August 15, 2007

Movie Talk

As I've mentioned on numerous occasions, I have no T.V. right now. Won't until August 30th. It's kinda sorta making for very long and tedious evenings and weekends, let me just tell you.

Oh, I'm not a HUGE T.V. watcher, but I do love movies. And I need background noise. Other wise....well, it's just too damned quiet.

So, I signed up for NetFlix. It's been my salvation. AND, they are QUICK!! For instance I returned three movies Monday and my replacements are to be delivered today. Much better turn around than I expected, so I am more than pleased.

Anyway - I watched a movie this weekend that I just had to tell you about. Now, I am a huge fan of classical music. And Beethoven is one of my favorite composers. The 9th Symphony is one of my favorite of his pieces.

So, when I saw they had made a movie entitled Copying Beethoven I requested that right away.

It was delightful. The plot centers around the premier of the 9th Symphony. The time just before, the premier itself and then his death shortly after. The story itself is based on a collection of facts and situations, so while fictional it has a strong ring of truth.

And the music. Oh my goodness. There's a scene where Beethoven's assistant is helping him while he conducts the orchastra and chorale. Now, I'll admit to you, I think this particular piece of music is about as sensual as they come. Seriously. And I was THRILLED to see the director felt the same way, and brought that out in this scene. Holy Cow! It gave me chill bumps.

Now, I didn't love some of the way they filmed it. And it's very much in the Independent Film style. But overall, while I don't feel it ADDS to the film, it barely takes anything away.

IMHO - this is one GREAT flick. Unlike so many I watch, no fighting (well, a bit of arguing, but it's Beethoven, for cryin' out loud). No sex (but ohhh is it sensual). Just a wonderful story, about an incredibly gifted man. And the music.......ahhhh the music.......

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