmmm, that sounds like something I would have to jump up to get into....


Posted by: _Jon at August 15, 2007 06:29 PM

Oh! Guest bedroom!

Okay, see, I was a little shocked that you would so blatantly boast about your new mattress and how you were going to "pamper" your "guests" on it.

I get it now.


Posted by: Roses at August 16, 2007 09:13 PM

Speaking of quality mattresses, I'm sleeping like a freakin' log on mine these days.

Thank you :-)

Posted by: Harvey at August 16, 2007 09:47 PM
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